Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 175

Chapter 175
In Preparation for the Decisive Battle

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Since we had negotiated with Lambda, it was meaningless to stay at the frontline base . Even though it could be midnight, we had to abandon the base and decided to ride on Zenodora’s back to Sandor . It would take a half day on a horse, but we would arrive in no time if we were carried by the upper rank Dragon . Since the soldiers wouldn’t be able to respond normally if a huge dragon flew, we should be able to get off just before the wall that protects the castle town . When I was thinking about which area was suitable for landing, Zenodora told me that he could see Sandor, but something seemed to be strange .
[There were so many fires even though it’s outside the town . Is that an evidence that they are getting wary?] (Zenodora)
“No, I think that’s a signal . Can you get off in front of it?” (Sirius)
[Alright . ] (Zenodora)
The bonfires were so crowded that it could be said it was surrounding the wall, so it might be better not to go ahead from that position . Zenodora landed on the ground with little noise per my suggestion, followed by Mejia and the three Dragons who carried others . Even if they couldn’t see well in the dark, they probably realized that something huge had come to them . The guards, who had been increased in numbers, were rushing in, but Julia, who jumped from Zenodora’s back, raised her voice to let them know of her existence .
“Everyone, do not panic . It’s me, Julia . I’m back!” (Julia)
“T-that voice!?” (??)
“Ooh, it’s Julia-sama! We have been waiting for you to return!” (??)
I activated [Light] so that they could see Julia better . Then, the other soldiers also noticed her, untied their wariness . They began to call her name in relief . At the same time, a man, who seemed to be the commanding officer of that location, came running up . When Julia briefly explained the situation, he was surprised and immediately ordered the subordinates to open the gate of the wall .
“We will open the gate soon, so please wait . By the way… who are these people?” (??)
“Rest assured . They are our companions . Let them through as well . ” (Julia)
“Yes!” (??)
Although they had changed into human form, the appearance of Dragonkin with horns and tail seemed to be alarming, but it seemed that they were allowed to enter due to Julia’s words . We went through the opened gate while attracting the attention of the soldiers . We, then, headed to the castle of Sandor, in a carriage prepared by Cayenne in advance, but along the way, Julia made a suggestion .
“It’s already late at night, but if Cayenne has returned, Father should be awake . I think we should be heading back to the conference room as soon as we return to the castle, but why don’t Sirius-dono and everyone else go to see you family first?” (Julia)
“I appreciate your feelings, but I think reporting should be the first priority . ” (Sirius)
I told them that I would return through [Call] . Therefore, there was no need to rush . To tell the truth, I would love to go to Fia and Karen as soon as possible, but since I had changed the flow, turning Lambda to be serious, I was obligated to explain . The siblings would come with me to the meeting room, so when I was thinking to ask Reese to explain to Fia, Julia, who didn’t prefer my response, shook her head with a serious expression .
“No, it’s fine for Sirius-dono to be a bit late . Even though it’s a strategy conference, I think some people will get emotional because we were negotiating with the enemy, Lambda . So, I better explain it in advance . ” (Julia)
“…I understand . I will accept your suggestion . ” (Sirius)
“This is a problem that originally started with us . So I think you should give more priority to yourself and your family . I will send a messenger later . ” (Julia)
Yes, she was right . I thought that there were things that should be given priority in the situation, but it wasn’t good to ignore the family just because of that . Especially since there were young children . I look away from Julia who was talking to Reus . I imagined a family waiting for their way home while looking at the castle .
“Fia seems to have been awake, but Karen is already asleep . ” (Sirius)
“You told Fia-san a little while ago by magic, right? Did you hear what was going on over there?” (Reese)
“She just wants to look at my face and talk . I didn’t talk much about it except that we are safe . She asked to be careful and come back… She’s really like a mother . ” (Sirius)
“Hehe, that’s because she’s going to be a real mother . I want to see Fia-san’s and Karen-chan’s face soon . ” (Reese)
When I thought about it, this might be the first time that I had been so far away after meeting Fia again . Since she had my child on her tummy, I had to stay next to her to reduce the physical and mental burden .
While talking about such a thing, we arrived at the castle, and separated from Julia and her imperial guards . Then, we, Princess Lifell’s group, Zenodora’s group, Jii-san and Beowulf went to the room where those two were . Considering that Karen was sleeping, we approached the door of the room without making much noise as possible . Fia noticed our arrival, opened the door and greeted us .
“Welcome back . ” (Fia)
“…Ah, I’m back . ” (Sirius)
I was relieved to see her welcoming me with a gentle smile . Suddenly, she opened her arms and wrapped around me . Speaking of which, she said that she would hug me when I return or before I left . It was a bit embarrassing, but when I felt her body temperature and heartbeat, my heart calmed down mysteriously . My hometown didn’t exist in this world, but it felt as if I was home .
“Everyone, welcome back . Yes, I will give it to everyone . ” (Fia)
“I’m back–… buha! Be a bit gentler . ” (Emilia)
“I’m back . It seems there’s no problem on Fia-san’s side . ” (Reese)
“Yes . The prince isn’t here now, but he did a lot of hard work . ” (Fia)
The first prince of Sandor… Sanger said that he would take care of Fia, but from her appearance, it seemed that he kept his promise firmly . Apparently, many were trying to get closer to Fia, but he got rid of them from her, Karen and Hina . Sanger was currently with his father in the conference room . I was thinking of giving my thanks later . Fia, who had embraced Reese and Reus, was approaching Beowulf and Jii-san .
“You are… Beowulf, right? It’s been a while . ” (Fia)
“Y-yes! There were a lot of things, but I finally caught up with them . I’ll be indebted to you from now on . ” (Beowulf)
“Yes, nice to meet you . So, who is this Ojii-san? He looks to be quite strong . Perhaps he is Strongest Sword that I’ve heard about?” (Fia)
“I am Tousen . I’m not Strongest Sword!” (Lior)
“Even if he says that, he is certainly Strongest Sword . More importantly, Fia-ane, look at Marina . Don’t you think that she has grown up a lot?” (Reus)
“That explanation is way too general!” (Marina)
The number of people had increased considerably compared to before the departure . While each of us was having conversation and looking forward to reunion, I was looking for Karen who should be in the room . Fia put her index finger on her mouth, perhaps she noticed what I was doing, and pointed to the back of the room . When I looked at the direction, there was Karen sitting on the bed and she looked like she was reading a book . I thought the response was weak probably because it was night time when everyone came back . When I approached her…
“Fuhh…” (Karen)
Karen was sleeping with the book open .
No, it seemed that she barely woke up since she occasionally swayed her head, but it didn’t matter when she had fallen asleep . I didn’t know how to react .
“I’m back Karen . Everyone has returned safely . ” (Sirius)
“Hmm… not yet…” (Karen)
“She is so sleepy that she doesn’t know who she is talking to . Why don’t you give her a hug?” (Fia)
Fia told me that once Karen learned that we were coming back through [Call], she desperately tried to endure drowsiness so that she could greet us . I gently hugged Karen’s body while her cheeks loosened, and she looked at my face with sleepy eyes .
“…Sen-…sei?” (Karen)
“Yeah, it’s me . Were you behaving like a good girl?” (Sirius)
“…Welcome… back . ” (Karen)
“I’m back . Look, everyone is back, so it’s fine for you to sleep . ” (Sirius)
“Alright…” (Karen)
She closed her eyes, maybe she felt relieved that I stroked her head as it was . Then, she began to sleep . When I looked at her side, the girl left by Lambda, Hina, was sleeping . When I laid Karen gently beside Hina, the conversation that I could hear until a while ago was hardly heard . Apparently, Fia used magic to block the sound .
“I’ll sleep with you after this . I didn’t say it, but I’ve always been lonely . ” (Fia)
“Yeah… I’ll take care of things quickly and take a rest . ” (Sirius)
I stroked Karen’s head one more time . I smiled at Fia and we quietly left .

I then explained to Fia what happened at the frontline base, and when I tried to talk about the future, the door of the room was knocked . It seemed that a messenger came to call us, but actually, it was Sanger, who should be in the conference room, came .
“Hey, are you all here? Father is calling . ” (Sanger)
“Understood . But… why is Sanger-sama here?” (Sirius)
“Well . Although it’s fine to let others do it, why are you doing it?” (Fia)
“You’re noisy . Is it bad if I came?” (Sanger)
It seemed that they had become friends while we were away . Well, he looked like he had drunk a bit, and there was no holding back between the two . I supposed he came out on his own will, but as the man who was the first prince of the country and the next king doing something like this was…I was wondering how to react, but then, I noticed that Sanger came into the room slowly and looked around as if to look for something .
“By the way, where are those shorties?” (Sanger)
“Don’t worry, they are all sleeping because everyone is back . Do you want to look at their sleeping face?” (Fia)
“No, that’s fine if they have slept . I feel bad if they wake up . ” (Sanger)
“Are you talking about Karen and Hina?” (Sirius)
“What’s with that eye? I just don’t like the fact that I have to be patient because of them!” (Sanger)
Sanger was yelling because of the eyes around him, but unfortunately, we didn’t feel intimidated at all . It seemed that he often came to see their situation if there was time . He seemed to have been caring for the children like a father by playing with Karen and Hina, and brought them to the castle library . Before heading to the frontline base, he used to suffer from anger and regrets about Lambda, but now, he had a very soft expression and atmosphere . He might have calmed down over time . After all, he was able to relax since he was dealing with innocent children .
“I’m fine, so let’s go now . If it’s too late, they would talk about it . ” (Sanger)
“Understood . I’m going . Everyone, please take a rest . ” (Sirius)
“Yes . Take care . ” (Reese)
“I will do that . It’s fine to wash yourself with Reese’s magic, but it’s about time you want to soak in hot water . ” (Fia)
I couldn’t say that I had a good rest at the frontline base when I took a break since I had to take turns watching and prepare for the night attack . Two days after the Lambda assault… No, since the date had changed, I would like to take a good rest by tomorrow morning . However, there were still many things to do, so let’s quickly explain to the people concerned . Together with Sanger, who was waiting for me, I headed for the conference room with the siblings and Zenodora, the representative of the reinforcements .

Then, when we arrived at the conference room with Sanger, line of sights mixed with various emotions were directed at us all at once . Although they were interested and nervous about the Dragonkin, Zenodora, most of the gazes were pointed at me and it contained anger and bewilderment . Well, of course, it was probably due to my own actions . While receiving countless gazes firmly, I got to the designated seat while bowing to the Beast King and Cayenne . The Sandor King, who had his arms crossed on the throne, glanced at us and open his mouth .
“Are you done? If so, shall we continue the conference?” (King)
“Please wait a minute . It seems that Strongest Sword isn’t here . Where is he?” (??)
A vassal pointed out that Jii-san wasn’t here even though he was someone famous in name and ability . When I looked at the Sandor King, I shook my head to convey his intention .
“He is Strongest Sword, but he refused to be here . ” (Sirius)
“Is-isn’t the state of emergency now!? Shouldn’t he at least show his face?” (??)
“That person just goes out and swings his sword . So, it doesn’t matter when it comes to listening to this conference . He also said that he would like to go wild to remember his old days . ” (Sirius)
“““…””” (??)
I didn’t know if anyone involved was in this place, but shouldn’t these people know that the nobles of Sandor had brought upon his anger? When the place became quiet, the Sandor King once again spoke to divide the attention .
Now… after summarizing the reports of Julia and Cayenne, the frontline base has been completely abandoned, yes?” (Sandor King)
“Please forgive me, Father . ” (Sanger)
“I understand, so don’t lower your head . Rather than regretting it, think about it . ” (Sandor King)
“Yes!” (Sanger)
If it was Sandor in the past, it might have been a fool for not grasping the current situation, but no one blamed Julia or Cayenne . They might have been reprimanded though .
“My King . If you think about the future, we should discuss first what we have heard from Julia-sama . ” (??)
“Although it’s just a predicament, what do you think about this, Sirius-dono?” (Julia)
“It seems there’s a reason, but wouldn’t he have to convince us?” (??)
In exchange, this matter had been pointed at me . If Julia hadn’t told them in advance, it wouldn’t be strange if I were scolded or grabbed at the collar . However, it was true that he did something . I expected to be criticized, so I was going to accept some reprimand . However, I was wondering what explanation did Julia explain about this? When I asked her about this, it seemed that she hadn’t talked much except that I negotiated with Lambda and pulled them from the frontline base .
“It’s the idea of Sirius-dono, so I think you should talk about the details . By the way, just to let you know that I agree with his idea . ” (Julia)
“I understand that you’re convinced, so be quiet for a bit . Say, Sirius-niichan . I don’t want to hear complaints . I want you to share all your thoughts here, alright . ” (Sandor King)
Although Julia said that she would tell them in advance, I felt that her explanation was insufficient . I supposed that it was an action of respecting me . Anyhow, the Sandor King urged me to explain quickly, so I had to reiterate what I had explained at the frontline base . The one who was known as Lambda previously… unless we defeated him or the man who was controlling behind the scene, the reinforcements of monsters rushing from the Demon Continent wouldn’t be exhausted . And if he had the knowledge and ability to control monsters, not only Lambda, but also Hilgan who was faithful to desires and Luca who seemed to be burning with revenge, would lead the world into crisis . It wasn’t just Sandor . I plainly told them about the worst possible situation .
“…Therefore, I told him to come with all his might in order to destroy all his capabilities . I was able to successfully lure him, so we’re going to hit them head-on on the plains toward the frontline base . ” (Sirius)
“I understand that, but it’s going to be too much to get out of here . ” (Sandor King)
“Yes . I think we should make good use of the strong wall, but then, we are going to repeat the same battle that happened in the frontline base . ” (Sirius)
Even if the defending side was advantageous, the enemy was more powerful . They had monsters . The endurance battle wasn’t a choice . It seemed that they understood that fact from the report that I sent every day, but there are those with conservative thoughts, probably because Strongest Swords and the Dragonkins joined in .
“I know what you want to say, but I don’t think it will be the same . The soldiers in the surrounding area have been called in and they are well equipped . If they endure for a few more days, the Arbitray’s soldiers reinforcements will also arrive . Isn’t that true, Beast King-dono?” (SaKing)
“Hmm . I don’t know the exact time because of the huge size of the army, but it will arrive soon . But to be honest with you, if our army joins you, it will not change the fact that we are devoted to protect ourselves . ” (Beast King)
“Do you intend to do that? Is the enemy up to a certain extent?” (Sandor King)
“Well, that’s why we should avoid bumping each other head-on . If those Strongest Sword and the Dragonkins are helping us, we should operate more efficiently . ” (Beast King)
Those, who fought valiantly at the frontline base, immediately agreed, but the people of the castle, who didn’t see the scene, seemed to oppose it . In any case, they were in the position to think about the economy after the battle is over, so it was hard to choose the drastic means of throwing away the advantage of the defense and charging ahead . I wasn’t sure if they wanted to reduce the damage on their side, but at the moment when I tried to explain clearly the situation that I couldn’t say it, Zenodora, who was quietly listening to the situation, sighed and opened his mouth .
“Sorry, let me interrupt you a bit . We are here because we were asked by our friend, not to save this country . Let me say it . We don’t intend to receive instructions from those who aren’t related . ” (Zenodora)
“““Wha . . !?””” (??)
“Heh . Yeah, this Dragon-niichan is right . All of you . I know what you want to say, but did you have any other good ideas?” (Sandor King)
“T-that is…” (??)
“This is not an easy situation that can be easily solved…” (??)
“I mean, think about it . Don’t try to argue immediately . Think more before opening your mouth . Besides, Nii-chan hasn’t finished talking yet . ” (Sandor King)
Some people were upset by Zenodora’s remark, but the Sandor King well apprehended them . He looked at me, urging me to explain as quickly as possible . So, I looked at them and continued explaining .
“Certainly, it’s dangerous to challenge from the front . And even if the target, Lambda, shows up, it doesn’t mean that they will all the way to the front . ” (Sirius)
“So, while leaving some spare power, you want to break through the front and take them off?” (Sandor King)
“Yes . That’s why I decided to borrow the power of Zenodora’s group, but now, it’s not only them . There’s also Strongest Sword . It will not be a reckless move . ” (Sirius)
The monsters in the sky could be entrusted to his group, and Jii-chan was a man with unrivalled strength on the ground . As an additional explanation, the place where Strongest Sword could play the most active role was to charge the enemy camp . Some people realized that it wasn’t a bad bet, but there were still many people who had a negative expression . The Sandor King looked at them . Then, he glanced at his son, who hadn’t said any word since a while ago, turned a sharp glance at me .
“I see . I understand Nii-chan’s reason . But don’t you think abandoning the walls and assaulting them is a foolish option that will increase sacrifices?” (Sandor King)
“I don’t think it can be helped . But now, that foolish action is necessary . ” (Sirius)
“Then, why do we need to proceed with the foolish action which will increase the loss?” (Sandor King)
“Let me say it clearly this time . Is it possible to think that the world famous Sandor is a country that has escaped the predicament by the power of extraordinary people?” (Sirius)
Lambda’s attempt to destroy the country was revenge due to arrogant actions by some people here . This was a situation borne from their mistakes . Wasn’t it pitiful to let others solve the problem by using the power of others? The public distrust might increase, thinking for what reason a country like this to have such a war potential .
“Things are already getting too big, so I think it’s almost impossible to mislead people with information control . Therefore, it’s necessary to show the people not only some strength, but also the attitude that the whole country will challenge the enemy, right?” (Sirius)
“Hmm, what a painful argument . ” (Sandor King)
“O-of course, we know that!” (??)
“But, to easily decide that is…” (??)
“…In short, this situation is brought together by those bunch who did foolish things, and you are also one of them, right?” (Sanger)
Sanger made a sudden remark to block the words of officials who were uncertain about the decision . Although it was a monologue that might be dispersed by other sounds, his voices mysteriously went into everyone’s ears . All of them noticed that they were silently paying attention to Sanger .
“Yes . Everyone who fought at the frontline base agrees with the idea, but I want more power to surely defeat them . ” (Sirius)
“If so, let’s follow your idea . I’m not as good as Julia, but I know a bit of swordsmanship . ” (Sanger)
“Wha…!? That’s not going to happen!” (Julia)
“Even though the succession ceremony hasn’t been done yet, to let the next king go out to the front just like that is…!” (??)
“Then, it would be better! Shouldn’t a king lead and fight in front of everyone because of this situation?” (Sanger)
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He wasn’t as much as his father who could control the situation by only showing his appearance, but without a doubt, Sanger now had the dignity of a king . The evidence was that there was no one who could say back against Sanger’s momentum . Did he grow up mentally by overcoming the anger and regret of being betrayed by Lambda? Then the Sandor King asked his son in a voice that suppressed his emotions .
“Courageous is fine, but you know what you should do, yes?” (King)
“Of course, I need to come back alive, right? Rest assured, I won’t die until I’m recognized as a fine king by Father . ” (Sanger)
“…Then, it’s fine . Do whatever you want . ” (Sandor King)
“W-will that be fine!?” (??)
“We don’t know what will happen on the battlefield! What’s more, this enemy is a force that couldn’t be stopped even at the frontline base . ” (??)
“That’s why . Even if you want to protect, you’ll be pushed by the numbers . So, this operation isn’t so bad . Besides, it does seem a bit tough, but it’s the best situation if this person is right next to me . ” (Sandor King)
Considering the character of Sandor King, he might have been waiting for his successor, Sanger, to make his own move by proactively speaking in such a situation . In response to that, the son showed a dignified behavior . The Sandor King smiled in satisfaction even in this kind of atmosphere . As a person with disciples whom I had been watching over since they were children, I understood the feeling of being proud of the children’s growth .
“If the next King were to go, we would have to do our best . Let’s work together with Strongest Sword and the Dragonkins in a flashy way!” (??)
“Haa… if the King says so… But would that be really alright?” (??)
“If you’re going to hit them directly, we will be wasting some of the measures we’ve put in place to defend…” (??)
“The young people are so motivated . Don’t worry too much about the details . Well, the Beast King is also motivated, right?” (Sandor King)
“Of course . It wasn’t possible to leave the existence of someone who can become a threat to our country . More importantly, Sirius-dono has taken care of this matter in various ways . If we were asked to fight together, we would be happy to fight . ” (Beast King)
Even those who were against this operation seemed to have agreed when looking at the fearless smiles of the Sandor King and the Beast King who agreed with me . Then, the atmosphere of the conference room, which was heavy, became a bit light . However, there were still a lot of things to discuss with the contents of the strategy and the formation . First of all, I tried to talk about the placement of important people, who have a great influence on the war situation, but the Sandor King’s talk hadn’t finished yet .
“So, the general of the assault units is you… Sanger . I want to have a good look at my son’s success in the back . ” (Sandor King)
“Haa!? Father, aren’t you going to do it?” (Sanger)
“Are you a fool? Do you want me to go out on the battlefield when I’m sick?” (Sandor King)
“What do you mean by sick? It’s about time you wanted to go on a rampage!” (Sanger)
As if to agree with Sanger’s words, his vassals nodded in agreement many times, but the Sandor King waved his hands as if he wasn’t motivated . In fact, I thought he was still sluggish because he had been sleeping for about six months due to Lambda’s trick, but the real intention seemed to be another .
“Did I say it before? I want everyone to see if you are suitable for the next king . You should do whatever you want in an army led by the next king . ” (Sandor King)
“…Is that so? Alright! I’ll win this fight and spread my name over Father’s!” (Sanger)
“Hahaha, that’s the spirit . But on the battlefield, it’s tough for an amateur to give commands, so I’m going to give you a break . Fort! Cayenne!” (Sandor King)
““Yes!”” (Fort/Cayenne)
“I dismiss your current position and assign you to report directly to Sanger . Use your strength and serve the next king!” (Sandor King)
““As you wish!”” (Fort/Cayenne)
They were Fort, Julia’s mentor and Cayenne, the commanding officer of the frontline base . The fact that he entrusted his son with the people, who weren’t only well-known but also in the country Sandor, and were very capable . It wasn’t that he didn’t expect that much of his son, it meant that he entrusted everything to his son . Sanger, who understood that more than anything else, looked at them . He was surprised when they gave a bow of a vassal, but before long, he tapped his cheeks with both hands to motivate himself .
“Phew… I think I’m not good enough yet, but I’m going to work, so please!” (Sanger)
“Leave it to us! I, Fort, will become the spear that destroys your enemies, and the shield to protect you from everything!” (Fort)
“I was thinking of completely retiring after this battle, but let’s use our power for the new king . ” (Cayenne)
“Don’t say something like retiring . As a vassal, you should only think about leading Sanger to victory . ” (Sandor King)
“I understand . We will use our full power for the new king . Although it’s too soon, we will decide the formation of the assault unit . ” (Cayenne)
While sighing and smiling with motivation, Cayenne prepared some wood carving pieces on the map placed in the center of the conference room .
“This time, the assault unit needs to have a reasonable amount of ability and speed to break through a large army of monsters and defeat strong enemies . The soldiers will be separated into three units . I will ask Sirius-dono, the planner of this operation, to continue explaining . ”
“This person? No, don’t worry about it since he managed to convince Julia-sama and others . I will do it immediately . ” (Cayenne)
“Understood . Emilia, please help me . ” (Sirius)
“Yes!” (Emilia)
I lined up the pieces on the map with Emilia’s help, similar to what I explained at the frontline base . I began the explanation by arranging three large pieces on the plain that spread out of the barrier, and placing a few small pieces that represent soldiers around them .
“To explain this strategy briefly, the soldiers would be divided into three pieces like the pieces on the map . At the same time of the left wing and right wing, the center army will break through the large army . This is about to kill Lambda and others, but actually, there are other goals that need to be achieved . ” (Sirius)
“Are there other enemies to prioritize besides Lambda?” (??)
“I think you have received the report, but there is artificially created monster that has the ability to control the monsters surrounding it . Perhaps, the power to control monsters has a fixed range of effects, and it seems they were relaying the Chimera to finely control monsters .
If we defeated those creatures that gathered various monsters around the battlefield, the movements of the monsters around would be greatly disturbed, and the act of cannibalizing the monster corpse would be stopped . Hence, at the frontline base, the Chimera was given high priority to destroy in order to disrupt the command of monsters . There were some tilting their heads after hearing my explanation . It might be because they didn’t understand the explanation given by Julia and Cayenne in advance .
“A monster made by humans…? I can’t believe it . I wonder what it looks like . ” (??)
“It was a mysterious figure that was forced to connect various parts of monsters . I also killed some of them, but just looking at them made me feel sick . ” (Julia)
“Anyhow, I call it Chimera . In order to stop Lambda and his endless reinforcements, I think we should defeat the Chimera as soon as possible . Only then, the battle in front of the castle would be effective . The details would be discussed with everyone, but this would be the flow of the assault operation . ” (Sirius)
“I don’t dislike such simple methods and ideas, but when you listen to them, it’s pretty wild strategy . ” (Sandor King)
“The enemy is unknown, and I don’t deny that it’s wild . However, we have the people who can prosecute this operation, and it’s not impossible . I would like to conclude the cooperation and movement of each unit after the people participate in the operation are decided, but of course, I will propose the distribution of the core people in each unit . ” (Sirius)
I first pointed to the large piece placed on the left wing side in order to explain the placement of the core person as a force, not the kind of the commanding officer who led the soldiers .
“First of all, the left wing is centered on Strongest Sword, Lior-dono . However, the number of soldiers with him should be small . ” (Sirius)
“Why is that? According to the report, his power is much stronger than before, but that shouldn’t be the reason to reduce the war potential . ” (??)
“In his case, you’ll be likely to get caught in the crossfire if you are around him . Julia-sama and Cayenne-dono are well aware about this matter, right?” (Sirius)
As Julia and Cayenne were paid attention, they both let out a dry laughter as if they didn’t want to talk much about it . No one tried to inquire the details, probably because Jii-san’s absurdness was successfully transmitted by that .
“I understand that, but it should be better to have more people . Some of them can command the soldiers . ” (Sandor King)
“Of course . I would like you to choose a few commanding officers, but please have two of them assist Strongest Sword . ” (Sirius)
With Jii-san’s strength, it should be fine to have him alone going into the hordes of monsters . The question was whether Jii-san would make the right move for the battlefield, but in that respect, there was the right person .
“He isn’t here, but my disciple, Beowulf, has been traveling with Strongest Sword for a while . And the other person would be… the person here, Emilia . When he starts fighting, he wouldn’t be able to hear voices around him, but if it’s her, she will be able to reach him . ” (Sirius)
“This girl? What does she have to do with Strongest Sword?” (??)
“She is not related by blood, but he loves her like a grandchild . Anyhow, she will not only stop Strongest Sword from acting rashly, but she will also play an active part in various aspects . ” (Sirius)
“That’s natural as I am Sirius-sama’s disciple . ” (Emilia)
My disciple, Emilia continued to support me as an attendant . She was also very capable as a supporting role . In her case, she would be able to calmly assess the situation of the war, and guide Jii-san very well . However, there were many people who didn’t know about Emilia, and most of them looked at her strangely . Then, Cayenne provided supplemented information .
“It wouldn’t be a problem if it was Emilia-dono . Not only her ability, I’ve seen many soldiers saved because of her precise action . ” (Cayenne)
“Me too . There’s no problem if you entrust the matter to Emilia-dono . ” (Julia)
I would like to say that… she was really going to be my future sister-in-law . Julia, who spoke proudly, would be the main force of the right wing unit . The soldiers who went under these three units would be decided later . I continued the explanation while pointing to the position of the left wing .
“And for the left wing unit, we will place importance on mobility . I would like to have the son of the Beast King, Keith, Reus and his best friend, Albert, to assist Julia-sama on that part . ” (Sirius)
Not only did they continue to fight in the most dangerous places at the frontline base, but the cooperation between the four of them, who had repeatedly charged and disrupted hordes of enemies, was quite high . More importantly, their individual ability was perfect . It would be best to let these four work together .
“Since the left wing unit is small in number, we should allocate a small number of soldiers . It’s dangerous enough to run through the enemies all at once, but I think Julia-sama and the unit can do it . ” (Sirius)
“Hmm! It was a mess over there, but this time, I feel much better since I only need to concentrate on charging . ” (Reus)
“Yeah . I don’t know where they are, but we will find them and defeat them . ” (Julia)
“Goodness… what a reliable younger sister and her fiance . When this is over, just get married at once . ” (Sanger)
“You said a good thing, Aniue . I want you to say more!” (Julia)
A slight laugh echoed in the room in the exchange of the brother and sister who shifted somewhere . Even in an important situation, if people were too nervous or too focused, the vision would be narrow and the holes in the strategy would come out . I thought it was good that the tension had been cleared .
“Finally, in the center unit, I would like to ask Sanger, Beast King-sama and Fort-dono . This unit is surely destroying monsters rather than speed, so we should have the largest soldiers here . ” (Sirius)
The reason to concentrate the soldiers in the center unit was that the remaining monsters wouldn’t disappear even if they successfully neutralized Chimera that had the ability to control monsters . Therefore, the enemy’s main power should be defeated by the left and right wing units, and the center unit would focus on reducing the number of monsters even a little . In addition to that, the center unit had significant roles of securing the escape routes and rest places for the left and right wing units . Hence, the size of the center unit should be as large as possible .
“That’s what I’m proposing . The people who were at the frontline base agreed, but are there any points from everyone else here?” (Sirius)
“Hmm… If Cayenne-dono is convinced, we don’t seem to have much to say . ” (??)
“Me too . That reminds me, where are you going to place the Dragonkins?” (??)
“They are going to concentrate on the monsters approaching from the sky . It will be more intense than the frontline base, and since the battle is mainly on the ground, supporting them will be tough…” (Sirius)
“Don’t worry . No matter how many of them, we’re not your enemies . ” (Zenodora)
The strangely confident and dignified way of saying was to reassure those who weren’t at the frontline base . In fact, the dignified words brought expressions of relief on the face of many people .
“It’s just that monsters from the left and right wings may aim for the rear walls, so we have to leave some soldiers to protect the wall . Besides, that is to be discussed with everyone . ” (Sirius)
“Hmm . I would like to decide once we know how many troops we have gathered, but for now, it’s reasonable to let half of all the soldiers defend the wall and let the rest to the assault units . ” (??)
As a result of further fine-grained decisions from this point, the remaining soldiers were decided in this way . Ten percent was placed on the left wing where Emilia and Jii-san were assigned to, thirty percent on the right wing of Reus’ unit, and sixty percent on the center unit . Cayenne wrote down on the contents on the paper at hand, but once he stopped, he muttered .
“The formation and the order of each unit will be decided soon, but that depends on how many soldiers can be gathered . ” (Cayenne)
“If the fact that Strongest Sword is here, adventurers and volunteers are likely to gather if they know it . The situation is that, but the flow isn’t bad . ” (??)
“Volunteer soldiers? That reminds me, what is going on with the evacuation of the residents?” (Sirius)
While traveling in a horse-down carriage, I briefly used a wide range [Search], but the number of residents was almost the same as before heading to the frontline base . Looking at the situation, it’s impossible to completely hide it, so I asked them to explain to the public that hordes of monsters were imminent while we were earning time…
“To my surprise, only a few people have left the country . I don’t know since there was no sign of escaping . It may be because they believe in too much, but it will be a shame and catastrophe if known all over the world . ” (Sandor King)
“Perhaps, that’s why the volunteer soldiers from the people seem to have gathered quite a bit . It’s complicated because most of them have a grudge against that bastard…” (Sandor King)
“We’ve exposed his wrongdoings and made him a great villain . Even after a long sleep, the King’s mouth seems to be lively as well . ” (??)
“It doesn’t bother me greatly, but I’ve just made him a villain since we’re completely enemies . Besides, there are many who have lost their lives because of him, so now we have a target to vent our anger . ” (Sandor King)
It could be said that it was ruthless to mobilize the people who they should protect, but as a king, he had the right to make such a judgment when it came to this situation . Perhaps, he was prepared to shoulder all the criticisms and bad things that were going to happen, and tried to pass the throne to Sanger . When I was admiring the appearance of a father who wasn’t only working as a king and for his son, I heard a sound that had been held back nearby . It was only a small sound, but it was just at the moment when the conversation was interrupted, so it gathered a lot of attention . Reus hurriedly bowed his head while holding his mouth .
“Hahaha, you seem to want to seem, don’t you?” (Sandor King)
“Sorr… Please forgive me . ” (Reus)
“Don’t worry about it . Not only did you fight well earlier, but it’s already past midnight . It’s normal to be sleepy . ” (Sandor King)
The Sandor King laughed lightly while thanking him . After telling him to suspend the meeting, he turned his eyes to me and Julia .
“It is enough with just us . The people who came back from the base should take a break . ” (Sandor King)
“Father, I’m still fine . Besides, this is a meeting to decide Sandor’s fate . If I leave my seat as a princess–…” (Julia)
“Be quiet! You would be a battle for you guys after this . Listen, go to bed!” (Sandor King)
Julia held back her mouth when she was scolded with a voice that seemed to hit the butt hard . Perhaps, she understood it was a fair argument . Although I was worried about the contents of the conference that still kept going on, the siblings and I really need to get a rest . At the time when I was to follow the suggestion, Sanger, who noticed something, asked me a question .
“Wait a minute . How about you and Hokuto? Where are you going to fight?” (Sanger)
“Well . “I heard he supported us from the rear, and fought alongside Strongest Sword . I thought you would be in the right wing unit, but are you going to stay at the rear?” (??)
“Aah, sorry . I forgot that I was going to explain it later . Hokuto and I will…” (Sirius)
And when I put a piece that represented me and Hokuto and explained our role…there was a big upheaval in the conference room .

Today’s Hokuto and Strongest Sword .
This was about half a day since Hokuto and Strongest Sword first met, and it was a bit earlier before Sirius and Lambda had negotiation .
After dinner, Strongest Sword had a mock battle with Reus and others and lightly made fun of them (according to his standard) . Then, he muttered in dissatisfaction while looking at the wooden sword in hand .
“Hmm… It’s not bad, but this prey (wooden sword) isn’t good enough . ” (Lior)
“I told you, if you really do it now, somebody is going to die . ” (Beowulf)
“I know . Where I can find someone tough… muuu!?” (Lior)
At that time, Strongest Sword happened to notice Hokuto passing by . He had his master brushed him up until a while ago, so he seemed to be in a very good mood .
“Ooh, if it’s this guy, it’s going to be interesting even with a wooden sword! The wolf over there, can’t you fight me this time?” (Lior)
“…Woof?” (Hokuto)
Since Hokuto-kun had nothing urgent now, he went to Strongest Sword after being called .
“Well, you’re going to fight me!” (Lior)
“I think he just came because you called him . ” (Reus)
“It doesn’t matter! Nuryaaa—!” (Lior)
Then, with Reus still elsewhere, Strongest Sword slashed at Hokuto without asking . It was a very sharp swordsmanship, but Hokuto-kun’s reaction speed wasn’t just a show . The sword that was slashed was splendidly avoided, and he avoided when it was slashed continuously .
“Nuhaha, what a wonderful move . Well, why don’t you fight back?” (Lior)
“It’s because he doesn’t feel like fighting because Jii-chan started without asking . ” (Reus)
“Hey, is that big body just a decoration!? Come at me!” (Lior)
Strongest Sword gave a cheap provocation, probably because he was excited about the opponent who was likely to be a good opponent . However, Hokuto-kun was calm . He properly ignored Strongest Sword’s provocation .
“Nuhh… it’s pitiful when you are related to that guy . If it’s your Master, he will hit me back with a smile . ” (Lior)
“That is because you were overdoing it and Aniki scolded you, right? So, it doesn’t matter if it’s pitiful . ” (Reus)
“You’re noisy! If there is a strong person, it will be sad if there is no fight! Your master’s name will turn bad, you know!?” (Lior)
“Aniki has nothing to do with this!” (Reus)
Hokuto-kun was slightly irritated . He understood that it was a provocation, but he didn’t like being made fun for being his Master’s dog . Since the other side who was the one attacked him in the first place…
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Nuooh!?” (Lior)
Just as Strongest Sword’s wish, Hokuto wagged his tail at an unstoppable speed and knocked the sword off him . It was a power that easily destroyed the wooden sword that Strongest Sword used as a shield, and his huge body was blown away until the stone wall behind it was destroyed . While Reus and others were stunned by the sudden situation, Strongest Sword disappeared into the ruble and depths of dust…
“Hahaha! Yeah, let’s do it!” (Lior)
It didn’t work at all . With a loud laugh, he appeared as he blew away the dust and rubble . He walked and held his sword in his hand with his eyes shining brightly . Reus and the other began to panic in the air that seemed to start a battle that was unlikely to end as a mock battle, but the saviors appeared there .
“Hokuto . House!” (Sirius)
“Oji-chan too, house!” (Emilia)
“Woof!?” (Hokuto)
“Nuoo!?” (Lior)
It was the Master and Emilia who came to notice the sound of something destroyed . Being said ‘House’, Hokuto ran in front of his Master to sit down . He deeply regretted that he got caught by a cheap provocation . On the other hand…
“You! Didn’t I say that you should over do it too much!?” (Emilia)
“But, that wolf seems strong…” (Lior)
“That’s not the reason! If you don’t listen to me, I won’t cook for you tomorrow . ” (Emilia)
“Ooo… sorry…” (Lior)
Strongest Sword was also sitting down in front of Emilia-chan and received a preach .
And on the side…
“Youngster . What is the meaning of ‘House’?” (Lior)
“Eh? You don’t know about it and yet you sit down in front of Nee-chan? Really?” (Reus)
“I feel like I was told that . ” (Lior)
It turned out that Strongest Sword had a sharper intuition than a beast .

TLN: I can’t determine certain people’s conversation during the conference . Please forgive me for keep repeating the words ‘seems/seemed’ and ‘probably because’ . The author is writing that way a lot .
Simplified Author Note: The author mentions that he was depressed because of RL . He had to rewrite this chapter many times because he didn’t feel satisfied with the result . He couldn’t confirm when the next chapter would come out . His last message is ‘please keep an eye on it’ .


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