Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 14

Chapter 14 of World teacher, I guess there is not much to say. Well, there is that, you know, sometimes I write “mhm” it’s supposed to express an agreement like Fumu and stuff “mhm” and “hmm” are not the same thing, I wanted to make that clear just in case because I don’t really want to use the japanese onomatopoeia. Also, sometimes I write “nee-san” and “onee-san” and sometimes I just write “elder sister”, but it’s the same. Also, I know the medical explanation in the middle is not perfectly accurate and I had some difficulty translating it because of that, I know that scars do disappear over time and that scar tissue does replace itself with itself, well, whatever.
Also, Emilia has a shit load of weird particles, a lot of desu, tsu and others, but that can’t be translated so I’ll just try to project the feeling they’re supposed to give in her dialogues.
Also, want to clarify this here, I do not use third person in a direct dialogue… I mean, for example, if Dee talks to Sirius and tell him “Sirius-sama didn’t miss the target” I’ll change it to “you didn’t miss the target, Sirius-sama.” or “You didn’t miss the target”, well, all you have to know is that everyone is very very very respectful toward him, except for Lior, he doesn’t give a damn (He does talk to him respectfully but not politely)… and Noel is also a little less respectful than the others but that’s because she’s dumb.
Oh and, if you want chapter 13, you can go check the mtl on baka-tsuki, Nexus was supposed to translate that but he felt it was useless since 20 other persons translated it for some reason, organize yourselves people, tsk tsk tsk
The road to gaining trust
There are silver-wolf tribe villages scattered all across the Adroad continent.
One of those is the west village, that's the village where Emilia and Reus used to live. Surrounded by a forest, it's a peaceful village which makes a living by hunting and farming…… or so it used to be.
I'm saying "it used to be" because I heard that the village is no more and has already collapsed without leaving a trace.
A little more than a year ago, Emilia and Reus used to live peacefully, however, the village was suddenly attacked by a monster pack.
Naturally, they resisted, but they started getting pushed back by the monsters that exceeded the residents by far. Though Emilia's father was a powerful chief who fought bravely, he was eaten right before Emilia's eyes, not being able to win against the strength of numbers.
Reus thankfully didn't have to look at the scene since he had stayed with his mother. A monster had approached the sobbing Emilia, but her mother jumped in and saved her by a hair's breadth. Though the three kept running away, they ended up being surrounded by monsters, the mother entrusted Emilia with her younger brother and leaped into the group of monsters by herself.
Thanks to the assault that took their mother's life, the two were able to run away from the monsters' pack.
Distancing themselves from the village, the two kept running while clueless about directions. They were exhausted before long, and they were picked up by humans who happened to pass by, but those guys were, unfortunately, slave traders. Though treating them as merchandise should have been enough as it was, this is a different world. The treatment of two seems to have been terrible. They were not given enough meals, and being kicked and punched for resisting even a little was commonplace for them.
Emilia wasn't able to talk, it seems to be because her throat was damaged from eating what she was given which was poisoned without her knowing. Reus had eaten it before to foretaste and fell sick, because of that, he became mistrustful of people and doesn't eat.
Still, in order not to waste their parents' sacrifice, they kept living. While the two repeatedly resisted without being sold, their lives as slaves had kept going for almost a year before they noticed.
And then, an opportunity to run away came at last.
The slave traders' convoy was attacked by a swarm of monsters. Having been driven out of their village by a group of monsters, being conversely helped by one was sad.
Under the cover of the confusion, the pair ran away and kept on wandering in the forest while frightened by the monsters. Continuously losing mana to their collars, they encountered a monster while unsteady on their feet. Although they continued to escape desperately, they just couldn't do it and they finally ended up falling from losing all their strength.
That's where I intervened.
【"Oh boy, those two were at that place for that kind of reason…."】(Lior)
Several days after picking up the pair, I was relaxing at Lior's house. I finished a fierce battle some time ago in today's daily bout and I'm now taking a rest while drinking tea. And since I was asked about the two people in question, I explained.
【"Mhm, a group of monsters attacked their village, huh? And you said they lived as slaves afterwards too? Those fellows are really unlucky.】(Lior)
【"Honestly. And their health maintenance is no laughing matter either, even though their injuries are healing steadily."】(Sirius)
【"And their parents disappeared before their eyes, the trauma has got to be deep, right? Then, what are you gonna do?"】(Lior)
【"At first, I have to befriend them."】(Sirius)
The two have a firm will to get stronger. Getting stronger is an important factor.
However, each of them has a small problem.
First, Emilia; she's obedient since she understands that she owes her life to me, but her insides are extremely unstable.
Although she seems like a brave older sister when in front of her younger brother, I witnessed her quietly crying many times when by herself. If she doesn't get rid of her fear and uneasiness, the sadness of losing her parents in front of her eyes won't heal any time soon, will it? She has nobody she can depend on, she keeps enduring her sorrow alone, which she buried deep inside her heart. I have to discharge it somehow, since she might explode with the way things are going.
Reus is an impertinent child, however, he's only putting up a tough front.
But that's just a result of him desperately cheering himself up for the sake of protecting his older sister, in reality, he's scared and wants to run away. Having noticed that, it seems like Elena sometimes ends up spoiling Reus when they're alone. Elena's understanding is really something, but It's also natural for Reus to still seek a mother figure as a child.
I wonder if it’s because he can't stomach that I'm highly valued by his elder sister and Elena or something like that, but at any rate, he rebels against me. Though it's likely to get solved once he grows up a little more, it won't just go away if left as it is.
In the end, It's all because the trust from the pair is insufficient.
I can't keep cutting corners on the training that will start after this, we'll need a steady communication in daily life.
【"I'm not telling them to smile during training, but I want them to at least smile when they settle down for a meal. They're still children."】(Sirius)
【"I can smile while swinging a sword though."】(Lior)
【"That's just you old-man. You creep."】(Sirius)
【"Hahahaha! I'm perfectly aware of myself. And how harsh of you to reach that kind of conclusion about me."】(Lior)
【"Get lost. I'll raise apprentices that you'll envy, old-man."】(Sirius)
【"Mhm, I look forward to it. So, if you want to teach them the sword, I don't mind helping."】(Lior)
【"Yeah, there is that too, huh? I'll consider it. Then, it’s about time for me to leave, isn’t it?"】(Sirius)
【"Worrying about your disciples, aren’t you? I thought about having another match but it can't be helped."】(Lior)
By the way, in the fifty matches with Lior, I am at thirty wins, twelve defeats and eight ties.
This old-man, he's a creep who's more pleased when he's defeated than when he wins. Given that he's, above all, happy to challenge a strong man, he never loses on purpose, what an arduous old-man.
Though I barely won today, lately, Lior is regaining power at an abnormal speed. I might easily fall behind if I get careless. Since he allows me to feel constantly pressured, a rival is more than welcome.
Parting with Lior, it was already evening by the time I got done with my business and came back home.
As I get off the sky and land in front of the gate, I see Noel and Emilia who were cleaning the door. Though Noel doesn't change, Emilia opens her eyes wide, dumbfounded.
【"Welcome home. Hey, Emi-chan, greet him too. "】(Noel)
【"A…. ah, yes! Welcome back, Sirius-sama."】(Emilia)(TLN:She's more polite)
【"I'm home. You're acting unusually weird, did something happen?"】(Sirius)
【"Not really…… Ah, come to think of it, it was her first time seeing Sirius-sama's flying magic."】(Noel)
【"Oh, now that you mention it, that's the case, isn't it? She fainted when I saved her."】(Sirius)
【"Was that… magic?"】(Emilia)
【"It seems so. Since you won't see the end of it if you get surprised by every single one of Sirius-sama's actions, you should give up on understanding a person like that."】(Noel)
【"I understand, Noel-san."】(Emilia)
【"Bad, points deducted!"】(Noel)
Noel flares up wholeheartedly while putting up her finger. Points deducted she says, but I feel like nothing inadequate has been done. Could it be that it's a mistake which only a maid can notice? It seems like Noel became a splendid senior.
【"That's right. Hmmm, onee-chan?"】(Emilia)
【"Good! Yes, when you address me, use onee-chan-… ouch ouch ouch~!"】(Noel)
I punish her with an iron claw. My latest favorite. (TLN: It says "it's my latest boom" yes, it's a westernized Japanese expression, and yes, it's weird)(EDN: I'm sure you guys already have, but get used to our weirdness.)
【"Ouch~…… my face is becoming smaller and smaller. Please be more considerate with me."】(Noel)
【"Sorry, but calling you onee-chan won't do, don't you think? Can't you at least make it "senpai"?"】(Sirius)
Though it's no good to scold the senior in front of her junior, my hand unintentionally reacted from the excess of stupidity. (TLN: For those who aren't familiar with japanese stuff, honorifics are just that important in japan, it's like she asked her to call her god or something)
【"Wait, the person herself already consented to it. Right, Emi-chan?"】(Noel)
【"Ah, yes. I don't mind calling her Onee-san, I guess"】(Emilia)
She's not able to conceal her confusion. However, they seem to get along, so I wonder if I should just leave it be.
【"You were a little late today. Were you looking for something?"】(Noel)
【"I had to secure ingredients for a new dish."】(Sirius)
【"Hoho. Is it sweet? Is it spicy?"】(Noel)
【"Spicy, I guess? I think I'll make a hamburger with a combination of my tofu and minced meat."】(Sirius)
【"I see! I don't really understand but I look forward to it."】(Noel)
【"You have no shame, do you ?"】(Sirius)
As I cut through the two people with a wry smile, I turned around, feeling Emilia's gaze.
【"What is it?"】(Sirius)
【"Ah… no, nothing…"】(Emilia)
【"Tofu hamburgers are good for your health, so eat a lot."】(Sirius)
【"Ah, ok."】(Emilia)
Mhm, she follows my instructions but she suddenly tenses when it comes to casual conversation and small talk.
Her vigilance still isn't cleared, huh? It seems she recovered enough to be able to help with work, I wonder if I should take action soon.
【"Wow…… A new realm of flavor has been opened once again."】(Noel)
After dinner, the attendants, who finished eating the tofu hamburgers, are nodding satisfactorily.
【"Unlike the usual grilled meat, this was very easy to eat. As expected of Sirius-sama."】(Elena)
【"For something like tofu to generate such a taste and texture. This dish is pretty deep, isn't it~?"】(Noel)
【"Yeah. Now I'll try to do it too."】(Dee)
【"Mhm, you’re welcome to do it."】(Sirius)
In contrast to the three praising ones, the two newcomers looked like they weren't convinced for some reason. That attitude is promptly cut by Elena.
【"How about you two? It seems like you had a second helping, and found it palatable."】(Elena)
【"Mhh…. yes."】(Emilia)
【"In that's the case, please convey it properly. Because the person who cooks the meal is bound to be glad to be praised and thanked regardless of them being a master or a servant."】(Elena)
【"Yes. Sirius-sama, It was delicious."】(Emilia)
【"Dammit-…. i-it was d-delicious…."】(Reus)
【"No no. You don't have to forcibly say it, just saying it when you frankly think that it's delicious is enough."】(Sirius)
Elena helps by giving them a firm moral lesson.
However, I don't understand. Though Reus is rebelling in every respect, Emilia is helplessly difficult to read. She seems to be getting more downhearted as the day goes by, should I hurry up?
【"Emilia, please come to my room after."】(Sirius)
【"-! Ah, yes."】(Emilia)
【"What are you going to do to my elder sister?!"】(Reus)
【"It's just the usual. Elena, if you don't mind."】(Sirius)
【"Please leave it to me. Reus, let us study a little."】(Elena)
【"But, my sister, my sister…. aaaaah―――!"】(Reus)
Reus was pulled by Elena and departed.
Though he's reacting doubtfully, what I'm going to do really is nothing suspicious at all.
【"You two, stay away for a little while."】(Sirius)
【"【"Understood."】"】(Noel and Dee)
The voices of both Dee and Noel harmonize. These fellows' compatibility is perfect. Before I try to go back to my room, Noel calls me to a halt and floats a smile while raising her thumb up.
【"Sirius-sama, she's a good woman―― ouch ouch ouch~! Not the faaaace~~!"】(Noel) (TLN:Yes, I know how it sounds and no, it's no better in japanese where she says "dameee" and… you get what I mean)
A few minutes after returning to my room, a timid knock resounded.
【"…..Excuse me."】(Emilia)
The door opens, and Emilia enters with a nervous look.
Instead of night clothes, she wore an oversized robe, which she took off before I asked her to. Wearing only underwear, she averted her eyes shamefully.
【"Well then, please lie down on the bed face up."】(Sirius)
【"… Yes."】(Emilia)
I'll say it again, I'm not doing a questionable deed.
I think nothing more than that the seven-year-old girl is cute, in the first place, my six-year-old self's libido is still undeveloped. That being said, I called her here aiming to erase her cicatrixes. (EDN: Defiring, using all the complex words >.)(TLN: C’mon man, it seems pretty simple to me)
The girls' scars are merely due to things like cuts and bruises, so, in this case, even without any complex medical practice such as a surgical operation, I can somehow manage with my mana regeneration.
Why do cicatrices remain to begin with?
When a person cures a wound with self-healing, various cells cooperate and restore the wound, but even if the skin on the surface is perfectly cured, an organism called scar tissue still remains within. Since it looks different from skin, it appears as a scar. In short, a cicatrix is not skin on the surface, It stands out because its inside part is abnormal.
As for the burning and penetration wounds' case, I'll omit it for now.
I apply the mana by pinpointing it there, it's a forcible method that allows me to eliminate the scar tissue in the metabolism and erase cicatrixes. Mana aside, I think this feat is only possible because I have the necessary medical knowledge.
Although it would probably be easier if I could use recovery magic of the water attribute, my non-attribute's compatibility with the other attributes is really bad. It's at a level where I was almost squeezed dry in an attempt to use【(Flame)】.
Oh well, my attribute doesn't matter, let's start the treatment quickly.
【"Today is the stomach and its surroundings. I'm going to touch you now."】(Sirius)
【"Please do."】(Emilia)
The arms, feet and such have already been done, what remains should be the belly and the back, which are covered by clothes. Reus is a man so only some small wounds are left on him and I'm almost done with him, but a woman's skin needs to be treated with care. I use 【(Search)】 while carefully pouring some mana. She endures, shutting her eyes, bright red, writhing and tickling with every movement of my hand.
Keeping the treatment going without any obstructive thoughts, I felt satisfied as the scars around the stomach disappeared.
【"Mhm, the skin has become beautiful. As I thought, that's how a girl should be."】(Sirius)
【"Next is the back. Please turn around."】(Sirius)
I have her turn to her back, but there are many scars there as well.
I guess It's because violence is instinctively done on the back, but those scars are dejectedly pitiful. Taking my mind off my worries, I talked to her while continuing her treatment.
【"Did you get accustomed to living here? Noel moves solely according to her feelings, so I guess others might get tired of it."】(Sirius)
【"Ah, yes! I'm taken care of very well. Noe-…nee-san is kind…."】(Emilia)
Why is she acting so full of affection? From my experience, she might be acting affectionate but I think that it's because she's depressed.
【"Please say it without reservation if something is going on."】(Sirius)
【"E-enough. Any more than this is going too far for me."】(Emilia)
Unfortunately, the conversation doesn't go anywhere. She just simply answers to what she is told. Though I want her to show her real feelings, it's no use. But one has got to start somewhere.
Progressing work silently, and as the scars on the back had almost disappeared, I noticed one single different cicatrix. It's on her shoulder, this wound came from being bitten unlike the cuts and the whip marks.
【"Were you bitten by Reus? I should cure that too, shouldn't I?"】(Sirius)
The moment I touch her shoulder, she takes some distance away to separate. With a face distorted in fear, she breathes heavily while hiding the scar with her hand. Since she seemed like she was going to run away at any moment, I put my hands up and talked slowly.
【"Look, I won't do anything. I won't get angry so please speak up."】(Sirius)
【"This…. This is no good…."】(Emilia)
【"You mean it's no good to erase this scar?"】(Sirius)
She nods repeatedly to my words. Having stopped her from running away, she's now looking at me to appeal me to sit on the edge of the bed. I revert my adult like tone to a child's, because I don't know what she'll do if if I irritate her. I guess she can be calmed down if I call out to Elena, it's something.
For now, I must dig into the depths of her heart.
【"Can you tell me the reason? Who is this wound from?"】(Sirius)
【"…My mother"】(Emilia)
Eh, domestic violence? As if. However, what's with her mother biting her shoulder?
【"We, the silver wolf tribe, bite others… to express affection…"】(Emilia)
It's like puppy companions biting each other, or maybe something like a spoiled pet dog play-biting his master. Come to think of it, the dog that I had kept in my childhood used to do this to me, didn't he? (TLN: Yes, "he", not "it")
【"Biting the shoulder is a proof of love. My mother bit me…. and jumped into the flock of monsters!"】(Emilia)
She probably recalled it. The back of her mother who jumped to her death to allow the pair to escape. Tears started overflowing from Emilia's eyes.
【"Why…what for?! Why did you leave me, mother?! Father too, why?! Didn't you say that you love me?! Come back if you do love me! Even if you entrusted me with Reus, it's too much for me! I'm the elder sister, but that doesn't make me happy. It's useless if mother and father aren't here! Why was I enslaved? Why was I beaten? It's so painful! Why, why did I have to go through such a thing?! I'm tired…… I'm tired already……"】(Emilia)
Crying, she buried her face in her laps and curled up to escape from it all.
It's too heavy for a seven-year-old child to react to her parents dying before her very eyes. She held on well up to here, though she was just desperately pretending to be tough in front of her younger brother.
【"Emilia, listen to me."】(Sirius)
I approach the girl who rejects me, and I pat her by putting my hand on her head like the first time we met.
【"Was your mother good at fighting?"】(Sirius)
She shakes her head at the question.
【"So, your mother wasn't strong. However, she voluntarily jumped into the group of monsters. Why do you think she did that?"】(Sirius)
【"…I don't know."】(Emilia)
【"It was in order to defend you. And, try to remember, how was your mother's face?"】(Sirius)
【"…She was smiling…"】(Emilia)
【"The fact is that she didn't put value in her life for the sake of protecting you guys. And, the bite wound on your shoulder. It’s evidence that you were bitten strongly enough for a mark to say. In short, you are loved to that degree, it's that kind of thing, isn't it?"】(Sirius)
【"The last words of your mother, do you remember them?"】(Sirius)
【"Please live strongly, I love you…… "】(Emilia)
【"Well then, live strongly. Get stronger to live up to your mother's love. Moreover, you have to protect your brother, right?"】(Sirius)
【"Yes…Reus, I have to protect him."】(Emilia)
【"That's right. You have to go forward even though it's sad. And I'll be watching over you, alright?"】(Sirius)
【"Uuu…… aa…… Aaaaaaa!"】(Emilia)
She came with a jump to my chest with a power that could mistake it for a tackle. I'm taken aback by the unexpected force, but I somehow manage to hold my ground, kindly hugging her. Though at first I was gathering her ruffled hair, I'm now gently and calmly stroking the beautiful glossy silver hair.
【"It must have been hard. However, it's all good now, cry to your heart's content because nobody will hurt you here."】(Sirius)
【"Yes… Yes…"】(Emilia)
【"Be at ease, you'll be able to eat to a full stomach in the future. You'll get a lot stronger. Your mind will strengthen like your mother's, too. "】(Sirius)
【"Yes… I'll get stronger."】(Emilia)
【"Talk about your feelings clearly. Consult us when you're troubled."】(Sirius)
【"Yes…I'll talk…"】(Emilia)
【"Find something you want to do someday. I'll support you with it."】(Sirius)
【"…… Yes!"】(Emilia)
With the power of her hug strengthening by the end, she kept crying all out.
When she, who kept hollowing out, became quiet, a calm sleeper's breathing resounded.
Isn't it only natural that one would get tired after continuing to cry that much? But well, I guess her deflation should be sufficient with this. (TLN: He means that she let out her frustration.)(EDN: *sigh*, good old stress relief.)
I wipe her face, which is covered in tears and snot, I lay her down in my bed, and I spread a blanket over her. I'll pass it to her since, today exceptionally, her face shouldn't be seen by her younger brother.
Upon my going out of the room while hoping not to wake up the girl who was sleeping with a calm face, all the attendants excluding Reus were waiting in the corridor. They must have gotten nervous from the excessive crying and noise.
【"Thanks for your hard work. Her collected resentment should have been erased with this. Those were splendid skills."】(Elena)
【"No, it somehow worked out, but it could have failed if I had not done it right."】(Sirius)
The results turned out well, but I had to excavate an old wound that she hadn't recovered from. There was even a possibility of her mind going mad from being unable to endure it upon failure. But for her strength of mind to manage to endure it despite that… No, there was her parents' affection in play, too.
What kind of face will she appear with tomorrow? She should smile.
【"However, Sirius-sama, you really are a lady killer. Emi-chan already became lovestruck."】(Noel)
【"You know, I only bonded with her like a parent. I didn't do it for the sake of foolishly making her my woman."】(Sirius)
【"No no no, a woman who's not in love wouldn't react like that."】(Noel)
【"I think that will halt without delay. I plan for her to do a special training of my composition in a few days, so that will come to a stop."】(Sirius)
【"Ah! You're going to do that? Oh come on, you should be a little kinder with them… it's a no go, right?"】(Noel)
Noel's face went blue as she remembered my usual training and she sympathized with the pair.
【"What about Reus?"】(Sirius)
【"Though that child is not at Emilia's level, he has spit out what he accumulated in various ways and he's sleeping."】(Elena)
【"Is that so? Sorry, I consider that I, who picked him up, should be doing it but…"】(Sirius)
【"He was seeking for parents so I should be qualified, don't you agree? Besides, it was really cute."】(Elena)
【"You're fit as a mother indeed, Elena. I, too, think of you as one."】(Sirius)
【"-!? Ah, t-thank you very much!"】(Elena)
Elena hung down her head deeply and joyfully. Why did she thank me just now? Well, whatever.
【"Where am I going to sleep tonight? Emilia is using my room"】(Sirius)
【"Then, do it in my room."】(Elena)
So fast, Elena! Didn't you raise your hand before I even finished talking?
【"No, I'm good with the sofa in the living room. I'll prepare a blanket."】(Sirius)
【"That's no good. I would not, could not, let my master sleep in that kind of place. I'll sleep on the sofa."】(Elena)
【"I don't want you to sleep there, you're getting tired recently, Elena. A room for two huh…."】(Sirius)
Hey, the attendants pair. Why are you looking away? And the cat ears over there, don't try to whistle if you can't do it.
【"My room… is crude so.."】(Dee)
【"I think I should sleep next to Emi-chan. I get lonely when I wake up by myself, you know?"】(Noel)
【"Then, your room is vacant, right? I'll be borrowing your bed, Noel."】(Sirius)
【"No, that is-…my tail has been losing a lot of hair recently and my futon is full of it."】(Noel)
Your improvised excuse is really bad. However, I caught up on the ulterior motive. It's THAT kind of thing, isn't it?
【"Ah…. Elena, shall we sleep together?"】(Sirius)
【"Yes. Well then, I'll go take care of the bed making without delay."】(Elena)
A smile is spread on her whole face. I expected her to just walk out, but she went back to her room three times faster than usual.
【"It's still a little early but I'm also going to prepare to sleep. Sirius-sama, I'll be borrowing your bed."】(Noel)
【"Aah, yeah, just do what you want."】(Sirius)
I'm already worn-out for some reason. Thinking about it properly, it's only natural for me to get tired after fighting Lior today, right? I'll just go to sleep since It looks like Elena's preparations are almost done.
【"What is it?"】(Sirius)
【"Please forgive my impolite intervention, but, about that pair, you didn't do anything wrong to them, Sirius-sama."】(Dee)
【"Is that really so?"】(Sirius)
【"Indeed. At the very least, the two can live a better life under your wing. They absolutely won't become unhappy."】(Dee)
【"….Thank you"】(Sirius)
With a bow, Dee brought this to a conclusion and returned to his room.
That's right, though I don't know how the pair's future will turn out, it will change according to my way of raising them. Though it's best to let them find their own path, they have to be guided, so that they won't choose a life full of regrets.
【"Say… I'll get anxious if I'm watched that much so…."】(Sirius)
【"I'm very sorry. However, I can't sleep if I'm not facing this side."】(Elena)
【"Don't lie."】(Sirius)
That night, Elena kept watching me with a happy face.
As of yet, the early morning sky is only slightly bright.
I get out of bed, trying not to wake up Elena, who's sleeping next to me, and I change my clothes to a sportswear prepared in the living room beforehand. I take a lot of moisture, I go out, I stretch, and start today's jogging vigorously, regardless of my loosened body.
Since I'm running in the garden, I go by tiptoeing in consideration of the people sleeping. This is also a part of training. I gradually accelerate, and when I get warm enough, I activate 【(Boost)】 and dash toward the forest.
I don't fly in the sky, I use the trees as obstacles, and I run through without losing speed. I kick a branch, I jump over a river, I step on a monster, I fly over a cliff, and I climb it, my goal is the top of the highest mountain in the surroundings.
Thereupon I switch off 【(Boost)】 and I start a muscule training that emphasis on push-ups, sit-ups, and running. It's a low oxygen training on high altitude. The altitude here is about roughly 3,000m(above sea level), the oxygen on high ground is low, so the partial pressure is reduced which puts a large load on the body, the effects of training rise rapidly when it's done like that. I recommend it since it visibly raises endurance as well.
By the way, with my master, I was made to do it in a snow mountain where the altitude exceeded 5000m. I seriously thought I was going to die, and it's just one case among many others.
Since the time for breakfast is approaching, I stop my training here after around an hour.
I return by going down the mountain while flying in the sky and gradually reducing my altitude. This is because if I descend at a dash, the difference in atmospheric pressure might cause abnormalities to my body.
My physical exercise program comes to an end when I arrive at home.
The above is my training menu for the morning.
The magic's assistance in easing my movements is really helpful. If not for the magic, I'd only have the time for climbing up the mountain and descending it.
When I wiped my dripping sweat, I felt something odd from the entranceway. Elena normally offers me a drink and a towel after exercise. While I titled my head in confusion at the unusual occurrence, I heard footsteps from behind and I turned around.
【"Did you oversleep? It's quite unusual of you, Elena-Ah?"】(Sirius)
【"Ah, good morning. Sirius-sama."】
The one standing there was not Elena but Emilia. She has a flask and a towel in her hands, but she blushes and looks down shamefully. Oh, well, she must have become like that from being seen in that shameful state from yesterday. Is she trying to get my sympathy?
【"Good morning Emilia. Can you give me the towel?"】(Sirius)
【"Ah, yes! Please take it!"】(Emilia)(TLN: She says "doozo" fyi)
I receive the towel that she held out forcefully and I wipe my sweat but… I feel stares. Though she's also watching me with a flushed face, what stands out is four faces popping out from a tree in the back.
The hell are those guys doing?
【"Hang in there, Emi-chan!"】(Noel)
【"Dammit, Nee-san with that guy it's just-Mmmhmhm!"】(Reus)(TLN: Someone is covering his mouth, got no english sfx for that)
【"Be quiet…"】(Dee)
【"Ahhh, youth"】(Elena)
I can hear them by strengthening my hearing ability…. such a pain~.
I shoot out a light 【(Impact)】 on the tree as a threat and they scatter away. They're like pigeons.
【"Hmmm, please take this drink too."】(Emilia)
【"Ah, sure, I'll take it."】(Sirius)
A warm drink is better than a cold drink after an exercise, but this child seems to know that already. I drink up slowly, Emilia seemed to have settled down a lot by the time I returned the glass. She took several deep breaths, and after nodding once, she bowed with all her strength.
【"About yesterday… Thank you!"】(Emilia)
【"Are you good now?"】(Sirius)
【"Yes! I was embarrassed but I feel fine now."】(Emilia)
Just as Emilia said, I don't feel any trace of the sly atmosphere she had yesterday from her. Though her face is still red, she has a calm and refreshed expression.
【"Though I'm still just a little sad, It's good already. I'll get stronger. I want to become strong like mother and father. Therefore, once again, please. Please make me strong!"】(Emilia)
【"Will you follow me? This training is harsher than your time as a slave. Is that still alright?"】(Sirius)
【"Yes! I'll follow you, Sirius-sama!"】(Emilia)
【"I see, you surmounted your parents' death nicely."】(Sirius)
I spontaneously patted her head. Her movements stopped just a moment but she narrowed her eyes.
She laughed for the first time.
The young girl rised a lovely flower-like smile. Yes, as I thought, it's best for children to be smiling.
By the way, she's from the silver wolf tribe so she has a bushy tail, but she swings It with an amazing strength every time I stroke her. Wondering if she likes it, I stop patting her to experiment.
Her tail stops. In addition, she has a sad expression. I pat her again.
Her tail restarts. This is bad, It's too amusing, it's like a switch. I experiment with more strength, and I pat her with a force that puts her hair in disorder.
She lets out a lovely scream and satisfiedly waves her tail with a force that gives it an afterimage. One would normally dislike it when it's done this rashly, right? And her hair is getting rummaged too, so why is this?
I stopped at that point since I was likely to get addicted to the cuteness. Though she was disappointed when I separated my hand, I have to endure, I have to. That feeling subsided when I tried to talk to her while facing her during breakfast, and came to a realization.
….Wait a second.
Her eyes, for some reason… she has the eyes of a girl who fell in love.
I recall Noel's words from last night.
【(However, Sirius-sama, you really are a lady-killer. Emi already became lovestruck.)】(Past Noel)
No no no, hold on a second.
It certainly looked like I was trying to comfort her, but I didn't plan on things turning this way. I was planning to become a substitute for her parents, I had pictured myself as something like a guardian.
Actually, I picked up a girl who was similar to her in my previous life, and I comforted her with the words I said to Emilia. I was called father by her on the next day, I got along with her like a real father.
Emilia should therefore do the same so….. wait, a father?
Myself from my previous life…. was over 50 years old. The other party was about seven years old.
My current self…. is six years old. The other party is seven years old.
……It's a perfect Boy Meets Girl.
That's more like the age difference with a boy not a father, isn't it?! Of course she'd fall in love when hugged gently in a moment of weakness!
N-no, in any case, I succeeded in obtaining her trust. Overcoming her past, from here on, she will get stronger. She can do my special training properly without being unhappy about me so it's all good, right?
As a teacher, it's normal for me to get along with my disciple. Yes, It's totally normal.
【"I love you, Sirius-sama."】
I went too far.


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