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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 61

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"Shut your mouth, your lowlives." (Sirius)
When I suddenly took an insolence attitude while saying that, Bardomyl and my half-blood older brother, Karios, were stunned, but immediately started to get angry with reddened faces.
"Y-you bastard! What kind of attitude is that towards your father!?" (Bardomyl)
"Do not mess around just because you are my younger half-brother. Take those feet off of there right now! That's a special order that I bought, using the money I earned for the first time!" (Karios)
It seems like they are going to spit at any time, but I have no plan to stop being insolent. If I had a cigarette, it'd definitely be a scene of provoking, while smoking.
"You are the ones who are messing around. Leaving that aside, until when have you acted like a family to me? I should've said it five years ago. I have severed any relationship I had with you fools." (Sirius)
"You are noisy! Even so, that is not the attitude a commoner should have towards nobility!" (Bardomyl)
"A noble? Where is this noble? I can't see anything, but stupid lowlives in front of me, you know?" (Sirius)
"Father, I can't forgive his attitude. Should we make him regret it?" (Karios)
"That's right. Oi, Valio. Instruct the escorts outside to capture that woman and the demi-humans!" (Bardomyl)
"…Certainly." (Valio)
Valio went out of the room with courtesy, but the disciples would have no problem with the escorts, judging from their abilities.
This father-and-son duo, who didn't realize my calm attitude, were smiling while pointing at me without knowing anything.
"Hahaha, you should watch the guys outside getting captured with fingers in your mouth." (Karios)
"This is only happening because you don't understand your place of being a commoner." (Bardomyl)
"My place…right?" (Sirius)
""!?"" (Bardomyl/Karios)
After I tested them by releasing some of my bloodlust, the two, who were laughing before, suddenly became silent and started trembling. I am surprised by their weak guts with this degree of bloodlust.
They became irritated with me, who was laughing at their weak guts, as they glared at me, while shrugging off their fears.
"W-what did you do!? Stop laughing and answer me!" (Bardomyl)
"I couldn't help laughing. I am curious how the two of you, who are so afraid of a child's stare, will make me know my place." (Sirius)
"Kuhh… that was just a trick! Since you don't understand what was said, I'll make you understand with force!" (Karios)
Karios, who restrained his fear, stood up and removed the sword that was hanging on the wall. Then, he swung it a couple of times, before he started laughing, full of confidence, while pointing the tip towards me.
"Well, let me educated my half-brother. What, you don't need to worry, since I won't kill you." (Karios)
"Do it, Karios! Show your sword-style to this foolish commoner!" (Bardomyl)
The sword-style that he showed was a beautiful sword dance, which can be considered as a sample.
I thought he couldn't fight because he was a son of such a father, but it would seem that he had some skill. I was honestly impressed and made a light applause.
"What is it? Even if you start clapping now, I'm not going to forgive you. Now, stand up since I am going to punish you." (Karios)
"It is troublesome to stand. It's fine if you want to complain, but just come." (Sirius)
"Even if you are my younger half-brother, I am not going to forgive you!" (Karios)
Karios mercilessly swung his sword at me, who was sitting on the sofa. In spite of calling it a punishment, he aimed a sharp blow that was definitely meant to take my life; even so, I was still sitting on the sofa, without moving.
Or, perhaps I should say, it's not necessary to move.
"A sword that pursues beauty will not help in a battle." (Sirius)
What are you using is a sword dance that is used in rituals. It is not something that you use in a battle. I didn't have to feint and, since I grasped the trajectory of the swing, I repelled it by hitting the body of the sword. The repelled sword sliced the sofa and the blade stopped after it was halfway in.
The sofa that he bought with his income was tragically ruined, and Karios, unexpectedly, cried out.
"Wha-!? My sofa!" (Karios)
"Should you be worried about the sofa?" (Sirius)
Since he was shocked, and full of openings, I extended my hand and grabbed Karios' head. Because of that, he regained his composure and tried to remove my hand, but he became timid when I gripped it a bit.
"Aah, guh! For a commoner to do such a thing…" (Karios)
"Weren't you the one who struck first? Do you think that I won't retaliate just because you are a noble?" (Sirius)
"S-stop it you, bastard! You took Karios' joke too seriously!" (Bardomyl)
"I think he was being serious. Why don't I ask the person himself?" (Sirius)
After I poured some mana into the other party from where I was grasping him, Karios' body started to tremble,as if he was convulsing, and finally…
"Ga…AAAARRGHHH!?" (Karios)
"Ka-Karios!? What's the matter!?" (Bardomyl)
He started to scream so loudly that it resounded throughout the whole mansion. It's as though he was in pain from being electrocuted. He fell down, without being able to support his body, when I released my hand.
All I did was merely pour mana into his body. Actually, I'd understood that there are various effects on the opponent's body by adjusting the mana output. By adjusting the mana, the target's self-regeneration can be activated and can be hastened, and it can also paralyze one's senses similar to the effects of anesthesia.
That is, so long as the target naturally absorbs and adapts to the mana. However, if I pour a large amount of mana at one time, the body will reject it, since the mana will not be suitable for them. As it runs throughout the body, it makes you feel a sharp pain, like being electrocuted. Karios, who fell down before us, was the result that represented such a condition.
I stood up while looking down at Karios, and then captured Baldomyl, who was trying to escape, with [String]. I lifted up the fallen Karios' head one more time.
"That was a trial run, just now. Well, I have a question… did you really mean what you said earlier?" (Sirius)
"I… I was joking-… GUAHHH!?" (Karios)
Since I knew it was a lie, I poured even more mana into him and made him feel severe pain. I treat greedy people harshly, even in the previous life. I can see whenever the other person is telling the truth, or lying.
Especially these guy, who were too easy to read, and I was, conversely, impressed. Although he said they were joking, they were obviously full of ill intent when looking at Reese, and they were looking at Emilia and Reus like a livestock.
"Stop the obvious lie. Should I repeat this until you tell me your real intention?" (Sirius)
"I-it's true! Putting my hands on those children is… GUHAAAAA!?" (Karios?)
Since he still didn't admit it, I poured even stronger mana into him. Rather than magic, this is a technique that can't be used unless I touch the opponent and they can't defend against it, since it will attack them from the inside. The suitable name for it is [Stun Zero].
If I overdo it, it will become like what happened to the murders that I fought in the school's labyrinth, but since I made various improvements from that occasion, they won't die, unless I want them to.
Even if they wanted to faint, their consciousness was maintained, since the body was stimulated at the same time as I pour the mana in. It is a terrifying magic that continues to give pain, until I get bored. It's not even weird to call it a magic for torturing.
"That's why I told you to stop lying. Should I make it even stronger?" (Sirius)
"Hiii!? T-that's right. I was thinking that!" (Karios?)
If I threaten him with only this much, he will be forced to say the truth, but I don't mind because there is absolutely no need to hold back on this one. However, it's not good to just admit it.
"What did you think? Can you explain it to me, in detail, again?" (Sirius)
"Haa!? I explained it to you earlier!" (Karios)
"Would you like to have another go?" (Sirius)
"!? I-I was going to train that blue-haired woman to fit my desires! And I wanted to steal the demi-humans and sell them to some nobles… GAAHHHH!?" (Karios)
I invoked [Stun Zero] after letting the other party say it intentionally. Though he said the truth, Karios glared at me as if to ask why I still did it. I am not even affected by the glare that Karios made with his face that was filled with tears and a running nose.
"Why…?Even though I told you the truth…" (Karios)
"Did you really think I would forgive a lowlife, when he said that he wanted to sell and train my disciples?" (Sirius)
"But, you bastard, you told me to say it!" (Karios)
"I told you not to tell a lie. It is a reasonable treatment for a fool who makes such an obvious lie." (Sirius)
"Do not mess around! With that logic, no matter what I choose, the result is still the same!" (Karios)
"Yeah, the result is still the same. You'll be in pain if you lie, and you were finished when you thought of such a stupid thing." (Sirius)
"Ah…Aah, that… can't be." (Karios)
There is no way for you to avoid this torture. Karios, who understood that he would suffer no matter what he chose, made a desperate look.
"Well then, shall we move on to the next question? What were you planning to do with the white wolf that you saw outside?" (Sirius)
"Since it has good looks, I wanted to make it my own… GUHAAA!" (Karios)
"That's different from what you said earlier. Did you really think I would be deceived by flattery?" (Sirius)
"Ah…I-I was going to sell it! I thought it would be sold for a high price since it is such a rare monster… AAARRGHHH!" (Karios)
"Far from snatching someone's partner, you even thought about selling it as you please. I will give you some punishment." (Sirius)
"St-stop it, please! I-I was the bad one… HIIIARRGHHH!" (Karios)
This was unreasonable punishment, but this was how I trained an animal.
If you say something stupid next time, or try to get involved with us while having ill intentions, I will carve a mental trauma in you so deep, you'll always remember this pain.
The torture continued for several tens of minutes after that. I invoked [Stun Zero] every time he looked down on people and demi-humans, and tried to maintain his worthless pride.
Since various fluids were coming out of Karios' body, I should end this soon.
"This is the end. From now on, do you swear not to involve us with your stupid motives?" (Sirius)
"I… swear…" (Karios)
"Repeat it!" (Sirius)
"From now on, I will never get involved with you again, and I will not look down on beast-kins! So, please, forgive me already!" (Karios)
"That's fine. I'll make you faint as a reward." (Sirius)
"Gaahh!? Aa…aaaa-…" (Karios)
The last [Stun Zero] used didn't inflict pain, it was to make Karios faint by pouring mana to deprive him of his consciousness.
Although he already had white eyes and a loosened mouth, did he feel somewhat glad for finally being liberated? It's a pity that I threw him on the sofa that he bought, instead of on the floor.
"Well then… next is your turn."
"Hiiiii-!?" (Bardomyl))
As Bardomyl was restricted by [String], I met his eyes after he unsightly rolled on the floor. Because Bardomyl was terrified of the torture display that was used on Karios, I was glad to see that he wet himself.
"It seems that my mothers were taken care of, by you, in various ways; so, shall I slowly ask you about that?" (Sirius)
"W-wait! I am your father! Without me, you wouldn't have been born!" (Bardomyl)
"So?" (Sirius)
"Wha-? I-I mean, you wouldn't be here without me. Shouldn't you respect me more?" (Bardomyl)
"How can I respect someone who disrespects my precious mothers and never showed his face after I was born?" (Sirius)
It was Aria-Kaasan who gave birth to me, and Erina-Kaasan who raised me. This fellow never did the slightest thing as a father.
I placed my hands on the belly of Baldomyl, who was tied and couldn't move, and said, with a smile.
"Besides, you destroyed Kaa-san's household, the Eldorands, and you didn't care when Aria-Kaasan and Erina-Kaasan died. From my point of view, rather than respect, you ought to be a detestable subject." (Sirius)
"T-that is a common course of action by nobles…GYAAAHHH!?" (Bardomyl)
"Do you mean it's natural for nobles to destroy a household, just to get a woman that he desires? Moreover, I already paid the money to severe our relationship; so, what kind of foolish parent would try to extort money just because of a useless reason?" (Sirius)
"Aah…GUUHHH… What happened to Valio and the escorts!? What are they doing, when their master is being attacked!?" (Bardomyl)
"Shouldn't you listen to our discussion?" (Sirius)
"Hiii!? I-I will listen! Please, stop this already, because I will listen to you…. ARRGHHHH!" (Bardomyl)
Let's carve the mental trauma properly into this fellow, just like with Karios.
By the way, according to the [Search]'s response, Emilia and the rest were alright, while the escorts were bundled and hadn't moved an inch. It seems that they succeeded in neutralizing them, so I don't have to worry about them.
I was curious about Valio, because he hasn't moved from the front entrance. It appears as if he was simply observing the situation, but there is no problem, since the disciples were fine.
"Oh… that's right. Your situation is different compared to Karios'. Since you are the enemy of Kaa-san, there is a possibility of you dying, if I adjust my power incorrectly." (Sirius)
"S-stop it. Stop it, pleasee…" (Bardomyl)
That was a lie to instigate fear, but it's perfect in this situation.
Well then, I'll make you taste hell for harassing Aria-Kaasan and Erina-Kaasan, and for making my attendants and Reese uncomfortable.
"First, would you tell me the reason why you destroyed Aria-Kaasan's household? Oh yeah, I have plenty of mana left; so, please, rest assured." (Sirius)
"Y-you bastard, why are you doing this!? There's no point in bringing up the past!" (Bardomyl)
"I think that it will make me feel a little bit better." (Sirius)
"Uhh!? T-the reason was… that?" (Bardomyl)
"Do you want to say I'm being unreasonable? Didn't you say that you made Kaa-san's life worse? Besides, whatever happens from now on is not about settling the past, or getting my revenge, and this discussion is not about that, just so you know." (Sirius)
"Then, why?" (Bardomyl)
"This is meant to be torture for you. It is to make you remember today's situation, not just our appearance, but also if you ever hear our names again." (Sirius)
In the first place, this wouldn't have happened if they didn't stop us and left us alone. I despise him, who was blinded by money and tried to take it forcibly.
Let's thoroughly engrave this fear so that he won't get involved with us ever again.

"Good work." (Valio)
"…Aah." (Sirius)
Even though there were no external wounds, Valio, who was on standby in front of the entrance, lowered his head at the sight of the father and son, who had fainted with sloppy faces, as I dragged them to the front door.
Although his master was somewhat dealt with, he just laughed quietly while looking away for a moment.
"Although your master has become like this, you're not going to say anything?" (Sirius)
"I know that I can't go against you. Besides, it will be good 'medicine' for these two." (Valio)
"…Have you given up?" (Sirius)
"Yes. But, there is only one correction. My master is not Bardomyl-sama, but his father." (Valio)
After that, I listened to his story awhile. It seems Valio was an attendant of my grandfather. He had passed away already, but he seemed to be a capable man, and Valio trusted him deeply.
However, after his master died, the child of his master, Bardomyl, succeeded the Dorianus household and the dignity of the noblehouse plummeted. If he looked at women that he liked, he would get them indiscriminately. It looks like it wasn't just one or two households that was ruined like the Eldorand household.
Valio desperately tried to support the Dorianus household because of his loyalty towards his master, but Bardomyl didn't listen, even when he advised him. And then, Valio gave up on him when he abandoned his child, even if it was an illegitimate child. I think that child was probably me.
After that, he said that he distanced himself from Bardomyl and was spending the rest of his life managing this mansion. Once in a while, Bardomyl came to the mansion for holiday.
"I am the Property Manager of the Dorianus household. And, for that reason, I thought this mansion would collapse if I didn't manage it." (Valio)
He maintained these lowlives house from collapsing until now. Valio, who continued to maintain this mansion, is truly an exception. There was also a story in the past where Valio thought that the Dorianus household would disappear, since it continued declining, but…
"However, whether it was fortunate or not, Karios invented a tool and rebuilt the household a bit. Even though it is only temporary, this is the result. Good grief, I wonder how much master will mourn if he were to know about this?" (Valio)
Valio looked down at Bardomyl and Karios, who had become tattered, with cold eyes, but then had a gentle smile when he raised his face.
"Nevertheless, you are kind. I thought they would have lost their lives, but they are merely stunned with no disabilities." (Valio)
"No, in fact it is not over yet. As for the finishing touches, I have to go outside, since I need to get something from the carriage." (Sirius)
"I see. If you don't mind, can I see it?" (Valio)
"Feel free to do so." (Sirius)
After Valio bowed, he opened the front door.
When I got out with Valio and them, my disciples immediately noticed me and rushed towards me.
"Aniki-!" (Reus)
"Sirius-sama! Are you alright?" (Emilia)
"Aah, there is no problem. Anyway, how are you guys?" (Sirius)
"Yes, we have been waiting awhile, since Sirius-sama wasn't here, but those adventurers suddenly attacked us." (Emilia)
"Yeah, Aniki. Why did they suddenly attack Nee-chan, Hokuto and me?" (Reus)
When I turned my eyes to the side, the adventurers were lying on the ground and were tied up with a rope. The man who sat on the coachman's seat seemed to be their friend, and all three of them had fainted.
A decent adventurer wouldn't want to be hired by those lowlives; so, naturally, they attracted adventurers with bad characters.
In the vicinity of the carriage, Reese was combing Hokuto's hair, and it was rare to see her so angry with puffed up cheeks.
"They suddenly said that they wanted to tie Hokuto up and sell Emilia and Reese at a high price. No matter how I look at it, I can't forgive them." (Reus)
"They probably looked down on us, since we are young. Hokuto-san and Reus cleared them up in an instant, so we have no injuries. Leaving that aside, how about Sirius-sama?" (Emilia)
"We heard some screams echoing from within, could it be from the ones that Aniki is holding?" (Reus)
"Aah, to tell you the truth…" (Sirius)
I told the disciples what happened inside the mansion.
At first, I pitied the father-and-son duo, who were in a condition to not be seen, but when I heard that they were going to train Reese to their liking, or how they wanted to deal with Emilia and Reus, and sell Hokuto, it made me see them as nothing more than bugs.
"Although Reese and I are 'owned' by Sirius-sama, to say such a thing like snatching us away… What happened to them was, of course, the most natural outcome." (Emilia)
"I-I am Sirius-san's? M-maybe… Besides, they were really bad people, since they ignored other people feels and would say such things." (Reese)
"What are you going to do with them, Aniki? Bury them alive?" (Reus)
"For now, I think I will teach them to realize the cold-hard facts, rather than bury them alive." (Sirius)
After I released my hold on the father-and-son duo, and asked Reese to use some water magic on them, they opened their eyes while groaning.
And, when they saw me…
"Hii…hyaaarghhh!" (Bardomyl?)
"Hahiii!? Hi-hiiii!?" (Karios?)
They tried to stand up, but, since they couldn't, they tried to escape while crawling on their hands and knees. Hmmm, if I say do so myself, that is a splendid outcome after training them.
"…Sirius-san, what on earth happened to those guys?" (Reese)
"I taught them a small lesson. It's only natural, since they were aiming for you guys." (Sirius)
"As expected of Sirius-sama. What a splendid skill." (Emilia)
"If Aniki deals with it, anyone will become obedient." (Reus)
Reese was puzzled by the sudden change of the father-and-son duo, but the siblings proudly nodded. As usual, these siblings never flinched.
While showing a bitter smile to the disciples, the father-and-son duo shouted at me, while looking at me, as if trying to overcome their fears.
"Th-th-this… monster! You bastard, after treating your real parent this badly, you're no longer my child!" (Bardomyl)
"Don't come any closer, you monster! You are a demon in human skin!" (Karios)
"…Reus. Do you know what to do with these people?" (Emilia)
"Of course, Nee-chan. These guys are talking bad about Aniki, so we…" (Reus)
"Yeah, yeah, calm down." (Sirius)
The siblings were starting to release their bloodlust because of the verbal abuse, but I stroked their heads to calm them down.
But this time, it will be different. In order to teach this lowlife who calls himself a parent properly, I brought the siblings closer and said.
"Even if we are related by blood, you guys don't deserve to be called my parent and brother. My family is not you guys, but the ones who are beside me." (Sirius)
"Sirius-sama…" (Emilia)
"Aniki…" (Rues)
"Of course, that goes for Reese and Hokuto, too. All of my precious disciples are my friends and my family. Even if I am called a monster by you, who has no relationship with me, it doesn't bother me at all." (Sirius)
"Sirius-san…" (Reese)
"Woof…!" (Hokuto)
When I smiled at Reese and Hokuto, who were standing behind me, Reese also made a smile and stood next to me, while Hokuto rubbed his face on my back.
The father-and-son duo were overwhelmed when I said that without any hesitation, before they noticed the presence of Valio, who was standing nearby with a smile.
"Va-Valio! What are you doing there?! Hurry up… quickly, do something about him!" (Bardomyl)
"Somehow, try to get rid of this guy! If you do that, later…" (Karios)
"Please, calm down, Bardomyl-sama. And, young master, please understand the difference in power between me and Sirius-sama." (Valio)
"F-for that commoner, I will allow you to use my household's power!" (Bardomyl)
"Make up your mind! If not, we really will be killed this time. Besides, he doesn't seem to be done talking yet. If you don't listen to him properly, he'll become even more terrible." (Karios)
Bardomyl nodded obediently when he heard that and looked at his son's determined eyes, before Karios turned away while grinding his teeth.
Apparently, Valio seemed to be the last hope for this father-and-son duo. Whether or not he thought that there was truth in what Karios said, he obediently listened to them and followed his orders. Since I was guided here properly, I'm going to put on the finishing touches, as thanks to Valio.
"Emilia." (Sirius)
"Yes!" (Emilia)
After I called out to Emilia, she went to the carriage, brought the mantle that I got from Princess Lifell and put it on my back. When I displayed the Elysion national emblem on my back, Valio and Karios had widened their mouths, but Bardomyl was confused and tilted his head.
"Ah, that is…!? No way, why does a commoner like you have… that?" (Karios)
"What, it's just the national emblem of Elysion! Something like that, if I go to Elysion, I can get as many as I like…" (Bardomyl)
"That's not it, Bardomyl-sama! In Elysion, no one can sew the national emblem on anything, without permission. In other words, that was given to him directly by the country." (Valio)
"Wha!? Th-that's a lie! He is not a noble! I see now, he used my name to arbitrarily…" (Bardomyl)
"Regrettably, Elysion does not move because of the Dorianus household's name, which is only a rural nobility. In short, he got it because of his ability. Since it cannot be given by one of the castle's soldiers, it was probably given by someone who has a considerable position." (Valio)
"Fa-father. I heard something from some merchants who peddled in Elysion before. A certain commoner was recruited by the royal family and was given the mantle of the Imperial Guard. In other words, he is…" (Karios)
That saved me the time and effort to explain. Nevertheless, it seems that the story that I was recruited has spread even to the rural area.
The discussion was quick, if they understood anything. It was no longer possible for a rural noble to make a fool of a commoner who is (going to be a part of) the Imperial Guard for the royal family.
Bardomyl was laughing weakly because of the fact that the child that he expelled has become even better than himself.
"Hu, huhaha… this is… a dream. There's no way that such a child is better than me." (Bardomyl)
"No, this is reality. If you say that you cannot believe it, then let me show you the power that has been recognized by the royal family before your very eyes." (Sirius)
I flipped my mantle and extended my hand towards the town of Almest. A long time ago, it seemed that they tried to make a road straight to the town from here, but abandoned the project because of how thick the forest was spreading. I heard from Kaa-san that the current road was possible because it was a detour.
"You complained that the road was narrow, didn't you? If so… I'll make a new road." (Sirius)
The spell that I am about to fire is the [Anti-Materiel] that I used against Rodwell's [Mountain Pressure].
As a result of practicing by improvising the Image, I fired off a magic bullet that had more power with better accuracy from my hand, creating a thunderous roar as it mowed the forest down.
The outcome was… a road that connects the mansion to the town in a straight line. It's difficult for one's feet, but there is enough space even for bigger carriages.
By the way, I have confirmed through [Search] beforehand that there was no one standing in the way and the range of [Anti-Materiel] was limited to the border of the forest.
Bardomyl and Karios were stunned when they saw the destruction before their eyes; and, when they looked at me, they started to tremble again as they clung to Valio.
"Help us! Please, help us, Valio! What are you going to say to that monster!?" (Karios)
"Nooo! I will be killed! Why… why was a child like that born from that girl?!" (Bardomyl)
"…Understood. Let me negotiate with him. Since it is dangerous, please let me go, both of you." (Valio)
They nodded many times when Valio said that, and then, they obediently separated from him and hid themselves at the nearby tree. Valio walked here with a bitter smile. He stood in front of me and lowered his head as he said in a loud voice.
"Somehow, please forgive their impoliteness, Sirius-sama! If you say that you still angry, I will give you my life, instead." (Valio)
Although he said he would give up his life, I wondered why he was protecting them; but, as I understood his intention, I spoke with a voice that can be heard by them. Let's go along with his farce.
I instructed the disciples to stand by and pointed my hand at Valio, while sticking my chest out proudly.
"Hou, you don't mind dying for them?" (Sirius)
"I don't have much time left, but it is my desire, if it is helpful for the future of Dorianus household. Therefore, please have compassion and forgive them." (Valio)
"…That's fine. I will forgive them because of your loyalty." (Sirius)
"I will appreciate your kindness." (Valio)
This person is considerably sly. From the father and son's point of view, they would think that Valio is a loyal subject who offered his life to become their shield. Far from just earning a huge amount of trust from them, he gave them a huge 'loan'. He murmured something about getting ownership of this mansion, after this racket got settled.
When Valio saw the scene where the father-and-son duo were gladly hugging each other, knowing that they were forgiven, he bowed again and thanked me.
"Thank you very much for going along with my farce." (Valio)
"It seems things will settle down, now." (Sirius)
"Yes, I think they understand it well enough, but I will warn them if they don't let this go. Well, it is impossible for them to do anything because they have no authority, money or strength that can hurt you." (Valio)
"Haha, that's for certain." (Sirius)

I heard this story later, but it seems that Valio knew Erina-Kaasan when my mothers were in Bardomyl's main residence.
However, Valio couldn't stop working against the Eldorand household, and Erina-Kaasan hated the Dorianus household; so, those two didn't get along with each other, but they developed mysterious bond, after recognizing each other's abilities as attendants.
And the reason he chose to spend the rest of his life in this mansion was also because that place was the place where Erina-Kaasan's gone through so much hardship and it seems that he thought of maintaining it as long as his life continues.
He talked so seriously, so I told him about Erina-Kaasan's grave in the mountain, and he promised to go there regularly and clean the place up. I'm totally saved with this, but I properly told him that it's unreasonable for me to force him to do it.
Although it was trivial garbage cleaning, the family trouble ended with this.

We departed from Valio and arrived at Almest, before heading to the Galgan Company and meeting Gadd again. However, since there were a lot of things going on today, and it had become so late, we would explain the details tomorrow and headed towards the referred inn.
And the referred inn was said to compete for number one or two best lodgings in Almest. Furthermore, Hokuto was allowed to enter the inn because of Gadd's reference. By the way, Gadd was surprised when he saw Hokuto for the first time, but he laughed it out because he thought that Hokuto is a suitable Beast Companion for me. As a former adventurer who lives in the world of business, I think he is a strong man who has considerable courage.
"You are valued customers of the Galgan Company; so, we will prepare the best room for you. There are private rooms and a big room where everyone can enter; so, which one do you prefer?" (Gadd)
"The private room…" (Sirius)
"""The big room!"""" (Emilia/Reus/Reese)
…Due to the majority's vote, everyone will stay in the big room.
The chosen room was a splendidly large room with an exclusive carpet spread all over the floor and came fully equipped with a bathroom. There are four large beds, too; so, it appears that we can relax in this room.
As I relaxed while lying on the bed, I remembered something when I looked at Hokuto, who was sleeping on the carpet. Which reminds me, I bought a brush for Hokuto in the town earlier.
Because of that, I immediately took out the brush to brush Hokuto, but the siblings reacted earlier. …When I started brushing Hokuto, the siblings were depressed, since their tails and ears drooped down. Since they immediately regain themselves when I said that I would brush them next, I kept on brushing Hokuto without worry.
When I called out Hokuto, he approached while wagging his tail. I laid him on the carpet and started brushing him.
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
"Do you feel good? After all, this is meant to make you relax." (Sirius)
It's hard to brush Hokuto because of his huge body, but when I think that I can thoroughly enjoy his pleasant hair, I don't mind it. Or perhaps I should say, since my mind is a bit bothered because of those lowlives from earlier today, it seems I can calm down by doing this. Animal therapy is exceptionally effective, after all.
Besides, this hair is truly a wonder. The brush doesn't catch at all and there is almost no hair loss. The hair maintains the glittering white shine, since the hair is completely free from not only water or dirt, but also blood. It might be good to accumulate the hair loss and make a pillow or cushion out of it.
As I continued brushing, I remembered what I said to Gadd.

As soon as I arrived at the Galgan Company, I asked for an inn and talked to Gadd about two things.
First, I asked about the existence of the tools that Karios sells.
When I asked for the details, he said that it was a magic tools that produces cold wind… in other words, it is like an electric fan. It is a magic tool that moves because of magic formations, so it is probably strange to compare it to an electric fan, since it doesn't have any wings.
Anyhow, it is a large box magic tool that contains water and wind magic formations. The mechanism creates a wind that contains moisture when the tool is filled with mana. Karios sold it to a company that was different from the Galgan Company, and it sold well, since it was put on the market during the hot season.
There are some weaknesses of the tool, such as being inconvenient to carry, and the large mana consumption for using two magic formations at the same time, but Gadd estimated that it will sell like hot cakes in the next hot season.
So, I suggested a real fan from the knowledge of the previous life.
There is no motor to turn the propeller, but you can use magic formation to do that instead. When I gave a blueprint of the fan, the most difficult part was to explain, in detail, the propeller mechanism, and I also taught him how to draw a magic formation that has small mana consumption.
When I handed it over to Gadd, his eyes were glittering and he happily grasped my hand.
"What an amazing invention, Danna! It is more compact than that other magic tool, it consumes less mana and the cost is also cheap. This is definitely going to be popular!" (Gadd)
"Sell this and Karios' magic tool will be outdated. You must retaliate indirectly." (Sirius)
"Leave it to me!" (Gadd)
The Galgan Company also doesn't like the Dorianus household, and that's why he was so excited with my suggestion. If this sells and Karios' tool doesn't, the income of the Dorianus family will also decrease. Since I'm going to do this, I will do it thoroughly.
The other thing that I requested from him was to send a letter to Elysion.
The contents were, of course, about today's matters. It talked about high-handed nobles who abuses their authority and crushes rival households whenever they find a woman that they like. It is a bit similar to a report.
And, I didn't forget to write that the eldest son of the noble household declared that he wanted to train Reese…
I'm not sure whether the authority of Elysion reaches this far, but there is a king and a princess who dots over Reese. I decided to give them some punishment in secret. It will probably be alright with just removing their court rank for a proper reason, but if this is handled poorly, I have a feeling that they will send over an assassin.
In addition to the economic blow, the Dorianus family will be punished, somehow, by the royal family. I cannot imagine what that household will be like after the next few months.
Well, I guess they didn't realize what they had done. I already feel good and it was best to forget about them, since they won't have any extra room to get involved with us anymore.

And so, I continued brushing Hokuto, who appears to be feeling comfortable with his eyes closed, but my hand stopped when I was about 80% finished.
Hokuto turned to me because my hand suddenly stopped, but he consented after looking at the people next to me.
"…Uhmm, what are you guys doing?" (Sirius)
"We are waiting for our turn."(Emilia)
While holding her personal brush, Emilia immediately sat next to me with a smile on her face. Reus and Reese also formed a line next to her, and, somehow, they had their own combs.
"Sirius-sama's brushing is the best. Is this what you call 'perfect happiness that reaches the heavens'… Anyhow, it makes me happy!" (Emilia)
"Although I lose to Hokuto-san, my tail won't lose, Aniki!" (Reus)
"Umm… I somehow feel that I have to join in. As a family… that much is good, right?" (Reese)
Hokuto looked at the disciples, who were waiting to enjoy themselves, before he made a small bark that meant that he understood, and walked away from me. Although you are a wolf, you are the most adult among them.
Emilia immediately sat right in front of me and handed me her brush to use on her, while wagging her tail.
"Here you go, Sirius-sama! Please thoroughly enjoy my tail!" (Emilia)
"I got it, so please stop wagging your tail." (Sirius)
While calming the excited Emilia, I started brushing my disciples. By the way, Reese is a human, and she doesn't have a tail; so, is it alright to comb her hair?
"Aah… I am happy…" (Emilia)
"Ooo… that's it! Aniki's brushing is the best, after all!" (Reus)
"Ehehe… It is my first time having someone other than Ane-sama and Senia comb my hair, but it feels good." (Reese)
By looking at their glossy hair, it seems that there is no abnormality with the disciples' health.
Emilia's tail was fluffy as ever and it felt really good. As for Reus, he has a habit of making his tail jump, but the feeling of it is not bad at all.
Reese's hair is slightly curled on the tips, but it doesn't got caught on the comb and it is very smooth. It seems to have a different feeling compared to Hokuto's.

After I finished brushing the disciples, I sat on the sofa in the room and drank some tea.
This tea was not prepared in the room nor from room service. Emilia, herself, borrowed a kitchen in the hotel and prepared it.
She was a woman who immersed herself with the lingering sound of the brush next to me. Reus fell asleep from the brushing and was now lying, spread-eagled, on the bed. By the way, Reese continued brushing Hokuto.
"Haa.. I am satisfied. I feel comfortable sleeping today." (Emilia)
"Anyukii…" (Reus)
"I am not as good as Sirius-san, but does it feel comfortable, Hokuto?" (Reese)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Bardomyl and I are indeed connected by blood, but for me, who doesn't have parents, I think the real family for me are those around me, even if they are not related by blood.
Although we are not blood-related, we are a master and a disciple, or a master and his attendants.
But for me, these guys have become indispensable existences. Let's protect them as long as my life goes on.
I can spend the rest of my time taking care of my disciples as I please… no, not disciples, but my family.

Extra/Bonus 1
"Even if we are related by blood, you guys don't deserve to be called my parent and brother. Besides, my family is not you guys, but the ones who are beside me." (Sirius)
"Sirius-sama…" (Emilia)
The degree of favorable impression from Emilia went up.
Emilia's favorable impression value reached its limit.
And it continues to break until the 10th limit.
Emilia had a 'class up' to become an [Attendant of Absolute Love].
Extra/Bonus 2
Several days after Sirius was reaquainted with Bardomyl.
In the Elysion castle, in the private room of Princess Lifell.
"Lifell-sama, what are you reading with such a serious face?" (Senia)
"Read this as well, Senia. You also have the right to know." (Lifell)
"Please, excuse me. …Lifell-sama, I'm sorry, but I would like to take a few days off…" (Senia)
"You can't." (Lifell)
"Is…that so? But, this is…" (Senia)
"We will send an investigation party, and we will go together with them. Although it is a bit irresponsible, if a large amount of strong men disappear, it will probably be… bad, so we'll lead the party." (Lifell)
"Please, leave it to me." (Senia)
"And, don't tell Otou-san. I think he will be angry and definitely sneak out of the castle." (Lifell)
"Understood. Let's keep the letter inside of a safe." (Senia)
Later on in that side of the story, Cardeas found out about it, somehow, and it seemed that he tried to get into the investigation party, but Princess Lifell managed to stop him with a paralysis poison.
A few days later, the Dorianus household was…


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