Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 166

Chapter 166 The Outbreak of the War – First Day
The synopsis of the previous chapter.
Since there were a large number of monsters attacking the frontline base, which was the pivotal defense of Sandor, Sirius entrusted Karen to Fia in Sandor castle, and headed to the frontline base. Albert, who was Reus’ best friend and Sirius’ disciple, was fighting there. During the battle, his sister, Marina, fell into a dangerous situation.
In such a desperate situation, Reus came down from the sky and rescued Marina.

— Reus —
The frontline base, which was our destination, seemed to take almost half a day no matter how fast we rode a horse. However, thanks to Hokuto-san, rather than spending half a day, we were able to arrive at the frontline base in six hours. Anyhow, we left in the afternoon, and by the time we arrived, it was time for the sun to set.
If I wasn’t mistaken… the assault of the monsters from the Demonic continent started from early in the morning. That was what Aniki and Julia told me. But, since the monsters had to penetrate two walls before reaching the frontline base, there was also a possibility that the monsters hadn’t closed in, but as we got closer, the smell of monsters and blood were getting thicker. It looked like the battle had already begun.
“Aniki!” (Reus)
“Aah, it is just starting. Let’s join them right away.” (Sirius)
During the travel, Aniki had heard from Julia about the structure of the frontline base, and the weapons and supplies that were stocked. Then, Aniki told us clearly that if it became a battlefield at such a large scale base, there would be times when it was hard to move unlike in a flatland.
“Apart from Julia-sama, we aren’t used to fight in places like this. But the basics of the defensive battle is the same as the ones I thought you. I will give some instruction, but basically, I need you to act on your own.” (Sirius)
“““Yes!””” (Emilia/Reese/Reus)
“Gikei-san, what should I do? You don’t need to worry about my status, so please don’t hesitate to give me instructions.” (Julia) (TLN: Gikei = brother-in-law)
“This is Julia-sama’s country, so you can move as usual. And… can you stop calling me, Gikei-san?” (Sirius)
“Got it. In that case, I will call you that after being officially tied to Reus.” (Sirius)
‘Uhh… what’s this? Although I like Maria and I want to see her, why does it feel scary about meeting her?’
As I shook my head trying to change the mood that I didn’t understand well, a wall larger than the wall that surrounded Sandor… I could see the front base. Then, Hokuto-san started to slow down gradually.
“It’s about time to arrive. Everyone, follow the plan, alright.” (Sirius)
“Leave it to me!” (Emilia)
“Ouh!” (Rius)
At the same time as the speed of the carriage decreased, Aniki, Julia and I jumped off the carriage and ran to the frontline base. Nee-chans would park the carriage safely, so we run without worrying about the rear. The soldiers were cautious when looking at us who suddenly came, but they immediately cheered when they noticed Julia. In this case, even if we didn’t say anything, the news about Julia’s arrival would spread by itself.
During that time, Julia went into the base to find the commander while Aniki went to find the Beast King. I was about to follow Aniki, but I noticed that, and I stopped. The smell of blood and large number of monsters were incredible. Nevertheless, I was sure that Marina and Albert were here. Since he was that kind of person, he would swing his sword at the front line, so I might found him if I went to the top of the wall.
I knew that I shouldn’t waste my mana, but I had a bad feeling somehow. So, I kicked the ground and leaped up. By using [Airstep] further, I was able to leap high enough to look down at the base.
“Uwaah… the numbers are huge up and down.” (Reus)
Not only those approaching from the ground, it seemed that there were countless monsters in the sky. The feeling that I had when looking at a glance was birds with sharp beak and claws, and monsters that looked like goblin with wings. I also could see a lot of small flying dragon called wyvern.
Since such flying monsters attacked in succession, the soldiers, who fought on top of the wall, tried to push them away with arrows and magic. I found Marina who shot magic together with those soldiers…
“!? Careful!” (Reus)
Damn it! The wyvern was aiming at Marina and nose dive from the other side.
There was a distance before it could kill her, but when I thought that I had no choice but to throw my sword, there were countless illusions of Marina in the air. The wyvern was splendidly deceived and went pass over Marina. She was amazing. The number of the illusions was clearly increasing more than the last time I saw her. As I was impressed that she was working hard without my knowledge, Marina was suddenly blown away. She fell from the top of the wall and fell to a place where there were many monsters.
I thought that it was due to the wind when Wyvern went over her, but I didn’t have time to think about it. In order to help Marina, I quickly kicked the air with [Air Step], and descended.
“Don’t get in my way! Dorasyaa!!” (Reus)
On the way down, I sliced away a small wyvern that was trying to aim at the falling Marina. Then, I changed the falling trajectory again with [Air Step]. I managed rescue Marina and held her on my chest. With the warmth transmitted from her arm, I landed while smelling a nostalgic smell. I smiled at Marina.
“Phew… are you hurt, Marina?” (Reus)
“No…” (Marina)
Although I was a bit scared to meet her, it didn’t matter when I saw her face. As I expected, I thought again that I liked Marina. I wasn’t sure whether it was because the distance, but when I looked at her closer…
“Say, Marina. Aren’t you looked more beautiful than before? Not only the hair, but your tail is glossy.” (Reus)
“Of course, I will definitely change after a year, and why are you saying that suddenly!? Are you really Reus?” (Marina)
“Hasn’t you confirm it? Aah… you’re not only more beautiful, but you are a bit heavier, huh? I feel that you are heavier than before.” (Reus)
“Kuh! You’re Reus, that’s for sure. By the way, that remark is unnecessary!” (Marina)
My chest was throbbing when I saw Maria with her reddened face. She didn’t have to be angry. I didn’t say that she was fat. Aniki used to say that muscles were heavier than fat, so I just wanted to say that she had trained her body moderately.
Although I explained that… Marina’s attack didn’t stop. When I was wondering what to say, the partner, who I wanted to see as much as Marina… Al approached with a smile.
“You look good, Al. I’m sorry, but can you do something about Marina?” (Reus)
“You are still like that even after nearly a year. You don’t have to worry. My sister is only embarrassed to meet with you. Let her do that for a while.” (Albert)
“Aniue!” (Marina)
“If so, it can’t be helped then. Come on, you can hit me without reserve. I will accept everything.” (Reus)
“Ugh… that makes me look like a bad guy!” (Marina)
Oh… she could stop if she had decided. But with her face was still red, I wouldn’t say that I would put her down. How about staying like this for a bit longer?
Fortunately, the other soldiers were fighting in front of us, so there were no monsters around us at the moment. If it was only a bit, it should be fine.
“Dear me. I was wondering why you suddenly fall over. You are not having a secret affair right?” (Keith)
“That sounds bad, I’m happy to see you for the first time in a long time. Even Keith also will be happy when seeing a lover or a family after some time, right?” (Reus)
“…Mary!” (Keith)
Oops, I said something that I shouldn’t say. By the way, I knew that Keith’s sister, Mary, wasn’t here. As Al calmed Keith who began to shout, Marina touched my arms with her tail even when she was still pouting. I wasn’t like Aniki and Nee-chans, but it might be because I was surrounded by forgiving friends, a smile naturally floated on my face.
I wanted to stay like this longer, but… I guessed I couldn’t do that.
“I’m going to put you down, alright.” (Reus)
“Eh!?” (Marina)
It wasn’t because of the ground monsters, but there were several monsters fling in the sky had descended on us. So, I put Marina down, and when we were ready to engage the monsters from the sky… there was a shadow appeared underneath of the monster.
“Haaa–!” (Julia)
What went down from above the monsters was gold-colored… No, that was Julia with a sword in her hand. Julia, who jumped from the top of the wall with tremendous vigor, passed by the falling monsters and landed in front of us
““Ju-julia-sama!?”” (Albert/Marina)
“Oi oi, why is the princess of Sando here?” (Keith)
“Of course, I came to fight the monsters. They are aiming at my country.” (Julia)
At the same time as those words, the monsters that were cut into half fell nearby. There were four of them, but it seemed that Julia sliced them all. I supposed that was Julia’s might when she held her primary weapon.
It seemed Al was wondering how to react after seeing the appearance of Julia, who removed the blood of the monsters attached to the sword. When a princess of a country suddenly appeared, everyone would be surprised, of course. So, when I tried to explain the situation to Al and others, I noticed that Julia was squinting her eyes at me as if she wanted to say something.
“I’m jealous…” (Julia)
“Hmm, what is it?” (Reus)
“I’ve been looking at you from above, but you hold Marina in your arms since a while ago, right? I’ve been staying by your side until this time, but this is the first time I feel like wanting it. Can you also do that to me later?” (Julia)
“…Reus?” (Marina)
“Ah… uhm, Marina… -san?” (Reus)
She was smiling but it was scary! It was a different fear compared to Nee-chans. Rather than just the movement, I was about to forget even breathing. I didn’t do anything wrong, but… why? When I looked at Julia to ask for help, she nodded as if to entrust this to her.
“Marina-dono, please don’t make that face. I fell in love with Reus, and I proposed marriage to him.” (Julia)
“Marriage…” (Marina)
“Hmm, I also received permission from Father. However, no matter how much I love Reus, I’m still a woman who fell in love with him after Marina-dono and Noir-dono. Will you allow me to become his third wife?” (Julia)
“…It seems I need to hear the full details from you, right?” (Marina)
“Uhiii!?” (Reus)
Julia blurted out weird things with precision and rapid fire like Aniki’s [Magnum]. I couldn’t endure the questioning look from Marina, so I hid behind Al… No, Keith instead.
“Why are you hiding behind me?” (Keith)
“No… I thought I’ll be fine even if you hit me. Just a bit, alright.” (Reus)
“Shall I hit you?” (Keith)
It was just he was roughly beaten by his Kaa-chan. I wouldn’t lose in the willpower, but I thought that the sturdiness was higher than mine. However, Keith escaped to the side, and I faced Maria again. It would be much easier to fight against flock of monsters, but I had to reassure Marina first. I was Marina’s lover, and if it was Aniki, there were things need to be done.
The feeling of escaping from here wrapped around me, but the moment I looked at Marina again… I drew my sword while holding Marina with the other hand. That was because monsters had descended from above again. This time, there were thirty… no, slightly over fifty.
“They’re coming!” (Reus)
“Tsk! What are the people above doing!?” (Julia)
“No… wait a sec. Something is wrong.” (Reus)
Everyone else was holding their weapon, and getting ready, but none of them swung. That was because all the monsters fell around in with holes in their head. They were shot dead at a critical spot. It went without saying who did it. When everyone looked up, they saw Aniki standing on top of the wall while shooting magic.
[Reus. Ask the three to withdraw. You and Julia-sama will aim for the ones with battering rams. Don’t go too deep.] (Reus)
“…Ouh” (Reus)
Yeah… this wasn’t the time to relax. Certainly, I wasn’t done yet with Marina, but while Aniki was fighting, I was taking a break. I replied as soon as I heard Aniki. I looked into Marina’s eyes and told her.
“I’m sorry, Marina. I’ll explain this situation later.” (Reus)
“…I’m not in a hurry, but I can understand to a certain extent. Anyhow, since Julia-sama abruptly saying that, I’m sure that you’re having trouble, not knowing what to do, right?” (Marina)
“Oh, ouh. Basically, it is something like that. Do you know that?” (Reus)
“I know you, so I can anticipate that. But, whatever happens, I want you to tell me later, alright. If not, I will not be satisfied!” (Marina)
While feeling a bit embarrassed, Marina smiled. She told me, and pointing her finger at my nose. As those words made me feel bit eased, Nee-chan came down in front of us by manipulating the wind
“Aah, Emilia-san!” (Marina)
“I came to pick you up, Marina. Let’s leave the details behind, and withdraw at once.” (Emilia)
“Eh!? Pick up… kyaa!?” (Marina)
Nee-chan held Marina on her chest in the same way I did before leaping with wind magic and returned to Aniki’s side. Indeed, it would be difficult to climb the high wall with Marina even a rope was used. I guessed Nee-chan was told by Aniki to pick Marina up.
“Hey, Marina has returned, so Al and Keith should also go. Leave the rest to me and Julia.” (Reus)
“If you come, it would be different. I can still fight. I’m going to clean this area with all of you!” (Keith)
“Keith. It’s not that I don’t understand your feeling, but we should also return. There’s Sensei on top of the wall.” (Albert)
“…It can’t be helped. But, it’s difficult to climb by using a rope to return.” (Keith)
These two couldn’t leap high by using Wind Magic like Nee-chan, and they couldn’t use [Air Step] like Aniki as well. The moment I thought that they had no choice but a rope thrown down from above, Al and Keith leaped up with a great momentum… no, they were literally pulled.
“What!? Not only Emilia-doo, are those two could fly into the sky too!? I want you to teach me later.” (Julia)
“No, it’s probably Aniki’s magic.” (Reus)
I could see Aniki’s [String] wrapped around their bodies for a moment. It would be tough to pull up two at once with Aniki’s power, but there was the Beast King up there, so I supposed he helped Aniki out.
“Hmm… you guys are really interesting. I’m looking forward to it from now on.” (Julia)
“Yup, you won’t get bored with Aniki and Nee-chans. But before that, we have to deal with these things.” (Reus)
I saw the state of the Beastkin who fought around us, but the situation wasn’t good. They weren’t losing out, but it felt that it was hard to get a hold this place because the monsters came one after another. As a result, none of the Ogres that held the battering ram was defeated. Now, it was my turn with Julia.
Since Aniki would deal with the flying monsters, we should focus on the enemies before us. While gathering mana, I raised my partner high. Then, I swung down with a force that generated wind pressure, and shouted.
“Bring it on!” (Reus)
“Hehe, the shout is good. Then, let me proclaim too. Evil monsters aiming for my country, try to break my sword!” (Julia)
When Julia shouted with a vigor that wouldn’t lose to my shout, the soldiers, who fought at the wall, were shouting as a response. Although she wasn’t having that in mind, it gave a great sense of unity. This was why Julia was trusted by the people of this country as they relied on her. When I looked at such Julia, she returned a refreshing smile that blew away my worries.
“It seems that there are more monsters than the previous Flooding, but with Reus’ sword and mind, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” (Julia)
“…Yeah. Well, I’ll take the right side, and you’ll take left.” (Reus)
“Leave it to me!” (Julia)
How should I say this… it felt strange? Although this was the second time to fight together with Julia, I felt like we had been fighting together for years. I was in trouble when I was asked to marry her suddenly, but above all, it was reassuring to swing the sword down at the monsters together with Julia.

— Sirius —
The [String], that flew over the wall, accurately wrapped around Albert’s and Keith, who were in front of the main gate of the frontline base. At the same time, I let the Beast King next to me pulled the mana thread that stretched from me…
“Hmmphh!” (Beast King)
““Uooh!?”” (Albert/Keith)
The two, who were on the ground, returned like a fish being fished only once. It was much faster than climbing the wall with rope. The momentum was daunting because it was pulled by the physical ability which unique to Lionkin, and the two were pulled to the height that they looked up lightly. If they were seen from the side, it was completely like a reverse bungee. The two calmly rearranged their posture even in such a state, and they were able to land successfully on their feet before us.
“Haa… Haa… hey, what happened!?” (Keith)
“Shishou!? Could it be that just now is Shishou?” (Albert)
“Aah. I’m sorry, but I need you both to get up here quickly.” (Sirius)
After erasing the [String] wrapped around the two, I briefly explained what happened, including the greeting after a long while. The two were overwhelmed by the forceful measure, but the Beast King entered the conversation before they got to complain.
“It seems that you wouldn’t return quickly. We don’t have much time, so go back inside and get some rest.” (Beast King)
“I know that!” (Keith)
“Please call me immediately if there is anything. By the way… where is Marina?” (Albert)
“I’m here, Aniue.” (Marina)
Marina, who returned with Emilia, had a pale complexion, but that might be obvious. Since the wall here was built so high, if she went up from the ground to a high position at a stretch, she would feel not good. Marina, in particular, was different from Emilia and her brother. Her body wasn’t trained so much.
I stroked Emilia’s head since she successfully accomplished the task of bring Marina back safely. While shooting [Magnum] at the monsters coming to attack from he sky, I turned toward Albert and Keith.
“I suppose that Reese is treating injured people at the rear. I don’t see any noticeable wounds on you, but it’s better to see her once.” (Sirius)
“Hmm, be prepared to go out any time. The battle is still going on.” (Beast King)
At the end of the eyesight of the Beast King who told so, there were figures of Reus and Julia, who cut down monsters one after another. The two broke through the herd of monsters from the front. They were doing it in succession with the aim of bringing down the ogres that held a battering ram.
[Dorashaaaa–!] (Reus)
[Haaa—-!] (Julia)
In the end, Julia was cutting the Ogre’ limbs with an unstoppable speed, and Reus was cutting through the Ogre’s tough skin and muscles into two. The Ogres noticed the danger and aimed the log it had at the two, but… even it had used the battering ram as a weapon, Reus moved calmly.
[Are you aiming that at the door!?] (Reus)
[Hmm, you shouldn’t use things that you’re not used to!] (Julia)
Reus didn’t only leap and evade the battering ram, he run over the log and got close to the Ogre.
Julia also followed Reus. The two of them ran over the log, and while they did so, they sliced the Ogre. With the changing of war situation, the soldiers in the vicinity noticed the momentum of the two boiled up further. I could feel that the overall morale was rising.
“…It’s wonderful. I have no plan to neglect training, but I don’t have the confidence to accept Reus’ sword now.” (Albert)
“Aah. Besides, his movement with the princess isn’t right on the mark, isn’t it? Damn, I also wanted to go wild with him.” (Keith)
“…” (Marina)
“Even if you can’t fight side by side, he firmly thinks about Marina, you know. You can talk to him later, so you don’t have to look sad.” (Emilia)
“No, no… I…” (Marina)
Marina was looking at Reus and Julia, who fought with good coordination, with a mixed feeling, but it seemed Emilia made a nice follow up. After seeing off the three people who reluctant to retreat, I went to the side of the Beast King, who was giving instructions to the surroundings. Reus and Julia would probably hold up the front line gate for a while, but there were still a lot to be done.
“It would be alright to leave the bottom to those two. But…” (Beast King)
“Yes, they are bunch of monsters in the sky as well.” (Sirius)
Not only hordes of monsters approaching from the ground, there were monsters that could fly higher than the wall and it was cumbersome. When I slightly heard the current situation after joining the Beast King, it seemed that the anti air attack was poor.
[There are some who cast magic other than arrows, but most people have already fallen into the state of mana exhaustion.] (Beast King)
Since it took time for people to recover their mana, it couldn’t be replenished immediately like bows and arrows. For that reason, they should fight and preserved mana as much as possible, but there were too many monsters. The commanding officer of the frontline base was overwhelmed and he instructed to continue using magic in succession.
Even though he wasn’t calmed, it was a judgment that wasn’t supposed to come from a person who was entrusted to take care of this place.
[Apparently, it is the position obtained through social status or relationship, rather than talent. I took away some of the command authority because I couldn’t watch it too much.] (Beast King)
The Beast King was commanding at the east side of the place where we were, while… the west side was taken care by the commanding officer.
He fought while preserving his strength. At the same time, he skillfully commanded the soldiers brought from the home country. However, the Beast King smacked the lips when he noticed the west side was being pushed. Even if he wanted to send reinforcement, the monsters didn’t only come from the ground but also from the sky. Moreover, he couldn’t send a unit since it was necessary to intercept small number of monsters that climbing the wall with its claws.
Then, I gave a suggestion to the calmed but bothered Beast King.
“Understood. This is where we come in, so please take half of the soldiers for break or support over there.” (Sirius)
“…Can I leave this place to you?” (Beast King)
“There is no problem. I have Emilia…” (Sirius)
“Beast King-sama! Look at the monsters from the front!” (??)
When I turned to the voice of a soldier, there was a medium-sized wyvern swooping down on us. Since the huge body couldn’t be stopped with magic or arrows, I unleashed [Anti Materiel] and blown off the wyvern’s head. However, that didn’t stop the momentum. The huge body of the wyvern that lost is head, came down on us, but…
“Hokuto!” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
Hokuto, who came a bit later, ran passed me and accepted the wyvern’s body directly. He stopped the body which was two times bigger than his own body. Then, he threw it on the ground while rotating his body one time. Of course, Hokuto was blowing it away to the ground where the monsters were densely packed, and that wyvern’s body rolled up many of them.
“Hokuto-sama!” (??)
“It’s Hokuto-sama!” (??)
“Everyone, Hokuto-sama has arrived!” (??)
With the appearance of Hokuto, the moral of the Beastkin who didn’t know Julia rose. I turned my gaze to the Beast King to convey that it was a tremendous strength with this. Then, I told the Beast King while creating image of firearms held with both hands.
“I will entrust you the other side. This one is going to be flashy so that we can stabilize the progress of war.” (Sirius)
“Hmm, I’ll leave it to you! Same goes to Hokuto-sama and Emilia-dono.” (Beast King)
The Beast King nodded in satisfaction and sent a message to the west side. Meanwhile, I brought my partner and attendant to both of my sides, and took a step forward.
“Hokuto. Clean up the monsters that are climbing the wall.” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Emilia. Cover him from the side.” (Sirius)
“Yes!” (Emilia)
“It’s the real thing from now on. Brace yourself!” (Sirius)
At the same time when I gave instructions to Emilia and Hokuto, I aimed at the monsters that filled the sky. However, it seemed possible to hit them if I used [Gatling] which could fire bullets the most, but this time, I used [Machine Gun] which has slightly lower rate of firing. The magic bullets, which numbered dozens in a second, went through monsters and they fell on the ground one after another.
“Even in the range that can be seen, it seems that they are easily more than 1000 monsters.” (Sirius)
I judged that they would attack by going to the east and west side, so I was going to deal with half of them. But, as the reinforcements of new monsters were coming in a row from the direction of the Demonic continent, I reduced futile shootings, and tried to kill as many monsters as I could. For that reason, I choose [Machine Gun] which was easy to use.
“Ooh, as expected of Sirius-dono! The monsters have decreased remarkably.” (Julia)
“We can’t lose.” (Reus)
“Everyone, let’s continue! We give victory to Hokuto-sama!” (Emilia)
There were a lot of Beast King soldiers around, and they were holding up a battle formation in the place that I couldn’t cover. In this way, I could concentrate on the front with peace of mind, so I continued shooting through the monsters head one by one.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
Around the same time, Hokuto ran around the wall and knocked down the monsters climbing up the wall. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the scene was exactly like cleaning because he wiggled his tail to blow the monsters away. At this rate, the war situation seemed to be stable, but if this magic was used continuously, my mana would be exhausted soon.
Well, I had an unusually fast recovery of mana because of the special disposition. It was possible to recover completely while taking a deep breath, but on the contrary, I couldn’t use magic for a few seconds. In the case of firearms, it was the reloading time. If this was a common fight, I would earn time in close combat, but if it was a large scale battle, that few seconds could be fatal.
“Cover!” (Sirius)
“Leave it to me!” (Emilia)
However, I had Emilia, who had been waiting for me, to fill that black space of the few seconds. It might because we were able to fight together, the smiling Emilia didn’t only create wind blades, but also medium-sized tornadoes. She blew away the monsters by the momentum that wouldn’t lose to me. However, there were monsters approaching closer with the preparedness to die by penetrating through the tornadoes, but…
“…I’m going to be a bit late.” (Sirius)
“That’s it. I can’t let you get any closer to Sirius-sama!” (Emilia)
By that time, my mana had been restored. Then, my [Shotgun] and Emilia’s [Air Shotgun] were shoved into a monster’s mouth that opened wide with the fangs. Let alone the head, the whole body was scattering all over the place. Just now, the momentum was enough to blow off the head, but with the combination of Emilia’s exquisite timing, it power was at least twice larger.
“Good job, Emilia.” (Sirius)
“The ones that can match the timing with Sirius-sama is not only Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)
While feeling confident with Emilia’s reliable respond, I shot storm of bullets toward the monsters again. By the time number of kills began to exceed the monster’s reinforcement due to the constant attacks… I looked for the opening, and tried to figure out the situation on the ground.
There seemed no problem with Reus and Julia. The two kept swinging their sword as if they weren’t tired. While keeping a certain distance from the main gate, they were slashing the monsters and blew them away. Occasionally, the soldiers who were fighting around those two, were caught off guard and were about to be attacked, so I used [Snipe] to protect them.
At least, I could say that we were in a favorable situation. If we endured until the reinforcements from Sandor came, I judged that we could take turns to rest, but… as I expected, this wouldn’t be so easy.
“The people of Arbitray, be ready! There’s a big one coming!” (Beast King)
There was a flying dragon, which was almost similar to high rank dragon appeared, and that was called the strongest among the dragon species. Moreover, there were three of them. Hence, it was clear why the Beast king gave such order for the close combatants to be ready since it was difficult to destroy it over long distance.
But I thought I could get it with [Anti Materiel]. Unfortunately, that would take some time, and I didn’t know whether I could defeat it if I didn’t focus my mana. So, if I had to shoot twice, I needed to replenish the mana.
Since the enemies were approaching at a tremendous speed, they would approach before I got to unleash the third shot. If those things went wild even with one of them, it was very likely the whole base would be destroyed. Since it would get difficult if we were to lose the edge here, I had to use my first trump card.
“Emilia, cover me for a while.” (Sirius)
“Yes!” (Emilia)
I asked Emilia to take care other monsters. Then, I took out a palm sized board that emit light from my pocket… it was a card. A number of patterns were engraved on the two cards that I had prepared. It became spheres of light when I let mana flow on it, and the spheres began to float around me. Since there were two [Light]s floating on my side, the soldiers in the surrounding looked puzzled.
“Ehm, what is Sirius-dono doing?” (Beast King)
“I will drop those. Since the impact will occur, please don’t get close to me now.” (Sirius)
At the same time, the spheres that were connected to [String] began to emit a huge amount of mana. By the way, the true identity of the cards, which was the core of the spheres, was a manastone processed into a plate shape with a special measure. The manastone board was drawn with the magic formation I made, and I made several boards in that way and they were piled up into one card.
“Connection… complete. Stability… error correction…” (Sirius)
Then, when I used the cards that we connected to [String], it didn’t only act as a mana tank, but it was also possible to invoke magic simultaneously. The cards were engraved with the magic formation that I usually used. I adjusted my aim while activating necessary magic among them. Then, I pulled the bullet in my brain and aimed at the flying dragons approaching here.
“[Anti Materiel]… rapid fire!” (Sirius)
Three bullets unleashed from me and the two spheres. It hit the flying dragons while creating a shock wave around it, and the head…. no, half of the body was blown up, and it fell down.
In addition, it seemed that many other monsters that were along the trajectory, got hit too. The Beast King and the soldiers around were looking at me blankly.
“Hou… I can’t believe you can release the magic at that degree simultaneously. You seem to be much stronger than before.” (Beast King)
“My disciples aren’t the only ones who are growing up.” (Sirius)
If the cards were used, I could increase the number of moves almost without using my mana. It was very powerful, but… there were many drawbacks. First, it took time and effort to create even one card. Once it was activated, it wouldn’t return to its original state, so it was for one time use only.
Since it was originally manastones, the cost was ridiculously high. If I didn’t get a large amount of manastones in Karen’s hometown, I wouldn’t have thought of making it. After the spheres of light unleashed the magic, it was blinking so much that it was about disappear. Even if it was a manastone contained with a huge amount of mana, the limit was only up to one or two shots when it came to [Anti Materiel].
“But I can’t use this technique often. So, don’t rely too much on it.” (Sirius)
“Of course. Although you are a friend, my pride will not allow me to entrust everything only to you. Nevertheless, I’m really glad not to turn you all into enemies. It seems the eyes of my daughter weren’t mistaken when she had seen you as a teacher.” (Beast King)
“Either way, please rest assured that is not a magic to use for people. Well then…” (Sirius)
“Hmm! I’m going to show you the might of Arbitray to you and the monsters!” (Beast King)
It was a battle that couldn’t be seen as something I faced before, but the strength and morale was good enough. Looking at the eyes of the Beast King who had a fearless smile, I also aimed at emerging monsters.

— Liefell —
I got off the carriage, which was intense in many ways. Together with Reese, we came to a room in the frontline base where the wounded were gathered. I haven’t seen the monster yet, but it was proven that there were countless monsters according to Senia who had excellent hearing. I was prepared to see a lot of people got injured, but…
“The next is the one here! Bring the medicine and bandages!” (??)
“It’s no good, the bandages are not enough. Anyone is fine, but just give me a new one from the inside.” (??)
“Damn in! Does anyone here can heal!? Come here quickly!” (??)
“I don’t… want… to die…” (??)
This was… a worse situation that I expected. There were many soldiers, who suffered from wounds inflicted by monsters, but there weren’t enough beds, and some of them were laid on the floor. Some of them had lost parts of their bodies, while some others were left without proper treatment.
Of course, there were several people who were applying treatment magic to the injured, but no matter how I looked at it, they didn’t have enough hands. It was because the number of people who were injured was overwhelmingly large.
The room was filled with the smell of blood, and the soldiers’ cries and groans were heard from all over the place. People’s lives were going to disappear… this was a room filled with the smell of death. While bearing the spontaneous urge to turn away, I looked at Reese, who stood before me. Because of her kind nature, and… because she was more afraid of others getting hurt than she was, she was probably froze and couldn’t move because of the disastrous scene of this room.
I understood how scary it felt. But, she could save many people here with her power. So, I reached out my hand and took a step without fear, but my hand stopped in midair.
“…That man, and the man over there are the top priority. Let’s go, Naia.” (Reese)
That was because before my hand touched, Reese had taken a step forward. Moreover, those words… perhaps, she was standing still because she was confirming the priority of the injured people? When I was looking at my sister’s back, far from being scared, I felt that she was more confident. Then, I noticed that my field of vision was starting to slightly dye in white.
“Mist… is it? Is this the magic of Reese-sama?” (Senia)
“I wonder what to do with the mist in such a place? I don’t think she would do it without any reason…” (Liefell)
“Hime-sama, please look over there.” (Melt)
The place where Melt pointed had a soldier who leaned against the wall. He seemed to be injured as well, but no treatment had been done even though several painful wounds could be seen on the whole body. It looked like the treatment was delayed because it was a minor injury compared to other people. I thought that we should at least wrapped the wounds with bandages, but I understood what Melt was trying to say when looking at the soldier.
“Did you notice it? Even though no one is touching him, his wounds are starting to heal.” (Melt)
“It is the healing power of the person himself… no, that can’t be. I knew it…” (Senia)
“Yes. It is the mist created by Reese-sama.” (Senia)
In other words, just by touching this mist, it would heal the wounds. The effect seemed to be light because it was effective in a wide range, but as for now, it might be the best measure in a place where injured people were gathered. In fact, the angry voices, and moaning heard from the surrounding, had changed into voices of bewilderment and joy. I would like my vassal to learn this magic in case of emergency, but this magic was probably impossible.
“So, what do you think, Senia?” (Liefell)
“To be honest, it will be very tough. She is constantly releasing a huge amount of mana, and if this is done by ordinary person, I think the mana will be exhausted within a few seconds.” (Senia)
This magic was possible because Reese could see Spirits. Moreover, far from the healing mist, she directly touched the injured person and released treatment magic. Seeing her using two magic at once, Magic Master Ojii-sama would be pleased if he saw her now. More than a year had passed since she left Elysion. I thought that she had grown both physically and mentally, but this was a growth that far exceeded expectations.
“Are you alright? I will cure you soon, so please leave it to me.” (Reese)
“Heal me quickly–… uh, no… please.” (??)
Reese roamed around the room while I was being surprised. She was healing those with serious injuries one after another. Even the soldiers, who had been cursing because of pain until a while ago, suddenly became obedient when Reese smiled. Yeah, no one could withstand against that angelic smile of hers.
“It seems the heart will recover too if they ask Reese for treatment. If I get hurt, I want to ask Reese again.” (Liefell)
“I understand your feeling, but please don’t say that too much. If Liefell-sama is hurt, instead of smiling, Reese-sama would be sad.” (Senia)
“In that case, it would be fascinating, isn’t it? Anyhow, there’s nothing wrong when it comes to being cute.” (Liefell)
“Hime-sama…” (Melt)
“I’m kidding.” (Liefell)
Melt was sighing, so I guessed I should stop here. With the great effort of such Reese, the room that was filled with the smell of death until a while ago, turned into a clear mood as if being washed with clean water. In Elysion, she was known as Blue Saintess. Perhaps, it might be good to call her as the sanctuary.
Since we had been observing for how long, when we also decided to help Reese, the door of the room was opened and new injured people were brought in.
“Dang, what’s going on? Every of these people, you are making fool of yourself!” (??)
“Oh, please calm down. There will be someone who can treat you right away.” (??)
“Come with me quickly! This is what happened if you can’t defend!” (??)
There were four men appeared and they were outfitted with fancy light armor, but the only injured was a man screaming without concealing his feelings. From the arrogant attitude, and the appearance of yelling at subordinates, I supposed he was a person with high status?
I knew that people came here for treatment, but to be honest, I didn’t think it was wound that enough to make clamor. Obviously, it was minor injuries compared to other people brought here, and if he touched the mist Reese created, he would be cured soon. However, he didn’t notice that by standing there, so the man called Reese, who was currently treating someone else. There were other people nearby who could heal him, but he purposely asked Reese. Well, I guessed it was impossible not to notice such a cute girl.
“Oi, the girl over there. Treat me now.” (Man)
“I refuse.” (Reese)
But, Reese merely glanced at the man, and continued the treatment without moving from the spot. It was probably because he saw the main sustained minor injuries. Since the man easily refused, he was starting to get angry at Reese who didn’t stop her work, but she opened her mouth earlier than the man.
“There are still many people who have more wounds than you. Do not arbitrarily decide the priority order.” (Reese)
“I have to get back to the front immediately! How are you going to take the responsibility if I fall?” (Man)
“Then, there is no problem. If it’s the wounds that much, it’s already cured.” (Reese)
Even if she was usually calm and modest, it seemed she was confident when it came to treatment. With those words, the man noticed that his wounds were healed, but it might be because he couldn’t forgive her attitude, he ordered one of his subordinates to bring Reese to him. The reluctant looking soldier approached Reese, but we couldn’t let that happened.
“Wait a minute. If you have something with her, you have to go through me first.” (Liefell)
“Wh-who are you? You aren’t related, so shut up.” (Soldier)
“We are with her.” (Melt)
“Yes. I will not allow you to touch her without our permission.” (Senia)
Even though I knew the danger, I came to the frontline base because I wanted to experience the atmosphere of the battlefield, but I also had other reasons. I wanted to protect Reese and confirmed her growth with my eyes. The atmosphere due to the brutal battle sometimes could dull people’s normal judgment.
Even without looking at her as the sister, her treatment abilities was far surpass ordinary people. There was also a possibility that foolish people might appear to take advantage of such Reese in midst of confusion, so I decided to stay as close to my sister as possible.
The current Reese might be able to deal with these fools easily, but I couldn’t allow that as her sister, and I also wanted to be together since it had been so long to see each other. For that reason, plus the self importance, we stood in front of the men to protect Reese.
“Permission is it? Can you hear my command as the commanding officer of the frontline base!?” (Man)
“That girl is an adventurer who helps with the treatment and good intention. In other words, she is not your subordinate. So you can’t command her.” (Liefell)
Although diplomatic problems came to mind, if it was Julia and the current Elysion King, they would judge that this commanding officer as a person who wasn’t fit in the battlefield. Anyhow, I could understand from his appearance. I couldn’t think of anything else but him getting promoted as the commanding officer due to the position and status, rather than abilities.
I caught his glare, which lack of impressiveness, from the front, and I would return it back as a member of a royal family.
“Nevertheless, I could see that you are extremely emotional with words. If you are the commanding officer, aren’t you supposed to be calmer?” (Liefell)
“Wha!? What a young girl can understand about this!?” (Man)
“Oh my, are you asking whether I understand the hardship of people standing up against the odds? I am looking at this place as a royalty. I am a friend of your Princess, Julia.” (Liefell)
I didn’t really want to give up Julia’s name without permission, but let me used it for once because it would be the easiest to go against this kind of opponent. Well, if that girl wanted to be tied with Reus, it should fine to use her name without reserve since that was to protect Reese, her future sister-in-law.
“I-I haven’t heard she has a friend like you! Do you think you can use Julia-sama’s name like that!?” (Man)
I thought that he was going to back away for a moment, but I supposed he didn’t want to leave. Dear me… although the battle was continuing outside, did he understand that there was no point to argue in such a place?
A sigh leaked out unintentionally, but there was no need to reprimand a person from other country more than this, so should I drive him out? I learned this from Sirius and Reese on the way here. With flexible and thick [String]… I created mana whip. I shouted while hitting the floor with it.
“Stop this! If your wounds are already healed, it is your duty as the commanding officer to return to the front and fight! By the way, can you see any monsters here!?” (Liefell)
“Hii!?” (Man)
“Or… you don’t want to go back because you are afraid? If you get hurt again, you don’t have to fight, you know?” (Liefell)
In response to my voice, a sound that like a shock wave resounded from the mana whip that I pulled with both hands. It might because the commanding officer was completely fearful, he went out of the room to escape while spitting the words of unwilling to admit. I couldn’t believe how he escaped because a young girl threatened him. It made me wonder how easy was his life?
“Anyhow, will that make him a bit more matured?” (Liefell)
“No… with that kind of situation, he will face a painful experience in the future. I thought he was lucky because he got the chance of being scolded by Hime-sama.” (Melt)
If it was a splendid base like this, the commanding officer should be someone with excellent abilities and achievements. For this person to be the commanding officer, it was surely because of Zilard… Lambda’s influence, someone who aimed for the collapse of this country. If the judgment from the top officer was terrible, it had many impacts on the whole operations. I would report this to Julia later. As I was thinking whether I should consult with her about the commanding officer, I noticed that Reese was looking at us.
“Uhm, Nee-… Liefell-sama.” (Reese)
“You don’t need to worry. From now on, I will chase away those who are in the way, so you should concentrate on the treatment.” (Liefell)
“That’s not it. If you are going to make that loud noise suddenly, I would like you to mind a bit more since they are many injured people here now.” (Reese)
“…Sure.” (Liefell)
Kuh… Reese was right, but somehow it was unreasonable. I understood that I overdid it, but it was to protect her…
“But, thank you. If you don’t mind, can you help me with the treatment?” (Reese)
Yeah, let’s forgive everything! It was enough if I could see her smile.

Reese’s treatment continued, and by the time the sun went down, there were almost no serious injuries. We washed the used bandages and helped out with small things, but to be honest, our helps weren’t necessary because Reese’s skills were splendid.
When I noticed, not only the injured people, the people, who had received the treatment, were attracted to Reese because of her personality and charm, rather than the treatment only. The part that naturally attracted people was a proof that she had the blood of our father. It might be thanks to Sirius and other working hard outside, the frequency of injured people brought in here was clearly reduced. With the healing effect of Reese, the depressing atmosphere in the room had also become much lighter.
“First off, why don’t you take a break?” (Reese) (Recheck)
“Yes, there is a leeway that we don’t expect to happen in the battlefield. So, how about you also take a rest?” (Liefell)
“I’m still good. Besides, thanks to Naia… I hardly need to use mana.” (Reese)
According to Reese, she still had almost half of her total mana. The Water Spirit, Naia, always by her side, and it seemed it was doing most of the treatment, which was why Reese’s mana barely exhausted.
“All the mist that fills the room is created by Naia. Because of that, I can concentrate on individual healing.” (Reese)
“But, if you do that for long time, you’ll be running out of mana, right?” (Liefell)
“Since Naia is helping, my mana consumption is small. So the one who is amazing is Naia, not me.” (Reese)
For example, if a magic required 50 mana, Reese could do two to three times of magic with the same amount of mana. It showed that how much this girl was adored by the Spirits to the point they were willing to help her, but she seemed to feel inferior because it wasn’t her power.
“What a fool. If it isn’t because of you, do you think Naia will lend its power to us? It is your strength in a sense, so be more proud about yourself.” (Liefell)
“Hehe… that’s what Sirius-san and everyone else told me.” (Reese)
“Oh my, it seems that my future brother-in-law was well aware of that. I’m glad I don’t have to preach him. Even so, it was good to see your growth closely. Let me tell you again, you have grown well.” (Liefell)
I stroked Reese’s head to convey the feeling of being proud as a family. By the way… I hadn’t reported to Tou-san yet because it was an emergency situation, but once this was over, Reese and other were going to return to Elysion. The reason was because Sirius was planning to marry Reese, so they would stay in Elysion for a while. Furthermore, Fia would give birth, so it should be a long stay when considering the health of the mother and the child.
I should instigate her in the meantime. If that girl got pregnant… it might be possible for them to settle down in Elysion. Of course, I didn’t think that would be easy, but it was true that a pleasant future would come soon. Therefore, I had to brace myself before all of them could return safely. Then, I noticed that the sound of battle I heard from outside changed to cheers.
“What’s going on? The situation is strange, isn’t it?” (Liefell)
“Hime-sama. From the cheers and signatures outside, the monsters are probably repelled.” (Melt)
“Yes, Naia also told me that the monsters are starting to flee.” (Reese)
With Sirius, Reus, Julia and Hokuto joining the battle, there was no way for the monsters to win, right? However, no matter how out of standard these people were, I didn’t think that it was easy to overturn such a large-scale war. When I thought it was strange, Senia, who was confirming the situation outside, came back.
“I will report. Apparently, they managed to defeat the hordes of monsters.” (Senia)
“…Really? It seems something is bothering you.” (Liefell)
“Yes. The soldiers are all happy, but I feel something wrong.” (Reese)
There were still many monsters left, and some of it hadn’t been driven away, but suddenly, the monsters were altogether feeling.
“In my opinion, that is the movement of a unit is ordered to withdraw. I don’t think monsters will flee by instinct.” (Senia)
“If Senia thought so, there would be no mistake.” (Reese)
While traveling by the carriage, Sirius told various conjectures about the culprit who might cause the Flood. One of the enemies was a person who could manipulate monsters. So, when I was told that, there was a high possibility that was true based on Senia’s report. Well, regardless of that fact…
“It will be better to think that the battle will continue.” (Liefell)

Extra/Bonus Act 1 – The Queen ※This is a fiction of a fiction.
Reese was treating the injured people. The fools that hinder such a girl appeared again, and the mana whip in Liefell’s hands raised a growl.
“Call me the Queen!” (Liefell)
Liefell charged while rotating along with the whip as lights scattered, she cleared those who stood in Reese’s way. The flustered Melt looked flustered, and Reese shouted.
“Don’t do that, Nee-sama!” (Reese)
“Pl-please. If it’s your words, I’m sure Hime-sama will stop…” (Melt)
“Nee-sama is not the Queen yet, so I can’t call her that.” (Reese)
“Yes, you’re right. I can do that next time when I am the Queen” (Liefell)
“No, just don’t!” (Melt)
※TLN: The author mentioned about a fighting game character with whip as a weapon. There are couples of them so I’m not sure which one.

A certain family who was watching the situation…
“Aaaaahhh!? I was the first one who swung that [String] whip, you know!? It’s my magic!” (Noel)
“No… I think that’s originally Sirius-sama’s.” (Dee)
“Yeah. Besides, if it’s the whip, the other side looks much better, isn’t it?” (Nokia)
“Sirius-sama doesn’t count, so there is no such a thing! Well, the other side is the next queen, while I am a commoner and a signboard girl of a dining room… uuh…” (Noel)
“She has accepted the loss, huh?” (Nokia)

Extra/Bonus Act 2 – Cleaning (NG Scene)
“Hokuto. Clean the monsters that come up the wall.” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
Hokuto, who responded with consent, somehow returned to the carriage instead of going to the monsters. Sirius was puzzled with the sight, but Hokuto returned in no time, and…
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Oooh! Hokuto-sama will use the mop to wipe away the monsters on the wall!” (Keith)
“We will do that too! Bring the mops!” (Beast King)
“I’ll gather them and clean them up!” (Keith)
The mop held in the mouth and sweeping away the monsters was a cleaning in a double meaning. However, Emilia, who couldn’t stay quiet when listening about cleaning, shouted immediately.
“Hokuto-san, that’s a mop for the carriage, so please stop it! If you want to clean them, the bamboo broom is better than the mop.” (Emilia)
“Woof!” (Hokuto) ※Translation… Yes, that’s right!
“…” (Sirius)
Sirius had already become speechless.


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