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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Volume 11 intermission

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— Noel —
Three months have passed since Sirius-sama's departure.
Our family is in good health and [Erina's DIning Room] is prospering.
Speaking of things that have changed, isn't that my tummy?
My tummy hasn't bulged out yet, but as Sirius-sama said, there was a baby in my tummy, and I was able to notice it a few days after Sirius-sama's departed.
Recently, I can't help always being hungry, but my husband diligently prepares the meals, and I have no complaints. He prepares various meals, so that I won't get tired of the taste. He's truly the best husband.
By the way, I thought of having Sirius-sama as the godfather for the second child, but as I expected, he declined that privilege again.
When I think about it, I have decided to name the child Dylan if the baby is a boy. And if the baby is girl, I want to use the name that I had thought before Noir was born.
My husband, Dee, seems to have it hard. He has to manage the dining room and prepare my meals every day and recently, he is busy teaching Noir how to cook.
It seems hard, but he is completely replenished when he talks to the baby while stroking my belly at night. However, I think the fatigue has been accumulating, so I try to make him rest whenever possible. I also diligently support him, you know?
And when today's business is over, I will clean up the dining room and Noir's special training will begin before we turn off the fire in the kitchen.
"Let's cut the meat and vegetables today. When working with knives, please don't be careless." (Dee)
"Got it." (Noir)
"When you answer, say 'yes'." (Dee)
"Yes!" (Noir)
When I look at Noir, who is learning how to cook for Reus-kun, I remember the past Emi-chan. At that time… No, even now, Emi-chan worked hard to become a splendid attendant, since she is engrossed with Sirius-sama.
Noir is not training in the direction of having good strength, like Sirius-sama's disciples, but I think that I want to raise her to become someone who can support someone even without having strength, similar like Erina-san. Especially for the thickheaded Reus-kun, she has to 'push' strongly.
At a glance, Dee-san seems to be seriously strict when teaching, but he is undeniably pleased when teaching Noir about cooking. I am his wife, so I know.
However, he seems to have complicated feelings, since the other side is Reus-kun. Sometimes, while he is drinking, he grumbles… that he doesn't want to let his daughter go. It's not that I don't understand his feelings, but I think Reus-kun will make Noir-chan happy. So, please be patient, dear.
Those days have continued and on that day… that person came.

I'm on my third month of pregnancy, but it's still fine for me to move my body. And I help as a waitress whenever it's reasonable.
Today as well, when I suggested meals while having light conversations with the regulars, the visiting bell rang and a new customer came in. Since I was in the kitchen at that time, Nokia seemed to be heading out soon but… she seemed somewhat strange.
"Wel-..come…" (Nokia)
What happened? I heard only one voice, but Nokia's demeanor was strange. She had met various adventurers until now, so she shouldn't be shaken from seeing an ordinary opponent, but… who the heck came?
When I came to the interior of the store, Nokia-chan had finished guiding the customer to their seat.
When I turned my eyes to look at what kind of person it was… he was a very big Ojii-san.
Although he lost one of his eyes, he was an Ojii-san with thick muscles, like a log, and sharp eyes equal to Dee-san's. Let alone the appearance, the body itself was big, and it made me feel that other adventurers that I had seen until now were similar to children. In reality, other customers that sat around were dumbfoundedly staring at the Ojii-san.
Besides, there was a greatsword as tall as himself that was put on the side chair, but he was lifting the greatsword, which seemed nothing but a lump of steel, with one hand.
Nokia-chan was likely to lose at the impressiveness of such an Ojii-san, but she, somehow, endured it and showed the menu on the table.
"Well… give me all the dishes in this store." (??) (TLN: I put ?? for the time being, and you know why)
…This was the first time for such an order.
I immediately came to her side, since Nokia-chan turned her eyes as soon as he said that. There was no other way, please leave it to your Onee-chan.
"Welcome. I'm sorry, but can you order again, please?" (Noel)
"I want all the dishes on this menu." (??)
"Everything… is it?" (Noel)
Nokia-chan was overwhelmed by the Ojii-san's impressiveness, but I was able to think calmly since I was somehow used to it because of Sirius-sama.
He asked for all of them, but since it was almost time to close the store, it was difficult to prepare them… and when I was thinking that, the Ojii-chan somehow noticed my thoughts, and then he placed a pouch from his waist onto the table.
"Is it about the money? If it is, I think this should be enough, right?" (??)
When he spread out the contents of the pouch in a casual manner, gold coins were spread on the table with a jingling sound.
What should I do…? As expected, I also became unrest. I slightly looked at them for the time being, there were dozens of gold coins, and after I roughly calculated the price of the dishes, I only picked up some gold coins.
"Uhmm… the dishes here are not that expensive, so these are enough." (Noel)
"Is that so? I don't care if you take them all. No matter whom I heard it from, everyone says that they're delicious, so I'm looking forward to this." (??)
While the Ojii-san said he was looking forward to them, he put away the remaining gold coins and laughed heartily. I think that I can definitely respond to his expectations since it is Dee-san's dishes, but I want him to wait a bit.
This feeling of not understanding common sense… although I am meeting him for the first time, he seems closely similar to a child who had a similar behavior and appearance.
When I was wondering who, Nokia-chan whispered to my ear.
"Isn't this person somewhat similar to Reus-kun?" (Nokia)
Yeah, it is Reus-kun!
The muscles were terribly big on his large body, and the presence of him holding the greatsword that was as tall as him was exactly like Reus-kun. And, his lack of common sense when treating gold coins like stones… I was certain that this person was related to Sirius-sama.
If I remember right, in the past, Sirius-sama said that he met the 'Strongest Sword', Lior, and I heard that Reus-kun was taught swordsmanship by that 'Strongest Sword'.
In short, this person is…
"Excuse me, I'm sorry about this, but I would like to know if, by any chance, are you the 'Strongest Sword', Lior-sama?" (Noel)
"No, I am said to resemble him, but I'm not the 'Strongest Sword'. My name is Ikkitousen, just a traveler." (??)
The surroundings were surprised when they heard about the 'Strongest Sword', but they were obviously dejected when it was denied by the Ojii-san. When listening about the 'Strongest Sword', I think it is natural for most people wanting to meet him, since he is the strongest.
But, I thought that there was no mistake. Perhaps, he was trying to hide his name? If that's the case, I decided to change the conversation a bit and asked with a lower voice.
"Well then, do you know Sirius-sama? He is a black-haired kid, who is very good at cooking and very strong…" (Noel)
"Where did you hear that name?" (??)
"I am Sirius-sama's attendant, and Reus-kun's senior." (Noel)
"Hohou! You are related to that guy and that kid, huh… I didn't expect to see you in such a place." (??)
"So, after all, you are…" (Noel)
"Hmmm. You are correct, but keep it a secret." (Lior)
There was no doubt that this person is Lior-sama. I don't what the reason was for hiding his name, but let's match with him for the time being.
When I tried to continue the conversation further, Nokia-chan poked my shoulder.
"Nee-chan, I know that he is your acquaintance, but we have work to do." (Nokia)
"Oops, that's not good. Uhmm, since it will take some time to cook it altogether, will it be alright if you have one dish at a time?" (Noel)
"I don't mind. If you are related to that guy, I expect that the meals are tasty. I'm looking forward to them." (Lior)
We both wanted to ask each other, but I immediately left him, since I was still working, and headed to the kitchen to give the order.
Dee-san was also surprised when I told him everything, but since he understood that he was an acquaintance of Sirius-sama, he cooked enthusiastically.
Since I thought of asking him the details later, when I brought the first meal, Erina's Sandwich, I asked him to stay even after we closed the shop.
"Got it. I also have something I want to ask." (Lior)
"Thank you very much. Well, here's the main dish of the house, Erina's Sandwich." (Noel)
"Ooo, this is it! It's nostalgic. That guy always brought it for me." (Lior)
Lior-sama ate a piece in one bite with a loosened face. Yeah… like Sirius-sama said, he is a really wonderful person.
Oops, I can't look at this situation leisurely. He will finish eating soon.
"Onee-chan, I'm bringing the curry. I will take care of the other customers, so please take care of him." (Nokia)
"As I expected of you, Nokia-chan!" (Noel)
"It's alright. It is about time that customers are starting to go home, too. Onee-chan, please don't overdo it." (Nokia)
Since the closing hour was approaching, the number of people started to decrease. Because of that, I entrusted everything to Nokia-chan, without hesitation, and I decided to concentrate on Lior-sama.
"Here is the curry. It is a bit spicy, but it is delicious." (Noel)
"What is this? It is a strange dish with white seeds in the green soup… delicious! Give me the next one!" (Lior)
"So fast!?" (Noel)
Since he already finished eating as I went back to pick up the next dish, this was more difficult than I expected. This was repeated several times even after the closing hour, even when there was no other customer.
After that, I could concentrate on Lior-sama, and when I brought a dish of substantial quantity… an unexpected sight was spread on the table.
"And then, Reus-sama swung around his sword and rescued me!" (Noir)
"Hohou, that boy is doing well, isn't he?" (Lior)
For some reason, Noir-chan was sitting and talking face-to-face with Lior-sama.
She is shy person when seeing strangers, so it was unusual for her to approach the other person whom she has met for the first time. Does she feel the air that resembles Reus-kun?
But whenever Noir-chan couldn't accept Lior-sama's answers, she began to get angry while hitting the desk several times.
"He is not 'that boy', he is Reus-sama! Call his name properly!" (Noir)
"You know, I will only call the name of the people that I approve. Sorry, but just give it up." (Lior)
"Reus-sama, Reus-sama, RE-U-S-sama!" (Noir)
"Nuoohh… forgive me, Ojou-chan." (Lior)
As expected of my daughter. Although he is the 'Strongest Sword', she 'won' over him. While I endured the feelings that were erupting from my chest, I went between them and offered him a meal.
"Thank you for waiting, here's the next dish. And, I'm sorry that my child has become a hindrance." (Noel)
"Nah, I don't mind. Anyway, this is also delicious. The dishes in this store are the best." (Lior)
"I know, right?! Otou-san's dishes are the best!" (Noir)
"Yeah, the best of the best. Hahaha!" (Lior)
Somehow, these two are strangely compatible with each other.
From the story that I heard from Reus-kun, I was told that he was a dangerous Ojii-san who swings the sword, but the feeling I have right now is that he is just an ordinary Ojii-san who thinks about his grandchild.
While Nokia-chan cleaned up the store's interior while straining her ears, Dee-san came out from the kitchen and came in front of us. As I expected, he was not only preparing drinks for Lior-sama, but for us, too.
"This is the first time I've met you. My name is Deemas, I am Sirius-sama's attendant." (Dee)
"Hou, are you the one who made the dishes? It tastes really great." (Lior)
"Thank you very much. The most important thing is that you are satisfied." (Dee)
"Hmm, I am satisfied. Well, is the next dish ready yet?" (Lior)
"I will go back to cook, so please wait a bit." (Dee)
He had eaten portions for dozens of people, and yet he didn't feel like giving up. Reese-chan also eat that much. The people who gathered around Sirius-sama really eat a lot.
After that, he ate a big bowl of udon that's big for our family, and, finally, Lior-sama was satisfied…
"I'd be troubling you if I have any more than this, so I will stop. I will ask for the rest of the dishes tomorrow." (Lior)
…And he wasn't done yet.
However, he seemed pleased after eating so many delicious dishes. He laughed and drank the wine in a cup poured by Dee-san.
We finished our work and meal, and then we finally settled down and were able to talk. Our whole family held a drink, brought chairs to Lior-sama's table and shared the table with him.
"Well then, I would like to introduce us once again. My name is Noel, and this here's Noir." (Noel)
"I am Noir. Nice to meet you, Ojii-chan." (Noir)
"Ojii-chan… uhmm. Not good, not good. I think you guys already know. I am called the 'Strongest Sword', Lior. As I told you earlier, but now call me Ikkitousen." (Lior)
""Ehh!?" (Alad/Nokia)
Nokia-chan and Alad, who were standing nearby, were making noises. Aah, yes. It was reasonable for those two, since they don't know that Sirius-sama is an acquaintance of Lior-sama.
Alad was the loudest one… when he shouted, but Lior-sama was laughing when he heard him.
"Hahaha! I am not the strongest anymore. The present me is no more than an old man who is challenging the new strongest. Until then, call me either Ikkitousen or Tousen." (Lior)
I see, the name is different because he was defeated and reborn. Since it was confusing, I think it is fine to call him Lior-sama, but I should be careful when it comes to speaking in front of others.
And then, he was happy… he talked about his encounter with Sirius-sama until he was defeated by him, but he was somehow in a good mood when he talked about his harsh experience in the past.
Even if he is Sirius-sama's acquaintance, will it be alright to talk about this to us, who he met for the first time? No, the story itself was exciting.
"Uhmm, is it alright to tell us about your past and your defeat?" (Noel?)
"Fortunately, it is not something to hide. Well, if I want to put it in words, I was weak and he was strong… that is all there is to that story." (Lior)
"In short, Ojii-chan is trying to win because you lost against Sirius-sama?" (Noir)
"Hmmm! That is correct. Ojou-chan is quick to understand, and I'm saved from the explanation. And also, call me Ojii-chan some more." (Lior)
Noir-chan took a deep breath, expanding her chest. As expected of Noir-chan… I want to praise her, but I need to teach her that she can't say that to the person she meets for the first time.
I'm glad that Lior-sama is a wonderful person, but bad adventurers might kill her without hesitation.
"Well, that was the story of me and that guy. If you don't mind, can you tell me about you and your master, too?" (Lior)
"Understood. We were with Sirius-sama since he was born, and…" (Noel)
And then, I explained our relationship with Sirius-sama. If Lior-sama talked about it to that extent, we can't lose in terms of that.
I cried when he asked, and I also cried when I told the story. Starting with the meeting after Aria-sama gave birth, instead of teaching him, we got taught by him. And then, I also talked about the farewell of Erina-san.
"Previously, I thought that such a person could not exist, but that person reminded me that it was a mistake when I met him in person." (Noel)
"I also wanted to learn a lot more…" (Dee)
"Zzz…" (Noir)
I talked to Nokia-chan and Alad several times, since it was already late, and Noir-chan had fallen asleep.
Well, what kind of reaction does Lior-sama have?
"Hmmm… the attendant called Erina was a woman with a splendid belief. That guy mentioned her many times, and I wanted to see her at least once." (Lior)
Oh, you are responding to Erina-san better than Sirius-sama. Or perhaps I should say, Erina-san was the one who wanted to meet the 'Strongest Sword'.
"I have decided! I will also go to Erina's grave." (Lior)
"Eh!? That makes us happy, but aren't you going to catch up with Sirius-sama?" (Noel)
"Ooh! Yeah, I wanted to know that! Where did he go? He said he went to school for five years, and I wanted to join him afterwards." (Lior)
"I'm sorry, he went ahead to Adlode Continent three months ago…" (Noel)
I told him that he was going to look for the same silver wolf tribe that Emi-chan and Reus-kun are from. At the beginning, I told him everything that I knew, but Lior-sama was obviously dropping his shoulders in disappointment.
"Haa… it seems I was a bit late. I wanted to see Emilia…" (Lior)
"Emi-chan has been growing up nicely. Won't you able to see her if you go soon?" (Noel)
Sirius-sama doesn't really stand out, but I think it's easy to find them since Emi-chan and Reus-kun are conspicuous. However, Lior-sama shook his head.
"I want to do that, but I'm going ahead to Elysion. Unfortunately, I have to see a shorty obstinate old man to maintain my partner." (Lior)
"The weapon is certainly important, isn't it?" (Dee)
Being a former adventurer, Dee-san also nodded at Lior-sama's words.
Since the exchange of information was over, Lior-sama said that he would come again tomorrow and tried to go home, but I stopped him because I was a bit concern.
"Have you decided on where to stay?" (Noel)
"No, not for now. If it's not good, I will sleep around in the area." (Lior)
"If that's the case, there is a room available in the house, so would you like to stay there? It is a bit small, but it is the room where Sirius-sama stayed while he was here." (Noel)
"Hmmm… if you are alright with it, please." (Lior)
That's bold, you're also quick to make a decision, right?
I was going to guide him to the room soon, since it was decided, but Lior-sama stopped once and handed over a pouch to us.
"This is for the rent. Do not hesitate to take it." (Lior)
"It's heavy!?" (Noel)
When I looked closely, wasn't that the gold coins pouch that he spread on the table earlier? There was about thirty gold coins inside it!
"I don't need this much! One piece is good enough." (Noel)
"If it includes tomorrow's dishes, that much is fine, isnt't it?" (Lior)
"We will calculate the necessary amount tomorrow, so please keep it for now!" (Noel)
"I don't mind if you get all of them, you know…" (Lior)
Why is he… making me worried in various ways, even though he is strong?

On the next day.
Dee-san was preparing early in the morning even today too, and he prepared breakfast for us in between. When I was helping with the preparations, Noir-chan pulled my sleeve.
"Ojii-chan is an early riser, isn't he? He was waving his sword, like Reus-sama, in the square behind the store." (Noir)
"Ooh, it seems there is no need to wake him up. We're going to have breakfast soon, shall we call him?" (Noel)
"Got it." (Noir)
I took Noir along, and came to the square behind [Erina's Dining Room].
Here's the place where Sirius-sama, Emi-chan and the others often played Frisbee and trained, but today Lior-sama was quietly swinging.
Nevertheless, this person can still be called as the 'Strongest Sword'. I do not quite understand swordsmanship, but I can see that it was clearly different from Reus-kun.
He seemed to be just swinging down with the sword from the upper section, but when I thought of whether the arm and the sword were blurred, the sword returned to its original position. Since the weeds at his feet were shaking, I was certain he was waving it.
He is an expert, no matter who sees him, but how did Sirius-sama win against such a person?
"Ooh! Is it you guys? Today is an ideal day for training." (Lior)
"Good morning, Ojii-chan!" (Noir)
"Good morning. We are going to have breakfast soon, so Li-… no, I mean, how about you, Tousen-san?" (Noel)
"Of course, let's have some. Breakfast is important." (Lior)
And then, Lior-sama consumed the breakfast bread and side dishes to the extent of not losing to Reese-chan.
I heard he planned to leave by today, but he seems to have decided to postpone the departure to tomorrow because he wanted to eat more of Dee's dishes.
However, since [Erina's Dining Room] wasn't opened for business until noon, Lior-sama was free until that time, so he headed out while carrying his sword.
"I am going to see the town while training for a bit." (Lior)
He went for a walk in the town after saying that, and since he was buying the breakfast, he paid one gold coin. When I was checking the room, there were only two gold coins left in the pouch.
Although this was that person's property, I feel like he's giving us pocket money.

After seeing Lior-sama off, I went shopping with Noir-chan.
There were some necessary things to buy, so we went out to the town with just two of us, but… an incident occurred here.
"Yes, I would like it immediately." (Noel)
I was asking the Galgan Company for an additional order, since the supply of the ingredients was exhausted earlier than expected. It was because we had been already used to each other, I finished it by viva voice at the storefront. In the meantime, I asked Noir-chan to buy some skewered meat from the stall at the back.
After I finished my order, I looked to the back, since the stall was at the rear. I tried to call Noir-chan, but Noir-chan's loud voice sounded across before that.
"Okaa-sa—n! This person is… suspicious…" (Noir)
When I thought that there was an unfamiliar man in front of Noir, she felt sleepy after sniffing some kind of powder.
The air of that man… I feel that it was similar to when I was being tormented by the slave hunters and slave merchants.
The man carried Noir, who was put to sleep, and since he tried to escape, I quickly concentrated on using magic. I was taught various things by Sirius-sama in preparation for such a time, and we developed it together.
When I was about to stop him by using magic, the surrounding people who noticed Noir's voice raised angry voices.
"Oi! Release Noir-chan!" (??)
"What!? You bastard, what are you doing!?" (??)
"Doing this in broad daylight… what a crazy guy!" (??)
The people who were around got more aware because of the noise, and they began to give chase while shouting. Those men… they were regulars who came to eat in our store.
The man, who carried Noir-chan, was escaping while being surprised, but he continued to flee, the number of people who chased him multiplied.
"He went there! Surround him!" (??)
"You won't get away if Anego's grandchild is hurt!" (??) (TLN: Anego = big female boss)
"What are we going to do if we can't eat Erina's Sandwich anymore because of you!?" (??)
"Wha-what's with these people!?" (Kidnapper)
By the time I noticed, there were muscular men and women mixed in who were Okaa-san's disciples. I was carrying a baby in my stomach, so I couldn't really run. That made me lose hope, but since everyone was giving chase, I would know where they were running to immediately.
Although I was in a difficult situation where Noir was being kidnapped… I wanted to cry because of everyone's kindness.
But, let's cry later. Now, I have to do my utmost to rescue Noir-chan…
When I caught up with the man, the group had become around twenty people.
However, the man was not caught, and everyone was surrounding him from a distance. That was expected because that man was holding a knife near Noir while putting his back against a wall.
"D-do not get any closer! Damn, what's going on in this town!?" (Kidnapper)
I was happy that the people in the town were helping, but this was a very unpleasant situation.
The man was completely frightened and confused because of the bloodlust coming from the surroundings, and he was likely going to hurt Noir at any moment. First, we had to ensure her safety.
"Ooh, Noel-chan, did you come? As you can see, it's a bad time to give up, but how are you going to save Noir-chan?" (??)
"I have an idea. Can you please divert that guy's attention?" (Noel)
Since there was an old man from the neighborhood that I know from when I was a child, I asked him to divert that man's attention. He made a curious face because of my sudden request, but he quickly accepted.
"Hey, you! Aren't you ashamed to make such a child a hostage!?" (Old man)
"S-shut up! The leader will kill me if I don't take as many as possible!" (Kidnapper)
I had a good feeling. Meanwhile, I concentrated my mana and prepared to cast some spells.
I aimed at the right arm holding the knife.
Perhaps, if I fire the spell, the man's arm will become useless. However, if it is for my child, I will do it even if it is inhumane.
And when I tried to activate the spell…
"Before that, do you want me to kill him?" (??)
At the moment when I thought that I could hear a voice in my mind, an arm appeared from the back of the wall and grabbed the man's right arm. The grabbed arm made a creaking noise, and the knife fell to the ground. Another arm appeared from the wall, and was strangling the man's neck.
Everyone, including me, was watching the scene of arms appearing from the wall that restrained the man in utter amazement.
"What's the matter? Quickly save your daughter." (??)
"Aah… yes! Noir-chan!" (Noel)
The owner of the arms that penetrated the wall was Lior-sama.
I went out to rescue Noir-chan while the man was completely restrained, but she was sleeping without any single wounds. Aah… I'm so glad.
"Thank you very much, everyone, and Tousen-san." (Noel)
"It's good that she's safe." (Lior/Tousen)
"Yeah, it is troubling if something happened to the angel of [Erina's Dining Room]." (??)
"I'm troubled if the dining room is suspended because of such a silly thing." (??)
"Hmmm. If Ojou-chan is hurt, I will probably crush the head of this man." (Lior/Tousen)
Everyone who cooperated to help had a smile and was glad that she's safe. Being loved so much by the people of the town… we are very fortunate.
After a while, the town's guards came running, and Lior-sama handed over the restrained man.
Before that, Lior-sama tortured that man and got some information. Apparently, that man seemed to be the slave merchant who recently came to this town.
I wasn't familiar with him when I thought about him, so that was why. Moreover, he was a considerable vice dealer, since he was trying to resupply by kidnapping some slaves.
The lower position had their own quota to meet, so when he saw I looked away from Noir-chan a bit, he tried to kidnap her by secretly taking her to the back of the alley, but since Noir-chan shouted because she thought he was suspicious, he unintentionally sprayed the sleeping powder.
Although she was nearby, it was my carelessness for taking my eyes off her. I have to reflect on this.
But, it was good that I taught her many things, especially to shout if there is a suspicious man. However, I should teach her magic, so that she can protect herself next time.
After that, we returned home together with Lior-sama, and Dee, who knew the situation, hugged Noir-chan until she looked like she was in pain, and thanked Lior-sama many times.
"Hahaha! If it's about gratitude, I will depend on your meals. Oh yeah, you should also treat those who tried to help her. You can hold onto my money then." (Lior)
With those words, everyone who was worried and remained burst into cheers.
Although it was a bit early, we opened [Erina's Dining Room] and treated everyone, and we gave Erina's Sandwich to those people who were helping and gave takeaways.
Everyone said that it was all good unanimously, made a smile and returned.
It was really nice to have tried hard, and to be loved by everyone…
Later, Noir-chan opened her eyes without knowing what was happening. She was smiling as usual, and everyone was relieved.
Thus, the kidnapping incident was settled safely.

However… the incident wasn't over.
That evening, after entrusting the clean up to Nokia-chan and Alad, and sent Nokia-chan to sleep, we hid in the shade that was slightly away from the dining room.
We changed into light garments and covered our faces and hair with some cloth, so that nobody recognized us, and when we spotted Lior-sama leaving the dining room, we slowly went to him.
"What are you? With that suspicious appearance? What on earth are you?" (Lior)
"Are you going after them?" (Noel)
Lior-sama was going to the possible hiding place of the slave merchants.
He interrogated the man this morning, and the slave merchant vomited out the location of a vacant house that they made their base. But because it wasn't reported to the town's guards, I thought… it might be possible.
"Hmmm… did you notice? Well, for your Ojou-chan's safety, it's not necessary for you to place your neck in unnecessary things." (Lior)
"No, since I can't forgive his comrade, if there is something I can do…" (Dee)
"We are familiar with this town and we can fight a bit. Besides, Sirius-sama always said this: 'If your relative is hurt, never forgive your enemy…'" (Noel)
That evening… my brother, who worked as the town guard, came to the store, said that he was not able to identify the hideout yet. Well that's normal, because he was leaking the information after Lior-sama threatened him.
Although it was a bad thing, they were foolish people who tried to kidnap our cute Noir-chan. Rather than letting the town guards deal with them, I also didn't say anything, because if I didn't overwhelm the opposing side, I would regret it. In other words, we are accomplices too.
"Hahaha, you guys are really that guy's attendants. But, do you plan to do this every time?" (Lior)
"No, this time is because Lior-sama is here. Normally, I definitely wouldn't do it." (Noel)
That's because Dee-san would stop me. Even though I tried to stop myself from saying that I will go this time, I will stay here on the condition that Lior-sama allows it.
Lior-sama was smiling ferociously when I was being honest, and then he headed out.
"Well, come along. I'm going to the front and do nothing but swing my sword, so I will leave those guys to you if they try to run away." (Lior)
"Thank you very much. Well then, let's go, my dear." (Noel)
"Aah. Noel will not come out in front of me, alright?" (Dee)
While relying on someone that was different from Sirius-sama, we headed for the hideout of the slave merchants.

The place where the slave merchants were hiding was an abandoned noble mansion that was slightly away from the town. The gate of the mansion was in good condition, since everyone had already left the place, but I had a proper secret plan.
"It's my turn now. I will burn them out with the skill that was handed down directly from Sirius-sama, [Burner]." (Noel)
The mana consumption was intense, but it is a spell that creates short flame knife that can even cut steel. In regards of battle, there are Dee-san and Lior-sama, so I am thinking about how I will participate in this setting…
"There's no need for that." (Lior)
Lior swung his sword and the gates were cut in half.
Eh… This was made from iron, wasn't it? But, if Reus-kun can do it, it would probably be weird if he couldn't.
"What's this!? What's going on?" (??)
One man came out from the mansion because of the noise of the gates falling down, but it was too suspicious when the mansion was supposed to be an abandoned house. But in case of emergency, Lior-sama grabbed his head before that man raised his voice.
"I have a question. Are you going to meet the slave merchant?" (Lior)
"Guhh!? Wh-what… are you… saying… guahhh!" (??)
"Answer quickly. Three… Two…" (Lior)
"Aa-arrgh!? Y-yes! I am his accomplice!" (??)
Yeah… Sirius-sama's 'Iron Claw' looks cute, especially when the man's head makes creaking noises, as if it was going to be crushed at any time.
"Then, did you kidnap any children up till now?" (Lior)
"That is… gyarrghh! I did! I have kidnapped three so far!" (??)
"Is that so? You've worked hard." (Lior)
As he said those words, Lior-sama threw the man towards the door of the mansion. The thrown man went straight through the door, and then several men rushed out of the mansion because of the noise.
For this town to gather so many ruffians… I have to report this matter to the higher-ups later.
And then, there was a battle going on with the people who looked like escorts, but… their was only one word to say, overwhelming.
"This old man! What are you do—…" (??)
"If you don't want taste a painful experience…" (??)
"Nuooo!" (Lior)
""Gyaarghh!"" (??)
Every time Lior-sama swung his sword, people were flying like tree leaves. I thought the scene where people flew into the sky only happened when Reus-kun was training with Sirius-sama.
"There are also enemies here!" (Dee)
There were also enemies who aimed at us while avoiding Lior-sama, they weren't good enough against Dee, who repeatedly had mock battles with Sirius-sama. Reading the enemy's movements, hitting their weapons without hesitation and hitting their stomachs afterwards. The enemies would faint afterwards.
"Me too! [Flame Whip]" (Noel)
On the other hand, I was fighting this time by using the spell that has misfired many times today.
It is not comparable to Sirius-sama's, but it is more or less as strong when [String] is launched and tangled the enemies' arms. It is a spell where the [String] flares up at the moment when the opponent feels discomfort and burns them.
Besides, I can wiggle it like a whip, but since I don't have the skill, I can only use the basic movements.
Dee-san made them faint while they were burning and aggravated, and our side had no problem dealing with them, similar to Lior-sama.
In the first place, there were too few enemies. There were twenty enemies, but we only had three become our opponents. The rest were mowed down by Lior-sama, while he was laughing.
After that, he grabbed the head of the last remaining person, and raised it to guide us to where the boss was.
"Well then, where is your boss? While you're at it, tell me where the kidnapped children and slaves are." (Lior)
"There is no need for that." (??)
When we turned to the voice that came from the entrance of the mansion, there was a thin young man standing there. He seemed like a good young man with a gentle smile at first glance, but I won't be deceived. I could feel the darkness that slave hunters and slave merchants emitted behind that smile. It was too strong and even though I was already healed, it made me tremble.
Having such an opponent, Lior-sama threw away the man he held and pointed the tip of the sword at him.
"Hoho, a considerably wicked guy appeared. That means, you are the leader, right?" (Lior)
"Yes. I am the leader and I am managing the slavery business. Nice to meet you, I am…" (Slave Merchant)
"Aah, I don't want to know. From now on, I don't want to know the name of the enemies that I kill." (Lior)
"What an impatient man… But, please somewhat listen, become our accomplice…" (Slave Merchant)
Lior-sama struck the sword into the ground, cutting off the invitation from the slave merchant.
"I like opponents who will challenge me, but I dislike fools like you. Just die." (Lior)
"Is that so? How about this?" (Slave Merchant)
The slave merchant looked at a big guy who was waiting at the rear, and then he threw a big leather pouch in front of Lior-sama. The content of the bag that made the loud noise when it fell on the ground… was gold coins. Those gold coins scattered on the ground and it was also many times more gold than what Lior-sama brought out yesterday.
"That is one hundred gold coins. Honestly, I'm also fine with giving white gold coins, but it would be nice to understand this kind of thing, right?" (Slave Merchant)
Yeah… although earning a piece is very hard, if it is compared to Lior-sama yesterday, it makes my feelings go haywire.
Money is the easiest way to solicit recruitment, but since Lior-sama isn't concerned about money, it doesn't seem to have much effect.
"Our job is to raise the quality of the slaves, and sell them to the customers, which are the nobles. But there are also many enemies to the business, so a strong man like you…" (Slave Merchant)
"What a troublesome guy. Well, this is my answer." (Lior)
Lior-sama, who pulled the sword up and put it on his shoulder, was stepping on the gold spread on the floor. He wasn't affected so far, not even a bit.
The slave merchant was surprised at the direct refusal, but he immediately kept it up and let out a sigh as if there seemed to be no other way.
"Good grief, people who are indifferent to money are rare. It can't be helped then… Do it." (Slave Merchant)
When the slave merchant moved to the side, the big-sized man who threw the gold coins pouch, and a small-sized man appeared from the rear. These two have a different air compared to the men who fainted nearby.
We tried to help, but Lior-sama waved his hands, saying it wasn't necessary. It seemed possible to intervene forcibly, but Dee-san and I withdrew behind since he might seriously yell if we did it.
"They are called 'Brothers of Poison', and they have been living in underworld. I will surrender if you can win against these brothers." (Slave Merchant)
"Hou? In short, they are strong, right? Your surrender is good no matter what, so shall I do this quickly?" (Lior)
As Lior-sama happily set up his sword, the men called 'Brothers of Poison' attacked him.
The first one that attacked was the big-sized man, who carried a bag on his back, and he brandished a greatsword as tall as him. Even if it was big, his sword was smaller than Lior-sama's.
"Hou! That's a considerable power!" (Lior)
Lior-sama took it from the front while happily smiling. Sirius-sama said he was a battle maniac, and I was convinced when I saw the present situation.
However, there was one more person, while he stopped the big man, the remaining small-sized man brandished a knife and he was approaching from his feet.
Lior-sama took one hand off the sword, and grabbed the face of the small man with an empty hand, but the man's hand still didn't stop, and his arm was slashed with a knife. Lior-sama threw the grabbed small-sized man aside while clicking his tongue.
And without pausing, he loaded his strength to push the big man, but knives blew out from the bag that was being carried by him, and stabbed Lior-sama's arm.
Why knives? When I thought about it, another small-sized man brought his head out of the bag while smiling.
"Did you think that there were only two brothers? Whatever it is, you are done." (Slave Merchant)
"What are you saying with this level of injuries?" (Lior)
"No, you are done. Look." (Slave Merchant)
"Muu!?" (Lior)
When Lior-sama pulled the knife that stuck in his arm out and threw it away, the sword he was holding fell to the ground at the same time. He immediately tried to open and close his hand for confirmation, but the hand was trembling and it was hard to do so.
"Didn't I say that these guys are the 'Brothers of Poison? Aah, you shouldn't overdo it. That knife was coated with a paralyzing poison acquired from a Paria Lizard, and soon it will be difficult for you to even stand up." (Slave Merchant)
"Paria Lizard?" (Lior)
"Yes, it's not lethal, but it is a paralytic poison that makes you unable to move for several hours once inflicted. Later, there is no need for them to rush and torture you…" (Slave Merchant)
"Is that so? I thought that it was a nostalgic numbness, was it from that monster? The paralysis effect is too weak, it was a no-good monster." (Lior)
"…Haa?" (Slave Merchant)
Lior-sama picked up the fallen sword and started swinging many times around. Since the sound was slightly different from earlier, it seemed there was some effect of paralysis.
In short… Lior-sama was resistant to that paralytic poison, and he had no problem swinging the sword. While we and the slave merchant were surprised at different places, Lior-sama seemed displeased and was glaring at the 'Brothers of Poison'.
"Anyway, are you guys stupid? Why were you laughing with that boring knife slashing and piercing!?" (Lior)
As the big man stepped forward with a displeased face, he was too engrossed with his strength and when he swung down his sword, Lior-sama stopped it with one hand… Eh!? It was stopped with barehanded?
"Relying heavily on the weight of the sword but lacking skill… It is proof that you cannot cut my hand." (Lior)
No, no, no! That is weird!
When I looked closely, the blade wasn't stopped but it was caught with his fingers. I see, if that's the case, I'm convinced… but really!?
"What are you surprised about? It is not difficult if you read the enemy's movements like this with [Boost]. If it is those people who know me, they are done when I land the first blow." (Lior)
Sirius-sama would certainly evade it a bit when he sees it for the first time, and he would knock it down with a counterattack. It's to the extent that the evading skill of that person was at a different level.
Since Lior-sama's assault didn't really hit Sirius-sama, he told us yesterday that he continued to refine his techniques in the last few years. Wasn't that only part of it?
Although the enemy stopped moving for a moment, they immediately resumed the assault and aimed at Lior-sama's feet.
"And, it's good to aim at the feet, but at the very least, you want to target from behind!" (Lior)
Lior-sama's knee sank into the face of the small man who approached from his feet.
Finally, when the small man lurking in the bag carried by the bigger man, positioned a knife…
"Slicing is… something like this!" (Lior)
He swung the sword down with his empty hand, and the man was cut into two. Incidentally, the small man, who received a knee blow, was sliced together. They were annihilated with one swing.
The terrifying thing was, while he sliced three of them at the same time, they really were sliced in two without any resistance. For me, it was a blow with immeasurable power and skill.
Hmm, Reus-kun. No matter how I think about it, I can't imagine you defeating this man… How do you intend to win?
"Well then, next is your… hmmm, where did he go?" (Lior)
"I'm here." (Slave Merchant)
When I noticed him, the slave merchant, who stood in front of the door, stood at a place that appeared to be a balcony on the second floor. It seemed he moved away during the battle. There was unusual margin after directly witnessing Lior-sama's strength.
When I looked closely, there was an accompanied beast, a medium-sized bird-type monster, waiting next to the slave merchant. Perhaps, he planned to escape with that bird.
"I am surprised at your strength, which was beyond my expectations. Therefore, let me get run away from it." (Slave Merchant)
"What? Are you going to run away? Didn't you tell me earlier that you're going to surrender?" (Lior)
"Huhu, promises are important in the underworld, but there is no promise that is more important than life. I remembered your face, so let's meet again. Well then…" (Slave Merchant)
"Like I'm going to let you do it." (Noel)
At that moment, I stretched the [String], which I kept hidden and kept entangling it around that man's legs, and pulled together with Dee-san. The [String] tore apart after resisting for an instant, but since that was just before he jumped on the monster, rather than landing on the monster, the slave merchant fell from the veranda.
I never thought that it would do well so far, but I'm good!
While looking at the slave merchant falling unprotected, Lior-sama swung the sword up with a ferocious smile.
"Hahaha! You did it, Noel, Dee! Well, let me show you [Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style] as a gift to the afterlife." (Lior)
"Y-you are the… 'Strongest Sword!? Then, you are…!?" (Slave Merchant)
"Uuu… oooo!" (Lior)
The appearance of the sword that did the [Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style] was just a down swing.
But that blow…

After Lior-sama killed the slave merchant, we secretly contacted the town guards to head to the mansion and went home, so that nobody saw us.
I did not know what happened from then on, but the next day, I heard the conclusion from my brother, who worked as a town guard.
In response to the secret message, the town guards arrived at the mansion, the scenery that spread in front of them made them unable to think of anything but that the mansion was struck by disaster.
The gates were cut into two, and the suspicious men were groaning while buried in the ground, leaving their heads, and he said it was hard to dig them up for interrogation.
And the conclusion was… the mansion was split into two. It seemed as if the central part of the mansion had disappeared cleanly like a borderline, and they couldn't understand what was going on. Well, you won't know if you don't see it.
It was all because of Lior-sama's sword, what would he do if he had unrelated people caught in that range?
"I knew there was none based on my perception. Besides, I was paralyzed in the end, so I miscalculated the strength." (Lior)
…He didn't seem to reflect too much.
And then, they found several slaves in the basement of the mansion. They were protected by the town guards and dealt with accordingly. If they have family, they will be sent back. It was decided that they will be adopted in this town if they don't. It seemed to cost a lot, but there was no need to worry about money since they used the money that was kept by the slave merchant.
As a result of further investigation, that slave merchant was a considerable bad guy, who was wanted by the guild, but it appeared that it was difficult to arrest him since he was moving from place to place.
They made the mansion a base several months ago, and they purposely didn't aim at the townspeople in order to not get suspected. But, since it would leak someday, he made arrangements. He would run away while the man who kidnapped Noir-chan became a decoy.
However, the man easily confessed when he was interrogated by Lior-sama, and we obstructed him when he tried to run away… that's what happened.
Finally, according to the testimonies of the buried men, with the exception of us who hid our faces, they confirmed that it was all thanks to Lior-sama including the suppression of man on the wanted list, and he received a special reward from the town.
Lior-sama, who came back while carefully shaking the bag fitted with a large amount of gold coins, had a very troublesome look.
When he received the reward, he was invited to participate in a party hosted by the noble-sama of the town. Officially, it is for gratitude, but I think the party is probably for the nobles to make connection with the strong man.
And the main person, Lior-sama was…
"Uhmm… delicious! This Kabayaki is the best with Tare Sauce." (Lior)
Although the sky was a madder red, he was eating dishes in [Erina's Dining Room], just before the party began. Noir-chan, who was sitting on the other side, was tilting her head while pinching the same dish.
"Hey Ojii-chan, aren't you going to attend the party?" (Noir)
"It's troublesome. I will leave this town after I eat this." (Lior)
As for adventurers without status, it is said that it is a substantial honor to be invited to a noble's party.
At the present time, they didn't know that he was Lior of the 'Strongest Sword', and to correspond to that… Lior-sama seemed really uninterested in joining the party.
And the evidence was, he was having a bulging leather bag next to him, so that he can leave soon. By the way, the content of the bag was dishes made by Dee for a whole day.
"Is that so? I'll see you again." (Noir)
"What is this? Wouldn't it better if you sound sadder? Look, I don't mind if you want to hug me." (Lior)
"Uhmm… I'm sorry." (Noir)
Lior-sama was waiting with his arms wide open, but Noir shook her head and refused it. That was… intense. If I was going to say, the meal might not go through my throat.
"I think Ojii-san will be fine no matter what happens. Besides, the only ones that I will hug are Otou-san and Reus-sama." (Noir)
What was that? She was already trying to protect her chastity in this year. I almost shed tears over Noir's growth.
In contrast of me, who was deeply moved, Lior-sama was holding his head with both hands and looking up to the sky.
"Nuuoooo! Is it because of that boy!?" (Lior)
"He is Reus-sama!" (Noir)
"Don't say that! He got Noir and has Emilia as a sister! When I see him next time… I will do it." (Lior)
Reus-kun… I hope you will survive; I'm sorry, I can't do anything but pray.
After that, he screamed for a while, and then Lior-sama resumed the meals again. After all, he was finally satisfied after having all kinds of dishes on the menu.
"…Fuh, I'm done eating. Well, I guess I should go." (Lior)
"Please wait a minute, you forgot your money." (Noel)
"Have it, then." (Lior)
"I can't. Here, please attach it to your waist properly." (Noel)
"It can't be helped…" (Lior)
Although Lior-sama had eaten luxuriously yesterday, there were still more than ten gold coins remaining. I had to make sure because it was a lot of money.
I forcibly returned the pouch, which I was told to keep, and I was finally relieved after confirming the pouch of gold coins hanging on his waist.
No, I was still worried.
"Anyway… are you really going to leave now? It's going to be dark soon, and if the party is troublesome, you can refuse it and leave tomorrow…" (Noel)
"Hahaha, the night outside is not that bad, you know? I won't feel bored because there are a lot of monsters here and there." (Lior)
Haa… Noir-chan was right. It is pointless to worry about him.
We went to the front of the dining room to see him off, and Lior-sama finally started walking after stroking Noir's head.
"Well then, stay in good health. I will come back to eat again." (Lior)
"Yes, thank you very much." (Noel)
"Next time, we will have more varieties." (Dee)
"Bye-bye, Ojii-chan." (Noir)
He suddenly came, and he also suddenly left.
Thus, Lior-sama left without looking back.
I heard about this heroic person from Sirius-sama, he is beyond heroic when we actually met him.
But… it is not unpleasant because he is a really daring man.
He was a man who had a strange attraction.

Later, when the business was over and I was tidying the tables, Noir came before me.
"Okaa-san. Here, I will give this to you." (Noir)
"Oh, I wonder what it… Eh, this is!?" (Noel)
It was the pouch of gold coins which I strongly returned to Lior-sama, held by Noir-chan.
Why… was it here?
"This is for the town, and since Ojii-chan didn't need it, he gave it to me. He said to give it to Okaa-san in the evening." (Noir)
"Tousen-san! The money!" (Noel)

Extra/Bonus 1
"Let's keep the gold coins for Noir's future and for Nokia's marriage. So, look for your husband soon, Nokia-chan. If not, Noir-chan is going to marry first…" (Noel)
"Onee-chan… are you picking a fight? I don't mind, you know? So, shall we go to the back?" (Nokia)
Extra/Bonus 2
"He got Noir and has Emilia as a sister! When I see him next time… I will do it." (Lior)
"Hiii!?" (Reus)
"Uwaah!? Why did you come into my bed?" (Sirius)
"I don't know! I don't really know, but please save me, Aniki!" (Reus)
(Author: The [G] was the ‘Strongest Sword’ – Goutsurugi)
(TLN: Some readers said [G] was Gokiburi. I think in a way, he is a Gokiburi since he will definitely survive anywhere like a cockroach? Or maybe it’s just Goutsurugi, IDK.)


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