Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Volume 8 intermission 2

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Enjoy!Intermission 2: The Place where We Should Return.

— Emilia —
Few days after enrolling at the Adventurer’s Guild, we, the siblings, and Reese gathered at 'Spring Breeze's Perch' Inn.
Those two are here because I invited them but since this is a secret meeting, our master, Sirius-sama, is not around at the moment.
The reason is because our discussion from now on is a secret from Sirius-sama. I feel bad for having a secret from that person but we were all agreeing because it will bring great things for him.
"Thank you so much for lending us this place, Laura-san." (Emilia)
"I don't really mind but it's rare for you guys to not be around Sirius-kun." (Laura)
"I also think the same. It is unusual for Nee-chan to leave Aniki." (Reus)
When I thanked the 'Spring Breeze's Perch' landlady for preparing tea, Reus said he was surprised about me.
Good grief, what a rude younger brother. It's true I love Sirius-sama but I don't have a plan to become a woman who annoys her master and follows him persistently. Sirius-sama also has time he wants to be alone so I will leave him simply by reading the mood.
That's right, as a servant for that person, it is easy…easy… aah, I want to see him!
"Ne…Nee-chan…" (Reus)
"Hey Emilia! Why are you strangling Reus' neck? Pull yourself together!" (Reese)
"Haa!?" (Emilia)
It's no good, not good. Since I want to see him if I think about him, let's stop here. I already miss Sirius-sama but I must act calmly as an attendant for that person. I released Reus, I stroked his head and apologized.
"Gohoo… why can't I surpass Nee-chan?" (Reus)
"Because I'm your sister. Now, the reason I gather you guys is none other than this. Frankly, I was thinking to express our gratitude to Sirius-sama who has been taking care of us like always," (Emilia)
That's right, we are really protected by Sirius-sama. Even looking at one meal, it's not only with meat but he also mixed it with vegetables because he worries about our health but it makes us ignorant. What should we give to that person to repay his favor?
I thought of giving him my first time to repay his favor but… he is not going to accept it. Although Erina-san said 'to proactively appeal to a man when he is ready at certain age… isn't it weird? Although I want to make him satisfied with this big chest…
No, it's not something to be impatient. She said it seems there will be a time when a man will be interested in a woman so it's going to be a 'match' from now on.
As a matter of offering my body, that will be sooner or later. So, let's think about our favor for this situation now.
"We have registered in the guild and we earned money. Because of that, I am thinking about what kind of present too get Sirius-sama by using our income… what do you think?" (Emilia)
"That's a good question! I'll work hard on it!" (Reus)
"Yeah, Sirius-san has been helping me so much so whatever it is, I want to repay his kindness." (Reese)
I didn't think they would object but above all, they agreed to it.
By the way, Sirius-sama is currently having business with Zack-san in the Galgan Company. I didn't hear the details but he said something about ordering necessary things for after our graduation.
Today, we got permission to spend our time freely. Now it's morning and I was told to return home by dinner. So, we're going to earn money until evening to prepare our gratitude.
"Say Emilia. What's up with your feelings now? You were like usual until yesterday, right?" (Reese)
"By becoming an adventurer, to earn an income is one step into adulthood and as a servant for that person, I plan to embrace that. At first, I'll will start with such feelings. And in the end, I aim to be a servant like Erina-san who taught me." (Emilia)
"Erina-san was a wonderful person." (Reus)
"Was she the one who taught you how to be a servant’s? Was she wonderful?" (Reese)
"Yes, she was. Although it was a short time, I was taught various things by that person." (Emilia)
I think Erina-san is a perfect model of a servant.
She grasped the time not to disturb when Sirius-sama was working, and she flawlessly served her master when he needed something necessary without being told. I haven't reached that stage yet but I want to be like that as a servant for that person.
But the top priority right now is our gratitude too Sirius-sama.
"Well, I've already told my aim, so let's move soon. I have already received two requests from the guild." (Emilia)
"You move really fast, Nee-chan. Even if it's not only for today in particular, shouldn't we slowly earn our income?" (Reus)
"I don't want to be away from Sirius-sama many different times." (Emilia)
"I see!" (Reus)
"I understand! No… I don't understand though." (Reese)
My aim is to be Sirius-sama personal care. That's why I can't be away from him a lot of times.
Anyhow, since those two agreed, I took out two pieces of paper with requests and put it on the table. The requests are to survey the Goblin nest and to pick water crystal flowers at Jya-O lake which is a slight distance away from Elysion. Those two picked it up and confirmed it but it seemed they had questions because they were looking here.
"It's a survey not subjugation and picking requests. The rewards are somewhere from several copper coins to one silver coin huh…" (Reus)
"Yeah. I'm not sure what to prepare for Sirius-san but I wonder if this would be enough. Although I think it's not necessary to rely on the things that require money but if possible, I want to prepare something good." (Reese)
"These were only for those who have just registered. However, the request is only for its outward appearance." (Emilia)
That's right. After all, the most important thing of the requests is the place. For that, we finished preparing various things.
"We're going to survey the Goblin's nest. I've heard from the receptionist say that we should run if we are attacked but they didn't say anything about defeating it. And, it isn't stated in the written request." (Emilia)
"In short, what are we going to do, Nee-chan?" (Reus)
"Reus, we are investigating it as an excuse but we are going to annihilate them. Incidentally, I secured the selling off completely." (Emilia)
"Understood!" (Reus)
"Ehh!? Is it not… dangerous?" (Reese)
Reese was surprised for an instant but she realized that there won't be a problem because she has watched Reus defeat goblins easily many times.
The guild may scold us because we're doing this as we please but the enemies are goblins that hunt livestock and think nothing but impregnating woman. We won't be scolded if we defeat the enemy of woman and our evaluation may improve.
So, if we check their nest in order to investigate and then we should report that we found the nest and annihilated them. Taking this opportunity, our rank may not only go up but we earn an income too. It's like killing two birds with one stone.
"If you find the nest, just 'thoughtlessly' attack it." (Emilia)
"Then it will be a 'thoughtless' annihilation huh." (Reus)
"That is not being' thoughtless', you know…" (Reese)
"Yes, these are the box lunch and drinks. When you're done, let's gather back here." (Emilia)
"Understood, Nee-chan. I'll go right away." (Reus)
"Come back before evening. Take care." (Emilia)
"T-take care…" (Reese)
Reus went off after preparing his stuff. It seems Reus will arrive to where the nest is before noon. Sirius-sama said that it will only take about one hour if it's Reus.
Next is our turn. The content of the request paper is the delivery of water crystal flowers but of course that's not only it.
"If Reus is going to annihilate goblins, is there something about this request?" (Reese)
"Of course. You know what type of habitat is at Jya-O lake, right?" (Emilia)
"It's because of… Jya-Ora Snake right? That means…" (Reese)
"It's as Reese expected. While we gather the water crystal flower, we just 'thoughtlessly' hunt the Jya-Ora Snake and sell the raw materials." (Emilia)
"Don't say 'thoughtlessly'! This is not the time to say it." (Reese)
If I don't say 'thoughtlessly', what should I say then? We are like beginner adventurers who are rising up (the ranks) and even intermediate adventurers were said to have a hard fight against that monster. So, I certainly can't stop saying that.
"But you know, it's good if we kill it but… how should we hold the raw materials and bring it back? Since the meat and fangs are highly demanded, won't it get heavy?" (Reese)
"I asked Zack-san to prepare a carriage for that reason. If I explain it for Sirius-sama's purpose, he will rent it for cheap." (Emilia)
"Won't that be discovered by Sirius-san?" (Reese)
"I asked him to make it a secret and since the receipt of payment is not from the Galgan Company, it will be alright. Time is precious, so shall we go at once?" (Emilia)
"Though I'm worried about various things but I got it. If I think of this as gratitude for Sirius-san, I'll close my eyes on the details." (Reese)
Reese was also prepared and then we decided to go to Jya-O lake immediately.

We went to the horse carriage stand-by station that is near to the entry gate of Elysion, we handed the note we received from Zack-san and borrowed the carriage. The carriage is with one horse, has small hood that can only fit two people, but it's good enough because we're not going for a long distance. As expected of Zack-san, he prepared it nicely.
We departed and I sat at the coachman's seat and Reese looked here puzzled.
"Can Emilia handle horses?" (Reese)
"Although this is my first time, I know how to do it." (Emilia)
I was taught by Zack-san when we went to Elysion. That time was a carriage with two horses but this time it is only with one horse. If we're careful, I can manage it somehow.
"Isn't better to employ a coachman?" (Reese)
"It costs us more money if I do that. Besides, don't worry because there's only one horse." (Emilia)
"… I am somewhat uneasy but I guess it can't be helped." (Reese)
After I convinced Reese, we went off.

We handed our guild card and request papers to gatekeeper at the entrance of walls that surround Elysion, and then we went outside.
Which reminds me, this is the first time going out of town without Sirius-sama. If this was in the olden days, I would would have been scared and never do it but now, I don't think it's scary. This is also because of training from Sirius-sama and it contributes to the fact that I learned the technique to survive outside. We must succeed in this request regardless so that we can earn a lot of money and repay his kindness.
There is some distance to Jya-O lake, the carriage keeps advancing while gaining a little speed. The weather is clear too and while basking in the sun, Reese came over next to me while I held the rein.
"Are you alright with handling the horse?" (Reese)
"There's no problem. It's docile and this good child follows orders obediently." (Emilia)
"Instead of just riding this, will you teach me how to handle horse?" (Reese)
"Sure. First is pulling the rein…" (Emilia)
After that, while teaching her how to handle the horse, we're heading to Jya-O lake.

We ran the carriage for an hour while alternating coachman and then we finally arrived at Jya-O lake.
It is said that monsters will gather easily at places where there's water but since the Jya-Ora snake, high ranking monster, lives in Jya-O lake surroundings, there are few other monsters here. Since the horse is unlikely to be attacked, we tied the horse to tree slightly away from the lake and finished our preparations.
First of all, let's begin by picking up water crystal flowers as per the original request.
"The request requires twenty water crystal flowers, right?" (Reese)
"That is written in request paper but we can buy it if they are being sold." (Emilia)
Water crystal flower is a flower that blooms on clear water. The features of the flower's petals are that they're crystal clear. Although it's a small flower, it is a flower that can be used as antipyretic and restorative medicine. Since it grows in shallow places, I can gather it even from the land.
It is not that precious and the unit price is cheap but Sirius-sama thought even dust when piled up can mean something.
According to the plan, we searched for the flower after confirming Jya-Ora Snakes was not around but I would rather they find us so we moved without minding about it.
We continued gathering the flowers and then we perceived an unusual event when we got to 30th.
"Eh? There is no other monster too." (Reese)
According to Reese, the one monster that drank water in slight distant away from us had disappeared. Could it be…
"It seems something has come." (Emilia)
"How are we going to fight?" (Reese)
"Since today we have two, let's go with Reese disturbing it and I will bring it down." (Emilia)
"Roger. The spirits are lively since this is a lake area so I'm prepared." (Reese)
We stopped gathering and carry the water crystal flowers quickly to the carriage. When we're about done with that, a large shadow rose from the lake and Jya-Ora Snake appeared along with spray of water.
The big snake's whole body is covered with yellow scales and there are countless fangs on its mouth. Is the length probably around five meters? This big guys size is twice the normal so I guess it just became an adult.
Whether it noticed us or not, its sharp eyes looked towards our direction. Then, that big body got out from the lake and drew closer to us. Normally, we should escape but… Reese and I couldn't separate our eyes from that big body while swallowing saliva.
"Unajuu…" (Emilia) (TLN: It's a broiled eel served over rice in two separate stacked boxes)
"Kabayaki would be delicious too…" (Reese) (TLN from Wiki: Kabayaki is a preparation of fish or snake in this novel where the snake is split down the back, gutted and boned, butterflied, cut into square fillets, skewered, dipped in a sweet soy sauce-based sauce before being broiled on a grill.)
When we ate Jya-Ora Snake meat for the first time in 'Spring Breeze's Perch' inn, Sirius-sama said it was like Unagi.
Shortly after that, Sirius-sama obtained Jya-Ora Snake's meat and made a new dish from it. It is black, grilled and has a deep flavor, the dish that combines rice and Unajuu together is a superb dish.
I want to eat it… again. Looking at the Jya-Ora Snake, we decided to hunt it no matter what it takes.
"Although the meat is sold at a high price…" (Reese)
"I will secure a little for sure." (Emilia)
Our hearts became one, now that a hunting trophy is before us, we become the predator. The Jya-Ora Snake that drew closer faltered an instant but maybe it's just our imagination.
I took throwing knives while Reese talked to the spirits and prepared her magic.
"Let's do this!" (Emilia)
"Please! [Aqua Pillar]" (Reese)
And the battle ended in the blink of an eye.
To be specific, its movement was obstructed by numerous [Aqua Pillars] and I cut it's neck by using [Air Slash]. That's the end of it. The original [Air Slash] will be repelled by the scales but mine was thin and sharp to the point it will hurt if someone touches it. I was taught by Sirius-sama to imagine sharp wind.
And the completed result was an unusually sharp and beautiful cut displayed. If that didn't work, we planned to use Reese's [Aqua Cutter] but it seemed that it wasn't necessary.
"Now, shall we tear off the scales and fangs while we wait for the blood to be drained out?" (Emilia)
"That's right. The eyeball is proof of subjugating the snakes so it can be sold with a high price, right?" (Reese)
As Reese said that, she stabed a work knife on its head without hesitation.
Reese is a gentle child who doesn't want to hurt people but when it comes to stripping and cooking monster meat, she doesn't hesitate too much. Perhaps, it is because of her mom was an adventurer but she really had no trouble to scoop out the eyeball. After that, she held up the eyeball that can look at the sun like a crystal and nodded in satisfaction.
If it's like this, we seem to do well as adventurers. I stripped off the tusks and scales while thinking so.
"I secured both eyeballs." (Reese)
"Just stack it up on the tusks and fangs. Next is the meat. Although we may not completely drain all the blood, let's secure it too." (Emilia)
In fact, I wanted to hang it to drain the blood but it's impossible since Reus, who's in charge of having strength, was not here. Besides, if we take too much time, other monster will appear because they were tempted by the smell of the blood. Then, we'll separate it for sales purposes and share it with [Spring Breeze's Perch] inn. We secured a portion for us to eat and put the rest into the carriage.
Although we hunted as gratitude towards Sirius-sama, isn't it weird to hand it to him and make him cook it, but Sirius-sama dishes are the best but… that is another matter.

We headed back to the town after loading the goods into the carriage.
The gatekeeper and the Adventurer Guild were surprised but they somehow bought the raw materials while we reported our accomplishments of the water crystal flower request.
Maybe because Reese and I hunted Jya-Ora Snake, our guild ranks rose. That promotion is not possible in only few days after registering but Instructor Reed who knows our ability was there, our rank rose from tenth to eighth rank.
We returned the carriage and when we went to [Spring Breeze's Perch] inn again, it's already turned just before dusk. There was no other way to make it earlier because moving the loads took most of our time and I was able to make it before dusk because I was in hurry.
"Oh, welcome back. You have returned safely." (Laura)
"I'm back. By the way, has Reus returned back?" (Emilia)
"He still hasn't returned yet. I would know if he has and I don't think I overlooked him." (Laura)
"Is that so? Ah, I would like to share this meat as a gift. Please accept it as thanks for lending me the place." (Emilia)
I handed dozens of kilos of meat that I got to Laura-san. The lump of meat was not processed yet but she seemed to notice immediately since it's the meat used for the main dish of [Spring Breeze's Perch] Inn.
"Is this… alright? If I am going to buy this, it will be one gold coin, you know?" (Laura)
"I don't mind. Because we already secured our portions and sold most parts. It will be hard for us to sell if you return the meat to us." (Emilia)
"Is that so? But I'll buy it properly from you, not receive it as a gift. I will prepare the money so please wait at the dining table." (Laura)
As what she said, we returned to the table which we had our morning meeting.
I am free now since Reus hasn't returned so shall I discuss about the calculation of money and what to buy with Reese?
"Yeah and… we have three gold coins and twelve silver coins in total. What should we buy then?" (Emilia)
"I still can't believe I've made so much money in a day. With this, we can buy various things." (Reese)
"Hey you guys, don't spread the money (on the table) just like that!" (Laura)
While we were still thinking, Laura-san scolded us with money in her hand. She's right, it will be dinner time soon and the number of customer will be increasing so if they see children like us holding lots of money, there will enemies with bad manners that might come out.
"I'm sorry. I was a bit careless." (Emilia)
"It's all good if you understand it. Here you go, the price for the meat. By the way, have you eaten dinner?" (Laura)
"Not yet but I am going to return and have dinner together with Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"Is that so? I don't mind but if you guys are waiting until Reus come back, I should at least prepare some drinks. We are really saved because our meat stock was low." (Laura)
I had Laura prepare squeezed fruit juice and kept waiting for Reus while discussing what we should buy.

After one hour… it would be bad if we didn't return soon but Reus has finally returned. There was blood here and there on his body but he was laughing contently. I guess all of that was goblins' blood.
"I'm back, Nee-chan! Reese-ane!" (Reus)
"Welcome back Reus. Although you are unusually late, are you alright?" (Emilia)
"Welcome back. Though there are bloodstains, you are not injured, right?" (Reese)
"Ou! I'm alright because I'm not injured at all. And even though I'm late, it's because of lots of things were going on, I earned some money as well." (Reus)
Reus casually put a pouch on the table but it seemed that the pouch was unusually swelled and packed with lots of money. I thought it would be good for him to earn several silver coins from the quest reward and by selling off the raw materials but looking at that amount, I guess the goblin’s nest was big. Reus also worked hard.
Reus sat down and I gave my juice to him. And then, I checked the content of the pouch. The contents were stone coins, silver coins and several gold coins…. Ehhh!?
"What is it Emilia? Is it too much?" (Reese)
"… Even if I look just a bit, I think there are twenty gold coins." (Emilia)
"Ehh!?" (Reese)
What on earth did my younger brother do? With such a large amount of money, no matter how many goblins you kill, will you obtain that amount? No, goblin's raw material is cheap and it costs no more than stone coins and I probably won't make this much money even if I strip snakes for half a day.
That means, there should be another factor.
"Reus." (Emilia)
"What is Nee-chan? What's with that angry look?" (Reus)
"Tell me what happened after you left here. It's no good if you hide it." (Emilia)
"O, ou! Err, after I left the town…" (Reus)
Since Reus keep running everyday with weights on, he seemed to be continuously running without taking any breaks until he reached where the nest was located. And when he was about to arrive the aimed forest soon, he found a carriage that was running hastily.
"When I thought it was strange for them to be in hurry, they were chased by robbers. After I confirmed they were enemies, I sent all of them flying. There was a noble couple in the carriage but they weren't able to talk because they were in panic so I listened to their beautiful Onee-san escort about their situation." (TLN: The Onee-san is just an escort, not family related with the nobles.)
Reus rarely compliments so I guess he was right when saying she was a beautiful woman. He heard the situation where they were suddenly attacked by a group of goblins a little while ago and somehow managed to escape. However, the noble's only daughter and the swordsman escort's younger sister were kidnapped.
Those goblins were probably coming from the nest of the request. In order to rescue them fast, they went back to the town in a hurry and then they were attacked by robbers, and Reus intervened on them. They were extremely unlucky to be attacked twice.
The noble couple and the female escort begged Reus to rescue them but Reus, who prioritizes more on earning income and for Sirius-sama's sake, easily refused them.
"That is impossible since I have to enter the goblin's nest 'thoughtlessly''… that's what I told to refuse them." (Reus)
"It is not pointless if you say 'thoughtlessly'." (Emilia)
"That is not the problem. But… can you say that to refuse them?" (Reese)
At least Reus planned to refuse them. If those who didn't know him looked at the situation, won't they think of him as a cool person? If judging by the book, Reus looks like a protagonist in tales.
After that, he found the nest immediately and he thought it was strange since there was almost no one on lookout. Then he heard a woman's scream.
"I charged in since I could hear voices from the nest, the two Onee-sans were surrounded and held down by the goblins in the inner section. I thought this is what Aniki said about them kidnapping people to multiply so I killed the goblin that was closest to the Onee-san at once." (Reus)
He thought it would be the best to save those two women. After that, Reus acted violently in the goblins' nest and annihilated them in no time.
"By the way Reus, how many goblins were there?" (Emilia)
"Hmmm~… I stopped counting after fifty." (Reus)
A hundred is probably easy for Reus now but it's all good to kill it since their number was big and they might attack women in the meantime.
After Reus successfully annihilated them, he tore off the horns from goblins' corpses.
…and left the two women unattended.
"…To leave women who were about to attacked just like that, how on earth can you do that?" (Emilia)
I made a fist and grasped Reus' shoulder. For him to neglect women… it seems there is a need to educate this child.
"B-but! There was no reaction no matter how many times I called them and I didn't want to waste time." (Reus)
"Still, you are a boy and you should stay there until they calm down. If it's from Sirius-san, he will also say it's necessary to pay attention even to small details." (Reese)
"A-alright!" (Reus)
The two women probably calmed down after short while and they might want to say thanks to Reus and offered themselves to help Reus tearing of goblin's horns. At that moment, I realized something snapped.
After that, the carriage chased after Reus and met him. They said they were very thankful for the safety of the daughter and the younger sister.
"Then they asked what kind of rewards they should give since their daughter is in good hands. So, I said money or something like that." (Reus)
…I felt like something else was broken again. This time, it is completely broken.
Then he got gold coins from the noble and escorted them along the highway and when they got close to the town, he realized it was almost dusk. So he ran off from the carriage and returned to the town.
Once he returned, he immediately went to report for the quest reward but he was in considerable trouble since rather than investigating, he reported the annihilation of the goblins. Finally, since he held a lot of horns that has become the treatment of request by the recommendation for him together with us from Instructor Reed. So he got a temporary bonus and his rank raised by one.
"That means… I don't have plan to spend the money now so I leave everything to Nee-chan." (Reus)
"…Sure, thanks." (Emilia)
And the bag that is in front of us includes that and the money from selling the raw materials.
I want to praise him for earning this amount in half day but… why don't I feel like doing it?
Since I don't understand and there's unpleasant feelings remaining, let's report this to Sirius-sama.

And then, with the money we collected, we went to the famous high quality decoration shop in the town.
The stores lined up accessories that cost at least ten gold coins. Reese and I searched together for an accessory for Sirius-sama. By the way, Reus is staying outside because he got dirty with bloodstains.
We had trouble choosing but when we finally decided, the sky has become dark and our tummy started to grumble. It's natural because this is the usual time to prepare dinner. Leaving that aside, I have to hurry back home or I will go against Sirius-sama instruction to come back before dinner. No, before saying that, I actually want to see Sirius-sama soon.
We hurried home and when we turned at the alley… I noticed a suspicious presence.
Did those two noticed it too, since they got ready for battle. Then, three men stood before us and and we were surrounded by another two at our rear.
"I heard from the talk that the newcomers this time is considerably excellent." (??)
"Yeah. We can get a good price." (??)
"…What kind of business do you have with us?" (Emilia)
Although it feels unpleasant from those laughing men, it's courtesy to have a conversation first. Their capabilities were known from how poorly they concealed their presence but shall I prepare so we won't be suddenly ambushed because of our carelessness?
"What, we just came to protect newcomer adventurers." (??)
"We came to offer you a job that consists of beginner adventurers." (??)
"No, thanks. Since we are in hurry, can you let us through?" (Emilia)
"Yeah, get out of our way quickly." (Reus)
Whether Reus is in hurry or not, he also becomes displeased. But I am more displeased. We'll be late to go back to Sirius-sama because we mind you guys.
"Just wait. If you work with us, you'll get a lot of money, you know?" (??)
"That's right, we are just about to collect our money. Hey, a slave won't need money, right?" (??)
"…Is that so? Are you guys criminals?" (Emilia)
On the day we enrolled in Adventurer Guild, I remembered what the female receptionist said.
"Hmmm… this is just my personal advice but I often hear recently that newcomers don't return back unnaturally. You guys too, please be careful." (Receptionist)
When I heard the details, they said a young newcomer is most likely to be missing. I heard a lot that a beginner adventurer usually has no place to return. Furthermore, the investigation towards the missing beginner is usually very ignorant because they are assumed to be attacked by outside monsters.
I noticed something after hearing there talks so I guess that talk is about the men who appeared before us.
"What are we going to do, Nee-chan?" (Reus)
"Haven't you heard about beginner adventurers went missing? They were kidnapped by these guys and sold as slaves." (Emilia)
"What!?" (Reus)
Reus' anger reached the peak when he heard about slaves. I am angry too but there is a chance it might be due to something else. I stand by while raising my mana and give indication for Reus to wait through my eyes.
"For noticing how many guys earlier, you Ojou-chan are the earliest." (??)
"If you realize about it, it's impossible to refuse us. If you follow obediently, there won't be any pointless injuries, right?" (??)
"I don't want to become slave and I have no trouble with money so I refuse." (Emilia)
"Haa!? There is no reason to get into trouble… For young guys like you to become adventurers, you will suffer in living and have no place to go home!" (??)
"Therefore, we are here to eliminate those problems. You will get stable work as a slave and we get our money. So both of us will get profit." (??)
…This became a one-sided talk. Anyhow, since they are committed, it's alright to recognize them completely as enemies.
I looked to confirm Reese condition before fighting them but she appeared unusually angry. She would be scared in the olden days but now she has really become stronger.
"Reese, there will be blood from now so… I recommend you to close your eyes." (Emilia)
"No, it's alright. I must get used to it and that's because I can't forgive these bunch." (Reese)
"Yeah, you're so reliable Reese. Well then, I leave the rear to you." (Emilia)
"Leave it to me." (Reese)
We who were trained together under Sirius-sama, with just one word… no, it's possible to understand each other only by our eyes. We already arranged to our respective targets.
"What are you confused about in this talk? It's necessary to train you even after selling you." (??)
"Reus." (Emilia)
"What is it, Nee-chan?" (Reus)
"Go ahead." (Emilia)
"Ouu!" (Reus)
When Reus took steps and wielded his sword, the man's arm flew in the air.
Subsequently, my [Air Slash] cut the arms of two men and Reese's [Aqua Bullet] hit the two at the rear.
I will put words for those men who are screaming. Sirius-sama, I will use the wise remarks that you've said.
"How do you feel when you as a hunter, have become the hunted?" (Emilia)

We didn't kill those men, we tied them up and delivered them to the Adventurers Guild.
They either lost their arms or got hit on the stomach so they can't eat. We had no problem because it's legitimate self-defense.
The interrogation for the kidnapping situation of the newcomers was entrusted to the guild and we were dismissed after we told what we heard from those men. While we got the words of appreciation from various people, the receptionist who was in charge with our registration talked to us while smiling.
"Thank you. Thanks to you guys, this case has been completely solved. And because of that, our anxiety can get better and we are really saved." (Receptionist)
"It's just a simple outcome." (Emilia)
"Huhu…so humble. Leaving that aside, aren't you hungry? Since it won't be a problem to take an away meal and it's on the guild, you may eat anything." (Receptionist)
"I'm already starving." (Reus)
"Me too. The outside is already dark so it's natural." (Emilia)
"Yeah, my tummy too—…" (Reese)
Our starving tummy for Sirius-sama's dinner…
And outside is completely night.
…And that means?
"""Aahhhhh—-!?""" (Emilia/Reus/Reese)

We ran with every effort. We're running desperately with speed that can't be compared to our training.
The outside is already pitch-black and the time for dinner had passed already. Although it can be said that we were involved with a case, my chest tightens because I couldn't abide too Sirius-sama's instruction.
But I have no time to lament. Now, I want to return even if it is slightly earlier and apologize to Sirius-sama.
"I see it, Nee-chan!" (Reus)
"Yeah…As expected…I'm about to reach my limit…" (Reese)
"Don't give up, Reese. Just a little bit more…" (Emilia)
When we saw the Diamond Cottage, we slowly reduce our speed. We fixed our breathing and while I thought how we should face Sirius-sama, that had also ended in futility.
Because…Sirius-sama was waiting in front of the entrance and was waiting for us.
"Err…I'm back…Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"…" (Sirius)
We lined up before Sirius-sama who was crossing his arms at the entrance. But Sirius-sama didn't say anything. He looked at us without any expression.
I haven't see Sirius-sama with such expression. I don't know whether he is angry but that makes me cry unintentionally.
"Err… Sirius-sama?" (Emilia)
"… What is it?" (Sirius)
"Are you angry? Because we were late…" (Emilia)
"…May I hear the reason?" (Sirius)
I explained what happened today without hiding anything. For Sirius-sama's sake, we earned money, went outside to hunt monsters, and ended with the punishment of the men who target newcomers. I told him everything.
I finished talking while Reese and Reus added their explanation midway, then we waited for Sirius-sama's words.
"…Hmmph!" (Sirius)
"""Ouchh!""" (Emilia/Reus/Reese)
Sirius-sama's answer was a fist. Although there was one fist, the heads of three of us were hit almost simultaneously. Sirius-sama's expression turn 180 degree as he made his usual gentle watching-over-us smile to us who were dumbfounded.
"Good grief, what hopeless disciples." (Sirius)
"Are you not… angry?" (Emilia)
"Angry? Why would I be angry when you work hard for my sake? The hit just now is because you made me worried." (Sirius)
"You were worried, Aniki?" (Reus)
"Isn't it obvious!? If I still couldn't find you through [Search] in one more hour, I was going to look for you guys." (Sirius)
"Is that so? You were…worried." (Emilia)
Sirius-sama's hit just now was considerably painful. But… I'm happy. Sirius-sama is completely like a father and mother, the thought of him scolding us earnestly make me happy.
The two beside me also have same thoughts. While enduring pain, they were delighted. I also have the same expression for sure.
"…Why are you smiling even though you guys got scolded?" (Sirius)
"…It's nothing. But Sirius-sama, I'm truly sorry for make you worried." (Emilia)
"Aniki, I'm sorry!" (Reus)
"I'm sorry, Sirius-san." (Reese)
"It's good if you understand. Besides, when I think about you guys, all of you have become adventurers and grown up. In fact, it will be hopeless if you always be by my side." (Sirius)
"No, we're not going to leave Sirius-sama's side!" (Emilia)
"Me too, Aniki!" (Reus)
"Even if I become adult…I want to be by your side." (Emilia)
No matter how big I become and even if I have strength to stand alone, I have no plan to leave Sirius-sama's side. It's not because I'll be lonely but it's because I swore to the moon that I'll keep supporting Sirius-sama.
Sirius-sama had a wry smile listening to our words, then he turned his back and opened the door to Diamond Cottage.
"Anyhow, shall we have dinner? Aren't you guys hungry?" (Sirius)
"Yeah, I'm hungry." (Emilia)
"Me too. Today, I was busy making stew. I will warm it right away." (Sirius)
"Say… Could have Sirius-san not eaten yet?" (Reese)
"Yeah. Anyway, I know that you didn't come home but have you had something earlier?" (Sirius)
It's natural for Sirius-sama to tell us straight out, he went into Diamond Cottage and called us.
"Hey, how long are you guys going to stand there, come on in. It's going to be cold soon." (Sirius)
Like what those men said that most young people who become adventurers have no place to go home and it's not entirely incorrect.
As for Reus and I, our hometown was destroyed by monsters and our mother and father died. So, what those men said also applied to us.
But now… the place where we have a place where we should go back home.
Because the place where I belong is by Sirius-sama's side.
"""I'm home.""" (Emilia/Reus/Reese)
"Welcome home." (Sirius)

After we finished having dinner, I cleaned up the dishes together with Reese and then I sat down at the table while taking a breath.
I'm remembering that stew. Every one of Sirius-sama dishes is very delicious but the stew that was made today had a somewhat strong flavor and it was really delicious.
If the stew is eaten together with a bun, it is said that the strong flavor… will make new taste come out. Aah… it's like I'm being trained more and more not to live without that person. No, it isn't unpleasant feeling but rather it gives a huge impact.
"Emilia…Emilia!" (Reese)
"Haa!? W-what is it Reese?" (Emilia)
"I understand the stew was delicious but it's very…. and I understand. Hand that to him." (Reese)
It's not good, I shouldn't forget the main reason for today.
Reese is also charmed with the stew but she is calmer than me. Getting back to reality, I prepared the present that we bought and three of us lined up in front of Sirius-sama who sat on the sofa reading a book.
"Sirius-sama, may I have a little of your time?" (Emilia)
"Sure, what is it?" (Sirius)
"Although we have talked about this earlier, this is a present from us. Please receive it." (Emilia)
"Just for Aniki, we worked hard and bought it with our income." (Reus)
"This is a small gratitude for always taking care of us of all time." (Reese)
"You guys… Thanks and I accept it gratefully." (Sirius)
Although we've been found out, Sirius-sama was smiling and received the present.
The content is a pendant decorated with blue magic stone. Since Sirius-sama prefers simple and practical things, we chose the pendant to match his preference.
There is a magic formation of recovery magic on the magic stone and if it's poured with mana, a recovery magic will be invoked. Although Sirius-sama is not necessarily needing that, it is our wish for his safety.
Sirius-sama took the pendant and wore it. Then, he patted our heads.
"Thank you. I'll take good care of it." (Sirius)
I feel everything is worth it with that smile. It was hard but I think we did well.
"Oh yeah, I also have things for you guys." (Sirius)
As Sirius-sama said it, he brought out a small box. There are two unusually short necklaces decorated with magic stone inside the box. Sirius-sama took out the one with green magic stone and gave it to me.
"Didn't you say you wanted collar before? As for this necklace, I think it looks similar so I made it. This also can be called a choker or short necklace." (Sirius) (TLN: collar and necklace both have same kanji, but I think collar in this novel is more on the slavery.)
Although I said it several times in the past… he was thinking about it.
He handed a red choker to Reus and earring attached with magic stone to Reese.
"What I have given you is something with magic stone that depicted with [Call] magic formation. Therefore, if you pour it with mana, your voice can reach me." (Sirius)
"Awesome Aniki! It was completed at last!" (Reus)
"Nope it hasn't, in fact it needs further improvement. Although it stores mana by naturally absorbing it from the air but it takes long time to absorb mana and the calling time is short. But oh well, it's better than nothing. If you are coming back late like this time, you can tell a word, right?" (Sirius)
He explained that the magic formation will store mana like the barrier of the school and other various things but I barely heard it because I couldn't take my eyes off the choker.
"Sirius-sama… I have a request." (Emilia)
"That's unusual for Emilia. What is it?" (Sirius)
"Would it be alright if Sirius-sama put choker on me?" (Emilia)
"Hmm… alright." (Sirius)
When I lift up the hair on the back of my head, Sirius-sama's arms surrounded my neck. I am glad with that alone but when the choker made clicked sound, my heart trembled with delight.
"Is it tight? I can adjust the size, you know." (Sirius)
"No…I'm satisfied with this." (Emilia)
It is not a collar but with this, I am Sirius-sama's slave. He probably will deny it but I have been deciding about this.
"Aniki, Aniki! Me too!" (Reus)
"M-me too, please!" (Reese)
"Yes, yes, go line up." (Sirius)
Reus and Reese also were happy when Sirius-sama put on their presents.
"Yeah, it looks good on everyone. It was worthwhile to make it." (Sirius)
"Thank you very much…uhuhu…" (Emilia)
"Nee-chan, are you alright? Get a grip." (Reus)
"It's hopeless, she's completely 'gone'." (Reese)
Aahh…I'm so happy.

The things that been inherited to Reus by Lior.Hard Break — One Hand Sword Style — Hard Wave SlashMetamorphosis characteristics (Although it is his nature, it troubles his Shishou, Sirius, greatly.)Flag Crusher


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