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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 27

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— Rodwell —
“Number 156, Sirius Teacher.” (Sirius)
And he and I met.
He looks like an ordinary boy, the features of a black haired boy that can be seen everywhere.
But that gaze is abnormal. As if looking around the room to explore, I met his gaze and he kept doing it without diverting his sight.
Has my true form been found out?
No, I hid my ears perfectly, and the magic tool that makes me look human is working just fine. It’s my imagination I think but… I figured that he is not like any ordinary child.
When judging from far, he looks like a child who is nervous and looking around restlessly, but I think he’s actually observing to get more information.
“Number 157, Alstore Elmeroy! I am different from that commoner, the second son of the honorable Elmeroy house!” (Alstore)
Aaa… yes yes. I am aware about Alstore-kun, you know. As one of the prominent nobles in Elysion, I think his rank is quite high?
I am aware about that child since I’ve seen him in several parties. To be brought up with extreme arrogance.
Afterwards, I am led to Alstore-kun’s number one servant… continued till number three servant. Excluding Sirius-kun, I have to remove Alstore-kun followers with regret.
Now, there is only one problem with Sirius-kun.
Attribute — colorless.
It is surely colorless. This is extremely uncommon, and because of it is a subject to be looked down upon, no one with colorless attribute has tried to enter the school before. Perhaps the inspection magic tool may have malfunctioned when I examined it in the past.
“Well then, let’s check the attribute, starting from number 156” (Examiner)
Then, the moment his hand touches, that fool starts to make a noise.
“To sink below than a commoner. To touch it first before me, the noble here. Oi, is there any other magic property inspection tool? Is my hand going to be tainted?” (Alstore)
“Please forgive my rudeness but, here in this place, it doesn’t matter even if you are a noble. Too much rudeness will lead to rejection, you know?” (Rodwell?)
“Hmmph, there won’t be any other way. See me, my attribute!”(Alstore)
When Alstore-kun touches the crystal ball, it lights up with alternating red and green color. Typically known as double properties, which is a rare existence, that person has two attributes; fire and wind.
It has been known since few years ago, because Alstore-kun’s parents greatly advertised about it. If you notice, this resulted in him having an insolence attitude due to the rank and being too pampered.
More importantly, its Sirius-kun. Without having a smug-looking face, he swiftly reached out to touch the crystal ball.
“Move! Next is my first attendent. I think commoners should be last.” (Alstore)
Haa… really a fool.
Gregory-sensei who was sitting next to me, is grinning too, truly a rotten person.
However, since the person who was being looked down upon was looking fine, it calmed me down. Well, he hasn’t tried to run away yet. In fact, he is waiting rather leisurely.
“Well then, number 156, please touch the magic formation.” (Examiner)
And he touches the magic formation.
The color of the crystal was…. colorless.
“Ha, hahahahaha! What is happening here, an incompetent in such place!” (Alstore)
“Honestly. Far from being a wrong identification, it’s a commoner who doesn’t get love from any of the four attributes.” (Servant-1)
“No no, indeed he is incompetent.” (Servant-2)
“No need to have an incompetent to be close to Alstore-sama.” (Servant-3)
An insulting laugh rings in the interview room. Except myself, the other teachers were judging Sirius-kun with eyes full of pity, but Gregory-sensei stood up, pointed at him and shouted.
“My school doesn’t need incompetents! I don’t need to see your magic, you should go home immediately.” (Gregory)
“Yeah, the teachers are sayingthe same too. Go back quicky!” (Alstore)
“I feel corrupted being together with an incompetent!” (Servants)
“Go home, incompetent!” (Servants)
“Silence.” (Rodwell)
I have included a blood-thirst unintentionally, in the words that I was using to stop the excessive laughter. After that, from laughing, they completely changed to trembling body with warped expressions of fear.
Oops, I almost seriously ruined it unintentionally. If you look at it, I can see that the other teachers are also trembling, including Gregory-sensei.
But Sirius-kun is different. My blood-thirst was received calmly. This is going to be interesting, i see.
“This is not Alstore-kun’s house. In the first place, does a noble not know their place, and just laugh at others? Surprisingly, what kind of intolerant noble is this. As a noble who serves the people, if you have spare time to laugh and look down on others, you better go for self study. Isn’t this such a place (to study)?” (Rodwell)
Alstore-kun glares at me firmly but his knees are shaking. Maybe he will brush me off, but if he notices my true form, I think he will give up.
“Since all of you know the ability of these four people, let them pass the exam without having to use (or show) their magic. I would like to see that boy only, so all of you can take your leave.” (Rodwell)
“Hmmph! It’s unpleasant to be together with incompetents. You guys, lets go.” (Alstore)
“Yes, yes.” (Servants)
Alstore-kun brings along his three attendants out of the room, and at the same time Gregory-sensei also stands up.
"I also have to be impolite here because it's pointless to see the mystery magic of this incompetent. I expect fair judgement from the teachers." (Gregory)
He rushed after Alstore-kun to get out of the room, brushing his shoulder against mine .
Perhaps, he's gone out to scout Alstore-kun to join his class. As a senior noble with double attributes, he (Alstore) surely is becoming his (Gregory’s) favourite.
"I'm sorry, Sirius-kun. Though I said this before the entrance to the school, I have shown you an ugly part of this school." (Rodwell)
"It's ok, you can see that kind of person everywere. Besides, it's not a problem since the teachers are still remaining here." (Sirius)
Good grief, I'm not sure who is the adult here. Are you listening, Gregory-sensei? This guy is many times more of an adult than you.
"After all the things that has happened, will you show us your magic?" (Rodwell)
"Is non-attribute magic ok?" (Sirius)
"I don't mind. Because I don't think of you as an ordinary non-attribute person." (Rodwell)
It is confirmed that his attribute is colorless. Although the colorless color that I have seen in the past was somewhat hazy, but his was beaming with a transparent shine.
"Well then, Light is… [Light]"(Sirius)
…when did he concentrates his magic?
Using magic as if he was just taking a breath, a small ball of light comes out from that guy's hand. As no one has studied the casting reduction time for [Light], his chanting level is almost close to the incantation-less level.
There is no doubt, this guy is the master of those two (Reus and Emilia).
"Ok…Here I go" (Sirius)
The conspicuous appearance of his produced [Light] can't be seen, it is an extremely ordinary ball of light, and it begins to move with his shout and flew towards us.
Surprisingly, it split in the air into several small balls of light, and it stopped in front of every one of us.
I confirmed it by touching with my finger, without a doubt everyone can use (or produce) this [Light].
"That's all." (Sirius)
The balls of light disappeared when he lowered his arm. The [Light] magic consumption is considerably quite high, and his irregular way of handling it really can't be seen.
This child's potential can't be seen… Interesting.
"Hmmm, it's truly a marvelous non-attribute magic, but isn't it quite difficult if you can't use any of the four attributes magic?" (Examiner-1)
"Yes, because it is often needed in class. Can you use any other attribute (magic)? Even beginner level is good enough." (Examiner-2)
As for me, I already gave him a pass, but there is truth in what the other teachers were saying. Even if there isn't any aptitude in other attributes, you should be able to use other attributes during beginner class and he is shaking his head regrettably.
"My compatibility to the four attributes is really bad. To tell you the truth, I can't even use beginner level magic satisfactorily.” (Sirius)
The information on colorless attribute is quite scarce, in fact most scholars declare it as a pointless study and there is no ongoing study on it. Isn't this cruel for those (with) colorless attribute?
It is regretful to say, if only he has other attributes, he will surely cause a revolution in the magic world.
"If you think you can do it, you can do it, can't you?" (Sirius)
Although you say that you cannot use the other four attribute magic satisfactorily, do you mean you can still use them? This is interesting.
"I don't understand well, but if there is no objection, can you use it?" (Rodwell)
"Understood. Please wait a while." (Sirius)
He removes a small container from his chest, which contains a blue liquid that shines a little. Isn't that 'light water'?
It is unusual for someone to carry something so valuable and expensive around.
He touches the 'light water' with his index finger and drew something at the back of his left hand. Could it be…
"Are you drawing a magic circle (or formation)?" (Rodwell)
"Yes, I am. It's easy because it's just a beginner level."(Sirius)
Even if you say that, the magic will not trigger if there is any slight imperfection you know?
Although it is easy because of beginner level, how many times would I fail if I don't sit down and do it properly?
"Thank you for waiting. [Flame]" (Sirius)
He drew it in less than one minute, and he was using basic beginner's magic. The magic circle at the back of his hand activated with a thin glow, and a small fireball appeared floating above his palm. Subsequently, the magic lines that were drawn disappeared.
Is he really 8 years old, who truly drew it (magic circle)?
"The improvisation is quite moderate but would this be good enough?" (Sirius)
"…I have no problem. Both of you, how was it?" (Rodwell)
"Geh.. I do not have any problem too if you say so." (Examiner-1)
"Me too. I'll see you in the future, young man." (Examiner-2)
Umu, even if there were doubts initially during this interview, everyone will agree to this.
Sirius-kun wipes the magic light water at the back of his hand to make sure no remaining liquid left. Magic light water attached to the skin is bad for your health, and he wipes perfectly over the area of the magic circle.
"One last personal question; is it true that Emilia-kun and Reus-kun trained and followed you?” (Rodwell)
"Where did you get that idea?" (Sirius)
"Those two were very excellent. When asked regarding where they had heard and learned about magic, they answered it with pride that Sirius-kun is their master." (Rodwell)
"Perhaps you have mistaken me due to the same name?" (Sirius)
"You don't really want to belittle (underestimate) me right. The level of your magic control by drawing that magic circle, if it is you, bringing up the abilities of these two is possible. This is what I can conclude. What do you say to that?" (Rodwell)
His gaze and mine met, there is a brief moment of silence. He finally gave up and his mouth loosened.
"Yes, I trained those two. But, that was a result of their talent and effort. It's just that I helped them a little bit." (Sirius)
"Yes, with their continuous effort without feeling conceited, I understand that. It is probably because you are here. You should be proud.” (Rodwell)
"Thank you very much. I am happy to say to all educators here." (Sirius)
"But how about you? It doesn't seem that the very self teaching will put those adults in shame especially heights of their skills for all these years. I would like you to tell me if you can say it." (Rodwell)
“…According to that “mother” who raised me, who can also be called as teacher.” (Sirius)
“She was…?” (Rodwell)
“Before I am aware of myself, my shishou (master at dojo) or so called teacher, forced various knowledge on me. I remember nothing other than the knowledge that was taught to me at that time, and since my mother already died, anything about shishou remains unclear.” (Sirius)
“That was… I am sorry to hear this.” (Rodwell)
“Don’t worry about it, things already happened. Oh, and I kept training while remembering the teaching fragmentarily, and that’s the conclusion for now.” (Sirius)
It’s not a story out of the ordinary but he himself is already extraordinary.
It’s good if the Shishou understand about it. The most important thing is this guy here.
“It’s hard to believe this all so suddenly but I will take your word for it. Well then , Sirius Teacher, I permit you to enter my Elysion school.” (Rodwell)
There are a lot of mystery surrounding this guy, but will definitely enter my school. Eventually the time will come where I will understand the truth.
And he will be bringing a new wind of change at school.
— Sirius —
Phew… It seems somehow I was able to pass.
There were a lot foolish guys, but there is an understanding teacher. If not because of him, I would have been rejected just because of being colorless.
But I wonder if that person really is a teacher?
His appearance looks like a young teacher but the surrounding adults except for one person felt that blood-thirst, and his demeanor showed he was superior to them.
By no means, an adult of 20 or 30 years old could not have pulled that off. If I roughly estimate, it could more than… more than 100?
Really, that person is the one mentioned in the brochure, the headmaster of the school, Rodwell isn’t it. If that’s the case, with an elf’s longevity, I can understand that kind of dignity too.
When he entered the room, people felt an unusual discomfort, but that was actually caused by the disguise. I was able to understand various things.
Am I being anxious until its shows in my eyes? Just now, a suitable lie was made up on the strengthening method but I wonder how far it will go. Although I'm a bit angry with the nobles’ insult, it doesn't seem they were bad people…it's a known thing among those tops (management) of school. As long as I'm not involved with weird things, I think I will be fine.
Well, I don't think the things about Emilia and Reus will be leaked, and they may become famous naturally sooner or later.
“Sirius-sama!” (Emilia)
“Aniki” (Reus)
Immediately after I come out from the interview room, the siblings come to my side. They both looked nervous especially with their tails but when I gave them the thumbs-up with a smile; they both changed into big smiles.
"We also passed!" (Emilia)
"I did it, I'll be together with Aniki!" (Reus)
Reus ran around me excitedly, truly a behavior of a dog.
"Are we going to return the pendant and going back to inn? The next meeting will be three days later from now right?" (Emilia)
"That's right. According to the pamphlet, we need to gather here in three days. It seems it’s for dividing students into dormitories.” (Sirius)
"Student dorms? If I remember correctly, Zack-Oniichan said its 2 persons or 3 persons per room." (Emilia)
"How does he know such a thing?" (Reus)
"After all, as a merchant, learning various information is a standard thing." (Sirius)
Certainly, trading information among merchants is a necessary thing, but having this kind of trivial information, that guy is really great.
We return the pendant, went back to the inn and informed the landlady, Rona, and she is pleased with the matter. (TLN: in raw it says Laura is the landlady instead of Rona?)
"You guys aren't bad huh. I'll make a feast today." (Rona)
Since Reus’s stomach is rumbling many times, he was pleased with this.
Then we continued exploring the town.
Finding new spices at the market, expanding the repertoire of dishes, Emilia is scouted seriously in order to help the landlady with the inn’s work, while Reus is searching for a new sturdy sword.
Anyway, since the city is so big, while I walked around in the internal structure of the city, three days passed in the blink of an eye.
And on the day of entering the student dormitory, we bowed our heads to the landlady.
“Even though it was a very short time, thank you for taking care of us.” (Sirius)
“No no. In fact, I’m the one who was being taken care of. Do you want to work here after graduating from school?” (Rona)
“I am sorry, I don’t want to be separated from being Sirius-sama’s servant.” (Emilia)
“Haa… that’s too bad. Well, even if I stay in the students’ dormitory, I’m still going to be in town. Since the meal here is good, I’ll come by again.” (Reus)
“I see, come eat Jaora Snake again.” (Rona)
After checking out from a perch of spring breeze, we went ahead to the student dormitory which will be our home. Let me see, since the dormitory is for sharing room, what kind of roommate will I get. I hope he’s not some foolish nobles you know.
The number of people have increased more than the last time we came to school. Since the entrance examination takes place over several days, the test periods were still ongoing after we had done with ours. Now, adding those people (who were taking the test after us), it’s natural to say the number has multiplied.
“What an extravagant-looking person. See that, Aniki. How many adults are wearing sparkling clothes, are they also freshmen?” (Reus)
“There is no such thing. Those are the parents of children who are entering the school. It’s going to be troublesome if you get tangled with them, so don’t get close.” (Sirius)
I roughly estimate that there are more than 200 minors. There are a lot of noble children with their parents, wearing various aristocratic dresses, and it’s a scene where I often understand. This is just my theory, but I think it’s kind of pointless nobles having a lot of decorations. They are going to be troublesome companion, so I give a strict order to those two (Reus and Emilia) not to get close to them.
“Well, I wonder where is the list of room assignment for the student dormitory?” (Sirius)
“Sirius-sama, they were distributing the paper and I got them.” (Emilia)
You work really fast, Emilia-san. There are a few big billboards with the list of room assignments on them, and there is congestion in front of those billboards. As expected, searching calmly by using the distribution paper is the best way.
Only the nobles are seen having such paper. In short, only commoners are seen in front of the billboard.
“Emilia, the (room assignment) paper is only for nobles, isn’t it?” (Sirius)
“That’s right. But, I just went to the front reception and bowed my head, saying please, and no one said anything about it. They just passed it to me voluntarily.”
Did Emilia’s elegance win them over? Well whatever. So that her effort is not wasted, let’s not hesitate about this because it’s not like I can return the paper back.
“Where did they put me?” (Emilia?)
“I found it!” (Reus?)
I peeked at the room assignment and searched for my name in all of the three-person rooms.
First of all, the dormitories are roughly divided into male’s and female’s, and from there, the buildings are named according to the four attributes. Altogether, there are eight dormitories and that’s why the area is really big. By the way, the attribute name of a building and the person’s attribute is not necessarily the same.
Reus’ room is located in the “Fire” building,room 38 of the male dormitory.
Emilia’s room is located in the “Water” building, room 25 of the female dormitory.
As for me…
“… It’s not here huh.” (Sirius)
“That can’t be, Aniki!” (Reus)
Yeah, I didn’t see my name. We rechecked it several times, all three of us. It’s not written on the edge, and my name is also not on the straight line.
“An entry mistake? But it seems there are still a few available room left.” (Emilia)
“If that’s the case, any room is ok right? Since the person in my room was expelled, come to my room.” (Reus)
“Don’t say that like a joke. Anyway, I’ll just go to the reception desk for confirmation.” (Sirius)
Those two already have their rooms, so I went to where Emilia got the room assignment paper.
There wasn’t any teacher around, but a man who seems to be the janitor was sitting with a tired face at the reception desk.
“Excuse me, I’d like to ask something about the room assignment.” (Sirius)
“Yes yes… you’re not a noble, so, what about it?” (Receptionist/Janitor)
“I would like to ask about the room assignment. My name is not mentioned, do you know anything?” (Sirius)
“Have you looked properly? It can’t be help, what number are you?” (Janitor)
“Number 156.” (Sirius)
The man peeked into a paper that he took from under the desk while muttering my number. The list that the man has is different from room assignment map that I have.
“Are you Sirius?” (Janitor)
“Yes, I am Sirius Teacher.” (Sirius)
“Then, your dorm is this way. I’ll be guiding you, so follow me.” (Janitor)
With questions floating, the janitor began to guide us to some other place after he spoke to somebody.
We walked across a row of student dormitory, entering a mountain road which was overgrown with weed. We kept walking for five minutes. It seems there is a building that is one kilometer away from the student dormitory.
“Here’s your dorm.” (Janitor)
“Eh? No way this is it?” (Emilia)
“What…This is Aniki’s room? Are you kidding me!” (Reus)
There are some holes on the roof, the other parts of the building are really bad and seem likely to fall anytime.
There is no opening for an entrance, there are vines tangled all over the dirty outerwall, and the windows were falling down from their hinges.
In the garden, the silhouette of a vineyard that could have previously produced crops is nearly invisible, and changing into an ordinary weed field. Even the well surroundings were almost completely covered by weed.
Seeing this, how can you call it a dormitory…
“Such a.. isn’t this a common abandoned building!” (Reus)
Reus is pointing angrily at the house that has changed into an abandoned building. But, that man is retorting calmly while checking the paper that he brought.
“After all, on this paper it says; there is no tradition of incompetents entering the dormitory.” (Janitor)
“Such…this is an oppression!” (Emilia)
“Well, this has nothing to do with me, it can’t be help and I suggest you give up, how about that? Besides…I think it’s well matched for an incompetent.” (Janitor)
“Haaaa!?” (Emilia and Reus)
“Hiiii!?” (Janitor)
I rushed forward and grasped the nape of the two’s necks. Otherwise, they are certainly going to attack the man. Even though they are children, their blood thirst, due to the anger, is the real thing. After that, the man who was about to get hit managed to escape.
“Aniki! Why did you stop me. That guy, to Aniki… to Aniki!” (Reus)
“That guy is merely following orders. Even if you hit him, it’s not going to change anything, you know.” (Sirius)
“But… still…such treatment is terrible.” (Emilia)
“Yosh yosh. Thank you guys, for being angry for me.” (Sirius)
They clenched their teeth to bear the anger and shed tears. To be angry so much just because of me, they are indeed a cute bunch.
Their tails began to swing gently after I stroke them (their head, not tail) for a while, so it seems they have calmed down.
“Sirius-sama is not incompetent. The guy who doesn’t notice Sirius-sama’s charm is incompetent.” (Sirius)
“Un unn. Someday I’ll look back at this won’t I. Well, shall we begin to get changed and clean the house?”
“Understood. But Aniki, are you really going to stay here?” (Reus)
” Sure, but I’ll have a look inside first. Anyway, since I’m the only one who is going to live here, I can spend time here comfortably without worrying too much.” (Sirius)
I’m going to practice the knowledge that this world doesn’t have, and I would like to do various experiments on cooking and the study of magic. The house where I was born was located far away from any other human dwelling, so I could do anything I want there but it’s impossible here since this place is still in town.
This isn’t like the previous house, but it is far enough from any other houses. There is no roommate too, so I can do whatever I want without hesitation.
Great, I feel like I have my own castle.
” I wonder how’s the state of the inside?” (Sirius)
Some fittings are in a bad shape, but it appears that the entrance door can still be used. If I opened the door and simply enter inside, it’s going to be dusty and it’s not possible to breathe. I wonder how many years it has been left unattended. I left the siblings outside, opened one functioning window and got back out immediately.
“Wow, that’s a lot of dust. Aniki, are you ok?” (Reus)
“No problem. First, try to limit your blow only to dust. Emilia, activate [Wind] from the front door to the degree of not breaking the house.” (Sirius)
“Understood” (Emilia)
[Wind] is only the beginner magic that creates wind, but it’s ideal magic that excels in blowing dust away. The wind entered from the front door into all the areas in the house, and the dust is blown outside through the opened window and gaps. At the beginning, the color of the blowing wind was murky because there was a lot of dust. Emilia continued for a while until all the dust disappeared.
In addition to dust, there was some kind of light going outside, I think? It is bad to keep a place like this.
“Well then, should we assign roles? Emilia and I together will search and clean. Reus, cut the weed outside and make the outer appearance look good.” (Sirius)
“Please leave it to me. This is the first house where I can fully practice my cleaning skills, so its worth it” (Emilia)
“As long as it looks nice, right? I’ll cut the vines on the wall too.” (Reus)
“I’ll leave it to you. If there is anything suspicious, avoid it and find me.” (Sirius)
They got servant’s education from mother, so cleaning is one of their forte. Reus learned gardener’s method from Dee, so there’s no need to question even if I leave him outside alone.
When I brought Emilia inside, a lot of dust have been cleared but there are still a lot of trash and dust which have been left here for a long time. We used a cloth as a mask and went searching inside the house immediately.
“Are there five rooms altogether? Kitchen-dining room, two bedrooms and two available rooms. This house is quite wide.” (Sirius)
“There is no second floor but this is the same like our old house, right?” (Emilia)
The guide youth says that this house is used for night duty. I wonder if perhaps people lived here, doing night duty in shifts, but started to become obsolete because of the inconvenient location or the far distance to school?
The furniture and tables were left behind, and are still likely usable once the dirt is wiped. I leave the kitchen to Emilia and concentrate on the work to separate the things that are needed and unneeded. When using [Boost] together with a trained body, any heavy object will become trivial matter. I bring a half-destroyed cupboard outside, and saw the figure of Reus swinging a sword to cut the weeds.
"Phew! Raising spirit, blow blow, phew!" (Reus)
Reus works fast, the grass around the house is mostly cut up. This is likely to finish sooner than expected, so let’s ask him to do the next work.
“Reus, this area is already good enough. After this, please clear a wide space, and please make that big tree into logs and bring them here.” (Sirius)
“It’s time to make warehouse, isn’t it. Leave it to me!” (Reus)
Making use of his experience of adding an extension to our old warehouse two years ago is the best. I enter the house to see how Emilia was doing.
“Sirius-sama, I’m almost done here. After drawing the magic circle for cooking stove, and gathering all the tools, it will only take another 10 minutes.” (Emilia)
She was quick at work too. The kitchen that was dirty is now beautiful beyond recognition, if only there were tools, I can make dishes in about 10 minutes.
“It’s just a small thing, and this much is natural for a servant. But…” (Emilia)
This house was abandoned, and there isn’t a lot of things here. It’s not a problem to live here after all the broken things have been taken outside and the dirt cleaned. Now there is only the matter of the house interior that needs to be taken care of.
“How is the roof? From here, it looks to be in a terrible state.” (Sirius)
Although I expected it when seeing it from outside, from here I can see various parts of the roof rotting with holes. As expected, the roof must be changed completely.
While we continued doing our work, the bell can be heard telling its already noon.
“Sirius-sama, how about lunch?” (Emilia)
“I’m sorry but I leave that to you. Because I have to make the material for the roof.” (Sirius)
“Yes. Good luck!” (Emilia)
There is an image that I always make, but they can cook properly too. In particular Emilia, in order to hear me say that her cooking is delicious, shows incredible willingness when is time to cook.
“Aa…there is not enough materials and tools! If that’s the case, I’ll buy them in town…” (Emilia)
“That’s fine, the usual is good!” (Sirius)
Over excited is just stressful.
While she started to prepare the dishes, looking at Reus, there are already six logs lined up. Using [Boost], the figure of an eight year old child easily carrying logs that were several times larger than himself is surreal.
“How are you doing, Reus? Is there any magic left?” (Sirius)
“I’m still good to go, Aniki” (Reus)
“Is that so. Then please cut four more (logs). Lunch should be ready by that time.” (Sirius)
“This is also considered training. Uooo!” (Reus)
To perform matters outrageously, oh well. The figure moving happily towards the forest is so childlike I think.
Now, should I start making the pieces for the roof?
The tree which has just been cut contains a lot of moisture, therefore it can’t be used as building material yet. Because of that, I have to remove the moisture first. If it’s left to dry naturally, it’s going to take half a year, so it’s impossible to use that method.
Thus, here comes the introduction of magic.
A magic circle of fire with adjusted power is drawn on the tree, to raise the temperature of the wood itself and forcibly make the moisture evaporate. The fastest time to evaporate the water is one hour, and an unexpected amount of steam will come out. To prevent anyone thinking there is a fire (accident), the magic circle of wind is used to scatter the steam.
All of the logs that were stacked are treated, and after they have dried up, the logs were cut into boards. It is impossible to cut them perfectly straight but using one-sword-style school of arts, the logs were able to be cut fairly straight. In the mean time, Emilia went to buy the nails.
Next is removing the old roof, and hammering the nails after putting the new boards. Everything except the roof is still strong and I think this can last until I graduate from school.
Finally, the roof was completed in the evening.
It’s not a simple task, but replacing heavy machineries and ladders with the power of magic, everything is finished in just half a day. In normal circumstances, it’s not weird to say that the work should have taken several days or weeks, because various magic were required.
“Yeay Aniki! This house looks habitable now.” (Reus)
“But Sirius-sama, even if the roof was well made, the interior is not suitable for living.”(Emilia)
Although dust and dirt were cleaned mostly, the furniture is not complete, and even if there is a structure that looks like a bed, there is no futon available. At least, the present condition can withstand rain and wind.
“The interior will be done tomorrow. It’s a bad look, but for today let’s just stay at Rona-san’s place.” (Sirius)
“That’s right. I thought of that too.” (Emilia)
“So, let’s go immediately. I’m already hungry.” (Reus)
“Me too. What is it besides futon…Sirius-sama?” (Emilia)
They follow me with full of spirit, but I have to say it here.
“I’m the only one going to Rona-san’s inn. Aren’t you guys staying at the student dormitory?” (Sirius)
“That is true but we want to stay close to Sirius-sama, that’s why.” (Emilia)
“That’s right, I want to stay close to Aniki too.” (Reus)
“Well listen, what would you guys do if we can stay in this house now?” (Sirius)
“Of course, I’m going to stay here with you.” (Reus)
“I am here to take care Sirius-sama. That’s why I want to stay close (to you).” (Emilia)
Staying close together will give adverse effect. Until now, we lived in a ‘closed’ world, and its natural like that, but now, this is already the ‘outside’ world. Rules should be followed. Especially when it is not unreasonable.
The time to push them away has come.
“Listen here, both of you have already entered this school and a student dormitory was given to you. So, you must live there.” (Sirius)
“But…Aniki is not there.” (Reus)
“I’m still here right? Although you can’t see me but I’m still nearby. Come on, this is like when I go to Lior’s place.” (Sirius)
“Yes but… I want to take care of you.” (Emilia)
"I'm happy to hear that. But, don't just stick to me only, I want you to try to talk and get acquainted with various people. Look, try to talk with your roommate, become friends with everyone."(Sirius)
"What if that companion is a bad guy?"(Emilia/Reus?)
"At that time, just knock them without reserve. Now that you guys can distinguish between good and bad guys, become strong so that you won't be defeated by a bad guy. That will be enough even if I'm not behind your back."(Sirius)
The siblings had watery eyes, but soon Emilia slowly nods. That's right, an older sister should become a role model for her younger brother.
"You're not going anywhere as you please right?"(Emilia)
"Please tell me when you're going out."(Reus)
"If there is no troublesome event at school, may I stay near you?"(Emilia)
"Of course. In case I need to go out for training or something, I will be in the nearby area."(Sirius)
"Understood. We will be going to student dormitory."(Emilia)
"Onee-chan, will this be OK?"(Reus)
"I'll be embarrassed to say anymore selfishly. Moreover, Sirius-sama will be alright even if we're not here, right"(Emilia)
Emilia seems to have understood my intention. The children who have always walked behind me, who made me as their top priority, have now begun to walk slightly in front of me. I have to give them my blessing.
"…Understood. Me too, even if Aniki is not around, I'll be strong."(Reus)
"Is that so, that's great both of you."(Sirius)
Just for the sake of them getting stronger, I should allow my children to travel, because Shishou who had a lot of experience, threw me into the middle of battle while laughing. Even if the practice is strict on the surface, I’ve become overprotective.
At the end, I stroke their heads and we begin to walk to the student dormitory.
“Well…since it’s impossible to eat at the inn, we’ll just eat anywhere OK?” (Sirius)
“Really!?” (Emilia & Reus)
Oh my… I’m still too lenient huh.
It will be two more days until the entrance ceremony.
We come to the school and stumble from very beginning, but we’re not so weak to keep falling again.
I’m not sure to what extent my colorless attribute will be a hindrance, but oh well, I think it should be fine somehow.
There is no reason to stick to school and even if I quit, it shouldn’t be a problem.
Since I’m also looking forward to whatever kind of lifestyle, I should enjoy school life without being afraid of anything.


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