Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 109

The Chosen Path

Several days after the attacks of the monster, I brought Hokuto and Emilia to a certain mansion in Romanio.
By the way, Reus went to the Adventurer Guild to do request alone. Reese and Fia were shopping at the town of Romanio and they were not here now.
"…It seems that you have come. You may investigate." (??)
"Well then, please excuse us." (Sirius)
This was the mansion of the noble who set the condition of Albert to defeat the Guirdjieff. The head of the family greeted with a weary expression.
We, then, asked him to bring use to the storehouse in the premise, and we were looking inside.
"How about it?" (??)
"It seems nothing but…" (Sirius)
"I don't remember anything about that person, not even appearance and voice but I can remember that it was a woman and she was using this storehouse." (??)
"Hmm… I will look some more." (Sirius)
What we were doing here was to find traces of the forgotten woman who deceived the noble in front of us.
Based on my assumption, I thought that she was the criminal who made the synthetic monster, Chimera, that could attract large amount of monsters, but she brainwashed many surrounding nobles and she used to deceived people.
Although it was alright to assume that the cause of the hordes was that woman, it was still my own assumption until the end. Since the source of Chimera that was likely to be the evidence was completely incinerated, there was no way to confirm that it was made by her.
Because of that reason, as an outbreak of the monster's mutation, the Chimera was brought to an end.
That woman was considered as criminal by the nobles in Romanio and Parade at once, so it would be rare for her to approach these places in same way.
Just to be sure, I explained my thought to Albert only, and advised him to be careful.
"The trace of magic formation… I guess it is impossible to find it." (Sirius)
"This looks like an ordinary storehouse." (Emilia)
Actually, I asked the Romanio's ruler through Albert, and I got permission to investigate for the traces of that woman.
There was an evidence that someone else started to investigate this matter, but I couldn't find anything suspicious. It was a lonely interior where there was only a luggage, that had been there from before, was brought to the corner of the room.
I didn't think that was a place where the Chimeras were made…
"…Woof!" (Hokuto)
"It is what Sirius-sama has said. It is difficult to understand because there are various smells mixed, but Hokuto said that there is a slight smell of blood remains." (Emilia)
I wasn't sure whether Hundred Wolves could perceive it because it was a breed of dogs, but it seemed unable to deceive the dog's sense of smell.
Of course, Emilia's and Reus' sense of smell were sharp, but apparently, they lose against the real deal.
Hokuto walked around while sniffing the smell as it was. He, then, stood in a corner of the storeroom and lightly barked.
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Uhmm… he said that this spot has the strongest smell of blood. I also can smell it a bit." (Emilia)
"Let me see…" (Sirius)
I touched the floor and used [Scan], but apparently, there was no space underneath.
There was only a reaction of soil and stone, but I felt that the soil was dig up. It seemed that it was recently buried even though the below ground existed from the beginning.
"But, if I dig it now…" (Sirius)
It was possible to dig up the below ground by using a magic stone, but not just soil mixed, the evidence would also disappear.
It was impossible to prove through science like in the previous life, and in the first place, I didn't believe that someone, who destroyed evidences, left a conspicuous evidence like magic formation. Therefore, I had no choice but to give up.
"How is it? Did you find anything?" (Emilia)
"No, not really. It's just that since this is suspicious, it might be better to crush this storehouse immediately." (Sirius)
"Hmm, that's the original plan then. I feel uneasy because they can't remember her up until this point. I will crush it once and for all, so they can build something else on top of it!" (Emilia)
After that, we departed from the nobles who made an expression as if he ate something bitter, and we returned to the mansion where Albert lived.

"Is that so? Anyhow, I will keep it mind if there is any suspicious existence." (Albert)
"I don't think that she will come again, but it's probably going to be fine for now. By the way… are you alright?" (Sirius)
I conveyed the result to Albert, and he was study how to be good ruler in his house or necessary knowledge for the next ruler.
Whether he had a developmental fever due to continuous study on numerous materials, he was heavily breathing, while falling down a desk buried with books and documents.
"No, since it is necessary from now on, I have to study even a little…" (Albert)
"Danna-sama. The tea is ready." (Pamela) (TLN: Danna can also be translated as husband.)
There seemed to be a maid and a butler in waiting when he became the head of the family, but apparently, his wife, Pamela, prepared tea for Albert.
As we received the tea since she was also preparing for us, Pamela also gave the tea to Marina who was buried in the books and documents similar like Albert.
"Thank you very much, Aneue." (Marina)
"It's not good to keep at this if you are tired, Marina. Come now, let's call your beloved Reus and take a break together." (Pamela)
"Aneue!? Reus and I are not like that… Be-besides, he went out on a guild's request!" (Marina)
What Marina had been studied was acquiring similar knowledge as Albert and they were studying negotiation skills. She seemed wanted to be a secretary dedicated to Reus in the future.
She was studying to become a fine woman who would support the lacking parts of Reus such as figuring out who would deceive him or somebody who wanted to make use of Reus' strength.
During the wedding ceremony between Albert and Pamela, she seemed decided to look after Reus who was having trouble being solicited by nobles.
After that, when we discussed about the future, I didn't think being a secretary was sufficient because they would be together. Noel's daughter, Noir, probably having similar thoughts.
When I noticed, it seemed that she started calling Reus by his name. I guessed that their relationship had considerably progressed.
And then, we drank together with Albert while he was taking a break.
Hokuto lie down at my feet while Emilia taught Pamela on how to make tea. In the meantime, whether Albert and Marina were mentally exhausted, they closed their eyes and let out a long breath while resting.
Since I was bored, I picked up the document that was nearby.
"Managing past income and expenditure… you're studying a lot, huh." (Sirius)
I tried reading it for a while, and I noticed a couple of things along the way.
It was probably good to acquire necessary abilities as a ruler by reading the past report, but there were many parts concerned when I read it.
Since my previous partner was a commander of the organization, I was extremely familiar with managing as leaders. I learned couple of things while working together with my partner, so I noticed insufficient and out of place portions.
Albert and Marina, who tried to drink tea, noticed that I was reading and they were making difficult faces.
"Shishou? Is there something wrong?" (Albert)
"…I am a bit concerned about some parts in this. Will it be alright if I talk about this matter?" (Sirius)
Since I was looking at the documents that the siblings learning together, I tried to give a supplementary explanation.
I told them about different approaches of grasping people's heart, how to guide their mind and more efficient calculation method. And then, I taught few ways of negotiation to Marina since she needed that the most.
"There is also a way to catch those people who manipulate behind the scenes in one go, and also to anticipate your opponent's next move by feelings. That is with an assumption of knowing the information and the strength of the opponent." (Sirius)
Ultimately, I talked about tactics as a leader or commanding officer, and the siblings were attentively nodding while listening.
Although I had explained until this far, I felt like the break wasn't a break anymore.
"Well… I was suddenly thinking about these anyway. More importantly, I have finished talking what I wanted to talk, so why don't both of you take a break?" (Sirius)
"I'm fine because it's not a burden if I'm just listening." (Albert)
"Me too. I will study a lot about Sirius-san's explanation." (Marina)
"Besides… Shishou is going to leave soon, right? Therefore, I want to learn even a bit." (Albert)
Looking at the laughing Albert who seemed a bit lonely, it seemed that Marina and Pamela also remembered that. Especially Marina who was visibly depressed. It was because when we were not there, Reus would also be the same.
She probably depressed like a lover being separated.
As silence surrounded the room, Pamela gently clapped to change the mood, and opened her mouth.
"Uhmm… Sirius-sama. Have you decided when will you leave?" (Pamela)
"Well… I'm planning to leave in two or three days later." (Sirius)
"If you don't mind, could you teach us various things tomorrow?" (Pamela)
"Stop it, Pamela. "Shishou is also busy preparing for the trip, so asking him to teach us is…" (Albert)
Since the next destination was a little far away and resupplying was difficult, we were going to buy necessary supplies until the day after tomorrow, and I planned to built something like a storage for the purpose of preservation.
However, other people also could make the storage, so there was no problem to teach them in between. Besides, that was my original plan.
"No, I don't mind. I will go back because I have work today, but I'll show my face here tomorrow morning." (Sirius)
"Shishou… thank you very much." (Albert)
"Thank you. How would you like to be paid?" (Pamela)
"Payment… is it?" (Sirius)
Since we had a track record of contributing to battle like how Reus and I defeated the Chimeras which seemed to have caused much sacrifices, we received payments from both Parade and Romanio towns.
I didn't mind to teach them for free, but they probably wouldn't agree.
When I was considering other matters, the sound of the door of the room being knocked sounded, and a maid's voiced could be heard in the mansion.
"Ojou-sama. Reus-sama has come." (Maid)
"Alright, please let him in." (Pamela)
"!?" (Marina)
Knowing that Reus had came, Marina's fox ears and three tails tensely stood up, and she started arranging her messed hair with a comb.
As I was instinctively smiling at her very understandable appearance, the door was opened and Reus came into the room.
"Excuse me–… Eh, Aniki? Why are you here?" (Reus)
"Aah, I am reporting after finishing the investigation in this morning. How about you?" (Sirius)
"I have a business with Marina. Al, can I borrow Marina for a moment?" (Reus)
"I don't mind that, but…" (Albert)
While Albert inclined his neck, Reus walked in front of Marina and put up a smile.
"How are you, Marina?" (Reus)
"Uh, uhmm… I probably can't say much because I just started. An-anyway, what kind of business you have with me?" (Marina)
"Actually, I have something that I want to give you, but can you show me your hand?" (Reus)
"…Like this?" (Marina)
Marina had a reddened face while slightly looking away, and she took out her right hand when she heard Reus.
After confirming that, Reus took out a pendant with beautiful decoration from his pocket, and put it on Marina's hand.
"Eh? This is… could it be…" (Marina)
"Yesterday, I was looking for something to give to you in the town. I asked people in a store and they said that this stone is something that you give to your love one." (Reus)
It was a mass of crystals produced by monsters that lived only in certain part of the Deine Lake. It was a red shining stone resembling a ruby.
Since the monster was small and quick and its number was few, it was very difficult to catch or to knock it down.
When I thought about it, was that the reason why he left for the Adventurer Guild alone early in the morning?
"It was difficult because it got into the water, but I somehow managed to complete the request. So, I got the stone instead of the reward. I received this pendant along the way when I came here, and I want to give it to you, Marina." (Reus)
"B-but, this is…" (Marina)
"Isn't natural to give things to someone you like? So, please accept it." (Reus)
Reus had his usual smiling face, but Marina was looking downward with reddened face.
Although it was a gift from a lover, why was she blushing that much? As I tilted my neck while wondering about it, Albert whispered to me the reason.
Apparently, this stone wasn't only a gift for a lover, but it was sometimes given as a proposal in Romanio and Parade.
And Reus probably did… not know about it
Well, if I told Reus about it now, he would probably accept it, so let's not speak about it for the time being.
Marina was stroking the stone for a while looking downward, but when she raised her face, she was a full of smile and she held the pendant with both hands.
"Yeah… thanks." (Marina)
"Since I told the length of the string roughly, please try on a bit." (Reus)
"You're right. Yes… it looks alright. Does it suit me?" (Marina)
"Yeah, red color looks good on you, Marina!" (Reus)
While wagging the three tails at the same time, she kept shyly smiling.
Hmmm… for Reus, who wasn't interested in women, to do this much was…
"…I have decided the payment." (Sirius)
"Aah… Sorry about that. Indeed, we were still in the middle of talk. Is there something that you want?" (Albert)
"When I come to this town next time, will you accept Marina to be Reus' wife? Of course, you need to get each other's consent." (Sirius)
"Oh my, that is great. Danna-sama is also alright with that, isn't it?" (Pamela)
"Aah… I don't mind." (Albert)
If we were talking about this, there might be a retort from Marina, but it seemed that she didn't hear us because she was too absorbed with Reus' present.
It was done with a simple promise without firm consideration, and we were now watching them smiling at each other.

After that, we left the mansion in order not to get in the way of the siblings who resumed studying again after finishing the break.
On our way back to the inn, Emilia and I were looking at Reus' back and he was walking in a good mood. We looked at each other and naturally put up smiles.
"He has mentally grown as a man." (Sirius)
"Yes. As an older sister, I am glad that boy's worries had reduced by one." (Emilia)
"What are you guys saying?" (Reus)
"What is it? I just thought that Reus also had grown up too." (Sirius)
"Really!? Hehe, yeay." (Reus)
"By the way, Reus. It's good to give that to Marina, but what are you going to do with Noir?" (Emilia)
Reus probably would feel troubled if we said so because we were already in a distant place, but he took out the same pendant that he gave to Marina while keeping his smile.
"Look, I also prepare it for Noir. She is still a child, but I want to give this to her because she is important." (Reus)
"Uhh… Sirius-sama. This child… this child has really grown up…" (Emilia)
"It's alright, I understand your feelings well, Emilia. By the way, Reus. How do you want to give that pendant to Noir? She is in Melifest." (Sirius)
"…What should I do?" (Reus)
I wouldn't return to Melifest Continent yet.
I also wouldn't go back at least one year or more, so even if it was sent as a package, Noel's hometown was still far away. Without a trusty deliverer, it could be stolen or lost along the way.
Normally, he would carry that pendant all the time until he met Noir again, but…
"Well, in respond to your manly spirit, shall I share you my wisdom? Write a letter to Noir by tomorrow. Although I can't say it for certain, it may be possible to deliver it to Noir." (Sirius)
"Ooh, got it, Aniki! In that case, I also have to write to Noel-ane and Dee-ani!" (Reus)
"I will also write letters. If they know Reus is giving a present, Onee-chan will be surprised too." (Emilia)
In this world, the Galgan Company is the one that I believed most in the means of delivering packages.
That Galgan Company was trying to establish its presence in this continent just before the incident of Mira's Doctrine.
In fact, Gadd brought Chris for business purpose to a nearest town to the Mira's Doctrine town, Fonia. There was where Chris met Mira's Doctrine Saintess, Ashley.
In other words, there was a high possibility that the Galgan Company had reached Fonia.
Therefore, once the package was sent to Fonia, I would ask Chris to hand it over to the Galgan Company.
It took a couple of days from Fonia to Romanio if we slowly travel on the main road, but…
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
If Hokuto ran with full power, it would be possible to make a round trip in half a day.
It shouldn't be difficult if he went straight and jumped over rivers or mountains.
"Anyhow, will you go there?" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Thank you. I will brush you plenty today." (Sirius)
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
It was probably difficult to explain this matter to Hokuto, but he barked as if telling me that he wanted to immediately depart.
If the Galgan Company wasn't there yet, it was probably not nice for him, but it was fine to bring the package back. Since Hokuto was smart, he could understand it.
As the siblings were really excited with the contents of letter to send, we went back to the inn while I stroke Hokuto's head that was rubbing against me.

After that, we prepared for the trip while giving lesson to Albert and Marina. A few days later… it was the time for us to set off.
The destination was on the opposite site of Romanio. Therefore we were gathering at the entrance of Parade.
Albert, who was supposed to be busy, also came to see us off. He shook hands with Reus while seemingly regret of the parting.
"Reus, I'm really grateful that I meet you." (Albert)
"Me too. Although it may be hard to be the ruler of the town, do your best!" (Reus)
Our farewell was too short because we had been talking to each other until that day.
They exchanged a powerful handshake to reconfirm their mutual friendship.
"Thank you for everything. I will not waste the knowledge I learned from everyone." (Pamela)
"Yes, please be happy together with Albert." (Reese)
"The most necessary thing when making tea is the affection. Pamela-san is good enough, but don't forget to work hard." (Emilia)
"Everyone will be happy if we have children, and that is same to you all, you know." (Pamela)
Since they were talking with each other among the ladies, it would be difficult for a man to get in between.
As I watched over them with a wry smile, Albert, who finished his farewell with Reus, came to me for a handshake, so I responded to him.
I thought almost everything I could teach him, and there was nothing much I could tell.
"Never forget your conviction, alright." (Sirius)
"…Yes! Shishou also, please take care. We'll be waiting for you to visit Romanio again together with Marina!" (Albert)
And then, the main part of this, Marina, stiffly stood in front of Reus. It seemed that she was at a lost as to what to say.
Reus probably should say something at this time, but he was scratching his head. Apparently, he was also lost of what to say due to lack of experience.
"Aah… uhmm.. Marina too… take care." (Reus)
"Yeah. Reus too… please take care." (Marina)
The surrounding gazes gathered when I noticed it, but the two were concentrating to such extent that they didn't realized at all.
It wasn't as close as Noel and Dee, but it seemed that these two were also in the world of their own.
"Fuh… that's not good. As expected, when it is with you, rather than talking, it's better to go with an action." (Marina)
After letting out a long breath once, Marina jumped into Reus' bosom and bit his shoulder.
Of course, it was light biting. Leaving a light mark on his shoulder, Marina separated from him. And then, she whispered at Reus' ear while hugging to hide the embarrassment.
"With this, you understand… what I wanted to say, right?" (Marina)
"Yeah, I got it. I don't know what to say, but anyway, I'm really happy." (Reus)
"I'm glad. I will become stronger in order to support you. Be sure to come and pick me up." (Marina)
"Yeah, I will come and meet you someday." (Reus)
"Y-you must! Don't make me wait long– oouchh!? Wa-wait! You're biting too strong!" (Marina)
I knew that the stronger the biting, the stronger the affection, but… it was Reus who didn't stop until the last minute.

As we left Parade, we were on the carriage and on the main road.
Whether Reus was wondering what to expect today, he didn't doing run and just sat behind carriage while idly looking in the direction of Parade.
"…Reus. Are you alright?" (Emilia)
"Sorry for making you worry." (Reus)
"Saying goodbye to a lover and friends is sad after all." (Emilia)
"Is that so? Is this a loneliness felt because of parting with lover or friends? It's different from Noel-ane and Dee-ani though…" (Reus)
Reus, then, looked up at the sky and closed his eyes.
'He probably think of a lot of things, and yet, he chose to come with us. No matter how lonely you become, you must walked on the road you have chosen.'
"But, I am not going to be away forever from Marina and Albert. I can see them if I want to. More importantly, I have a goal to catch up with Aniki. This is not time to feel depressed." (Reus)
'Uhmm, that's exactly who you are, Reus.'
Reus, who recovered after finding the answer on his own, jumped out of the carriage and started his usual training.
"Aniki! I will scout ahead for a bit!" (Reus)
As Reus fully displayed an abundance of stamina, Emilia sighed while watching the back of him running away from the carriage.
"Goodness… he made me worried. I would like him to calm down a little more." (Emilia)
"That is probably one of his strong points. It's going to be a straight road for a while, so we shall let him do what he wants today." (Sirius)
Since Reus and Hokuto knew each other's position by smell, it wasn't necessary to chase after him in a hurry.
After that, we leisurely rode the carriage, and when we looked at the direction we were headed for, it was slightly higher elevation where vast and all green covered forest spread.
If one didn't carefully observe, it might feel like an extensive forest that extended far beyond the horizon.
"Haaa… it's amazing. This is my first time seeing such a vast forest." (Emilia)
"Is Fia-san's hometown in the depth of this forest?" (Reese)
"Yeah. I flew away in order to escape from this, but as I expected, I feel relieved when looking at the forest." (Fia)
Our next destination was beyond this forest where Elves lived, and… it was Fia's hometown.
"You see, Sirius. Are you fine with this? Since I ran away, I don't think that I can enter the elves' village, you know?" (Fia)
"It's alright. Aren't you worried about your family?" (Sirius)
If we approach the village and asked the Spirits, she should be able to confirm whether her family was safe or not.
Besides, I might be able to meet with Fia's parents.
There was a possibility of being hated because I was a human, and I wasn't sure if I could meet them in the first place, but at least I should greet them as her lover.
"Aniki–! Why are you stopping?" (Reus)
"Well… Reus is also tired of waiting, so shall we go faster, Hokuto?" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
And our journey continued…

Hokuto – The White Dog Express Home Delivery (TLN: It is Takkyubin. Just replace the logo with white dog.)
The delivery service by Hokuto.
Without any difficulties, he would not let customers waited due to the delivery through the sky, sea and land at ultra high speed.
Since the charge depended on the hour of brushing, it didn't cost money. Hence, the service was very reasonable.
※1st Drawback
Since he would dearly miss his Master if they were separated for more than one day, the limit of the distance must be within a day of return trip.
※2nd Drawback
Sirius was the only one who could use the service.


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