Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 158

Chapter 158 The Surface and Behind the Scenes
“Heh… you have brought curious people again, is it? Are you acquainted with Zilard?” (Luca)
“Didn’t I explain it to you this morning? He is Sirius-sama, who was the champion of the Fighting Festival, and these people here are his companions.” (Zilard)
“Aah, come to think of it, did you say such a thing? Nevertheless… this is rare, after all.” (Luca)
Well, our party consisted of an Elf, two Silver Wolfkin, a winged people and a Hundred Wolves. In a sense, I could say that this was a unique party in this world. They didn’t know that Karen was a winged people, but the woman with horns on her head came closer and looked at us. She seemed to be interested in us.
“Luca. These people are the guests of Sanger-sama. Please stop looking at them with that kind of eyes.” (Zilard)
“Aah… sorry. If you are worried about that, it is just my habit of observing something.” (Luca)
“People are not a subject of research. That habit of yours is cute if compared to Hilgan’s, but you need to hold it back a bit better.” (Zilard)
By the way, the woman, who received Zilard’s remonstration, was oddly dressed lightly. With a shirt and short pants that I thought were underwear, her chest and butt were awfully emphasized. At first, I thought that such an exposure was to make her felt somewhat relaxed because she was wearing something that looked like a white suit on the tops. However, when she mentioned about observation and by looking at that white suit, it reminded me of the scientists I had seen in the previous life. While thinking so, their conversation ended. After clearing throat, Zilard started to introduce her.
“Everyone. This woman here is Luca. She is the one who received the title Dragon Warrior. She is also my colleague.” (Zilard)
“Karen. She is entrusted to take care of the dragons breeding in the castle.” (Fia)
She wasn’t just a scientist, but she was also doing such things. Luca, who was woman with dragon horns grew on her head, had a bundle of paper in her hands. It was densely written with figures and letters which were supposed to be the records of the dragons. While I was impressed with the eagerness to study, Luca immediately asked a question to the siblings after finishing her introduction.
“I haven’t seen Silver Wolfkin for a long time. Say, I basically heard that they will not leave their settlement because they treasure families and friends, but… why are you traveling?” (Luca)
“I am Sirius-sama’s attendant.” (Emilia)
“I am Aniki’s disciple!” (Reus)
“…Emilia is also my wife, and Reus is my brother-in-law. That’s why they are accompanying me on the journey.” (Sirius)
“I see. It is a result of a deep relationship of trust. A bond that surpasses the blood line and same family… that’s interesting.” (Luca)
It might be because Luca wanted to make a memo since that was interesting to her, she was running with furious momentum with papers in hands. But then, Emilia was asking a question this time.
“By the way, Luca-san. You are a Dragonkin… am I right?” (Emilia)
“Hmm? Well, I supposed that is more or less correct.” (Luca)
“More or less? That is somewhat ambiguous.” (Emilia)
“I am half human and half Dragonkin. You see, I have no tail even though there are horns.” (Luca)
When it came to Dragonkin, high rank dragons were able to transform into human state. However, no matter how much they could transform to human, the dragon’s horns, tails and scales would remain around their body.
“Half, is it? Haven’t you heard anything from your parents?” (Reus)
“My father didn’t even know his name since he was born, and my mother, who was a human, died as soon as she gave birth to me. Since I have dragon horns, I have no other choice but to conclude it that way.” (Sirius)
“Uh… sorry.” (Reus)
“I’m sorry. Even though we don’t know that, we were being impolite.” (Emilia)
“I don’t mind. You guys also don’t have parents, right?” (Luca)
“…Why do you think so?” (Emilia)
“It’s a guess. I can somehow understand the distinctive air around people.” (Luca)
Far from not having parents after being born, this woman was conspicuous even if she didn’t have dragon horns and tail. She must go through various hardships until now. Even if the word of hunch was ambiguous, there was weight enough to consent unexpectedly. But… was she really half human and half Dragonkin?
There were a wide variety of tribes in this world, but children born from mixed parents would follow either tribe. For example, the children of my attendants, Noel and Dee, would be either Catkin or human. A person who had only either cat ears or a tail… in other words, a half. It wasn’t like there was no possibility at all, but it was an extremely rare case. Moreover, in case of Dragonkin, compatibility with other tribes were very important. I heard from the Dragonkin, Asrad, that it was impossible to get a child with a human partner. For that reason, the Dragonkin lived with winged people who they had good compatibility with.
To put it simply, the existence of the one who called Luca could be said impossible, but… she was indeed in front of me. Since I couldn’t mention that it was absolutely impossible, I would accept it for the time being. Besides, I was convinced that she was a half since she could command the dragons at will.
“You can hear what the dragons say, yes?” (Emilia)
“Aah. I guess you have the blood of high rank dragon.” (Sirius)
When we were staying in Karen’s hometown, I saw a scene where the high rank dragon, Asrad and Zenodora, gave instructions to mid and low rank dragons. In other words, if she was a descendant of a high rank dragon, she would be able to speak with dragons.
Perhaps, the blood of high rank dragon flowed in Luca, the dragons here listened to her words. f it was possible to communicate, the rest should be the relationship of trust. However, since I had something that I couldn’t understand, I asked her this question.
“May I ask a question? Why her existence is being hid? It may be because of being a half, but I think she stands out in many ways.” (Sirius)
“That… is a horrible story, but it was because the influential people of the castle have intervened. Although she is a hero of Sandor, they said that it would be embarrassment that she is someone from unfamiliar tribe…” (Zilard)
“I’ve also heard about that from people.” (Emilia)
“Aniki would say that aren’t open-minded people, right?” (Reus)
I had seen the group of people, who thought highly about human supremacy, when I studied in the Elysion school. Of course, Zilard and Sanger objected at that time, but in those days, the positions and words of these two were lightly considered. It seemed that it was difficult to say to those foolish who had been colluded. Eventually, when they said that they couldn’t ignore those who fought as heroes, Luca’s identity had become concealed. Although they were angry because of the improper treatment, the person herself didn’t care at all. This was why it made us wondered.
“Even though it was an extremely harsh treatment, are you fine with that?” (Emilia)
“That happened several years ago, you know? Now, you can be reevaluated, right?” (Sirius)
“Actually, we tried to announce it officially for several times, but…” (Zilard)
“I objected. I disliked being conspicuous. If I can stay by Zilard’s side, that’s good enough.” (Luca)
“Anyhow, since she doesn’t dislike it, the existing state remains as it is. They should value Luca more, but… it is regrettable.” (Zilard)
“I don’t care about position or how I am in the eyes of others. To me, it is more important to support you.” (Luca)
At first, I was thinking whether they were a pair of lovers, but according to the information heard, these two had met each other since they were young. Even if they were not related by blood, they were like a real family. To put it simply, they were like a sibling, but when I looked from the side, I noticed that Luca was admiring Zilard. It might because of the conversation of these two, I remembered…
“…It is a familiar sight, isn’t it?” (Fia)
“Yeah. They are like Emilia and Sirius-san.” (Reese)
“My loyalty toward my master is higher!” (Emilia)
““This is not about a match of loyalty.”” (Reese/Fia)
The appearance that devoted all of oneself for someone important was probably similar to Emilia. Emilia began to recognize Luca as a rival, so when I caressed her head with stood up ears to calm her down, Zilard supplemented the story with a bitter smile.
“I felt regretful at that time, but I feel glad now. As you can see, Luca is a woman who naturally fascinates man. So, if she goes out on her own, foolish men will chase her…” (Zilard)
“Isn’t that because of her being lightly dressed? It’s better to dress some more.” (Reus)
“I don’t say that it’s bad to show your charm, but at least, you can wear clothes that hide that body a bit more…” (Emilia)
“I don’t like the feeling of body being wrapped. Plus, I wouldn’t wear this coat if Zilard didn’t ask me.” (Luca)
“No, I mean you should wear thicker coat than the thin one…” (Emilia)
“I’m fine because it’s not cold.” (Luca)
It might be because of the blood of Dragonkin, she could withstand cold and hot environment. Our concern seemed pointless because the person herself didn’t worry about it too much.
Then, we began introducing ourselves, but I noticed Karen, who I introduced last, was strangely obedient. Since she was familiar with dragons, she seemed to be having fun looking at the surrounding initially, but she was staring at somewhere with a nervous expression.
“You are nervous when looking at the dragons, is it? No need to worry. They aren’t interested in attacking people. You’ll be fine even if you approach them.” (Luca)
“This girl is not a child who afraid at dragons, but… Karen, is there something?” (Sirius)
“Eh!? Uhmm…” (Karen)
“Are you concern about that girl?” (Fia)
Beyond Karen’s light of sight, there was a girl of about six years old who sluggishly carried a bucket of water. I certainly heard that she was a girl hired as experiment on the dragons, but no matter where I looked at her, there was no slave collar. It didn’t seem like being treated severely too.
“That child is a helper hired from the town. She is not related to us, you know?” (Luca)
“This girl doesn’t get to talk much with children of same age. It seems that girl is doing something, so will it be alright if Karen talked to her?” (Sirius)
“I don’t really mind, but it’s a bit difficult to communicate with her. Plus, it seems that Sanger-sama will be coming here soon, so it’s better to do that later.” (Luca)
“Luca. It will be a boring talk for children, so let her be.” (Zilard)
“Alright. Do you want to go there, Karen?” (Sirius)
“Yes!” (Karen)
Since we were told that we couldn’t move in Sandor castle arbitrarily, I could see that Karen was holding back even though she wanted to talk to that girl. It was possible for her to make friends of same age after leaving the hometown, and she might be starting to enjoy the pleasure in meeting people. We narrowed our eyes to observe Karen who went to the girl. She was excited and nervous at the same time.
“Uhmm… He-hello.” (Karen)
“…Who?” (Girl)
“I am Karen. Nice to meet you.” (Karen)
“…Hina.” (Hina) (TLN: The name in raw is ヒナ)
“Hina? Uhmm… aah, is that your name? Can I call you, Hina-chan?” (Karen)
“Sure.” (Hina)
“What are you doing, Hina-chan?” (Karen)
“I’m working.” (Hina)
“I-I see. I also doing it back at home, but it’s hard, isn’t it?” (Karen)
“I’m… fine.” (Hina)
“Uhmm… well…” (Karen)
“…” (Hina)
It might be because the conversation didn’t last, Karen came back to us with droop shoulders. The girl named Hina tilted her head and she looked wondering. Since she didn’t looked angry, I didn’t think Hina was displeased with Karen. I supposed that girl wasn’t good at expressing emotions, which was why the conversation was done at minimum. She might be a tough opponent for Karen who still hadn’t used to socializing with other people. After all, Hina was talking indifferently with lack of expression.
“Uuh–…” (Karen)
“I got it. You don’t have to make that face.” (Sirius)
Since Karen came back and turned her eyes toward me, it would be better if I gave her a simple advice. Although the dragons were much larger than herself, let alone being scared, that girl worked rather close to it. She might like dragons. When I told Karen that the girl would talk more if she talked about the things she liked, Karen regained the motivation and approached Hina again.
“S-say. Aren’t you afraid… of dragons?” (Karen)
“…Why? I like dragons.” (Hina)
“I thought so. I also like dragons. They are big and reliable.” (Karen)
“Me too. That’s why I enjoy taking care of them.” (Hina)
“Well, can I help with your work? You are giving water to the dragons, right?” (Karen)
“…It’s heavy, you know.” (Hina)
“I’m fine because I’ve been training.” (Karen)
“…Alright, come here.” (Hina)
The girl gave off a quiet and unique atmosphere, but she might be a kind person because she didn’t mind about Karen. The sight of them carrying water side by side was charming. It should be fine to keep it this way, right? No matter how I looked at it, I thought that it was difficult to quench the thirst of the dragons with the amount of water that children could carry…
“Aniki, will it be better if I help them out? There will be no end if it’s just with Karen.” (Reus)
“You don’t have to worry. The dragon I entrust to the girl is a small dragon that just recently born.” (Luca)
“I heard about experiment earlier, but… could that be why the girl is taking care of it? Are you trying to give command dragons?” (Sirius)
“Aren’t you sharp? You are right. I am experimenting whether the dragon will be be obedient if it is raised by the same girl.” (Luca)
I couldn’t say at all, but even if a dragon was raised from an egg, they wouldn’t listen to people when they became adult. According to the most prominent theory among all other theories, they understood that there was absolute difference of instinct between people and dragon species. However, if it was raised by each other as a child, the dragon might listen by thinking that the human was its family. It seemed that was the reason why Hina was hired.
“People are instinctively afraid of huge dragons. Even so, that girl is not afraid at all. That’s why I chose her.” (Luca)
“Surely, there is no way one can be a family if they are scared to other.” (Emilia)
“Are you also trying to do it with second and third dragons?” (Sirius)
“It will be encouraging if more people can control dragons freely. In a sense, it is as for war potential like being drowned with strength…” (Luca)
When we saw the girls entered the hut side by side, we noticed that Zilard was looking wary of the surroundings and he looked serious too. It was different from the calm atmosphere he had so far. He seemed want to talk something important.
“Actually… I have something I’d like to ask Sirius-sama. May I?” (Zilard)
“I have no intention to budge if it’s about solicitation.” (Sirius)
“No, I just want to ask your honest feedback. Although it’s been only half a day, what do you think about the current state of this castle?” (Zilard)
“…I don’t feel very good.” (Sirius)
Although the situation revolved around the problem of the next successor, the behaviors of the vassals, who should support the royalties, were completely disjointed. I answered as requested. I told him that the possibility that the entire country would collapse was sufficient because the foundation had already began to collapse.
“Do you think so? While this is our country, it is a really embarrassing talk.” (Zilard)
“It would a problem specifically for a country. By the way, what is the state of the king who has fallen sick?” (Sirius)
“Aah, yes. I heard that he collapsed and couldn’t move, but I wonder if there is a chance to recover.” (Luca)
“…I’m not sure. We tried various treatment magic and medicine since then, but the king has been asleep for several months already. I’m sure that he is still alive, but whether he will wake up in the future or not…” (Zilard)
I couldn’t only see this from the people of the castle, but Zilard seemed to give up about the king would wake up. It might be inevitable to think so because there was no progress seen for several months. On top of that, the cause was unknown.
I didn’t planned to deeply involved with this, but since there was a possibility that the current situation would turn better if the Sandor king returned, I should discuss with Princess Lifell whether I should offer treatment or not. Well, even if I didn’t say it, Reese was likely going to tell me that she couldn’t ignore sick people.
“Those who plan to control Sandor have started making moves since the king didn’t wake up. The people, who we met before the lunch, are a part of the whole.” (Zilard)
“Those people, is it? They are somehow giving unpleasant feeling.” (Sirius)
“Yes, they act on greet. If such people become the top of the country, it will likely to change in grand way.” (Sirius)
“You’re right. That’s why Sanger-sama continues to fight, but after all, the number of supporters is few…” (Zilard)
“That’s why I ask for your help.” (Sanger)
I could guess what they were talking about from his circumstances. Sanger, who came from the castle, came in front of us while taking over the conversation from Zilard. However, the hearty smile he had until now toned down. Then, he continued talking to us with severe expression.
“I am proud of this country, Sandor, which has been built by Oyaji. But, I can’t keep silent while watching the country is going to be destroyed.” (Sanger)
“Is that the reason why you want to solicit us?” (Sirius)
“Aah. When I consulted with Zilard that I wanted talented people who wouldn’t lose to them, the talk about you guys came out.” (Sanger)
“Your skills affected the conclusion of the Fighting Festival, and you are continuing your journey safely even when your party stands out with an Elf and Silver Wolfkin. Of course, that may be due to the Hundred Wolves that has overwhelming might, but if everyone is not familiar with various things, there will be things that you can’t do.” (Sanger)
Far from knowing our thoughts, he knew about us. It seemed that he was also evaluating our abilities. Emilia nodded in satisfaction at those words, but I would ignore that for now.
“As a result of collection information, I think that we can overcome this situation if we have your help. That was what I proposed to Sanger-sama.” (Zilard)
“I was half-convinced when I heard it, but I am convinced after seeing you. You guys are people that I can rely on.” (Sanger)
“Even though these people are working in the castle, they are also smart since we couldn’t get a lead. Would you please lend us your strength?” (Zilard)
Every time we were solicited, it was all because to protect their home country, wasn’t it? I judged that the aspiration was fine, but unfortunately, I couldn’t agree easily.
“I’m sorry, but my employer is Lifell-hime, so I can’t give proper reply.” (Sirius)
“Understood. But, I’m asking you after understanding it.” (Sanger).
“Through the scheme of these people, trustworthy ministers, who served the king, had been expelled one after another. Although we may be fine because we were active in the previous Flood, but how long can we retain that influence is…” (Zilard)
“There are some people who occasionally come to invite me to their room. They are really annoying people.” (Fia)
“Then… if it’s impossible to be my vassals, it would be fine if you can lend us your help. I will ask Elysion princess for this.” (Sanger)
The situation looked quite severe from his state asking me without minding about the appearance. Although people, who were either supporters or those who took neutral stance, were expelled one after another, I could say that it was a matter of course since the enemies were increasing, right?
“I don’t want to admit this, but I don’t have enough capability as a king yet. That’s why these people are underestimating me.” (Sanger)
“There are no such things! Sanger-sama is the right person to be the next king.” (Zilard)
“That’s because these fools are only thinking about themselves.” (Luca)
It seemed that Sanger was delayed because his jobs became mess due to the timing of harassment by these hostile people. It wasn’t only during the meeting, but also earlier than that. Sanger let out a feeble complaint even though they got in his way considerably, but the two vassals of his were desperately encouraging him.
“…Oh yes. I can’t back down in this place, right?” (Sanger)
“That’s the spirit. The situation is bad, but we haven’t lost yet.” (Zilard)
“Hilgan also needs to help us. His urge for women is bad, and the pretense of being a hero is getting worse.” (Luca)
Just as the person himself said so, I also thought that Sanger was still not enough to be a king. He seemed lamenting his lack of capabilities since he was young, but with that strong will and supported by trusted retainers, he would be sooner or later be a successful king. To be honest…. rather than the position as a king, the people would be charmed by the strong will that wanted to protect the country. I thought that I wanted to help him even just a little.

Later, we were joined by Karen who had returned from the hut. Then, we asked them to guide us inside the castle. After the dinner had been served, we broke up with Sanger and others.
I tried asking if we could have a tour at the front line base, but we were told that it would be difficult in the present situation. It was too bad, but I was fine since I already expected it. For starters, it would take more than a day with horses from Sandor to the front line base. Since the kings were likely to leave the front line base tomorrow according to the schedule, we would only passed each other later. So, it would take some time before we could meet Albert and Maria.
After breaking up with Sanger, we came to princess Lifell’s room without returning to the room prepared for us in the castle.
“I see. They want you to help them… Should I say they have eyes on you?” (Lifell)
“I understand that the situation is bad, but I am going to refuse from helping. I feel bad a little though.” (Sirius)
“That’s acceptable. The risk of lending help is too great.” (Lifell)
“What are we going to do with the King? He is still sleeping… right?” (Reese)
“You don’t have to worry about that. I will talk to Julia tomorrow. There is nothing better for the king to heal, but if I tell her that the two of you are excellent doctors, they may allow you to examine the king as much as possible.” (Lifell)
“I don’t have too much expectation, but I’ll do what I can.” (Sirius)
I judged that was the most suitable option at the present time. Sanger’s status would improve if the king woke up after successful treatment.
Even if we were aimed by these cumbersome people, Legendia seemed to be almost finished since the kings would return from the front line base by tomorrow. So, it should better to leave Sandor before getting involved.
“Is the information like this? Let’s check the room next.” (Emilia)
“Yes, other than personal items, you may do as you like.” (Reese)
“Aniki, is there anything I can help you with?” (Reus)
“You can watch outside window to see if anyone coming. Melt-san is…” (Sirius)
“Aah, I will watch the entrance.” (Melt)
We also discussed several other things and after concluding the basic course of actions, I stood up and walked around the room. The original purposes coming to this castle were to protect Princess Lifell and to investigate and to investigate the room where she felt a mysterious presence. As I put my hands on the wall, I activated [Scan] while moving from one corner of the room to another corner. Then, I heard the conversation between the ladies who drank tea at the same time.
“You know, there was a dragon of the same size as me in the hut. It got scared when I approached it, but it was happy when Hina-chan stroked it.” (Karen)
“Heh, although she is a child, she is good at taking care a baby, isn’t it? By the way, have you made friend with her?” (Lifell)
“…Not yet. I was there to help her only, so I can’t say that Hina-chan and I are friends now.” (Karen)
“Hehe, it’s alright. When it comes to friends, you don’t have to mention it. You will become friends naturally.” (Lifell)
“Friends are people who you can have fun and doing things together.” (Emilia)
“Really?” (Karen)
“But, since that girl doesn’t talk a lot, I think it would be better if you say it properly.” (Fia)
“So, which one then!?” (Karen)
While Karen was excited about how she could make new friends, I noticed a sense of incongruity. Then, I focused my mana and started to investigate the details inside the walls. As I expected, there were countless something thin inside the walls. Since it looked like an ordinary stone wall on the surface, I tried to scoop out a part of the wall with a knife, and…
“As expected… isn’t it? But, these are…” (Sirius)
Those things were like roots of plants that grew innumerably within the slight gapes of stones. There was no mistake about the identity of incongruity, but it seemed that the plan eroding in the walls everywhere. When I extended my hand to examine the plan, Emilia, who noticed my strange behavior, came closer while tilting the head.
“Sirius-sama, did you find something?” (Emilia)
“I’m concerned about something a little. But, these may only the tips of everything.” (Sirius)
“These are roots of plant… right? The surface of the walls is beautiful, but the inside is extremely corroded.” (Emilia)
“That’s because this castle seems to exist from long ago. It is inevitable to be corroded.” (Sirius)
Ironically, this was the current Sandor castle. While having bitter smile, I returned the original state with the magic formation of [Create] on the roots of plan which were slightly torn. Then, I returned to Princess Fia who was at the table.
“I have confirmed. There is no particular abnormality.” (Sirius)
“I see. So, it’s just in mind, huh?” (Lifell)
“Anyhow, you should be careful and don’t get caught off guard. Emilia, will you make a tea? I want to drink tea you brewed.” (Sirius)
“Understood! I will–… prepare immediately.” (Emilia)
While pretending that there was no problem, I signaled Emilia with eyes and hands not to bring tea, but to bring papers and something to write. Everyone was wondering with that unusual movement. After receiving papers and a feather pen brought by Emilia, I turned my eyes toward Karen.
“What is it?” (Karen)
“It’s going to be late night soon, so I think Karen should go to sleep.” (Sirius)
“…I’m not sleepy yet.” (Karen)
“Ahaha, she was talking a lot about Hina-chan.” (Lifell)
“But, you have to go to sleep soon, Karen. I think, you will feel sleepy as soon as you calm down.” (Fia)
“There will be a lot going on tomorrow, but if there is available time, we can go to Hina again. You don’t want to be sleepy at that time, right?” (Fia)
“Yes… alright.” (Karen)
The time to sleep was earlier than usual, but it would be a bit hard if Karen was here. Nevertheless, she nodded obediently while I stroked her head. Then, I call Reus who was still watching outside window.
“Reus. I’m sorry, but can you bring Karen back to the room?” (Sirius)
“Ouh. As long as Karen can be protected, it’s all fine.” (Reus)
“I don’t think there will be anyone pick you for a fight, but yes. I leave her to you.” (Sirius)
“I’m sorry, I’ll be returning to the room as well. I’m more tired than expected today, and I already feel sleepy.” (Fia)
“Got it. We will be back after a while, so please take a rest earlier.” (Sirius)
“Well, I’ll be sleeping together with Karen-chan–…” (Lifell)
“…Hime-sama’s room is here.” (Melt)
Princess Lifell was casually trying to leave the room with the other three, but she was brought back by the hand of Melt. While bitterly smiled at Princess Lifell, who seemed to be frustrated, I placed the papers on the table so that everyone could see and spoke at the same time.
“Looking at the situation today, I have a feeling that I will be challenged for mock battle by Julia-ouji. Perhaps, I also should take a break earlier today.” (Sirius)
“…Since she had a close fight with Reus, I’m sure you want to keep your physical ready.” (Emilia)
“…You can’t afford to lose when you are his teacher, right?” (Lifell)
“Y-yeah. That Oujo-sama was really strong…” (Reese)
“The match with her would cause death if there is a momentary careless.” (Melt)
“Everyone, would you like to have more tea?” (Emilia)
While chatting, I told everyone on the paper that I wanted them to match up with the conversation. Even though they were puzzled, everyone nodded. After confirming the situation, I wrote the reason why we did this kind of thing. Then, tension was running on the expression of everyone.
[There may be an existence that monitors not only this room, but also the entire castle.] (Sirius)
I was pretending not to notice that… there were roots of plants within the walls, and I also slightly noticed mana of a person coming from the roots. Moreover, the result of [Search] was the plant spread throughout the walls of the castle. It seemed to be monitoring the people who lived in the castle. I could feel its nature was close to my [Search].
What I communicated on the papers was there was a possibility that the enemy would take tough measures when we identified the existence of the plant. I didn’t want to use [Call] because I don’t want to be suspected by scattering the mana. Of course, I might be over thinking or made wrong conjecture that this plant was used for eavesdropping. After that, I explained the situation in writing while walking around the table.
[Through the plant found earlier, it seemed that there is a high possibility of searching the position of people. It is unknown whether the conversation is heard, but please don’t talk about what I write on papers and about the plant within the wall.] (Sirius)
[In other words, we should assume that the enemy should have magic and techniques similar to Sirius-sama, right?] (Emilia)
[But, we are talking something about the next successor…] (Lifell)
[The surroundings should be fine. If they heard unpleasant conversation, the other side would already put some measures.] (Sirius)
Although people had been talking about various things since we came to the castle, there were actually no actions to calm the situation at this moment. At least, the enemy might think that there should be no problem to ignore us for the time being.
Anyhow, since it was alright to spend time normally, I summarized that we should avoid talking about monitoring. As I expected, Reese looked unhappy might be because she was concerned. Then, she wrote her feelings on the paper.
[Who is the person who constantly monitors people in the castle?] (Reese)
[I haven’t arrived to conclusion yet. There is a hero who is said to have the eyes of God in Sandor, right?] (Sirius)
Even if Zilard wasn’t there, he got the title God’s Eyes from the point of grasping the state of war situation as if it was overlooked by the God. I also thought it was Zilard and the ability called God’s Eyes by making use of the plant.
To be honest, it wasn’t a proper measure, but it might be a necessary measure in order to survive in this country that emphasized more on talent. It was a troublesome thing to do with the opponent, but we were currently not in hostile relationship with Zilard yet.
His conducts were toward Sanger… and the country, so it seemed better to leave him alone unless he tried to harm us. It wasn’t strange to be monitored when people live in the castle, but we must not be careless so that nobody could take advantage. The sense of incongruity felt since I entered the castle was reduced by one, but… there were more new mysteries. Since I couldn’t relax if I didn’t investigate, I wrote new details while looking toward Princess Lifell.
[Do you know someone who knew the detailed history and situation of the country, in this castle?] (Sirius)
[What are you going to investigate?] (Lifell)
[This has got nothing to do with the next successor problem. I am concerned about what sorts of eminent figures existed in the past of this country.] (Sirius)
[Eminent figures… is it? I don’t feel good because that person isn’t someone ordinary, but you don’t mind anyone, right?] (Lifell)
[In that case, you can leave it to me. If it is about Sandor, I know a person who knew full details of not only the matters on the surface, but also behind the scenes.] (Lifell)
[Is that person an acquaintance of Senia?] (Sirius)
[This is unofficial, but it is the best information seller in Sandor. It is someone whom ordinary people can meet, but if it’s Sirius-sama, there should be no problem.] (Senia)
I felt bad for taking advantage on Senia’s difficulties, but for now, I should take advantage on that. As I wanted to find answers as soon as possible, I replied that we should proceed with the plan immediately.


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