Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 51

Chapter 51 is out!
Here’s chapter 51 for you guys! There are 3 intermissions in volume 8 and then it will be volume 9.
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Enjoy!A Noisy Party

It's been two days since the foolish "revolution" ended.
Scars from the fight are still scattered across the school grounds, but the students themselves have begun to recover already.
Classes were cancelled for the time being, to allow for time to rest and recuperate. That said, students were still required to remain on campus unless they had official business elsewhere.
Also during this time, the castle was meeting with students to investigate the situation that occurred.
They also are launching a full-scale investigation into the students to make sure that nobody from Gregory's faction remains. So that things remain under wraps, though, they are meeting with students one by one. Thus, the whole process is taking a while.
We are all relaxing at the Diamond Cottage, waiting our turns. We are apparently going after most students, and since the cottage rarely sees visitors unless for strictly business reasons, the only ones here are the disciples and myself. I'm taking advantage of the free time to reward the disciples for their achievement in the recent conflict.
"Aniki! Again, again!" (Reus)
"Sirius-sama! I will catch it next, please watch me carefully." (Emilia)
"Alright, alright. Ready? Go get it!" (Sirius)
Put simply… we were fooling around all day.
I was throwing a frisbee for the siblings to run around and catch. I'd say we were having a typical summer day for kids our age, but with the amount of dust they were kicking up, it looks more like they are in a martial arts competition.
Despite only having been two days since that stressful event, we are already back to normal.
Students who were injured in some way certainly had an awful time, but we were largely unharmed. Rather, I think that this was a great experience for us all. As for Reus, while he was in a dark mood soon after the event, he was long past that. Instead, he was now chasing the frisbee with the happiest of looks on his face.
Incidentally, the reason for us playing frisbee at the moment was because Reus requested it as his reward.
"It looks really fun, sitting here watching almost makes me jealous." (Reese)
"These two really like Frisbee, as long as I'm the one throwing it." (Sirius)
We've played frisbee many times, but they are always the ones going to catch it after it is thrown. Don't you two ever tire of that?
"Reese, do you want to join them?" (Sirius)
"It's too difficult for me to compete against the two of them, so I'm fine with just sitting on the side here." (Reese)
"I got it!" (Emilia)
"Wait, Nee-chan! That wasn't fair!" (Reus)
Stepping on your younger brother's back to reach the frisbee wasn't nice, Emilia.
Emilia dashed back over to me after successfully catching the frisbee. Looking up at me with a gleam in her eyes, I could tell that she wanted praise, so I patted the top of her head.
"Good, nice catch." (Sirius)
"Uhuhu… I did it!" (Emilia)
"I'll get it next time! Aniki, throw it quickly!" (Reus)
"So that's what they are up to…" (Reese)
"Wait, do you understand the reason? Why? Reese?" (Sirius)
"That's to be expected, isn't it? However, Sirius-san doesn't need to understand the reason. I'll be going too, so please don't throw too hard." (Reese)
"Oi, what are you playing at, Reese?" (Sirius)
While I was busy thinking about why Reese suddenly got motivated to participate, she had already rolled up her sleeves and lined up next to the siblings.
"It seems like you've realized why were are doing this, Reese. However, please don't get comfortable and assume that we will just let you win." (Emilia)
"I'll get the next one for sure." (Reus)
"I'm not going to back down that easily!… I would like to win at least a little bit." (Reese)
I don't really understand it, but the game got a lot more competitive once Reese joined in.
By the time we stopped playing, Emilia had caught about 60% of all of my throws, with Reus tailing at around 40%. Reese caught a few as well, since the siblings were going easy on her. Though, it's worth mentioning that these are all estimates, since I had long since lost track of exactly how many times I threw the frisbee.

We continued playing around like that all morning, until it was past noon. Now it was time for Reese's reward, in the form of me baking plenty of sweets for her to taste. Since today is the first day off from training that we've had in a long while, I plan to go all out with my cooking.
"Cake, pudding or crepes. I can make many things, is there something in specific you would like though?" (Sirius)
"Um… I want to eat all of the varieties of cake that Sirius-san can make." (Reese)
"Good choice, Reese-ane!" (Reus)
… Won't you get heartburn if you ate every type of cake? No, if it's Reese, she's likely consume them all quickly with no issue.
"It would be too time consuming for me to make all kinds, so please forgive me if I limit it to three varieties. How about shortcake, cheesecake and fruitcake?" (Sirius)
"I don't mind! Huhu… I can't wait…" (Reese)
"Aniki, aniki! I want to eat takoyaki that you mentioned last time!" (Reus)
"Aah, is that so? We don't have a dedicated iron plate though, so are you alright with having okonomiyaki instead?" (Sirius)
"I don't understand what that is, but whatever Aniki makes is certain to be delicious, so I'm alright with it." (Reus)
I ordered a round iron plate from Galgan Company, but I haven't yet received it. While they were curious about why I wanted a specific shape, when I mentioned that it was for a new dish, they immediately complied.
Since I'm going to make cake right now, I'll save making okonomiyaki for dinner tonight.
"Well then, shall we make the batter?" (Sirius)
"I'll help." (Reese)
"You can leave mixing the batter to me!" (Reus)
"Sirius-sama, preparation for cooking is complete." (Emilia)
When I sought to start preparing the necessary tools and ingredients, I turned to see Emilia presenting me with those things already ready to go. Listening to our conversation earlier told her all she needed to know about the ingredients and the method we will use to cook the cakes. Her abilities as a servant are incredibly refined.
"As I expected of you, Emilia." (Sirius)
"Thank you very much. However, while I can do that much, I don't know the cooking ingredients for okonomiyaki. What is needed for that?" (Emilia)
"Aah, don't worry about it for now. We'll deal with that when it gets closer to dinner time. Right now, it's time for a cake party!" (Sirius)
"Cake party… that sounds wonderful!" (Reese?)

I began making cakes together with my happy disciples.
I left the task of mixing the batter to Emilia and the others, while I focused on the more difficult tasks like preparing and distributing whipped cream. Since all three types of cake vary in size and sugar requirements, I suppose I should alter the amount I use for them all? Plus I have to make a lot of each…
I put the completed batter in the oven to bake and rise, and stored the whipped cream and other perishable ingredients in the fridge so they remain cool. All that is left now is to wait for the batter to finish baking so we can complete the cake.
"It was the right decision to make a bigger oven. If I hadn't, it would've taken me all night just to make these cakes." (Sirius)
"Sirius-sama, there are more Apu fruit left. What are we going to do with it." (Emilia)
"Well, let's just eat it." (Sirius)
"Understood. Reus, get some plates please." (Emilia)
"Ouu!" (Reus)
"This is an appetizer for the cake huh." (Reese)
Emilia placed the remaining fruits on the table. In situations like these, my disciples refuse to eat before me. However, as I was about to reach for a piece, Emilia grabbed one and held it up to my mouth.
"Sirius-sama, please open your mouth." (Emilia)
"It's fine, I can eat by myself." (Sirius)
"Then, will you not allow me my reward?" (Emilia)
Emilia said so while sulking, cheeks puffed out. That's right, Emilia said this morning that she wanted to serve me.
Normally, one would think that she would request the other way around, but it seems that she would be unsatisfied with such a thing.
Furthermore, while I thought that serving tea or doing the dishes would be sufficient, it apparently wasn't. I guess this is something else that she wanted?
"Please, say 'aah'." (Emilia)
"Since we were busy during the harvest festival I didn't notice, but you really like doing this, huh?" (Sirius)
"Of course. Ah, also please let me wash your back tonight." (Emilia)
"…If you wish it, but don't show up without clothes." (Sirius)
"…Alright." (Emilia)
Why do you act so disappointed!? I would like you to act at least slightly modest! While I was thinking in such a fatherly manner, Reese held out an Apu as well.
"Pl-please have it Sirius-san!" (Reese)
"You too, Reese?" (Sirius)
"Ah, if you don't like it…" (Reese)
"Hold on, I didn't say that. Let's have it, then." (Sirius)
"Y-yes!" (Reese)
Reese smiled slightly and nodded, feeding me with her face entirely red.
"…Yeah, I somehow understand how Emilia feels. Although it's embarrassing, I am somewhat happy." (Reese)
"Since it's Reese, I knew you would understand! Next time… no, let's wash Sirius-sama's back together tonight!" (Emilia)
"Eh!? …Yeah, I suppose I'll do it?" (Reese)
"Wait a minute!" (Sirius)
In the first place, the bathroom can't fit that many people at once. No, wait. That's not the issue here!
I'm not used to it, honestly speaking, the idea of being touched by those two who have undeniably bloomed into attractive young women. Worse yet, those two are both in favor of, or at least would accept it if, I 'attacked' them in such a situation. Emilia, in particular, would remove her clothes without restraint. Reese would hesitate slightly, but likely in the end agree to it.
I can control my sexual desire to some degree, and it's not like I have any plans to 'attack' them. However, this body is young and in the middle of puberty. I'd rather play it safe.
"I'm going to ask both of you, please stop. Have a little modesty." (Sirius)
"It can't be helped then. We'll split up, today will be my turn, and tomorrow will be Reese's." (Emilia)
"I-I'll do my best!" (Reese)
The more I refuse, the harder they push, it seems. I'll concede to them washing my back for now, but no further, if it means they will let it go for a little longer.
Though it may be foolish for me to say this now, I didn't realize that those two liked me to such an extent. I planned to bring them up in the same way I would my disciples in my previous life, because I was an old man there. It's different for them though, since in this world we are of the same age.
It's not like I'm against the idea of marrying young, and there aren't any laws in this world against it.
However, I need more time.
I don't want to settle down just yet. I may have an income, but it isn't stable. If both of them intend to marry me, I will honor their wishes. However, when school is over I plan to travel the world as a teacher. Reese still doesn't understand the full implications of marriage I think, and I feel like Emilia deserves a proper response from me. Not as a master, but as a man.
I feel like the best time to do that would be after graduation, peacefully traveling around… but I feel bad about keeping a vaguely defined relationship with her. I suppose I should at least make her my fiance?
While debating it, another Apu entered my vision, being thrust towards my mouth. This time, it was Reus.
"Aniki, please open your mouth." (Reus)
"What, you too?" (Sirius)
"Well, I like Aniki too, so I want you to eat this one as well." (Reus)
Of course, Reus and I have no such relationship. He probably thinks this is normal behavior between companions, unrelated to gender or attraction.
Although this is to be expected of Reus, I think it is about time that I introduce him to those topics. Continuing to act along these lines unaware and naively will be dangerous for him in the future.
…I thought he might be sad if I refused though, so I still ate the Apu.

Later on, when the cake batter had finished cooking and I was decorating the top of the caked with whipped cream and fruit, the sound of a bell rang out from the front entrance.
"I'm coming." (Emilia)
Before I could say anything, Emilia took initiative and dashed towards the door. The bell sound from earlier was a replacement for doorbells, and was just a simple string contraption set up to ring when the door was opened. I could detect someone's presence without it, but it still feels necessary for a house.
I put the finishing touches on the shortcake as Emilia came back to the kitchen, accompanied by the guest.
"Hello, Sirius-kun. Pardon my sudden intrusion." (Lifell)
"Ane-sama!? Why are you here?" (Reese)
"You say that as though I can't come here. Can't I though?" (Lifell)
"That's not what I'm saying, I'm just asking you to tell me in advance, so I can prepare various things before you arrive…" (Reese)
Princess Lifell disguised herself and made her way to the cottage it would seem, followed closely by Senia and Melt. Reese, while surprised by their sudden appearance, was delighted.
"I don't need a special welcome, seeing your face is enough for me. On another note, we seem to have arrived at a good time; there's quite the pleasant scene in front of us." (Lifell)
The sisters' eyes were both completely focused on the assortment of cakes lined up on the table. It was indeed an accurate statement to say that they came at a great time.
The table was rather crowded with the addition of three more people, but everyone was somehow able to cram together and fit. Initially, Senia refused to sit, as she felt is was improper to sit as though she were equal with her master.
"This may be an informal visit, but we don't mind standing, we are servants after all." (Senia)
"That's no good, here in the Diamond Cottage, everyone is welcome at the table. It doesn't matter if you are master or servant, commoner or noble. Besides, we have to repay you for your hospitality after the incident with Reese." (Emilia)
"Right! It's disrespectful to Aniki to eat his cake while standing anyway, so come, sit down! Please, Melt-san, have a seat." (Reus)
"H-hmm. Sorry about that…" (Melt)
The two hesitantly sat down, after conceding to the overwhelmingly happy attitudes of the siblings. It may have bothered them, but it was a rule that there was no place for silly traditions like that in Diamond Cottage.
Furthermore, Princess Lifell herself had no problem with it. She kept chatting happily away with Reese, so there wasn't a problem.
"This is just our first visit out here, but this house has a wonderful atmosphere within it, doesn't it?" (Lifell)
"The school dormitories are great as well, but Diamond Cottage is better by far. Among other things, Sirius-san has made different adjustments to the common house design to make living here easy." (Reese)
"Though it is smaller than the castle and sanatorium, I'm do enjoy this place." (Senia)
"It's nice to experience things I'm not used to, though it does feel weird to take off my shoes and wear these 'slippers'." (Lifell)
"I was also unsettled at first, but once you get used to it, it is actually very comfortable." (Reese)
"Perhaps we should do this in the castle too, Senia?" (Lifell)
"Lifell-sama, the castle is… after all…" (Senia)
"Of course, it's a joke. Oh, could this be?" (Lifell)
"That's an oven. All of the cakes that Sirius-san has baked have come from here!" (Reese)

While Reese kept Princess Lifell occupied, the cakes all finished up. I cut them all up into manageable bites, and set the platters out on the table for everyone to dig into. Meanwhile, Emilia and Senia had gone to prepare some tea, and I set the table. Thus, preparations were complete.
"Yeah… it feels amazing to see this many cakes lined up in front of me. I should be praised for my timing." (Lifell)
"I'm sorry, but since this is a reward for Reese, are you fine with prioritizing her?" (Sirius)
"Of course, I don't mind. I'm happy just being able to have the cake at all." (Lifell)
"Thank you very much. Then, you three, dig in." (Sirius)
"Yes! Well then, itadakimasu." (Reese)
Reese took the lead, grabbing slices from each cake, and eating them almost as fast as she grabbed them.
Emilia ate one plate and grabbed another, while Reus reserved two entire shortcakes for himself. Reese took two shortcakes as well; their personalities are definitely reflected in their choice of food.
Since I'm good with eating only one slice, I instead redirected the other slices of cake towards Princess Lifell.
"There are a lot more, so feel free to have another helping. Here you go, Melt-san and Senia-san." (Sirius)
"Yeah, you understand well, Sirius-kun! It's luxurious, having all three kinds together." (Lifell)
"I will accept your generosity, and dig in then." (Senia)
"Sorry for the trouble. Well then, I'll have that fruit cake." (Melt)
Just as I was about to take my first bite, a piece of cake was thrust in my face, of course by Emilia. Since it would be too troublesome to deny her with the audience we had, I ate it quickly to try and move on from it.
"Uhuhu… how about another one?" (Emilia)
"Shall I have it? However, make sure you eat as well, I haven't made these cakes for just myself." (Sirius)
"I already had two so it's enough. This way, I'm happy because I can take care of Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
Emilia seems happy making me eat the cakes. She's a little too excited though, I take my cup from her as she tries to make me drink, so she doesn't end up spilling the tea all over.
Princess Lifell stared at us as though we were a couple, madly in love.
"I can understand Emilia, but I'm surprised that you've gotten used to it so wonderfully, Sirius. You're not shy at all. So, how do you feel about that, Reus?" (Lifell)
"Nee-chan is taking any opportunity she can, and Aniki is being taken care of well, so I'm okay with it." (Reus)
Mother used to feed me, even when I was capable of feeding myself. She did it because it brought her joy, of course I couldn't refuse. Emilia learned from that, and because of the situation behind it, I don't get shy about it.
"She certainly doesn't seem to be going at this half-hearted. Unlike my younger sister, that is…" (Lifell)
Princess Lifell turned to look at Reese, who was preoccupied by the cake, with a slightly disapproving look on her face.
"The sweetness of cake and the sourness of fruits can't be ignored, Ane-sama!" (Reese)
"…This girl. I understand that you enjoy cake, but you need to get a grip! If you were to marry Sirius, he might eventually become my underling, you know!?"
"Eh? Eh? Ane-sama doesn't like fruitcake?" (Reese)
"That's wrong! That's not at all what I'm saying! It is, but it isn't! Stop thinking about cake!" (Lifell)
Oh dear, Reese may be entirely too focused on food, but in a certain way, she is attractive. As expected, Lifell let her true intentions slip there. I'm not angry, because she is still prioritizing Reese's happiness, but I wish she would refrain from saying such things in front of the person in question.
They continued bickering for a while, until Reese understood what Lifell was saying, and started blushing profusely. Smug from her victory, Lifell turned back to me and began speaking calmly again.
"I'm sorry. I was a bit excited." (Lifell)
"I don't mind. By the way, why has Princess Lifell shown up here? Are you here for business?" (Sirius)
"The one who had business here was Melt, not me. I came along for the fun of it." (Lifell)
"I tried to come alone, but Hime-sama was obstinate and came anyway." (Melt)
"Saying other things, but you know you enjoyed the trip here. Come here and let me pet your head." (Lifell)
"Please don't do that now, Hime! Anyway, my reason for visiting…" (Melt)
While trying to resist Princess Lifell's teasing, Melt told us the reason for him coming here.
From my understanding, it seems Melt will be overseeing us personally during the interview.
A decision was made to dedicate plenty of staff from the castle for the task of interviewing students, so classes could reopen as soon as possible. However, because our residence is so far removed from the main building, it was taking too long to get around to us. Melt volunteered to take over the position when it came to interviewing us, and came here personally to inform us.
Additionally, Melt was thinking of checking up on Reese and bringing back some cake for Princess Lifell, so he had more motivation for this than just his duty. However, when he brought it up with the Princess, she insisted that she come as well.
Melt took out the documents he had carried along, setting them down lightly on the table.
"So, like I said, I will be the one conducting the individual interview for you all. Of course, we can leave that for after we are done eating cake." (Met)
"Let me have a look, Melt. Hmm… there are many troublesome questions. It is designed to be a thorough as possible, I suppose, but this will take forever to get through." (Lifell)
"While that is true, thanks to the interviews, we were able to catch and suspend plenty of students who took part in, or supported those behind, the revolution. I'm sorry to ask this of you, but is there anywhere on the premises where we could hold the interview?" (Melt)
"There's a vacant room, indeed, but it is a storehouse. Alternatively, Reus, do you mind if–…" (Sirius)
"Yes, there is nothing suspicious about Sirius-kun and the others… Should I provide my signature, Melt?" (Lifell)
While I was trying to decide on where we would have the interview, Princess Lifell was already filling out the report. She hummed softly as she kept writing; at this rate, the paperwork would be finished in no time at all.
"As always, you do whatever you please… Please don't go any further, it would be troublesome in various ways if you were to sign your name on the report…" (Melt)
"Ane-sama, I understand that you won't be punished for it, but won't there be trouble if you do this?" (Reese)
"Perhaps, but you guys weren't doing such foolish things, were you? I feel like we would be the bad guys if we forced you to do this, when we very clearly know you weren't involved to that extent." (Lifell)
"That's right, Lifell-sama! Sirius-sama would never do such things. Besides, if Sirius-sama were to do that, you certainly wouldn't find out; it would go unnoticed for a long time." (Emilia)
"See, Malt? Even Emilia agrees, and she is closest to him." (Lifell)
"…I get the feeling that there is a large conflict of interest here, and isn't there something wrong with that previous statement?…" (Melt)

Thus, the work that should've taken hours was wrapped up in a few minutes, thanks to the Princess.
After that, Reese kept being pushed by her sister to feed me as well, and we chatted peacefully into the evening.
Right as I was thinking of packing up the remaining cakes for Princess Lifell, the bell rang again at the front entrance. We had another guest.
"Who could it be? Is it… his Majesty?" (Senia)
"I don't think it's Father, he is very busy today." (Lifell)
"Hmm… aah, it's someone that we know. Emilia, please." (Sirius)
"Understood." (Emilia)
After confirming that it was nobody dangerous, I had Emilia go to the door to greet them. Although I say it isn't anyone dangerous, they may have come at a poor time.
"Uhmm… Come on in." (Emilia)
"Please excuse me, then. Oh, is that Princess Lifell? I didn't expect to see you again in such a place." (Rodwell)
"Ara, Ojii-sama? Long time no see." (Lifell)
The headmaster, Rodwell, arrived.
Somehow this is first time he's come to the Cottage, but wait, shouldn't he still be busy with cleanup?
"… You guys are acquaintances, huh?" (Sirius)
"My father has been friends with this elf since childhood, so of course I'm familiar with him. Even now, he will consult with my father now and then, drinking sake under the moonlight." (Lifell)
"I haven't lived a long life for nothing, you know." (Rodwell)
He pulled up a chair and crammed into the already tight table. Somehow it's become a scene wherein the chief executive of the academy, and the sole candidate for Queen, are both meeting in the house of a commoner. Isn't this a little odd?
"By the way Ojii-sama, why have you come? Don't you still have a lot of work?" (Lifell)
"Yes, unfortunately the work never seems to end. I've come here to rest and recover." (Rodwell)
Though he says that, somehow I get the feeling that he ran away and came here to hide.
Dealing with the culprits behind the revolution, those who supported them, the parents of the students who were involved; there is a long list of things that need done.
Taking advantage of the students who were biased and prejudiced to teach a lesson to the rest, I understand the need for change on a fundamental level, so I understand why that was done. However, there are still people asking why the school was left so vulnerable in the first place, and the administration needs to answer to that.
Personally, I thought he would have been removed from his position after this, but given his service record, he was overlooked in that regard. He may be a cake addict in front of me, but it seems he is exceptional at his duties outside of that.
"All of the formalities; stripping the traitor and his follower of their titles, instituting policy changes, making personal visits to the house of each noble family… these past few days have been so tiring." (Rodwell)
He's complaining, but only halfheartedly. His eyes and attention are glued to the cake sitting on the table. Uh oh, he isn't going to snap and go crazy from not having cake for two days, is he?
"…Would you like to eat some?" (Sirius)
"Is it alright?" (Rodwell)
"You've been working diligently through this busy time, and it would be rude for me to send you back after you've come all this way." (Sirius)
He probably ran here looking for a place to hide, and was thinking of sweets subconsciously.
Hearing my words, the headmaster broke out into a smile. He may be 400 years old, but his looks aren't anything to scoff at. Oi, don't go making anyone here fall in love with you carelessly, you hear?
"Iyaa… I'm so happy. Well then, I accept your kind offer." (Rodwell)
"I was planning on giving the rest to the Princess as a souvenir, but…" (Sirius)
"Ojii-sama! As a princess, I forbid you from eating that!" (Lifell)
"To use the authority of a princess to that extent… you're serious, huh? Are you also my enemy?" (Rodwell)
"In the first place, Ojii-sama still has lots of work left. For you to not be able to wrap such a simple thing up before feeling the need to run away…" (Lifell)
"Ughh!? Iyaaa… haha, that hurts." (Rodwell)
"So, I forbid you from taking that which I wish to enjoy tomorrow." (Lifell)
"Lifell! At least one…" (Rodwell)

There was a slight disagreement, but thankfully Rodwell was pacified by a piece of cake, and Princess Lifell returned safely. Thanks to her and Melt, the troublesome interview was completed successfully. It finally feels like the disturbance is over.
I was able to grant Reus' and Reese's rewards already as well, so all that is left tonight is Emilia's reward.
As Diamond Cottage became tranquil again, I sunk into the couch, breathing out a sigh of relief.

"Even so, I said don't come in naked! Put on a towel please!" (Sirius)
"I want Sirius-sama to see me, all grown up!" (Emilia)
"I also want you to see me, Aniki!" (Reus)
"Auu… it's too much to be naked…" (Reese)
"You guys, that's enough!" (Sirius)
… It seems the disturbance is not over yet.

Extra/BonusDiamond Cottage RulesShoes off inside the houseThe between meal snacks is twice a day unless it is decided in particularEat even you like it or notSocial status doesn't matter, everyone sit equally and eatThe concept of 'Report', 'Contact' and 'Consult' must be maintainedDo not enter when Sirius takes a bath (Restriction for Emilia)Do not slip into bed (Restriction for Emilia)Sword training must be outside the house (Restriction for Reus)Be moderate when eating secretly (Restriction for Reese)


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