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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 47

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Reus is the second main character in World Teacher.
— Reus —
We immediately started moving after Aniki left the classroom.
Aniki told us that the Demidorion… in short Demi class, disposed of their enemies in a similar fashion as us. Thus it was decided that we would try and meet up with them at their classroom, where they had bunkered down.
Everyone else that had come with were on guard out in the hallways, keeping watch. We couldn't simply enter the class, as the door was locked from the inside. Instead, Nee-chan knocked on the door and called for the students inside.
"Pardon me, I am Emilia from Colorist class. Could you open the door please?" (Emilia)
"Emilia-san? Is it alright on the other side?" (Demi Student)
"The intruders also attacked on our side, but they were quickly apprehended, and a safe zone was secured. Now we've come to check on the situation here." (Emilia)
"Understood. We'll open up right away." (Demi Student)
The other side of the door became noisy suddenly, as things were shuffled around. Did they use tables and chairs to lock the door instead of a key? If Aniki was here, he would say this action was a 'minus'. We could've been threatened to say those things, you shouldn't just open it up that easily. Of course, I won't point it out now, because it would be troublesome.
"Please come in, Emilia-san." (Demi Student)
"Thank you." (Emilia)
Since the Demi class consist of mostly commoners and few nobles, no foolish nobles with strange eyes can be seen.
The door opened, and the one who greeted us was the Demi class representative. He thanked Nee-chan with a red face; is he falling in love with Nee-chan? Nee-chan is Aniki's, I'll send him flying if he tries anything.
While I entered the classroom glaring at the representative, I noticed multiple broken tables and chairs, and saw the collapsed mercenaries tied up on the floor. Besides that, there were several injured students. Some of them were just sitting there, gritting their teeth against the pain. There was a lack of healing magic users in this class.
"We somehow managed to subdue the intruders, but as you can see, our situation is not great." (Demi Class Rep)
"What are you guys going to do from now on?" (Emilia)
"We haven't decided yet. The whole class is split in two in that regard; we are stuck between finding a safe place to wait and bringing the fight to the intruders." (Demi Class Rep)
"Are there any students who can't or won't fight?" (Emilia)
"There's a few. Honestly, everyone is scared. We managed to defeat the intruders here, but our teacher is unconscious, and we have many injured." (Demi Class Rep)
As the representative said, the entire class had a gloomy atmosphere, even I could feel it. Though there were some students who cheered up slightly when they saw us, most of them are sitting with depressed expressions.
"Is the teacher alright? If it's okay with you, I can try to heal him with my magic." (Reese)
"I'm sorry to ask, but please do. We're worried about him, since our magic seems to have had no effect." (Demi Class Rep)
Reese-ane is widely known throughout school as an excellent healing magician. Entrusted with the job, Reese-ane ran to the teacher and began examining his condition.
"This is… the same symptom that our Sensei had. Has anyone checked the mercenaries' bag? They should have the antidote." (Reese)
"O, ouh." (Demi Student)
While several people from the class began interrogating the mercenaries, Reese-ane got to work healing the remaining injured students. Thanks to Aniki's excellent training, we began to gain the Demi class' confidence.
"We have a general idea of the situation now, thanks to interrogation in our class. Furthermore, all of the students in our class are safe, though our Sensei got poisoned in the same manner. It has left him unable to move for a while longer." (Emilia)
"Is that so? It will be good if there's senior but…" (Demi Class Rep)
"You guys are probably anxious for many reasons, but nothing will change if you sit here inside the classroom. We plan to gather other students and fight those nobles." (Emilia)
"That's absurd! There are adult mercenaries alongside those golems. We're just children, there's no way we can win." (Demi Student)
Just like in our class, there were students who opposed the idea, but the fear was dispelled when Nee-chan smiled at them. Oi, class rep over there, don't get fascinated!
"No, we can win. Intermediate level magic is sufficient for destroying the golems. Even the mercenaries can be beaten if we pick them off in small numbers." (Emilia)
Nee-chan relayed the information she had learned from Aniki. Since he taught us to always speak with confidence when we wanted to earn someone's trust, Nee-chan had a confident smile on the entire time she was talking. I want Aniki to see that she is more enthusiastic than anyone else here, she's grown so much stronger.
"We have the advantage in number. There's no need to show mercy or fight fairly against enemies who use such despicable tactics against us, so we will group up and beat them without reserve. Instead of just hiding and waiting for someone to help us, since we can beat them with our own hands, shouldn't we try?" (Emilia)
"Is it… possible?" (Demi Student)
"Please look out into the corridor. As you can see, there are students not just from our class, but from all over. We can win." (Emilia)
"It's true! Let's do it! Our number will get bigger, right?" (Demi Student)
"I'll do it! I'm going to protect Emilia-san!" (Demi Class Rep)
"Thank you very much, but I belong only to Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"… Yes. No, it's still too early to give up!" (Demi Class Rep)
Even though the representative was remarkably depressed by her denial, he regained his composure back almost instantly. He's tenacious, but Nee-chan is an insurmountable wall. There's no space for him in her eyes, not even the size of an atom.
Anyway, the Demi class seemed to be willing to help thanks to Nee-chan's speech. I'm not going to lose to her.
"I will lead the fight of course. No matter how many golems and mercenaries come, I'm going to send them all flying!" (Reus)
"Ooh! Aniki is motivated!" (Reus' underlings)
"We will follow!" (Demi Students)
My friends from this class are also in high spirits and eager to fight.
In the end, 60% of Demi class joined us. The students who couldn't fight were instructed to go to our class with the teacher who couldn't move. We increased our number, and headed to the next classroom.

After that, we continued assembling our friends.
There was a classroom where nobles and commoners were quarrelling, but we calmed them down after we entered their classroom. We released the students who were hiding or occupied by mercenaries, and continued increasing the number of our allies.
Since the most arrogant or rambunctious students charged at the enemies before we came and thus weren't inside the school anymore, we had little trouble in general.
After completing our rounds of the school… there were more than 100 of us. We stopped right outside the school to distribute the weapons we confiscated, and prepare for our assault.
"I wonder if we have enough people?" (Emilia)
"It's enough, Nee-san. We have more than the enemies that Aniki told us about." (Reus)
Aniki said there were around forty enemies in the arena where the students who got caught gathered. That number was doubled when you counted the golems, but we still surpassed their numbers.
Aniki also said that Gregory was here. We barely talked with him, but he was a detestable guy who has done terrible things to us since we came to this place. I want to slice him entirely by my hand but…
"If I have my sword…" (Reus)
With that sword, I could chip the blade, no matter how many golems I slice. It's easy to infuse the blade with my mana too.
There's no problem with fighting, since I train with Aniki using only my fists nearly every day. I'm also grateful to have a sword to begin with. Yet I can't be satisfied using such a brittle sword; it would break in a single swing if I tried to use any of the techniques I learned from that Jii-chan. Those techniques are not kind on most swords.
"It can't be helped, let's just work hard. We'll advance mainly by using magic." (Emilia)
"Understood." (Reus)
I'll still use the sword against the mercenaries, but I'll have to resort to my fists when I fight a golem.
While I adjust to the feel of the sword, some upperclassmen approach Nee-san.
"Preparation is done, Emilia. We can leave anytime." (Senior Student)
"Thank you very much. Leaving that aside, is it alright for me to lead?" (Emilia)
"I don't mind. You guys are the ones who organized this group, and this way we can focus our efforts on fighting." (Senior Student)
"That's right. As a senior, I'm going to scare the hell out of the intruders on the frontlines." (Senior Student)
"Understood. Though I'm inexperienced, I'll work hard. Nevertheless, let me explain once again." (Emilia)
Although they were upperclassmen, Nee-chan was somewhat becoming friends with them.
On a related note, those who weren't willing to fight were sent back to our class to defend themselves. Without having to worry about them, it was easy for Nee-chan to make decisions as a leader. Well, Nee-chan was already leading us back in our hometown, but I think that now she is qualified enough for the position to be official. She's learned a lot from watching Aniki, and gives off the same feeling when she speaks. Is this that 'charisma' that Aniki was talking about?
Nee-chan gathered the attention of everyone who would be fighting, and went through the instructions once more.
"… That is all. Our enemies are all strong, but we are much stronger. Let's all return home safely." (Emilia)

And then, Nee-chan raised her hand grandly and pointed out at the arena.
"Charge!" (Emilia)
"""Ooooo—!""" (Everyone)
Following behind the strongest fighters, comprised mostly of seniors, we all ran towards the arena.
Our number and volume made us stand out to the nobles and mercenaries who were on lookout, and the two combined frightened them. They ordered the golems nearby to attack us, and began to run away.
"Ha! [Flame Knuckle]!" (Reus)
My flaming fist hit the magic formation on a golem's chest and it crumbled to pieces. On my side, three upperclassmen disturbed the golem, caught it off guard and destroyed the magic formation with blunt weapons.
The golems we were fighting were identical to those in the labyrinth, and thus have the same weakness. If you destroy the magic formation, they will instantly crumble. It's impractical to use physical weapons because the golems are so sturdy, but magic works fine. In order to maintain the magic that was prepared before the fight, I continued my advance, jumping into the middle of a horde of enemies.
"Reus-kun, we were told not to use magic too much to preserve our mana; will you be okay? (Mark)
"There's no problem. This much is normal for me, and the mana consumption is much lower than you'd think from how it looks." (Reus)
Mark looked worried still despite my words, but this is nothing but light training compared to my bouts with Aniki. Besides, Aniki said if I showily defeat the enemies, it will raise everyone's morale.
No matter how many battles I fought, I kept defeating enemies with all my strength. Even if I act violently, nobody would complain since I'm on the frontlines. My flashy victories continued raising morale, and even Nee-chan smiled and nodded at my actions.
"Well done, Reus. How's your condition?" (Emilia)
"I'm at peak condition. My warm-up is finished too, so this is the perfect opportunity to go all out." (Reus)
The condition of my body is perfect and there's enough remaining mana. Above all, I'm brimming with motivation right now.
Aniki believed in us and sent us out. I don't have anything to say towards that trust.
The failure I experienced in the labyrinth won't happen again. That said, I get excited easily when I feel strong in a fight. In order to avoid making a mistake because of that, I've decided to limit myself until we have better control over the situation.
After decided this, we halted our advance to make our final preparations outside the arena.
"We have arrived. Well then, what are we going to do from now on?" (Senior Student)
"Since we are equal in number as the enemies inside, wouldn't it be best to attack from somewhere other than the front?" (Senior Student)
What the upperclassman said was right, since the enemies were waiting in the arena, I think they prepared one or two traps. We discussed possible alternatives, but Nee-chan just remained silent and looked at the arena.
"It will take too long if we discuss like this. If we don't decide soon, the enemies that spread out from the arena might be called back in." (Emilia)
"It can't be helped feeling hesitation here, so let's have the leader make the decision." (Senior Student)
"You're right, so how is it going to be, Emilia? We would like to hear your opinion." (Senior Student)
Nee-chan, who already made a decision, answered with a single word.
"Attack." (Emilia)

As we moved towards the center of the arena and got a good look around, the other students couldn't hide their unsettled looks.
All around us, seated in spectator seats, were the captured students. They looked at us quietly, restricted by the slave collars, and could only show sorrow in their eyes.
Signs of battle in the ring still remained. When I turned to look at the corner, I could see the students who attacked earlier defeated, and having collars put on them.
"What massive crowd. Reese-ane, how many do you think got caught?" (Reus)
"Maybe… about two hundred." (Reese)
"Why are you guys so calm?" (Senior Student)
The upperclassman asked us with an incredulous look on his face, but I can't help my reaction. After all, I've experienced life as a slave before. As for Reese-ane, I think she is alright because she's had various experiences since meeting Aniki.
Nearby, in the center of the ring, a magic formation on the ground activated and golems started appearing. They numbered around thirty, slightly fewer than us.
"Welcome, brave, reckless boys and girls." (??)
As I was preparing for battle, a loud voice boomed across the arena.
I turned towards the origin of the voice, and saw a fat bearded Ossan sitting on a splendid chair. 'Wearing expensive precious metals and considerably fat', I think that's what Aniki said about the man. To his side, stands our enemy, Gregory.
"Reese-ane. I know who is Gregory but who's that self-important looking guy?" (Reus)
"Golia Advend. Ane-sama told me that he is a prominent wealthy man in Elysion. I was wondering where the resources for all of these collars came from… it isn't strange if it's from that guy." (Reese)
Among the nobles who discriminates against beastkin, he seemed to be the one who had the argument with Reese-ane's father. However, he was beaten black and blue at that time.
"What trifling matters could you have to talk about? You guys are just entertainment for us, so be sure to fight soon." (Golia)
I intend to fight even if you don't say anything, but why do you have an arrogant look on your face..
"What a detestable person." (Reese)
"Reese-ane, why do you say that he's detestable?" (Reus)
"Golia is the one who puts the captured students on display. He's likely having them there to demoralize any students who might think of rebelling." (Reese)
Reese-ane analyzed that each time help would come in the form of rebellious students, the capture ones would get their hopes up. However, with each beatdown, their hopes were dashed. That's why, the audience seemed sorrowful.
"They were able to prepare such indirect measures, huh. Don't be careless, Reus." (Reese)
"Understood! Before that, I have to finish Nee-chan's task." (Reus)
Before coming to the arena, Nee-chan asked me to buy some time while getting more information. After confirming the spectator stands in a glance, I spoke to Golia.
"Say, Gorya-san. Even though I intend to fight, why are you doing such thing?" (Reus)
"It's not Gorya, it's Golia! Don't you dare refer to me in that way; I am the leader of this glorious revolution! We will overthrow the foolish king that tolerates beastkin!" (Golia)
“Though there's basically no differences between us in appearance, you still hate us that much? I like human race, you know? In particular, Aniki and Reese-ane… and Dee-aniki too!" (Reus)
“Saying that you like the human race!? Disgusting! I don't want to even be thought of by disgusting beastkin like yourselves, let alone liked!" (Golia)
I don't like you guys in particular.
I was like him in the past though.
Back when Nee-chan and I were slaves, we developed a deep hatred for the human race due to our captor and tormentor. But after meeting Aniki, and Dee-san, and being raised by Erina-san, I realized that not all humans were like our captor. Despite being way older than me, he didn't understand that. Is he really an adult? Compared to this person, Aniki is much more splendid.
“They look and smell disgusting, acting all innocent while invading our cities and homes. They multiply in large numbers. If things were left as is, we would be taken over by the beastkin! So instead, I'll purge all beastkin and subhumans from our cities, and turn them into paradise for select humans!" (Golia)
“There's no need for a single drop of subhuman blood to exist in our paradise! Beastkin, subhumans, incompetents! Every single one without exception… we will eradicate them!" (Gregory)
I heard from Aniki that the source of Gregory's hatred was his father's murder by beastkin and colorless. I can understand the pain of losing family, but I wouldn't want to exterminate anyone. Though, in my case the culprits were monsters.
“You guys are very childish. Are you really adults?" (Reus)
“Shut up! Throw away your weapons and surrender. Otherwise, I'll use the collars to kill the students on the sidelines!" (Gregory)
He ordered us with half bloodshot eyes. If the owners of a collar commands it, it is possible to kill the wearer. A lot of slave collars come with that function installed. I've seen first hand the effect it can have.
My friends were upset about Gregory saying that he would kill the hostages and the students who sat on the stands made a clamor at the same time.
However, the one that stopped Gregory's recklessness was Golia.
“Please hold on, Gregory-dono. Killing the hostages will hinder our plan, don't you think?" (Golia)
“… I'm sorry. I forgot in that moment, I was too focused on retorting to that subhuman." (Gregory)
“Get a grip. Goodness. Anyways, the owner of the collars is me, so you have no authority here." (Golia)
It was a small conversation that normally should've only been heard by those two.
However, Aniki taught me that boost improves your hearing among other things. With that information in hand…
“Dorashaaaa–!" (Reus)
I pulled out my sword without a moment's delay, and used [Flame Knuckle] on the nearby golems.
This time I went all out with my attack, and blew away not just a part of a golem, but the whole thing. It was a good opening to the fight.
“Let's go! Chargeee!" (Reus)
With my loud voice as a signal, the companions who stayed behind my back rushed in alongside me. The number of golems gradually decreased as our number of assaults exceeded theirs.
And then, when there were ten golems remaining, the magic formation on the ground spawned fresh golems. It supplemented golems based on how many we destroyed.
Somewhere in the arena there were earth magicians hiding, summoning more golems. If I don't cut off the origin, the golems will be continue to come until the magicians are all out of mana.
“To suddenly attack, what an unruly subhuman." (Golia)
“I wonder, how long do you think you'll enjoy this?" (Reus)
Goria and Gregory laughed while looking at the students who had hard time dealing with respawned golems. The mercenaries and magicians who were at the stands were only looking at us without doing anything. Looking at them now, I can see they instantly surprised.
I smashed the tenth golem, and just as the third wave of golems was coming… the situation changed.
“The golem's magician is over there!" (Student)
“Aim at them! Use magic!" (Student)
“Don't hit the students with the collar!" (Student)
Sneaking around the spectator stands, some of the students managed to located the magicians who were summoning the golems.
Mark's [Flame Lance] blew one magician away from the stands, and some upperclassmen subdued and bound a few more. Thereafter, the speed of the golem summoning was greatly decreased, and we were clearing the waves faster than earlier.
Gregory and Golia were grinding their teeth, obviously displeased with how the situation was turning out. Golia pushed his hand forward and began concentrating mana.
“Damn, what a troublesome bunch. If it come to this, I'll order the spectating students to capture the resistance…" (Golia)
“Like I'm going to let you do it." (??)
“Wha!? When did you bastard… guhoo!?" (Golia)
While he was concentrating, Nee-san used wind magic to jump down from the roof and quietly land behind him. She used the needle that the teachers were poisoned with and pierced him in the neck, and he fell over unconscious.
Our strategy this time was to divide ourselves into two groups, one to cause a distraction, and another to seek out the earth magicians. Once we knew who controlled the collars, Nee-san would come in and attack them from behind.
That was my task, the purpose of my diversion. I was in charge of finding out who controlled the collars. I was initially thinking of a clever method, but the opponents let it slip carelessly. It was convenient for me.
“You bastards are behind this!? You're the servants of the incompetent one! I beg of you, flame—…" (Gregory)
“Sirius-sama is not incompetent! [Air Shot]" (Emilia)
Nee-chan's chantless magic hit directly at Gregory's stomach right as he began chanting. She was probably being considerate and sparing him from more injury, but that still had to hurt. I feel only sympathy for Gregory right now.
“Now, let's interrogate them later to get the key for the collars…!?" (Reus)
I thought we were done with this, but Nee-chan felt something strange. She looked up and grabbed Golia's collar at the same time, and she leaped towards us with all her might.
At that instant, the spot where Nee-chan stood was stabbed with knife and a small *tch* sound could be heard. Skillfully manipulating wind magic to land in front of us, Nee-chan turned and stared at the spot she was at before alarmed.
“…You, girl, have considerably sharp perception." (??)
“Yes, it's dangerous place after all." (Emilia)
A man with a large, muscular build appeared from the noble's stands.
It's not quite to the extent of that Jii-chan, but he definitely honed his body with that sword of his. It was obvious from his attire that he was a mercenary, but given his skill and the aura he gave off, he was probably the leader of the group.
I understood just from looking at a distance, he was strong. Very strong. I felt the same pressure that I felt fighting the 'Dragon's Fresh Blood' group. Our advance stops here.
“Come out, you guys! Time to work!" (Mercenary Leader)
Mercenaries who were hidden in the depths appeared and started clashing with our group. There were only twenty or so, but we had a number of injured.
The last few golems were nearly knocked down, so our advantage shouldn't change, but…
“The golems are appearing again! Brace yourself!" (Reus)
“Hadn't it stopped a while ago? Damn, their number is increasing!" (Student)
There were more earth magicians among this new group of mercenaries, and they summoned even more golems than previously. Furthermore, these golems were much sturdier than the last bunch, and a good deal stronger.
“Don't assume we are on the same level as those nobles. Our skills have been honed in life or death battles!" (Mercenary Magician)
“If that's the case, let's aim at those magicians. [Flame Lance]" (Mark)
Although Mark threw [Flame Lance] at one of the magicians that made the golems, that man easily evaded while still casting magic.
“It's pointless to use magic!" (Hald)
When Hald was about to slice a mercenary directly, another mercenary jumped in to interfere. Perhaps, he knew that Hald was injured.
This new group of mercenaries used good tactics, cooperated well, and could cast while moving. There's no doubt that they are the underlings of the man who appeared before. They're on a whole different level from the previous mercenaries.
Although we had the advantage in number, with the situation as is, it wouldn't be long before the students would begin to tire. We would be in a lot of trouble then.
Should we support them immediately or…
“…Nee-chan, I leave everyone to you. I'll deal with these guys." (Reus)
“Stop it. You should fight together with another person." (Emilia)
“But everyone is having hard time and it would be bad if nobody kept an eye on this Golia person, right?" (Reus)
That man holds the authority to kill or harm every student equipped with the slave collars. We cannot return him to the enemies. Nee-chan is best suited for this role, because she specializes in long range magic, so she can support the other students while keeping Golia down.
“Leave it to me, Nee-chan. It will be alright, the enemies aren't Aniki or Lior-Jiichan." (Reus)
I turned to face the leader, who was heading here with his sword drawn.
I'm going to defeat him, I'll win this time. The failure in the labyrinth rings clearly in my mind, and I won't allow that situation to repeat.
I absolutely… must win.
“… Understood. You must succeed, and have Sirius-sama praise you." (Emilia)
“Yeah! If that's the case, I'll be praised even more than Nee-chan, right?" (Reus)
“I wouldn't say that, since I'm the leader here, everyone thinks my contribution is greater." (Emilia)
“Stop it, both of you." (Reese)
It's dangerous, it's dangerous. If Reese-ane didn't stop us, we would be quarrelling. As expected, Reese-ane is indispensable for us.
“Reus, you're injured. Here." (Reese)
“Thank you, Reese-ane." (Reus)
“Good luck." (Reese)
“Ouu!" (Reus)
After Reese-ane healed my injuries, I stepped forward to confront the man. He was looking for a one versus one fight, as he patiently waited for me, standing with his sword out. He was ready for me to attack.
“Here I come!" (Reus)
I took a quick step. First, let's try to cut him down with my sword.
The leader took it head on with his sword, but my strike was stronger than he anticipated, and he was forced back slightly. I was going to continue applying pressure, but I heard my sword make unpleasant noises, so I kicked at him and reluctantly retreated back a few paces.
Damn it. I expected it, but his sword is much better than my own. Mine will definitely break if we keep exchanging blows..
I intended to catch him off guard and hammer him down with [Flame Knuckle], but before I began my attack, the man rested his sword on his shoulder and let out a big laugh.
“Really, there's such a guy in a school of all places. To drive even my employer into a hard place, I'm certainly not bored with this situation!" (Mercenary Leader)
“You won't have the chance to be bored, I'll crush you!" (Reus)
“That's good, those words were filled with nothing but confidence in your strength. Will you tell me your name?" (Mercenary Leader)
"It's courtesy to give your name before asking someone's name, that's what Aniki said." (Reus)
“Is that so? I am the leader of the 'Gigantes' mercenary corp and my name is Dominique." (Dominique)
“I am Aniki's top disciple, Reus!" (Reus)
Taking a step forward again, I used another skill, [Hard Break – One Hand Sword Style – Break Thrust]. This skill isn't designed for the sword I'm using, but that's no problem. Dominique jumped into the air, evading it. Then, while he was trapped in the air, I leaped at him with [Flame Knuckle].
“Haha! That's great! That attack really had no hesitation at all, I like this more and more!" (Dominique)
While still in the air, he threw a knife at my face, with no regard for the incoming [Flame Knuckle], and I was forced to use the shockwave created to cancel the momentum of the knife. Without pausing, he threw another knife, and I blocked that with my sword as he safely landed back on the ground.
“Now it's my turn!" (Dominique)
I received the assault from Dominique, but if I continued to block with this sword, it would snap and I would be cut. Therefore, I borrowed a technique I saw Aniki use frequently, and I slanted my sword to direct the momentum away from myself. It requires a bit of skill to use, but greatly reduces the stress on my blade. I use this technique many times against him before he tries to change up the pace of the battle again.
“Oh oh, the sword technique is good too! But, how about this!?" (Dominique)
I thought he would use the opportunity to retreat away from me and try another attack, but instead he reached into his armor and tossed a small bag my way.
I was about to cut it immediately, but I remembered my training with Aniki, so I squatted down and avoided it instead. After it sailed past me, I stood up once more and prepared to pursue him, but he was standing still. He clapped with an amazed look on his face.
“You avoided it well! In general, most guys will panic and cut it with their sword." (Dominuq)
“Aniki warned me about things like that. He said that many things could be hidden in such a thing, like paralyzing powder or a poison. He also warned about knives being strapped somewhere on an opponent, or a needle-like projectile that can be shot from a device on a wrist." (Reus)
“You have knowledge to that extent? Is that Aniki your Shishou or something?" (Dominique)
“That's right. He is the person who taught me everything!" (Reus)
I understood after fighting him from a bit that he is far weaker compared to Aniki and Jii-chan, and I think I might be stronger in terms of strength and swordsmanship. As evidence, I can fight on par with him using a sword of much lower quality.
But… it's still very difficult to fight him.
He retreats step by step when I get closer and if I try to pursuit him, he either throws knives or uses a petty trick like throwing that small pouch. It can't be helped given our age difference, but he has a lot more battle experience than me.
While I was troubled in deciding on how to attack him, Dominique sheathed his sword and held his hands up.
“Oi… you said you are Reus, right? Would you like to become our companion?" (Dominique)
“… What are you saying?" (Reus)
“It would be a waste to kill you when you have such talent at your age. Plus, since we live in the underworld, we aren't bothered by things like race. We even have many beastkin allies. There's no need to worry about discrimination because of who you are." (Dominique)
“Your employer plans to exterminate and ban all beastkin." (Reus)
“The reward for this mission is quite attractive. However, if I am to speak honestly, I have no sympathy for them. I plan to take the reward and run away as soon as the barrier comes down." (Dominique)
“Aren't you just a bad person after all? I don't want to be a companion of someone like that." (Reus)
“A bad person? Are you really saying that?" (Dominique)
Why did I feel annoyed somehow when he laughed at that? If it isn't true, why did you make it seem that way?
“Isn't your Aniki someone from the same world as us?" (Dominique)
“Haa? Such a thing is impossible, I've never seen him do things like that. Don't joke around with me." (Reus)
“I can tell from how you predict my attacks. Your Aniki has taught you things that only someone who has lived in the underworld or experienced it first hand should know about. The fact that he knows the techniques well enough to teach their various intricacies all but confirms my suspicions. His life and my own are not that different." (Dominique)
“Aniki… and you are similar?" (Reus)
Thinking on it, Aniki often went out on his own at night. When he would return, he would always smell of blood. And few years ago, I heard something from a thief that I interrogated about Aniki.
That his eyes are like a murderer. That there is a bloodlust there that is barely detectable, but can't be hidden.
“There's no doubt about it. While saying that you don't want to be a companion of such a person, your Shishou is exactly that kind of man. Poor you, does it hurt much, knowing you've been betrayed by the one you trust most?" (Dominique)
“…It's unrelated." (Reus)
“Haa?" (Dominique)
“I say it's unrelated! Whatever Aniki is, I…" (Reus)
That's right. After finding out that I was a cursed child, he just laughed and said it was a trivial matter. When I lashed out and tried to escape, he was the one who hit me and made me see reality.
No matter how many matches I had with Jii-chan, no matter how many times I thought I would die, nothing hurt like that punch from Aniki.
Hitting me to that extent, watching over Nee-chan and me… whoever he may have been, I…
“I have decided to follow him for the rest of my life! Everything else is a trivial matter I say!" (Reus)
“…Keh, what an outrageous brat. You didn't even waver." (Dominique)
“…Were you just acting?" (Reus)
“I'm half serious. I do regret this, because your skill is exceptional." (Dominique)
“It doesn't matter. I'm going to defeat you and Aniki will praise me." (Reus)
“That's impossible. It's true that your swordsmanship is better than mine, but I have trained in various ways of winning so that I may survive." (Dominique)
Dominique pulled something out of his armor again, and multiple flame spears appeared in the air, shooting towards the roof and exploding at a single point. The loud explosion reverberated across the arena, and the rest of the battles stopped as people were distracted. Soon though, the battles picked up again as people ignored the explosion.
In his hands were the remains of a magic stone. I saw Aniki use one before, so I recognized it at a glance. It was probably imbued with the power of [Flame Lance].
“…Why didn't you use that against me?" (Reus)
“It wasn't an attack, but a signal. Any mercenaries who heard it will immediately return here to support." (Dominique)
“What!?" (Reus)
“Although I probably waited longer than I should've, how will you respond when you face surprise attacks from random directions? Furthermore… Oi!" (Dominique)
“Yes!" (Mercenary)
Dominique called out to his friend, who threw another magic stone into the center of the arena.
As it touched the ground, a massive magic formation appeared and was activated. Out of it, another golem was summoned. Only this golem was vastly larger and stronger than the previous ones.
“This huge golem is added to the fight. Now, what are you going to do?" (Dominique)
This is bad, if such a golem attacks, won't the morale of our allies drop? Furthermore, if the mercenaries show up too…
“Nee-chan! Do something about that golem…" (Reus)
“You should die! Foolish beastkin!" (Dominique)
“As Sirius-sama doesn't allow it, I cannot die!" (Emilia)
“Emilia, the juniors on the right side are being pushed back!" (Reese)
This is impossible. Nee-chan and Reese-ane are too busy covering our allies and defending against Gregory's men. Meanwhile, another massive golem has appeared. Our chances for victory are dismal.
“If that's the case, I'll defeat you first!" (Reus)
In order for me to quickly defeat him, I invoke [Boost] and charge at him. My speed was dramatically increased, so much so that he was visibly surprised, but he still managed to meet my sword head on. That must be a result of his battle instinct.
I was going to try a different move to avoid breaking the sword, but too late I realized how impatient I was with that last attack.
[Boost] as a skill not only enhances my speed, but also increases my strength. My current strength is many times what it was previously, which means no matter how light the attack, the stress will be too much for this sword to handle. Unable to bear the weight of my last attack, it finally broke.
“At such a time!" (Reus)
“You're still a child after all. You don't have enough experience on the battlefield." (Dominique)
I was defenseless, yet Dominique didn't try to take advantage of that and attack. Rather, with no sword and all of these opponents that I had to face, he seemed content with the situation as is.
Damn it, if I had my own sword, I could've easily defeated him and all of these golems. It wouldn't even get a scratch from the fight, no matter how many golems I had to go through. Not having a good sword is frustrating!
But… I can't give up!
If it comes to this, I'm going to strike with a full-power [Flame Knuckle]! I got burned a bit from the previous explosion but I can't mind it.
I began pouring mana into both hands, when at that moment…
A loud noise echoed. There was a hole on the head of golem. That was where the magic formation on the golem was, so it crumbled to bits.
“Aaa? The golem is… with one blow?" (Dominique)
“This is…" (Reus)
More loud noises were heard, and each golem in turn had their heads crushed. In moments, before any of us realized, all of the golems were gone.
During this situation, something pierced in front of me, kicking up a storm of dust and debris.
As the dust cleared, right in front of me was…
“My…sword?" (Reus)
My partner, made by Grant-occhan, was there.
Defeated all of the golems instantly, and bringing my sword from Diamond Cottage… that could only be Aniki.
Both Nee-chan and I looked around, but couldn't find a trace of him. If Aniki were to hide seriously, we would never find him. Even training with him in the forest, we still couldn't find him, even when we could locate his scent.
Still… why is he hiding again?
If Aniki were to involve himself, we could easily defeat the mercenaries and golems, and completely flip the tables on the intruders.
[Do your best.] (Sirius)
I heard Aniki's voice in my head.
Is that so? He must be busy helping us in other ways, that's why he can't appear here to assist us.
He's leaving it up to me to defeat this guy.
Really, although the situation can change if it's him…
…How long will I act like a spoiled child in front of Aniki!?
I'm sorry for being miserable, Aniki.
And… thank you.
I will defeat this guy… please look forward to it.
I grasped my partner, pulling it out of the ground and calling out it's name.
“Aibo, we're going!"

Extra/Bonus 1
“I'm Aniki's best disciple, Reus!" (Reus)
“The best disciple is me!" (Emilia)
It wasn't heard by most of the arena, because of the ensuing chaos, but Emilia refused to back down from such a statement.
Extra/Bonus 2
“Isn't your Aniki someone from the same world as us?" (Dominique)
“Aah… it came out." (Sirius)
While peeking into battlefield, the main character breaks out in a sweat as his secret is out.


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