Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 125

Chapter 125 The Infiltrating Shadow
— Emilia —
Grethe-san and I were confronting with knives in an alley where it could reach the wall of the surrounding building in five steps.
I usually fought while swiftly moving around with the wind, but this place was a bit narrow, so it was hard to fight. If I used strong magic, it would damage the adjacent buildings. Therefore, I couldn’t use it as well.
However, no matter where the location was, I wouldn’t be able to survive unless I used my strength.
While remembering Sirius-sama’s teaching, I activated [Boost] and I started running as I released [Air Shot] at the same time.
“Your magic is sharp, but it’s obvious.” (Grethe)
I shot four balls of wind so that I wouldn’t damage the houses and the walls, but Grethe-san moved sideways and avoided it. She put her hand on the chest and took out something.
As I thought… I couldn’t approach her from the opposite side. People, who fought like Grethe-san, didn’t depend on strength. It was enough if they had techniques and ability to target the opening of the opponent. Hence, they had the tendency of avoiding from hitting directly.
I couldn’t conclude if that applied to Grethe-san, but from the appearance of taking a distance and stepping back, it seemed that she didn’t want to have a close fight.
And the things she took from the chest was a circular lump with the size of pebble…
“…Eh?” (Emilia)
It seemed to be easy to repel it. I accelerated while evading only by tilting my neck.
A small explosive sound was heard from the rear when I reached in front of Grethe-san and I saw white smoke flowing beside me.
As I expected, it seemed that it was a trap. If I knocked it down, it would explode in front of my eyes would have been disturbed for a while.
While speaking out with a loud voice, Grethe-san flipped the knife I swung with own knife and she was aiming for my arm with that momentum.
Since it was an attack caused by a brute force movement, it would cause minor injury if I got hit by it. It was good since it was also a fatal hit to the opponent if they received the blow. It was good, but…
“Fuh!” (Emilia)
“…Aah.” (Grethe)
I twisted my body and chose to evade it, and this time, I also aimed at the opponent’s arm with a knife that I switched to the opposite hand.
First off, I aimed at her arm in order to deprive the ability to attack, but a knife suddenly appeared from behind Grethe-san’s hand, and my knife was stopped.
“As expected, you were trained, isn’t it?” (Emilia)
“…You knew?” (Grethe)
“It was because I saw an unnatural bulging muscle on your arm, I was staring if anything would happen.” (Emilia)
The recent mock battles were not only to improve the techniques, but it was also to earn various battle experience. Since Sirius-sama’s constantly changed tactics, I could tolerate against irregular movements and unexpected attacks to a certain extent.
By the way, Sirius-sama called such weapons as hidden or unexpected weapons.
Grethe-san was a bit surprised and she took a distance from me again. At the same time, she threw several throwing knives she had on her waist.
The number was… four.
I repelled a knife and I threw a knife in return after evading the rest, but due to the distance, it could be avoided.
“You’re avoiding it in big way, huh? If it is you, you can avoid it without moving too much, isn’t it?” (Grethe)
“It’s pointless to provoke, you know? That knife… has something on it, right?” (Emilia)
One of his teachings was… never receive attacks from an assassin.
Since assassins merely needed to defeat the target, they used surprised attacks and attacks that sealed opponent movement.
Actually, I felt an unpleasant smell from Grethe-san’s knife and her throwing knives. Those knives were probably coated by poison or something.
“I don’t want to kill you, but… it’s impossible.” (Grethe)
“You display kindness to me, but why are you targeting Sirius-sama?” (Emilia)
“It’s just that I can’t helped with it. I can’t forgive anyone who will give an adverse effect to Mary-sama.” (Grethe)
“…I see, so you won’t change your mind?” (Emilia)
She was probably planning to flee until a while ago by disabling me, but since the air around Grethe-san had clearly changed, she seemed to be going all out this time.
When I held knives in both hands, Grethe-san, who was crawling on all fours, put up a smile.
“It’s fine… to hurt you right?” (Grethe)
At that moment, when I thought that Grethe-san’s figure had disappeared, I heard a noise of kicking from the right sight. When I swung the right hand knife right away, it collided against the knife of Grethe-san who was attacking.
And then, she moved away while giving a blow at the same time. This time, she kicked a different wall and moved away. It seemed that she was used to battle in a narrow place.
She wasn’t as fast as Sirius-sama or Isabella-sama, but she still quite fast. Even though the defense was in time, it seemed impossible to counterattack her.
“…This is troubling.” (Emilia)
“It is strange for you to say that when you keep defending against my attacks. Well then… next is this.” (Grethe)
Then, the circular tool that she threw ahead of time exploded at my feet, and my surroundings were covered with white smoke. However, since I was expecting that, I scattered the smoke by activating [Wind] from my feet.
Although I lost sight of Grethe-san on that momentary gap, I threw a knife on my left according to my intuition.
“…That’s too bad.” (Grethe)
It was a moment delayed, but the knife went past Grethe-san and deeply pierced into the wall.
Since Grethe-san was approaching without missing that opening, I widely swung my left hand while leaping aside trying to get away, but my feet had been stopped since she threw a knife in a direction where I was going to.
“You can’t escape.” (Grethe)
Grethe-san approached during the gap when my movement was stopped. I swung the knife on the right hand to repel the protruding hidden weapon, but Grethe-san’s main choice was the knife held in her other hand.
My other hand was empty. It was difficult to avoid based on the ability difference. Grethe-san relaxed her mouth as if she was convinced, but…
“Eh!?” (Grethe)
Citing that surprised voice, it was the first time that she was shaken.
Anyhow, even though that it was clearly a space with nothing in it, since her movement was stopped as if her swinging arm was caught, it wasn’t unreasonable for her to be surprised.
Perhaps, she might be able to see it if she was in a calm state. A fine thread was connected to the knife that was stuck on the wall and it was wrapped around Grethe-san’s arm.
This was a technique of using threads learned from Sirius-sama. Incidentally, the thread was a spare bowstring given by Fia-san.
“Why–!?” (Grethe)
“It’s already late… [Air Impact].” (Emilia)
I extended my left hand during that fatal opening, aimed it at Grethe-san’s belly and unleashed the magic.
It was a ball of wind like before, but it was a magic that release a compressed wind to the surroundings, and now I was releasing it with the directivity like Sirius-sama’s [Impact].
The violent wind impact from zero distance blew away Grethe-san to the wall behind her, and she crashed on her back.
However, she seemed to stay conscious. She stood with the wall behind her, trying to put her right hand on the chest.
“Like I’m going to let you do it.” (Emilia)
I already start running and got in front of her. I swung the knife and severed Grethe-san right arm.
Although it was a moment, since I felt something wrong Grethe-san’s right hand, I couldn’t allow her to resist too much. If it came to this, it might be easy for Sirius-sama to connect it back.
“…Aah.” (Grethe)
“I will ask for your treatment.” (Emilia)
Then, I drove my palm below her chin and this time I reaped Grethe-san’s consciousness.
Since a magic stone fell to her feet at the same time, it seemed to be right consideration to forcibly stopping her. Perhaps, this magic stone had been engraved with the explosion magic that I saw earlier.
“…Oops, that’s not good. I’ll think about it later.” (Emilia)
I also didn’t want to raise the attention, but it was necessary to immediately sealed the severed wrist.
When I looked for Grethe-san’s right arm after quickly stopping the bleeding, Reese was standing without anyone noticed while floating the right arm covered in water in the arm. I also found that Hokuto-san and Fia-san were behind her. It seemed that they had been watching from the middle of the battle.
“Good job, Emilia. You can leave the conservation of the hand to me.” (Reese)
“Your battle of using thread got better. By the way, I heard about the situation from Sirius, butit seems better to return soon now.” (Fia)
“Yes. It may be fine for a while because of Reese, but this is a game against time after all.” (Emilia)
“But… it is really Grethe-san, isn’t it? I want to heal her quickly, but first is this, right?” (Reese)
“That’s nice of you. But well, that’s how you guys are.” (Fia)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
Although she was someone who aimed for the life of the important Master, we were really kind for trying to cure the arm severed.
However, the condition of Grethe-san was strange, so whatever the outcome was, it would be better than losing an arm.
Like what Sirius-sama had said, it was better regret doing it than regret for not doing it…
After that, I put the unconscious Grethe-san on the back of Hokuto-san and hen, we returned to the [Wolf King] hall where Sirius-sama was waiting.

— Sirius —
We joined with Emilia and others who came back and we shared information. This was the second time we came to the Arbitray castle today.
I was worried whether we could get through since the night was already late, but we could get through the main with no problem.
“Not only Hundred Wolves-sama, you guys are deemed acceptable by Isabella-sama.” (??)
They didn’t talk much, but it seemed that the influence was big when it came to people who have such a strength. Anyhow, we were allow to get through since we were well known.
We asked the guard in response to tell the Beast King that we came for an urgent business. We were led by the attendant of the castle and waited in a guest room.
From the large window of the guest room which was on the third floor of the castle, we saw a vast forest and mountains behind the battlefield where we fought earlier today. I couldn’t see it in detail since it was already dark outside, but the forest and mountain seemed to be quite large.
I was sitting and waiting on a chair in front of a table which was set up in the middle of the room and then the Beast King together with McDatt showed up.
I was going to ask for him if he didn’t come, but anyway, the actors were all here.
At first, they were surprised, but it seemed that they understood that this was an emergency from the atmosphere around us. The Beast King and McDatt sat in front of us with a serious look.
“This seems like a sudden visit, but… did something happened?” (Eisen)
“Yes. However, I would like people to leave before I explain. You should think it as a confidential.” (Sirius)
“…Alright.” (Eisen)
He looked like having a doubt due to my request, but whether he couldn’t simply decline due to the indebtedness to us, he instructed the attendants who were in the room to leave.
I finally got into the main subject when there were only us, the Beast King and McDatt in the guest room.
“This would be fine. Let me ask this again. Why on earth are you coming at this kind of time?” (Eisen)
“It happened a while ago, but it was a problem occurred that couldn’t be ignored. To put it simply… my life was targeted.” (Sirius)
“What!?” (Eisen)
“I already secure the criminal. Reus.” (Sirius)
“Ouu!” (Reus)
As Reus dropped the big bag he held from the inn on the floor and let out the content, the Beast King and McDatt opened their eyes wide.
“Gre-Grethe!?” (Eisen)
“This is…? Why my subordinate–… could it be!?” (McDatt)
“Just as you imagined. She aimed at my life, so we had no choice but to fight back and captured her.” (Sirius)
Grethe-san, whose both hands put down and tied up, was awake, but she couldn’t speak since there was a gag in her mouth.
She was watched over by Hokuto and Reus and had no chance to run away. Moreover, she was diverting her eyes to escape from the sharp look of the Beast King.
“Is that true?” (Eisen)
“I have no need to lie. Besides, if I want to do it, I will take more reliable measures.” (Sirius)
Since I would educate Mea from tomorrow, if I wanted to do something like that, I could just make Mea as a hostage.
The argument would be a bit weak to deceive an escort on the brunt, but if he was a king, he should have noticed it.
The Beast King was relieved once he confirmed that there was no noticeable wound on us, but the woman’s employer, McDatt, was flustered and came closer to the Beast King.
“Please hold it, Beast King-sama! My subordinate will not do such a foolish behavior!” (McDatt)
“She repeatedly said that this was for Mea-sama’s sake. I don’t understand the reason, but is there any dissatisfaction just because I become Mea-sama’s educator?” (Sirius)
“Did you force Grethe just because of that? She has a body that attract man, so it is not weird to be allured by such–…” (McDatt)
“Stop it already, McDatt. I want to believe you and Grethe, but I also can understand that these people don’t need to take such measures. Anyway, you should ask the circumstances from Grethe.” (Eisen)
However, Grethe looked downward as if she had given up everything.
The Beast King approached after listening her excuse but McDatt interrupted while keeping his head down.
“Please forgive me, Beast King-sama. First of all… May I speak with Grethe?” (McDatt)
“…Alright.” (Eisen)
Then, McDatt bent in front of Grethe and gently spoke after removing the gag.
“Grethe Ricole… Answer my question.” (McDatt) (TLN: The name in raw is グレーテ・リコエル)
“…Yes.” (Grethe)
“Did you really… aim for Sirius-kun’s life?” (McDatt)
Grette raised up her face in response to McDatt question. She quietly nodded with empty eyes.
“…Yes. I was aiming for… Sirius-kun’s life.” (Grethe)
“You did that for Mary-sama’s sake? Did you accept that dogmatic behavior” (McDatt)
“Yes… for Mary-sama’s sake, I did it on my own.” (Grethe)
McDatt shook while holding his head since Grethe easily admit it.
“As I hear, there is no mistake that you’re doing on your own. Why would you do such a foolish thing…” (McDatt)
“I will punish you later for not able to prevent your subordinate from acting recklessly. But, Grethe… you have done such a thing to them whom you troubled with a false accusation. How on earth are you going to apologize?” (Eisen)
“Beast King-sama… there is no way to apologize other than dying. Grethe Ricole. If your sins are unforgivable, chew your tongue and end it now!” (McDatt)
“Wait! There is no need to do–…” (Eisen)
Faster than the Beast King trying to stop her, Grethe showed a movement like opening mouth a bit and bit his tongue.
Even now, there was nothing we could do other than looking at Grethe who was killing herself…
“…That can’t do.” (Grethe)
No… it should be said that we didn’t have to move.
The words were shot, but Grethe showed a clear rejection.
No matter how sinful people were, I thought that it was normal to dislike death but the one who give the most respond to Grethe’s rejection was McDatt.
“Do you think such childish excuse will be accepted? Grethe Ricole,… you have sinned! It will be natural to compensate by death!” (McDatt)
“I don’t want it. If I die, I would like to die for Mary-sama, so I will live and atone this sin.” (Grethe)
“Grethe Ricole! You…” (McDatt)
“…It’s pointless, McDatt-san.” (Sirius)
McDatt called her name many times, but I untied the restraint of Grethe-san as to interrupt him in middle.
The Beast King was also surprised with that action, but instead of running away, Grethe submissively knelt.
“She will not obey your order any longer. If you push all the crimes against Grethe and make her suicide… it seemed like you tried to destroy the evidence.” (Sirius)
“Destroying the evidence? What are you saying? Didn’t Grethe admit guilty?” (McDatt)
“She was just repeating your words. I instructed her to do so, but…” (Sirius)
In order to see the movement of McDatt, I gave order to Grethe to do that.
Although I was able to figure out his true nature, we could know it because of that action.
Ignoring McDatt who was trying to say something, I tapped Grethe’s shoulder and turned my eyes toward the Beast King.
“Beast King-sama. What Grethe will talk from now is her true intention. Could you judge after listening to it?” (Sirius)
“Hmm… there are many things I don’t understand, but I will still listen to everyone’s opinion. It’s fine to speak, Grethe.” (Eisen)
“Thank you very much. I… certainly aimed for Sirius-kun’s life. Since it is a truth, I will properly make up for it. But… I didn’t want to kill him. However, I was forced by McDatt to think of him as an enemy, and I was induced to kill.” (Grethe)
“Ricole! Shut your mouth!” (McDatt)
“Although I didn’t want to kill, I tried to kill because I was put under impression… Do you understand that?” (Grethe)
“It wasn’t a normal persuasion. If I have to be detail… although this was obviously weird, there are techniques that make you think that as something natural things to do.” (Sirius)
Since the Beast King was confused because of the complicated situation, I explained the situation when I was about to be killed and what happened to Grethe.

The story went back to a few hours ago…
…when Grethe failed to assassinate me and ran away.
I managed to convince the employee of the [Wolf King] who came because of the explosion in the air and make them returned. After finished cleaning the broken windows… Emilia came home and she brought the captured Grethe.
While I was being watched Emilia and others who took care of their bodies, I joined the blood vessels one by one with [String] in order to attach Grethe’s arm. She was lying on the bed at that time.
I asked the ladies to check her belongings and restrained her so that she wouldn’t struggle. I didn’t have to worry if I got attacked when she suddenly woke up.Since I kept Hokuto at the bedside, even if she tried to do something, she would be instantly caught.
“Please forgive me. Because of me, you have to put extra effort…” (Emilia)
“Don’t worry about it. Your judgment wasn’t wrong.” (Sirius)
To be honest, it was quite hard since I was tired physically and mentally.
Even so, since what I was currently doing was a surgery, I focused my mind while ignoring the fatigue and continued working.
Did that take about an hour? Incidentally, I had Reese took over where all important vascular bones and vessels were severe.
“Thanks for the hard work. I only need to heal it afterwards, right?” (Reese)
“Yes, Reese can concentrate on treatment and I will match with you by removing the threads.” (Sirius)
Finally, I erased the [String]s connecting the blood vessels and bones at the same time with Reese treatment.
During the time when Reese’ treatment magic permeating, I drank tea brewed by Emilia while taking a breath out. At that time, Reus muttered while looking at the sleeping Grethe.
“…I definitely can’t forgive Grethe-san for what she did, but why she aim for Aniki’s life?” (Reus)
“Even if you ask that question, she would say that it was for Mea-chan, you know? From the reaction of the people in that castle and the Beast King families, I wonder if they recklessly act because of Mea-chan?” (Fia)
“Mea-chan is adversely affecting them, but… I think it is a bit too much to accuse that. That also can’t be forgiven, right?” (Emilia)
“I have decided to push this matter to the castle, and I will also ask for reparation. But before going there, I have something that I want to investigate.” (Sirius)
After the treatment was over and the [String]s had disappeared, we just needed to wait until Grethe-san woke up later. Incidentally, I picked up the bracelet she had on the table nearby.
“Is that… the bracelet worn by Grethe-san?” (Emilia)
“Yes, it was put on the severed arm. I am very concern about it since a while ago.” (Sirius)
“So, did Grethe-san took such action because of that?” (Emilia)
“The possibility is high but I can’t say it for certain. But… I notice something. At least, mana isn’t released from that, so it seems that it receives mana from the outside, but…” (Sirius)
When I examined the bracelet, there was a complicated and fine magic formation engraved on the reverse side.
It was a magic formation that I saw for the first time, but the most interesting part about this bracelet was an existence of other things than the magic formation.
“Oh my. From one thing to another… I will never get bored of this.” (Sirius)
Today… it would be a long night.
When this incident ended, I thought of sleeping together with Hokuto who had sharp intuition and slept soundly until the morning.
“Aniki, the bracelet is bad, is it?” (Reus)
“I’m not sure, but it turns out that this magic tool was made by Shishou.” (Sirius)
On Grethe’s bracelet, there were a magic formation of Shishou’s mark.
When Shishou was still traveling around the world as an Elf, she said that she halfheartedly made various magic tools and this was one of them.
However, since Shishou’s magic formation was too complicated to know the effect, I couldn’t confirmed that she was manipulated by this thing. I had found various magic tools made by Shishou until now, but many of them didn’t really matter.

&123;Yes… this is certainly the one I made.&125; (Shisho)
We went outside the mansion and I decided to ask Shishou directly. By the way, Hokuto was inside the mansion to watch over Grethe.
&123;But I can’t remember its effect. It’s because I’ve made countless bracelet…&125; (Shishou)
“I think about it every time, but don’t forget what you have made, you know. At least, leave a document, or even a memo.” (Sirius)
Looking from the side, people would only see us as a strange bunch of people who were talking to a wooden knife stabbed on the ground.
Other people might not hear Shishou, but we surely heard her voice and were talking to her.
&123;Yeah… I can’t remember. Aah, I’m thirsty…&125; (Shishou)
“…Emilia.” (Sirius)
“Yes, please be careful. It’s hot.” (Emilia)
&123;No, no… it’s good when it’s hot. Yeah… I can see a bit disorder in the tea, but as expected, it is tasty…&125; (Shishou)
When Emilia poured the tea brewed onto the knife, the delighted voices of Shishou echoed in our brain.
Now… to explain this situation in detail, should I say that the wooden knife I got from Shishou had her will…?
To be exact, it could be said as a fission of Shishou, but anyhow, this knife contains her will and the knowledge, and if I prepared the requirement, a conversation was possible just like my [Call].
I confirmed the function several months after I got this knife, but of course, the conversation wasn’t easy.
For some reason, it was useless unless the knife was stabbed in the ground, maybe because the material was made of wood. Furthermore, it requires enormous amount of mana, so I couldn’t do it unless I filled it up with a manastone.
A conversation took about ten minutes by using one stone and it nearly cost ten god coins… no matter how much money I had, it wouldn’t be enough. A manastone crumbled every time I used it, and this was one of the reasons why we were short of money.
For that reason, I didn’t want to rely on this method too much, but I decided to consult her because I was in hurry this time.
&123;More tea!&125; (Shishou)
“If you want it, please remember it quickly.” (Sirius)
&123;It can’t be helped then… place the bracelet here.&125; (Shishou)
I was… repeatedly driven with an urge to smash this knife, but far from breaking up, it wasn’t damaged at all.
Although it didn’t burn, I endured myself from putting a fire on it. Instead, I placed the bracelet on the knife.
&123;Hmmm… this magic tool, if it is activated, the wearer would be in a hypnotic state. It seems to a magic tool that makes the wearer to easily follow an implication.&125; (Shishou)
“Is it similar to how Aniki was trying to make me sleep when I was a child?” (Reus)
“It is something similar. I see. Then, it seemed that Grethe was being implicated.” (Sirius)
“So the content of the suggestion is… to kill Sirius for Mea-chan’s sake?” (Fia)
&123;Ooh, I remember now. The reason for making this was certainly because there was a fool saying that tea couldn’t be drunk during a trip, so I made it to force that person to drink it. Well, I made it for that… hahaha!&125; (Shishou)
No, it wasn’t something to be laugh at when she included the reason.
However, Shishou didn’t make such a tool for this kind of excessive behavior. Be a magic tool or a weapon, it all depended on the person who used it.
“Grethe-san did something unforgivable, but the one that I can’t forgive more is that culprit!” (Emilia)
“Me too! Giving a suggestion to conduct murder… I will not forgive such a person!” (Reese)
“I don’t know who is that, but I will slice if I find that guy!” (Reus)
“Hey, I know that you are angry, but calm down. Especially you, Rues. If you calmly think about the culprit, you have rough prediction, right?” (Sirius)
There was only one person who wasn’t interested when I became Mea’s educator.
More importantly…. No, it was too early to confirm since I hadn’t had much conversation with that person yet.
Anyway, I needed to see that guy directly.
After finishing the conversation with Shishou, we returned to the mansion and put the bracelet on Grethe. I used the activation key I heard from Shishou to activate the magic tool at the same time when she woke up. In addition, I cancelled the implication given to Grethe.
Grethe noticed the significant of the mess she had done due the implication. She didn’t only knelt down while hitting her head with a momentum on the floor, she took off her clothes trying to compensate with her body.
That situation was somehow concluded with the ability of the ladies. Incidentally, when it became calm, I looked at Grethe again.
“I have decided to take you to the castle and I will decide the punishment later. But, if you want to compensate for your sins even a little, we want you to cooperate.” (Sirius)
“…I will do anything if I can. I definitely think of this for the sake of Mary-sama, so even if I am sentenced to death, I want to die for her sake…” (Grethe)
From here on, in order to successfully draw out the nature of the culprit, we came to the castle after discussing and preparing some tricks.

“…Hence, Grethe had a cloudy judgment due to the magic tool, and that’s why she was imprinted with lies by McDatt. That is one of the methods called implication.” (Sirius)
In short, Grethe was used as to cut off the tail.
If Grethe succeeded in the assassination, an eyesore like me would disappear or even if she failed and to be like this in the present situation, he could try to destroy the evidence by ordering her to suicide.
I didn’t tell that it came from Shishou, but as I summarized the information, the Beast King nodded as if he was convinced.
“Aah… I see. The reason why that guy insisted on using Grethe’s family name was because…” (Eisen)
“Yes, that was the activation key.” (Sirius)
The culprit was using Grethe’s full name because her family name ‘Ricole’ was the bracelet’s activation key.
By the way, the magic formation of the bracelet had been modified before coming to the castle so that it wouldn’t activated.
The culprit who was silenced by such explanation from me… McDatt, gathered the attention of everyone, but he just stood without expression.
“McDatt, their explanation is convincing, but do you have anything to say?” (Eisen)
“…No, I have nothing. I never thought that somebody could figure out my plan this far, so I’d rather praise them. Actually, this is interesting…” (McDatt)
When I thought whether he would resign himself after being questioned by the Beast King, McDatt was smiling happily.
Hmm… he was somehow expecting this.
“Please forgive me, Beast King-sama. Everything is true. I was deprived from the job of educator of Mary-sama, so…” (McDatt)
“Quit the farce.” (Sirius)
McDatt admitted his fault, but I interjected to stop him.
My companions and the Beast King were tilting their head to me because I suddenly said such a thing, but I kept talking while staring at McDatt.
“…Sirius-sama?” (Emilia)
“What’s wrong Aniki?” (Sirius)
“Not just the body, I’m not sure how you change your mana, but it seems that it is impossible to change the unique presence when looking at that prey.” (Sirius)
“…What are you talking about?” (Eisen)
“McDatt is also a fake name, right? When I saw you one year ago… you were a woman.” (Sirius)
He seemed to be nothing but a male human, but I was convinced with that smile.
I would not forget that…a year ago, that person wasthe only prey that escaped during the fight in Parade.
“I wonder if the wound shot by me already completely cured?” (Sirius)
With that words, McDatt… No, the mysterious existence put up an hideous smile.

※Supplementary explanation
The person Sirius mentioned appeared in Chapter 107.

Excerpts from a certain scene.
Grethe noticed the significant of the mess she had done due the suggestion. She didn’t only knelt down while hitting her head with a momentum on the floor, she took out her clothes trying to compensate with her body.
“Even if you guys feel unease, you can do anything you want to me. My appearance is inferior than those girls, but I have confidence in my body, so…” (Grethe)
“Haa!” (Emilia)
“Take it easy, Nee-chan!” (Reus)
The moment Grethe only left with underwear, Emilia tried to poke Reus’ eyes, but… Reus was defending well.
Since he was done before, Reus’ crisis avoidance ability was quite high.
That failed to close Reus’ eyes, but since Reus kept hitting and defending against his sister, there was no room to look at Grethe at all. Whatever the circumstances was, as long as she made him unable to see, it meant she had succeeded in her cause.
In the meantime, my vision was gently blocked by the palm of Reese who stood behind me.
“Who-who am I?” (Reese)
“You don’t have to overdoing it since you can just block normally. But well, your innocence is cute.” (Sirius)
“Yes, yes, we can’t talk if you take it off. So, let’s put on the clothes.” (Fia)
“…I’ve lost all confidence.” (Grethe)
The ladies in the house were competent in many ways.

Hokuto and Shishou
※It feels that this part is slightly neglected, so please read it with an open heart. (Author)
It turned out that the knife received from Shishou was a fission of her, and this was the conversation for the second time.
Although they were got used to each other to a certain extent, Hokuto didn’t approached the knife maybe because he had difficulties to deal with her, but he was coming closer during the second conversation.
&123;Oh, aren’t you Dog-chan? You look good.&125; (Shishou)
“…Woof.” (Hokuto)
A sight where a knife stuck on the ground and a large wolf gazed at it… it looked surreal.
&123;By the way, although it is a bit late to say this, your Master is good at handling woman, isn’t it?&125; (Shishou)
“Woof?” (Hokuto)
&123;I was worried since he lived his life only with you and me deep in the mountains.&125; (Shishou)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
&123;More importantly, it seems satisfying even in the night. However, well, sometimes woman wants to be overwhelmed. Especially, doing bondage on Emilia or…&125; (Shishou)
“Alright, Hokuto, take it! You can mark it all you want!” (Sirius)
&123;Wait, what are going to do!?&125; (Shishou)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
&123;Hey! It’s fine to bite, but the claw is– aahh!?&125; (Shishou)
The result was… the knife didn’t have even one scratch mark.
It seemed that Hokuto tried to mark it with claws, but since both claws and the knife were in perfect condition, Hokuto was slightly overwhelmed
“…Why did you shout when you weren’t even scratched?” (Sirius)
&123;It’s a tree, you know… and that’s it. You will understand when you become a tree!&125; (Shishou)
“How am I supposed to understand that!?” (Sirius)
In other words, he had to stop being a human, wasn’t it?
It seemed impossible to understand it even if he lived the whole life.


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