Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 163

Chapter 163 No Escape
The first time I noticed that was the morning when Fia had a hangover. After having breakfast, I used a thorough [Search] on Fia’s body when we were left alone, and it turned out that she was pregnant.
[…No alcohol for a while.] (Sirius)
[Eh! My body does feel sluggish, but that is too much–…] (Fia)
[This body is not for you alone anymore. You have to refrain from burdening your body, alright.] (Sirius)
[That mean… aah!?] (Fia)
She probably noticed from those words and my eyes. Then, I tenderly hugged Fia who was touching her tummy.
[Congratulations. You finally did it.] (Sirius)
[Hehe, I thought that I needed more time, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon. Thank you.] (Fia)
I could understand the feeling of Dee who was pleased and held Noel as he knew that she was pregnant. Since I couldn’t put burden on Fia who wasn’t in a regular condition, I tenderly hugged Fia to convey my feelings.
After staying with Fia for a while, I was planning to inform the pregnancy to everyone, but she said she wanted to hold the news. Anyway, there was also suggestion to assemble with Princess Lifell and others in the evening and inform them, even though, I was asked to assassinate General Fort by Zilard… no, Lambda. It was dubious, but I thought of not getting involved by considering that this was a matter of another country, but I couldn’t stay silent if we were involved. So, I explained the circumstances only to Fia, and I was pretending to abide to Lambda, but… to be honest, I was pretty disturbed when I was told that Fia was taken as a hostage.
In the previous life, I brought up a child whom I took custody, but this was my first time to become a real father. Although I didn’t think that the poison tainted with Lambda’s blood would affect her because of the sacred tree protection, I couldn’t rest assured until I was told by Shishou that there was no problem.
Thus, if I couldn’t calm myself down without Emilia’s lap pillow, I might make a fatal mistake. I was helped Emilia’s wit as a disciple and more importantly, as a wife.
After finishing the explanation so far, Emilia and Reese approached Fia with a gentle smile.
“Aah… It’s Sirius-sama’s child! Congratulations, Fia-san!” (Emilia)
“Congratulations! May I touch your tummy?” (Reese)
“It’s still too early to see the changes, you know?” (Fia)
“Me too. I understand that it is still early, but I just want to touch…” (Lifell)
“Hehe, it’s alright. While you are at it, please send us your spirit so that this child grows healthy.” (Fia)
Fia usually stood in the position of an older sister, and she always treated Emilia and Reese in that way, but now, her kindness reminded me of a mother. This might be because the awareness as a mother was beginning to emerge early. While the two touched Fia’s tummy with excited voices, I noticed Reus, who was sitting in a nearby chair, was wagging his tail as if something went wrong.
“Could it Reus wanted to touch the tummy too?” (Sirius)
“Aah… yes. But, it’s not good for a man like me to touch, right?” (Reus)
“You are my brother-in-law, so you don’t have to hold back. Come, send me your spirit.” (Fia)
“…Ouh! Hehe, if you are Aniki’s and Fia-ane’s child, you’ll grow to be a strong child!” (Reus)
Reus was touching Fia’s tummy with a big smile probably because he was happy that there was a new family member. Immediately after the disciples, Princess Lifell came to congratulate.
“Goodness, you have it earlier than Reese. I don’t want to be called Obaa-chan when I’m at this age, so I should educate the child to call me Onee-san.” (Lifell)
“Nee-sama. Shouldn’t you congratulate here?” (Reese)
“I never have a child, but I have experience bringing up a child. If you are fine with me, please consult as much as you want.” (Lifell)
Despite of what Princess Lifell said, she was smiling and giving blessing from the heart. We had been exhausted for several days because of the matter with Lambda, but this was good news to everyone. I thought that we were going to discuss the name, but then, Fia tapped Emilia’s and Reese’s shoulders with a smile.
“I’ve been waiting for quite a bit, but next is your turn.” (Fia)
“I want to say yes to that, but I think I’ll wait a bit more.” (Emilia)
“Really? Don’t wait too long, alright?” (Fia)
“It would be burdensome if our child born at the same time, and I think it is not too long until we see Fia-san’s baby. Besides, if it’s having baby with Sirius-sama, I am confidence that I will be granted immediately.” (Emilia)
How should I say about this… she was pretty confident?
I didn’t know where that confidence came from, but it was strange that it seemed natural for Emilia. Unlike Emilia who answered without faltering, Reese had glittering eyes like a dreaming lady while her cheeks reddened.
“I don’t mind going slow… I think? I can’t imagine being a mother, but babies are cute.” (Reese)
“It’s frustrating if my younger sister is ahead of me, but I’m also looking forward to see Reese’s child. Tou-san will be happy and he will cry even in the public.” (Lifell)
Reese’s father… Cardeas adored her daughter way too much. If Reese got pregnant, it seemed that he would cry and forgot the dignity as a king. But first off, I was thinking of holding back when it came to marriage because of the disturbance. Anyway, Reus, who had been watching the outside of the window, noticed something and raised his voice.
“Say, Aniki. Will it be alright to let Karen stays with Hokuto-san as it is?” (Reus)
“There’s a castle conference later. So, I plan to fetch her later when it was over, but she–… hmm?” (Sirius)
When I searched for Karen’s position while thinking that she was still sleeping, I noticed that she was moving even though she was supposed to be sleeping in our carriage. I though she should be safe since Hokuto was nearby, but that position…
“Sirius-sama, is there something?” (Emilia)
“No, it seems Karen and Hokuto aren’t nearby to the carriage. That place is… the hut where the flying dragons reared by Lambda.” (Sirius)
“Isn’t it bad?” (Emilia)
“Hokuto would make a noise if it is dangerous, but since he doesn’t do that, I don’t think there’s anything happening, but…” (Sirius)
“Senia, can you hear anything?” (Lifell)
“…I’m not sure the detail, but I could hear someone yelling around that area.” (Senia)
After listening to the report of Senia who was superior in hearing, I used [Search] again, and I noticed Karen and Hokuto were confronting multiple reactions. Even if it wasn’t a dangerous situation, it seemed better to go to see the situation immediately.
“Reese and Reus stay with Fia. Emilia, come with me.” (Sirius)
“Yes, I’m coming.” (Emilia)
“You can leave Fia-ane to me.” (Reus)
“Take care of Karen, please.” (Reese)
”I don’t think I’m feeling exhausted. But please be careful.” (Fia)
After telling them to contact me through [Call] magic tool if anything happened, I took Emilia and left the room.

I was worried about Karen, but it wasn’t very good for us as a guest to walk around the castle without permission at the moment. However, it seemed that they didn’t have time to mind us because the inside of the castle was busy as countless plants grew outside and some parts of the castle were destroyed.
Just to be sure, Emilia and I moved in a way that we weren’t meeting with other people. Then, we arrived at the hut where the dragons were kept. It was also the place where Karen’s reaction was found. This was where I met Luca who became our enemy.
“She was sleeping, so why did she come to this place?” (Emilia)
“Sometimes, that girl acts on impulse. In this case, the main cause was the disturbance by Lambda.” (Sirius)
Since the destructive sounds happened because of Lambda and the dragons echoed throughout the castle, it wouldn’t be weird if Karen woke up. As Karen, who concerned about the safety of the dragons, woke up, she probably talked to Hokuto and headed to the hut. It was a possible conduct of a child who grew up together with dragons.
However, as all dragons kept in the hut were taken away by the Dragonkin, Luca, there shouldn’t be even a single dragon remaining. Furthermore, the dragons looked like flying through the ceiling of the hut. Therefore, what came into our view when we reached the destination was a hut that was completely collapsed. Karen and Hokuto were in front of that collapsed hut.
“Don’t! I will not forgive you if you come closer!” (Karen)
“Eei, what a hindrance! Oi, get rid of this girl quick!” (??)
“Muhh, don’t ask unreasonably!” (??)
“We can somehow manage this monster, but…” (??)
“…Woof.” (Hokuto)
In front of Hokuto and Karen, there was a noble who served the castle and two soldiers. For some reason, the mood was threatening, but from the appearance of Hokuto leisurely sitting next to Karen, there seemed to be no harm. Anyhow, what concerned me most was Karen’s behavior. Although she was a curious and timid girl, she spread her hands widely and looked firmly at the other side, the arrogant noble.
When we came closer while wondering why she looked desperate which rarely seen, Hokuto lightly barked to tell our presence.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Hii!? Damn it, if this monster is not–… hmm? Who are you?” (Noble)
“I am the guardian of this girl and the master of this Beast Companion. I’m sorry, can you explain what is going on?” (Sirius)
“These people are trying to bully Hina-chan!” (Karen)
Before the noble answered, Karen shouted like a cat intimidated with stood hair. Hina… that was the name of the girl who took care of dragons together with Luca. As I remembered that and looked at where Karen was looking, there was a girl, Hina, who was hugging something with frightened eyes.
“You guys over there, do whatever you want and bring that girl and the beast companion away quickly!” (Noble)
“We will do that of course, but what are you going to do with the girl at the back?” (Sirius)
“You know that already. She is a companion to those who cause disturbance this time, so it is decided to catch her since she is a criminal!” (Noble)
Whatever the circumstances, it was necessary to listen to the story even if the girl had been involved with Lambda and others. I could understand why they wanted to secure Hina, but… there was something strange with that noble. While thinking so, Emilia came closer to Karen. Therefore, I stood before the noble in order to protect them.
“That girl is a girl hired from the town, so I think she only looks after the dragons without knowing anything. Isn’t too soon to think her that she is a criminal?” (Sirius)
“You don’t know because you never heard of it. Even if she is a child, she is holding a dragon, you know? It’s obvious to catch her before she goes on rampage!” (Noble)
“If it’s that dragon, my beast companion can suppress it. You know, I think you can’t get sufficient evidence if you interrogate that scared child. How about this, my girl and that girl are friends, so if you give us time–…” (Sirius)
“Shut up! Outsider like you shouldn’t open your mouth and get in our way! If you don’t stop this, you will also be charged with treason!” (Noble)
Although that noble was correct, it was conspicuous that he tried to rush things. I supposed this noble was an important person of the castle or a person with a certain rank from his appearance and haughty attitude, but to begin with, why was he in such a place?
“Understood. We will withdraw immediately, but before that, I have one question. I heard that an emergency conference was being held in the castle now, but would it be alright if you don’t join it?” (Sirius)
“That’s why I’ve planned to bring the companion of that man into that conference. But I’ve been obstructed by this girl and the monster there.” (Noble)
“That means you are visiting this place before going to the conference room… yes?” (Sirius)
I would understand if he told that he was asked to come here. However, he said that he came here ahead of the conference room. Even though he knew how dangerous the dragon was, it was suspicious by the time he brought soldiers. Then, why he came here, but… the noble’s eyes were directed to Hina… rather, he was looking at the dragon that the girl embraced.
There were quite a few people wanting a dragon, so the possibility of this noble aiming for the dragon rather than Hina was high. Let alone delaying from going to an important conference, he slipped into a confuse situation to get what he wanted. This person was extremely devoted to the desire. I supposed his irritation had reached its limit as I continued asking questions when he ordered the soldiers to draw swords.
“That’s it. I don’t have time to deal with you people! Oi, catch them–…” (Noble)
“Stop it!” (??)
The soldiers were confused but still had a sword in hands. However, they stopped moving because of the loud voice which was like a rumbling sound coming from behind them. When they turned around, there was a big size man came closer while unleashing a tremendous sense of intimidation. He had a larger body than Reus. His hair was beautifully shaved together with the eyebrows and beard, but I knew who he was.
“That voice is coming from you, huh!? Don’t you know who I am–…” (Noble)
“It seems you don’t know me. You can’t judge opponents only by their look. Are you really serving the king?” (??)
“Hmm… no-no way!?” (Noble)
Yes… his appearance had completely changed, but he was General Fort who I made to sleep several hours ago while pretending that I killed him. I did it to make a fake head, but I felt guilty for shaving every hair on his head. Fort, who had a truly refreshing face, stood before the noble who couldn’t hid a sullen expression. The haughty attitude earlier had disappeared as if it didn’t exist, and the noble seemed to completely yield to the pressure.
“So, why are you here? Everyone should have been informed that an urgent conference is being held.” (Fort)
“That is… you are also the same! What are you doing here!?” (Noble)
“I came to invite the guests who saved Julia-sama. Leave them to me. You should go to the conference room immediately.” (Fort)
“No… I…” (Noble)
“If you think that there is something more important than the affair of the castle, I would like you to tell me.” (Fort)
Fort probably heard our conversation. The noble couldn’t say anything back to Fort. He escaped from that spot with the soldiers. Although the hindrance had gone, it was still early to feel relief. I guessed he had heard the circumstances if he came after meeting with Julia, but even though it was an act, I tried to take away his life. As I quietly increased vigilance since it wasn’t amusing if Fort wanted to get revenge, he looked down at me with unsparing look.
“As I said earlier… Julia-sama is calling for you. Let me accompany you to the conference room.” (Fort)
“I don’t mind that, but can you give me a bit time?” (Sirius)
When I looked at Karen wiping Hina’s tears away with the handkerchief given by Emilia, Fort seemed to have guessed what I wanted to say. However, it was doubtful whether he allowed it or not.
“That girl is certainly… involved with those people, right?” (Fort)
“Yes. However, it seems that she doesn’t hold any important information from the point of being left out by Lambda. Leaving that aside, that girl is completely frightened. It may be possible to listen to her story if she is calmed down by my kid, so can you leave her to us?” (Sirius)
“…If that’s the case, I will entrust the girl to you guys. Report to me once you get any information.” (Fort)
Together with that unexpected reply, I noticed that the intimidation felt from Fort had disappeared.
“You guys have no relation with Sandor, and yet you do all these for the sake of Julia-sama and others. Besides, I can’t ignore that when Julia-sama trusts you so much.” (Fort)
“If I didn’t do well, I might have taken your life though. Plus, your hair and beard…” (Sirius)
“Everything happened because I was weak. As I am still alive, I have no problem with my hair if you expelled those traitors. I regret that I couldn’t solve it with my hands, but if you are that concern…” (Fort)
As we talked until this far, Fort looked straight at me while smiling.
“Once the situation stabilizes, I want to fight you again. I will not lose this time.” (Fort)
“…It would be my pleasure. But before that, I would like you to fight our Reus.” (Sirius)
“Fine. I am looking forward to stop his sword with my shield.” (Fort)
No matter how unsparing this man was, he was a warrior. Nevertheless, he shouldn’t be able to move after taking a medicine that wouldn’t let him move for half a day even after receiving Reese’s treatment, but it was amazing that he had already walked around. Since he was the same kind of that battle maniac old man, he seemed to be stopping Reus sword from the front.
At any rate, he didn’t intend to stop us, so I bent down a knee in front of Karen, and met her eyes. I wonder if she was aware that she acted at her own convenience. She looked at us anxiously, but I gently smiled and put my hand on her head.
“Did they do anything bad to you?” (Sirius)
“…No. They were angry, but they didn’t do anything.” (Karen)
“I see. I guess that’s because Hokuto was there. I would like to ask a lot, but since you won’t feel calm here, let’s go back to our room. Of course, we’ll go together with your friend.” (Sirius)
“Are you sure?” (Karen)
“Yes. Please stay by Hina-chan’s side.” (Sirius)
“Yeah!” (Karen)
I decided this arbitrarily, but it seemed that Fort was fine with it since he didn’t say anything. On the contrary, Hina was trembling while holding the little dragon, but when Karen, who had a big smile on her face, reached out to her, she grasped her hand nervously.
“I’ll return to my room at once and leave this girl to my companions. Will that be alright with you?” (Sirius)
“In that case, let me go with you. I have a bit of situation there.” (Fort)
There was no harm in that, and since it was better to let him knew about us, there was no reason to refuse him to accompany us. When I asked whether it was fine for Hokuto to come back with us, he allowed it. Then, we returned to the room with Fort.

Everyone was wondering when we returned with more people than expected, but they let out a breath of relief since Karen came back safely.
“It seems… to be no injury. Karen, it’s no good to act on your own.” (Fia)
“I’m sorry.” (Karen)
“Now, now, she is reflecting, so let’s stop that. By the way… who is this girl?” (Lifell)
“She is my friend, Hina-chan.” (Karen)
“…” (Hina)
There was Hina pulled by Karen’s hand, but she hid behind Karen when she was looked by Reese, Princess Lifell and the rest. In addition to the current state of anxiety, I supposed that was a natural reaction since there were strangers around her. By the way, the little dragon didn’t groan and was timid might be because it was afraid by Hokuto.
First of all, Emilia prepared tea to help calm Hina. In the meantime, Fia, who was sitting on the bed, called me, so I went to her.
“…I don’t think this matter relates too much to that girl, but is it fine to bring that her?” (Fia)
“Yes. She doesn’t seem to be set up with something by Lambda, and since Karen, who is sensitive towards malice, approves her, I think there is no danger. Even so, I have to attend a conference, so please overlook the situation and please tell me anything.” (Sirius)
“Yes, I got it. Please leave it to me.” (Fia)
I considered the possibility of Lambda leaving her here to be a spy, but when I scanned the little dragon and Hina while on our way back to this room, I didn’t get any strange reaction. At least, there was no reason to treat her as an enemy at the present time. However, it was true that there were still many mysteries, so I would like them to calm down and listen to lots of things through Karen. On the other hand, Fort, who came with us, entered the room and was talking to Reus.
“Eh? Should I also attend the conference?” (Reus)
“Yes. I would like you to attend together with Sirius-dono.” (Fort)
“Do I really have to go? I need to protect Nee-chans, you know.” (Reus)
“In that case, I’ll give permission to let the Hundred Wolves into the room. In addition, I will ask trustworthy men to stay near the room.” (Fort)
“Yeah… If Hokuto-san is here, it will be fine, right?” (Reus)
Reus directed his eyes at me, but since it would be a perfect protection if there was Hokuto, I nodded to tell him that there was no problem. Then, Fort, who nodded after I gave permission, opened the door of the room and looked back at us.
“Shall we? I wasn’t told to be hurry, but I can’t let Julia-sama waiting too long.” (Fort)
“Aah, wait a minute. There is one place I would like to go before going to the conference room…” (Sirius)
Fort made an astonished expression at my words. When I explained the reason, he instantly allowed me.

After that, we went to the conference room, and the inside was turned into a chaotic place where anger and bewilderment were intertwined. There were important peoples of the castle mixed with military officials and civil servants. From the situation, I supposed the rough explanation of this incident was over.
Julia was sitting on the chief seat of the huge table in the conference room. She raised her voice to calm the people with serious look, but Sanger, who sat next to her, looked down without doing anything. Lastly, I noticed that the younger brother of those two, Ashley weren’t there.
I was thinking whether it should be alright not to attend this important conference as a royalty, but in Ashley’s case, it was like everyday occurrence. Therefore, everyone was like giving up since things wouldn’t change whether he was here or not. In fact, no one cared that Ashley wasn’t here.
Now, I was wondering whether the outrage would be further increased because of me and Reus, but it was quiet on the contrary due to the glare of Fort who came in after us. There was also the sense of intimidation, but these people were probably surprised because of his appearance had changed a lot.
“Julia-sama. I’ve brought them.” (Fort)
“So, you have come. Well then, Sirius-dono and Reus can sit there.” (Julia)
The seats that Julia pointed were seats beside the chief seat. It was a position where it was impossible for guests to sit down. However, no one was sitting on the designated seats. I looked at the room once again and got a seat alongside Reus. The number of important people gathered in this conference room was roughly thirty people. More than half of them pointing their anger and doubtful eyes toward us sitting on the seats, but it were quickly diverted by the glare of Reus and Fort.
It was unpleasant to be directed with such irritating gazes, so I was glad that my wives weren’t here. Lastly, Fort took place behind Julia. After that, one of the important people opened his mouth while staring at us.
“Julia-sama. As you have explained earlier, are they those people?” (??)
“Yes. They are the benefactors who uncovered the scheme of Zilard… no, Lambda, who manipulated from behind the scenes, as a rebel of this country. It’s because of them, we could avoid worst consequences.” (Julia)
“…Is that true?” (??)
“However… They probably expelled Zilard-dono by using despicable means to obtain favor from Sanger-sama.” (??)
“Hmm. I don’t think Zilard will do such a thing.” (??)
“Are you saying that you believe these unknown adventurers than our heroes?” (??)
Well, those were expected reactions. I was aware that we were suspicious, but since they weren’t watching Lambda’s treachery except Julia and Sanger, it was inevitable for them to think so. However, since it was mentioned by the descendants of the king who govern this country, it should be fine if they knew the sense of crisis for a bit. Nevertheless, based on the retorts and immediate denials by most of the important people, the poison of corruption which was slowly permeated by Lambda seemed worse than imagined.
Those people said that we should be convicted in the end, but Julia raised her voice in a manner to overturn the heckling.
“They aren’t such people! If Sirius-dono is the enemy, we already been under his control.” (Julia)
“That’s funny. With just one or two adventurers–…” (??)
“Do you know that he defeated the strongest man in the country, Fort, and shaved his hair and beard?” (Julia)
The real person was in front of them. Since the person himself kept silent without denying, it looked pretty convincing. In order to press for answers, Julia turned her palm toward me and Reus while showing a fearless smile.
“If you say that Sirius-dono set up those heroes, then, he is smarter than Zilard, and he has the strength to make Hirgan withdraws. I’ve known their personality and befriended them, but do you think it is good idea to oppose this?” (Julia)
“Uh…” (??)
“That is… but, we didn’t see Zilard-dono did all that, so even if you ask us to believe…” (??)
Most of the hostile people were those who had been making sweet deals with Lambda. They might not be able to be promoted on their own if they didn’t depend on someone. In addition, their determination was somehow dull because the easy paths were laid out for them. Even so, the hostility still remained even though some of them were retorting while shrinking at the same time, but they were all struck down by the fierce intimidation by Fort.
“Actually, that guy created the disturbance, and that’s why Julia-sama gathered you at such time. If you aren’t going to wake up because you think this is not an emergency, shall I make you wake up?” (Fort)
“““Uuh…””” (??)
They seemed to realize that Fort wasn’t joking due to his anger and intimidation. I supposed they disliked him while they served the castle. As a result that I felt like threatening, even if the interruption was unnecessary and excessive, Julia didn’t stop. Just as everyone has quieted, Julia spoke again.
“While I don’t know to where Lambda and other ran away from the castle, they said that they weren’t only planning to destroy Sandor, but they also had started doing something. I’d like to ask everyone to be more vigilant.” (Julia)
“What are you talking about!? If they defy our country, shouldn’t we send pursuers immediate and kill them!?” (??)
“How are you going to pursue the enemies who ride dragons? Fort’s subordinates were sent to where they escaped, but you all know how smart that man is. I think it will not be easy, so I’d like to say that we should always be prepared.” (Julia)
“…If that’s the case, I suppose that we should focus more on this matter.” (??)
“Hmm. Well then, I’m going to notify the castle–…” (??)
“Wait a minute. There is something I want to hear before that!” (??)
The important peoples were trying to call soldiers to delegate information, but several of them raised their hands while looking toward Sanger.
“Sanger-sama. How do you intend to take responsibility of this incident?” (??)
“…” (Sanger)
“Even if you stay silent, the outcome won’t change, you know? Regardless of his identity, it was a well-known fact that he was your retainer.” (??)
“Hmm. Mainly, shouldn’t you take responsibility for the disturbance caused by your retainer?” (??)
So, they decided to target Sanger who sat next to me. It wasn’t wrong to say so, but I could see their intention to press all responsibilities to Sanger. I was probably not qualified to interject since I was an outside, but it was unpleasant to see the sight of continuous attack solely against the young man, Sanger, and these impeaching people still didn’t understand how bad the situation was. I was thinking whether I should open my mouth for a bit, but by the time when I tried to raise my voice…
“Silent!” (Sanger)
Sanger, who had been depressed since then, shouted while hitting the desk with his fist. While everyone was shocked at the angry voice that shook the conference room, Sanger got up with same vigor when he hit the desk and glared at the important people.
“If I listen quietly, you seem doing things the way you like. You guys also relied on Zilard, so what the hell are you talking about!?” (Sanger)
“What are you saying!?” (??)
“I also know things! Your companions have increased since Oyaji collapsed, and that’s because he was helping you!” (Sanger)
“Do you have evidence for that? Please say it in moderation even if you are desperate.” (??)
“If I’m going to investigate you, you won’t be able to deny it! Then, let me ask this. Do you think your performance is that great after Oyaji has collapsed? Don’t you think I don’t realize how fast you made moves after that? Tell me in detail.” (Sanger)
“…In this short period of time, a number of my retainers have left the castle. Actually, I thought it was strange, but I heard they have abilities.” (Fort)
According to Sanger and Fort, they were telling these people that they had seen everything. It seemed that they couldn’t lie anymore since they couldn’t utter any words.
“Regardless of the situation, that bastard had run away. In other words, you all are the same. You have been deceived by him as well, am I right? Then, what right do you have to complain to me?” (Sanger)
“But as the Lord of that man, if you don’t take the responsibility, the people at the bottom will…” (??)
“That’s why we’re not in a situation to discuss things like who should be responsible in this! Why do you think Julia called you here!?” (Sanger)
That was close to anger, but it seemed his condition had returned a bit. As I quietly sighing, thinking that the argument would likely to continue, an unexpected person appeared in the conference room.
[…This is very unsightly.] (??)
The voice wasn’t loud, but it was heavy and dignified that made the situation more tensed. The important people started to raise their anger to that unusual voice, but every one of them kept their mouth shut as if they were paralyzed when they saw the owner of the voice who appeared from the opened door.
“Goodness… I’ve only slept a bit, and yet the situation has become unpleasant.” (??)
“Fa-father!?” (Julia)
“…Oyaji.” (Sanger)
The tone was coarse, but the man full of dignity than anyone in this place came into the room, and… he was the Sandor king. It might be because of long sleep, his cheeks got thin. His imposing hair and beard like a lion had lost its gloss. Furthermore, it seemed he couldn’t get out from the chair which was brought in by the soldiers like a shrine palanquin. However, the dignity of a king didn’t seem to have lost at all. As evidence, the important people who were making noises were all bowed together. There wasn’t any groan until the king came beside Julia.
“Father. You have awakened.” (Julia)
“Yes. I’m feeling worst, but I can finally move.” (King)
Apparently, he was aware with the situation even though he seemed to be asleep. The king understood to some extent the circumstances under which he was placed. The reason why I knew that was because I heard directly from him. Yeah… the place that I came before heading to the conference room was the king’s bedroom. I was there to get rid of the reason why he was sleeping.
“Yo, Nii-chan. You said that I should rest, but I guess I can’t bear with this. I’m going to bother for a bit.” (King)
“…Understood. At the very least, please don’t move too much.” (Sirius)
Although I told him not to move his body because of long sleep, I could see that he had a tremendous mental power by looking at how easy he raised his hands with a smile. When I thought that he would open up his eyes as soon as I eliminated the foreign matter that caused the coma, he said… that he was hungry. If I was asked whether he was the type of military or intelligence, I would have no doubt that he would be the king among warriors. This kind of king came next to Julia with his chair, but Sanger, who had lost the vigor, started to feel depressed again. In addition to being betrayed by Lambda, he probably thought that his weakness that caused the castle to be chaotic.
“Hou, unlike the daughter here, you are pretty dejected. Where does the vigor you have earlier gone?” (King)
“…You’re noisy.” (Sanger)
“I’ve mostly heard what happened. Well, what I can say now is that don’t feel bothered about being betrayed.” (King)
“!? Are you joking? Oyaji, what are you–…” (Sanger)
“Humpph! Do you still have the energy to shout? I’ve told you before, it’s normal to be betrayed when you become a king. I won’t say don’t be depressed, but don’t show it on the surface.” (King)
Since Sanger was betrayed by someone who he thought to be his best friend, it was normal to be depressed. However, Sanger didn’t say anything back. It might be because those words of his father who had fought many people as a king.
“Well, you are still immature as a king, but the spirit of trying to protect my country is splendid.” (King)
“…I couldn’t protect it.” (Sanger)
“That’s why I say the spirit is there. You are still a brat, so failure is normal.” (King)
In the meantime, the important people finally recovered from shocked, and they began talking to the king with a nervous look.
“Your Majesty. Thank goodness, you have woken up safely.” (??)
“Hmm? Ooh, sorry. It was bad for interrupting in the middle.” (King)
“There’s nothing bad. It’s a trivial matter if Your Majesty woke up.” (??)
“However… But Your Majesty, what do you mean by what did you say earlier?” (??)
“You said unsightly, but that wasn’t about us, right?” (??)
“Haa? I have decided about you all. It was miserable since I’ve heard the story.” (King)
The king answered with an incredulous expression just as he was saying. He continued talking while looking down at them.
“You are incompetent since you are aware that this country has gone bad. It is also your responsibility. Try to think twice as to why they ran away.” (King)
“Please don’t joke. Even though they were once called heroes, there are only three of them, right?” (??)
“If they became enemies, they aren’t that great in front of our country’s might.” (??)
“Where is the one that was being arbitrarily done by that man? Besides, you all have become extremely coward. If they are hitting us from the front right now, do you think you can win against them?” (King)
“Your Majesty, please stop such mockeries.” (??)
“I will not think that those words are for the retainers who serve you!” (??)
“Is that so? No matter how long an old dog is waiting for the bait, I don’t think it can win against the wolf that has sharpened its fangs.” (King)
They seemed to have heard these words before. Before the evil hands of Lambda reached them out, they were probably seen as talented people by the king.
“You were sold out because of your greed. You were like hungry wolf, with the aim of my throne. While I couldn’t see for a while, you became arrogant because of the achievements brought by other people. I don’t need lazy people who have lost their claws and fangs in my castle.” (King)
“Please wait a sec! Everything is because of Zilard’s… not Lambda’s trickery!” (??)
“You’ve changed since then…” (??)
“I don’t know what did he offer to you, but it was your choice to take an easy path! For starters, I will ask many things from all of you. Better spit out everything. I will decide whether I should dispose you after that.” (King)
Those words were already like a death sentence. The important people, who seemed had done something, were in despair, but the king spoke further with a daring smile.
“Let me say this first. You better stop turning to other side. How about that, Nii-chan?” (King)
“…That’s true.” (Sirius)
Did he come here to hand me the baton? Originally, I was planning to understand thoroughly when these people were in a critical moment, but the flow of event had completely changed by the king. However, since it was a fact that this could reduce the labor, I began to give a serious explanation to convey the information at this conference.
“In my opinion, it can be said that Lambda now is full of hatred. Otherwise, he won’t go through troubles just to become the hero of the country, so we shouldn’t use an indirect approach to the enemy who wants to have his revenge.” (Sirius)
“But, Lambda and others were trying to weaken the country from the inside. Didn’t he act that because he knew the might of Sandor?” (??)
“That is also true, but I think there are other reasons. As Julia-sama and Sanger-sama have also seen, we don’t know the ability of Lambda’s group. With that in mind, it looks like they could destroy the castle easily.” (Sirius)
Accordingly, I received the permission and opened a hole in the nearby wall. I showed them the plants extending inside it. The plants extended to the whole castle, so if it was moved at the same time, it was possible to destroy the castle. Since the huge plants that grew by Lambda to break my [String] still remained outside the castle, they couldn’t imagine that I was being ridiculous when they saw it.
“Instead of harming the country badly, Lambda can aim at any target for revenge any time he wants. Even though he was manipulating from behind without showing his cards, he ran away as soon as I knew his identity. I’m not sure the detailed reason, but I know two things at the moment.” (Sirius)
“Hmm… does he have secret measures to take on enemies, even a country? So, are you saying he is capable? I can’t laugh even that is a joke.” (??)
“He has companions who are capable of manipulating dragon and has monstrous strength, so you can’t ignore his war potential. By the way, you said that you know two things, but what about the other one?” (??)
“He will set you traps that you will feel nothing but despair.” (Sirius)
The greater the joy, the greater the despair at the time of failure. He deceived Sanger, and lend help to the other side behind the scene. After they attained the throne which was their dream, he would likely to destroy everything. In other words, Lambda was going to drop someone to despair after helping them. Such a thing couldn’t be done unless the hatred broke the heart.
“In short, his purpose is revenge, right? Won’t the problem solve if we extradite them?” (King)
“““!?””” (??)
If the country could protect with several people’s sacrifice, the king would offer without hesitation. He looked at the important people who responded to those cold words, but I shook my head to deny him.
“I was talking about his threatening words before he left, so I don’t think Lambda would stop any longer. His thinking has been distorted by hatred, so you should think that the target of revenge will also include the country.” (Sirius)
“Buw, why would you say so? I don’t think you know Lambda’s companion even the slightest, so do you have reasons why are you so confident with that?” (??)
“In the past… I saw someone who was going crazy because of wanting revenge. He hated the world and wanted to destroy it.” (Sirius)
The destroyer who I fought during the last moment of my previous life was really crazy. I could vividly remember the madness that he kept talking with a smile, and he said he calmly said that he wanted to destroy everything. As Lambda looked similar to the point of thinking he was the reincarnation of that destroyer, there was nothing better to advise them even if I didn’t have evidence. I heard somebody gulping, but since no one talked back, I continued talking.
“I think that he will follow to the end of the earth if you try to run away, so there is no choice but to fight until either one is destroyed.” (Sirius)
“Heh… regardless of the past, he wanted to destroy my country. I don’t have the slightest idea to run away from him.” (King)
“Me too, father. I can’t forgive those who betrayed Aniue who trusted so much, and I won’t feel satisfied until I kill that bastard, Hilgan!” (Julia)
The king and his daughter were truly reliable, but the problem was the important people here. Some were eager as they agreed with the king, but some others desperately seek ideas since the anxiousness could be seen on their face. Let me clearly tell them that I would target those who tried to run away.
“Even if you got in contact with Lambda, never say a thing. If you do that, I will make sure I make you feel worse compare to dying.” (Sirius)
It seemed these people were likely to ride along when they were told that their life became easier if they helped him. By grasping their weaknesses, Lambda contacted them quietly and it was troubling because he betrayed them at the last minute. Plus, since he betrayed many people, they probably would never forgive that traitor. While including threats together with bloodlust, I gave warnings to everyone here.

In this way, my explanation was finished, and it seemed that the conference had come to its end. Since the disposal of the important people, who had been involved with Lambda, was said to be done after the king interrogated them directly, I was thinking to get rid the plants that extended throughout the castle and prepared for a surprise attack by Lambda.
“Those who are going to leave the castle or try to leave this conference room without permission until the policies are decided, they will be considered as traitors. If you are not guilty, you can do things as usual, and think carefully which side will save your life.” (King)
After this, the king seemed to call each one of them to another room for interrogation. It would be fine to interrogate here, but he probably judged that it was easier to do it one by one since these people would sever their ties for own good. It was probably decided for the king and the important people, who showed various expressions, to stay here all night. Since we didn’t have anything else to say, we were thinking to leave this place soon, but the king suddenly started talking while caressing his beard.
“Well, before we start with the interrogation, I should take the responsibility. It’s true that I was sleeping carefreely without doing anything.” (King)
“Oyaji, you don’t have to do that. We should do that since we have been deceived.” (Sanger)
“Father was only sleeping by dirty hands.” (Julia)
“No, the main reason of this situation is because I didn’t decide properly. Anyhow, I will soon abdicate the throne, and the next king will be Sanger.” (King)
“““…Haa?””” (??)
The declaration of renouncing of the throne and the inheritance, which was also one of the major issues in the country, was done easily as if choosing the menu for the dinner. Normally, it wasn’t unusual for Sanger, the eldest son, to succeed the throne, but I was thinking how he could declare that in the present situation. While everyone was stunned at the abrupt declaration, the King lively laughed while striking the back of Sanger.
“If it’s the spirit, you already have enough. You will be able to become a king if I support you. Anything is for my child.” (King)
“Wa-wait a sec! The current me is not qualified yet!” (Sanger)
“That’s my part to decide whether you have the qualification or not. Besides, didn’t you have hard time because of these people who were deceived by that guy?” (King)
If someone eased the situation, it was only to shift the burden to someone else. These important people, who had been lazy by doing easy tasks so far, had to compensate this much to Sanger. I didn’t think it could be done by just a person, but his burden would have been substantial. That was also because of Lambda’s dealings, but at the very least, I had never seen a sight of Sanger eating meals.
“A person who experienced failures and hardship will become strong. But, if you say you don’t want it, should I give the throne to Ashley, who is not here?” (King)
“Ashley… he’s impossible. He doesn’t have slightest desire to be a king.” (Sanger)
“Then, will it be Julia? Oi, are you going to be the queen of Sandor?” (King)
“No, I’m better suited with sword, and I don’t plan to succeed the throne if Nii-san is here. Besides… I finally found it.” (Julia)
“Found it… No way!?” (Sanger)
“Hou, have you found someone who deserves you?” (King)
“Yes, that’s right!” (Julia)
Accordingly, Julia floated a refreshing smile. She declared it out loud while turning toward Reus.
“Reus. I’m telling you this not as the royal member of Sandor, but as a woman. I want you to listen carefully.” (Julia)
“Hmm, I don’t understand, but I’ll listen.” (Reus)
“Yes. Will you marry me, Reus? Will you accept me as your partner?” (Julia)
“…Eh?” (Reus)
Reus didn’t understand why he was called to the conference since he wasn’t told the reason, but now, he knew. Nevertheless, Julia bent one knee in front of Reus. The sight of confessing while holding his hand like a prince was quite surreal. In addition to the abdication of the king and the decision on the successor which were lightly declared, this was the declaration of the princess’ marriage proposal.
Sandor’s long day didn’t seem to end yet.

Extra/Bonus Act 1 – Karen of the Dragon’s Valley
The setting… It was the scene where Karen protected Hina and the little dragon.
“Don’t! I will not forgive you if you come closer!” (Karen)
“As I expected, there is a dragon.” (??)
“Hand it over.” (??)
“Why? This child hasn’t done anything bad!” (Karen)
“Dragons and people can’t live in the same world, you know.” (??)
“I told you, don’t!” (Karen)
※This extra/bonus had been dropped. I’m sorry if you don’t like parodies. (Author) (TLN: I’m not sure which part is the parody. I was actually thinking to omit this part.)

Extra/Bonus Act 2 – A story of a certain Elf and her younger sister
“Oh, Onee-sama, you are pregnant!? Is this… the biggest chance to become a family with you? If Onee-sama’s child is a man, I definitely tied the relationship–… ehehe.” (Asha)
“I don’t mind whether it’s a girl or boy, but I want to have a girl more.” (Fia)
“Onee-sama!? Th-that’s not it! I’m only thinking for a bit. It’s not like I’m doing it for real. For some reason, I feel like seeing a boy…” (Asha)
“It’s a joke. If you could leave each other properly, I don’t mind at all.” (Fia)
“As expected of Onee-sama!” (Asha)
“…Sirius-sama, shall we interrupt them?” (Emilia)
“That’s a conversation of long-lived elf, don’t bother.” (Sirius)


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