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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 60

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We are heading towards Almest, the town where we parted with Noel and Dee.
It is also because of Hokuto's ability. If the carriage is running at twice the speed than usual, it will be violently shaken. However the shaking in the carriage was reduced thanks to the suspension, and we were able to spend the night comfortably.
"That's amazing, my butt doesn't hurt even though it is running with this speed." (Emilia)
"This section is also very soft and somehow this is the type of carriage which nobles ride on." (Reese)
The inside of the carriage is not wide but the mat made of soft materials is laid out, and it's also reasonable to sleep together in a huddle.
The distance from Elysion to Almest is five days by carriage but at this rate, it is likely to arrive at half the schedule.
Emilia and Reese were staying leisurely inside the carriage but Reus and I climbed up on the carriage's roof and stood on one leg with an unstable posture. Although the shaking is reduced, it didn't all disappear, so we stood here to train our sense of balance.
"The sense of balance is important. If you are trained, it's possible to do headstand even in such a condition, and you also can do it with one hand." (Sirius)
"Alright, me too…hmm…uwaa!" (Reus)
As Reus tried to imitate me by doing a headstand, the moment when he lifted one hand from the carriage roof, the carriage hit stones or something and lifted greatly, and Reus fell because of the shock.
He rolled over while screaming but he was calmed since he immediately put on a defensive stance. I ordered Hokuto to stop the carriage.
With such conditions, the carriage continued running, proceeding smoothly without being attacked by monsters or thieves even once while on the road. Even if we meet them, the monsters were afraid of Hokuto and didn't attack us and the thieves couldn't keep up with the speed of the carriage, so it's understandable.

We finally arrived at Almest after three days, and then we went to the abandoned mansion where I was born and raised. Our food supplies are sufficient, so instead of going to the town, it is faster to go there instead. Since the location where mother lies can't be accessed by the carriage, we should leave the carriage at the mansion and walk there.
We passed this road only when we left the house, but we firmly remembered the way. Thus, I came back to the mansion that I was born for the first time in five years.
When I came down from the carriage and looked up at the mansion, it made me remember the good old days that I spent with mother and the attendants. Although it had been only five years, why do I miss it so much? But, there is nothing necessarily that I need here, either people or things. The place where I should return is…
"Though Reus and I haven't been here for two years, it feels like we've returned to our home." (Emilia)
"That's true. Here is also where I met Aniki." (Reus)
That was because Reus had fainted when I found him, and when he woke up, it became the first meeting at this mansion. In those days, he was a cheeky child but he adores me as an Aniki now. He is a splendid swordsman who can swing big swords easily. Among us, the one that grew the most is probably him.
"Which remind me, at that time, Reus was biting Sirius-sama's hand. When I think now, what a terrible thing he did." (Emilia)
"Was there such thing!? It's hard to believe when I look at Reus now." (Reese)
"Stop it, you guys! That was… that was… my biggest mistake." (Reus)
"That's true. At that time, you were desperately trying to protect Emilia, right?" (Reese)
"Yes, that was right. It was a bit complicated but thanks for that time, Reus." (Emilia)
Emilia caught Reus' head under her harm and pounded it while Reese was trying to console her by clapping his shoulder
I noticed a feeling out of place when looking at the mansion while I disregarded the attendants. Although we have left it for five years, the mansion is not abandoned at all. If it was just left like that, it should be covered by weeds and trees, but it is completely maintained like when we were living there. Maybe someone lives here?
When I started having doubt, the entrance to the mansion was opened and an old butler appeared. He seemed like a butler that exceeds 60 years and is filled with dignity, I felt a similar air of professionalism similar to mother.
"For what reason are you in such a place? Is this a visit after knowing that this is the house owned by the nobles of Dorianus family?" (Butler)
"Aah… yes, I know that. We only happened to pass here." (Sirius)
"I don't think that you happened to pass this place. I don't think you are a robber, so I recommend you to leave immediately." (Butler)
He made a gentle smile but if something happens, we will be seriously forced out with an intimidating force. However, I would explain properly since I didn't come to fight.
"We have a business on the mountain at the back, but our carriage can't enter the mountain path, so we thought to leave it here." (Sirius)
"Mountain… is it? I don't remember hearing anything that is there." (Butler)
"We will return immediately, it's just a small business. We are going to leave it here until the early afternoon at the latest, would that be alright?" (Sirius)
After the old butler looked up at the sky for an instant, he nodded after showing that he had thought about it a bit. It still early based on the brightness of the sky, if we take off with our carriage after visiting the grave, we will arrive at Almest by evening.
"…There is no problem if you leave the carriage here. Since there is a space, you can use it as you like. However, you must absolutely leave in the afternoon." (Butler)
As the butler declared coldly, he closed the entrance. I am not able to step over this compound anymore because I threw away that family name. I had a bitter smile, but the siblings were disappointed because we weren't able to convince them.
"I understand the reason but it is sad that Sirius-sama can't enter the house that you lived." (Emilia)
"Though it is a house with our precious memories…" (Reus)
"It can't be helped. The house is surely important but I already cut off any relation with that man who did bad things to mother and the others." (Sirius)
Talking about that Bardomyl, I probably won't be born because of that blood related father but the interaction after that was cruel, so I absolutely won't call him father. Whether the siblings understand that feeling, the siblings, who stood on my left and right sides, didn't say anything anymore.
While stroking the siblings' heads, I instructed Hokuto to place the carriage in the space in front of the entrance that was directed by the old butler. Emilia asked me when I would be ready to enter the mountain while holding the necessary things on hand.
"Sirius-sama, will the carriage be alright if it is left here just like that?
"That's right. There's also a possibility where thieves and bad people will steal the carriage while we are not here." (Reese)
"I have thought about that properly. When mana is poured here in the carriage, the anti-theft function will be activated." (Sirius)
The magic formation will cancel the weight reduction, and there is a switch that simultaneously activates the side brake that makes the wheels unable to turn. Furthermore, it is going to be alright because the shutter doors attached on every direction of the carriage are lowered and locked. Since the shutter doors are made from Gravilite, it doesn't break easily and it is necessary to have the strength to destroy the carriage itself in order to get inside.
It will let out a special mana wave that can be found by my [Search], so I can find it immediately even if it is stolen if by any chance.
With no truck or heavy machineries in this world, I don't think it is easy to move a several ton carriage with wheels that can't turn. After I finished setting it up, I asked Reus to test it.
"Oo…oooo!? It's not giving an inch, Aniki!" (Reus)
"When it's installed with dedicated wheel stop, it won't be easily moved. Well, unless there is a monster that can lift several tonnes worth of carriage." (Sirius)
Since I installed anti-theft function for such conduct, I think I will praise the thieves instead if they can steal it. Well, I would chase them properly and after praising them, I will give them punishment.
Lastly, we lowered down the shutter doors, finished our preparation and entered the mountain.

For me, this mountain vicinity is no better than a courtyard and I can clearly grasp the direction. That is natural when I kept exploring and ran through the mountains for several years.
Though the siblings only went for short apprentice, they also treated it like a courtyard. As we went towards mother's grave, we reminisced the past while going along the path with the flower bloom.
"I really missed this, I often spoiled my stomach by eating the things that I picked up around here." (Reus)
"Reese, you can't eat that fruit. It is poisonous and it's painful when I ate it." (Emilia)
The two who picked things immediately at that time had no knowledge, and they were hungry for long time. They were poisoned by eating mushrooms and tree nuts without properly confirming it first. It was difficult when they threw up every time they drank the medicines. I can say that their survival skills have greatly increased because of that experience.
When I recalled the hardship at the beginning with distant eyes, Reese who noticed it touched my shoulder while having bitter smile, and Hokuto also came closer, rubbing his face to console me.
"…It was hard, isn't it?" (Reese)
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
"Yeah… it was." (Sirius)
Since the siblings were reckless once in awhile, he somewhat understood it and tried to match with Reese. It's nice to have a friend.
"Furthermore, we also annihilated groups of goblins many times. We practiced various skills." (Reus)
"The scene where groups of goblins that were blown like fallen leaves by Sirius-sama's spells was splendid." (Emilia)
"I was in good condition at that time." (Sirius)
We ran around the forest while looking for goblins through [Search] and when we found it, the siblings would practice fighting them, and it was a complete annihilation when testing a new spell.
Since we went too far, I heard from Dee about the request of [Investigating the cause of goblins' reduction in the mountain'] from the town guild.
"Everyone understood well when they heard how terrific the children are." (Sirius)
While pointing that out to Reese, we were going through a familiar mountain path.
"Uwaah…amazing." (Reese)
And when we arrived at a flower garden where mother rest, Reese was fascinated while letting out amazed voice.
I thought it would be weird if nothing was changed after five years but the flower garden bloomed well on the entire area while the big tree, that stood at the center of it, remained as it was.
"The best about this place is that it remained the same. Though it is not as good as the place where we met Hokuto, it is still a good place, isn't it?" (Sirius)
"Yes. If over there is a paradise of the night, here is the paradise of the day. There are really various things in the world." (Reese)
"Erina-san's grave is under the tree over there." (Reus)
"We have to introduce Reese, don't you think? Let's go quickly." (Emilia)
The siblings grabbed Reese's hands and began to run. This place was where we played Frisbee for the first time, and maybe that's why they began to run unconsciously while remembering that time. Reese was a little bit troubled but she was smiling while being pulled by those two.
"Well, shall we go too? I have to introduce you too." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Accompanied by Hokuto, I chased after those three.

The gravestone was rolled with vines and covered with dirt after five years but it was still standing out. So, we began cleaning it first. Even though cleaning was easy, we cleared the tangled vines and polished the tombstone with cloth and it was over.
And with the wine we bought, we sat again in front of the gravestone and reported to mother.
"Long time no see… Kaa-san. Five years have passed since then and I grew so much. I have abandoned the household but I have also made new friends and I am doing fine." (Sirius)
I got up and outstretched my hands to display myself.
I am 14 years old now, and I got taller than I was five years ago and my face looks more masculine. I become an adventurer and I think I lived according to mother's will.
"Besides, look at me. I got this from the next queen of Elysion. I was invited personally by the royal family." (Sirius)
Currently, I am putting on the mantle that I got from Princess Lifell which is proof of being an Imperial Guard. I don't usually wear it but I brought it from the carriage to show it to mother.
By the way, I am wearing a long coat that reaches my knees underneath the mantle and I am wearing my usual battle attire underneath it. I don't wear equipment that is like armor but this long coat is strong because it is made from magic threads, and since there is a belt fastened to the waist part from the top, there is little restraint on my movement.
Then, I talked about the days that I spent at the school. Since I was anxious, there were things that I didn't inform while displaying uneasy eyes but the siblings and Reese continued talking while interposing in between.
"…There were various things happening, but we graduated from school without a problem. I will travel around the world from now on, so I will not be able to see you for a while." (Sirius)
I will not be able to come for at least a few years, but I wonder what I will become at that time. Well, it can't be helped even if I think about the unknown future. I was talking about everything alone and when I handed it over to the disciples, who waited behind me, they stood in front of the grave and bowed down.
"Long time no see, Erina-san. Though Sirius-sama told you the details, I have only one thing to say. I am working hard on what you have taught me. Therefore… please watch over me." (Emilia)
As for Emilia, my mother taught her the way of being an attendant and there is no mistake that she is a reliable existence to me. The remarkable scene that was showed to them before Erina passed away made me think that it was entirely like a parent and their child.
She turned around once on the spot to display herself, just like I did. By the way, Emilia is wearing thick clothing from top to bottom, similar to what female adventurers wear, with a breastplate made of light ore and a lightweight dress. Since her style is similar to mine that emphasizes on speed and evasion, her personal armor is made to the extent of protecting the vital spots.
"Erina-san. I eat well by chewing properly, like you told me. I am slightly confused about honorifics but I pay attention when I am out in public." (Reus)
As for Reus, mother is really his favorite person. The first person he knew was mother and he was being patted on the head many times. Reus can be seen as a heartless person who forgets her previous mother, but it is probably because he has a natural and wild thinking, but he quickly changed because of human life and death. I know that he thinks strongly about his parents from the bottom of his heart.
Is he going to match with us? While saying that, Reus displayed his appearance. Among us, he is the first one who goes up front but since he either avoids the enemy’s' assault or brushes it off with his sword, he's wearing light armor that protects vital spots with strong guard protectors. This is also the case of 'Hard Break – One-hand Sword' style, where it is about killing before being killed.
"Nice to meet you, Erina-san. I am Faeris, I am Sirius-san's friend. I have become his disciple. I have always been helped by them." (Reese)
Reese's attire is a one-piece robe dyed in pale blue that matches with her hair color. This special attire was sent from Princess Lifell, it is a robe that is at the same level as the one that the headmaster wore during our match. Senia told Reese secretly that it seemed the attire cost tremendous amount of money, a glimpse of the deepness of her sister's love.
Though the robe emphasizes the functions with little decoration, there is a casual one-point on the sleeves and collar, and it suits her very well. By the way, she got a pendant drawn with defense magic formation from her father and it's glittering from the inside of her attire.
Those three wore the mantles that they got during the graduation ceremony on their armor and attire, and spread it as a display to mother.
“Please look at us. We received Sirius-sama’s lesson, and we got this splendid mantle from school.” (Emilia)
"Out of several hundred students, only selected excellent students will be able to get it. Isn't that the result of being Aniki's attendant?" (Reus)
"I was also selected thanks to Sirius-san. The person whom you brought up makes a lot of people happy." (Reese)
When they are almost done, we finally introduce Hokuto. Hokuto came in front of the grave, lowered his head slowly and bowed. Though it's normal to do it, it's amazing for a wolf who understands the courtesy.
"Kaa-san, this fellow is Hokuto, he is our friend." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
I wonder what would mother's reaction if she met Hokuto when she still alive. She would probably react unexpectedly normal. She didn't go easy to anyone who was hostile against me but she would be kind if she knew that they were my friend.
Anyhow, we are done reporting mother. Finally, we all silently prayed together, poured the contents of the wine on the grave and we left mother's grave.
I will come again…

"We played Frisbee over there…" (Reus)
While on the way back, Reus muttered regretfully with dropped ears and tail. In addition to his reaction, Emilia and Hokuto also dropped down their tails like a chain.
"Well. That butler told us to leave soon, so it can't be helped, you know." (Sirius)
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
"I don't know when this will be, but I will bring Noel and Dee together next time. Let's bring a lunch box and play Frisbee." (Sirius)
The siblings and the animal were pleased while wagging their tails. Oops, I shouldn't forget Noel's children. In any case, it's going to be like a large family when we go next time.
We returned to the mansion a bit in a hurry but it was still late morning judging from the sun's position.
I am not sure what the reason is, but we should leave immediately since the old butler of the mansion told us to leave by afternoon.
I took off the imperial guard mantle and put it on the carriage. When I was about to release the safety device… I noticed several signs approaching our direction.
I invoked [Search] immediately to gather information on someone who was approaching us.
"There are four… no five people. It seems they are coming here by a carriage." (Sirius)
"What are going to do, Aniki? Do we need to prepare for a battle?" (Reus)
"No, they are not coming for us. They probably have business with the mansion. So… the reason that butler tried to make us leave was because of this?" (Sirius)
"Did you notice anything?" (Emilia?)
"Think about it, who is the owner of the mansion?" (Sirius)
""Wha!?"" (Emilia/Reus?)
There is no mistake that the mana reaction that I felt through [Search] was coming from someone that I have known in the past. The timing was really bad for us to come here.
Even if I try to head out without being noticed, there is only one way for a carriage to pass and there is no space to hide a big thing like our carriage. There is no other way then, let's just prepare for the worst and face them
I ordered Hokuto not to get in the way of the incoming carriage, and when we moved our carriage, the disciples were whispering at the rear.
"Hey, do both of you know who is coming?" (Reese)
"It's the owner of the mansion. It is the bad person who made fun of Aniki and Erina-san." (Reus)
"Sirius-sama's… that…" (Emilia)
While Emilia was wondering what to say, a carriage appeared from the road and stopped in front of the entrance. At any rate, it was a large carriage. It seemed the carriage was enough to fit five people but the roof had been scattering off the branches that stretched in the way.
The man who sat on the coachman seat looked suspiciously at us but he ran to open the door of the carriage without saying anything.
"The road is still narrow as ever, Father. Shouldn't you think about it soon?" (??) (TLN: The word for 'Father' is Chichiue.)
"That's right. We need to make it wider." (Bardomyl)
As I expected, the once my father came out of the carriage, Bardomyl Dorianus. It seems that his stomach is even bigger compared with what I saw five years ago but there isn't many changes in appearance.
And the one who came out from behind was a bit handsome tall young man. In some respect, his features look similar to Bardomyl, and he called him father. He is probably my…
In addition to that, a man and a woman came out from the carriage. They are probably an escort because they are dressed like adventurers while having weapons.
The escorts noticed us and turned their weapon but Baldomyl stopped with extended hands.
"You… why are you here?" (Bardomyl)
"Father, do you know them?" (??)
"Hmmm. A foolish man who threw away our family name after paying the money. He was once your half-blood brother." (Bardomyl)
"You are the one who is foolish…" (Emilia)
They didn't seem to hear what Emilia muttered but I also agree with her. Whether Reese also noticed the situation or not, she was touching my back with a slightly sad face.
"What are you doing in such place? Did you feel like returning back home now?" (Bardomyl)
"That's impossible. I came here because I had small business, but I am about to leave now." (Sirius)
"Hmm, I don't know what you want to do, but I'm not going to let you leave in silence. There is something I would like to hear from you." (Bardomyl)
"Since I have nothing to do here, please excuse me." (Sirius)
Just talking makes my head hurt. Even if he is a father for once, I don't want to deal with it with my own hands. So, I tried to go to the carriage to escape immediately, but I felt the adventurers draw their weapons and so I raised my precaution level. As my disciples also put their hands on their weapons, it had become a critical situation where a battle could start at any time soon.
"…What do you want?" (Sirius)
"Didn't you hear what I said? I said I have something I want to hear from you. I will not you to disappear without permission." (Bardomyl)
"Yeah! Where do you plan to go without listening to Father's order?" (??)
Oh dear…if I don't deal with this properly, they will forget it. While sighing, I ordered my disciples to stop being vigilant with hand signal.
"Understood. So, what do you want to talk about?" (Sirius)
"Why should I speak outside? I will allow you to enter the mansion, so we'll talk there." (Bardomyl)
That self-important way of talking… that hasn't changed at all. While I somehow felt like laughing, I followed Bardomyl and his son into the mansion, but the escort adventurers and my disciples were told to wait outside.
"We are Sirius-sama attendants! We have the right to join in!" (Emilia)
"Yeah! I had enough with the noble's manner!" (Reus)
"Shut up, you demi humans! Don't you interfere like a commoner!" (Bardomyl)
"It's enough for you demi humans to stay outside. You escorts, keep watch over them and don't let them escape!" (??)
Although the escorts are equipped with good weapons and armors, but judging from their footwork and muscle, Emilia might be stronger. I sent a [Call] with low voice with a smile to tell the disciples to retaliate if they were attacked.
"I will only talking for a moment, so please wait quietly." (Sirius)
"…Understood." (Emilia)

When I approached the entrance of the mansion while the siblings grinded their teeth vexingly, the door was opened from inside and the old butler appeared. And then, he beautifully bowed and invited the master, Bardomyl, into the mansion.
"Welcome home, Bardomyl-sama, young master. Oh… and this person is?" (Butler)
"Hmm, he is somewhat of a guest. Entertain him properly since I have to talk a bit to him." (Bardomyl)
"Riding the carriage made me thirsty. Prepare a tea immediately, Valio." (??) (TLN: The name in raw is バリオ)
"Understood. I will prepare it at once. Do you have a request?" (Valio)
While the two of them quickly moved inside, the old butler called Valio also asked me if I want anything, but I told him with small voice that couldn't be heard by them.
"It seems the master has come sooner than I expected…" (Sirius)
When he told us to leave immediately when we came here, was it because he didn't want to let me meet with Bardomyl? I am not sure why he tilted his head, but Valio loosened his lips for a moment and muttered.
"I am a former colleague of Erina and I know you more or less. Because of that, I told you that to avoid you from being troubled but they came earlier than I expected. I am embarrassed when master is being moody." (Valio)
"It can't be helped since that has happened. Anyway, I'll work hard to let it go past somehow." (Sirius)
"I can't lend a hand since I am a butler for the master. I am going to prepare tea, so with this…" (Valio)
"Oi, are you going to come soon!?" (Bardomyl)
Although Valio doesn't seems to be an enemy, he isn't a friend either. I followed Baldomyl, who was shouting from his back.
The place was… Erina's room. The tools that Erina used for compounding and the table used for teaching Emilia and others about being attendants didn't leave any trace behind, only a wasteful gorgeous table and sofa were placed in the center. Aah… all the memories of the room are totally spoiled.
Those two sat on the sofa with a depressing feeling, so when I sat on their opposite side, Bardomyl was laughing with a proud face.
"What do you think? Isn't it a splendid sofa and table that are unreachable for a commoner?" (Bardomyl)
"That's right. It seems extremely popular." (??)
If it's this much, I had it in the Diamond Cottage, and the sofa in the headmaster's room is more comfortable anyway. Well, here is a rural area if I want to compare it with Elysion, so I'm not going to say anything.
"Aah, at least it is good. This excellent son, Karios, invented a new tool, and sold it to a company in town and gained a lot of money." (Bardomyl) (TLN: The name in raw is カリオス)
"That's natural when I am my Father's son." (Karios)
Did he do the same things as me? I am not sure how much money he got, but does it feel good to be cocky?
While I was thinking so, Valio knocked and came in, and he prepared tea for several people on the table. Judging from the smell, it doesn't seem to contain poison.
"Hmmm, Valio's tea is delicious as I expected. It's also good to drink it in this quiet place."(Bardomyl)
"Thank you very much." (Valio)
"You also managed this mansion perfectly, so come back to our mansion, Valio." (Karios)
"Thank you for your kind words, but I plan to spend the rest of my life peacefully. Please have mercy." (Valio)
"There is no other way then. My wife and others will also come tomorrow, but I will ask you to stay for about three days this time."(Bardomyl)
"Please leave it to me. I will prepare the best holiday." (Valio)
Is the mansion in good condition because it is managed by Valio even after five years? For this parent and child, here is like holiday villa.
When I looked at Bardomyl who talked happily about being away from the hecticness of earthly life, I suddenly remember what to ask.
"Which remind me, what happened to the money that I gave to you?" (Sirius)
"Really!? I wanted to ask that, you bastard. What did you do with those gold coins?" (Bardomyl)
So when Bardomyl remembered about that too, his expression changed to anger. Or perhaps I should say, was that the main issue here?
"What… about it? I only handed over the gold coins, wasn't it?" (Sirius)
"Don't play around! Because of that the gold coins, I…" (Bardomyl)
It was said that various things had made him angry, but that's sums things up.
Five years ago, I handed over dozens of gold coins as a consolation money to throw away my family name. To tell the truth, as I also include harassment, I invoked a time delayed [Impact] on the gold coins beforehand, but it seemed that it was a big hit.
When he entered a shop to use the money soon after reaching a nearby town, the [Impact] was timely invoked, and it seemed that gold coins were scattered around with tremendous momentum.
That had made several goods in the shop broken, and countless bruises on his face and body. Furthermore, several gold coins flew outside the shop. As a result, it seemed he was in difficult situation where he didn't have enough money to reimburse the damage goods because of the medical fee.
At that time, I went to Elysion to escape, but that made me think about a guts pose in my mind more than I expected.
"You had a hard time, isn't it? By the way, isn't it strange to complain to me who wasn't there?" (Sirius)
"Silent! It was you who handed me the money! And because of that, I had to struggle unnecessarily!" (Bardomyl)
"Even if you say that, I have given you that money, and I can't be responsible of what will happen after that, you know." (Sirius)
"You, bastard, were the cause! Therefore, you need to pay me." (Bardomyl)
Although I enjoyed listening to the result, the main issue of the discussion is silly. I didn't realize my gaze was getting colder until below freezing point. Then, Bardomyl vented his anger and looked outside while laughing and grinning.
"Judging from the carriage outside and your dress, it seems you have accomplishments somewhere. Though you are the child of such a woman, my blood still flows in you." (Bardomyl)
"If I say I am successful, yes I am, but your blood has nothing to do with it, not even a single matter. Please don't misunderstand." (Sirius)
"Are you saying that you are competent? Whatever it is, I will ask for compensation. Even if you are already disowned, you are still bound by your father's order with your blood, so pay immediately." (Bardomyl)
"It's not necessary to think hard, my younger half-brother. Regardless of truth or false, it's a matter of filial piety to father." (Karios)
Regrettably, I felt chilled because they acted similar, like a father and his son. I'm not sure how far he wants to go but why would he became so full with confidence? Aah, it was said earlier that he created new technology and sold it. In short, they are all alike.
Although we are parent and child by blood, I'm not going to pay even a single stone coin.
"I don't have money. I almost run out of money because of that carriage." (Sirius)
"If that's the case, am I going to receive the carriage outside? It is a common carriage but I can make some money if I sell it." (Bardomyl)
"Father, I think it's better for you to get the girl and the demi humans outside." (Karios)
I wonder if it's time to rage soon… and when I was thinking about that, I heard words that I couldn't miss out in my ear.
"Karios, do you like woman even if she is a demi human?" (Bardomyl)
"Yes, Father. It's true she is a demi human but it will become a status just by walking around and accompanied by that figure, and if I present her to the noble who likes demi human, she can become a good negotiation material. And then, let the man serve as an escort." (Karios)
What on earth is this fellow saying?
"Hoho, to use a demi human well… As I expected of you, Karios." (Bardomyl)
"That blue hair girl is still childish, but her face is not too bad, so I think I will train her to my liking." (Karios)
"You guys… do you understand what you are saying?" (Sirius)
Those words just now were the last reminder.
Besides, those two didn't realized this…these lowlifes, who got irritated because of the words that I said, hit their fist on the table to show their anger.
"Even if she is a child, what do you think you're saying about us, a noble!" (Bardomyl)
"That's what happens when you are not paying the money. By the way, he brought an unusual splendid monster, Father. That seems to sell at a good price." (Karios)
"…" (Sirius)
…It's not worth considering.
I didn't think that it would be a proper discussion from the beginning, but it's a waste to be patient.
It will be fine if it's just me, but to say that they put their hands on my disciples… I will make you regret.
As I stopped leaning against the sofa, I crossed my legs proudly and pronounced with a smile on the whole face.
"Shut your mouth, your lowlives." (Sirius)

"I'll come… again." (Sirius)
[Yes, please take care.] (Erina)


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