Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 102

The Rumored Fiancé

There were many people lived in the town blessed by the Deine Lake. It was a mid-size town in the Adload Continent.
The town was where many adventurers were visiting and various tribes were living there, but the most common among them was similar to Albert, the Foxtail.
I was sitting on a bench in a square with a drink I bought at a stall and when I looked at the city, I could see the Foxtailkin everywhere.
"…The public order is not bad. It is a very good town." (Sirius)
"Yes, it is. Here you go, Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
Emilia gave me a whole roast fish that looked like eel that could be fished from the Deine Lake and it was bought from similar stall, and I ate it. Apparently, its name was Nilon and the appearance was almost similar to an eel.
Since the seasoning was only special spice with strong taste of salt and spiciness, let's make a dedicated taste with seasoning in the carriage later.
"The taste is similar to Jya Ora snake, but I like this fish more." (Emilia)
"It seems to suit the Kabayaki that Aniki made!" (Reus) (TLN: Kabayaki is a dish of eel dipped and broiled in soy-based sauce.)
"Heh… It also suits that." (Fia)
"…" (Reese)
Since Reese didn't talk when she had food in the mouth, she nodded to agree with us.
And then, Fia, who was having Nilon, suddenly showing a fascinating smile at me.
"I heard this from the people in the shop earlier. It is said that the night will be fired up if you eat this. That is why Sirius need to eat this a lot." (Fia)
"Here you go, Sirius-sama!" (Emilia)
Although an eel was certainly good nourishment for manhood, did this world also have the similar effect?
While they asked me to eat Nilon in exquisite intervals as if I didn't have a throat, I was thinking about the future schedule.
"Nomnom… after thoroughly looking around… nom… we will return to the inn, and Albert will return–… nom… can you hold on?" (Sirius)
"As expected of Aniki. You have no problem to accept Nee-chan's fierce attack!" (Reus)
"How is it? Do you feel like you will get fired up tonight?" (Fia)
"I think so if you be more gentle." (Sirius)
"Understood!" (Emilia)
She stopped without any delay.
Although they were occasionally aggressive, they would stop if I showed that I didn't like it. Besides, since Emilia was my lover, such a sense of playfulness was also cute.
After finished eating Nilon, we were walking around the town again. Suddenly, Reus muttered while looking at the center of the town.
"We were told that Al would invite us to his home, but was it impossible to go together with them?" (Reus)
"They haven't been home for nearly a month, so I guess that there are also stories accumulated to be shared with the family members. Besides, even if they invite us, it is no good unless they properly tell about our identities." (Sirius)
"The inn is luxurious, so there is no problem even if we have to wait for a while. The bed is so soft and it will be a proper rest for the first time in a long time." (Emilia)
When we arrived in the town of Parade just before noon today… Albert said that he would go home first and at the same time handed in a letter.
When we showed the letter to the staff of the inn, the staff was surprised and they gave us the best room to stay for free.
By the way, I was satisfied because Hokuto was also allowed to enter.
[Since Albert-sama wrote that he was greatly indebted in the letter, he wrote that he wanted everyone to be treated with the most favorable treatment as possible. And Albert-sama will pay every charges.] (Staff)
Because of that, we were able to stay in the finest inn in Parade. After leaving the carriage in the inn, we went strolling in the town.
We stood out since we were accompanied not only because we had an Elf, but also Hokuto, but we already got used to it since it happened about every time.
"He doesn't only introduced us, we don't even have to pay for the inn. It seems really great in this town." (Emilia)
"I think that this is probably one of his way to say thanks. Shall we make use of this without holding back?" (Sirius)
There were also benefits of this arrangement. It could become another place of meeting and it was also easy to send a message if there was something happened.
Albert said that the fastest he could come would be at nighttime, so I should go for a leisurely stroll in the town until the sun went down.
"Sirius-san. It is my first time to see a food stall burning fishes!" (Reese)
"Aah, let's try it." (Sirius)
Reese had found a new stall and made glittering eyes, so I decided to make a purchase because I was also interested.
It looked like salmon, but compared to the one in the previous life, the size here was almost two times bigger.
According to the stall seller, it seemed to be a delicious fish that could be caught in the Deine Lake, but I heard that they couldn't get too many.
Because of that, the price was expensive and when we tried eating, it was very delicious. The regrettable part was the fish was dried in one go probably because high temperature of the Flame magic formation. I judged that the best way to cook this was to thoroughly do it with low fire power.
"The seafood of the Deine Lake is rich in variety. How do you like it Sirius-sama?" (Emilia)
"Aah, it depend on the way you all like it. I don't think you will be bored for a while." (Sirius)
Since they were selling fishes like octopus in freshwater, if we have time later, we should look for shops that make metal utensils and asked them to make a Takoyaki plate.
As the disciples (especially Reese) had glittering eyes because of my words, we reached the port where ships were lined side-by-side to see the Deine Lake.
There were various large and small boats in the port, and the biggest of them seemed to be a regular ship to Romanio, the town on the other side of the lake.
When looking at the lake from here, we could see something that looked like a town. There was no need to head toward Romanio when considering our next destination, but I would definitely go there in order to expend the view.
And then, we went around the town, looking at the stalls, and if there were stalls that sold unusual foods, I bought one and shared it with everyone.
We were holding back because we would have dinner, but regardless of Reus and Reese, they were eating as if they were on conquest of all kinds of menu. There was no need to be careful because they might not eat the dinner later.
The day got dark even though we still had many things we hadn't seen yet. Therefore, we returned to the inn and there was Albert who was talking to a staff.
"Eh, there you are, Al!" (Reus)
"Everyone! That's great. I was about to go out looking for you guys." (Albert)
"Hmm, what do you mean?" (Reus)
"Yes. I got the consent of the family head, my Aniue, so I would like to invite everyone to my house." (Albert)
"Since he is the most influential person in this town, we can't go there with these attires. Sirius-sama, I will take formal attires from the carriage. Of course, I will help you changing dress–…" (Emilia)
"The family head is tolerant unless it is for something special. Besides, it is an invitation for friends of mine, so you are fine as it is." (Albert)
"Is that so?" (Emilia)
We did have weapons, but we were wearing light attires in order to sightseeing the town. In addition, the attires of Emilia and others were beautiful because they were properly washed. I didn't think that there would be any problem with the invitation.
After stroking Emilia who were somewhat disappointed because she couldn't take care of me, we put the stuff we bought in the room and the carriage. And then, we headed to Albert's mansion.
On the way there, I called Albert, who was chatting with Reus since the beginning, to tell her something I had forgotten.
"Yeah, Albert. You're not only introduce us such a nice accommodation, but I also heard that you will bear the cost. Thank you so much for that." (Sirius)
"No problem. In fact, I have received more than that, and I still haven't done with the repayment. Truthfully, I would like you to stay in my house, but I am in a difficult situation…" (Albert)
"Don't worry about it. We're satisfied with that inn." (Reus)
"Reus is right. Leaving that aside, what about Marina?" (Emilia)
"That girl is preparing to welcome you at home. By the way, how about your dinner? If you don't mind, please eat at my home." (Albert)
"Aah, please take care of us." (Sirius)
Since I was thinking when he said that, I decided to nod and took his offer on the dinner without hesitation. In Albert case, he was probably the one who worried.
"We are preparing dinner including local products and specialties in town, so please do not hesitate." (Albert)
"Ooh, it's fine to eat all I want, right?" (Reus)
"I'm looking forward to it." (Reese)
"…We are very attentive to everyone." (Albert)
As expected, it seemed that he understood about those two when he was with us for only half a month.
If I was right, the dishes of the mansion would probably almost finished.

"Did you train my brother? As the family head, and as his brother, I would like to offer my gratitude." (Albert’s Brother)
After we arrived at a large mansion which was Albert's home, we were first brought to the family head’s room.
He was working with documents with a secretary-like woman at a desk, but when he confirmed our presence, he put up a gentle smile.
"I'm sorry about this situation. There was a slightly urgent work came in." (Albert’s Brother)
"I don't mind. Honestly, we didn't do anything much other than training Albert-sama, and in fact, we're the ones who suppose to send greetings." (Sirius)
"Hahaha, it's alright to make yourself comfortable. After all, you guys are Albert's close friends." (Albert’s Brother)
It looked like he was informed to a certain extent, but the present ruler of Parade, Albert's brother, was a friendly person who didn't mind associating with common adventurers like us.
Thinking from the high position, he wasn't only talking to us with gentle tone, but he also did that to his subordinates.
Indeed… I noticed that he wasn't only recognized by his household, but also by the surroundings.
"This will take a little while, so you guys should eat with Albert. I will come later." (Albert’s Brother)
"Understood. Well then, we'll be going." (Sirius)
"Everyone, please come here. Marina is waiting over there too." (Albert)
We left the ruler who resume with the paperwork again, and then, we were guided to the dining room in the mansion.
Reus made a sound when looking at the scene where several maids and butlers waiting for orders in the spacious dining room. In fact, the dining room was the only room with wide space.
"Yeah… by looking at this, it seems that Al is having a great position." (Reus)
"The great one is Aniue, not me. Right now, I am similar like Reus. We are disciples of same Shishou." (Albert)
"Hehe, you understand that, right?" (Reus)
The servants were surprised at Hokuto's appearance, but he sat down at the corner of the dining room so as not to get in the way. He calmly settled down and watched the room.
However, if Hokuto had something with us, he would immediately come. It felt completely like he was an SP to protect a big leader. (TLN: I’m not so sure about SP)
We noticed that there was a vacant seat when we took ours. Which remind me, I hadn't seen her yet.
"Oh, I wonder what happen to Marina." (Fia)
"She should have been waiting here. Where is she…" (Albert)
"Is she secretly eating something?" (Reus)
"There is no way I would be like that!" (Marina)
Thereupon, the flustered Marina appeared in the dining room to respond to Reus' words.
The present Marina didn't wear her usual attire. She was wearing a red color dress. While slightly blushing, she bowed a little while lightly held her skirt.
"Everyone, welcome. Please slowly enjoy the meal tonight." (Marina)
"Hahaha. I was wondering what you were all about, but was it because of that unusual dress? Unlike the usual you, your greetings was natural and splendid." (Albert)
"Aniue, you don't have to say that. Aah… I feel that Aniue is resembling you more now." (Marina)
"Al is Al, isn't it? Anyway, come sit down and let's eat!" (Reus)
"Hah… fine. Let's eat." (Marina)
It seemed like she wanted to display a proper greeting appearance to us who had taken care of them, but Reus' reaction was as usual.
Marina was staring at such Reus, but she immediately gave up and sat down while letting out a sigh. Although she was staring, it wasn't my imagination that the atmosphere was somewhat gentle unlike before.
"Well then, since everyone is here, shall we have dinner? Please." (Albert)
"""Certainly.""" (Maids/Butlers)
The butlers responded to Albert, and then, dishes were carried one by one and arranged on the table.
I thought that this kind of dinner party would start with appetizers, but they brought us all at the same time.
While the table was full of various dishes, there were also dishes that gave a completely different appearance.
"Ooh, this is my first time to see this fish." (Reus)
"You can't put it on the table here if it is not wide." (Reese)
"It is a fish called Deinegar that can be caught in the Lake Deine. Originally, it will be sliced up and then, bring it here. But this time, we sliced in half and baked it." (Albert) (TLN: The name in raw isディネガー)
"Which part is tasty?" (Reus)
"Eat it first, then tell me!" (Marina)
The shape of the fish reminded me the world largest freshwater fish I saw in the previous life. It was a fish which was difficult to be caught because of its large body. It was a peculiar fish, but it was delicious.
Since it was too big to eat as it was, a maid was cutting it and served it in a small plate, but only Emilia served me a plate while asking questions.
"Aah, it's here, right? Thank you very much. Here you go, Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"Thank you. It's fine to take care of me, but you also need to eat, you know." (Sirius)
Even at this kind of time, Emilia was my attendant. After all, I was relieved that she didn't try to feed me in such a place.
On the other hand…
"Ooh… no matter how much I eat, the fish is still there! Moreover, it is delicious!" (Reus)
"Wait, are you that direct? It is my first time to see people eating Deinegar like that." (Albert)
"Hey… please calm down! Don't just eat Deinegar, eat the vegetables too!" (Marina)
The siblings were amazed when looking at Reus who directly ate the lower body part of Deinegar with a fork and a knife.
And the reckless Reese when it came to meals…
"Fuu… it was delicious." (Reese)
"A perfect meal. This shellfish is delicious too." (Fia)
"Let's eat!" (Reese)
The upper body part of Deinegar were totally became bones. Their beautiful manner of eating were totally like a manga.

As the dinner party where the butlers and maids continued trembling, I asked Albert about his future plan when those who with ordinary appetite were satisfied.
"It was delicious, Albert. By the way, when are you going to your fiancé?" (Sirius)
"I will go there tomorrow. To be honest, the work that Aniue had been dealing with in the past was also to prepare for that." (Albert)
Was it reasonable for him to be in a hurry by sending letter to the family head of Romanio and arranging a ship to go there?
Thereupon, the door of the dining room opened and the ruler appeared. He sighed when looking at the top of the table.
"Thank you for waiting. Goodness, I would like you to come back and do not suddenly increase my work." (Albert’s Brother)
"Please forgive me, Aniue. But isn't that necessary?" (Albert)
"Well… If you go there in this condition, it seems that things will smoothly progress with Romanio." (Albert’s Brother)
When the family head finished his greetings again, he told us a bit about the circumstances behind since we got involved so far.
Since the type of marine products changes according to the location of the Deine Lake, there was a difference in seafood dishes available in Parade and Romanio. And the trade of the marine products between two of them were almost nonexistent.
There were other things, but for this reason, these towns were in a good term, However, the Romanio nobles who complained about anything seemed didn't think too much about Parade.
If such a noble was tied to the fiancé of Romanio, they would take control of the town. Of course, it would become troubles in many ways.
On the contrary, if Albert became Romanio son-in-law, things would almost be solved.
Although he respected the situation, he didn't stop Albert's reckless conducts because there was such a political reason.
"I gave up when they started to ask for Guirdjieff's horn, but you have done a great job. You haven't done everything yet, but you did well." (Albert’s Brother)
"No, Aniue. That is thanks to Shishou and Reus. Because of that, is there something good that we can reward them?" (Albert)
"Reward, is it? I will think about something tomorrow. By the way, are you all adventurers?" (Albert’s Brother)
"That's right. So, if it is about the reward, you don't have to worry. It is enough for the price of the inn and these meals." (Sirius)
"I don't really want to do this, but… there is something I want to ask you all. The thing is…" (Albert’s Brother)
I immediately agreed and received the details of the request that the owner frustratingly asked.
And as the noisy but fun dinner party was over, we broke up with Albert and returned to the inn to rest.

The next day… we were on a ship heading to Romania together with the siblings. Of course, Hokuto was also together. He stayed on the corner of the deck and enjoyed the sun.
It would take half a day to reach Romanio, so the plan was to take a ship in the morning and reached there in the afternoon.
I gave a verbal lesson to the disciples since we had time, but it turned into a mere chat during the break in the middle of lesson.
While absentmindedly listening to the disciples chat, I was reminded of last night's request.
[I heard that you achieved the victory at the Fighting Festival. In anticipation of your strength, I would like you to take care of Albert just a little bit more.] (Albert’s Brother)
[Take care of him… you mean, if there is something happening, you want me to protect Albert?] (Sirius)
[To put it simply, yes. It should be alright if he go to the other side while bringing the horn to complete the requirement, but there is also a possibility of a direct intervention. Besides, you all have a positive influence on my sister, Marina. Even if it is a little bit more, I would like you all to be together.] (Albert’s Brother)
Since he wanted me to take care of Albert until the end, this request was working out as intended. Whatever it was, I could openly watch over him.
"By the way, why is the ship going along the land? It would not take half a day if we go straight across the lake, right?" *(Reus)
"Aah, actually, there are huge monsters inhabit in the Deine Lake and they can even attack this ship." (Albert)
If we went straight ahead to Romanio, we would enter the area of monsters. Therefore, it was safe to proceed along the land. Incidentally, if we went overland and not going on a ship, we would be forced to make a great detour by mountains and trees. Plus, the difference of elevation was intense. Hence, it was still the fastest way to go there.
"Huge monsters huh… is it possible to cut them?" (Reus)
"Don't do that, Reus. No matter how much you can go underwater, it is impossible." (Albert)
"Quit it already. What are you talking about?" (Marina)
The siblings were right. For a swordsman who wield a greatsword like Reus, he should avoid fighting underwater. The sword probably won't connect to anything because of water resistance.
The strength of my [Magnum] would also drastically decrease, so I guessed I better aimed when the monsters rose on the surface. As I considered many things, there was still no reason to fight at the present moment. So, I stopped thinking about it.
"Those huge monsters… I wonder if they are delicious" (Reese)
"Stop it, Reese. Like Deinegar yesterday, it is not necessarily tasty because it is big," (Fia)
"Sirius-sama always tells us that most of big fishes are delicious." (Emilia)
"That's right. First off, let's focus on Albert's problem." (Sirius)
If it was Reese, I had a feeling that she certainly could use Water Spirits to easily manipulate water to make the monster rose on the surface.
However, even if we successfully took care of it, we ended up giving it up since it took a lot of preparation to bring them back home.

After a while, we arrived at Romanio. We got off the ship and soon headed to the family who ruled Romanio.
I tried to check the state of the town along the way. Although there were slight differences in buildings and atmosphere, it was also a town that was similar to Parade.
"That stall with grilled fish… they used two ironware, but here, they only use one ironware." (Emilia)
"It is probably the difference in catch. Is that really the reason?" (Sirius)
"It seems difficult since it is too far away to across the lake to get to a country or a town." (Reese)
"I guess so. However, let's concentrate on the request rather than political problems right now." (Sirius)
It looked like a letter had been delivered by a ship that came out earlier than ours, so the other side already knows Albert's situation.
Albert seemed to be nervous as we approached the destination, but he was distracted by Reus who tapped his shoulders while laughing.
As I entrusted him to Reus and Marina, I walked while watching the surroundings in order to do the request.

When we arrived at the mansion, the servants disputed when they saw Hokuto, but they consented due to Albert's explanation and Hokuto's obedience manner to me. As expected, since it was difficult to bring him into the mansion, we had to let him wait in the garden.
I wondered how many times he was here because Albert was greeted with smiles from the servants of the mansion and we were guided to where the head of family was.
"Albert!" (??)
"I'm back, Ojii-san." (Albert)
The Romanio family head, who was a middle aged man and seemed to be more than forty years old, was in the midst of work, but when he confirmed the appearance of Albert, he greeted him with a full smile. Moreover, he was a from Foxtail tribe, similar to Albert.
I would say they were in a good term, but when looking at how pleased when he was hugging, they seemed like a real family.
"Ojii-san looks pleased about Aniue. The daughter is good, but apparently, he also wants a son." (Marina)
"Eh, there is the eldest son, right?" (Reus)
"That's certainly true, but rather than a son, it feels like he treated the son like a friend. Besides, although the eldest son was said to be disappearing, the truth is he wanted to see the outside world and went out without permission…" (Marina)
When I heard that, it seemed that the eldest son was an oddball.
Since the father understood that he had no ability to rule, he was seeing the son off for a trip.
Because of such an eldest son, Albert seemed to be an ideal son who was supposed to cherish her daughter greatly, and he approved Albert to be his son-in-law.
"So complicated, huh…" (Emilia)
"But, Ojii-san doesn't hate his son. He seemed to say this before… like a drinking friend who know him." (Marina)
"It is really complicated." (Reese)
"Nevertheless, since the eldest son turns to be alright, it's all fine, isn't it?" (Marina)
And when Albert and the head of the family finished hugging, he got into the main subject while briefly introducing us.
"I was half confident when I saw the letter, but I was glad that you are alright. Moreover, you are splendid since you have brought Guirdjieff's horn." (Pamela’s Father)
"Thank you for your concern. Anyway, where is Pamela?" (Albert)
"She is studying in other room, but she will probably come soon. Look, if she hears the about you…" (Pamela’s Father)
Thereupon, the door was opened together with a slight sound of footsteps, and a Foxtailkin woman jumped in with a disorder breathing.
"Albert-sama! You're safe!" (Pamela)
"Pamela!" (Albert)
She was a very healthy woman with blond hair extending to the shoulders and visible arms that could be seen from the dress she wore. It was suitable to call her lady, and the appearance was definitely beautiful.
Although I was in close contact with Emilia and Fia, I didn't feel surprised. Was it because I developed resistance toward beautiful woman?
They separated after embracing each other for a while, but Pamela was holding Albert's hand.
"I got to know the situation from the letter that arrived this morning. Did you really get the horn?" (Pamela)
"Yeah, it was as I promised. Look, it's here." (Albert)
"That's splendid… With this, there is nothing that can stop our marriage!" (Pamela)
"No, there is one more thing that I need to do. But, I will overcome it just for you. Please wait for me." (Albert)
"Yes! I'll be waiting forever." (Pamela)
What was this… it was a sight that immediately reminded me of the propose between Noel and Dee.
The ladies of the house looked at those two, who were hugging each other again, with a smile.
"Eh? Albert-sama's muscle… are really buffed up." (Pamela)
"Yes, I was trained by Shishou." (Albert)
"If it is like this, it seems to be alright if I hug you some more. Albert-sama…" (Pamela)
"Hahaha… kuh! Not yet!" (Albert)
And soon, there was a subtle expression.
Apparently, Pamela was strong. It seemed that the strength was influenced by affection.
She finally confirmed her love by hugging… and then, when the hug was over, Marina stood in front of Pamela.
"Pamela-san, it's been a while." (Marina)
"I'm also glad that Marina is safe. Anyway, what's wrong? Please call me Aneue like usual." (Pamela)
"That's because… everyone is here." (Marina)
"Oi oi, don't hold back because of us. Even if you are not blood related, you called her that in front of Nee-chan, right?" (Reus)
"Wait a sec!? You, stop it!" (Marina)
"Oh… I heard about good things. Besides, that boy is… ooh, that's how it is." (Pamela)
Pamela, who laughed as if she realized everything, hugged Marina in same way like her brother.
"Di-did you misunderstood something!? That guy is Aniue's friend, I–…" (Marina)
"It's fine, I knew everything. Come…" (Pamela)
"I told you, that's not it! I have nothing to do with him–… aahhh!? Aneue, that's enough! Release me because it hurts!" (Marina)
"Sorry, I'm so happy that I made a mistake in adjusting the strength." (Pamela)
This was… if I had to say something, she was a woman, who didn't know whether it was good.
Albert and Marina also immediately understood why we departed early.
"Marina is also good, but embracing Albert-sama is the best after all." (Pamela)
"As for me, embracing Pamela is really the best." (Albert)
"Albert-sama…" (Pamela)
"Pamela… kuh, I am fine even if it is stronger than this!" (Albert)
Well, since they were all happy to be with each other, there was no need to be insensitive.

The noisy reunion with Pamela calmed down, but this time, the noise was coming from the hallway.
The door where Pamela's father stood up was somehow opened and a young man from Foxtail tribe breathlessly appeared.
"Albert… have you really returned?" (??)
"Yes. He defeated Guirdjieff as promised." (Marina)
Marina said it with a loud voice, the young man who was the noble who intervened the engagement between those two appeared. He seemed to be the perpetrator who told Albert to defeat Guirdjieff.
He was a young man with an appearance of a noble and a standard body build.
The young man entered the room while letting out a frustrated groan, and he slightly smacking lips when looking at the Guirdjieff's horn.
"…Did you really defeated it? Was it not because of the help from the adventurers over there?" (Young Noble)
"I defeated it alone. However, there is no way to prove it. For this reason, I need to fight the mercenary you hired, correct?" (Albert)
"Yes. Then, come here. Head of the family… I'm sorry but let me borrow the courtyard." (Young Noble)
"Albert, is this alright?" (Pamela's Father)
"No problem, Ojii-san. I can do this anytime." (Albert)
"…That's fine. The other person will not be convinced if you are not making things clear here. You can have a mock battle in the courtyard." (Pamela's Father)

While on the way to the courtyard, Reus asked Marina about the young man.
"Say, why is that guy look so arrogant?" (Reus)
"He is now Pamela's… no, Aneue's father is Romanio's family head, but originally, the father of that man was supposed to be the next successor for the family head." (Marina)
It seemed that the next term successor was the blood related father of that young man, but even if Pamela's father was coming from branch family, he was chosen also because of surroundings' recommendations.
"Aneue's father has better skills at governing people. For that reason, that man is desperately trying to regain the seat of the family head for his own sake." (Marina)
He seemed a bit arrogant, but he didn't look like a bad person.
In fact, it wasn't because of political reason. He wanted Pamela just because he loved her.
It was just that… according to Marina, his recent behavior was strangely extreme and she also noticed that the situation was unusual especially in the case of subjugating Guirdjieff which was dangerous. Before this, he wouldn't say such a thing.

And then, when everyone gathered in the courtyard of the mansion, the young man brought another man.
He was a man with iron mask which covered the whole face. He wore an iron breastplate and knee rest to cover vital points, and he also carried a big sword that was bigger than Albert on his back.
Even from a distance, it seemed that he was a considerably strong man from his mana and presence.
"He is a mercenary called Regis who killed Guirdjieff and started making his own name recently. If you have defeated a Guirdjieff, wouldn't this be a good match?" (Noble)
"…" (Regis)
Since the mercenary, Regis, didn't say anything and pulled out his sword, Albert also draw his sword.
"It's necessary to have a referee. Here is of course, the family head–…" (Albert)
"If it is about the referee, I will be the referee." (Sirius)
"What are you? I'm not sure what's happening, but this is our problem!" (Young Noble)
"My name is Sirius. I was the champion of the Fighting Festival held on the other day. I will intervene if I deem if it is too much, and since the Beast Companion over there listen to my order, we would stop this if there is unfairness." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Ooh!? That's encouraging. Please also take care of me." (Young Noble)
"…It can't be helped. If you display some kind of act over there, even if it is just a little, I'll make you leave the town immediately, you know." (Sirius)
Hmm, the title of winning the Fighting Festival was exceptionally outstanding. In addition to the presence of Hokuto, I easily became the referee.
With this, I would be able to immediately intervene if the other side did something. I couldn't see any sign so far, but I still had to be mindful.
"Well then, here are the rules again. The conditions are whether you admit defeat or when I judge that you can’t continue the match. If you show acts like killing, please understand that I and my Beast Companion will forcefully intercept you." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Well, then…" (Sirius)
I raised my hands while both of them prepared their swords. After putting up my hands for two breaths, I lowered my hand.
"Begin!" (Sirius)
And the match… was decided with a blow.

The Romanio family head, who sent Albert to suppress the Guirdjieff, was aware that he might die. He also understood that Albert won't stop, but if Albert died, he was thinking to use that as a reason to condemn and eliminate that noble.
Of course he would have regretted if Albert died, but he had a ruthless side in order to fulfill the obligation as a head of family.
And… the author still couldn't come out with an ordinary character for a girl.

A story that may have existed.
I immediately agreed and received the details of the request that the owner frustratingly asked.
And when the noisy but fun dinner party was over…
"Is there another helping of Deinegar?" (Reese)
"""There is no more! Please forgive us!""" (Maids/Buttlers)
"Alright then, I would like to have more fruits, please. In a large serving…
"""We will prepare it now!""" (Maids/Buttlers)
— and that didn't happen.

Hokuto is playing!
It was a story before Albert defeated Guirdjieff.
The Master and Hokuto-kun, who pounded those two in the training even for today, looked at each other with a serious expression.
"…Come here!" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Hokuto kicked the ground, and he was charging toward the Master with a rocket-like acceleration.
It was pure brawling without using fangs… and it had the strength to crush rocks with a single blow, but Hokuto-kun went ahead toward his Master without making any adjustment.
"Hmmph!" (Sirius)
However, the Master was an expert in evasion.
He shifted his body and held the neck of Hokuto-kun who was still charging. And then, he threw Hokuto-kun backwards while shedding the momentum and impact.
Hokuto-kun corrected his body midair, and when he wanted to try again at the same time as landing, the Master was already in front of him.
"Haaaa!" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
The Master unleashed a rush of surging attacks, but Hokuto-kun narrowly shifted his neck and caught the blows with his paw.
It was unreasonable for him to use nails. If he used it, he would kill himself.
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Guhaa!?" (Sirius)
Thereupon, Hokuto-kun took a chance in a momentary gap to plunge into the Master's chest, and he pushed down the Master to the ground.
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
"Haa… I was done, huh?" (Sirius)
As Hokuto-kun was still hanged over him, he rub his nose against the Master's chest.
It was Hokuto-kun's victory for this match.
Anyway, that was the outcome, but the Master would win if he could handle Hokuto-kun until a certain time, if not, Hokuto-kun would be the winner if he defeated the Master.
The Master was certainly strong, but there were more or less limitations as a human.
In terms of martial art skills only, Hokuto was better, so the Master often accepted him as an opponent.
"Hey, let's stop it soon. Next time, alright?" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
In short, Hokuto-kun was his Master's martial arts training partner. In addition to that, Hokuto-kun got to touch the Master and for him, it was killing two birds with one stone.
"If it doesn't hurt, just accept the assault! You shouldn't push me down!" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Whatever it might be, the winner was only Hokuto who got to play with the Master.


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