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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 56

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"Alright! Next carry some weights on your back and run!" (Reus)
“””Ehhh–!?""" (Trainees)
When Reus’ voice spread around the training ground, it was followed by the students scream.
“If you have energy to scream, you're going to be alright then. According to Aniki, a really hopeless person should not even react." (Reus)
What he was carrying on his back was a bag filled with thirty kilograms of sand. Reus was running while carrying that for an hour but he looks fine still.
To compare him with others, the students who ran without anything on their back, gasped for breath and fell on the ground with a face like they will die in any moment.
“Say, Reus-senpai. Do you really run so much every morning?" (Trainee)
“Yeah. But usually, I would run faster. Since there are numerous obstacles in forest, this course is easy. As for me, I'm not satisfied with this." (Reus)
“H-hiii…" (Trainee)
Frankly speaking, the footing at the mountain is really bad, and the degree of fatigue is totally different since you can’t run straight. However, since the students were half dead, they should train on nothing else but more on their foundation.
Reus was going to continue carrying the weight but I entered midway and stopped him.
“I have seen them reach their limit today, so the training should be next time. Since it's not good if they get injured, it's better to stop at this point." (Sirius)
“Got it, Aniki. But, is it fine for me to run some more?" (Reus)
“Sure, since I will do it later, you can run until you satisfied." (Sirius)
“Ouu!" (Reus)
He started running again with speed no slower than the earlier and the students were looking at him dumbfoundedly. I snapped my fingers in front of the students to gather their attention.
“Let me say this first, I don't want you to think to become like Reus. The reason for you to run this time is make you aware of your own limit, and I'm going to teach you nothing but how to improve that limit." (Sirius)
The students seemed to be confused with what I said. I'm afraid to say that we don't have enough time but I will train them only on the foundation.
“Whether you disagree or not, the person who thinks they can't do this training can leave freely. Those who want power is to learn on his own." (Sirius)
“I'm sorry, can you teach us how to use sword like Reus?" (??)
“The one who taught swordsmanship to Reus was not me. What I did was teach him ways to strengthen his body in order to swing that sword." (Sirius)
Almost all students who heard that were discouraged. To learn how to use that splendid swordsmanship, there will be no meaning if the body can't keep up.
[Hard Break – One Hand Sword Style], in particular, gives a huge burden to the body, and it will break your body if you don't properly train.
“Please think it through until tomorrow if you still have questions. With this, we will dismiss for today.” (Sirius)
The students were totally exhausted, they stood up unsteadily and returned to their dormitories. There were about thirty people who participated this time but it seemed tomorrow we will have only half of the number.
In the beginning, the reason for them to run is not to check the individual stamina but to see whether they have determination to continue doing it seriously. I have no room to teach people who comes halfheartedly.
“Ooooo—!" (Reus)
Today is the same too, Reus is running all out in the training ground, creating big cloud of dust. After that, the next flow of event for him is swinging a wooden sword that is inserted with weights. Some students desperately try to keep up with him, as not wanting to be defeated. There are many friends (aka underlings) of Reus and they are really going to be strong.
“As expected of Boss. But I…!" (Reus' underling)
“I-I lose! I am the next head of Arcade household! To be defeated by a commoner…!" (Hart)
There was Hart, who challenged Reus on labyrinth, mixed among them. There seemed somebody who fell down because of fatigue, but there were several others students who stood by to look after them, so it's alright.
I left the spot and headed to where the students gathered a slight distance from this location.
“…For your information, you don't have to fire magic by using methods in textbook." (Emilia)
“What's more important is the 'Image'. Don't think of what other people have shown you. You need to believe you can do it and be convinced it will happen." (Reese)
Emilia and Reese were giving lectures over there. On Reus side, he's training students on forging the body and swordsmanship while on this side, it is training on improving magic.
There were thirty students sitting in front of them, they taught the way of using magic that I had taught them, while showing a demonstration. There was a newcomer mixed in the group and that student raised hand to ask question.
“What should I do in order to 'believe firmly'?" (Student)
“Just believe in Sirius-sama. If that person says you can, it means that you can do it. In fact, I was able to do it after a couple of days." (Emilia)
“Yeah, everyone thinks that is difficult except for Emilia and Reus only. But I myself keep on practicing and believe I can do it without chanting. Shall we have them invoke elementary level magic without chanting?" (Reese)
By prohibiting chanting and reciting the name of spell only, it seems like it's not going well when they invoke a spell. It is impossible to break the absorbed common sense with superficial feelings after all. Even Reese took considerable time before she could do it.
In addition, since they are students who already have difficulties in casting spells, the hurdle for them is increased furthermore. Just keep on the 'Image' earnestly and continue reciting the name of the spell. Although it may break their nerve every time they try, if they don't give up now, they will be able to use it someday.
As one would expect, I thought it would be impossible for first few days but a single girl showed the sign. The girl is one year junior than us, when she recited [Flame Arrow], a fireball appeared even though it was momentary.
“I-I did it, Onee-sama!" (Girl)
“That's great, you managed to do it quickly." (Emilia)
“It is because Onee-sama said I can do it. Onee-sama deserves all credit!" (Girl)
The look of that girl towards Emilia is the look of a girl who was completely in love. That girl fell in love with Emilia at first sight after she entered the school, and she adored Emilia and called Emilia 'Onee-sama'.
After all, if your favorite person says so, the degree of believing is stronger and that will be the reason to get the skill earlier. It is completely the same as Emilia. It's just that she is troubled because the reaction is coming from the same gender.
Since there is a person with common sense here, Reese, there won't be a problem if I leave it alone. When Emilia noticed me, she waved her hands and left that spot.
It is not only me alone to teach them, which is why I let my disciples teach them since they have experience. There is something to see when being taught from the bottom and this is also another part of the training. Reus, rather than teaching, he goes out to the front while having others catching up from behind. Since that is another kind of training, I let him do what he wants.
Of course I am teaching too, I will find their preferences in education style and move accordingly.
For the time being, the training seems to be doing well for each person. Since today is the day to report to the headmaster, I went to the headmaster's office after looking at the disciples' circumstances once.

Half month has passed since the fight between the headmaster and I unfolded.
I managed to obtain the graduation qualification, so I thought of taking my time to do preparation for the journey since there are still several months left before graduation. However, the students who realized about my true strength said that they wanted me to train them or teach them about no chanting.
To be honest, I want to train them but there are many things going on and I had to keep declining them.
On one day, there was a call from the headmaster.
I thought I would be pressed for cake again but I wasn't called to come to the headmaster’s office but to the meeting room where the teachers use it for discussion purposes.
On a big long desk set in the meeting room, it was filled with all the teachers from this school, and the headmaster who sat on the chief seat made me sit on the other side. When I looked around while thinking that it was rare for all the teachers to gather in one place, one teacher scowled at me and raised his voice.
“Headmaster! Do you really intend to let him, a student, to be here? I object!" (??)
“What do you think we have to be here for!? Though you are the headmaster, it is still improper!" (??)
When a single noble teacher raised his voice, there were several other teachers with same thought who turned upon on the headmaster. However, the headmaster didn't bother with the complaints with nonchalant face, and drank the prepared tea.
Oi oi, what on earth is this? When I think whether they know the reason why they were called here, I also didn't know the meaning of being glared by several teachers.
“Excuse me, what is the reason for me to be called here?" (Sirius)
“That's rude. Teachers, to scowl at the student that you know nothing about is pathetic. Magna-sensei, please explain." (Rodwell)
“Understood. Sirius-kun, after the fight with the headmaster, do you know that other students wanted you to train them in?" (Magna)
“They wanted me to train and teach them no chant but I refused since our graduation is near." (Sirius)
There are also other rude teachers and my main reason is because there is not enough time. There is nothing else that can be done in several months except basic training and I think the most dangerous issue is to train them halfway. From others point of view, it will make them a little bit stronger than other person.
The teacher who raised his voice at the headmaster earlier, nodded many times after listening to my refusal.
“That is a proper consideration. I don't want the students to grow an unnecessary thought." (??)
“Why did you say unnecessary thought? At least, I don't think it is unnecessary to teach no chant." (Rodwell)
“T-that is… not only magic, that strange training is also suspicious." (??)
“Suspicious… is it? The 'Flame Prince', Mark, received that training and he finally made five [Flame Lance]s at the same time and destroyed all targets. He had that kind of achievement after going through that suspicious training, huh? In the first place, I don't remember any rule that prohibited teaching among students." (Rodwell)
I didn't train Mark, I merely advised him but since it is unlikely they will take my interpretation in the conversation, I remained silent.
“But, we have our own guidelines! If they received that kind of training, do you plan to take responsibility if the students instruction becomes strange!?" (??)
The noble teacher retorted while getting impatience for the headmaster's answer but it's not that I don't understand that teacher. As for other teachers, it will be unpleasant if their students become better after receiving guide from the student instructor.
I want to make myself as a bystander but it seems impossible because the headmaster has turned his eyes on me.
“I understood it well. By the way, Sirius-kun. If you are going to train the students, how are you going to do it?" (Rodwell)
“Well, if I do it, I will train them to improve their basic physical strength and teach them no chant. Considering the time until graduation, I think it should be around that period." (Sirius)
“Speaking of which, what is the impact of your training towards the students who receive it? For me, I don't see any advantage from that." (Rodwell)
“Hmmm, I don't think it's that easy to do no chant. Besides, I will teach the meaning of chanting…" (Sirius)
While gradually looking at the teachers until the noise became low, the headmaster made a big sigh. Hmmm, I understood what the headmaster was going to do.
“How are you going to make them learn it when you said it's difficult? Then, why don't you guys learn no chant too. If you wish for it, let me teach you then." (Rodwell)
“What!? For you to do such thing…" (??)
“I won't say no. Let alone me but the one before you, Sirius-kun, and his disciples, Emilia and Reus-kun seems able to do it, you know. Aren't you frustrated at being defeated by him, who is a child?" (Rodwell)
That is strangely aggressive. The headmaster is not only going to improve the students but also the quality of teachers. I'm absolutely not going to say this but if the side who teaches has bad quality of teaching, there is no possibility for the student to improve.
“The time to be puffed up because you are a teacher is over. Sirius-kun, would you like to teach the students who want to improve?" (Rodwell)
“I want to do it if possible. If they keep at it, whether they can at least do elementary level spell with no chant or…" (Sirius)
“By all means, can you do it? It’s not a problem if it's not possible for the students and I'm not going to ask you to be responsible on whatever you do. And, let's have a match with me. Whether the students that Sirius-kun teach can cast a spell with no chant or the teachers whom I teach can do it faster.” (Rodwell)
“What!?"" (Teachers?)
There were teachers who were opposed when the headmaster decided on his own but it was immediately settled when he stared at them.
“I want you guys to have a sense of impending crisis. If you remain as it is, you will be made fun by the students, you know." (Rodwell)
“That's an exaggeration! We properly had a hard time, as if we're going to fall behind to students! Take back your word." (??)
“Well then, have a match with the student over there, Sirius-kun. I will give you my word if you win." (Rodwell)
The teachers focuses their attention on me but once they looked at me, most of them immediately averted their eyes. There is a big different in strength between the headmaster and other teachers, it seems they are aware of me who can get even with the headmaster. That difference is probably making them silent quickly, but if there is a guy wants to throw a challenge, don't use me as you please since it's troublesome.
I recognized several favorable teachers among them, who were laughing.
“The time is short but please bring new wind of changes to the school." (Rodwell)
And because of that discussion, I have to recruit those who are interested and train them. The gathering for all teachers today is not for a personal interview but to let them know not to become a hindrance towards my training.
If there is any student who can cast spell with no chant after I train them, that will be another justification to smash their lame excuse. This is certainly a course of an upcoming revolution.
I am somewhat being used by him but I don't think it's bad. I can do mock teaching with Emilia and the others that I've been training since they were little, it is a good opportunity to examine the differences in growth rate among students who are training from now on. I wonder how far they will go in several months, I really look forward to it.

While I was thinking about it, I arrived in front of the headmaster's office. I entered after knocking and I reported the contents of the training to the headmaster who sat on his usual desk.
“Oooh? Did someone already show a sign of casting magic with not chant? It goes well indeed." (Rodwell)
“And there are still some who came for fun but Reus chased them away. ” (Sirius)
“I don't mind it. To the bitter end, Sirius-kun is the only one who teaches thoroughly between the students. The difference will be known later and it is a good thing to be spread out and that can make other students more interested." (Rodwell)
I'm just an instigator after all. Later, I will leave it to the students' will and the perseverance of teachers whom I trained.
By the way, the teachers to whom the headmaster is teaching are not doing very well. As I expect, it seems difficult to break the common sense.
“We are going to graduate soon. In the beginning, I thought of entering school to train my disciples safely, but various things happened." (Sirius)
Starting with the meeting with Reese, destroying the murderer group in school labyrinth, being involved with the royal family’s problem, and the revolution uproar at the end. It was very indescribable five years.
When I was reminiscing about the past deeply, the headmaster let out a sigh of regret.
“Haaa… If Sirius-kun graduates, I cannot eat cake later." (Rodwell)
“Isn't the Galgan Company selling it on the market? Since they have specialized patissier, it should be better than mine." (Sirius)
“Yes, I went to eat and it was good. But… it is different. The company's cake is delicious but something is insufficient unlike Sirius-kun's." (Rodwell)
Now that you mention it, when I bring my disciples to Galgan Company to sample the cakes, their reaction was difficult. It is certainly delicious but they say mine is several times more delicious.
'It is the taste of homemade cooking', when Zack said that, the disciples were all in agreement but since when I became your mother? You and I are in the same age group.
“Hmmm are you sure that you don't want to become a cook for my house? I promise the treatment you'll get is not something you can get anywhere else." (Rodwell)
“Impossible." (Sirius)
Since these question and answer have been happening too many times already, my answer is quick too. The headmaster usually feels really down when I refuse, but today he is smiling and talking heartily.
“Even though I have lived for a long time, these five years felt really long. My research advances too and I had seen so many new things. For you to be here, I really am grateful." (Rodwell)
“Same here. I was involved in many ways but I was able to spend very fulfilling days." (Sirius)
“Huhu… I somewhat feel a splinter but it inevitable isn't it? If I'm going to give you reward as my apology to you, is there something you want?" (Rodwell)
“I had you teach me techniques of magic formation, in particular… no, I want to hear one. Do you understand about my mana?" (Sirius)
After having finished fighting against the headmaster, I asked him the question that I thought for a long time.
It is about the speed of my mana recovery. It usually takes one day to completely recover mana but it is clearly abnormal that I recover instantly. Therefore, I didn't talk about it to anybody. But I consulted with the headmaster with the wits to escape when the goings get tough since it's almost time for graduation.
I anticipated this to certain extent but I left it alone since it was convenient. However, I still wanted to hear a professional opinion.
“Your mana recovery speed, right? Yes, I confirmed it after fighting you." (Rodwell)
“I thought that my mana was the result of what is almost similar to atmospheric mana but may I think of that as the cause?" (Sirius)
“That's correct. Or perhaps I should say, rather than almost similar, yours is about the same. Because of that, you recover your mana instantly when it's taken from all over the atmosphere." (Rodwell)
The normal process for common people to recover their mana is too naturally absorb mana from the atmosphere, convert it to mana that fits oneself, and then they will recover their mana.
The [Search] spell that I often use to sense the surroundings is a spell that can be naturally detected by enemies in the area. In addition to that, the spell as it is unlikely to be noticed since my mana is similar to the mana in the atmosphere.
If I have to say extremely, unless the mana in the world completely disappears, I can use magic infinitely.
“Is that so? To instantly recover mana no matter how many times, that's a cheat ability if I don't say so myself." (Sirius)
“I will feel pain to the extent of fainting every time my mana is depleted but does Sirius-kun feel no pain? During the battle, you appeared to recover many times but the condition of feeling pain wasn't seen at all." (Rodwell)
“Well, I already got used to it. Already used to…" (Sirius)
It is much better if I compare the pain to when I received violent attack from my master. I cannot faint even if I want to faint, when I have a taste such pain to faint in agony for years, the pain of fainting from mana exhaustion is really subtle.
“…I think it is good for me not to hear what kind of pain you have tasted. Let's return to the discussion, it's certainly true that speed of mana recovery is cheating, but that's to make up for you being colorless. Since you cannot use strong magic from each attribute, in terms of balance, you have displayed a non attribute spells that are comparable to advanced level spells. You are an existence that must never be antagonized." (Rodwell)
I have been treated like a monster by the Magic Master. I want to say this magic and cake addict a similar retort.
“I'm really glad that you are not a foolish bad person. If you are, the Elysion would be fall by your hand." (Rodwell)
“I won't do that…" (Sirius)
I got to know Reese and met the King directly and if I intend to do it, it might be possible to conquer Elysion. However, I definitely won't do it since it's troublesome.
“That's it for the report and discussion. I need to teach no chant to other teachers, so please excuse me." (Rodwell)
“Good work. I guess your work increases tremendously, right?" (Sirius)
“It's surely tiring but the me right now is very motivated." (Rodwell)
It is different from before when he would deny whatever he said but he realizes now he can move forwards after the teachers can accept, even a little. If this keeps going on, the quality of the students who will graduate in several years later would improve remarkably.
I went out of the room and when I was about to depart, the headmaster said this and went away.
“I would like a cheesecake when you submit report next time." (Rodwell)
“Go and buy it yourself!" (Sirius)
Even if five years have passed, this man will never change slightly about cake.

And then, I continued training the students and I was able to educate almost fifty students eventually.
In general, they were able to shorten the chanting, 80% can perfectly cast elementary level spells with no chant and several people can do it with intermediate level spells. The result for training in a short period of time is very good. I am grateful to Emilia and Reese because they did their best to train the students.
There was remarkable increase in term of physical strength, the difference is twice fold when we compared them to the students that we didn't train. Of course, they were people who got carried away, so they were thoroughly beaten and taught about reality.
To be specific, that's when Reus and I had mock battle, we had several people on me at the same time but their assault was over without grazing us. On the other hand, they were sunk in the ground and we properly made them remember the hierarchical rank. There were a lot who behaved like a spoiled children and since the time is short, I continued my strict education.
When I was harsh on them, some of the students said I favored certain students. My disciples also behave like spoiled children but when it comes to training, they were not like that all so there was no need to be strict on them. Rather than being strict myself, I become the side that held back so I don't go too far.
Because of that, when I displayed mock battle between me and Reus, they didn't say it anymore after that. The most important thing Reus said among the students who trained for swordsmanship, if they see a figure of prostrating on the ground and become ragged, that's normal.

And then, the day before graduation…
I gathered all members on the training ground and gave my last words.
“Everyone did their best until now. We will graduate tomorrow but in order to not make our training until now wasted, keep working hard on it, alright." (Sirius)
“””Yes!""" (Trainees)
The students stood in line in perfect order and answered with loud voice. I can see nothing but the sight of an army troops. It is fine for them to be at ease and I don't remember forcing this on them.
The culprit is probably Emilia. She spread about my splendor every time she trained them, I feel somewhat the need to give my attendants training on the spot. The outcome of her doing was…. this situation that looks like an army troops. I don't remember teaching her about this but she is fearfully reliable in spite of being my disciple.
There were also moved to tears, though I was harsh on them, it seemed they didn't want to part with me. I think such time like this is simply my luck as an educator.
It is a sight to be impressed but there is one last warning left.
“And, my last word… No matter how many times I have said this, there will be a lot of times when you will get into trouble and be caught up in the moment. You guys have certainly became stronger if you compare yourself to other students but being at the top will make you hear unpleasant comments, do you understand that?" (Sirius)
It may be because of Reus, who is next to me, put on an overwhelming feeling, many times… and that made the students almost brake down, so they then nodded.
“I will put my hand off you guys from now on but if you keep on doing things that I taught, you will become stronger. I am not going to stop whatever you do because you acquired strength on your own and I won't say don't do bad things." (Sirius)
Because of that sentence, the students commotion became louder. In this world, one's life can easily disappear. There will be a time when they absolutely have to do bad things in order to survive. Saying that you want to use your strength to uphold justice is insignificant if you die along the way.
“But…if I know that you use that strength to do foolish things… I will make you regret for being alive." (Sirius)
“””Hiiiii!? Y-yessss….""" (Students)
When I released my blood thirst with the intention to kill, they replied while almost half of them unable to stand up.
I did this at the beginning of our training and they either fainted, were going to run away, or there was no one who could say anything. But, I guess they really have grown up now.
Finally, after I called them one by one and gave simple advice, I dismissed them. The girl who adored Emilia tried to snatch her lips but the table was turned around and it ended with no problem. Although it was decided with a joint lock technique and being thrown on the ground, I had a feeling that she was in ecstasy.
I don't know what's going to happen to you guys from now on but I hope that you want to make your life worth living.

After that, we returned to the Diamond Cottage, took all the food that we prepared earlier and had a small party.
For some reason, Princess Lifell also joined in, she is now sitting next to Reese and enjoy eating roast beef. Although, the king position hasn't been handed over to her, she should be occupied with things but… she is still a princess with light footwork. (TLN: The author use 'footwork' as katakana, not sure how to change it to a correct phrase.) (EDN: I'm guessing 'workload' but I'll leave it as is.)
While being amazed with her, Reus, who was eating kabayaki of Jya-Ora Snake, turned to me and muttered.
“Are we finally going to graduate? Aniki, shall we visit Noel-nee and Dee-ni first?" (Reus)
“Of course. Noel urged us, in the letter, to come and see them immediately after graduation. That person will pout if we don't visit them first." (Sirius)
We exchanged letters several times but at the end of the letter, she wrote this without fail… that she is waiting for us to go to her home. The child was born safely and seems to be four years old. Anyway, it's inevitable that the child is going to be cute. However, since they didn't write the name and gender of the child, I really look forward to see what kind of child it is.
“As far as I have read with her writing style, it seems Onee-chan hasn't changed much. Although she had become a mother by having a child, Dee-san, in his letter, wrote that she is a person easily elated by flattery as ever." (Emilia)
“Good grief. Well, that is how Noel is. For me, I'm relieved that she hasn't changed." (Sirius)
It is because those two are the most important people for me. It's going to take some time before we can meet since it's quite a distance from here but I look forward to seeing them again. Reese also seems looking forward to see Noel because she heard stories many times from Emilia.
After that, the party continued and the food dishes became less while we were chatting for a short while. Princess Lifell suddenly sighed and then I heard the reason.
“Haaa… Reese and Sirius-kun will be gone starting from tomorrow. Since it's very comfortable here, it's really regrettable…" (Lifell)
“Ane-sama, this is a school dormitory and it is not a lounge for royalty." (Reese)
“But, that is because you guys are here. Which reminds me, what is going to happen to the Diamond Cottage? Is there a plan for a student to move in here?" (Lifell)
“I hear that it's going to be a vacant house. There are enough vacancies in the school dormitory and it's troublesome to move from here." (Sirius)
“Thought it is complete with facilities, it's wasted…" (Lifell)
The Diamond Cottage has been cleaned neatly by Emilia and others, including the magic formation to heat the bath and another that acts like an air conditioner. The weapons that I hide in the basement were destroyed and I already entrusted the Galgan Company on the essential things.
As I leave our created house with luggage, this Diamond Cottage has finished its duty as the dormitory.
In the period of five years, I remodelled the Diamond Cottage the way I wanted it.
When I think that I'm going to leave here, I can feel nothing but a little sentimental.
When I build a house by myself sometime later to settle down, I intend to make it with better facilities. For Emilia and Reus, I am a bit worried having them live a life as a wanderer.
“It's not necessary for you to worry about such thing. It is because Reus and I have decided that the place for us to return is beside Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
“Aniki, you don't have to worry about asking us to come with you." (Reus)
“Is that so? I'm glad to have disciples like you guys." (Sirius)
“We too are happy to be Sirius-sama's disciple and attendant. Of course, Reese too, right?" (Emilia)
“Ehh!? Y-yeah. I am… happy to be together with Sirius-san." (Reese)
“Alright! You said it, Reese!" (Lifell)
Reese didn't deny it while her face reddened and Princess Lifell was looking and laughing.
The party continued until late at night, and the last night we spent in the Diamond Cottage was over like this.

The day of the graduation ceremony.
This world graduation ceremony is not a grand ceremony. To simply explain the flow, the students are gathered in the lecture hall, a commendation to the person who excels during the five year period and listening to the headmaster's speech. And then, it's over.
There is a space for almost 100 people behind the graduates who are standing and it seems that space is for the relatives and juniors. The participation of juniors seems optional, there were around 50 students gathered during last year but today, it was filled by people.
It includes the students whom we trained, juniors who adore Emilia, bodyguards of Reese who is called as saintess, and bodyguards of Mark. And also Reus' friends (aka underlings). It seemed this was the first time the graduation gathered so many people, even the school teachers were surprised.
And then, the wind attribute announcer used [Echo] to commence the graduation ceremony.
&123;Then, we begin the graduation ceremony. First of all, I'm going to call for the graduates, and then the said students, please go up on the stage." (Announcer)
The graduates are divided into categories, it starts with each attribute department, weapon department and magic formation department. This time, the graduates will receive special mantle, and the graduates got on stage proudly to receive it. How I should it, isn't that mantle a mantle that should be given to those who clear the labyrinth for the first time? The labyrinth was closed for a while due to the event of murderers so I guess it was prepared to be given here.
The students went up on the stage in succession after their name was called, and my disciples turn was getting closer.
Emilia is in the Wind Magic Department.
Reese is in the Water Magic Department.
Reus is in the Weapon Department.
And then, Mark is commended as a student of Fire Magic Department.
By the way, I am not called. I thought I would be called in the Magic Formation Department but come to think of it, I did not leave any results to get the acknowledgement.
However, I don't know the reason and I am not frustrated. If it's about the mantle, I already received an amazing royal mantle.
The disciples went up on stage, I was proud looking at them being awarded with the mantle and…
&123;And for a special case, the addition of new Non Attribute Department, Sirius Teacher.&125; (Announcer)
Big applause rose to disregard me who was astonished, I was almost made to go up on stage.
The graduates including the disciples and Mark gave a big applause, I walked to the headmaster who was standing on the stage while I was a bit embarrassed.
“It is a department especially only for this time, Sirius-kun, congratulation." (Rodwell)
“…Thank you very much." (Sirius)
Special case huh… whatever the circumstances may be, I am touched. I made a glare but the headmaster simply eluded it with an unruffled face and whispered to me with a low voice.
“To let you graduate without commending you is something that I can't do as the headmaster. You can think of this as gratitude from me." (Rodwell)
What was handed to me with a smile on his whole face was a ring carved with special crest, if I was going to buy it, it was a big magic stone that's worth dozens of gold coins. I didn't get a mantle because I already have different mantle.
Yeah, it's a department that is prepared specifically only for me. The headmaster is really overdoing it.
That made me gain a considerable bad reputation from some nobles. However, I'm not worried about it since I'm leaving Elysion right away.
&123;Now, since the commendation of graduates is over, Next is the speech from the headmaster. Everyone, please be quiet.&125; (Announcer)
As the commendation was over, the headmaster stood alone on the stage to give the closing speech.
“For this time commendation, I made a Non Attribute Department as a special case. This is only because I want to acknowledge his achievements. Even if you have no attribute or a commoner, anyone has potential. For those who are graduating now and those who will graduate in the future, please don't forget that." (Rodwell)
The thing I left here is not a lot but it certainly should change the school. I did the things I wanted to do, and I'm glad I could graduate without any problems.
“Let me say this again. People are similar to magic, everyone can have endless possibilities." (Rodwell)
I will step forward to outside world from now on.
I raised my disciples thoroughly and there is no problem since the preparation for the trip was almost completed.
Oh yes, let's go visit mother's grave before going to Noel's place.
We must report that we have grown up safely.
“To all graduates… Congratulations!" (Rodwell)
Thus, we have graduated from the school.

The compilation of NG of Emilia's training.
“Though you say to believe firmly, is it really possible to do it?" (Student)
“You can! Yes, you can! Sirius-sama's word is absolute! Get heated!" (Emilia)
“Even more serious! Get more heated!" (Reese?)
“””Now it is strangely hot!?""" (Students)


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