Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 115

A Person who Always Does Things as Pleases

She was a beautiful woman with fluttering blond hair, a beautiful face and body that fascinated even women. Moreover, she had an vast knowledge and martial arts abilities.
That woman was the one who picked me up from an orphanage in the previous life.
In other words, she was my benefactor, but since the treatment was like that, she was someone who I could easily express my gratitude.
I asked why she picked up and I was wondering because of it. But when I thought about what she said for a while…
…Yup, that one.
It might be because I was picked up on a whim, she didn't intervene with my life. She was basically like a housemate who lent me a place to sleep.
Furthermore, since Shishou's housekeeping abilities were catastrophic, it was necessary to memorize it in order to live. For example, I had to make my own meals.
My job was to clean the house and prepared meals, but… I had no complaints because I was picked up.
It seemed like a cold relationship when asked, but since I didn't know about parent's love, I was convinced of such a thing.
Anyhow I wanted to be strong because I knew that I had no parent when I was born and I was always being attacked due to irrational things in the orphanage where I lived.
That was why I volunteered and asked Shishou to become stronger even a bit, but… that was the beginning of hell.
And then, the training continued as she experimented with me. She even laughed while playing around.
It was like being killed everyday… like being thrown into the depth of mountains alone… and into battlefields… I wondered how many times I cursed Shishou because she tried to kill me.
Really… I thought that I was able to endure that hell well.
Although I disliked it, I believed that… I could survive anything if I could win against Shishou.
Though it sounded bad, I was a fool at that time.
Such a weird relationship continued for more than ten years, and one day… I wasn't sure if it was a coincidence or a miracle, I was able to give a blow to Shishou for the first time.
The next day… Shishou disappeared and she left a letter.

"If it looks like that, it is several times more powerful than the real one!" (Sirius)
In front of me who was reincarnated in a different world… Shishou showed up.
I put aside the matters of why she was here and why she was called Seiki-sama.
Now, if I didn't surpass her in this fight, the conversation wouldn't progress.
I didn't think that was something that should be said to a disciple who she hadn't seen after long time, but that was everyday occurrence for Shishou, so letting those words out was like playing around.
To put it briefly, it was a joke. Well, Shishou was someone like that.
Although it was a joke… it was an earnest playing around with the potential to die. For me in the past, it was a serious game that always made me have premonition of death. In the first place, the term 'Mock Battle' didn't exist in Shishou's dictionary.
There were many times where my heart stopped because she failed to adjust her strength, but I was resuscitated every time.
Therefore, if the disciples joined the fight, they would certainly be done accidentally by Shishio. So, I ordered them to wait while kept fighting.

I tried to tear her throat by swinging the Mithril Knife, but Shishou avoided it from touching the skin with a paper thin margin, and she tried to stab the wooden knife at my brain.
I twisted my head and avoided it, but Shishou chased me with her knife while extending her arm, so I stuck out my knife and repelled it.
With that kind of close combat, the sparks scattered every time our knife blades collided.
"Seriously… what's with that knife!?" (Sirius)
"Don't say that when a wooden thing hit a Mithril and it cause sparks!" (Sirius)
If it was so, there was no mistake that it was a deadly weapon.
Since I felt like I was going to die if I hit it normally, I avoided direct blows by repelling with the knife, avoided it, and took a distance. On the other hand, Shishou was smiling while opening her mouth wide.
"Me too! Now, I really understood Shishou's strength!" (Sirius)
I could understand that because we met in this way.
I was completely being played around in the previous life, and I really couldn't let Shishou display all of her abilities.
If I knew this hopeless difference, I might have given up to become stronger.
And then, when the tip of the knives hit each other, the forces competed with each other, and our movements stopped for a moment.
However, as soon as our knives bounced and thrown in the air, I took a step forward and grabbed Shishou's neck with right hand.
After that, it would be my win if I crushed it, but Shishou also grabbed my neck, and we were prepared to unleash magic at anytime with other hands on each other's chest.
And when my and Shishou's knives fell to the ground in a distant away, I let out a small breath.
"Is this a draw? I thought I could win this time…" (Sirius)
"Don't say such a scary thing. Or perhaps I should say, that's childish…" (Sirius)
Really… she didn't change at all.
There was no mistake in what Shishou had said since how Shishou appeared before me by the overflowing light from the existence called the Holy Tree. It seemed her body was a temporary body made by mana.
As I wryly smile, we let go of each other's neck while she made a happy smile. And then, we softly bumped our fists.

After the fight with Shishou ended, when I returned to where my disciples were, Hokuto assaulted my chest and rubber his nose.
"Oops!? Seriously… Are you still afraid of Shishou even if you become that body?" (Sirius)
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
Well, it was a psychological disorder engraved when he was a puppy, so it was understandable since Shisou was out of standard in various ways.
While stroking the head to calm him down, the disciples, who were dumbfoundedly watching my fight, approached with confused look.
It seemed that they were still shaken due to Shishou's bloodlust and intimidation, but Emilia, who recovered first among them, asked me earnestly.
"Uhmm… Sirius-sama? If I didn't heard wrongly, that person is your Shishou…" (Emilia)
"Yes, that's right. She was the Shishou who taught me fight and how to live. She departed when I was small, but I'm not sure why she is in this such a place." (Sirius)
"Is that before you picked us up?" (Emilia)
"There are a lot of things to be concerned about, but now let's head there to finish the talk…" (Sirius)
"…Please forgive me for asking too much." (Emilia)
When I turned around after stroking Emilia's head who understood my feelings, I saw Shishou was sitting on a chair made by the root of the tree grown from the ground.
Looking at how Shishou proudly lie on her back with legs outstretched, it made me involuntarily think.
"Shishou, your manners are bad, you know." (Sirius)
"That's because you look sloppy. If I had to say that, that was your fault." (Sirius)
She also still hadn't change when the place became inconvenient.
Shishou said I didn't change even if died, but looking from my side, I thought that Shishou wasn't the one didn't change at all.
As I deeply sigh, the root of the tree grew from our surroundings and a big table and a number of chairs were made.
"Uhmm…" (Emilia)
"Is it… alright to sit down, Aniki?" (Reus)
"It's tiresome if you do not sit down." (Sirius)
When I didn't hesitate to sit down and face Shishou, the disciples nervously asked and sit on the other chairs.
When I noticed, the figures of the Elders who were waiting around were gone, and the remaining people were the attendant-like Elder who led us earlier and the three Elders who couldn't move because they were wrapped by the roots.
And then, she asked tea for several number of people from the attendant Elder while yawning.
The disciples gradually calmed down due to the slacken appearance that unleashed bloodlust earlier.
(Shishou) (TLN: The name is 一号, it can mean No. 1)
"Understood." (Ichigo)
"Ichigo? Why such a name…" (Sirius)
"Say, Aniki, that strange name is…" (Reus)
"Hiii!?" (Reus)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Shishou's naming sense was nonexistent after all. And if you carelessly poke, she would snap without reason, just like now.
Shishou's anger was clearly heard even with that small voice and not only Reus, Hokuto also hid behind my back.
"Yes, there are many things I want to ask from Shishou. But first, I want to know why you called this woman… Fia." (Sirius)
"What did you say!?" (Sirius)
That Shishou never apologized even when she stopped my heart… and she said sorry now…. what!?
I instinctively looked up at the sky, but even though I couldn't see the Holy Tree's branches, rather than a meteor, I was wondering whether a spear was going to fall down.
"Uhmm… Seiki-sama. Why Seiki-sama need to apologize to me?" (Fia)
"That's because the fools that are bound over there. As for taking you by force, they seem have done other things.> (Shishou)
"Shishou, I barely understand what's going on. Please explain step-by-step." (Sirius)
Shishou made a circle on her palm and produced a small thing. She was playing it like a coin toss with fingers.
"You mean that they attacked Fia? But why they were trying to kill her?" (Sirius)
"They were individuals with unusually high pride. Maybe because they couldn't forgive that she was belonged to other man. Although they are looking like that, those fools are no more than ten years old…> (Shishou)
"""Ten years old!?""" (Emilia/Reus/Reese)
The surprised voices of the disciples rang out.
Although the Elders had decades of childhood, no matter how we looked at the Elders that we fought, we saw them nothing but as adults.
"Can, can I ask a question? How do you… create them?" (Fia)
It was too broad and I didn't really understand the meaning, but it looked to think that the Holy Tree was like a queen bee or queen ant that produced its own pieces. However, the standard and the scale were overwhelmingly different.
Therefore, the feelings for death and brethren were weak.
This was my conjecture, but the Elders who assaulted us were having particularly strong desire.
"I understood the reason for attacking us, but why does Shishou want to hold them on your own?" (Sirius)
(Shishou) (TLN: Inu is dog, but I don't want to put it as Dog-chan.)
"-chan… you mean me!? Ehmm, they are very strong." (Reus)
It seemed that the extent of her protection reached the grassland which located before entering Fia's hometown.
As far as being able to receive the protection, their physical strength and mana were inexhaustible. Therefore, unless I severe their necks, it wasn't possible to defeat them because they were completely unable to be annihilated.
In exchange to the abilities that almost close to irregular, the Elders who went outside the range of protection would rapidly debilitating. Apparently, they would die after several days.
I see… after knowing that much, I could guess the reason why that Elder wanted her.
"In other words, if they have that seed, they would be safe even outside the range of protection?" (Sirius)
"That's correct. And if they win over the Elves as well, they can live outside even if they leave me.> (Shishou)
"…Wait a sec. Do Elves also require protection?" (Sirius)
New information about Elves were revealed one after another.
I looked at Fia, but she shook her head as if she didn't know.
"So, that is the reason why we have to return in ten years after we go on a trip. After that, we have to stay in the forest for ten years, and even if I don't have reason, we must not leave the forest…" (Fia)
According to Fia, there were many Elves who went out on a journey that hadn't returned yet.
Most of it was probably because they were attacked by monsters and people, but perhaps, they were Elves who couldn't return because they were weakened.
Now, there was another reason known why the Elves were rarely found outside.
"Shishou, have you given that seed to others?" (Sirius)
"About two hundred years ago, it was given to a male Elf name Rodwell. That lively child has unusual curiosity." (Ichigo)
A nostalgic name came out in such a place. It turned out that he went outside for over a hundred years and he was active at the same time.
Well, let's leave that matter for now. Right now, I should ask nothing else but the seed.
"Shishou. What happened to Fia if she gets the seed?" (Sirius)
"…Is there anything else?" (Sirius)
As I expected, it wasn't talk with good stuff only.
However, that was from the point of view of human race. What was important was Fia, an Elf. Besides, we still didn't know anything about the Holy Tree.
I looked at Fia again, and rather than being afraid, she was wonderingly tilting her head.
"So, why me?" (Fia)
"Vigorous curiosity… is it? That's a right way to say about Fia-san." (Emilia)
"You're right. She is not proud, and I am confident about her curiosity." (Reese)
"Uhmm, I don't think about bragging, but…" (Fia)
Everyone's tension was considerably unraveled with Shishou's informal way of talking.
I also had that feeling. It seemed that Fia was going to get the seed from her current condition, but… would that be alright?
"Say, Fia. I am somehow thinking about it, but are you really going to accept the seed? You don't even know what will happen when you are assimilated with the Holy Tree, right?" (Sirius)
Wasn't it too relaxed?
No… Shishou was optimistic.
When I looked the side, that Ichigo Elder, who was listening to the conversation while making the tea, was somewhat sighing.
"No, I mean, there should be more important things, right? No matter how I look at it, the Holy Tree is an indispensable existence in this world…" (Sirius)
"That's too relaxed, Shishou! If she assimilated, won't something bad happen?" (Sirius)
"Hehehe, I'm happy that you are worried, but I'm fine, Sirius. I would be lying if I'm not worried at all, but I think that this is an honor for Elves. That's why I think that I will accept it." (Fia)
"…Is that so? If you have decided, I will not say anything more." (Sirius)
"Besides, without this, I have to go back to the village on a regular basis. If that is the case, I won't be able to stand by your side. So, since there is still hundreds of years before I become the Holy Tree… I don't have many reasons to feel hesitated." (Fia)
In that situation, I would have to live near Fia's village, but Fia wouldn't like it if she held me back.
"If it so… what do you usually do as the Holy Tree?" (Sirius)
Other than abnormal situation, she only woke up to give seeds, huh?
But, even if she could perceive mana, she asked someone to find Elf like Fia even though she couldn't perceive the nature. To be brief, she secretly sent an Elder to observe her.
"You should say that first!" (Sirius)
"A-ahaha… if that's the case, there is no problem to accept it." (Fia)
In this way, Fia decided to accept the seed. After that, she sat back once and bowed to Shishou.
"Seiki-sama. I…Shemifia humbly accept the seed." (Fia)
She was being unfair when I compared myself to Fia!
More importantly, this kind of development was…
"Haa!" (Fia)
The moment Shishou shook her hand, I reflexively extended my hand in front of Fia, and made a fist.
Everyone was surprised with that movement, but they were convinced when they looked at the seed that master had on my palm.
"Goodness, please properly hand it over if you want to give. It was too rough!" (Sirius)
"I told you, don't throw it as if you are trying to attack her! Do you want to pierce her throat!?" (Sirius)
With Shishou's strength, it wasn't weird to make a stone thrown like a bullet. The seed wasn't that hard, but I felt a bit pain from the impact of the grasp, so… I wanted her to stop there since it chilled my liver.
I handed the seed to Fia who had a bitter smile. On the other hand, Emilia was naturally smiling as she saw the interaction between me and Shishou.
"Hehe… That's rare for Sirius-sama. Seiki-sama is truly Sirius-sama's Shishou." (Emilia)
"Although I hate her for being unreasonable, yes I was taught by her…" (Sirius)
"Various things… eh? More than ten years… is it? But the time when I met Sirius-sama was…" (Emilia)
It seemed that Emilia noticed that the conversation was strange.
Considering that I was more than ten years old after being born, I had already met the siblings before that.
Although Emilia had been watching me forever, she probably thought that it was strange for not noticing the existence of such a hardcore Shishou.
"Yeah. That's because I'm already Sirius." (Sirius)
"""…Reincarnated?""" (Emilia/Reese/Reus)
I lived almost 60 years old in the previous life. As for a baby in this world, I didn't tell the disciples about the reincarnation. I had told them that all my abnormal growth and knowledge were from dreams.
I didn't really meant to conceal it because it was easier to convince the surrounding people.
Besides… I wasn't a man of the previous life, but I was Sirius now. I already considered the me in the previous life was a different person.
"Yeah… that was splendid talk that guide me as a disciple. Honestly, if that smile that is full with curiosity is not there, I will also be deceived…" (Sirius)
"Aah fine. I got it already, so please calm down. Yeah… this is also a good opportunity." (Sirius)
After that, I told my confused disciples about my previous life.
I was born in another world. I met Shishou and I was trained. I lived through a job called Agent…
"Please be silent, Shishou." (Sirius)
I retired to train my disciples and the story ended when I passed away after I was more than 60 years old.
Now.. I wonder what kind of reaction the disciples had after knowing this fact?
As I was waiting while somehow nervous, Fia smiled and nodded in satisfaction.
"Yeah… to be honest, there are many things that I don't know because of strange talks, but I was able to understand in many ways. Although I met you when you were a child, that reliable back and words were of course natural." (Fia)
"Me too, I thought when I met him for the first time, it felt like my father. Now, I'm pretty convinced." (Reese)
"Aniki… are you really a Jii-chan?" (Reus)
"My body is a proper youngster body, right? However… Do you really believe that? I mean it is a crazy story about different world, so if you look at the details, I should be a 70 years old man, you know?" (Sirius)
"Ahaha. When looking at the strange behavior and strength from your side, it will also make you believe it." (Fia)
"Besides, Sirius-san said it himself, right? Sirius-san is Sirius-san. I don't really understand about the previous life, but the one we love is… the current Sirius-san." (Reese)
"Whether Aniki is Jii-chan or not, Aniki is my respected Aniki who is also my big goal!" (Reus)
I thought that there would be nothing but to be hated. However, my heart got lighter because they were smiling and accepted the fact.
I felt a bit bad because I didn't talk about this in the past. When I lightly bowed, Emilia, who was quiet since earlier, looked at me with sad eyes.
"What's wrong, Emilia? If you want to say something, just say it." (Sirius)
"Uhm, Sirius-sama… Do you want to go back to the previous world?" (Emilia)
I thought about it several times when I was born in this world. Having my disciples as partners, and a woman became anxious, but… I had already decided.
As for returning to the the other world…
"I am already Sirius and I am a different person. Therefore, I don't think that I want to go back. More importantly, it is because you guys are here." (Sirius)
"…Yes! As for me, I have nothing to do with the previous life. If I can stay by Sirius-sama's side… that is good enough." (Emilia)
Apparently, she was quite worried.
When I stroked her head while apologizing, Emilia clung to my arm and play-biting.
She attacked me by hurling a seed since she was upset, but I moved my neck to avoid it and picked it up with my hand.
'Don't you attack with this valuable thing to the Elves, you know.'
By the way, when Shihou gave up since she couldn't hit me, Reus, who was alternately looking at me and Shishou, made a strange expression.
"Excuse me… Can I ask something, Shishou-san?" (Reus)
"It is about knowing the other world and reincarnation. Are Aniki and Shishou-san people from that side?" (Reus)
"No, I mean whether you became like that after being assimilated…" (Reus)
Reus asked something that I wanted to hear.
Although Shishou's personality was like that, it seemed that she was an existence of a so-called genius. Taking advantage of the longevity of the Elves, she brought her martial arts and magic abilities to the extreme while wandering around the world.
When she returned to her hometown, she continued doing research on magic formation for nearly a hundred years, and she accidentally created magic formations to cross to other worlds.
I was wondering what was with that strength in the previous life and was that also the reason why the appearance didn't change just because she was an Elf? The characteristics of the ears was probably hidden with magic or something.
"…I guess that you have made a lot of such magic formations. I have a feeling that it is dangerous, so you properly hide it, right?" (Sirius)
"How much is necessary?" (Sirius)
Unless she borrowed that much mana… it was impossible to go to other worlds.
No, that wasn't the level of being angry anymore.
Aside from that, it seemed that the fruit of the Holy Tree was shattered in small pieces when she came back to this world.
Well… with such a background, Shishou succeeded the Holy Tree several decades ago until now.
Although she said that she succeeded, I judged that she was forced to take the responsibilities.
"I can't really catch up with the story already." (Emilia)
"But, I guess Shihou-san did something and that's why Aniki came here, right?" (Reus)
"Before that… Do you remember such a thing?" (Sirius)
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
In the previous life, I noticed that my disciples and partner told me that there was a strange birthmark on my back.
At that time, there were a lot of scars on my back due to the fight against Shishou, so I thought that it was a scar, but… was it a magic formation?
This was probably my imagination, but should I ask about it?
"Say, Shishou. Why did you make reincarnated into this world? Was it because you want me to do something for you?" (Sirius)
"I understood that, but there is really nothing, huh? Isn't whimsy Shishou's strong point?" (Sirius)
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
"…Is it because a pity? Since you decided that for me, I would like to say that there is no reason for Shishou to sympathize, but…" (Sirius)
But… I was reincarnated like this and I had fulfilling days while surrounded by the disciples and lovers.
Although I couldn't honestly thank you when I remembered the hell of the previous life… it seemed that I could say it now.
"…Thank you, Shishou." (Sirius)
"…Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Good grief. Didn't you think of us as convenient toys or as emergency rations?" (Sirius)
"You should deny that!" (Sirius)
"*Yelp*!?" (Hokuto)
I wanted to say thanks but the relationship between me and Shisou was like this after all.

The Olden Days of Hokuto
This was a story about when Hokuto wasn't a Hundred Wolves but an ordinary dog.
Hokuto-kun, who was on the verge of dying, was picked up by the Master in the previous life. When the wound was healed, Hokuto-kun waited for the return of the Master who went out for hunting.
And then, when a sound was heard from the entrance, Hokuto-kun went to greet while wagging its tail, but…
"Hmm, this wine has a considerable taste…" (Shishou)
The one that came back earlier was the Shishou who went out to drink in a downtown.
At that time, Hokuto-kun wasn't scared of Shishou yet, so he would play with Shishou's feet.
"Hmm… Considerable…" (Shishou)
And then, Shishou hugged Hokuto-kun. She soaked him in a bucket filled with water and started washing him.
The master also washed Hokuto-kun in the same way, so he loved it at that time.
She washed him even though it was slightly rough, so when he was happily wagging its tail… the tail suddenly raised up.
"First off… should I slice into a reasonable size?" (Shishou)
"*Yelp*!?" (Hokuto)
At that moment, Hokuto-kun's wild instinct awakened.
"Taking out the internal organs before boiling with hot water… oh yeah, I have to prepare a miso soup." (Shishou)
"*Yelp*, *yelp*!?" (Hokuto)
He was really in desperate situation.
Since Hokuto-kun was held by Shishou, he couldn't escape.
But then… an angel descended.
"I'm back! Good boy–… what are you doing, Shisou!?" (Sirius)
"I was thinking about making a miso soup. I feel like drinking it after having sake." (Shishou)
"Do not try to eat my family! Or rather, that's not a miso, that is a pickle!" (Sirius) (TLN: It is Nukazuke)
"Well, I leave it to you. If miso soup is impossible, I want a dog stew." (Shishou)
"Stop joking around!" (Sirius)
"*Yelp*!?" (Hokuto)
And at present, Hokuto-kun finished talking to Reus about that part of the horror experience.
"You called me Inu-chan, so… are you going to eat me too!?" (Reus)
"…Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Calm down! She is a tree now, so she can't eat you." (Sirius)
"Anikiiii—!" (Reus)
"*Yelp*!?" (Hokuto)
"I told you, don't hide behind my back!" (Sirius)
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