Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 154

Chapter 154 The Love and Warning from the Sister
“Senia!” (Reese)
Even if they were not related by blood, Reese embraced Senia, who was like her older sister, with smile full on her face.
Senia also brought her to the chest, embraced her with affection while stroking her head.
“Aah… I understand. The feeling of this… you have grown up when I’m not watching you for a while.” (Senia)
“Oh my… it’s been over a year already, so it’s natural, isn’t it?” (Reese)
“That is also true. Lifell-sama would also be delighted if she sees how you have been doing now.” (Senia)
They kept embracing for a while, but Senia, who remembered that she got a business with us, reluctantly separated with Reese. She looked at us and at the same time, elegantly bowed.
“Please excuse me. I was losing self-control a bit because of the joy. Everyone, long time no see.” (Senia)
“Same to you. You are looking good too.” (Sirius)
“Long time no see, Senia-san!” (Emilia)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
After finishing the greetings, Senia looked at Fia and Karen whom she met for the first time.
“By the way, there are people who I haven’t met yet, could they be…?” (Senia)
“Yes, she is Fia-san, the elf that I had written in the letter. And this girl here joined us recently–…” (Reese)
Reese was about to introduce Karen, but as Karen might be a bit wary of meeting Senia for the first time, she was observing the situation with only half of her face appeared from Fia’s back.
It was a pleasant appearance, but before I got to say that Karen should give a proper greeting, Senia stood on one knee, and smiled while matching with Karen’s eyes level.
“Hehe, you are a very cute young lady. You remind me of Lifell-sama when she was young.” (Senia)
“We are taking care of her for a certain reason, and she is now our traveling companion. As you can see, this person is fine… right?” (Reese)
“…Yes.” (Karen)
After being urged by Reese, Karen came out to the front even when she was still nervous. She stood before Senia and lowered her head.
“Ni-nice to meet you. My name is Karen. My favorite food is honey!” (Karen)
The development of the situation was a bit awkward, but it was a proper greeting as the other party accepted with a good feeling. I wasn’t going to ask why she mentioned the favorite food.
In the meantime, Emilia, who was next to me, nodded in satisfaction. When I was wondering when would be my turn, Senia muttered this.
“I am Senia, the attendant for Lifell-sama. Shemifia-sama. Karen-sama. Please to make your acquaintance.” (Senia)
“Yes, nice to meet you. Leaving that aside, I’m not your Master, so you don’t have to use the honorific -sama, you know?” (Fia)
“No, I can’t be rude to Reese-sama’s friends.” (Senia)
“Karen-sama? Am I that great?” (Karen)
“That’s not it.” (Sirius)
As I corrected Karen, who started to have a subtle misunderstanding, Senia looked around and lowered the volume when talking.
“I’m sorry. I have to stop talking now because we are conspicuous out here. So, why don’t we change the location?” (Senia)
“I agree. Shall we look for a quiet place first?” (Sirius)
“If it so, let’s book a room. I came here to do that anyway.” (Senia)
“But is there an inn that can accommodate our carriage? And we are still not sure about the security around here.” (Sirius)
“You can leave that to me. On top of its high security, I know an inn that has that flexibility” (Senia)
After answering with full confident, Senia led us to one of the relatively large buildings in the village.
However, even if I had to give praise, I didn’t think the appearance of the inn was very beautiful. I couldn’t see other customers either, so it didn’t seem to be a very prosperous inn.
Senia went into the inn without hesitation, leaving us wondering whether it would be fine to stay here. Then, she talked to the receptionist, completed the procedure of booking room, and put in the carriage. She also got the permission to allow Hokuto to enter the inn.
“That’s splendid.” (Emilia)
“Of course, it’s because of Nee-sama.” (Reese)
“This is still not good enough. If this doesn’t follow the example…” (Senia)
“…” (Sirius)
The delighted Reese was right on that point. As a royal attendant who was busy assisting Princess Lifell, Senia was familiar with various things.
But, that wasn’t about her abilities. She had visited here several times, and she made a move because she knew the area around here.
I didn’t intend to spoil the mood of Reese who put a great importance in this, but the question that rose from the time of the reunion was deepening further.
We decided to book a large room in this inn where all of us could sleep together because of Senia’s recommendation.
We usually booked separate rooms for men and women, but I was worried about booking separate rooms in a place that I didn’t know well yet. Plus, Senia seemed to have something to do with us.
From the appearance of the building, it made me think that it was a better room than camping outside, but the interior of the room was pretty and beautiful.
“This is a nice room.” (Sirius)
“Look, look! The bed is softer than the one I stayed before! Not up to Hokuto’s level though.” (Karen)
“No, it’s pointless to compare it to Hokuto-san. Besides, the ones who can sleep on Hokuto-san are you and Aniki only.” (Reus)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Not only are the beds, the other furniture also wonderful. Although the appearance is like that, the interior is solid. What a strange inn.” (Fia)
“This room is somewhat small, but there is a kitchen. Let’s use it immediately.” (Emilia)
While everyone was doing their own things like having tea or sitting to feel the bed, Senia approached the entrance and the window of the room. She looked wary of the surroundings. From the point that she moved her ears in small increments, it seemed that she wanted to talk about something that she didn’t want other people to hear.
So, I signaled Hokuto to sit in the corner of the room with my eyes. I also used [Search] but it seemed there was nobody who could listen in the surrounding of our room.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“…It seems that no suspicious people in the vicinity.” (Sirius)
“Thank you. If Sirius-sama and Hokuto-sama said so, this place is safe.” (Senia)
“Are you in hurry to talk about something? I’m also concern why Senia-san in this place.” (Reus)
“Nee-sama and others should be in the castle of Sandor because of the visit, right? In the first place, it is rare for Senia not to be near Nee-sama.” (Reese)
“That is…” (Senia)
“You guys, calm down a bit. She is in trouble.” (Sirius)
The possibility of her getting fired as an attendant of Princess Lifell slightly came into my mind, but it didn’t feel so by looking at the greetings earlier.
From her behavior that support her Master from behind the scene, I could guess to a certain extent her reason for visiting places like slum, but I would like to hear from her first.
“She may have a reason why it is difficult to answer. It will be better if we don’t ask too much.” (Sirius)
“…You’re right. I am visiting here for some reason, but I can’t tell you the detail now.” (Senia)
“Yeah, it’s probably a mission or something as the attendant of royal families, but it will be bad if we know it.” (Fia)
“I’m sorry. I don’t want to conceal the fact too much from everyone.” (Senia)
“You don’t have to apologize, Senia. Is it because of Nee-sama?” (Reese)
“Your Onee-san is not a bad person.” (Emilia)
It was probably hard to keep secret from us, especially Reese, so Karen and her comforted Senia, who felt really depressed.
Due to the pure encouragement of these two, Senia recovered immediately.
“Thank you. Your sympathy is the best medicine.” (Senia)
“But, it should be fine if I hear this, right? How are Nee-sama and Tou-sama doing?” (Reese)
“Yes, that’s fine. They are a bit busy, but they are healthy. Every day is the same, they would like to see Reese-sama very soon.” (Senia)
“So, I can meet them… right?” (Reese)
“Of course. But, it’s difficult to meet them any time soon.” (Senia)
Since the fact that Reese was the daughter of the king, Cardeas, it wouldn’t be a good idea to invite us to castle and meet them.
If it was about meeting, it would be done in secret in the town, but since this was a different country, there wouldn’t be any reunion soon.
“I have something I have to do from now on, so it is likely that I will be late in returning to Lifell-sama. After this, I was thinking after preparing for political affairs and other things, then I’ll be reporting to her, but… that will be after tomorrow evening.” (Senia)
“Uhm… why do you feel sorry? I think it is fast enough even tomorrow.” (Reese)
“Aah. As royalties, they would be busy. If I think normally, it will be hard for them to come on that day.” (Sirius)
“But, they still want to see Reese, right?” (Emilia)
“Is that so? I think it’s obvious that Lifell-ane and Cardeas-san wanting to see her.” (Reus)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Hokuto also think the same with Reus-Oniichan?” (Karen)
I didn’t know the details of the Legendia, but it would be a busy day since leaders of countries gathered here, and they were probably unable to move away from the castle.
Nevertheless, since we were told that it was possible to meet them on that day, it showed how amazing their affection was. In this situation, it might be necessary to think that they wouldn’t be able to see us even by ignoring the political affairs.
Emilia brought us tea and cookies, while Reese showed a complicated expression to such family affection. Then, we kept talking while having it.
“Anyhow, we can meet Lifell-ane and others at least after tomorrow. Since we can’t enter the castle, shall we wait at the inn in the town?” (Reus)
“No, they are planning to see you in this inn. That is why I suggested booking a room in this inn.” (Senia)
According to Senia, this inn was looked like a deserted building, but if people use the secret word of those who were familiar with the underground scene, the confidentiality of the room would surely be guaranteed. To put it simply, the room we were in right now was that room.
It seemed to be used for various things, such as private meetings between royalties and those who involved in underground scene in Sandor, and when nobles, who were known to the surroundings, wanted to have unfavorable women. Furthermore, there weren’t many who know the secret words, but I was also concerned how Senia knew about it.
“This room is complete with remarkable furniture, isn’t it?” (Emilia)
“Senia handed several gold coins to the employee of the hotel earlier, so does that mean it was a hush money?” (Reus)
“You got it right. After coming to this country, I investigated a lot, and this place is the place with the highest confidentiality. Therefore, this is the best place if you want to meet Lifell-sama secretly.” (Senia)
“I know that you want to keep it secret, but do we need to hide it that much for her to see Reese-ane?” (Reus)
“That what I think too. Is it necessary to do that much?” (Reese)
“Yes. I’m sorry I decided on this without permission, but this is also a necessary measure. There is also one more think I would like to ask. Until Lifell-sama comes, please don’t leave this village as much as possible.” (Senia)
“In other words, it’s better for us not to go into Sandor town immediately… which is beyond the gate here, is it?” (Sirius)
“Is it dangerous inside the town?” (Fia)
“No. There are some thugs could be seen because the adventurers are gathered, but it is not dangerous.” (Senia)
‘So it is bad if we go into the town… is it?’
There were various speculations came from the information acquired in advance, but there was a possibility that some danger might befall onto Reese in this situation.
We might as well agree with her advice here.
“…Understood. We are going to rest here until there is some response from that side.” (Sirius)
“Is that alright? Aren’t you looking forward to enter the town, Sirius?” (Fia)
“I came here not only for the inn, but it was also to gather information about Sandor. Therefore, I’m going to gather information until Lifell-sama comes.” (Sirius)
After all, the lack of information was a problem.
Since Senia didn’t say anything about my future action, there shouldn’t be a problem unless I entered the town.
If it turned out that this country was a really unfavorable country from the information gathered… I might as well keep in mind that I should leave the country as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, Karen was absorbed in eating cookies might be because it was a difficult talk for children.
Reese, who saw Karen’s mouth bulging because of eating cookies contained with honey, took out a handkerchief and wiped her mouth with a smile.
“Karen, there are cookies on your cheeks. Don’t move for a moment.” (Reese)
“Alright… thank you, Reese-Oneechan!” (Karen)
“Hehe, the awareness of being a mother has been already growing. I’m pleased with your growth, Reese-sama.” (Senia)
“Wh-what are you talking about!? I’m only taking care of Karen!” (Reese)
“I’m sorry. I had anticipated that you already have a child with Sirius-sama, but… I guess it is too soon.” (Senia)
“It is too soon! Although I am his wife–… aah.” (Reese)
‘Is Senia such a character? No, she is probably happy because she is able to see Reese, so she might be in high spirit.’
With such a flow of talk… it would be a suicide to report that Reese had become my wife, but Senia hugged her with a full smile.
“Your dream has finally come true, Reese-sama. Congratulations!” (Senia)
“Yeah… thank you, Senia. So, to tell Nee-sama is… I mean…” (Reese)
“I am aware. This should be told directly by Reese-sama.” (Senia)
I thought it would be fine, but I was relieved to receive the blessing from Senia.
The problem was with Reese’s family. However, since Senia convinced us that Princess Lifell would definitely give her blessing, it had made me feel a bit better.
But the number one formidable enemy was the father, Cardeas.
At first, he was showing a cold attitude toward the daughter, but now, she was a splendidly foolish father. Since there was a possibility that this would get serious when he knew the fact, I had to be vigilant enough.
That would be if she informed the matter to him.
Senia excused herself and went out of the room in order to finish her jobs, but when she tried to leave the room, Reus stopped her.
“Hey, Senia-san. Just now, you said that Reese-ane’s dream has come true, so what is her dream?” (Reus)
“Her dream is to be a wife to a wonderful husband. I was told during the time I met Reese-sama.” (Senia)
“Wai-wait a sec!? Don’t mind about it! That’s the story of the past, so Senia, you may go now!” (Reese)
“You don’t have to be so shy. I think that is a wonderful dream, you know. The Reese-sama of that time was so cute saying with glittering eyes that she wants to be a wonderful wife like the mother–…” (Senia)
Senia was still in the middle of talking, but she was forcibly pushed and forced out of the room by Reese.
I could feel the affection from those blushing cheeks of Reese who seemed to be embarrassed. So, I pat her had to comfort her.

After having dinner in the room and it was prepared by the inn, we came to a certain bar in the village.
There was a high possibility of getting involved if we went in with huge number, so I only brought Reus and Fia into the bar. By the way, I brought Fia along because she wanted to drink even though she would definitely stand out.
It might be worrisome to leave the ladies and a child in the room, but it should be fine since I entrusted them to Hokuto.
As I was focusing on gathering information without any reservation…
“Disturbing rumors? I haven’t heard such a thing, and I won’t come here if there are, right?” (??)
“The next successor of Sandor, the prince, is said to be a wonderful person by the people in the town. Well, it is probably obvious because that prince was found the heroes who fought in the previous Flood.” (??)
“I heard that they are three people who are called heroes. Their titles sounded exaggerated like God’s Eyes and Heavenly Sword, but the last one is unknown.” (??)
I tried asking a lot about Sandor by joining the conversation with other customers, adventurers and merchants, and treating them with drinks, but I couldn’t get very good information.
The one thing that I understood was Senia was correct when she mentioned that Sandor was in peace, and there shouldn’t be problems if we went in.
After gathering information like those, I went back to Fia and Reus who had been asking for information from the shopkeepers and other customers at the bar’s counter.
“How was it, Aniki?” (Reus)
“Have you gotten anything?” (Fia)
“No, I didn’t get notable information. It doesn’t seem you guys also got something, huh?” (Sirius)
“We also didn’t get any information. Master, can you give this person a drink, and let me have more, please? This dried fruits fits well with the drink, so try it, Sirius.” (Fia)
“This dried meat is also pretty good. You should eat it too, Aniki.” (Reus)
Whether it was because an elf enjoying dried fruits as a snack with wine, or a Silver Wolfkin, who carried a great sword and eating dried meat one after another, we gradually started to gather attention.
I could more or less listen to the information, so by the time I started to think that it wasn’t good to stay longer, we clearly noticed a presence coming closer.
There were a couple of people treating Fia with meal until a while ago, but as soon as Reus displayed bloodlust, they ran away quickly.
However, since I’d been entrusting Reese to take care of my wife, I should try to chase them away this time…
“Hey, I heard that there is a person who is collecting information about Sandor. Is that you, Onii-san?” (??)
The blonde young man, who appeared in relaxed motion, passed through Fia and came next to me.
Then, he sat on the next chair without asking. He ordered a drink from the bar master while floating a friendly smile.
“Master, give me a stronger than usual. It’s because I feel good today.” (Young Man)
“…Alright.” (Bar master)
“Who are you? What kind of business do you have with Aniki?” (Reus)
Nevertheless, a man who was more interested in me rather than Fia was also unusual.
He was a bit older than me, and he seemed to be like the young people in the surroundings… He looked like either an adventurer or a merchant from his appearance, but I felt something wrong with that.
“Wait, Reus. He is talking about me. Are you an information seller?” (Sirius)
“That’s right! Sandor is like my garden, you can ask me anything.” (Young Man)
He was a very dubious young man due to the self confident and strange over familiarity, but we might occasionally obtain unexpected information for such a person.
In any case, since it was wasteful to return as it was, I decided to ask from the young man.
Sandor was the most interested country at the moment, so I should ask this man as a test.
“If that’s the case, do you know anything about people who were called heroes due to the flood of monsters that happened previously? I only heard those who were called the swordsman who surpass the Strongest Sword and the God’s Eyes.” (Sirius)
“I see, those guys, is it? Do you know that there are three of them?” (Young Man)
“Aah. I heard the two but why there is no information on the last one?” (Sirius)
“Well, that is a matter of course. Because the people of the castle trying to hide the matter desperately. But, I’m different from those people. The last one is a guy called ‘Dragon Ruler’.” (Young Man) (TLN: The word in raw is 竜奏士. I can’t really find proper translation for this. Any idea?)
It sound almost rude, but the young man was more capable than I expected.
There was also a possibility of faking the information or it was just a fictional story, but I didn’t think he was lying because he kept talking without faltering and without turning his eyes away.
Of course, I didn’t plan to believe everything, and since it was an interesting story, I should try to ask more detail story.
“Master. Please give him the same drink he had before.” (Sirius)
“Oh, you’re bad one. So, what would you like to ask next?” (Young Man)
“Do you understand the origin of the heroes who were given the titles? Especially, the one that is called God’s Eyes.” (Sirius)
“Oh my. You just want to ask about God’s Eyes only?” (Young Man)
“I can guess about the others. The Heavenly Sword excels in swordsmanship, while the Dragon Ruler is… someone who can control dragons.” (Sirius)
“Yes, you’re got it right, Nii-san. The one who is called Dragon Ruler is able to control dragons. However, there are limited numbers who have seen that person. Actually, I’m also not sure whether that person is a man or woman. Have you already known the Heavenly Sword because that person is famous?” (Young Man)
“I heard that person is a swordsman who completely surpassed the Strongest Swords in terms of strength, but you are not going to say something different, right?” (Sirius)
“That is absolutely a lie to say that the person has gone beyond the strength of that Jii-chan.” (Reus)
Reus, who sat next to me, muttered that quietly, and I also agreed with him.
When it was about surpassing the Jii-san’s strength, I didn’t think it was more than the ordinary monsters, so there was a high possibility that the matter was being exaggerated.
“Oops, the talk has gone in a different way, but you are asking about the God’s Eyes, is it? He is a wise man and the surroundings are depending on him. In fact, there was hardly any damage in the previous Flood due to the command of the God’s Eyes.” (Young Man)
Although he had no skills or magic, he seemed to be a genius and smart strategist.
According to the detailed information, he grasped the situation of the battle as if it was completely observed by a God. He made an appropriate judgment as if he was expecting ahead… and that was how he obtained such a title.
“Anyhow, that is how much I know at the moment.” (Young Man)
“Heh… it’s amazing to be a hero just by having knowledge. But is there evidence on the information of the Dragon Ruler?” (Fia)
“Whether you believe it or not, that is up to you all. Aren’t adventurers suppose to judge whether it is true or not?” (Young Man)
“You say a pretty good thing.” (Fia)
“I’m just saying as what the information seller would say.” (Young Man)
The young man didn’t ask for anything as if he thought of it as a service, so I took out a gold coin from my pocket and handed it over to hear more stories.
It was a gold coin that also served as a tip based on the information obtained before, but for some reason, the young man returned it as if it wasn’t necessary.
“I don’t need the money. Instead, I have something I want to ask from Nii-san.” (Young Man)
“Is that your objective? It depends on the content.” (Sirius)
“You don’t have to be alert. It’s alright because it’s not excessive. Actually… I want to touch that big wolf that Nii-san brings along.” (Young Man)
That was also an unexpected request.
To be brief, was this young man make a contact because he knew that I was Hokuto’s master?
“I have a question. How do you know that I am the master of that wolf?” (Sirius)
“If you bring such a wonderful wolf and a beautiful Elf, it is obvious to stand out, right? I don’t think it is strange for people coming to watch it closely.” (Young Man)
“Then, why do you want to touch the wolf?” (Sirius)
“What are you talking about? It is a wonderful wolf, so of course, I want to touch it or look closely. It’s a man’s romance!” (Young Man)
He was a young man who was curious just like Karen.
While the young man was overwhelmed with glittering eyes, Reus, who had joined in the conversation, asked the man with sharp eyes.
“You are not aiming for the Elf, are you?” (Reus)
“Hmm? Oh yeah, I do think the Elf there is beautiful, but it is enough to see her closely. It’s because I don’t go after someone’s wife.” (Young Man)
“I feel like I lost as a woman, but I guess that’s fine.” (Fia)
“My objective is to touch the wolf. So, that’s why I ask you, Nii-san, as the master of that wolf… will it be alright?” (Young Man)
I thought of him as someone ordinary who knew something which common people didn’t know in detail, but he seemed to be excited like a child when it came to a rare existence.
Although he was a young man whose mouth seemed to be easy to say things out unlike the normal information seller, he was at least not a bad person. Oh well, no matter how much he tried to deceive us, if he thought of doing something stupid, Hokuto would beat him instantaneously because he was sensitive toward people’s inner thoughts.
“It’s fine. But, if Hokuto dislikes it, you have to give up. Even though I am his master, I don’t want to force him as much as possible.” (Sirius)
“Aah, that’s fine. I don’t want to be hated by touching it forcibly.” (Young Man)
“Hokuto-san is not here right now. So, Aniki, should I call him?” (Reus)
“You don’t have to go that far. Nii-san and others are standing out, so I’m fine to go anywhere. I can come and see you soon at that time.” (Young Man)
From the appearance when he declared that, he was confident that he would see us again.
Moreover, even though we hadn’t seen each other before, the young man seemed to be convinced that we would keep our promise.
Was he a man with a sharp observation eyes that could figure out the opponents, or was he just loyal to the desire? Either way, the young man didn’t look like an ordinary information seller.
From various points of the information, he probably knew someone who had deep involvement with Sandor as a whole.
“So, what else do you want to ask? Will it be fine to tell you my inclination if you promise me to let me ride the back of that wolf?” (Young Man)
“I don’t need that information.” (Sirius)
Anyhow, it was possible to obtain credible information from him. Therefore, I should try to associate with him for a while. He wasn’t a detestable man anyway.
I asked the young man again about the situation of Sandor.

Then, the talk continued for a while. After leaving the bar and parting with the young man, we returned back to the inn.
“It is that kind of place, but the drinks are delicious.” (Fia)
“Our purposes are achieved. It was a very meaningful moment. But…” (Sirius)
“Indeed. It seems to become considerably suspicious.” (Fia)
“I can somehow understand the reason why that person is hiding something.” (Sirius)
Whether the information heard from the young man was correct or not, we would find out when we asked Princess Lifell.
As I thought that there was a need to be alert in many ways, we came back to the inn, but when I was near the front door of the room, I noticed a feeling out of place.
“Eh… this smell is…?” (Reus)
“Sirius, there seems to be someone else inside.” (Fia)
“Could that be…” (Sirius)
When I immediately used [Search], the presence of people that I noticed from inside of the room had increased. It was likely that Senia had returned, but there were two more people. More importantly, it was a different mana compared to hers.
Thereupon, whether Emilia noticed the sign of us stopping at the front of the door, she opened the door and greeted us.
“Welcome back, Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)
“I’m back. Emilia, perhaps, in the room…” (Sirius)
“Yes. You’re right.” (Emilia)
I was convinced because Emilia was smiling bitterly, so when I entered the room…
“Aah… why are you so cute. I never expect that there is an angel besides Reese.” (??)
“I’m not an angel, you know…” (Karen)
“What is an angel?” (Reese)
“They are cute children like Reese and Karen. Yeah–… the feeling from Hokuto is as usual. It is just blissful.” (??)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
It was Princess Lifell who seemed to be enjoying herself with Karen on her laps. Furthermore, she was riding on the back of Hokuto, who was lying down, together with Reese.
Princess Lifell, who we hadn’t seen for a long time, was wearing a simple robe that covered the whole body in order to conceal her appearance. When I looked closely, she was more beautiful and the charm as a woman was further refined.
The fitting dignity and aspiration as the next queen was forged of course, but I left it out for now because I couldn’t feel it from the present expression.
Even so, I heard the plan that she would come the day after tomorrow, she was fast as usual, wasn’t it? No, I felt like she was becoming even faster…
I guessed Karen liked her very much. Even though Princess Lifell was still admiring Karen, when she noticed that we had returned back, she turned to us while hugging Karen from the back.
“Oh my, you finally came back. More importantly, you look great.” (Lifell)
“…Long time no see.” (Sirius)
“Ouh! Lifell-ane also looks great.” (Reus)
“Of course. After all, I’m surrounded by two angels and Hokuto.” (Lifell)
The reason why Reese’s hair was somewhat disheveled was probably because she was thoroughly admired until we came back. From the tired expression on Reese’s face, it seemed the reaction to the separation that exceeded one year was enormous.
My concern was Karen who became obedient for some reason as if she was a borrowed cat.
“Sirius-sama. These are…” (Emilia)
“Indeed.” (Sirius)
I’d seen everything. There were empty containers placed on a nearby table where the smell of honey remained.
Well, Karen was probably being fed with that while explaining that she was family of Reese. She was good at dealing with people.
“I would like to thank Senia for that when she returns. Aah… I am healed.” (Lifell)
“Lifell-sama, since we are here together now, shall we go to the real issue at hand…” (Sirius)
“Wait a sec! Look, Melt hasn’t spoken yet, so let him speak first, alright?” (Lifell)
“Indeed. How are you guys?” (Melt)
Princess Lifell hadn’t changed from the way of using her authority, but Melt, who we met after a long while, had changed a lot.
The body as a whole was getting larger than usual especially with the trained muscles, but the most changes was the mind, rather than the body.
In the past, I often felt that he was like a tightened thread that continued to pay attention to Princess Lifell, but now, he could afford to act naturally toward her.
I didn’t know what happened since we began traveling, but Melt seemed to be getting closer to the level where only the expert who went through deadly moments many times could reach. I would like to ask him in detail later on how he trained so far.
“Long time no see too. Leaving that aside… it seems that you have trained considerably. I can see that you are obviously different from before.” (Sirius)
“I am glad if you say so. And Reus also has gotten really big. Aren’t you already bigger than me?” (Melt)
“Hehe, I can notice that Melt-Niisan has become really strong too. By the way, where is Senia-san? I guess her jobs are finished since you both are here?” (Reus)
“She is now at Sandor castle. She stays in the room so that Hime-sama can come here.” (Melt)
“In short, to make an alibi? It seems she is on disguise.” (Sirius)
“By the way, we came here secretly because Melt found a harlot that looked like me… that’s the setting.” (Lifell)
“There is no need to explain that, you know!?” (Melt)
That was unfortunate. Not only this interaction, it seemed the relationship between the two didn’t change much.
Since Princess Lifell didn’t conceal her love, it was all depended on Melt, but… I guessed he needed some more time. Well, although they were childhood friends, it wasn’t easy when the other side had become the princess of a country.
“I heard that you will come by tomorrow, but I never thought that it would be today.” (Sirius)
“That is thanks to Senia who finished her jobs earlier than expected. I thought I would come soon, so I had finished preparing everything on my side.” (Lifell)
The sister’s intuition of thinking about her younger sister seemed to be scary. I guessed Senia was also excited to let her master met Reese.
After saying that much, Princess Lifell placed her chin on Karen’s head and let out a satisfied breath.
“Phew… it was fun. Well then, shall we go over the main question?” (Lifell)
Although she said she had the fun, should I say to her to let go the two girls and the animal, who had become like the Three Sacred Treasures? (TLN: 三種の神器)
With such a straight man retort going on in my mind, Princess Lifell turned serious and gave me a sharp stare.
“I have heard this from Reese. Sirius… you intend to take our Reese to be your wife, is that right?” (Lifell)
“Yes. She is a woman who I should love. I would like to marry her and share the joys and sorrows with her. Lifell-sama… No, Lifell-san. Please let me marry her–…” (Sirius)
“Wait a minute. You have to say that when I am with Tou-san. Even though Reese doesn’t have the right of succession, or even if she is officially a stranger, I would like you to ask properly when everyone gathers.” (Lifell)
“Understood. I will say it again at that time.” (Sirius)
“Nee-sama…” (Reese)
“Come on, you don’t have to make that uneasy face. After sending you off, I was anxious that someday it would be like this. However, as an individual, I’d say… well done!” (Lifell)
Accordingly, when I thought about Princess Lifell changing her expression, she gave her blessing while embracing Reese’s shoulders. In her situation, she recruited me once before, so she was probably glad because of that too.
The greetings hadn’t finished completely yet, but Reese and I, whose gazes naturally matched, quietly smiled.
“But I never expected that with other girls. Are you alright with that, Reese?” (Lifell)
“Yes. It’s more fun with everyone, and… I thought I could support Sirius-san if I’m together with Emilia and Fia-san.” (Reese)
“Alright… it’s fine if you decided that on your own. With that… Sirius. I will not forgive you if you betray her feelings. No matter how far you run away, I will definitely search and punish you.” (Lifell)
“I will keep that in mind.” (Sirius)
In that situation, I had a hunch that she would easily put me on the wanted list.
To begin with, I also never thought about crushing the true feelings of Reese, and I was happy that I was deeply tied to the people who value the family.
“You don’t have to worry so much. But, thank you. Nee-sama.” (Reese)
“I’m alright if Reese is happy. So, show me your children as soon as possible, alright.” (Lifell)
“Uuh… that talk is over! More importantly, you haven’t greeted Fia-san yet.” (Reese)
In an effort to change the flow of conversation, Reese grabbed and shook Princess Lifell’s shoulders. Fia, who had been waiting, stood in front of her and bowed deeply.
“Nice to meet you, Lifell-sama. I am Shimifia Aramis.” (Fia)
“I’ve known about you already. I am Lifell Bardfeld. You were often mentioned in the letters from Reese. Well, as an Elven sister who is very dependable.” (Lifell)
Fia, who was my wife, should become a relative with Princess Lifell by the relation with Reese, who was also my wife.
Although the other side might be a royalty, Fia displayed greetings more serious than usual because the first meeting was important.
As Princess Lifell received the greetings with a smile, the air around her changed at the same time when Fia opened her mouth.
“But… it is me, a sister who Reese should rely on, you know?” (Lifell)
Princess Lifell was displaying a competitive rivalry as if she didn’t want to lose her position as a sister.
“In that case, I won’t be defeated too, alright? Reese and I can cooperate and unleash magic. We are like partners.” (Fia)
Perhaps, Fia was also caught with the mood, she undauntedly gave the reply.
When I thought about it, Fia was someone who could see spirit just like Reese. In other words, Fia treated Reese like a younger sister.
“I know a lot of cute things of Reese.” (Lifell)
“Well, me too. Although Reese is a late bloomer, do you know that she is pretty aggressive on the bed with Sirius?” (Fia)
“Fia-san!?” (Reese)
“…I want you to tell me that later. Anyhow, Reese and I have the bond of real sisters even though our parents are different. Friends will not be able to reach that degree.” (Lifell)
“I agree. Surely, there is no connection between me and Reese, but Reese, who has similar husband as mine, has become my sister in law, right?” (Fia)
“Oh my…” (Lifell)
“Ehehe…” (Fia)
The mood was disturbing, but since they were a royalty and an Elf, who had live for a long time, they seemed to enjoy this kind of conversation.
To put it simply, it wasn’t serious, but it might be because the two girls and the animal gradually felt the heat, they tried to move away from the side of Princess Lifell, but…
“…Don’t move!” (Lifell)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
“Uhm… Nee-sama? It’s better to let me go…” (Karen)
However, Karen couldn’t escape because she was tightly hugged.
Then, Hokuto couldn’t move because he couldn’t afford to put down the ladies. Plus, it seemed Reese couldn’t abandon Karen who couldn’t get away from that spot.
As a result… nobody could escape.
Such a glance of the two continued for a while, but eventually, the shook hands and smile to honor each other.
“You… will do it. You will become Sirius’ wife.” (Lifell)
“Same to you. I have traveled around the world and have seen various people. This is the first time I see a strong woman like Lifell-sama. By the way, do you drink?” (Fia)
“Yes, I like to drink. It’s a bit difficult now, but shall we talk about Reese thoroughly while drinking together?” (Lifell)
“Yes, let’s do that.” (Fia)
It seemed the struggle of which one was the excellent sister was carried over to the next time.
But, oh well, since both of them were somewhat similar, it would seem easy for them to find the mutual understanding when drank together.
As evidence, they started talking to each other about their favorite wine, but Melt, who had been watching outside the window, whispered to Princess Lifell’s ear.
“Hime-sama. It’s time to return soon…” (Melt)
“I see. I still have a lot I want to talk about, but I have no more reason to overstay here.” (Lifell)
In this way, the greetings of each other and the exchange of conversation ended. Finally, she moved to the main point.
The first point to worry about why we shouldn’t enter the town of Sandor.
Actually, I could guess to a certain extent from the story of the information seller, but I still had to ask the people who were in the castle.
“Were you gathering information until a while ago, Sirius? Did you hear what is happening in Sandor?” (Lifell)
“I knew a few about the heroes of Sandor. I’ve also heard stories about something troublesome happening in the castle.” (Sirius)
According to that young man’s story, recently, the king of Sandor had fallen sick, and there seemed to be trouble with the next succession.
The problem was there were three descendants with inheritance right. When I said that, Princess Lifell nodded with complicated expression.
“Yes… that is supposed to be restricted information, but as I expected, the information is leaked. Incidentally, the information is correct, and you will get involved if you enter the town.” (Lifell)
“Although it is the problem of the castle, are we being involved as adventurers?” (Sirius)
“In addition to the achievements appropriate for a king, it is necessary to gather talented people who will support themselves in order to succeed the throne of this country. And among the higher ups of the castle, there are people who don’t care about the measures to achieve such a purpose.” (Lifell)
“According to Senia’s information… there are people in the castle… who knew about the name and the face of Sirius and Reus. I can say that because you both were participating in the Fighting Festival.” (Melt)
According to Melt, the story that we were participating in the Fighting Festival seemed to reach even Elysion.
In other words, if we were found by those who knew Reus and I when we entered the town, there was a high possibility that we would be called to the castle and solicited.
It was fine if I refused the solicitation and they just gave up. However, there were people who would try to find the weakness of those who I recognized, and might kidnap them to be hostages.
I thought that it was necessary to have the darker side for the survival of the country, but there were limits. But, as the country, Sandor, prioritized talented people, there were many stories mentioning such a thing in order to defeat other people.
“I know that you are strong. And I know you can go against a country. But, you don’t have to get involved in a dispute that is not related o you, right?” (Lifell)
“It is indeed a hassle to get involved, but…” (Sirius)
“I also know that you want to expand your view, but I think it is not necessary right now. You can do it slowly after the succession problem has settled down.” (Lifell)
It was indeed a mild way of saying, but she seemed want us to avoid getting into the town of Sandor.
It wasn’t because she worried about me being recruited by other people. She merely worried about us.
Melt probably had the same feeling. He opened his mouth to support her.
“I heard from Reese-sama that your destination is going back to Elysion, and not to another continent. Then, how about you guys returning first?” (Melt)
“I see. It is a pity that we can’t return together, but we will return soon when the Legendia is over after several days later. So, please don’t enter the town and leave this country right away.” (Lifell)
As the warning received from Princess Lifell, my future sister in law, I…

Extra/Bonus – The story of previous time (fake)
After reuniting with Senia, who was like a real family to her, Reese spread both hands and embraced Senia.
“Senia!” (Reese)
“Reese-sama!” (Senia)
Hereupon, Reese quickly went around behind Senia, putting both hands on Senia’s belly at the same time, and…
“It’s decided! That is Reese-ane’s Backdrop!” (Reus)
She lifted Senia’s body and did a stunning Backdrop.
“…You have grown up.” (Senia)
“No…I feel something is wrong…” (Sirius)
The story of previous time (fake)… or rather, the growth of pro-wrestling technique.
The End.


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