Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 174

Negotiations for the Present and Future

"…I wanted you to show up a bit earlier." (Sirius)
"Why do I need to adapt to your convenience?" (Lambda)
Lambda suddenly appeared from the ground before me. Since the whole body was made up of plants, it was highly likely that it was similar to the one Julia dealt with the other day, so he should be wary of it. However, it should be possible to have a conversation since it reacted to my words. I continued to speak to Lambda in a calm tone. The others in the base had already begun to notice Lambda's presence with detection and smells.
"Surely, that's right, but I have something I really wanted to ask. It's one of the complaints I have." (Sirius)
"I'm not aware of that, so I thought… I wouldn't have to talk to you, but it seems that's not the case." (Lambda)
For Lambda, who wanted to destroy the country, Sandor, and for me, who wanted to stop it, our ideas were far apart. Then, there would be no room for discussion. However, he didn't seem going to attack me, probably because he had something to talk about as well. I secretly told everyone through [Call] not to touch him. When Lambda looked up at the frontline base, he let out a sigh.
"Even so, I didn't expect that you would make a bold move. After all, there's no way to make all soldiers withdraw from the frontline base." (Lambda)
"I just go ahead with my original schedule. It's not so bold." (Sirius)
"No. There's no way I can't be convinced when those who don't mind to die retreat obediently. For the veteran, who is known as the resourceful general and somehow proud, to have the same idea, this happens because of you. It seems you have an amazing art of conversation." (Lambda)
He wasn't only amazed but he felt really impressed. Did he know their characters since he used to serve Sando? Even if the body was made of plants, it was truly mysterious to be able to express human-like emotions properly, but I could think of it later.
"It looks like you're praising me, but I'm sure you come here not to do that, right?" (Sirius)
"Of course not. I came for negotiations." (Lambda)
"Negotiation… is it?" (Sirius)
If this had to be thought normally, I should consider that he appeared with some intentions rather than negotiations. It was possible to appear by eating the monsters' carcasses as before. In that situation, it should be possible to break in from the inside by having contact with someone who was easy to handle. However, since there was no reason to do that in the present empty frontline base, it was safe to say that he came for negotiations.
"I don't mind it, but are you going to negotiate more while doing all this? I don't think it's easy to do so without having good reasons." (Sirius)
"I guess so. But the person I want to negotiate is not Sandor, but you… Sirius-dono." (Lambda)
Lambda didn't show anger or impatience, but when he said that he had something to do with me, the atmosphere changed obviously. Although he was an existence that had stopped being a human, I could feel that serious thoughts conveyed from his words.
"To be honest, I underestimate your power. You kept protecting the frontline base, which should have fallen, until today." (Lambda)
"It's not just me. I could protect it because everyone fought desperately." (Sirius)
"But I think the most important thing was that it was because of you who kept supporting them secretly. That's why I have to ask you personally. Please stop getting involved with this foolish country. And why are you going this far to fight for them?" (Lambda)
"You're the cause, you know?" (Sirius)
Although it was fine for him to push us out of the country since we would get way in his operation, he took Fia hostage and asked me to assassinate the country's leaders. I clearly said that everything was because of him, but he just shook his head calmly.
"I admit that I'm the bad one here, but isn't it enough already? You're destroying the plan that I have made for years just because of the life of a single Elf. So, it doesn't make sense to destroy my plan only for that reason." (Lambda)
"It's not you who decide the value of Fia's life. So, to put it simply, is it difficult to get rid of us?" (Sirius)
"No, it's possible to do that when I think about it. I just don't want to go that far in order to despair Sandor. My main purpose isn't you." (Lambda)
"Unfortunately, I'm participating in this war not because of revenge, but I do this on my own. So, it's fine if you attack us without holding back. It seems you're trying to avoid fighting us for some reason, but I supposed you are scared of Strongest Sword and the upper rank Dragons, right?" (Sirius)
Although I was saying it to provoke his reaction, since the war potentials added yesterday were different, he wouldn't say that this was a joke. Lambda let out a deep sigh with disappointing emotion at my words that didn't seem to push him to the edge. This leeway… it wasn't a buff. Should I consider that he still had enough remaining force?
"I can't understand what you're thinking. You know that this is a dangerous situation, so why are you working hard to fight me? You have no attachment with this country." (Lambda)
"There is something I want to ask before I tell you why. Have you seen this symbol?" (Sirius)
I lit up the area with [Light] while asking that question. Then, I showed Lambda the symbol on the paper that I took from my pocket. It was an ominous symbol that combined petals and a knife that existed in my previous life… Lambda showed a slightly disturbed expression when he noticed that it was the symbol of magic tools made by Shishou.
"…What are you going to do about it?" (Lambda)
"This is the symbol that showed who is the creator of the magic tools. Actually, the person who carved this symbol is my Shishou." (Sirius)
"Disciple? That should be… no, when considering your unusualness…" (Lambda)
"It's up to you if you want to believe it or not. Anyhow, I've heard from Shishou that she was once made a magic tool that manipulates monsters." (Sirius)
Even if I said manipulate, it was something similar to an amulet that induced or slightly interfered with the monster's consciousness and moved it to a specific place. Moreover, the consumption of mana stones was severe. Besides, there was no reason for Shishou to run away from monsters, so she only made a prototype and kept it as it was. To put it simply, I was considering that he used something… or the magic tool with improved magic formation. I wondered if I could make such a convenient magic tool, but I couldn't say it was impossible. As long as people were enthusiastic for whatever reason, human technology would continue to advance.
"Wasn't the reason why you didn't take revenge right away even though you survived in the Demon Continent while you were studying Shishou's magic tools? Perhaps, someone took over your research?" (Sirius)
"…" (Lambda)
"Of course not only research, I'm sure you did a large-scale experiment. For example, trying to manipulate hordes of monsters and attack a town in the Adload Continent." (Sirius)
A year ago, in the town where Albert lived… there was an incident in which hordes of monsters attacked Parade and Romanio. It was the work of Luna, one of Lambda's subordinates, but her aim wasn't to destroy the town, but to monitor an experiment prepared at that time.
"The response doesn't seem to be related. But what's important to me is whether you used Shishou's magic tools." (Sirius)
"So, what if I had it? And what if I used it?" (Lambda)
"I will destroy them. I can't overlook that Shishou's creations are used for foolish things." (Sirius)
"Foolish… is it? Certainly, if it's from someone like you, revenge is a foolish thing." (Lambda)
"That's not it. I'm not telling you that you shouldn't take revenge." (Sirius)
The world was harsh, and there were some people who couldn't live without getting revenge. Since it would be futile as a result, I think he should throw it away, but I didn't completely deny him. To begin with, the reason why Lambda had become so distorted was due to arrogance of certain people of Sandor. Furthermore, it could be said that it was unavoidable to pursue revenge since the life of his family and her loved ones were deprived. In short, he was paying for his own mistakes, but…
"You were acting behind the scenes when you were in the castle. I supposed it was fine if you target those who you despise? Actually, I didn't want to intervene this far if you only did that." (Sirius)
I didn't know the exact number of people, but it shouldn't be that many even if the main culprits and the people concerned were included. However, it was wrong to involve all the people of Sandor, who didn't even know the circumstances, let alone pointing a sword just to get revenge on that few.
"Yours aren't revenge or anything. It's just a massacre. That behavior doesn't make sense… so I can't forgive you for using Shishou's magic tools, so I'm going to fight you." (Sirius)
"I think it's more foolish to risk your life for that reason." (Lambda)
"I don't want to lie to myself, and I feel alive because I'm doing everything I can. If you ask me for another reason, that is many people's loved ones will be ruthlessly deprived if I allow you to escape. It will be similar to what you have experienced before." (Sirius)
"…So what? Do you think I will stop?" (Lambda)
"The Sandor King said that he was willing to give those people who messed you up. If you wish for it, he would present their necks to you. Isn't that convincing?" (Sirius)
"That can't do." (Lambda)
Although I tried to inform the concession points on the side of Sandor which had been discussed before going to the frontline base, Lambda's response wasn't good. He turned his back with a fearless smile as if he was convinced that he wouldn't give up and the negotiations were over.
"Yes, yes. Last but not least, it doesn't matter how strong you are. The monsters you have defeated in the last few days are just a handful on that continent." (Lambda)
"I guess so. Then, I have one suggestion. Why don't we stop the endless endurance race and decide the conclusion at once?" (Sirius)
It was a one-side proposal that was obviously different from the exchanges so far. As I expected, he looked back with a confused expression. However, that reaction was natural. It felt like it was too convenient to give up my advantage.
"Are you joking? …It doesn't seem so. I didn't expect something pitiful can come out of your mouth." (Lambda)
"This isn't a personal fight, you know. This is a matter where we use all might against each other, and we're doing it on the plain where you can see Sandor. I really want to fight you guys." (Sirius)
"The swordsman who was known as Strongest Sword, went on rampage in the battle… Was it because of you too?" (Lambda)
"No, that Jii-san wants to fight to train his swordsmanship. After all, we owe this to Luca and Hilgan." (Sirius)
Although it was a provocation that could be easily noticed, there was no loss in trying various things to increase the probability of pulling them to the frontline, even a little. For the next move, I threw a small branch prepared beforehand in front of Lambda. Lambda was wary since he thought I was attacking him, but the moment he noticed that wasn't just an ordinary branch, he grabbed it with a tremendous momentum.
"Is-is that!?" (Lambda)
"Since you're dealing with plants, I'm pretty sure you know its name, correct? That is the branch of the Sacred Tree." (Sirius)
"Sacred Tree!?" (Lambda)
With this reaction, I wasn't mistaken that he was interested in the Sacred Tree since he dealt with plants. While looking at the Sacred Tree branch, Lambda showed emotions mixed with surprise and joy. It looked like he was searching for this for years.
"Is this… the Sacred Tree? Even though it's just a small part, it has a tremendous vitality. Where do you get this!?" (Lambda)
"I've met the Sacred Tree. By the way, this is the branch that created it." (Sirius)
To be precise, it was a branch created by the Sacred Tree knife given by Shishou. However, the mana and the mystique of the branch was constant to the real thing. Furthermore, it was conspicuous. When I displayed Shishou's knife while releasing a limited amount of mana, Lambda was shocked with eyes wide open.
"This is the knife made from a part of the Sacred Tree. It's at a different level compared to that branch." (Sirius)
"Ah, aah…" (Lambda)
"Don't you want this? If yes, shouldn't you accept my suggestion? Let me tell you this first. If you plan to do something futile, I will–…" (Sirius)
"Th-that… you bastard–!" (Lambda)
When… I tried to bargain including a threat of destroying this knife if he didn't want to go for an all-out war, his reaction far exceeded my expectation. When he let out a scream that sounded like a monster, countless vines grew all at once from the ground and tried to reach me out. Even if the aim was Shishou's knife, the vines had enough power to penetrate my body.
"Sirius-sama!" (Emilia)
"Dorashaaaa–!" (Reus)
The siblings came down from the frontline base, severed all the vines with sword swings and magic. Then, they appeared before me at the same time. I should have told them to wait, but apparently, they couldn't stand quiet when seeing the crisis and the sudden change of the enemy. However, the decision to protect me wasn't wrong since that guy had lost himself. I wanted to thank the siblings, but a moment later, an extra was coming in.
"Nurryyaaaa!" (Lior)
Jii-san, who descended from the sky with his usual shouting, swung his sword at Lambda, who was trying to create more vines. The momentum of the fall and the slashing by the old Jii-san’s strength created a tremendous shock wave. Instead of slashing, the whole area was destroyed in small pieces. I definitely had no time to stop him. I tried to complain that it was overkill, but I noticed Jii-san had a strange look.
"Nuuh… I don't feel like I have finished him." (Lior)
"Speaking of finishing him… there's nothing there, isn't it?" (Sirius)
"Shut up! If I say that he is alive, he is alive!" (Lior)
There was no appearance of Lambda anymore, but Jii-san's instinct was correct. When I checked with [Search], the fake Lambda… or its nucleus was deep in the ground where the shock wave couldn't reach. Although I didn't tell Jii-san what kind of existence Lambda was, it seemed that he intuitively understood that he could defeat him. He was a truly random old man. Anyhow, Beowulf also came while telling everyone not to let vigilance down yet, but Jii-san ordered Reus and Beowulf while raising his sword.
"I see… it's down there! Youngsters, dig a hole! I will slice it from here!" (Lior)
"We don't have digging tools, you know." (Reus)
"He is in the ground, yes? So, why don't you blow off the entire ground?" (Beowulf)
"Calm down. We should wait for him to come out." (Sirius)
He should be able to attack him if he wanted to do it, but I was curious because it was strangely quiet. I knew his position, so I was ready to shoot at any time. From there, something like a plant bulb appeared. Then, the old man shouted at the very beginning.
"Hahaha! Is this a joke? Something like a mushroom came out!" (Lior)
"It feels like Jii-chan is the bad guy." (Reus)
"Ojii-chan, put that sword away." (Emilia)
"Nuhh!?" (Lior)
The bulb was about the size of an adult male's head. It had countless vines and a human mouth. Even if it was strange, I couldn't feel any hostility from it. Jii-san had become obedient, and when I waited for a reaction, a voice came out from the mouth-like part of the bulb.
[Fuh… It was a splendid blow suitable from the one known as Strongest Sword. Thanks to you, I was able to stay calm.] (Lambda)
"It seems that you lose control of yourself. Is that your true form?" (Sirius)
[Yes. It's a wonderful body that can reproduce alter ego many times as long as there's nutrition.] (Lambda)
I was considering to aim for something, but since I didn't think that he was the kind of opponent who showed his weaknesses, it would be dangerous to act unnecessarily. Besides, it would be a problem if I didn't get response for my suggestion. So, when I tried to calm Reus, who was about to slice the plant, Beowulf muttered at the enemy he saw for the first time with a tense look.
"I heard that you abandoned human appearance, but I didn't expect it to this extent. If this is a fake, I wonder how the real you look like." (Beowulf)
[I think you misunderstand something. I'm the real Lambda. To be exact, this should be… one of many.] (Lambda)
"One of many? I don't get it, but there's only one Lambda, so you're fake." (Reus)
"No. It's better to think that this guy isn't similar to a human." (Sirius)
By guessing from the plant substance, the alter ego was connected to Lambda's main body which acted as the nucleus… was it something that was called colony seen on corals in the previous life? I guessed the fact that he showed up in front of us like this meant that there was no problem if we did something to it.
"In any case, the idea that there are many Lambdas isn't wrong. Even so, you have been talking a lot. Will it be alright to expose many secrets to us?" (Sirius)
[There's no problem to let you know this. In fact, I want you to tell it to Sandor. So far, you've only fought a few monsters from the Demonic Continent, and there will be multiple Lambdas aiming for you all…] (Lambda)
No matter how much we struggled, he had the confidence and ability that he wouldn't lose. As a matter of fact, let alone Lambda, I hadn't even seen Luna or Zilart show a serious expression. He asked me to deliver these terrifying messages, so in other words…
"So tell me. Are you accepting my suggestion?" (Sirius)
[Yes. If you say so much, let’s go all out. I'll do that in respect of you preventing my plans and to get that thing.] (Lambda)
"Understood. Last but not least, why do you want the Sacred Tree? While you already have the power to destroy a country, why do you need more power?" (Sirius)
[…I'll give you one day. Please think carefully by early morning two days later.] (Lambda)
Lambda sank into the ground, avoiding Shishou's knife as if he was going to run away again. He obediently withdrew even though he wanted it so much because he had decided that it was impossible to get it in this situation. When Lambda's presence was completely gone, Reus and Albert, who looked a bit dissatisfied, appealed to me while holding their swords.
"Sirius-san, are you sure it's fine to let him go?" (Albert)
"There are many of us here, and I think it would have been better to defeat him now." (Reus)
"Both of you, please calm down. We aren't overlooking him, and if not, Sirius-sama's proposal won't be accepted, right?" (Emilia)
"That's why. If that is one out of many, it may have already been transmitted, but I am considering it just in case." (Sirius)
The bulb was moving at high speed in the ground, but it was being pulled rather than moving itself… It was probably pulled by Lambda's main body. I think it was a root since it was a plant, but if it was connected, I should think that the situation ahead was conveyed to him.
"For the time being, I think this would bring us to a short-term decisive battle instead of an endurance battle. There was a possibility that he would refuse, but thanks to this knife, Hilgan and Luna are likely to show up." (Sirius)
"However, why did Lambda want something out of the Sacred Tree? The obsession he showed earlier felt strange, which is different from revenge." (Emilia)
"He's dodging the question, but at least, it doesn't seem to be good for us. There's one more reason that we can't lose." (Sirius)
The branch of the Sacred Tree that I handed over to Lambda was supposed to self-destruct after certain time had passed. But since it was blown into pieces by Jii-san's blow, there was no problem. The negotiations were successful despite all sorts of things here, so we didn't have to do anything here anymore. Since it was necessary to include new information and organize it, I told everyone to go back to the frontline base at once. Then, I turned reproachful eyes at Jii-san.
"Goodness, the result was good, but you were overdoing it. Think a bit more before swinging your sword." (Sirius)
"That won’t change me from cutting him." (Lior)
"There are procedures in things. And… why are you still stuck in that pose?" (Sirius)
"Emilia told me to do that." (Lior)
He was certainly stopped by Emilia, but he didn't have to stop while swinging his sword down. Besides, Jii-san's sword was much heavier than a lump of steel. It was easier to swing up, but let alone being trembled after being stopped in the middle of swinging, his posture wasn't shaken at all.
"It looks like he's gone, so can I swing this down?" (Lior)
"For punishment, stay like that for a while." (Sirius)
"Understood. Ojii-chan, please keep at it for a while, alright." (Emilia)
"Hmm, this looks like training for my arm. Well, it's fine. So then, youngsters! Do this as well!" (Lior)
"Give me a break…" (Reus)
Far from a punishment, there seemed to be no words to discourage Jii-san who accepted it as his own training. Since Reus and Beowulf were about to get caught up in the end, we were able to round it up right away, and went back to the base.

After that, I gathered the people who remained at the base in the dining room, and explained the contents earlier in detail. By the way, Julia was about to jump down at the beginning of Lambda's appearance, but it seemed that she was stopped by the imperial guards. Currently, she was floating a difficult expression when she heard the messages from Lambda.
"Kuh… not only he said that he brought only a few monsters, there is more than one real thing, and not a fake one? I won't believe it if I wasn't looking right in front of me." (Julia)
"It's not only that. I felt like he was avoiding fighting us from the last conversation, but there was no sign of fear of Strongest Sword and the upper rank Dragons. In other words, it proves that he hides the abilities to do that." (Sirius)
Some of the imperial guards who remained with Julia were clearly confused because that person wasn't only affected by Strongest Sword's might but also the upper rank Dragons. These people were used to seeing Julia since they usually saw her, but Strongest Sword seemed to be exceptional.
"E-even Strongest Sword-dono?" (??)
"Can we go against such an opponent?" (??)
"However, the next battle would be in front of Sandor. Since there's nowhere else to go, there's no other place to use our strength." (??)
"But let alone our strength, if Lambda's might exceeds Strongest Sword’s…" (??)
A silent atmosphere born after those words uttered by one of the imperial guards. In addition to the fact that they couldn't completely deny the possibility that our strength couldn't go against Lambda, Jii-san, who had been mentioned a couple of times, was strangely quiet. At times like this, he would blow the heavy mood away with his loud laughter, but…
"…Guh." (Lior)
"Is he sleeping?" (Reus)
"He is always like this when the discussion is long." (Beowulf)
Even though he was noisy a while ago, he slept as if he had turned off the switch. Well, in the case of this Jii-san, the stronger the opponent was, the more motivated he was. It was fine to be quiet, but it wasn't good for everyone's fighting spirit to go down. When I was wondering whether I should wake him up soon, Princess Liefell, who had been thinking with her eyes closed, asked me a question.
"I would like to ask one question. Why did you induce that person to go all out? I understand that is to lure Lambda, but rather than just a bit, I feel that it is too much for you." (Liefell)
Princess Liefell might want to say that I could have lure only a part of the force, rather than the full might, depending on the negotiations. In fact, if it might have been possible to lure out only Lambda by using his obsession with the Sacred Tree, and it could be said that there was no need to choose a dangerous path like the old man who slept here. Still, the reason why I want to go all out was…
"Lambda is my top priority, but at the same time, I have someone I want to watch." (Sirius)
"Come to think of it, you were saying that there may be a mastermind who gave wisdom to Lambda." (Liefell)
"That's it true, but I'm aiming for Hilgan, you know." (Sirius)
Hilgan was Lambda's companion and a swordsman who was said to have equal or more power than Strongest Sword. There was no doubt that he was a strong person who took Reus' sword with his bare hands and it made people think that it wasn't a joke. However, he was also a man with lust and looking for women to make them his own. Perhaps, Julia and Reus didn't expect that Hilgan's name would be mentioned here, but they were unusually tilted their heads.
"Hilgan? I admit that man is a strong enemy, but I don't think he should be a priority over Lambda." (Julia)
"I think he is someone I should kill. He is the man who pulled your hair and aimed Nee-chan." (Reus)
"What did you say!?" (Lior)
Jii-san, who was sleeping, suddenly woke up. He grabbed Reus' collar and approached closer. Everyone was confused by the sudden situation, but Reus immediately understood that Jii-san wasn't angry with him, so he calmly began to calm the old man.
"Calm down, Jii-chan. He hadn't done anything to Nee-chans yet." (Reus)
"He was looking at Emilia with dirty eyes, isn't it!? Let me ask you. What kind of man is he?" (Lior)
"You mean Hilgan? Uhm… Anyhow, he is a man who makes me angry!" (Reus)
"…He is a swordsman who is called a hero in Sandor, but he thinks all women belong to him." (Julia)
Hilgan treated the female Elf, whose mind was destroyed by Lambda's hands, quite roughly. Of course, it wasn't only that. Even though he was called a hero, he was also a sinful man who sexually preyed on many women behind the scenes. This was found out later that it wasn't only because of Lambda, but some noble too initiative to offer him beautiful women to make a connection with them. When Jii-san knew that Emilia was targeted by such a man, he let go of Reus' collars and smiled. Instead of the usual lively laughter, he was making a low voice that could be heard from the bottom of hell.
"Is that so? I see. I'm going to cut the fool's fingers as well as his arms and legs." (Lior)
"Wait a sec. I'm going to cut him too, so leave me a share." (Sirius)
"Me as well." (Julia)
"You guys…" (Liefell)
Princess Liefell held his head at the surreal exchange between such similar people. However, because of Jii-san's bloodlust, the timid air of the imperial guards had been blown away, so it wasn't a bad thing. As the conversation turned to the wrong direction, Princess Liefell made a small cough and asked a question to correct the direction.
"I still have something else to ask. It's the same question as Julia. Why do you care so much about Hilgan?" (Lifell)
"Lambda is probably the most dangerous person. However, even if we successfully defeat Lambda, it may be worse if he has the knowledge of manipulating monsters or if there are people who abuse them." (Sirius)
"Oh… that's why it's him. Surely, that man would probably want women from all over the world." (Liefell)
The purpose of Lambda was to destroy Sandor, not to conquer the world. In the unlikely event, further sabotage might be stopped if Sandor was destroyed. Therefore, it was necessary to destroy all the opponent's might and completely crush them so that greedy people wouldn't inherit their abilities and knowledge.
"Also, don't forget the other companion, Luna. If we defeat Lambda, I think she will take whatever action for revenge." (Sirius)
"Yes, every time that man got hurt, she gave a menacing look again and again. I know how it feels, but I've never seen anyone who gets so angry." (Reese)
"I heard that she is a half human and half dragon. Is she a troublesome opponent?" (Beowulf)
"She looks strong, but I'm not really sure. But when she got angry, it was really scary. It's like how Nee-chan is angry with me… Haa!?" (Reus)
Reus, who slipped unintentionally at Beowulf's question, sweated cold, but apparently, it didn't reach Emilia, who was thinking of something. While Reus let out a breath since her sister didn't say anything, Reese continued to talk with a wry smile.
"Yes, there is a certain part that is similar to Emilia. Well, she is angry when something happens to Sirius-san." (Reese)
"He is the precious husband, isn't it? It's similar to me… No, maybe it's more on being an attendant." (Emilia)
If Lambda was harmed, I had a feeling that Luna would be willing to throw away her life easily. Since absolute loyalty to a master was the most important point as an attendant, Emilia seemed to think something about it. She didn't seem to be confused in defeating that girl, but I might need to talk to her a bit later.
"Well, there are many reasons, but the main purpose isn't for an endurance battle, but for a short-term decisive battle. From the battle I've seen so far, I understand that we can't win in defensive battles." (Sirius)
"Yes… I'm convinced. So, there's no point in staying in this anymore, right?" (Julia)
"Yes. But I'll wait until tomorrow morning to see his movements before going back to Sandor. The people who went ahead wouldn't have arrived either." (Sirius)
If the next attack was two days later, we would still have time to spare. So, it would be better to return after explaining the situation to the Beast King and Cayenne. Besides, if Zenodora's group carried us, not just half a day, we could reach Sandor in an hour.
"Say, Aniki. While saying that he would go all out, isn’t it strange that he needs two days? If I'm going to do my best, I'm sure I will attack without resting." (Reus)
"He said that it was to give me time to think, but it may be necessary for him to prepare first." (Sirius)
"I'm worried about that, but that also means we can have a bit of rest, isn't it? Everyone's tired, so we should really appreciate it." (Emilia)
"When we go back, we'll have discussions and preparations. So, I don't think we will be able to rest." (Sirius)
The situation at the front base and Sandor had been informed to one another. According to the latest information, the control and strength of Sandor were steadily being prepared. However, even if they were ready to fight, the problem was how much they would be willing to accept the strategy I proposed. Unlike the front line soldiers who were proud to be in the battle, Sandor's heavyweights had to think about the country's future and their people.
"If that's the case, please take a good rest tonight. Sirius-sama, you need to have a real proper sleep, not a nap." (Emilia)
"Even if you're feeling well, I can see you're tired. You can't show that to Fia-san and Karen-chan." (Reese)
"I got it." (Sirius)
I had decided my future policy, and I didn't want to be scolded by Emilia and Reese. I supposed I should take a rest today.
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Not only Hokuto-san, Tousen-san and I are watching, so you may…" (Beowulf)
"Hey! If I wasn't told by Emilia, I would already cut that fool. I was told that I should do anything, so… I'm going to sleep!" (Lior)
"…I'll be watching, so please rest slowly." (Beowulf)
"…To the extent that it's not unreasonable." (Albert)
Since Jii-san instinctively woke up and ran wild in an emergency situation, there should be no problem to leave him alone. Emilia had told him earlier, so it seemed unlikely for him to get into the enemy's camp. Nevertheless, even after a few days away, I felt strangely nostalgic about Fia and Karen. I left the dining room, remembering Fia's gentle smile and Karen's innocent appearance.

Then, as the morning arrived, I slowly prepared myself. I was looking outside while eating the Elina Sandwich that Emilia made. For the past few days, hordes of monsters rushed in from the direction of the Demonic Continent as the sun rose, but today.
"It's been a long time since I've had such a calm morning." (Sirius0
"Yes. But this is normal, isn't it?" (Emilia)
The monsters that covered the earth and the sky like carpets didn't appear. A quiet scene was spreading as if the previous battles were a lie. It looked like my suggestion seemed to be transmitted since we didn't have to come down from the base, let alone marching.
"Is Lambda going over there?" (Emilia)
"I guess so. Anyhow… you've improved your skill, Emilia." (Sirius)
"Hehe. I can't compete with the dishes Sirius-sama's cook, but if it's this much, I can do it." (Emilia)
We didn’t know much about Lambda in many aspects, so the only thing left to do was to hit him with all might.
I stroked Emilia's head after eating all of the Elina Sandwich. Then, I turned my eyes at Zenodora's group, who were waiting in their dragon form.
"Shall we? Let's wait for the final battle." (Sirius)
"Yes!" (Emilia)

Extra/Bonus – The Proof of Strongest Sword
"Youngster. I heard from that guy that you got the proof I made." (Lior)
"Proof? I don't remember getting that from Jii-chan?" (Reus)
"What did you say!? He said that he gave it to you, the one made of wood!" (Lior)
"Aah… that's right." (Reus)
The proof was like a permit that had been recognized for his ability. Even if it was Strongest Sword, he took the challenge seriously. Reus finally remembered the existence of that thing when yelled at him, but his expression wasn't bright. Beowulf, who was nearby, was pitifully looking at him.
"Alright. In that case, I'll cut it off when this fight is over. Let's kill each other with swords, not the training swords!" (Lior)
"Although there will be able to decide the crisis of the country and the world, this is just going to be a warm up." (Beowulf)
"O-ouh. But, it's a wall that must eventually be overcome. It's not the situation of being scared!" (Reus)
"That's the spirit! Then, show me the proof!" (Lior)
"Wait a minute. I was going to lose it if I hold it, so I left it with Nee-chan." (Reus)
"What!?" (Lior)
"Eh…" (Beowulf)
Although it could be easily made by carving the wood, it was an important item that could be said to be the certification of the 'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style'. Beowulf was thinking whether that proof should be left to another person, but…
"That's brilliant, youngster! If it's Emilia, then, it's fine!" (Lior)
"I know, right?" (Reus)
"Ehhh…" (Beowulf)
However, as for Jii-san, it seemed the best choice to leave it to Emilia. Beowulf was amazed in many ways at those two who smiled with their thumbs up. And then…
"Ojii-chan's proof? Well… Actually, I was sorting my luggage the other day. I had it dropped and it was broken…" (Emilia)
"I forgive you for everything! Since it's already troublesome, there's no need to have the proof. I'm going to do this, youngster!" (Lior)
"I told you, we can do this after the battle is over!" (Reus)
"Hey, does that proof have any meaning!?" (Beowulf)
It had been a year since they were together, but Beowulf was still surprised by the randomness of Strongest Sword.


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