Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 134

Chapter 134 Retribution
— Aseed —
On the night that I encountered those impertinent bunches, I was cursing while drinking in an inn.
“Good grief, why isn’t this going well…?” (Aseed)
Even though I stayed in the most exclusive inn in the town, and drank alcohol after finishing the job, the feeling of irritation hadn’t disappeared from a while ago.
Originally, in addition to being able to secure the target, which was the winged people, I should still have a considerable amount of deposit money.
A few months ago… my regular customer, the lord of Obelisk, said that he wanted winged people.
I accepted the request because I was attracted with the numerous rewards and deposit payment without batting eyelids, but when I came to the actual place and conducted investigation, the winged people turned out to be a troublesome tribe more than imagined.
I thought that it was due to their small number, but I didn’t expect that they lived in the mountains where the dragon lived. That fellow gave out a huge amount of money without hesitation.
He might feel annoyed if I didn’t get a good result. In the worst case scenario, I had considered to run away if he wanted to kill me, but… as I expected, the rewards were hard to ignore.
Accordingly, I decided to hire adventurers who were familiar with the area.
I plan to hire adventurers who would guide me to the dragon’s nest, and I’d decided to kidnap the winged people without attracting the dragons’ attention.
I found adventurers who met the requirements on the way to the destination, and… we were able to secure a winged person by chance.
I found a brat of winged people washed ashore while taking a break on the side of a river. She was probably swept from the upstream. When I examined her, she still had a breath.
The shape of the wings was weird, unlike the winged people, but there was no mistake that this brat was a winged person. After that, I started going back to Obelisk while giving the brat meals to the extent that she wouldn’t die.
I was excited because of the thought of getting a lot of money without having too much trouble, but…
“Damn it… no matter how many times I think about it, it makes me angry. Those trashes are retarded!” (Aseed)
The bunch that I hired decided not to guide me but to challenge the dragon in order to be decoy.
For that reason, I hired these adventurers because I could easily convince with words, but when I took eyes off them, they found a magical beehive and arbitrarily headed there.
Thanks to that, we were chased by the group of monsters, but the thing that I couldn’t forgive was that they threw the failure out of the carriage without permission as a diversion.
Although it was enough to get away from the monsters if we kept running, those bastards were really getting into the nerve.
“Good grief. I’ve always come across those with such abilities and bravado until now.” (Aseed)
“Ouh, it’s good to be lucky.” (??)
The two men, Mad and Dora, who heard such a grumble, nodded in agreement.
These two were senior adventurers. They were siblings who were escorting me. There was a coincidence in interest, but it might be because I had met them one after another, so our relation was a long one.
“Well, it seems that luck follows until here as well.” (Mad)
“The moment that we are aimed has ended.” (Dora)
“It was refreshing because I was pissed off.” (Aseed)
Those trashes were dealt this sibling’s hands.
Although I was frustrated, that was also to retrieve the money from them since I didn’t want to pay them even a single stone coin.
In addition, I would rather they returned the food expenses, but unfortunately, they didn’t have money other than the money I paid them. Even if they died, I was still angry with them.
“By the way, brother. I entrusted those people to you, but you definitely killed him, right?” (Mad)
“Aah…” (Dora)
“Don’t ‘Aah’ with me! Didn’t I say before to crush their heads!?” (Mad)
“Since I crushed them here and there, they would run out of blood and they should be dead by now.” (Dora)
“…Seriously. Don’t get too absorbed about crushing flash. How many times have I told you that?” (Aseed)
“Well, I have already sent them off. Now, the problem is those people.” (Mad)
As a result, it was good that the failure was alive, but the people who took care of her… especially that impertinent youngster was troublesome.
He didn’t show interest in money at all. Let alone threatening him with the name of Obelisk, conversely, I was threatened.
Moreover, even though we pushed the group of monsters while we were escaping, I didn’t see them getting any damage at all. In other words, that was evidence that they had considerable abilities, and it was difficult to forcibly take her away from them.
Judging that it was impossible with a direct approach, I left him with a suitable reason. To deal with the youngster and retrieved the failure, I asked the underworld organization of this town and the adventurers who had problem with money.
Thanks to that, the deposit money now was all gone. But if I sold the Elf and the Silver Wolfkin, who were among them, to Obelisk, there should be no problem since I would earn enough.
“There are no more than five people, but just to be sure, I sent quite a few people. While the adventurers fight from the front, the people from the underworld would bring them down from the rear. Some of them will meet their end this evening–…” (Aseed)
“Oh, it seems they are coming to report, huh?” (Mad)
“He’s right there.” (Dora)
The siblings who had sharper senses than me looked to their side, and then, we heard a knock from the door.
I didn’t ordered additional food or drink, so…
“Who are you?” (Mad)
“…It’s me. I am reporting the completion of the request.” (??)
“Oh, I have been waiting.” (Mad)
The siblings opened the door with caution, and a man covered in deeply hood stood there while holding a big bag.
I couldn’t see the face well, but with a slight scratch on the face and the sharp gaze that comes from those who lived in the underworld, I had no doubt that he was the one whom I had negotiated.
“What’s the result?” (Aseed)
“She is inside this. Now, she is sleeping because of drug.” (??)
As the man entered the room, he dropped the bag he carried on the floor.
The sound of shock that came out from the opening of the bag seemed to be part of the wings.
“Oi, what happened to the rest of women?” (Mad)
“If this is about the Elf and the Silver Wolfkin, I have entrusted them to my subordinates who are waiting outside. I came here to receive the money as I expected.” (??)
“…That’s fine. By the way, I assume that you surely have dealt with the impertinent youngster, right?” (Aseed)
“Of course, I didn’t forget him. I collected this from him.” (??)
While saying so, the thing that he took out was the pouch of gold coins that I handed as an apology to that youngster.
Although it looked like a pouch that could be seen everywhere, I remembered it well since I prepared it unwillingly.
“That’s fine. Here, this is the reward. I honestly give this to you because I’m fair, you know that, right?” (Aseed)
“I wonder. By the way, I did the job as promised. You don’t have to say unnecessary things.” (??)
There were over a hundred gold coins for the reward, but since it was more profitable for the side that was going to sell the failure and the Elf, the man received it with bitter look.
The time when I gave the request, he was hesitated because this was a loss. However, when I mentioned the name of Obelisk, he accepted the request as if he didn’t have any other choice. As I expected, he had to accept in consideration of the risk of turning a large country into an enemy.
‘Yes… it would be like this if the youngster is normal, but he is strange.’
‘Well, I guess it doesn’t matter anyway. I wasn’t sure it was foolish to decide that by emotion, but he was already being dealt with.’
“If you can secure them, don’t worry about it. Well then, bring them to me.” (Aseed)
“…Wait a moment.” (??)
After the man left the room, first, we had a toast with a cup of sake in our hands.
“I was wondering what would happen on the way, but isn’t good since we got the Elf? With that, we can live in luxury for a while.” (Aseed)
“Say, the Elf wasn’t in our plan, right? So, there’s no problem if we have her, right?” (Mad)
“It’s my first time to taste an Elf.” (Dora)
“Aah, that fellow emphasizes more about tribe rather than first catch. Of course, I’m also going to taste her first, but you guys be careful not to break her, alright? I know you guys have wreaked a prostitute in the previous town.” (Aseed)
“She was rude, and I had to educate her. I will treat the woman properly this time, so don’t worry.” (Mad)
“Yes.” (Dora)
Although extreme frustration had been piling up because of useless things, the best thing to do was to let out the feeling and embrace a woman in this kind of time.
Moreover, today’s partner was an Elf, and it was worth having patience for not asking a prostitute.
There were exactly three slave collars left. As I came and picked up the bag as soon as I was there, the siblings, who were excited until a while ago, suddenly began to look over the room with a serious look.
When I was wondering what was with the sudden attitude, I noticed that the door of the room where the man went out was left opened.
“That bastard, close the door if you open it.” (Aseed)
“Don’t move!” (Mad)
Since Mad acquired bandit techniques as a scout, his senses were very sharp. This wasn’t a trivial matter since let alone being cautious, he took out a knife.
As I was a bit late of getting cautious because of the siblings, I was wondering why Mad suddenly threw the knife toward the corner of the room, and something popped out from there.
“I’ve heard everything.” (??)
The one who showed up was… that youngster who got the failure.
‘I had told them to kill him, but to stay alive… No, was he deceiving me?’
That youngster came closer when I was thinking so, but the situation in front of me was progressing greatly.
“Don’t say such an insolent. My knife saw everything–… guh!?” (Mad)
“Anija–… hebuuh!” (Dora) (TLN: Aniki = Anija)
‘…What is going on?’
At first, Mad was obviously dominating, but when I realized, Mad, who had abilities equal to senior adventurers, was knocked down.
After that, Dora, who was late a moment, tried to hit that youngster, but he took several beats with flowing peculiar movements, and he fell on the floor.
“Wh-why are you here!? You are supposed to be dealt with…” (Aseed)
When I asked so as I was the only left standing, the youngster slowly turned toward me.
The gaze was clearly different from the state of daytime. It was sharper no less than the man earlier.
He was in a distance that I couldn’t reach with my hand, but it felt like a knife was being thrust against my neck. That youngster…
“If you have something to say… say it.” (Sirius)
He had a gentle smile that didn’t suit the occasion.

— Sirius —
As the group aiming at here approached, I confirmed the siblings’ condition while hiding in the bushes growing around the inn.
Based on the result of a wide range of [Search], the number of suspicious reactions approaching here was about thirty. Not long after that, ten of them were separated, and seemed to be approaching the inn from a different direction.
The remaining twenty people approached as they imposingly walked down the street, but apparently, they encountered Reus who was standing at a distance away from the entrance of the inn.
“Who are you? Since we have business with the inn over there, move away quickly.” (??)
“Twenty, is it? …That’s fine.” (Reus)
Reus was in charge of the front side to intercept the approaching enemies.
Those who came in front of Reus were the ruffians hired by Aseed for money. From a wide variety of attires, it seemed that there were many adventurers mixed in the group.
Since Aseed knew a little about our abilities, I didn’t think he knew that he couldn’t win with numbers.
In other words, these people were decoy, and the real one was probably pressing from another direction. His objective was Karen, so I guessed he had no reason in particular to kill us.
“Wait a sec. That ears… he is a Silver Wolfkin I heard from that man. Is he our target?” (??)
“No, the one we should injure is the female while the male should be dealt with.” (??)
“If that is so, shall we surround him and do it at once?” (??)
“Hey, could you tell me what your purpose of coming here is?” (Reus)
The reply from the adventurers who were calmly questioned by Reus was they pointed their weapons at him.
Reus sighed when looking at that situation. He pulled out the greatsword carried on his shoulder, took a stand of ‘Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style’ and spoke once again.
“Let me tell you this first. I will not go after you guys if you just go home. But, I will show no mercy if you attack me.” (Reus)
“He is extremely confident with this number of people. Are you thinking that we are polite enough to take you on one by one?” (??)
“We would do that usually, but this is a request after all. We will end this quickly.” (??)
“Adventurers often have this kind of thing. If it’s about grudge, you should direct it to that man.” (??)
“No matter how I look at it, you guys look nothing but bandits. Isn’t weird for you guys to think of doing this as adventurers?” (Reus)
“What an impudent talk– uhh!?” (??)
There was a man who tried to leap out because of Reus’ sharp declaration, but he couldn’t even take one step.
Anyhow, Reus stepped on earlier than anyone and the cutting edge of his greatsword was swung in front of the man.
The adventurer, who was unable to keep up with his movement, was stunned. Then, Reus lifted up the greatsword and looked at the surrounding again.
“This is my last warning. As expected, it’s hard to adjust my strength, so I don’t care if you die, alright?” (Reus)
“Don’t make fun of–… guhoo!” (??)
“If we take him at the same time–… gahaa!?” (??)
The adventurers, who regained their mind, approached Reus, but they were blown off one after another as Reus’ armguard shook, and they disappeared into the nearby bushes and the darkness of the night. When they approached him, it seems like there was a wall that automatically repelled them.
It was a special technique that created air superiority in the range that his weapon could reach. In exchange of unable to move from the spot, it made him had sharper senses.
“Wha, why we can’t get closer!?” (??)
“Use knife! Throw it and attack from a distance!” (??)
“Too slow!” (Reus)
Of course, Reus also interacted to projectile weapons. Knives were thrown simultaneously from the surroundings, but he knocked it all over with the greatsword and the armguard.
The time to use such a technique was limited, and since it was recently taught, he was still practicing it. However, it was good enough for the enemies of this level.
“Th-that didn’t work. What’s going on!?” (??)
“…What now?” (??)
“He said he will not chase after us… if we run away from here, right?” (??)
Indeed, they understood the difference in ability when nearly ten people already suffered damaged. Those adventurers started trembling non-stop.
They seemed to be undecided whether to run away or not, but if they had spare time to consider, they should run away though. If Reus wasn’t going easy, their bodies would be sliced into two, and the surroundings would dye red.
Even so, those who still hadn’t given up, would boldly rushed in, but… the result was the same.
They collapsed while groaning at the same time.
“Fuh!” (Reus)
When Reus suddenly swung his great sword at the space without anyone, a black knife fell to the ground together with a shrill sound.
It was a knife that was painted in black to make it blend in the night. This kind of knife was often used by the underworld for assassination and something alike.
These things are basically poisoned. Although I considered of shooting it down with [Magnum], it seemed that it wasn’t necessary.
Actually, while the adventurers were attacking, black knives had been thrown many times, but Reus splendidly repelled it.
“All attacks didn’t work from a while ago. Don’t hide. Come out.” (??)
The knives that were thrown by those underworld people who hid behind a building.
They were two people. Although they threw the knives in spite of the openings, Reus was still aware of them.
Nevertheless, even though he was assaulted by other attacks, I thought that they should pull out once they noticed that it was impossible after throwing it for three times.
Because of the lack of judgment, they weren’t the ones that I was looking for.
Since those adventurers were losing their will to fight, Reus shouldn’t have any problem here alone.
While reassuring that Reus was standing like a guardian deity, I left the spot.

When Reus was fighting the battle, two men, who covered their faces with clothes on the other side of the building, were quietly approaching the back door.
It wasn’t uncommon for drunken people and those with bad manners to make noises in town. Therefore, even if someone was more or less loud outside, guests of the inn were merely sleeping without worrying about it. In other words, those two intruded the inn and headed toward the room where Karen was by taking the opportunity of the uproar.
At that time when they reached the back door, they felt the sound and sign of wind from behind. They looked back at the same time while drawing knives.
“What is your reason for coming to such a place?” (Emilia)
The one who was there was Emilia. She jumped off from the top of the roof.
The men, who received Emilia’s elegant bow, were puzzled for a moment, but they immediately regained mind and became alert.
When I closely looked at them, one of the men took out a rope. Apparently, he intended to capture Emilia rather than to dispose witnesses. Although Emilia’s tribe, the Silver Wolf tribe wasn’t as rare as the Elves or winged people, but they were still considered as a rare tribe. It looked like Karen wasn’t the only aim.
“…We were told to catch you.” (??)
“But, they didn’t tell us to leave you unharmed. As long as you submit nicely, you won’t become like that, you know?” (??)
“Thank you very much for your advice. Unfortunately, I have someone whom I dedicated both my mind and body, so I can’t let you catch me.” (Emilia)
“There is no other way then. Let’s do it quickly.” (??)
“By the way, is this alright? I mean for you to be this careless.” (Emilia)
“What are–… Uooh!?” (??)
At that moment, the [Air Impact] prepared by Emilia, burst behind the men. They were blown away from their backs by the shock of furious wind.
Emilia calmly avoided the men who flew at tremendous momentum. When I noticed, the rope was held in her hand. It looked like she snatched it from the guy who passed her just now.
In no time, Emilia started running, and she quickly made a round trip between the two men who hadn’t regained their postures…
“This is also etiquette as an attendant.” (Emilia)
She splendidly tied the legs and arms and completely sealed the movement of the two.
They were unintentionally groaning in spite of the good performance. I wondered if I should think about the preference of rope work as a follower.
“That’s the end. Sirius-sama. I’m done.” (Emilia)
“…Good job.” (Sirius)
Emilia, who was aware of my presence, slowly came to me after make them fainted by using magic.
She had a serious look because there were still enemies remained, but since her tail was grandly wagging as if asking for praise, I stroked her head. I knew that we were in time of emergency, but since Emilia was wagging her tail, I had to stroke her.
“Ehehe… Well then, Sirius-sama. I’ll be on alert.” (Emilia)
“I leave it to you. Later, Hokuto is…” (Sirius)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
Hokuto, who was waiting near the carriage, appeared at the same time Emilia returned to the top of the roof.
Actually, there were three reactions near Hokuto, but now, they were fainted and being held in Hokuto’s mouth. The sight where all four limbs hanged down and collectively carried by the collars was surreal.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Hokuto too, good job. Hmm… these people seem to be different.” (Sirius)
The three people were thrown to the ground as if they were casted away. They seemed to be the same bunch who Emilia had tied up a while ago.
After stroking Hokuto’s head, I did check on them, and again these three were different than the one I was looking for.
“Well, let’s keep them together in one place.” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
It seemed that the place that was slightly away was his favorite.
Since the time had passed after these people came, it wouldn’t be strange if they started moving. So, we better hurried up.
I gave Hokuto additional instruction and then, I hid again in the dark of the night.

“…Are they coming?” (??)
“No. Still nothing…” (??)
I moved as to make a great detour while hiding my figure, and then I caught the backs of the three people who were my objective.
Beyond the line of sight, it was the windows of the room that we booked for Karen and the ladies. At this time, they were observing Reese and Fia who were in the room while Karen was soundly asleep.
When I listened to their conversation while hiding behind a tree a bit away from them, it looked like they started to feel strange because there was no contact from the companions who headed to other spots.
“…That’s strange. Shall we withdraw at once?” (??)
“But, the diversion from the front seems to be a success, so if we attack in one go–…” (??)
“No… I’m still concern because there is no contact yet. Someone, please check the back door.” (??)
“I’m going.” (??)
It seemed there was no mistake. The man, who sounded like a leader and gave instructions to the comrades nearby, was the one who I was looking for.
I could obtain information if I caught him. Then, I had decided to do it in one go. The timing was when one of them went out for reconnaissance.
Aiming for the nearest man, I stepped slowly from behind, and…
“…Wha–… guhaa!?” (??)
“What’s wro–…!?” (??)
“Don’t move!” (Sirius)
While closing his mouth, I hit him to the ground from his back and made him fainted. The leader turned around to the noise but I stuck my mithril knife to his neck.
He was also holding a knife at the same time as the noise, but it seemed that he was surprised since I was faster.
“…What a splendid technique.” (??)
“Thanks. Just to be sure, I’m going to ask you this. Are you aiming at that winged girl?” (Sirius)
“I will tell you, but I don’t feel good about being held down. My men are still hiding in the surroundings, you know?” (??)
“That’s too bad. I have noticed all of them and they are mostly neutralized. It’s your lose.” (Sirius)
Emilia or Hokuto would capture the one who went out just now, and Reus would probably finish his side soon.
When I told him the details where they were heading and the number of his men, the leader put down his knife and raised his hands to surrender.
“Haa… what a troublesome bunch from one after another. What is really going on?” (??)
“I don’t care if you want to complain, but will you not answer my question?” (Sirius)
“…Yes, you are right. I was asked to kidnap the winged girl that you bring into custody by the merchant name Aseed. The men should be killed while the women should be brought back.” (??)
After questioning him for several times, it seemed that he was unwilling to receive the request in the first place.
Even if they would be given money as reward, they knew in advance that we had a clearly strong Beast Companion, Hokuto. Anyhow, Hokuto was really stood out. Even if he wasn’t a beastkin, it felt worse to turn him to be an enemy.
However, he couldn’t refuse after Aseed let out the name of Obelisk. Hence, he was unwillingly accepted the request.
“I have heard the rumor… about the lord of Obelisk is collecting rare tribes. In order to obtain them, foul methods are commonly used. I want to avoid from getting the attention of that country. Because of that, I thought that it would be easier if I completed the request.” (??)
“Don’t you think it’s better to take care of that man in this town?” (Sirius)
“Of course, I have thought about it. However, the escorts that he brought are well known people with skills. With our war capabilities, it is difficult to get rid of them without losing our own people.” (??)
As he hesitated, Aseed proposed to hire adventurers as a diversion, and since we were young, he thought that we should have some openings.
The most powerful was Hokuto, but they didn’t really need to fight the Beast Companion. It seemed that they thought it was possible by giving him food.
‘That mean those who were caught by Hokuto was because of that?’
Since the ecology of Hundred Wolves wasn’t sufficiently known, I wondered what kind of face they would make if they knew Hokuto wasn’t interested in food.
“When we came here while thinking such things, we were done one-sidedly. Good grief… no matter what we choose, the ending is bad.” (??)
He made a face that completely had given up maybe because he thought that he was let alive for me to obtain information.
Well, whether he chose me or Aseed, there was nothing else to be other than the demise ending. In other words, they were a pitiful bunch.
“How far your men talked about us?” (Sirius)
“…There’s nothing but to kidnap the girl. Say, you are a good man because you helped the child, right? I don’t mind about my life, but can you at least spare my subordinates?” (??)
“Are you alright with that?” (Sirius)
“We are no less than an organization, so it’s no good if no one takes responsibility. If you allow me to being killed here or sacrificing others, I’m thinking of choosing to die.” (??)
“It’s troubling if your subordinates hate me if you die or run away, huh.” (Sirius)
“There are no fools among my subordinates that would endanger the organization for revenge or something. If you give me the time, I will tell them that. And if they complain, I will take care of them with my own hands.” (??)
‘Is he a man loyal to his organization?’
Although this was the first meeting, this man with such a strong sense of responsibility seemed to be more reliable than Aseed.
“I have one proposal, but it’s just a talk. Do you want to hear it?” (Sirius)
“What is it?” (??)
“If you cooperate with us, let alone of dealing with Aseed, I will also give you money. In exchange, say nothing about us or Obelisk.” (Sirius)
“…Alright. I also don’t want to get involved with that country. I promise I will not tell others about you guys. Anyhow, I have no right to choose since I lost to you.” (??)
I had decided to have a temporary cooperation with that man.
After that, I discussed on how to deal with his subordinates, and we were going to keep them as hostages until the end of this situation.
Originally, it wouldn’t be strange even if he was killed. More than anything, since the relationship between me and this man was due to agreement of interest, it was slightly different than completely trusting him.
“Let’s end this tonight. I’m going to move soon.” (Sirius)
“Got it. Nevertheless, far from relying on the enemies who came to kill you, you also got involved. If this is normal, I think I am crazy.” (??)
“Well, I understand that he is not an upright man. Besides, it is not necessary to think hard of it. Since he caused trouble, it is just a matter of tit for tat.” (Sirius)
At first, I planned to go alone.
But, there was advantages to have this man here. After seeing the sense of responsibility, I judged that there was no loss in collaborating with him.
“Let alone telling lies to us, they sent assassins. Shall I remind him of the position being targeted by predators that doesn’t bother the support of a country?” (Sirius)
“…I really don’t want to fight you again.” (??)
I wasn’t sure if they aimed for Karen who we found, but if Fia and Emilia who were not related, were being targeted, it made me a bit angry.
That leader-like man pulled back because of my anger, but that was a small matter.
‘Well then, let’s finish this.’

Leaving the inn to the siblings and Hokuto, I came to the inn where Aseed stayed with the guide of the man.
It seemed to be the biggest inn in this town. Apparently, he was staying in a separate house inside the premise like the inn where we stayed in Arbitray.
“Since it is a building built to enjoy prostitutes and women without worrying, it become an unspoken rule not to mind even if there is some noise. Especially, if the scream of women who are forcibly kidnapped leaked out…” (??)
“Preferences are varied for different people, so is it necessary for such a room…” (Sirius)
I could easily imagine what Aseed was thinking of booking that room.
“On the other hand, there is no need to worry if I make some noise.” (Sirius)
“Yeah. I will report to him.” (??)
“Yes, after that, it will be according to our arrangement.” (Sirius)
Then, I infiltrated from another route at the same time as the man entered the building from the front. Next, I came to the next room where those guys were.
According the information heard beforehand, the escorts were siblings who seemed to be senior adventurers, and they were quite strong.
However, on top of everyone having alcohol, Aseed was irritated and knocked the table and the floor. As that created noises, I was able to infiltrate without being noticed.
I confirmed the siblings while listening to the conversation from the gap of the wall. The older brother, Mad, was the man who was laughing in a good mood while chugging down the alcohol, and the younger brother, Dora, was continuously and wholeheartedly eating dishes.
As discussed earlier, the man reported that the request was successful by using the things I gave him, and he left the place after receiving the rewards.
They were convinced the success by looking at the bag which the wings were visible. In the meantime, I sneaked into the room while they were completely lack of vigilance.
“I was wondering what would happen on the way, but isn’t good since we got the Elf? With that, we can live in luxury for a while.” (Aseed)
“Say, the Elf wasn’t in our plan, right? There’s no problem when we have her, right?” (Mad)
“It’s my first time to get an Elf.” (Dora)
‘…As expected, he doesn’t want to keep to his promise.’
If we escaped from the city without handing Karen, they would surely report to Obelisk and it would become a threat to us.
‘It seems that they are also aiming at my precious Fia, so I definitely have to take care of them right here.’
“That bastard, if you opened the door, close it–…” (Aseed)
“Don’t move!” (Mad)
Apparently, they noticed my presence, but I didn’t need to hide anymore since I already knew their true attention.
After avoiding the knife that Mad stabbed, I brazenly exposed myself in front of Aseed.
“I’ve heard everything.” (Sirius)
It might be because I suddenly appeared even though they thought that I was supposed taken care off, he stood with his eyes wide opened.
On the other hand, the escorts or the siblings were calmly wary of me, but since I didn’t have to hear from them in particular, I started running to gain total control in a go.
“Heh! Are you trying to challenge us alone!?” (Mad)
First off, I approached Mad since he was closer, but whether he could see my movement, he stabbed a knife at my face.
I avoided the knife by tilting my head, but since he immediately swung the knife to the opposite direction, I retracted my body and took a distance.
“What’s wrong!? Are you going to run away after coming to me?” (Mad)
Indeed… I guessed the leader-like man hesitated to lend help because of this.
In terms of knife technique, his skill was among the best that I had seen so far.
There was no mistake that he had strength equivalent to senior adventurers, but…
“That was nothing but straightforward movement. I think that it is too soon to be satisfied with that ability, right?” (Sirius)
I had already see all of Mad’s tendency and movement.
His knife technique was surely brilliant, but I was brought up fighting the existence that held the best technique.
Needless to say, that was Shishou. The moment I saw her knife approaching like a live serpent, I thought that it was really terrifying.
“Don’t say such an insolent. My knife saw everything–… guh!?” (Mad)
This time, the assault came from Mad, but I twisted his wrist faster that his incoming stabbed knife, and I snatched the knife at the moment his grip strength got loose.
Even while agitated, Mad swung the other knife, I forcibly stopped his arm with my elbow and pushed the knife that I snatched toward his neck.
If that was the case, he had no choice to step back or to avoid it by tilting the head, but… it seemed he chose to step back.
I stepped forward to pursue Mad and threw him off on the floor by using his momentum of stepping back.
“Anija! How dare you…gahh!” (Dora) (TLN: Anija = Aniki)
As I robbed Mad’s consciousness by kicking and throwing him on the ground at the same time, Dora, who was a step late, shook down his fist from behind.
That was a blow that could slightly break the bones if I got hit, but I bent over and avoided it, then I drove my elbow into Dora’s solar plexus. I continued rotating on the spot while sweeping his feet. After that, I reaped his consciousness by launching my palm toward his chin.
His body seemed study as he was bigger than Reus, but as I expected, he couldn’t bear if the vital points were continuously being struck.
“Wh-why are you here!? You are supposed to be dealt with…” (Aseed)
“If you have something to say… say it.” (Sirius)
Finally, I lightly chuckled at Aseed who was stunned because his escorts were defeated.
“Y-you… do you think you can get away by doing this!?” (Aseed)
“Shouldn’t you understand that it is useless to say that in this situation? I already know your true intention, so isn’t better to be prepare for this?” (Sirius)
“Bastard. What…” (Aseed)
Aseed was afraid by my smile, but even so, he was desperately looking around the surroundings.
After seeing the bag with a part of wings protruded, he jumped at it while smiling.
“Don’t move! I have the hostage here–…” (Aseed)
However, Aseed felt something strange about the sensation coming from the bag. When he opened the bag, a cushion filled with superficial wings was put inside it.
He was wonderfully deceived until that much. Well, he was quite drunk because of alcohol.
Finally, as I began to let out a dry laughter, I threw the knife I snatched into his foot.
“Guhhaa!? S-stop it! If it’s life…” (Aseed)
“Oh yes… there are things I want you to tell me.” (Sirius)
Subsequently, I decided to gather information of Obelisk and the place where Karen was found. If he had prepared for this, he shouldn’t have to worry.
However, Obelisk had many secrets and I wasn’t able to get much information, but since it turned out that the upstream of the river where Karen was found was closed to the Dragon’s Nest, the credibility had increased that there was winged people’s settlement.
After that, when I finished listening to a certain extent, Aseed was abruptly trembling bit by bit and he reached out to appeal.
“Is… isn’t that… good enough? My body is numb… please…” (Aseed)
“I was thinking that something was put on the knife, and apparently, it was a paralysis poison. Will you die if I don’t do anything?” (Sirius)
“I can’t move… that’s it. Please… the antidote… that guy has it…” (Aseed)
“It is not a problem since it is not a lethal poison. Besides, if you learn your lesson, don’t do such a thing again. You were too proud having a supporter, and it was bad for you because you neglect the intuition to sniff danger.” (Sirius)
“Guh… uu…” (Aseed)
In the end, I left Aseed as it was and left the building.
I was planning to leave the matter to the leader-like man, who was waiting outside, since he was someone who lived in this town, but… I noticed something midway and I decided to change the plan.
That was because although those people would be killed, there were more suitable opponents for that who had gotten closer.
I joined the leader-like man who was hiding outside, and when I explained as to wait for the opportunity… they came.
“Haa… haa… Damn… it… I will absolutely… not forgive them!” (??)
They were the men who survived and they were called garbage by Aseed.
With body covered in blood and their appearance bent as if one arm and one leg were crushed by something, they were in state beyond help.
Nevertheless, they were moving because of grudge.
They would probably die in less than an hour, but it was good enough to kill Aseed, who couldn’t move for a while.
And then…
&123;That… brat. This humiliation… I won’t forget it! I will definitely… make him regret–… who’s that!?&125; (Aseed)
&123;Oi… Old man!&125; (??)
&123;Y-you!?&125; (Aseed)
&123;How dare… you do this to us! You… to crush my arm… just like that…&125; (??)
After confirming that the four reactions remaining in the building disappeared, I quietly left the place.

Extra/Bonus – A small joke material that only some can understand.
“Don’t say such an insolent. My knife saw everything–… guh!?” (Mad)
This time, the assault came from Mad, but I twisted his wrist faster that his incoming stabbed knife, and I snatched the knife at the moment his grip strength got loose.
Even while agitated, Mad swung the other knife, I forcibly stopped his arm with my elbow and pushed the knife that I snatched toward his neck.
If that was the case, he had no choice to step back or to avoid it by tilting the head, but… it seemed he chose to step back.
I stepped forward to pursue Mad and…
“Revolutionary warrior… lariat!” (Sirius) (TLN: The katakana for that isラリアット. Does anyone know what is this?)
“Ooh! That is a collusion! The opponent is sank on the mat by Aniki’s blow!” (Reus)
“–!?” (Isabella)
“Okaa-san, you don’t have to get up from the chair with such momentum…” (Mary)
“Aah… aahhh…” (Keith)

Extra/Bonus – The taste of the disciples
In a conversation after this incident was over…
“By the way, Emilia. What kind of taste you have for the rope work?” (Sirius)
“I heard from a prostitute the other that day some people in this world are excited to see woman tied up. So, in preparation for the future when Sirius-sama awake that tendency, I am honing the technique of rope.” (Emilia)
“I’m not sure where did you get that, but there is no meaning if I’m not into it, right?” (Sirius)
“This also correspond to the opposite situation. Sirius-sama, I can accommodate either way–… ehehe…” (Emilia)
Since it was moving forward to somewhat unpleasant direction, I stroked Emilia’s head to diverge her attention.
However, rope work was useful in many ways, so I guessed I could allow her to polish that technique.

Hokuto in the midnight – Act 1
In the midnight… Hokuto stayed in the inn’s warehouse where the carriage was stored.
The possibility of an attack was high for tonight, and since the Master said that there was a suspicious person, Hokuto was lying down while honing his senses.
And when the front side of the inn was getting noisy…
“…Woof.” (Hokuto)
Hokuto-kun caught three signs approaching the warehouse.
Initally, Hokuto-kun wanted to secretly sneak up so as not to make a noise, but even if he hid, he stood out because he had splendid fur that shone white.
He stood out especially in the night, so this time, he decided to wait on the spot to welcome them.
“Is it here?” (??)
“This place is not only for carriage, so it should be here. But, is it really fine?” (??)
“If it pulls a carriage, it should be familiar with people. It will not attack us if we don’t attack it.” (??)
When Hokuto-kun was considering whether to make a surprise attack while hiding, the other side entered the warehouse openly.
And then, Hokuto-kun, who was sitting in front of the carriage, met the eyes of the intruders.
“Ooh… it’s amazing to see it at close distant. It makes you want to hug it, right?” (??)
“It is impossible to confine it. Do you think you can win if you attacked it?” (??)
“Well, no matter how big the wolf is, it is still a monster. Hey… this is delicious, you know? You can eat it if you want.” (??)
After that, one of the men took out a lump of meat and put it in front of Hokuto-kun.
However, since Hokuto-kun only had to absorb the mana in the air, he basically didn’t require meals. If he ate meals, it was only by the Master’s hands.
“…It doesn’t eat the meat. Is it not hungry?” (??)
“It is really a splendid wolf. Perhaps, he only eats something of high quality.” (??)
“Well, this is the better one. Damn it… if he didn’t eat that, I was going to eat it.” (??)
Since an obviously good quality meat was placed this time, Hokuto-kun looked at it curiously.
“Ooh, it is looking at the meat.” (??)
“Alright, don’t hesitate to eat it! Just so you know, there is another one.” (??)
At that time, Hokuto-kun thought… if he gave the meat to the Master, would he be happy?
“…It doesn’t eat it.” (??)
“It seems it was brought up well by its master. It can’t be helped then. Next is–… guhaa!” (??)
“Wh-why are you suddenly–… aah!?” (??)
“It’s paw–… guhuu!?” (??)
Well, there were many things going on, but since they were enemies, Hokuto-kun decided to neutralize them.
He crushed them one after another with paw punch, and since there was no other reactions coming closer, he decided to bring them to the Master.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
Hokuto-kun skillfully held three people in his mouth. While imagining the Master would praise him, he went out of the warehouse while wagging the tail.

Hokuto in the midnight – Act 2
The Little Devil, Hokuto.
In the scene where the three men put meat in front of Hokuto-kun…
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
“Ooh, look. Its tail is wagging.” (??)
“Its appearance is scary, but isn’t it cute when you look at it?” (??)
“Good boy, come here. I will feed you more.” (??)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“““Gyaa!””” (??)
‘What a fool, you got caught!’
…as if Hokuto-kun wanted to say that, he leaped into the opponent’s chest and disabled them in a blink of an eye.
“…Woof.” (Hokuto)
‘Battle is callous’… as if he wanted to say that, he gave a light bark in front of three dead (stunned) bodies.
As a faithful dog… he will never wag his tail other than for his Master.
He wagged his tail to put the enemy off guard, but for his Master… what a little devil Hokuto.

Which act do you prefer more? (Author)


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