Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 164

Chapter 164 The Beginning
The oversimplified synopsis of the previous chapter
The Sandor king woke up and started straightening the corrupted people of the castle. Immediately after Noel (Loli) and Marina (Tsundere), Reus was confessed by Julia (Foolish Sword Princess).

The princess of Sandor country, Julia Phil Sandor. Although she was a royalty, she chose the path of swords. She was the only swordsman that could compete against General Fort who was said to be the strongest in Sandor.
The appearance was good enough to make people turned around, and the fighting figure with fluttering blonde hair didn’t only attract men, but also women. Many people had appeared to propose to Julia to be their partner, but she refused everyone. Some of them were pushy, but because of Julia’s swordsmanship, they were beaten thoroughly. It was also appropriate to think of her as a flower on a high peak.
So, a rumor spread that there was no one could marry her other than sword, but now Reus was proposed to be her partner.

“…There were such circumstances, isn’t it?” (Emilia)
“Aah, together with the retirement of the king and the decision of the next successor, that place was completely chaotic.” (Reus)
A few minutes after Julia’s proposal, which caused the meeting room to make much noises, we returned to our room where our companions were waiting. As Emilia prepared tea at the same time, I informed the details of the conference after everyone calmed down, but no one knew how to respond to the development beyond expectations.
Although the succession of the king and the problem with Lambda were also important, the most interesting thing for us now would be the matter of Reus and Julia. The sister, Emilia, was directing a sharp look at Reus, who continued to eat sweets put on the table as if to escape from the situation.
“So, how did you reply to Julia’s confession?” (Emilia)
“I don’t understand when she said it so suddenly, so I told her to wait…” (Reus)
“Yes… I probably can understand Reus’ feeling now.” (Julia)
“To begin with, it is strange to be confessed in such a place. So… why are you here?” (Fia)
“Of course, that is to give a greeting again to Reus’ relatives.” (Julia)
Naturally, everyone was looking at Julia who sat next to Reus, but the person herself drank tea gracefully as if nothing had happened.
“I confessed in such a place because I couldn’t suppressed my feelings. It’s shameful, but my heart is still immature.” (Julia)
“Are you saying that once you have decided, you will take action? It seems like you.” (Fia)
“Uhm, should Julia-sama feel calm even if when you aren’t under the watch of the king?” (Reese)
“I heard from Sirius-sama that you want to discuss something important here?” (Emilia)
Right now, the king and his successor, Sanger, were interrogating the important people one by one. Julia wasn’t told that she wasn’t necessary, but I thought that she, as a royalty, should at least stayed in the conference room. However, Julia was smiling to those questions without worrying much.
“There is no problem because Father said he didn’t need me. He gladly sent me out while saying… if I have found my other half, I should pursue the matter by any cost.” (Julia)
That king would certainly would say that. Emilia and Reese unintentionally tilted their head, wondering whether that would be fine or not, but Julia directed a refreshing smile like a princess to them.
“There’s one thing I would like to ask. In a place without retainers, I want you to stop calling me with -sama honorific. That is especially when you may become my sister-in-law in the future.” (Julia)
“…The way of calling can be discussed little by little, but shall we focus on Reus now? Taking this opportunity, I would like to ask you properly. Why did you choose Reus as your partner?” (Emilia)
“Well. People have said that… I may have to marry a sword if I don’t find partner, but to suddenly say this… So you want to ask me the reason, right?” (Julia)
“Is it because he rescued you, Julia-sama… -san?” (Emilia)
By considering from the situation so far, I judged that Julia liked strong man. Far from winning against her during mock battle, Reus saved her from the hand of Hilgan and protected her from enemy attacks with his body. It wasn’t like I didn’t understand why Julia fell in love, but I had a feeling that she didn’t decide it solely based on that situation.
“It’s true that I was moved when Reus protected me. However, the main reason why I want him to be my partner is because he protected my dignity… which is the hair.” (Julia)
That appearance that gently stroked the hair was a feminine gesture that she showed for the first time. Long hair was obstructive to those who wanted to become swordsman. I was wondering why she didn’t cut it, but she began to talk the reason slowly.
“My mother, who died when I was very young, loved me more than anyone else. Despite being the king’s wife, she didn’t leave the care to the maids, and she always praised me for being beautiful while combing my hair every day.” (Julia)
“She was… a wonderful wonder.” (Emilia)
“My mother also combed my hair everyday…” (Reese)
“If I told her what I wanted to do, especially the time when I wanted to learn sword, she supported me and told me to try my best. To me, I respect her more than Father.” (Julia)
She was only a wife to the king, but she was a woman with strong heart. Julia didn’t show a sad expression. It might be because it was already a memory, but she looked serious when touching a small ribbon tied on her hair.
“Mother said this to me. It was important to become strong and she didn’t mind if I acted like a boy, but she told me I would find a man who I love someday.” (Julia)
“It seems she had been worried about that as a mother.” (Emilia)
“Could it be the reason why you pay attention to the hair is…” (Reese)
“Yes, Mother said until the last day of her breath to take care of my hair no matter what. That’s because I might find a fateful partner among the men who attracted to my beautiful hair.” (Julia)
Julia’s mother said about fate, but I thought that the meaning wasn’t that deep. Perhaps, for Julia who was obsessed with sword, it was like a desperate measure even a little since so many people were interested in her. Indeed, her shining blonde hair fascinated people regardless of gender.
“For me, my hair is like a bond with Mother. But this hair… was deliberately grasped by that fool.” (Julia)
“So, you were hesitated to cut your hair because of that reason.” (Emilia)
Julia was totally hesitated, but when she decided that her mother would get angry if she gave precedence to the hair over her own safety, Reus leaped out and slashed Hilgan’s hand.
“It would have been better to cut my hair at that time, but regardless of that, Reus sliced Hilgan’s arm. He was really angry with Hilgan, who treated the hair poorly.” (Julia)
“I just… couldn’t forgive that bastard. I didn’t do it only for Julia though.” (Reus)
When Hilgan was slashed for the first time, he stopped their sword with his arms. Reus aimed at his arm not only for Julia, but he was also purely frustrated.
“But, it’s true that you were angry for me, right? At that time, the words you uttered while being angry shook my heart violently. I am sure because I am a woman.” (Julia)
He was stronger than her, knew the importance of women’s hair and full of kindness that wanted to protect others. In other words, Reus was like a straight ball to her taste of men. It seemed that a fateful partner appeared just right.
“When I think about it, this feeling might have begun to grow from the moment I received your upright sword. However, I succumbed to anger and chased you. It was truly embarrassing appearance. Even if I have to say that myself, it was really shameful.” (Julia)
When she looked embarrassed with reddened cheeks, that might attracted many men, but as usual, Julia nodded with a dignified expression. Unlike me who was thinking about subtle meanings to that, Emilia and others seemed to be relieved. They might understand Julia’s serious thought.
“I’m happy that you think of my brother that way even though he is inattentive in some respects.” (Emilia)
“I didn’t expect that you will choose Reus. Well, there are immature and thickheaded parts of him, but I think he has the qualities to become a good man in the future.” (Fia)
“But, Reus has…” (Reese)
“Yes. You should tell that to Julia-sama properly.” (Emilia)
Emilia stopped her words right there. She looked at Reus as if to tell that matters from his own mouth. Despite being frightened by his sister’s gaze, Reus was relieved that she wasn’t angry. He turned toward Julia after showing that he was considering for a bit.
“Uhm, you know. I appreciate your feeling, Julia, but I already have lovers.” (Reus)
“Hmm, how many are they?” (Julia)
“Eh!? Uh-uhmm… two… I think? Noir and Marina… but…” (Reus)
While being baffled by the ladies’ stares, which wanted him to tell Julia clearly, and that unexpected reply, Reus managed to answer the question. Noel daughter’s, Noir, who was like a family to us. In addition, there was also Marina, the sister of Reus’ best friend, Albert.
I was concerned because Julia asked how many he had, but was this something she already anticipated? Far from being jealous, she didn’t look as if she regretted it, but when she heard the name of Marina, she nodded as if she remembered something.
“Marina… if I’m not mistaken, she is Albert-dono’s sister, right? I see, if it’s that girl, I can understand it.” (Julia)
“Have you talk with Marina?” (Reus)
“I have never talked to her directly. I only saw her assisted Albert-dono in many things. Is that so? I guess I’m the third?” (Julia)
“Th-the third!?” (Reus)
“I don’t know about Noir-dono, but I confessed after those two. So, of course, I’m the third, right?” (Julia)
Apparently, she didn’t mind the fact that there were multiple lovers. There were many parts where we wanted to point out, but since Reus’ true feeling hadn’t been conveyed, we were looking at their interaction without interjecting them.
“You know, I’m not sure where I like you or not, Julia. It is troubling when I was suddenly told to be a partner.” (Reus)
“Hmm, that is true. I didn’t consider your feeling much. I’m sorry.” (Julia)
“I see. Then, for a while–…” (Reus)
“Well then, let me ask again. What should I do to be your partner? I am not really aware of this until now, but I supposed I have the face and body that fascinated men by looking at the surrounding reactions, yes?” (Julia)
“I told you, I can’t decide this suddenly!” (Reus)
Julia’s attack continued as long as she could attract Reus even for a bit. However, I thought that if it was the usual Reus, he would clearly refuse, but somehow, he was hesitated. Perhaps, a part of him like her, but he might be afraid to be hated if he refused her. Since Reus’ preference wasn’t about the appearance but more on the essence of a person, his heart was probably wavering because he likes her upright personality.
Nevertheless, this princess was a nonstandard woman in many ways. It might also because of their first meeting which started with exchanges between mutual swordsman in a mock battle, it was highly likely that Reus was confused since he thought her as a friend rather than a woman.
Well, I guessed time would solved this problem, but… there was one big wall. I wasn’t qualified to say this since I had three wives, but Princess Lifell and Reese, who were thinking similar to me, began to speak.
“Uhmm… so Julia-san, do you intend to marry Reus into your family?” (Reese) (TLN: Refer muko-iri)
“Yeah. We aren’t objecting this, but wouldn’t be difficult in many situations if you marry Reus?” (Lifell)
Even if she interacted with us in friendly manner, the fact that she was a royalty still didn’t change.
That was why they asked such a question, but Julia replied without hesitation.
“I haven’t think about him moving into my family, but either way, I don’t really mind.” (Julia)
“So, if it’s going to be in that way, I will be a royalty of this country, is it? I don’t really want that.” (Reus)
“I see. Then, I’ll marry you and enter your family instead. The next king has been decided to be Nii-san, so it’s fine to arrange the matter in that way.” (Julia) (TLN: Refer yome-iri)
“Is it really fine to decide that easily…” (Reese)
“Please decided after you discuss with surrounding people.” (Lifell)
“Since Father entrusts me to choose my own partner, he is mostly will support my decision. Plus, if Reus’ strength is known, the surroundings also will be convinced.” (Julia)
I heard that the princess of a country was usually used for political marriage, but in the case of Julia, that didn’t seem to apply. Besides, all the important people couldn’t refuse Sandor king… so on top of her father’s support, we didn’t have to worry about the problem due to the difference in status.
So now, it depended on Reus. If there were problems, it was probably the reactions of Reus’ lovers, Noir and Marina, but since that was unclear unless she actually met them, there was nothing much could be done at this moment.
For the time being, Reus and Julia decided to talk over the table to get to know each other well. Emilia also joined the conversation. This was like a patron… no, this seemed to be like a matchmaking by looking at the atmosphere.
“Uhm… what is your hobby?” (Reus)
“My hobby? I like to swing sword, of course.” (Julia)
“Me too. Somehow, I feel calm when swinging the sword straight down from above.” (Reus)
“I can understand that feeling. When it comes to ‘Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style’, does its core to swing down the sword?” (Julia)
“Yes. I was scolded by Lior-jiichan because that was the basis.” (Reus)
It was a conversation that didn’t suit a matchmaking meeting, but since their talk was progressing, I guessed it was fine. It seemed to be alright to leave them for a while, so I got off my seat and came to Fia, who was sitting on the bed in the room.
Fia didn’t participate in the conversation because she had to take care Karen and Hina. When I looked at the bed next to Fia while stroking Hokuto’s head, I saw Karen and Hina slept together. Hina was embracing her dragon at the same time.
“…They are sleeping well.” (Sirius)
“They were enduring for quite some time. Once they understood that it was safe, they fell asleep like a log.” (Fia)
“I supposed Karen had reached her limit, huh.” (Sirius)
Either way, the children were already asleep. There were many problems that hadn’t been solved yet, but I would like to forget it now and take a good rest. As I sat next to Fia, who gently looked at the sleeping girls, I asked for information while lowering my voice.
“So, did you get anything?” (Sirius)
“I couldn’t talk much, but I’ve confirmed that Hina-chan isn’t a child of this town.” (Fia)
According to the explanation of Luca, who escaped with Lambda, Hina was said to be a girl employed from the town, but actually, she seemed to be a child sold as a slave on another continent. The person herself didn’t seem to remember much of that time, but after being bought by Lambda and others before serving the country, she followed them the whole time.
“However, as Hina-chan took care of the dragons just as ordered, it looks like she didn’t listen to anything important. But… I am concerned about several scars on her arms and legs which I don’t think are from being injured.
“It is probably… the result of experiments. Perhaps, they brought her in because they knew her ability.” (Sirius)
“You said that there was no danger, but do you know something about Hina-chan?” (Fia)
I slowly nodded at Fia who was looking at me with a serious expression. There was no evidence that her body was being tempered by Lambda’s hands based on the [Scan] I did while we returned to this room, but her body was…
“Apparently, the blood of dragon is flowing through this child.” (Sirius)
“Do you mean that…” (Fia)
“Yes. Her appearance is a human, but I felt the same reaction as a Dragonkin.” (Sirius)
Luca said that she was half human and half Dragonkin, but it was highly likely that she was lying. I couldn’t say it for sure because I hadn’t examined her body by directly touching her, but I couldn’t say that she was a Dragonkin especially when she pulled her horns to throw it as bombs and how the scaled of the body scattered like bullets.
Xenodora and Asrad told me that the horns were important organs for the dragons because it allowed them to focus mana. No matter how angry she was when Lambda was hurt, the horns wouldn’t be used like a disposable. That was why I shouldn’t conclude Luca… no, all three of them to be either human or Dragonkin.
…My thought was slightly distracted. Anyhow, I judged that… Lambda had examined her blood and body, and found that she was capable of handling dragons.
“Since I couldn’t find any beaten marks, they might not abuse her at least.” (Sirius)
“Well. If this girl become adult, she may be attacked by that big man. It will be like that other girl…” (Fia)
Fia’s expression was slightly became gloomy. She might be thinking of that victim Elf girl. Without Lambda’s instructions, Fia’s brethren, who had become like a puppet, couldn’t eat, let alone having meals. She was put in the jail of the castle since she was suspected to be Lambda’s companion. However, she couldn’t speak anything when her ago was erased, and those, who interrogated her, were having troubles. If Julia didn’t order the surrounding, she would be surely tortured.
“I will consult the king later on her. Just wait a bit.” (Sirius)
“…Please do. But, do not forget about this girl here too.” (Fia)
“Yes. She has become Karen’s friend, so I’ve got to protect that.” (Sirius)
If I could take her into custody, it might be a good idea to go back to Karen’s hometown and consulted Zenodora. As I was watching these girls sleeping like sisters even though their appearance and race were different, I naturally yawned as if my tension had relaxed.
“Fuh… We have nothing more to do now, so shall we go to sleep soon?” (Sirius)
“I feel bad to ask you this, but is it alright with the plants in the wall?” (Fia)
“I’ve already dealt with it.” (Sirius)
The plants that Lambda put in the castle had already withered after I loaded excessive amount of mana. In this way, that man wouldn’t be able to destroy castle and there would be no information flowing.
Now, I would rest properly until the Sandor king’s investigation was over. I took off my equipment and laid down on a vacant bed.
“Let me sleep first. If there is anything…” (Sirius)
“It’s fine. Don’t worry about us, and just sleep until morning.” (Fia)
“Please leave it to us afterwards. We will also be sleeping when the time comes.” (Emilia)
Emilia, who was staying next to Reus until now, brought a blanket as soon as she heard that I was about to sleep. As Emilia quickly prepared the bed, Fia, who had been lying cozily, gently hugged my head. This gentle feeling wasn’t a feeling of a woman that I asked…
“I’m happy that you are being nice to me, but that doesn’t let my heart wavered, you know?” (Sirius)
“That’s not it. I was thanking the protection of the Sacred Tree-sama, and that also for you who protected our two lives. Please feel that.” (Fia)
“Goodness. Let alone being a mother to my child, are you intend to be my parent?” (Sirius)
“If that can soothe you, I will do anything.” (Fia)
Was that how Fia showed her appreciation? It was a bit embarrassing, but the feeling of the heartbeat and body temperature of Fia, who carried my child, was the most reassuring act for me now. Like this, my eyelids were gradually closing since I was relieved that she and my child were safe.
“Thank you for your hard work today. Please take a rest.” (Emilia)
“Good night.” (Fia)
While listening to gentle voices from Emilia and Fia, I fell asleep.

Thus, the long night ended. I woke up when the outside began to brighten up. When I turned my neck to my side, I saw Fia sleeping next to me, and on my other side was…
“Ehehe… good morning.” (Emilia)
“…Good morning.” (Sirius)
There was a figure of Emilia hugging my arm and rubbing her cheek. Although Emilia came to be pampered like this in everyday occurrence, I didn’t notice that she crawled into the bed. I supposed I was considerably tired last night. Emilia got up after having enough of my smell. She reverted back to the face of an attendant and reported what happened while I was sleeping.
“To conclude, there was nothing suspicious. Since Senia-san and Melt-san were here, the vigilance of this room was perfect.” (Emilia)
“Didn’t they return to their room?” (Sirius)
“Yes. In preparation to that, Lifell-sama suggested that it would be better for everyone to stay in one place.” (Emilia)
“I see. I’m sorry for having you to do that.” (Sirius)
“No, it was nothing…” (Emilia)
Beyond line of sight of Emilia, who had a complicated expression, there was Princess Lifell, who slept while looking satisfied, hugging Reese in the next bed. At first, it looked like an intimate sight, but the expression of the embraced Reese was somehow struggling. It might be because her sister was hugging hard unconsciously. As I was wondering whether I should wake them up, Senia, who had preparing for tea, joined in the conversation.
“It’s been a while to see her to sleep together with Reese-sama. Do you mind if Lifell-sama to be like that for a bit longer?” (Senia)
“Reese seems to be struggling, will that be alright?” (Sirius)
“There is no problem because it is minimally adjusted. When Lifell-sama was young, she hugged me when we were sleeping together, and it wasn’t possible to come out from it.” (Senia)
Reese also had the habit of hugging as well, but it seemed Princess Lifell way surpassed her. When I quietly turned my eyes away from Reese, who was suffering from the hot intimacy, I could see Reus sleeping in another bed. An idea ran through my mind about Julia since it was almost bed time, but it seemed they didn’t go that far.
“After talking to Reus for a while, Julia-sama returned to her room. It seems that they made a promise to practice swinging sword together this time.” (Emilia)
“It looks like her passionate approach continues. As for that, what do you think of this matter as his sister?” (Sirius)
“Well. I’m fine with him getting more than one woman, but I’m worried about this insensitive boy because he managed to attract not only Julia-sama, but also Noir-chan and Marina.” (Emilia)
“That is very severe. But, it’s not like I don’t understand your feeling.” (Sirius)
“Isn’t it alright since they become his lovers after knowing who he is, right? If there is anything, Reus can talk with the women and decide.” (Fia)
Fia probably woke up while we were talking. She covered her yawning while raising her body. It didn’t feel a bit optimistic, but since Fia said it, it might be good idea to watch them quietly. Lastly, I confirmed that Melt was resting on the sofa in the room. Then, I got off the bed, and started to stretch up.
“You didn’t talk about this, but has the king’s interrogation over?” (Sirius)
“You know, you just woke up. Anyhow, the king is fine. It would be unfit if the king doesn’t have such a temperament.” (Senia)
“Sirius-sama. What are you going to do after this?” (Emilia)
“First off, we should have breakfast. I think that woman will come here first thing in the morning anyway, so let’s wake up everyone and go for breakfast.” (Sirius)
Anyhow, there would be a lot of things today, so vitality through meals was a must. Since everyone had woken up when the stretching continued while telling so, everyone groomed themselves, and Julia appeared as expected. As usual Julia was full of energy, but today, instead of being alone, she brought several attendants who brought meals in their hands.
“Although Father has woke up, some people are still confused about the situation of the castle. I’m sorry, but I had ask them to bring the breakfast here.” (Julia)
“That really helps, we’re really appreciate it. Nevertheless, are we having meat in the morning…” (Sirius)
“Hmmm. Well, you won’t have energy if you don’t eat properly. Of course, we have plenty of vegetables and fruits, so everyone can eat whatever you want.” (Julia)
“I would like to have large serving, please.” (Reese)
“Me too.” (Reus)
The appearance of a beautiful woman ate a large amount of meat in the morning was quite a spectacle, but since the glutton siblings in the house had stomach of steel, I didn’t really mind. On the other hand, Hina, who woke up, escape to a corner of a wall, but she was eating breakfast next to Karen since she couldn’t stop the feeling of hungry.
“…It’s tasty.” (Hina)
“I know, right. But, the meals Otou-san and Onee-chans make are more delicious.” (Karen)
“Really?” (Hina)
“Yeah. Is it fine?” (Karen)
“Of course. We will make it later.” (Sirius)
When I also ate the meat while feeling relieved that Hina returned to the usual spirit, Julia, who was sitting next to Reus, stopped eating. I noticed that she was gazing at the fork in her hand seriously.
“Reus. Actually, I consulted the maids who would help me with my attire. I asked them how to deepen relationship with my partner.” (Julia)
“Oo…ooh. Were they surprised a lot when you asked such a question suddenly?” (Reus)
“Hmmm. In the end, some of them were crying, some were happy, but some were also displaying bloodlust. However, I was told that there was something I could do to deepen the relationship.” (Julia)
While saying that, Julia picked a small cut meat with a fork and turned toward Reus.
“That is to feed you with my hands. It is completely like feeding a baby, but is it true?” (Julia)
“Aniki and Nee-chan always do that, so I think that is not wrong.” (Reus)
“I see. In that case, I will…” (Julia)
Since Reus usually watched how Emilia interacted with me, he didn’t think that it was embarrassing at all. As if it was encouraged by Reus, when I was thinking about Julia putting her strength on the wrists…
“…Haa!” (Julia)
“Uoooh!?” (Reus)
She stuck out the fork with a momentum to bring down an opponent. Although Reus avoided that by diverting his face, it went without saying that everyone here was stunned.
“What are you doing!?” (Reus)
“I was told that I thrust that with courage even though it was embarrassing, but… was it wrong?” (Julia)
“No matter how I look at that, I could only think that you were trying to stab me!” (Reus)
This was the result of interpreting the advice of the maids. Anyhow, it was rare for Reus to go into that mode.
“Of course, I intended to pull back just before getting stuck. This mean that we trust each others’ ability, so that also mean that we can feed each other, right? I take it into consideration because this is a part of the training.” (Julia)
Did she wanted to say that she was pushing in and out the fork quickly into other’s mouth so as not to get stuck and she was considering the timing so that the meat was nibbled? By the way, this was impossible to be achieved without mutual competence. Those who trained physically by nature usually combined their training and the usual conduct casually.
“Let me tell you, that’s wrong! Seriously, let me show how to do it, so please open your mouth.” (Reus)
“Well then, give me the signal. When the meat enters my mouth, I will try to magnificently bite it.” (Julia)
“Just eat it normally!” (Reus)
By the way, Julia, who was asked by Reus to eat normally, nodded deeply even though she didn’t look satisfied.
“…Indeed, this is not bad. I can’t express well in words, but I know I’m happy.” (Julia)
“Look, now is your turn. Don’t stab me, just do it normally, alright.” (Reus)
“Hmmm. Leave it to me.” (Julia)
Reus’ newest lover candidate seemed to be tough in many ways. Speaking of one thing that could be understood at this moment, the way for these two to become married couple seemed to be… far away.

The king’s interrogation hadn’t finished even after such a noisy breakfast, so Reus went out to swing sword as he promised last night with Julia. Meanwhile, I went to the kitchen of the castle with Senia and Reese. I understood that it was an emergency situation now, but since I got nothing else to do at this moment, I thought of making something that would take some time before lunch hour. Besides, I promised to cook for Karen and Hina, and I still had the ingredients of medicine prepared for deceiving Lambda. Hence, it would be a waste if I didn’t use that.
“I’m thinking to cook curry.” (Sirius)
“Well, the necessary ingredients are this and that… aah, are you going to use vegetables too?” (Reese)
“Alright, I should use that as well. Senia, can you prepare a pot, please?” (Sirius)
“Leave it to me. Even so, both of you aren’t only good, but you act in rhythm. Whoever look at you, they will only think you both like a couple.” (Senia)
“Ooh you! I’m used to it because I always do it! Besides, aren’t you addressing Sirius-san without honorific? You are way ahead of me on that, you know?” (Reese)
“That’s because of the other day. After all, Sirius-sama is Reese-sama’s husband.” (Senia)
Despite being poked fun by Senia, who seemed to be enjoying the moment, we continued with the cooking in a peaceful atmosphere. In the meantime, I was asked by the chefs of the castle who were attracted by the smell of the current. Overall, we were able to spend a meaningful time.
A curry of two big pots was completed before noon, and when I finished eating together with everyone… a king’s messenger came up and reported that the interrogation had ended.
I heard that the results of the interrogation would be announced in the conference room after this, but since I was told that he wanted to have a talk once before that, I headed to the room designated by the Sandor king alone. Beyond the door where soldiers were guarding, there were Sandor king sat at the table, and his eldest son, Sanger who happened to finish his meal.
“Aren’t you going to eat more? Then, I’ll finish everything.” (King)
“I’m good. Father, you just woke up, so it is fine to eat so much?” (Sanger)
“I won’t recover if I don’t eat. Anyhow, if it’s this dish, I can eat anytime.” (King)
I could see a deep fatigue in Sanger’s expression due to staying up all night. In regards of that, the Sandor king didn’t seemed to be tired even though he was still recovering. He continued to eat curry with bread and he seemed to be in good health.
That curry… wasn’t it the one that I made earlier? I didn’t think I was mistaken from the smell of it. When I inclined my head to see what the king was eating, he noticed my presence and raised his hand with a smile.
“Nii-chan, this curry is the best! If there are extra, I want to eat some more.” (King)
“I don’t mind, but where did you hear about who make that dish?” (Sirius)
“The chef, who brought the lunch, had a delicious smell. It seemed delicious when I asked him, so I had him prepared it.” (King)
When the curry was completed, the chefs of the castle, who were watching, said they wanted to try. So, I shared with couple of them as appreciation for lending me their kitchen, but did he eat that?
The aroma of the curry was certainly strong, but he noticed that slight smell that mixed with other dishes. It seemed he asked the chief to prepare it without hesitation. It was almost like having a dog’s sense of smell. I was surprised to a certain extent when the king finished all the curry, and looked satisfied after drinking water.
“Phew… I ate it! This will be the best if there is alcohol.” (King)
“Although you only wake up for about half a day, you look tremendously well. I wonder how much you want to eat.” (Sirius)
“If it’s five people portions, that would be easy for him. Even though he just woke up, he eats so much. It feels like looking at a monster.” (Sanger)
“My stomach has become weak.” (King)
He was bedridden for nearly a few months, and he only had minimum amount of meals. I didn’t think his stomach could handle it but it seemed the person himself was composed. Just to be sure, when I judged that it might be better to diagnose with [Scan], the Sandor king remembered the reason for calling me here, and he turned to me with a serious expression.
“I’m sorry to bother you. Before deciding the dispose of those who had been deceived by that bastard, Lambda, let me ask you a question, Nii-chan.” (King)
“I also wanted to ask something, but as long as I can answer, it is fine.” (Sirius)
“I see. In that case, I’ll ask only the conclusion. That girl, Hina, who had something to do with that guy, she didn’t really know anything, yes?” (King)
I also explained the matter to Julia this morning and that should have been conveyed to the king. I guessed he wouldn’t be satisfy unless he confirmed it by himself. I felt a sense of tension in that insight. It was a tremendous feeling that was likely to be a headaches as the benefactor if I made a mistake in words.
If it were ordinary people, they might diverted their eyes, but that would bad when he was the other party, so I replied while looking straight.
“Yes. She was a slave that was bought in some other town. It seems that she was instructed to do things without being told the reasons. Nevertheless, several scars that came from experiment were seen, so if I have to say, she is in the position of a victim.” (Sirius)
I hadn’t confirmed this yet, but I didn’t explained that she was half human half Dragonkin. However, it was a different matter based on the information of Lambda. Since, she was likely to use her for battles, I would try to hide that information as much as I could. It might be because I displayed a complete unfaltering attitude, the king eventually floated a daring smile while starting to caress his beard.
“Hmmm… there seems to be something else, but is it not related to what I want to ask?” (King)
“The only thing I can say that the girl doesn’t know anything about Lambda.” (Sirius)
“…Alright. I’m relieved with that, and I’m convinced now.” (King)
“Thank you very much. Even so… I would like to request something from you.” (Sirius)
“Hmm? Say it.” (King)
“Since the girl, Hina, has nothing to do with Lambda, may I take her into custody? I know a place that will accept her.” (Sirius)
“That’s fine.” (Sirius)
“About the female Elf in the prison, I–…” (Sirius)
“Ouh, take her as you please.” (King)
“Oyaji!?” (Sanger)
I was thinking what the king would say, but the reaction was somewhat unexpected. It was helpful to me especially when the talk was quick. However, Sanger couldn’t let it pass as I expected.
“Is it alright to decide that easy!? I don’t want to say much as well, but those two were involved with that man, you know?” (Sanger)
“You don’t know anything, so don’t open your mouth. If that woman suddenly acts violently from the inside when you detain her poorly, it would be troublesome. Or else, what do you want to do with them? Do you want to have fun with a small girl and a woman who can’t fight back?” (King)
“There is no way I would do that! I understand what are you saying, but will others agree to this?” (Sanger)
“Convince them. We don’t even know whether there is anything, and right now, we have something else we have to do. If not, I feel like we are barking without understanding the current situation, and I want that burden go away immediately.” (King)
The vast majority of the retainers who served the castle had been corrupted, and they were in a situation where the country had gradually started to collapse from the part that couldn’t be seen. As this was a matter before fighting with Lambda and others, the king was mostly prioritizing the rebuilding of the country first.
“Besides, it is best to leave a kid to another kid, and an Elf to another Elf. Apparently, this Nii-chan has helped us a lot, so he should be the right person for this matter.” (King)
In short, the king wanted to say that by entrusting them to me, he would like me to tell him any information quickly. Whether that was the last thing he wanted to say, the king, who had hard time to walk even if he could eat, asked soldiers to carry the chair, while displaying a fearless smile.
“Well then, shall we warn those fools!? By the way, Nii-chan too, together–… nah, forget it. I don’t mind leaving the girl and the Elf to you, but I have one condition.” (King)
Did I asking too much to entrust those two to me since I didn’t give back anything in return? I quietly waited for that condition while praying that it wouldn’t be too much of hassle.
“Teach our chefs how to make that curry. This time, I want to eat until my belly is full!” (King)
“…Understood. I will teach them what I know and the way to procure the ingredients.” (Sirius)
If it was that, it was an easy task. Together with Sanger and the king, who was laughing in satisfaction, I headed to the conference room where the crowds gathered again.

As the king decided, the important people had been waiting in this room since last night, and the conference room was enveloped by a distinctive tension. These people were sitting in a state of exhaustion due to the prolonged tension, but with the appearance of the king, they instantly arranged their posture. The Sandor King, who was accompanied by Sanger and Fort, was joined by Julia on the way there. He opened his mouth while looking over the important people.
“Now… I heard variously from all of you, and it turned out to be a totally silly story. How dare you to sink that far in very short time.” (King)
“““…””” (??)
“I also want to emphasize it strongly since we were thoroughly done, but it is certain that we need a large and extensive cleaning.” (King)
While looking at the important people swallowing saliva as they heard about cleaning, the king called names one by one. Among them was the man who was stopped by Karen because he wanted to snatch the girl’s dragon. He began to shiver with his reddened face when his name was called out. The result was… nearly half of the total was called, and the king said with cold-looking eyes.
“The ones I called just now… you can wait in your own room until i call you. I will not forgive you if you leave the room unless it is related to the work of the castle.” (King)
“Are we… gu-guilty?” (??)
“Is that really it?” (??)
From the reaction of the relieved important people, they might be thinking that their head would fall from the body, rather than just being demoted. However, Julia, who was able to propose to the king casually, threw a question to represent some people.
“Father. Don’t you think their punishment is too light?” (Julia)
“I will adjust the punishment later. The number is large, so if I concluded them doing similar wrongdoing, there will be complaints.” (King)
“Then, why did you give such a punishment?” (Julia)
“It’s because of my intuition. There is a possibility that those who had collaborated with that man would betray us later, so the imprisonment in their room is too avoid all information from leaking. If that’s too lenient, I don’t mind putting them in jail, you know? That will be at least the safest measure.” (King)
No matter how much that man persuaded, it seemed that only those who were weak-minded fell for the enemy’s sweet deals. It was a temporary measure to prevent domestic conflict, but perhaps, he was aware how abnormal Lambda was. If it was that man, there would be possibilities of him doing unexpected measures within the castle walls. However, of course, there were problems.
“I will deal with Lambda when there is spare time. Until my body is properly healed, I’m thinking of reverting to the situation before this incident happened.” (King)
“Uguh.. kuh…” (??)
“Understood…” (??)
“But, your Majesty. There is no one looking after them, so isn’t bad to leave them as it is?” (??)
“If it’s one or two people, it will be fine, but if it involves nearly half of them, it’s going to be difficult.” (King)
These people did a little while they were in castle. Mostly, they just ordered someone or subordinates to do their jobs. Therefore, if a number of people disappeared at the same time, it was highly likely that the individual burden would increase and the whole castle wouldn’t function well. It was said that this king would survive with willpower, but… the person himself was looking at Fort who wasn’t shaking even the slightest.
“In short, we don’t have enough people. Am I right, Fort?” (King)
“Yes!” (Fort)
Fort, who responded with a salute to the king’s call, gradually opened the conference room door. He turned to the hallway, and called somebody. He returned to his original position, and then, a lot of people appeared from the opened door. They were wearing clothes similar to the surrounding important people, but everyone began to make a fuss about the intrusion of a group who had untidy hair and beard. And the guide of this suspicious group was…
““Ashley!?”” (Sanger/Julia)
“Yo, Anija, Aneja. It seems you have woken up, Oyaji.” (Ashley)
It was the second son, Ashley. Even though he was a royalty, he didn’t participate in the conference. Sanger and Julia were surprised at his sudden appearance, but Sanger came up to his father as if nothing happened.
“Heh! I was wondering when are you going to show up. So, did you choose that path?” (King)
“Aah, this is because of love. If I want to be tied together with her, I don’t need the status of royalty.” (Ashley)
“Oyaji, what are you talking about just now? And you Ashley, who are these people?” (Sanger)
“Don’t you remember them? Hey, they were with you a while ago.” (Ashley)
It wasn’t just Sanger, the important people probably remembered them when listened to Ashley. Their eyes spread wide as if they could believe it when watching this group came into the room. Only the king and Fort weren’t moving. In particular the king, he overlooked the group that appeared and started to laugh loudly.
“Haha! I also laughed when I saw Fort’s bald head, but you guys changed so much, it makes me want to laugh!” (King)
“Please don’t make fun of us. But your Majesty, we were waiting for this time to come.” (??)
“Goodness. When we thought that how long we hadn’t seen you, we didn’t expect to be laughed at.” (??)
“Well, well. No matter how much I sleep, the king’s nature will not change. From our point of view, the King is also looked interesting.” (??)
Their true identity was the important people who used to work for this castle, but they were expelled because of Lambda’s treachery. From the point of their friendly attitude and absolute loyalty to the king, they were likely vassals who served by morality rather than money or status.
These people, who were strongly tied to the king like comrade in arms, hurriedly went out of the conference room after the greetings as if they already knew what they should do. Perhaps, they were returning to their former position and to fill in the gap left by those corrupted people for the sake of returning the country to its original state.
Meanwhile… the remaining important people closed their open mouth at the situation where the expelled vassals made a huge comeback.
“Father, where were they before this?” (Julia)
“I also heard that they went out of the country. Not only Ashley, do you and Fort also knew about this?” (Sanger)
“Well, yes. Do you think they can easily disappear from my country?” (King)
“I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you both. Anyhow, this was prepared during the time of emergency.” (Fort)
I hadn’t spoken to them face to face, but actually, I had seen them before. I saw them in the village outside of the wall that surrounded the country. They were the vagrants who were watching us even though the air around them wasn’t coming from ordinary people. They didn’t lose their loyalty to the king even after being driven out of the castle. They hid in that village and they were waiting for the right time.
The person, who hid and sheltered these people, was the head of the information store and also the head of the village. She was Freesia. When I first met Freesia, we were talking about the situation of the castle, and this was one of them. Ashley brought them in order to help Freesia. Anyhow, that was a side story, but I had confirmed their identity when I diagnosed her the other day.
“Ashley-sama. How’s her condition?” (Sirius)
“She is having hard time during the rehabilitation, but the improvement obvious can be seen. If she stays in this condition, we would be able to have date in the town someday.” (Ashley)
“…I see.” (Sirius)
Freesia was someone fragile like white snow, but she was actually the granddaughter of General Fort. I didn’t know the state of affair that revolved around that woman and Fort, but I thought that stand of protecting the king and the country as a family was really praiseworthy. Looking at Fort with indescribable expression because of Ashley wanted to date her granddaughter, the king opened his mouth to straightened up the confused atmosphere.
“With this, the number of people is enough. Then, get ready to fight those who aim at my country–…” (King)
“It’s urgent! I am delivering an urgent message to the king! (??)
After taking a step to improve that situation, at that very moment of entering the full scale preparation against Lambda… a soldier came into the conference room. Looking at how the soldier entered the conference room without reservation, it was probably because of an emergency. The king instantly interrupted his remark. He calmed the flustered soldier and urge him to pass the report.
“The-there is an emergency contact from the front line base! The Demonic continent and this continent have suddenly connected, and it seems that there are monsters enough to fill the ground and they are approaching Sandor!” (Soldier)
I thought this after a while. This could be said the largest scale battle for me since I reincarnated to this world.

Extra/Bonus Act 1 – The Ebb and Flow of Love
When Sirius was making curry in the kitchen hall of the castle, Reus was swinging sword with Julia at the training ground. Reus, who had complicated thought because of Julia had proposed to be his wife, innocently swung his sword, and they kept doing it without saying anything. After finishing a certain number of sword swing, Julia, who had been wiping the sweat with a towel, made a suggestion.
“It’s nice to move the body, isn’t it? Would you like to have a mock battle after the break?” (Julia)
“Sure. But…” (Reus)
“I got it. I will not get angry even if you stop. This is just a mock battle.” (Julia)
Just like that, they started a mock battle and they were having fun. It was an interaction that couldn’t be considered among lovers, but they were having a fulfilling time. After repeating the mock battle for three more ties, Julia talked with the expression she displayed in this morning.
“Reus. I heard from a maidservant that there is an interaction between lovers. Why don’t we try for a bit?” (Julia)
“…First of all, please explain the way of doing it in detail.” (Reus)
“Hmm. While screaming and poking to each other, we should stab our sword. If superb sword tips collides, love will be fulfilled by having good compatibility with each other.” (Julia)
“Say, can you bring that maidservant here?” (Reus)
“Why?” (Julia)
Actually, there was a maid who was seriously in love with Julia, but with the sudden appearing thieving cat… or rather, thieving wolf, she tried to put a distance between them. Hence, she suggested ridiculous idea to Julia who knew nothing about love. Reus couldn’t know the jealousy of such maids. He could only hold his head, thinking what he could do.
“In addition to trusting each other, it is also a wonderful act of acquiring skills. We should try it immediately.” (Julia)
“Why don’t you sit down first? Calm and let’s have a talk.” (Reus)
The relationship of these two seemed to take progress but sometimes it reverted back.

Extra/Bonus Act 2 – But, I… and the honey… (Hanging from a high position)
I cooked curry in my spare time and treated everyone, but Hina was tilting her head since it was a dish that she saw for the first time.
“What… is this?” (Hina)
“It’s a dish called curry. It’s a bit spicy, but try to eat it. It’s delicious. Could it be that you are not good with spicy food?” (Sirius)
“Just a bit…” (Hina)
It wasn’t too spicy, but it might be too much for children. Since it was the turn of that time, I took out a container with honey brought from the carriage.
“Then, I’ll make it sweet. It would be easier to eat if it is mixed with honey.” (Sirius)
“Me too!” (Karen)
“Yes, yes. But I’ll be the one who put the honey.” (Sirius)
Before this, when I gave her a container of honey to Karen, it became a honey rice, instead of curry. When I looked at other people while putting it appropriate amount of honey, I saw not only Princess Lifell, but also Julia, who ate curry for the first time, looked satisfied. And then, the usual announcements were approaching…
“I want more, please.” (Reese)
“Me too!” (Reus)
“Same here!” (Julia)
The glutton siblings had increased their number. Since there was a high possibility Julia would join us in the future, our Engel’s coefficient seemed to increase further.
“More honey!” (Karen)
“Eat the curry!” (Sirius)

Hokuto at Night
In the situation similar to a matchmaking between Reus-kun and Julia-chan, Emilia-chan left the two to assist Sirius-kun. In exchange of Emilia-chan, Hokuto-kun came next to Reus-kun, and he kept watching the situation between the two. However, Reus-kun wasn’t good at socializing with women, so the next talk after talking about their hobby didn’t come out easily.
“Uhmm… I listened to your hobby just now, your family is… no, is it too sudden to talk about that?” (Julia)
“…Woof.” (Hokuto)
‘It is hard to treat women. Since you aren’t good at that part, it would be even harder. You may match her well, but since this woman is a woman who know nothing about love, you should lead this situation since you have the experience. If you think it is difficult, try to remember my Master. Remember how he responds flexibly.’ (Hokuto)
…That was the detail secretly told by Hokuto-kun to Reus-kun.
“…Hokuto-san, can you summarize that, please?” (Reus)
“Woof!?” (Hokuto)
However, the amount of information was too much, and it was hardly conveyed to Reus who was nervous. Julia-chan was also surprised by the sight of them having a secret talk while ignoring the person herself…
“Hehehe. It’s not bad to have a partner who can talk to a legendary wolf.” (Julia)
The evaluation was rather good.
“…Woof.” (Hokuto)
Hokuto-kun thought that this person… was someone who wasn’t aware about herself.


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