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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 41

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— Reese —
"Kaa-sama, let me hear the story of Dragon's Ouji-sama." (Reese)fsdfsd
"Reese really likes this story. Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful princess and a prince who was chosen by a legendary sword, in certain place," (??)
When I was a child… that was my favorite story from mother.
The title is 'Dragon's Prince' and it is a common story to read to children.
In response to the certain kingdom's princess who had received a curse from a bad dragon, a prince traveled to find a legendary sword to defeat the dragon.
The prince continued the harsh travel painfully; he was able to defeat the dragon at last.
But when the dragon was defeated and the curse was removed, the neighboring country's evil prince was going to marry the princess by force.
A wedding ceremony was held while the princess grieved. In the meantime, the prince, who got on the dragon's back, barged into the wedding ceremony.
The dragon reformed itself after being defeated by the prince and it became the Prince's ally.
While the people at the venue were frightened by the dragon, the prince rescued the princess from the evil prince.
And then, those two lived happily ever after in distant land… that is the content of the story.
Its content is for children but I still love it, even today.hfgbhfgfg
Every time I hear the story, I imagine a prince appearing on the back of a dragon… because I've been dreaming about it all the time.
Even when I have grown up to an age where I can understand that the story is merely a tale, I…
When I was born, I had no father already. Mother said he went to faraway place, but I thought on my own that he already died and gave it up.
But for me, it's enough if mother is there.
I was raised by my mother and a former female adventurer. I have been showered with generous love from such a mother, so I wasn't lonely even if I didn't have a father.
And then, mother died when I was eight years old.
I spent every day grieving, and when I finally calmed down… a man walked up to me.
He handed me a letter.
The sender was called Cardeas and he is my father, the King. The letter was sent before my mother died and the content was he wanted to keep custody of me. We had little money. I think mother sent the letter with the intention of giving up her custody and she decided to send me to father's place.
I was lead by that man and came to Elysion. And then, I was guided to the castle and I met my father for the first time.
But father's eyes were cold. He continued talking about my situation uninterestedly, things about me being an illegitimate child with no equal right to succeed the throne, or not to stand out when staying in the castle. He continued looking at me with zero interest as if looking at stones everywhere.shbfgbfshbfgs
I heard from my hometown's friend that a father is known as someone trustworthy but… the illusions of reliable father shattered in that instant.
It seemed I was merely looked as a bother by the surrounding people that I didn't know.
It was already unpleasant. Even if I'm poor, I couldn't help wanting to return to my hometown. Far from being a noble, I became a royal. What on earth would happen to me after this? I was beaten with despair when I was guided to my room, and then a woman entered knocking at the same time.
"So, you are Faeris. My name is Lifell, your Onee-chan." (Lifell)
It was a meeting between me and elder sister.
She started talking to me with friendly smile, and when I realized it, I told everything like my anxiety and feelings to my sister. I met the first person that I could rely on after coming here, I was tightly hugged, warmly embraced, and I was crying loudly.
We didn't take several hours to become friends. Then, elder sister called two people who were waiting outside the door.
"Nice to meet you, Faeris-sama. My name is Senia, I am a special attendant for Lifell-sama. Please do not hesitate to call me Senia." (Senia)
"I am Melt, the exclusive Imperial Guard for the Princess." (Melt)
Senia is very gentle rabbitkin and Melt is very hard to be approached but he'll continue protecting elder sister. I got used to living in the castle while being protected by those two and elder sister.
However, I'm still a commoner after all. I continued to struggle with table manners and courtesy of the royal family. And I continued troubling elder sister and Senia. Although elder sister and Senia fully support me, my heart gradually wears down. Elder sister, who can't look at me like that, decided.
I am blessed with magic and I have high aptitude for water magic. So, elder sister suggested entering the school in the country. The school is not like the castle because there are a lot of nobles where I can learn etiquette and I can make friends since there are also commoners… afterwards, elder sister personally talked to father and she got me permission to enter the school with condition of hiding my social standing.
I told elder sister the first time I can see spirits but since she decided not to hear, she gently warned me to conceal the fact.
"I don't care about spirits. You are my younger sister. Thank you for telling me this." (Lifell)453gtege4
Being deeply moved by those words and being embraced were good memories.
"Learn various things at school. When you have friends, although it's probably impossible, introduce them sometime." (Lifell)
The reason I decided to enter the school was because elder sister pushed for it.

After the conclusion of the school's entrance exam, I went into my room while wondering what kind of person my roommate was but there was no one in the room. And then, after sometime had lapsed, when I was thinking what I would do if my roommate didn't appear at all even if dinner was over, the door opened and a wolfkin with beautiful silver hair entered.
"Are you my roommate?" (Emilia)
"Oh… that's right. My name is Fae… it's Reese. What is your name?" (Reese)
"My name is Emilia. As you can see, I'm a wolfkin." (Emilia)
I almost revealed my real name but I told the name that I decided in advance for myself in a hurry. Although I wasn't asked, I told Emilia that I was the daughter of a certain noble and I enrolled at school because I didn't want to rely on my parents.
Well, when I looked at Emilia for the first time, I was fascinated with her beautiful silver hair. So, she must be a daughter of certain noble, because I thought that person was more excellent than me who was a royal in name.hye54
"Reese-chan is coming to school to train, right? I came here with my master (goshujin-sama), Sirius-sama. Because I am Sirius-sama's servant after all." (Emilia)
Servant? Master!? Such beautiful girl is a servant!?
After that, she talked so much about her wonderful master, a person called Sirius. Her eyes glittered and I understand well because she trusted her master from the bottom of her heart. He's fine with treating beastkin like family, just like Senia, who serves my elder sister.
It was easy to talk with her because she resembled Senia, we became friends after talking until late night. My school life looked favorable because I made friend on the first day of school… that's what I thought but I was summoned to castle during the school entrance ceremony.hergbe4at
The reason I got summoned was to introduce me to the Bardfeld's household members.
(Previously) all family members couldn't gather because they were busy. Now, they gathered at last but… my three elder brothers were looking at me with pity in their eyes.
They probably felt troubled on how to treat me, the illegitimate child, but… I want them to stop pitying me. It was still better than being an enemy but I would probably run away if elder sister wasn't there.rfwesdfvwe
My elder brothers were gentle but father still remained cold.
Mother… Father is probably wonderful and splendid person but I don't like how he looks at me. Is it alright if I wasn't born?
I returned to school while I was still feeling down, and I became fine when I met Emilia. That's right, the place where I belong is not the castle but it's here. I have a friend, so I will work hard in school.
… That's what I thought but it wasn't easy.
The class that I entered, the Iron Class, was a hopeless class especially if one couldn't use magics from all attributes. Although my forte is water, I, who cannot use fire no matter what, was continuously ridiculed by my classmates. I'm fine if it's just me but I couldn't bare when they ridiculed my mother.
Day by day, it becomes more terrible with my classmate's insults because I still cannot use fire magic no matter how hard I tried. I hit a 'wall' as soon as I entered the school, I felt like crying.
Emilia, who was unable to let things pass unnoticed, kindly gave me advice. When I explained to Emilia about my current condition and whether I should worry about it, she gave suggestion while nodding greatly.
"In that case, why don't we consult Sirius-sama? That person can surely help Reese." (Emilia)
A few days later… I met the destined person.
I finished classes with a broken heart, and as I was heading to the library by Emilia's guidance, I met Sirius-kun.
He was amazing person according to Emilia but his appearance is just like an ordinary boy.
However, I can't see him being composed. I was wondering what he was reading about and when I looked, the title of the book was 'Culinary Encyclopedia'. I was surprised because he was reading with full concentration.
Emilia's younger brother, Reus-kun was also introduced at the same time. Although he looked very naughty, it was interesting to see him unable to go against Emilia. I seemed to get used to Reus-kun very fast because there was such a child in my hometown.

After we finished introducing ourselves, I was invited to a dormitory called Diamond Cottage.
When I ate the cake that was brought and made by Sirius-kun, I lost myself for an instant. I didn't know there was such a delicious thing. I was somewhat satisfied but that was not the real issue.
And then, I tried to perform the problematic (attribute) magic but Sirius-kun found out easily about me being able to see spirits.
'Your life is over' or 'you will be kidnapped by terrible people if they know you can see spirits'… although mother said I should keep that as a secret, although elder sister didn't care… he knew my secret. However, far from being scared, Sirius-kun soothed me and suggested ways to manage spirits. I was happy when I heard he had met and made friends with someone who could see spirits other than me.gherbged54ty
Furthermore, he even suggested solution to solve my class problems. It's not easy to do things for me even if I'm not royalty, so why are you easily helping me who you just met?
"It doesn't matter when it comes to spirits or nobles. Reese is our acquaintance and I want to help because you are Emilia's friend. That's just it." (Sirius)
He said the same words like elder sister.
This person is not like the one I saw in castle, who's concerned about money and honor. That is why Emilia and Reus completely trust this gentle person from the bottom of their hearts. As for this person, I thought it was alright to trust him from the bottom of my heart too.
It's strange because even though Sirius-kun has two servants who should take care of him, he cooks meals and feeds them. I was also fed but the meal was not something that I've seen in the castle or in my hometown. It doesn't have the same impact like the cakes but the dish called 'Nabe' was very delicious and I didn't know how many times I had second helpings. I am a bit jealous of those two because they are able to eat such meals every day.

And then, at the end of negotiation, a [Trade] will be performed over me. Although Sirius-kun and Reus-kun fought in disadvantageous condition, they completely won even when there was difference in numbers. I heard that she was trained by Sirius-kun to fight together with Reus-kun. That's why I think Sirius-kun is really amazing person like what she said.
I longed for that strength that can break any kind of situation from the front without budging an inch, even when the opponents are either commoners or nobles. I also… wanted to be like them.
I don't have to cause any trouble to elder sister when my body and mind become strong, so I can help anyone like everyone helps me, right?gdfzvfgert
On the evening that day, I discussed about it during the time I went out together with the two of them to buy stuff to celebrate their victory.
"You see, Emilia, Reus-kun. Why did you become Sirius-kun's disciples?" (Reese)
"Well, the reason was that I wanted to become strong to protect Reus. But, the reason now is probably to be with Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"I wanted to protect Nee-chan too. Now, I think I want to become strong because I want to stand side by side with Aniki." (Reus)
"Is that so… Mine is different after all." (Reese)
"Reese-ane, do you want to become Aniki's disciple?" (Reus)
"Yeah. I just wanted to be strong and I don't have definite reason like you guys." (Reese)
"There is no such thing." (Emilia)
"But my reason is vague and it's just more of my own self-satisfaction, so…" (Reese)
"Everyone has their own reason, right? Sirius-sama is a person who will respond if you have strong will." (Emilia)
"Strong will…" (Reese)
I want to become strong. However, is that only it?
Although I got to know them for a short time, they always laugh and I like when Sirius-kun calmly watches the scenes. I recall that and… I understand the true reason.
I want to become their friend.
I want to receive training together with those two from Sirius-kun and I want to laugh together with everyone. I think that is surely a wonderful scene.
I, who understood the reason, decided to become his disciple.
I began to talk boldly during the celebration party, I want to be Sirius-kun… no, Sirius-san's disciple.

After I became Sirius-san's disciple, productive days were waiting. It is difficult on that (training) part but I don't really regret it.
Anyhow, I ran, I kept on running, and earnestly kept doing it. I became dispirited so many times but Emilia and Reus-kun encouraged me and Sirius-san continued pushing my back patiently even if I complained.
Although I didn't get up and I became unable to move because I fell over, Sirius-san patiently watched over me while lending me hand to get up.gbvrwetg3e4r
I think the time that I started to think Sirius-san looks like a father figure was during that time. After all, I was given treatment when I got hurt, meals that were said to be delicious and with balanced nutrition, and various lessons with abundant information.
From the bottom of my heart, Sirius-san is surely my idealized image of a father. I kept chasing such a reliable back everywhere and I became able to adapt with the training. I was really happy when Sirius-san patted my head when I completed training for the first time.
From now on, my productive days will… it will..

…Then, I woke up.
Although I sat only on a chair, it seemed I fell asleep a little. Do I have that many regrets even if I slept for that little only?
But, here is the reality. The full-length mirror in front of me reflected the figure of me wearing pure white wedding dress with my long hair tied.
"Have you woken up? It seems that you're tired but the actual ceremony will be starting soon." (??)
"There will be no problem. It's just that I was a little bit nervous and I couldn't sleep last night." (Reese)
The one who addressed me when I woke up was Kura-sama. He is the leading actor of the premarital ceremony and my future marriage partner. (TLN: The name in raw is クーラ)
Today, the ceremony is between me and… that Kura-sama.gbezdryery

The story dates back to yesterday.
Sirius-kun and I came to elder sister's house because we were called by her but I was driven out from the room because she wanted to talk with Sirius-kun alone.
While I was waiting by having a friendly chat with Melt and Senia, a maid came in a hurry and looked at me.
"Faeris-sama! There's a messenger from the castle…" (??)
"I'm going to take over from here."
The one who came over was the man who took me away from my hometown. He didn't change at all during that time, like how he handed me letter (immediately when we met).
"That seal… is it from the King?" (Senia?)
"What is it this time? Senia, will you read it together with me?" (Reese)
"If you are fine with me, I'll be happy to do that." (Senia)
When I opened the seal and confirm the contents, I was asked to return to the castle and it was written that I was chosen as the partner of premarital ceremony.
While I was dumbfounded because I didn't get the meaning, Senia was enraged and drew closer to the errand messenger.
"What kind of thing is this? Neither Reese-sama and Lifell-sama permitted such behavior, do you think I will allow this!?" (Senia)
"Faeris-sama's parent is the King. This is the order from that King." (??)
"What parent? He didn't treat her like a real daughter and you want to call that a parent huh?" (Senia)
"I'm just a messenger. Since I have decided that I didn't hear those earlier words, refrain those abusive remarks." (??)fsedcfwer
"If that's the case, I'll ask a direct question. Melt, I leave it to you after this." (Senia)
It's not good, Senia may really pressed about father. Let's have her talk to elder sister once since I couldn't make her calm down.
"Senia, calm down. I want you to inform this matter to Ane-sama." (Reese)
"But this is your…" (Senia)
"I will be fine. I cannot go against Tou-sama's order, so I'll be going to the castle for a moment." (Reese)
"…Certainly. However, please don't be rash." (Senia)
Senia went to elder sister's room while gritting her teeth. I was led by the messenger to the carriage which had been parked outside, but Melt raised his voice while I was on my way.
"Faeris-sama. Since I am the Imperial Guard for the Princess, I cannot say much but please let me ask one thing. Before you go to the castle, wouldn't it be better if you talk with the Princess once?" (Melt)
As a guard for elder sister, he rarely says anything to me but I wonder if he worried about me when he asked that? I was somewhat happy when I thought about it.
"I'm sorry. I don't want to trouble Ane-sama, so I'll go." (Reese)
"…Understood." (Melt)3421r35
Like Senia, Melt went back and I went to the castle on the carriage.

And then, I received various explanations from father in the castle.
It was about the matter of premarital ceremony, about the noble who will become my partner, and he said I would quit from school after the ceremony.
I didn't like that. If I cannot go to school, I cannot meet Sirius-san and Emilia. Therefore, I refused.
"If that's the case, let's have Lifell instead. Fortunately, it seems her illness got cured." (Cardias?)
Elder sister said few days ago, that it was a good thing to get sick because she could meet my friends and the premarital engagement that had been decided since long time ago was no more. Although the illness was cured with much effort… elder sister will be sacrificed if I don't do it?
I also don't want that. After all, elder sister has Melt. Elder sister and Melt-san are childhood friends. Melt-san reached to the top of Imperial Guards because he wanted to protect elder sister wholeheartedly. Elder sister loves Melt-san dearly. Although it was like that on the surface, Melt-san didn't look at her as a princess but as a woman. I cannot selfishly break such well matched couple.
There was no other choice.
"No, I'll do it instead of Ane-sama!" (Reese)hr5y45gy
Father muttered "Is that so?" at my determination and left. Maybe it's just my imagination but I wonder if I saw him having a complicated expression for a little bit?
Since it was said that I couldn't leave the castle until the ceremony ended, I had to stay in the castle today.
I heard from a person in the castle that elder sister came to stop the ceremony but it seemed she was sent to a slightly remote sanatorium by father's order. I cried when I heard about her.
Elder sister… thank you very much. Since it's good enough for me with your feelings, elder sister, please become happy with your loved one.
I was led to the parlor since I didn't have room in the castle. It was a wide room furnished with high class furniture.
Even though it's a luxurious room, I don't feel any charm to it at all. When I looked around, I thought that a small room where Emilia presents me with daily goods nearby was much better.lusadahnakkerja
I didn't feel like standing up or going to do something, so I laid down on the big bed and curled up. This situation is a similar situation when I came to the castle for the first time. Elder sister came during that time but no one is here now and no one is coming.
But, I am different from those days. I can endure this… since two years have passed and I have grown up.
That's right, I am satisfied entirely if I can endure this. I won't be able to go to school, living together with noble partner that will make me unable to meet Emilia anymore.
I couldn't sleep even if I tried to persuade myself and I continued staring at the moon absentmindedly.

And then, it comes to this moment.
A mirror that reflected the form of me wearing wedding dress. It is a garment that a girl longed for but I am not happy at all.
"Well then, Faeris-sama, shall we go to the assembly hall?" (??)
"Understood." (Reese)
My partner, Kura-sama is a young man whose age is more than 18 years old with good figure and it seems he is very popular among women. Furthermore, Kura-sama is the son of the Elysion's prominent nobles and his father contributes a lot in Elysion.
Those contributions are valued and to adopt them into royal families, father…decided to choose me since my 'under age' period is almost over.penattnyerr
I talked to Kura-sama a bit and honestly, he is gentle and not a bad person for a marriage partner. However, I can slightly see the feeling of emptiness in his eyes and that arouses unpleasant feelings. Of course, it's probably my imagination but I understand the real strength that I can feel from Sirius-san's and Reus' eyes when they looked at me. I somewhat can't help to see him like a puppet forced to be good child.
However, I am unable to refuse this now. My hand was held by Kura-sama and while having unpleasant feelings, I was led to the assembly hall on the fourth floor of the castle.
"The leading actors have arrived, it's the entrance of Kura-sama and Fearis-sama." (??)
The moment I entered the assembly hall which was gorgeously decorated, I was trembling by the countless protruding gazes and applause arose.
Father sat at the conspicuous location among people that I don't know but his cold eyes were unchanging like last time.
In the meeting hall that fit more than fifty people, Kura-sama and I were led to chairs on stage and took a seat. An old man with fine dress clothes came out to the front of assembly hall and started giving a speech with voice that can be heard by everyone.
"This evening, for the sake of performing unification ceremony between our family and royal family, many people gather…" (??)
And then, various people came forward to give speech but I didn't understand their speech at all. I only looked at the entire assembly hall with utter amazement. The world seemed to have lost its color, as if the feeling of the entire world is grey.
There were people with good build and outfits, and multicolored cuisines were lined up on the table. And then, the serving maids seemed busy moving around the place.
Meanwhile, a maid with a small back caught my eyes. She was smaller compared to surrounding maids but I had a feeling of seeing the movement of a girl with black hair somewhere…
"… Emilia?" (Reese)
Despite of having black hair and ear's properly concealed by a large headband, that maid was Emilia that I always see. Did she realize my glance? I was certain because as soon as she looked to my direction, she waved her small hand while laughing.
"So… you have come." (Reese)
I was really happy because she came here even by disguising herself. The grey world that I've seen suddenly glittered. That's because if Emilia is here, Sirius-san and Reus must be nearby too. I became happy and looked around the assembly hall to find those two.
Reus was found shortly after. Because if a tall child of that age mixed with adults, I think he will be seen as an adult with a baby face. He wore a tailcoat, his hair was dyed with black color and he walked around, holding wineglass tray with one hand.awakkatner
He always behaves freely but I can't help looking at him strangely moving like a butler. When my lips became loose, Kura-sama, who sat next to me, stood up and addressed the crowd in the assembly hall.
"Everyone, I am Kura, the next head of the family. I will be bound with the one who sits next to me, Faeris-sama. And then, Elysion is…" (Kura)
I came back to the reality when I looked up at him making speech with loud voice.
I haven't seen Sirius-san yet but I'm sure those three came here to save me. However, even if I'm saved, elder sister will become the replacement. Even though I am here, it won't be happening. My determination became dull at the strong (helping) hands that appeared before my eyes.
Besides, if I'm saved, Sirius-san and others will surely be hunted by father and nobles. As for my sake, Sirius-san said he had no problem being hunted by the royal family. Although I was really happy when he smoothly said it, I don't like how he becomes like that because of me.
So please, don't get high hopes. Because… this is for the best.
"Everyone in the assembly hall, please look here." (Kura)
When Kura-sama's speech finished, the host attracted the audience attention with a big thing covered with a cloth. The cloth was taken away at the moment when I was still guessing. There was a huge short cake as tall as my height appeared.
"This is congratulatory gift from Galgan company. More than the taste, this splendid decoration befits for today." (??)
Amazing. This cake is manifold bigger than the cakes that I always see. It is beautifully covered entirely with cream. There is no one can make such thing but Sirius-san. Did he make that for me?
I would jumped happily if this was two days ago but it felt empty now.
Besides, it is fine if it's not this big.
A small cake is cut for four people. Whoever gets the biggest portion will get picked on. Sirius-san, who can't just let it go, shares his portion with us. That is a regular scene that happens in the Diamond Cottage.
Although I endured it… although I didn't show my feeling, I didn't realize my tears flowing from my eyes. I became flustered and hurriedly looked down but the tears flow didn't stop.
It's because… it's because…yayaya
When the ceremony is over, those fun days… won't come anymore.
"… No…" (Reese)
[Understood.] (??)
My heart jumped when I suddenly heard a voice in my head. I looked up on the assembly hall while forgetting to wipe my ears.
"What?" (??)
"Oi, what is happening?" (??)
"Call the palace guards! It's a state of emergency!" (??)
Before anyone realized, the assembly hall was covered with dense fog and the field of vision was blocked. This is similar to [Aqua Mist] but I don't remember using it. While everybody letting out voices of confusion, I asked water spirits to secure the vision and four magic formations can be seen installed at four corners of the assembly hall. Those formations probably invoked the fog.
"Faeris-sama! Please don't part from me!" (Kura)
When I was looking towards the magic formations, I was pulled by Kura-sama from the rear. I was probably discovered because I was nearby but it was unpleasant to be pulled. I unintentionally pushed him.
"What happened? It's me, Kura, your fiance." (Kura)
"I'm sorry! But I…" (Reese)
"Please think properly. Elysion will be safe if you are bound to me. This is your father's and my opinion, you know?" (Kura)
"Stop it! Don't look at me with such empty eyes!" (Reese)notfractured
My patience already reached its limit. Was I affected by the disturbance in the assembly hall? I could no longer hide my true feeling anymore. Just now, his empty puppet-like eyes were scary.
"Why!? I just want to make Elysion wealthy…" (Kura)
"That is unsightly. Be aware that you are dumped." (??)
I looked back for the voice that I heard, a man, who wore full-length white robe with his face covered with white mask, stood up.
"What are you!" (Kura)
"I'm a person who came to kidnap that child." (Sirius)
I know who he is when I heard his voice. I was always being watched. So, it's impossible to get confused when I heard that kind man's voice.
"Kidnap? This ceremony is performed by the order of the King! Do you think that you can ruin it and can get away with that?" (Kura)
"That's a minus. If you are a man, you should worry about your bride first, rather than the King." (Sirius)
"W-what!?" (Kura)
"I checked on you thoroughly, you are a wonderful puppet of your parents. Even though there are many you can love other than her, so what are you doing here?" (Sirius)
"S-shut up! Despite not knowing what kind of thought I gave for this child, that was the talk from the top!" (Kura)
"Come on, can you say your own opinion properly? Say it proudly to your parents. You are a man, not your parent's puppet." (Sirius)
"I am (not) a puppet… gaah!" (Kura)
He grasped the gap when Kura was confused by drawing closer to land a hit on his stomach and he fainted. When I looked at him with surprise, he, who dyed with bright white, came in front of me and held out his hand.
"Faeris-sama, I've come to kidnap you." (Sirius)keerjajaa
"Siri-… mguh" (Reese)
"Say that name later, OK." (Sirius)
My lips were blocked with hands when I tried to call out his name. I wonder why I became really happy with this. I'm happy but… it's not good.
"…I'm really happy you came to kidnap me. However, I have to remain here and it's not good if I don't continue the ceremony." (Reese)
"It's not necessary for you to continue with the ceremony. Let's escape from here with us." (Sirius)
"If I don't proceed with the ceremony, I will be replaced by Ane-sama. That's why, if I endure this, everything will…" (Reese)
"That would be a problem. Although it is my intention to kidnap you, it is also a request from your sister." (Sirius)
Request from elder sister? But she was sent to a sanatorium. So, how did she request him?
"A certain rabbit-kin came to me in the late night yesterday to request it. They wanted me to kidnap you from the premarital ceremony." (Sirius)
"Ane-sama… Senia…" (Reese)
"And I have message from your Nee-san. 'Please be more selfish'… that's what she said." (Sirius)
Those words are the words that she said to me unreservedly so many times.
If I receive such words during that time, I…
"Being selfish… is it alright if I say it?" (Reese)
"Aah, it's alright. Besides, your Nee-san is very smart, she can do whatever she wants with the marriage. She didn't ask you to endure it by yourself or something, so please rely on your Nee-san and us." (Sirius)
"Yeah… right." (Reese)edwacdaq
"Let's return soon. It's impossible with that size of wedding cake but I'll bake big cake so we can eat together with your Onee-san." (Sirius)
"… Alright!" (Reese)
My selfish desire is to return to the place where everyone is. Eating meals and cakes together with everyone. And I'll be… with Sirius-san and others.
I held out my and grasped his… Sirius-san's hand.
"Please… kidnap me." (Reese)
Even though Sirius-san was wearing a mask, I'm sure he was laughing when he held my hand and we began walking away.
"Heee, I can't see anything! Somebody, blow the fog away with wind magic!" (??)
"I did it already! But, the fog won't go away no matter how many times I try!" (??)
The people in the assembly were trying to do something to [Aqua Mist] but the fog was brought forth by nothing else but the installed magic formations. There is no mistake that Sirius-san prepared those magic formations.
Although this is a situation which can hardly be seen in normal circumstances, we gained some time to escape because there were four installed magic formations. Father… didn't move from his seat. Together with the Imperial Guards, the instructions were given to calm the surroundings.
I didn't see Emilia and Reus but they are probably fine since Sirius-san doesn't say anything.
"Well then, let's escape after this…" (Sirius)
"Everyone, get out from the assembly hall! A thief has gotten in here!" (??)
"What are you! Who am I speaking too… uuu!?" (??)
"It's the King's order, don't let anyone go outside!" (??)
The castle's guard already stood in front of the assembly hall's door, no one failed to capture nobles who tried to escape. So, how are we going to escape from here?
"They are just the castle's guards but their response is fast. It can't be helped then. Both of you, let's proceed with Plan B." (Sirius)
When Sirius-san muttered something, the assembly hall's window was broken and there was loud noise echoed. It also happened to other windows where it broke in succession and the confusion inside the assembly hall was getting bigger.
I wasn't affected by the fog, so I could see Emilia and Reus fired magic towards windows. The reason why they could break the windows accurately was probably because Sirius-san set the magic formations so that those two are not going to be affected by [Aqua Mist].
We walked away by taking advantage of the confusion, we got away from the broken window to the balcony. The night is bright today because of full moon, its brightness can make a slight faraway places be seen.
"Please wait a second because I need to prepare something." (Sirius)
When Sirius-san said that, he held his hand outside of the balconies handrails. Here is the fourth floor of the castle. If I look down, I can see the stone pavement on the ground in great distance. I am certain I will die if I fall down, so why did we come here?
While I was thinking the problem, Emilia and Reus got out from the fog. Although there is slight incompatibility with black hair, I'm happy I can meet them again.
"Emi-… are you injured?" (Reese)sdacdawr
"No, I'm safe." (Emilia)
"This much is just light wounds." (Reus)
I almost called their name unintentionally but I'm going to mess it up since they were on disguise. I wanted to talk about various things but Emilia and Reus were smiling when they looked at my dress.
"That dress is totally suits you." (Emilia)
"Yeah, it's beautiful." (Reus)
"… Thank you." (Reese)
Kura-sama and the maids said I was beautiful. Even so, I am many times happier when those two say it. Nothing is over yet but I am happy and I seem to have shed tears again.
The source of the fog was on their hands. They were holding clothes that had been inscribed with magic formation. Therefore, the fog inside the assembly hall became gradually weak. At the moment when I thought so, I could see shadows in the fog.
"Who's on the balcony!?" (??)
Did someone notice?
While I could hear several people steps from inside of the fog, Sirius-san took something similar to big hook and hanged it in the air.
Eh? Why did it stay in the air? Aah, it's Sirius-san's [String]. Sirius-san [String] is very strong. It doesn't break off even if the three of us pull it with all of our strength. Emilia and Reus also took out the same thing and they lined up behind Sirius-san.
Could this be…
"Well then, shall we go?" (Sirius)
"Err… Is it from here?" (Reese)
"Of course. Come on, hold tightly." (Sirius)vdsc vfsad
I thought it was scary to jump from this height but I just tightly hold Sirius-san and I didn't care what happened after that. Although there was nothing but unpleasant feelings when I was held by Kura-sama, I felt relieved when I held Sirius-san. Why is that? Is it because of Sirius-san's smell or presence?
A [String] coiled around me. And at the moment when I was glued to Sirius-san… we jumped out to the sky.
"Hiii!?" (Reese)
We glide along the lengthened [String] in the air. I almost scream unintentionally when facing the wind pressure but I became relaxed because I could feel the warmness of our attached bodies.
We continued gliding in the air and of course there was an end spot. I'm not sure about the velocity and we are going to bump into the tree that had been connected with [String].
"Sirius-san, the tree!" (Reese)
"I know. Don't bite your tongue." (Sirius)
When I was wondering what Sirius-san said, he released the hook from his hand and we dropped down from a high height. I unintentionally closed my eyes while having floating feeling throughout my body. Then I felt impact twice and we landed on the ground.
While it was still incomprehensible, I was going to make a cushion with water magic since Emilia was falling instantly from the sky but I was stopped by Sirius-san. And then, a strong high wind arose and Emilia's falling velocity decreased and she finally landed gently on the ground. That's right, Emilia is good at wind magic.
Reus was falling next. He grabbed a branch midway to revolve spinningly, kicked it to reduce his falling velocity and he finally landed splendidly on the ground. Their physical conditions are amazing as ever.
It is regrettable to be separated from Sirius-san and when I looked at the castle, the balcony where we stood until a while ago looks very small. Although we were completely surrounded, we were able to escape immediately.
"Reese, I'm sorry but can you make two big [Aqua]?" (Emilia?)
"Eh? Yes, alright." (Reese)
When I make two big two big balls of water in the air, the siblings put their head in to wash their hair. Then, their black hair reverted to silver hair and they wiped their hair with the clothes they abruptly took out. I was surprised for a moment but they were wearing their usual clothes underneath their maid dress and tailcoat. In the meantime, Sirius-san removed the magic formation from the clothes and threw it into the hole on the ground.
"Say… what is that?" (Reese)
"We are destroying the evidence. After that, we are done when the hole is covered." (Sirius)gvdscvfasdfs
When he invoked the magic formation again to cover the hole, it returned to the ground as if nothing had happened. The trace of magic formation was cancelled by using a branch and then Sirius-san looked at us who stood up side by side.
"Don't be careless since the mission still continues. Do you remember the merging location?" (Sirius)
"I'm fine. I intend to move eastward." (Emilia)
"I'll go while confirming the rear." (Reus)
"Excellent. Well then, shall we go?" (Sirius)
They left me while proceeding with their talks. Emilia approached me while I was still at loss, she muttered words to my ear.
"Emilia… what do you mean by that?" (Reese)
"It is like what I've said. Well then, I'll see you again after this." (Emilia)
"See you, Reese-ane." (Reus)
Emilia and Reus waved their hands while laughing, their figures were no longer able to be seen in the blink of an eye when they began running deep into the forest.
When I, who was left behind, turned my eyes to Sirius-san, he suddenly put his arm to my knee and back and I was lifted up. That was the figure of a princess being embraced by a prince mentioned in books, that pose is popularly known as a princess carry.
It is a pose of a princess being carried by a prince in tales. The truth is I secretly longed for it. I'm embarrassed but… I'm happy.
"As for carrying a princess, I think this is the manner to hold you, what do you think?" (Sirius)
"It is… not bad." (Reese)
"That is good then. I'm going to fly from here on, so close your eyes if you are scared." (Sirius)
Sirius-san jumps while holding me. Although we should drop down immediately, he kicked the air and flew up furthermore. In the blink of an eye, we were at a higher position than the trees and we're continuously flying through the sky.
"S-Sirius-san, a-are we flying!?" (Reese)
"This is also my magic. I'm making a scaffold in the air, and then I kick it to fly." (Sirius)
Just by kicking only… I can't believe it. I didn't understand it well when I was gliding through the air earlier but I understand it clearly now. I am flying in the sky.
Usually, I would close my eyes because of fear. But it wasn't scary because I was embraced by Sirius-san.
"Where are we heading too?" (Reese)cepatttt
"Farther ahead there is a lake, I think? We are going to fly straight ahead to cross over the lake." (Sirius)
Based on Sirius-san's explanation, I saw the lake a bit when we crossed over it. A splendid scene came before us when we flew over the lake.
The wind probably is weak today so the lake's surface reflected the sky like a mirror. I saw it as if there were two moons in the sky and on the lake.
"Waa… that's amazing." (Reese)
"Aah, this is also another wonder of nature." (Sirius)
I saw Sirius-san's mask suddenly in such an amazing sight. Although it was worn for the sake of disguising, I wonder why he didn't take it off. It's going to be hard to see like before but I want to see Sirius-san's face after all.
"Sirius-san, may I take off your mask?" (Reese)
"Hmm? Aah. It is fine because we have come this far. Since my hands are full, I leave it to you." (Sirius)
I take the mask off without disturbing him and I see Sirius-san's face that I always see. And then, he looked at me, and laughed with a smile.
"Thank you." (Sirius)
At that moment… my heart was jumping greatly.
My body became hot and moved intensely like my heart was about to be broken.
Although there were many moments like this up till now but this time it's totally different.
It is hard to look at Sirius-san's face but I can't take my eyes away from him.
Is it because I like him?
But I can't. Sirius-san has Emilia. Besides, I only think of him similar to a reliable father.
I was yearning to fly high in the sky, wearing wedding dress and embraced like a princess, like in a fairy tales.fadxfcawrfqa
I am really happy I can meet a figure of reliable father, there is no doubt about that feeling.
I recalled the time when Emilia muttered words to my ear not too long ago. I was convinced during that time.
"Be honest with your feelings." (Emilia)
… Emilia… is that OK?
Is it really OK?
Unless… you don't mean in that way?
My honest feeling…
Not as a father but as a man…
I like… Sirius-san.
There is no legendary sword or riding on the back of the dragon like in fairy tales.
He is just a commoner who wears a mask and white cloth.
But, Sirius-san is…cool or not coolhahahahahi just add this lol
There is no mistake that the person who kidnapped me in order to help me is…
My prince.of Tennis *wink* lol


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