Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 105

Run, Silver Fang

— Reus —
We could cross the lake much sooner than planned due to Hokuto-san's assistance.
I would go on foot after coming here, but Hokuto-san immediately changed the direction to the side area of the Romanio town, and he landed in a place different from the port of the town.
"Hokuto-san, the town is there, you know?" (Reus)
[Your destination is not the town, but that guy, right? I will escort you there because the smell of monsters is coming from over there.] (Hokuto)
"I'm grateful, but isn't Aniki waiting for you?" (Reus)
[I will return as soon as I drop you both. Let me tell you this first. I will not help you with the monsters.] (Hokuto)
"… I have made up the decision. It's good enough by just bringing me to where Al is. More importantly, I'm worried if Hokuto-san will be scold by Aniki." (Reus)
When I earnestly replied, Hokuto-san loosened his mouth in satisfaction.
[That is the disciple of my Master. And you don't have to worry about me. Without you on board, I can return back with full power.] (Hokuto)
Hokuto-san said the ride would be rough before we departed, but I understood that he was concerned about us when he ran later.
I guessed if he ran with all his might, we would be thrown off many times. Hokuto-san probably could cross the lake faster compare to how easy Aniki cook dishes.
Hokuto-san ran toward the destination, which was the battlefield, but he climbed a hill to overlook the battlefield to make it easier to find Al.
And when we arrived at the top of the hill, the scene of Romanio people desperately fighting the monsters was spreading before us.
"Al is…" (Reus)
"Aniue is…" (Marina)
""There he is!"" (Reus/Marina)
Marina and I saw the people were surrounded by monsters and separated from the other group in the place where we pointed at the same time
We hadn't verified yet, but it was place where Marina's intuition and mine were converged, It seemed the situation that I heard from Marina was happening there, so the possibility was high.
[Hmm, the smell is faint, but… there is no mistake. Hold on tight.] (Hokuto)
Hokuto-san leaped from the high ground that looked like a steep cliff without hesitation.
Rather than leaping, he looked like falling down. However, while kept falling, Hokuto-san kicked the rocks to reduce momentum in order to reduce the impact on us.
And then, he kicked off a large cliff when he got to a certain height, and we got off to the battlefield where the fight against monsters continued.
As the surroundings were surprised, Hokuto-san ran through the battlefield and we came close to the place we were aiming for.
With Hokuto-san's momentum, it seemed we could easily break through the monsters, but I felt like it would blow Al altogether.
Here was…
[I'm going to jump. So get ready to jump off] (Hokuto)
Hokuto-san seemed to understand what I wanted to do.
I removed my partner attached on the harness and prepared to swing anytime.
"Marina. I'm going to jump off, but you will be carried by Hokuto-san!" (Reus)
"J-jump off!?" (Marina)
"I will jump to the center. Taking this opportunity…" (Reus)
"Eh, what are you doing!?" (Marina)
I closed my eyes and concentrated. When I imagined flame burned on the whole body… my figure transformed to a figure of a wolf.
This time, I would go with all my might from the beginning.
If I didn't stop you from attacking the town, I didn't need to go against Aniki. Therefore, I would let them faced me when I run wild.
And then, when Hokuto-san kicked the ground and jumped high, I saw the center where the monsters were gathered.
[There he is. But, the situation looks bad.] (Hokuto)
I finally found Al, but he was about be hit by the surrounding big humanoid monster.
If it was that guy, he was good enough to defeat the monster, but since there were a lot of monsters in the surroundings, his movement appeared bad. Was he worried about other people who were fighting?
I barely made it, but it was in time.
It was quite high at the moment, but I jumped off from Hokuto-san without hesitation.
"Uooo–!" (Reus)
While falling down, I gave a loud roar to attract monsters' attention.
Although my roar slightly looked like Hokuto-san's roar due to the transformation effect, the monsters should have noticed my presence.
And with the dropping off momentum added, I swung down my partner at the monster that was trying to attack Al.
It was a considerably thick monster, but my partner sliced it into two with no resistance.
"Dorashaaaa–!" (Reus)
Since there was another monster within the range of the sword, I swung my partner loaded with momentum due to my twisting body and sliced it.
While slashing the monsters that coming closer with my partner, I shouted at the surprised Al.
"I will hold them here! Al can hold it over there!" (Reus)
"Is that you… Reus?" (Albert)
Asking me whether I was Reus–… Aah, which reminded me, this was my first time showing Al my transformation.
Goodness, he wasn't shaken looking at my appearance just because he knew Aniki's splendor.
"What are you doing!? A person trained by Aniki is not supposed to be this absent minded!" (Reus)
Maybe because I was more agitated than usual due to the transformation, the tone of voice became rough.
But, Al apparently noticed it as his face returned to be serious from being surprised.
"Sorry! Please wait for a bit!" (Albert)
"Aah! Let's end this before we get annihilated!" (Reus?)
And with that momentum, I kept swinging my partner so as to vent my anger against the monsters.

After a while, Marina joined with Al. Thereupon, Hokuto-san produced a shockwave toward the group of monsters and while blowing many away, he magnificently went back to Parade through the path created.
He told me that he won't eliminate monsters, but he still removed monsters that became a hindrance. However, I had no problem even Hokuto-san said so.
Hokuto-san wasn't forgiving at all during training, but he was kind after all.
Since I was swinging my partner and protected my back while I gathered the surrounding monsters, the number of monsters didn't decrease at all.
I wanted to quickly annihilate them and chased Aniki, but as he repeatedly reminded, negligence was something prohibited.
Therefore, without being impatient, I would annihilate them while being careful and not pointlessly getting injured.
"Reus!" (Albert)
"Ouu!" (Reus)
It seemed Al was finally ready.
I ran while firmly responded to his call. And then, I turned my partner to the monsters gathered around while going back to back with Al.
Yes… although we were surrounded by the monsters, I could rest assured because Al was behind me.
Of course, it would be safer if I was protected by Aniki, but in his case, he would protect and attentively watched the whole situation
Well, in the end, I wasn't a man who Aniki could entrust his back.
Because of that, I wanted to safely help Al, annihilated the monsters, and produced best outcome by saving the town.
No matter what kind of expression they made when I saw Aniki and others again, I would proudly give such a report.
"So, what are we going to do?" (Reus)
"We will do as usual. Reus will swing with all your strength, and I will assist you." (Albert)
"I will work hard as well." (Marina)
"I leave it to you. But do not push yourself." (Albert)
"That's right. I will protect you, so don't ever leave me." (Reus)
"Y-yes…" (Marina)
Thanks to Marina, I came here to save Al.
Even if the situation wasn't becoming like this, I was sincerely thinking that I wanted to protect Marina now.
And… I would protect her.
"They're coming, Al! I leave the rear to you." (Reus)
"Leave it to me." (Albert)
And then, the monsters were attacking when Al and I shouted at the same time.
"Dorashaaaa–!" (Reus)
"Haaaa!" (Albert)
Al and I were divided in front and back sides with Marina in the center. While protecting each other's back, I was pushing away the incoming monsters.
I was concerned about how tired Al was since he was fighting until a while ago, but since he stamina was well trained through Aniki's training and mock battles, the situation probably would be fine.
Besides, as we swung swords without worrying each other's back, we were fighting without any problem because there was no big monsters like Guirdjieff.
"Reus!" (Albert)
"Understood!" (Reus)
With Al's sword, we kept fighting while exchanging places in a breath whenever necessary to fight against difficult monsters and numerous small monsters.
"You guys have to aim that side too!" (Marina)
Moreover, Marina produced illusions at a distant place from Al and I, so the monsters didn't attack us in one go.
Nevertheless, the illusions Marina created until now was somehow dim, but right now, it was quite clear. It felt strange when looking at my illusion. It was as if there was another one of me.
"I understand, but the illusion of Reus is well made. I wonder if that is the proof you have watched him to a certain extent?" (Albert)
"A-aniue! Saying such a thing now is…" (Marina)
Somehow Marina's face was suddenly reddened, but since she unleashed illusions and Flame magic toward the monsters, she seemed to be fine–… eh wait a sec, her firepower was a bit too strong, wasn't it? I could see eight illusions of me.

After that, we kept fighting for a while.
Anyway, we continued slashing the incoming monsters, and we moved when the monsters dead bodies stacked became a hindrance. Since we understood each other's habit, we kept moving according to the situation.
And then, when the number of slaughtered monsters exceeded one hundred, the remaining monsters at the surrounding was at the number we could count.
"Hoh,… I can see the end. Are you two alright?" (Reus)
"I'm fine. How about you, Aniue?" (Marina)
"It's alright. If this is it, we are somehow safe, but… that's strange." (Albert)
Al was swinging his sword while thinking about something, but I also had something to worry about.
"Aah, I am also the same. Their behaviors are strange, but I don't see they will be escaping at all." (Reus)
I reflexively knock a goblin that jumped on me, but that monster was a good example.
Since goblin wasn't smart and lived on instinct, they usually would target woman. In this situation, it would Marina, but they were randomly attacking since earlier.
Besides, if they could do this intentionally, it wouldn't feel weird if they were escaping. However, there was no monster trying to run away since a while ago.
"There are various strange stories when this situation happened. This is my guess, but there may be a presence like a commander instigating the monsters." (Albert)
"It seems possible, but it doesn't seem to be here..!" (Reus)
As I sliced the last monster, the surrounding monsters had been resolved.
The battle still continued in other places, but it could be said that I had ensure Al's safety at least.
"Are we done? Nevertheless, you really helped me out." (Albert)
"Don't worry about it. I will watch the surrounding, so you can take a rest for a bit." (Reus)
"Aah, I will do that. By the way, Shishou is–… Reus?" (Albert)
Since I didn't want to remember Aniki's and Nee-chan's face, I left that place in order to escape without giving them explanation.
In any case, the number had been reduced since I had defeated them, but there must be some monsters which hadn't completely suppressed yet.
Since I was told not to be careless until the end, I looked for such monsters. Then, I made a stop to swing my sword.
"Fuh… this seems to be all." (Reus)
My nose really worked well because of the smell of blood, but since I didn't feel any presence from the surroundings, it seemed that everything was fine.
Nevertheless… since I violently acted due to anger, my body was covered with red as a result of monsters' spurting blood. I didn't really want to show this unsightly appearance to Aniki, but since Al was rescued… it should be fine, right?
As I took a deep breath after thrusting my partner on the ground, Al who had serious expression and Marina who had distressed face came beside me.
"Reus…" (Albert)
"Hmm? What's wrong? What's with that face?" (Reus)
"I heard from Marina, you know. It seems that you have broken your Oath with Shishou in order to save me." (Albert)
"…You don't have to worry about that, Al. I also have said this to Marina, but this is something I had decided." (Reus)
If I apologized… would they forgive me?
No, it didn't matter even if they forgive. Anyway, let's just annihilate the monsters, and chase Aniki soon.
"More importantly, if you have rested, let's go and defeat other monsters. Can you still fight, Al?" (Reus)
"Reus!" (Albert)
Al shouted to drown out my voice and he hugged me while lightly tapped my shoulder.
"You… while you went against Shishou, you came to save me." (Albert)
"Of course. Al is my friend after all." (Reus)
"I respect you, but to go against someone you have an eye for… what a fool. How am I supposed to make up for this?" (Albert)
"I don't need anything. Besides, I don't have to worry because Aniki and others are strong, but I'm more worried about Al." (Reus)
"Is that so… You worried more about me than your Shishou." (Albert)
He kept his hands on my shoulder and he looked into my eyes with gloomy eyes.
"I was in a really dangerous place. I didn't mean to give up of course, but I felt fear countless times… when thinking what if I die and leave Pamela." (Albert)
"But, everything is fine now, isn't it?" (Reus)
"Yes, I was saved because of you. The battle still continues, and I thought that I would tell you this when this is over, but… I won't be satisfied if I don't tell you this now. Reus… I was saved because of you. Thank you very much." (Albert)
The moment I heard the words, I felt something warm in my heart.
…That's right.
I was sorry when it came to Aniki and Nee-chan, but I didn't make a wrong choice.
"Uhm… sorry to say it on my own. But I thought that Aniue wanted to know." (Marina)
"There's no such thing. Thanks to you, I feel much better… thank you." (Reus)
"What are you saying? We only need to say thank you." (Albert)
As I was relieved by Al and Marina who finally returned to their usual conditions, I noticed a bunch of people riding horses were heading for us from far away.
"Albert-dono!" (??)
"That is… I'm glad, we are able to safely joining each other again." (Albert)
The lead of the group who was running while screaming Al's name was one of the men who escaped while Al was fighting alone.
That man was Romanio noble who seemed to be older than us, but he was friendly and easy to talk with. Al also told that he was reliable because of his outstanding ability with sword.
Although he was able to get away from the monsters with so many difficulties, he gathered his companion to return here because he was worried about Al. He seemed could be trusted.
And then, there were twenty people who stopped in front of Al, but they were stunned when watching the surroundings.
"This is… by all means, these much of monsters were really defeated." (??)
They became stiff when they looked at me and Marina… no, I understood why they were nervous.
Thinking about it… on top of being transformed, my body was red because of blood.
And since Marina was concentrating on creating illusions, she had three tails. If it was like the usual, she would have an illusion of one tail. And since these men were mostly Foxtailkin, it couldn't be helped if they were scared.
"Reus…" (Marina)
Marina tried to hide behind my back because of the unpleasant gazes, but I shook my head and stopped her.
"Don't worry about it. We came here to help Al, and we did great, you know." (Reus)
"Yeah… you're right. Yup, we're not bad people." (Marina)
Compared to the pain because of being hated by Aniki and Nee-chan, the eyes of the people who didn't know me didn't give the feeling of pain or itchy at all.
It seemed that Marina had calmed down when looking at how imposing I was, but Al, who was smiling until a while ago, sharpened his eyes.
"…I don't know the feelings of everyone, but these two here are my precious sister and friend! There is no need to be afraid!" (Albert)
"B-but…" (??)
"Or else, those who protect the town of Romanio, are you a weak person who are afraid of superstitions and appearance?" (Albert)
I wonder… if he was angry.
Which reminded me, this might be the first time I saw Al got angry.
"And, they are reassuring friends who fight against monsters together with us. Look around you. Most of the monsters killed here were defeated by Reus who has that greatsword." (Albert)
Accordingly, Al was sending a signal, so when I swung my partner…
"Ooh! To swing such a big sword easily…" (??)
"Say, isn't that has a reasonable weight?" (??)
"As expected, there is no mistake with that strength, huh?" (??)
Even though they were scared until a while ago, they suddenly giving the impression that they could rely on me.
No, they were led to think like that by Al. Since we were in this kind of situation, they felt relieved when they knew that there were strong allies.
"Reus, can you fight some more?" (Albert)
"Of course. You're not tired, Al?" (Reus)
"This is easier compare to Shishou's training. Is Marina…" (Albert)
"I still have enough mana left, Aniue!" (Marina)
After confirming our condition, Al heard the whole progress of the battle from the man who returned here because they were worried. Al, then, loudly shouted while stabbing his sword on the ground.
"We will push toward the right flank as it is, and we will swipe the monsters along the way!" (Albert)
If I wasn't mistaken, Pamela-san's brother was there, right?
When we turned toward that direction, it seemed the battle still continued on and a sound of fierce battle could be heard.
"Reus and I will lead the charge, and we will open the path! From that, everyone will suppress the overflowing monsters!" (Albert)
"Wait a second! What do you mean by defeating the monsters after that? It is fine for you to take a rest." (??)
"We have no problem! Plus, in order to end the battle as soon as possible, I want you all to fight along with us!" (Albert)
Most of them were older than us, but when they saw how splendid Al was, they nodded while admiring him.
Come to think of it… didn't Aniki say such a thing?
[Albert is probably good at commanding people.] (Sirius)
There were also times when I moved with a signal from Al, and as far as the reactions from those men, Al seemed to have the ability of a commander.
Thereupon, the man from before came out, and just like Al, he smiled while stabbing his sword on the ground.
"That's fine. I am alive because of Albert-dono. I will go along with you." (??)
"… Yeah. I wasn't sure for what purpose did we come here." (??)
"I will also fight." (??)
"Everyone… thank you very much!" (Albert)
Accordingly, swords were pierced on the ground one after another, and all of the men gladly nodded.
As the number of companion, they were supposed to form a formation headed by me and Al, but there were no horses for us to ride.
For that reason, we had couple of people riding together, and they secured horses for us to lead them, but…
"I don't need it because I will run by myself." (Reus)
"That's not good, Reus. Although we are not far from the next place, we should preserve stamina even a bit." (Albert)
"My sword is heavy, so the horse will collapsed, you know. Moreover, with this appearance, I won't get tired from running." (Reus)
Even though a horse could collapse, it seemed that the horse was scared of me and would not let me ride it.
Besides, I wanted to forget the guilt feeling for breaking the Oath even a bit, so I would work hard from now on.
I still had enough stamina, and I was convinced that I could easily even two hundred or three hundred monsters.
"Please also take care of me. And please listen to Aniue." (Marina)
"Marina… I got it. Reus, I entrust the lead to you." (Albert)
"Leave it to me." (Reus)
"Alright, let's go! We'll proceed to our companions!" (Albert)
In addition to being transformed and strengthened, I was able to run at the same speed as a horse because my legs were trained with weights on my back every day.
I could somehow hear the surprised voice of me from behind, but I just kept going straight in the direction Al was pointing.

After that, we ran toward the nearest fighting group, and pushed through monsters from the rear.
"Aniue, that group is overwhelmed!" (Marina)
"Aah! Let's attack from the rear at once!" (Albert)
"Got it. I'm going!" (Reus)
We assaulted the group of monsters like a lance and made a path. Subsequently, Al and other men who continued from behind were extending the path.
"People who almost reach their limit can go back to the town! Those who can still fight, do it with me and my friend!" (Albert)
After clearing up the monsters, Al shouted to the survivors and ran to the next group.
They were fools among them who thought Al was rude or trying to take over the helm, but with the power of Al and my glare, they backed off and returned to the town.
"Will that be alright, Albert-dono? Aren't they also war potentials?" (??)
"Although they can fight, you don't want to leave your back to those who give up fighting, right? Besides, our moral and fighting powers are good enough for now." (Albert)
"Haha, that's exactly it. Well then, which way will we head next?" (??)
"I will fight over there too! I will go ahead, Al!" (Reus)
"Alright, everyone, let's keep this up!" (Albert)
"""""Yes!""""" (??)
We kept running throughout the battlefield in that way, and when we noticed, our group had become a group with more than seventy people.
"I think we will see the central group soon, but…" (Albert)
"Aniue! Over there!" (Marina)
When we finally reached the central group, they were numerous war potentials had been gathered since the beginning because it was the point where monsters attacked the most.
Because of that, it didn't seem necessary for us to strike unlike how we pushed monsters for other groups.
"Apparently, there is no problem at the center. Alright, after merging the right flank–…" (Albert)
"It's dangerous, Al!" (Reus)
A small monster came flying while Al was trying to give instructions to his companions.
I reflexively knocked it down with my partner, but there was something strange. The monster wasn't trying to attack Al. It seemed that it was flying like a normal.
"You saved me, Reus. Where the heck it was coming from…" (Albert)
"!? Aniue, over there!" (Marina)
Marina pointed to the central group we confirmed earlier.
They were probably in a fierce battle. Many monsters were blown away here and there as if it was flying toward Al. But, not only monsters, there were also people being blew off when we closely looked.
"…What!?" (Al)
I had… an unpleasant feeling from over there.
"Al!" (Reus)
"Aah, let's go!" (Albert)
Al, who nodded according to my signal, called his companions and began preparing for an assault.
Meanwhile, I couldn't stop this unpleasant feeling, so I headed out earlier, and when I leaped over the heads of adventurers who were fighting monsters…
"Don't be careless by attacking the surrounding! Move away!" (??)
"Intermediate spells won't work!? Is there anyone who can use advanced spells?" (??)
"Give me time to cast spells— guhaa!?" (??)
We knocked down various monsters until we came here, but those monsters were as if forcibly thrown into our way…
"Reus! What the heck is–… wahh!?" (Albert)
"What is it? You mean this?" (Reus)
A monster that thought as if it was a living thing… was there.


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