Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 180

— Emilia —

“Come, show me how you can beat me!” (Luca)
It seemed that Luca decided that it was difficult to kill me from a long distance, and this time, she chose close combat. She came closer by gliding in the sky and shook her right arm with that momentum. However, it wasn’t difficult to avoid because it was just an aggressive side swing. Regardless of that, the power was tremendous. Even though I could avoid it, my posture was greatly disrupted by the wind pressure caused by her missed swing.
“Even if you can fly, you don’t seem to be very good at it!” (Luca)
As she said, I wasn’t used to flying in the sky yet, so I was actually dividing my concentration into flying. But I was calm at such a time… Luca swung her left further to pursue me, but instead of trying to resist the wind pressure, I tried to let myself into the airflow in order to avoid the pursuit. At the same time, I kicked Luca’s abdomen while spinning to take advantage of the situation in the air. Even if I strengthened my body with mana, she wouldn’t be affected by my kick, but if I hit her and unleashed [Air Impact] from my toes, she would be blown away as before. From there, I chased her with [Air Slash], but even if it received the wind blade that could cut rocks, there was no single wound on her body.
“It’s more than what I expected. Then, next is…” (Emilia)
I supposed not only kick attack from Sirius-sama, the enhanced [Air Slash] was also useless. The result was only my shoe marks on her abdomen, but there were things that had been revealed in the current battle exchange. Apparently, Luca herself wasn’t used to fighting in close range… or rather, she wasn’t used to fighting herself. The attacks were just big swings, and the reaction to my kick was obviously delayed. She was mainly working as a researcher and commander, so she might have rarely fought herself. However, the strength was so strong that it overcame her low combat experience. Therefore, she had absolute confidence in her own body that she fought directly with me in this way, and she would make an offensive attack that could be said foolish. In fact, my attack didn’t work at all.
Luca approached again, saying it was useless, but she was still charging with full of gaps. So, I sent a signal to Reese while attracting the opponent’s attention. Then, the water golem that was intercepting the monsters in the sky shook its fist, hitting Luca from the side and knocking her down the ground.
[How was it? I hit her with all my strength…] (Reese)
“…It doesn’t seem to be working.” (Emilia)
The golem that Reese created had a great destructive power because of its size, but this also didn’t seem to be working. As if to prove it, Luca was buried so deep in the ground that I couldn’t see it, but she immediately leaped out and came back to me.
“Somehow, the numbers I have are not enough. So, I’m going to call more!” (Luca)
“Here we go again! If so, I’ll do this thoroughly.] (Reese)
Luca’s physical magic formation shone again, and more monsters began to gather around her. Then, Reese’s golem moved forward. Taking advantage of the water’s ability to freely change its shape, it changes its arms into countless whips to hit monsters. It spreads widely to capture monsters into the water and suffocate them. However, the number of monsters was so large that it seemed impossible to expect the same kind of support as before.
“Hey, is it fine to leave it alone? If you’re handling a golem of that size, you’ll soon run out of mana, you know.” (Luca)
“Reese isn’t a woman who collapses easily.” (Emilia)
After directing the monsters she called toward the golem, Luca approached me again and struck me. It was a continuous striking with her fists as usual, but due to the fact that the movement and speed were further increased, it was enough to defend them with a knife especially when the attack couldn’t be avoided. Of course, just defending her attack would destroy me and my knife, so I had to adjust the blade and parried it with exquisite force and body movement. This required a lot of nerve-wracking work. Although I kept maintaining my concentration and hit her attacks with kicks and wind blades, there was still no effect.
“No matter how many times you do it, it’s useless! Why don’t you admit it before long?” (Luca)
Long-term warfare was disadvantageous to me, and our attacks didn’t connect. We were in a situation that was being completely pushed, but it was still too soon to give up. I couldn’t use powerful magic like Reese, and my wind magic wasn’t as strong as Fia’s, but there were many things that I had learned from Sirius-sama. I had seen his back more than anyone else and had used that experience as a sustenance. As a result of using all of them and exploring the techniques necessary for victory… I could see the path to defeat her. Though it was narrow, it wasn’t the time yet. Therefore, in preparation for that time, I never loosened my attack on Luca, even though I knew it wasn’t effective.

— Luca —

The Silver Wolfkin girl… I wondered what she was thinking. Instead of entrusting to Strongest Sword, who seemed to be the only one that could hurt my body, she went ahead and challenged me only by herself. If she devoted herself to stopping me, I could understand that choice, but in her eyes, it didn’t seem to be so. Those were… the eyes of a warrior trying to beat me. However, obviously, it wasn’t enough to defeat me. She might be better than the small fishes around here, but it wasn’t enough to deal with me who had the body that Lambda-sama gave me. Even so, the resistance of the other party didn’t stop. I was already blown away by magic nearly ten times, but as I got used to it, I was able to grab her arm while getting hit with magic.
“I finally got you–…” (Luca)
“Too soon!” (Emilia)
I thought I had squeezed her arm as it was, but the magic that she unleashed forcibly pulled my arm away, and I was blown away by the magic that was released again. There was no pain in my body after receiving the countless wind shots, but she got caught with my claws, so blood began to flow and spilled to the ground. It was an injury to the extent that the flesh was gouged considerably, and it hindered the battle.
“Phew… thanks Reese. Yes, I can still do it!” (Emilia)
The water golem that was fighting nearby immediately stretched out its tentacles and covered the wound with water to heal her wounds. That water golem was a really troublesome existence. It took the opportunity to support the girl while dealing with the monsters and if I used magic, it would take her into its body and protect her. However, for me, this girl seemed more threatening than the golem. The fact that an excellent commander, who calmly observed the war situation and moved the troops flexibly, came to challenge me on her own was because there was a high possibility that she had the skill to defeat me.
“Are you done playing games? I’ve gotten used to your movements, and if you don’t do something, you’ll definitely die.” (Luca)
“What a cheap provocation…” (Emilia)
Even if I wanted to kill her before she could take any measures, the battle experience differs greatly since she was better. The current situation was that this would be a long-term battle. However, if that was the case, this was also something I wanted. There was no need to be impatient since it would be more disadvantageous for the Silver Wolfkin girl the longer the battle. Although Strongest Sword guy should be defeated in priority, I decided that she should be killed. I would slowly push her while interweaving provocations. I send monsters in between to the golem, but as soon as I received numerous troublesome magic from the girl, I noticed a small change happening here.
“Is her power… increasing?” (Luca)
The wind magic unleashed by her was roughly divided into two categories. The first one is the number and size were sparse, and the other was wind shots that gave off a tremendous impact and wind blades that could cut rocks. Neither of them could injure my body, but the wind blade left a slight bruise on my skin. I was supposed to have become accustomed to the impact, but then, I began to be blown away again… The power was increasing… No, it might be correct to say that it had been refined. When I analyzed the situation while fighting her, I noticed that the magic used by the Silver Wolfkin girl borrowed some kind of power. Although she had a lot of combat experience, it was strange that she could use the excess power, but it gradually faded. It wasn’t easy to improve in such a situation. However, she wasn’t the only one improving.
“Hehe, I can read your movements, and I can narrow it down. I wonder if it’s going to end in two to three more movements…” (Luca)
“Kuh…” (Emilia)
I couldn’t move easily like her, but I wasn’t going to lose to anything other than Lambda when it came to observation. If I kept observing the opponent’s body and movement habits so closely, it wasn’t difficult to look ahead in the direction to avoid her attack. Of course, I failed and was hit back many times, but I didn’t have to worry too much about the direction to avoid her… In other words, I was crushing the escape routes one by one. If she continued as it was, even if she knew it, she would be forced to push it and she would be killed at once, or she would run out of mana and self-destruct on the way.
One more thing, I had an idea of her plan. She attacks continuously and aggressively but that would be all decoys. If this girl had a decisive technique, she should already be using it. She understood that long-term battles were bad, and even if I tried to lure her with faked negligence, she didn’t attempt anything. And the reason why I was blown away by magic many times wasn’t to keep distance, but to move me to a certain place, lure myself, and aim for a surprise attack from outside. She seemed to be moving appropriately, but from the point that we moved from the right-wing unit to the center side… could it be Strongest Sword waiting there?
“The golem looks lonely. I’ll let it play with my friends more.” (Luca)
“Reese, please bear with me!” (Emilia)
Just in case, I pushed monsters further against the water golem to block its movement as much as possible. By the way, the only other people who could break through my defense was the Sandor General old man, who was in the central unit, that sword idiot princess and the Silver Wolfkin of the left-wing unit, but there was another person who could attack wherever he was.
“His position… is it on the left wing?” (Luca)
The master of this girl shot magic that easily penetrated mid rank dragon species in a position that even arrows and magic couldn’t reach. Therefore, if there was a surprise hit by cooperation, the possibility of that man joining it was most likely. It seemed that the Silver Wolfkin girl almost reached her limit by looking at her movement and how disorder her breathing was, so it should be about time to start fighting again. As I continued to attack not only the girl, but also the surroundings so as not to miss that moment, the most terrible shock struck my chest and I was blown to the center side.
“I’m going, Reese!” (Emilia)
At the same time, the girl approached at once while putting mana into the knife she held in the right hand. Her spirit and her knife with compressed mana to the extent that the blade looked expanded was terrifying. I could feel that it was a decisive blow instead of a decoy attack. In addition, the golem, which was doing its best to deal with monsters, was showing some suspicious movement after the girl said it. Hmmpph… I didn’t know what her thinking was, but I would crush that decisive blow from the front!
“Do you think I’ll be done because of it!?” (Luca)
I think the knife swung by the girl directly with my right arm that had its hardness increased after concentrating mana on it. A dull sound echoed that I couldn’t think that it was coming from the fist and the knife collided, but as a result, there was a bruise on my right fist. On the other hand, the knife’s blade shattered, and the girl had a regrettable expression, but the spirit in her eyes hadn’t dissipated yet. She was in a rather unstable position, but she turned her other hand toward me and shouting while unleashing wind shots into my face.
“Sirius-sama!” (Emilia)
It was as I expected… In terms of his position, if I was targeted, it would be coming from my back. The girl wasn’t going to stop her attack yet. It wasn’t unbearable to be attacked at the same time from the front and rear, but I had already thought about countermeasures because I had already anticipated.
“It’s easy since I’ve seen everything!” (Luca)
The body received from Lambda-sama was also the crystal of knowledge born from his many years of research. The sturdiness that surpassed the dragon scales and it could be regenerated instantly. And in this body, which had evolved to the point that ordinary people couldn’t understand it, there was a special organ that could act as a third eye after pouring mana there. It was at my back which was done according to Lambda-sama’s intention. I didn’t use it because I didn’t usually need it, but it was really useful in such cases. His visions were truly wonderful. Aah, it might be fun to hit the girl after she reached her limit. If she were to die from her master’s attack, I couldn’t help but to put a big smile on my face…
“Hmm…?” (Luca)
Attack from behind… didn’t come? No way… could it be her call was a decoy? Or was there a time difference? It seemed that my expectation wasn’t fulfilled. Then, I should kill the girl in front of me. Of course, while paying attention to the back… However, while I was just slightly turning my back, the girl disappeared from my view… No… she was starting to fall to the ground. Heh, it seemed that she no longer had the capacity to fly in the sky. Then, I started to concentrate my mana for a magic that could reach a wide area in order to wipe her out surely, but I was late to realize that it was a mistake, probably because I was worried about the surprise hit. Before I knew it, the eyes of the Silver Wolfkin girl, who held another knife in her hand, weren’t dead yet.
“Tsk! You plan to attack at the right moment huh!” (Luca)
The girl approached me again from beneath with the force of kicking in the air. She couldn’t make it in time with the magic that I was preparing. However, since the response was delayed due to the interruption of the mana concentration, it was slower than the previous acceleration. The interception shook my right arm when it was still in time, but suddenly, a whip of water extending from the side hit my right arm. That golem… did it extend its tentacles even though it was swarmed with monsters!? There was no pain, but it had completely killed the momentum. So, I tried to unleash the magic with my other arm, but by that time, the Silver Wolfkin girl was already in front of me. A gust of wind passed in front of me, and the girl, who leaped higher than me, looked down at me in a posture of slashing a knife. It was a miscalculation that she leaped into my range, but if it was my body and a knife…
“As expected, you can’t defend against this fang.” (Emilia)
“…Fang?” (Luca)
When I muttered reflexively at the words that I couldn’t understand, my chest, which had repelled all attacks until now, was torn, and I shed blood for the first time on this battlefield. Since it was a knife with a short blade, it wasn’t a fatal wound. However, while looking at the wound, my emotions suddenly disturbed, and… the soul screamed. This… this… body given by Lambda-sama… I won’t forgive you!
“You… bastard—!!” (Luca)
I wouldn’t be satisfied until I tore all her limbs! Regardless of the blood spouting from the wound, I turned both arms toward the little girl, who was trying to stab the knife from above, to pursue her.
“I’ll make you disappear without a trace!” (Luca)
The moment I tried to unleash all mana with anger… a sudden shock hit my chest. Then, the lava-like anger suddenly cooled down, and when I lowered my gaze slowly, I found an arrow was deeply stabbed in my chest.
“…It landed as intended. That’s wonderful, Fia-san.” (Emilia)
“Guh… such… a small arrow, I…!” (Luca)
My body was… given.. by the crystal knowledge of… Lambda-sama… and just one arrow…
“No, it’s over already. She is a bit far away but let me tell you the words of Fia-san, the one who hit you.” (Emilia)
Why… I couldn’t pull it out… it was completely…
“The arrow is from the Elf that you have humiliated and even taken her dignity. So, please enjoy it to your heart’s content.” (Emilia)
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— Emilia —

I told her the words from Fia-san, but it seemed that Luca didn’t care much about it. She was desperately trying to pull out the arrow in her chest that was deeply stabbed. However, no matter how powerful she was, the arrow didn’t move, let alone come out. The arrow absorbed Luca’s mana and extended its roots at once, robbing her of her power and fixing itself to her body. If it was stabbed shallowly, the arrow might have come off by tearing the flesh together, but since it was deeply stabbed from the wound and the root was extended, it would be impossible to pull it out anymore. Even if it was small, it was a part of the sacred tree. So, from the perspective of the person herself, it might feel as if a large tree was growing from the body.
Luca’s struggle continued for a while, but eventually, she couldn’t keep flying and began to fall, so I went down to the ground to chase her. But the fatigue was beyond my limit. As soon as I landed on the ground, I swayed and collapsed from my knees.
“Kugh!? Haa… phew…” (Emilia)
[Are you alright? Did you have an injury that hasn’t healed yet?] (Reese)
“Don’t worry, I’m just a bit tired. I’ll be fine if I rest properly.” (Emilia)
Reese healed the injuries inflicted on the way, but the blood and stamina I lost wouldn’t recover until time passed, so fatigue had accumulated quite a lot. Still, it hurt as if everywhere in the body was screaming. Even though I could borrow the power of the spirit through Fia-san, it was so strong that if I used it, my body was about to break. If I had released the power of the spirit with all my might, I might have died while spouting blood from my whole body. Therefore, it was necessary to pay attention to the adjustment of the power during the battle. I was able to finish her before I lost my concentration, but it seemed that my body couldn’t endure it after all. It could be said that it was a strong enemy.
[But it’s really too much. If it was at least the Water Spirit, I think I could have asked Nia to reduce the burden even more.] (Reese)
“It will not work. After all, my aptitude is wind.” (Emilia)
In the case of Reese and Fia-san, who could see the spirit and converse with them, it seemed that the spirits took care of almost all the burden by magic, but since I, who was an outsider, the spirits didn’t have that kind of concern. Even so, my whole body was fine because it was thanks to Fia-san who told the spirits firmly. I was able to win because not only Fia-san, but also Reese, who worked very hard. I couldn’t thank Reese for continuing to support me so far, while treating the injured in the main unit.
“It’s Reese who is more reckless than me. The opponent is completely silent, so you can withdraw your golem.” (Emilia)
[But there are still monsters…] (Reese)
“It’s enough. Thank you for protecting me.” (Emilia)
[…I understand. If anything happens, call me right away.] (Reese)
Her voice seemed to be fine, but she was also close to the limit. The golem, that roughly cleared the monsters that Luca called, collapsed with an encouraging posture to me, and the water quickly sank into the ground and disappeared.
“Next, it’s her.” (Emilia)
The battle was decided when that arrow stabbed her, but I thought I should see Luca through the end. After all, she was Lambda’s companion who made his own alter ego. I headed down to her, and she was no longer moving. However, even though she was a few steps away from me, I couldn’t reach her because I had to stop many times because my consciousness was faint. I had used too much power, but the main reason was probably because I had used my brain too much.
“Hmm… I don’t think I can be like him.” (Emilia)
[Multitask] was a technique that I learned from Sirius-sama, and I became able to use it through repeated training secretly… I was grateful for having that technique even though I didn’t have the extraordinary power to think about multiple things at the same time. However, I was still immature. The recoil was big. I had nosebleeds even though there was no wound, and there were many times that I fainted during training. I knew that it was early to use in battle, but I had to use it because I had to keep an eye on the future and focused on flying in the sky in order to fight against Luca.
“I wonder how much experience Sirius-sama has in his previous life.” (Emilia)
I could think of a maximum of three things, but Sirius-sama didn’t show any fatigue while thinking about four things at the same time. It was very useful not only in battle but also as a servant. Therefore, I swore that I would reach that level someday. Finally, I reached in front of Luca, so I spoke to her, who was blankly looking at the sky while lying on her back.
“Are you going to resist anymore?” (Emilia)
“…That’s impossible. You know that, right?” (Luca)
Was it because she was smart, and she realized that it was pointless? As Luca’s body was gradually covered by the branches that began to grow from the arrow, she suddenly murmured with regret.
“It’s pathetic. That i have been tricked… up to this point.” (Luca)
“Yes, I had a hard time. You were really tough.” (Emilia)
Not only did she had a body that wouldn’t be injured by advanced magic, but she could fly alone. Thus, the number of suitable opponents was limited. In addition, she was highly observant, and was likely to be quickly spotted in a suitable operation. On the other hand, if she wasn’t good at it, she could be pushed out by her own sturdiness, so it was necessary to defeat her with an unexpected blow. For that reason, I mobilized all the techniques I could have at present and set up traps that were stretched over and over again.
“That knife… what on earth is that? It can shred my body…” (Luca)
It’s a fang given by the head of the Dragonkin. If this didn’t work, I had no choice but to rely on Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)
First of all, I made a decoy to make me look as if I was aiming for a sudden hit from the outside. After making her think of that, I used a knife made of Asrad-sama’s fang, and when he suddenly hit from the outside, I simply took the opportunity to stab her. From the beginning, I could fight with this knife, but since she was Lambda’s companion, the heart and head weren’t necessarily weak points, so I chose to hide it as a weapon to surprise her. If the enemy’s attack suddenly went through, I would be disrupted even if I got hit a little bit.
Of course, I was also considering Sirius-sama’s support, but that was the last resort in the truest sense. Besides, I couldn’t easily get his help since he was busy moving around the battlefield. Then, I kept moving slowly to the central unit. In other words, I had to unleash an assault until I entered the range of Fia-san’s bow and blew Luca to a position reminiscent of Sirius-sama’s surprised attack. It worked. It was really good that things went well. However, even though I won, I wasn’t in a situation that I could be honestly pleased. Luca saw me with such a complicated expression, she spoke to me in a voice that could bear her anger.
“Hmmph. Even though you won this time… what kind of expression are you putting on? You’re a joke… until then end.” (Luca)
“I thought you would be angrier.” (Emilia)
“Yes, I do hate you. But more than that… I wasn’t useful to Lambda-sama… It’s frustrating. At least… I wanted to die as his shield.” (Luca)
“Aren’t you asking your master’s help?” (Emilia)
“He… won’t come. I’m just his tool…” (Luca)
I wondered if it was alright to say so, but I didn’t say anything. No matter what the master thought, I could understand the joy of helping those who yearned for it. To be clear, I didn’t know much about Luca’s upbringing. However, i heard that she was saved by Lambda, and she began to yearn for him. I thought that we were somehow similar, including our loyalty to the master, but we didn’t want to get along with each other. She was clearly an enemy to Sirius-sama, and to begin with, her actions with Lambda wasn’t something that could be easily forgiven. I wanted to settle with her like that with our hands until I entrusted things over to Lior-Ojiichan. There was also the meaning of war situation and compatibility, but in fact, it was also my personal reason.
“Tool… is it? So, you have helped your master without doubting anything.” (Emilia)
“Of course. After all… everything I have is for…” (Luca)
Sirius-sama once said something like this. That she had no doubts about her master’s command. There was no reason not to follow the order. And for the sake of the master, the person could simply throw away her life like a tool, and that would be troublesome and frustrating. I think such an existence was Luca who was before me. In fact, she was deeply regretful for fearing that she couldn’t keep Lambda’s orders more than her death. Some people might think that she was disrespecting her life, but in a sense, it could be said to be an ideal master-slave relationship. She was a servant who gave everything for her master.
However…. Sirius-sama didn’t raise me like that even though I wished to become a servant. He raised us as a family, not as a tool, even though I made a vow to devote myself and my heart under the silver moon. That was why I wanted to fight Luca. By defeating Luca, who was close to the ideal master-servant relationship, I wanted to show that Sirius-sama’s way of raising us was even better, and that his kindness and compassion weren’t sweet. I fully understand that I was just a selfish person, but I really wanted to stick to this intention by all means.
“I understand your feelings, but it seems like it’s already time. Think of that arrow as the retribution of the act you have committed so far.” (Emilia)
“It’s frustrating… ugh.. all of you… to Lambda-sama…” (Luca)
“That’s not the case. My master is dealing with your master.” (Emilia)
“When he… is going against Lambda-sama… he… everything…” (Luca)
“Sirius-sama won’t lose.” (Emilia)
The voice was faint and almost inaudible, but I repeated words to deny Luca. However, it might be difficult to make a voice anymore. She just looked up at me while opening her eyes. So, I will continue talking without worrying about it.
“I’m also like you. I believe in my master. It’s impossible for him to lose.” (Emilia)
“Aah…” (Luca)
“You may not believe me, but he will take care of your master at the end.” After all, I think it’s hard to die alone.” (Emilia)
“…” (Luca)
When Luca tried to move her mouth, the branches of the sacred tree completely covered her body. It was over… this time. Even so, it felt strange. I couldn’t hate Luca completely, probably because there was something similar to me even though she was an enemy. And it could be said that she became like this because she was with Lambda. However, the sins she had committed so far wouldn’t disappear. Then, I turned my back on her, carving her existence in my mind.

While I fought Luca, Ojii-chan and the troops must have defeated her immediate subordinate. Changes were seen in the movement of the monsters that still remained a lot in the vicinity. I could see that their formation collapsed. They were moving freely and there was a scene of monsters suddenly starting to fight against each other. I believed they were out of Luca’s control. However, the depths of the enemy seemed to be the same as before. I supposed that area was probably the boundary line where Lambda’s order reached. Anyhow, I think I was able to affect the battle situation a little because I defeated Luca, one of the important people.
“I don’t think we can be relieved until we defeat Lambda.” (Emilia)
In the first place, the scale of the enemy was too big. Therefore, the impact on the whole situation wouldn’t appear immediately. Furthermore, I myself wasn’t in a very good situation. The surrounding monsters were roughly cleared up when Reese left, but they were still isolated in the enemy camp. It was about time for monsters to start gathering around this empty area, so I should move immediately, but I was more exhausted than I expected. Perhaps, I should join the central unit at once.
“Well… that is if I can reach them safely…” (Emilia)
I rested a bit during the conversation, but it was still hard, and it was almost impossible to break through a swarm of monsters in this situation. However, it would be pathetic if I was killed on the way back since I had boasted in front of everyone. As I took a deep breath, I checked the remaining stamina and mana, and the tools I had. At the same time, the monsters approached me with tremendous momentum from the side. Perhaps, it was a species that instinctively targets weakened prey. When I held the knife while I wanted to vomit… I saw the approaching monsters were blown away one after another from behind, and a large number of soldiers moved toward me.
“Ooh, she’s here!” (??)
“Move to the left and to the right! Make a circle!” (??)
“People over there! Follow me.” (??)
The people who appeared were from the right-wing unit. They had been fighting with me until a while ago. I wondered if Ojii-chan had changed his mind and came back, but I wondered what happened since I couldn’t see him. Then, the unit leaders came in front of me with a few companions.
“I’m glad. You’re safe.” (??)
“Yes. Thank you for your help. By the way, why are you all here? Moreover, I don’t see Ojii-chan…” (Emilia)
“Lior-dono was marching to the left-wing side with the troops. And we came back to pick you up, Emilia-dono.” (??)
“Didn’t you say that once the other side is cleared up, the rest is to move at our discretion, right?” (??)
I was certainly saying such things, but I didn’t think that they would come back even if I split the unit. According to their story, after defeating the monster in the depth of the enemy line, the right-wing unit was divided in half. The first half was a group that continued the assault while the other was to rescue me. I was really happy, but I felt bad. One unit leader laughed, telling me not to worry about it.
“Hahaha! You don’t have to worry about it. Thanks to you, we were able to crush the main force of the enemy on the right wing without major sacrifice. I wish you could be more proud of yourself.” (??)
“I agree. So, where’s Luca? It seems that there are people who have seen a figure of a woman that was falling down even though it was from far away.” (??)
“If it was her, she’s over there…” (Emilia)
I told them that the lump of branches at the end of view was Luca, but they had an expression that they didn’t want to say what it was. It would be long if I talked about it in detail, so I briefly explained that I planted a special magic tool in her wound. They were also wondering about it, but it seemed that they were convinced to a certain extent since they knew about us.
“Hmm… I can’t imagine what is happening since you are doing a lot of things. However, there is no doubt that you have defeated Luca.” (??)
“Yes. More importantly, you won’t be able to see her appearance since it clearly changed to a monster-like appearance. Subsequently, it looks like the enemies have no one in command.” (Emilia)
“Well, we have secured you, so, shall we go to the next area? Emilia-dono, can you move?” (??)
“No. I’m embarrassed to say this, but it’s still hard for me to run.” (Emilia)
“Is that evidence that it was a fierce battle? Then, I’ll prepare the help for you.” (??)
While saying so, a female soldier on a horse appeared. Since this was the situation, I decided to accept the offer. After sharing the ride with the help of her hand and a smile, one of the unit leaders talked to me before trying to dissolve the circling and change it into a charge formation.
“We are going to chase after Strongest Sword-dono, but before that, we will join the central unit. I think you can rest calmly there, so please be patient.” (??)
“Isn’t everyone really exhausted?” (Emilia)
“No, not really, but it would be a problem if you remain in that state.” (??)
“No, if everyone is fine, you don’t have to worry about me and you can go ahead to Ojii-chan. If I take a little break on the horseback, I will recover to a certain extent that I won’t drag anyone.” (Emilia)
“Please don’t overdo it. You’ve already participated enough.” (??)
“Hmm. Yes, you’ve defeated the enemy who we couldn’t leave even a single wound. No one would blame you if you retreat.” (??)
I was well aware that I should no longer take part in the battle since I didn’t have the capacity to deal with a strong enemy if I only rested a little. However, when it came to the left-wing unit… I was concerned about Reus and others. I knew that they were strong but even Luca, who wasn’t a fighter, was a strong enemy. I wasn’t sure about Lambda, but Hilgan’s ability to fight with only his body was definitely stronger than Luca. To be safe, it would be better to send Ojii-chan there, but he might get stuck with Lambda on the way there, so I would like to join him as soon as possible.
“But it’s possible that Ojii-chan is going in the wrong direction. This is not about the movement of the troops, so I hope you can understand it.” (Emilia)
“Understood. We will go together. But there’s no need to talk about the troops, alright. If you notice something, just let me know.” (??)
“Yes, that’s right. Now it will be our time to play an active part. Since you always protect us, I want you to follow with peace of mind.” (??)
“Yes! Please take care of me.” (Emilia)
I was relieved that I received their proposal, but to tell the truth, I wanted to head to Sirius-sama first. However, he was reverting himself to a warrior, and he fought to turn this massive war to a victory. Therefore, I had to think of ways for everyone to survive on his behalf.
“Sirius-sama, may the fortune shine upon you. And Reus… I will not forgive you if you display an unsightly scene.” (Emilia)
As I prayed for them, I thanked the female soldier who moved the horse carefully so that the burden to my body was reduced as much as possible. Then, I closed my eyes for a while and took a rest to prepare for the next battle.


Emilia’s Ability (Decisive Battle Specs) ※In-game style

Power – B-
Technique – A
Magic – B

Housework Ability – Ex
Attendant Ability – Ex
Loyalty – Impossible to Gauge

Special Abilities and Explanations

Blessing of the Wind SpiritsRaise Magic from B to A+.Increase the power of wind attributes magic five to ten times stronger.However, since Emilia isn’t favored by the spirits, the more she increases the magic strength output, the heavier the burden on the body and her physical state deteriorates.

Dragon Fang Knife (made of Aslard’s Fang)There is no handle for the knife. It’s a rugged knife made by shaving the fang as it is, but the sharpness is incomparable.It is the most powerful weapon with the highest attack power among Sirius’ group.However, Reus’ sword has the highest overall attack power due to the length and weight of the blade, and the strength of the wielder. ※ Excluding LiorEmilia doesn’t usually use this knife because she imitated Sirius’ idea that one should conceal several trump cards even though she has attachment to knives from the beginning.

MultitaskOne of the techniques learned from Sirius.In the course of use, mental strength would exhausted over time, but mental abilities such as judgment will be improved several times, and combat efficiency will increase dramatically.However, Emilia is inexperienced and can’t use it to the maximum efficiency. She could only use about six to seven percent by Sirius’ standard, and the rate of mental exhaustion has more than doubled.

Master and ServantHer full potential increases when Sirius is nearby.It’s similar to a placebo effect, but in the case of Emilia, the rate of the increase is high because of the high level of loyalty. – It is about 1.3 times higher.If she is closer to him, his smell would reach. Therefore, as long as she smells him, the effect is activated even if they are far away from each other. – In other words, the ability is activated all the time.


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