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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 55

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"It's…my loss, huh." (Rodwell)
Although Rodwell lost the fight, he had a very refreshing smile. He is way older than me but he still willingly admits that he lost against me, a child.
But with that remark, shouldn't you wait a bit longer before saying it?
“It not that. It's my lost." (Sirius)
“Eh?" (Rodwell)
He made a confused look when I said that but from the beginning, I intended to lose no matter what the situation will become.
Try to think of it. If I win, the headmaster's pride will be completely ruined and it will guarantee that I will end up in troublesome matters. Just a minute… No, I have been considerably conspicuous already and there will not be anyone making fun of me after seeing the fight. I have achieved my purpose. It's not necessary to win intentionally.
“Because of that, please take care of what is going to happen after this." (Sirius)
“W-wait a sec, Sirius-kun!? I admitted defeat, I can’t!" (Rodwell)
“If that's the case, we both know I won. Publicly, please make yourself the winner of this match, headmaster. The cloud of dust seems to be settling, so please do it soon." (Sirius)
“Eh, wait! My goodness, then there is no other way? The loser will hear what the winner says I suppose." (Rodwell)
I separated the knife from the troubled headmaster and put it away, I made my body as if I received damage from magic and fell down on the ground.
With the timing of the cloud of dust got dispersed, the scene that could be seen was me falling down while Rodwell was still standing. The outcome of the battle is clear for whoever sees this.
&123;I-is that!? I don't know what happened but it seems the outcome has been concluded.&125; (Magna)
&123;Sirius-sama!?&125; (Emilia)
“Aniki-!" (Reus)
&123;Magna-sensei! If the game is over, please turn off the barrier quickly, Emilia is going to go join Sirius-san!&125; (Mark)
When I opened my eyes slightly and looked at the audience seating, Emilia was being held back by Mark and I could see Reus continued hitting the barrier. Not just Emilia, Reus also seemed able to break the barrier if he did it seriously but… that was probably because they were so panicked.
What have I done? It seems I made them unbelievably worried. I decided to prepare since they may picked up fight whoever came near them as they may find them irritating.
Rodwell still had bitter expression but I could feel the barrier of the arena disappearing after he waved his hand at Magna-sensei.
&123;Well, I don't understand much about what's going if I have to say something but it was amazing fight, right? Can you tell us what kind of daily training that Sirius-kun do… Where is Emilia-kun?&125; (Magna)
&123;She went running to Sirius-kun the moment the barrier disappeared.&125; (Mark)
Emilia made a big leap from the live coverage seat, landed on the arena safely by using wind magic and started to run. On the other direction, Reus shouted for Reese. She drew closer and get on his back at the same time, and then he jumped from the audience seating.
Emilia was the fastest to arrive, and she begun to check my body after I raised my body in front her.
“Are you injuries all right, Sirius-sama!? Reus is bringing Reese now, so please don't worry." (Emilia)
“Everything is just scratches, so it's all right. I don't have to depend on Reese. if I leave it alone, it will recover." (Sirius)
“That's great…because the battle is over safely. Please have this towel first." (Emilia)
I am safe but my body worn-out because of the fight and cloud of dust. So, I received the towel handed from her to wipe my body but it's not a normal towel. The moistened hot towel was wet a little and heated by magic formation of fire. She was very particular in details.
“I've also prepared a drink. Is there anything else you need?" (Emilia)
“No, I'm all good. Thank you." (Sirius)
I received the cup, and she was pleased when I patted her head.
“What a splendid skill, Emilia-kun." (Rodwell)
“That's natural as Sirius-sama's servant. Headmaster, would you like a drink too?" (Emilia)
“Yes, please. Hoo, is this herbal tea? It permeates through a tired body nicely…" (Rodwell)
When I took a rest while having tea together, Reese and Reus came over later.
“Aniki-!" (Reus)
“W-wait Reus! It's fine already! Let me down soon-!" (Reese)
Reus, who ran recklessly while carrying Reese, didn’t seem to hear her voice. He ran right until he reached me, then he put down Reese and pushed her forward.
“Reese-ane! Please check on Aniki quickly!" (Reus)
“I got it already so please calm down. Well, though there are obvious light injuries, it looks like there is no big injury." (Reese)
“Though you can see the wounds visually, there is no problem since it's just scratches and light burns." (Sirius)
“No, you can't. Didn't you say we shouldn't neglect them even if it's just bruises? I'm going to heal you so please don't move." (Reese)
Come to think of it, this is my first time being cured by Reese. When she invoked the spell, water came out from her hand covered the bruises and warm sense gradually spread throughout my body. That was very comfortable but the water spell made me want to take a bath soon since I became dirty after rolling on the ground surface.
Reese was laughing a bit when she looked at my face because I absentmindedly accept the treatment.
“Though you don't care, it's really refreshing since Sirius-san is not injured." (Reese)
“Which remind me, the only time Aniki was injured was when he had Lior-Jiichan as an opponent." (Reus)
“I wasn't that injured you know?" (Sirius)
I'm already used to pain since I was viciously beaten by my master and have been hit by bullets in the past. I'm not a masochist since I would rather evade an attack if there is no benefits at receiving it.
I patted Reus' and Reese's head when the treatment was over, and then I could hear Magna's troubled voice from live coverage seats.
&123;Say… headmaster. It would be nice if you can say something…&125; (Magna)
“Oops, it’s not the time to drink tea.”
After saying thanks and returning the cup to Emilia, the headmaster invoked [Echo] and began to give the closing.
&123;To all students, how did this fight look to you now? It is my victory this time but was there anyone who think that Sirius-kun can win midway?&125; (Rodwell)
More than half of students who sat at the audience seating became absent minded but there were few students who nodded at what he said.
I found the noble whom Reus was going to hit two days ago and he was looking here with mouth wide open, surprised and astonished. He trembled, scared and frightened when our eyes met but it wasn't only him. The other nobles also had same reaction. Are they thinking about me getting revenge? I have no plan to do that, so they don't need to worry.
Looking at the entire student body’s reactions, 50% of them are scared, 40% are surprised and respectful and 10% of them with a greedy face to take me in?
&123;All of you should have seen it. Sirius-kun showed various splendid techniques. Though Magna-sensei explained in the middle of the battle, he learned chantless without being taught by anyone, and destroyed that rock .&125; (Rodwell)
To tell the truth, that [Mountain Pressure] was really dangerous. I could easily destroy it just because anti-tank rifle 'Image'. I think it was somehow penetrated the boulder but… I should practice in the depth of mountains next time.
&123;Yes, if you put your effort even if you are a colorless, you can become stronger like him. And the spell he used was nothing but [Impact]. However, it may have many uses if you create specialized variations of a single spell. Before fighting against me, he splendidly embodied possibilities of magic when he used his.&125; (Rodwell)
The audience seating area became noisier, there were many remarks like because of talent, genius or something like that. The headmaster took a deep breath after listening to those remarks, and bring the students' attention with loud voice which I hear for the first time.
&123;Stop saying things like talent or genius to escape from the truth. Magic has infinite possibilities, and will have infinite possibilities if you continuously put your effort into it. I hope that this is not pointless fight.&125; (Rodwell)
After he finished what he wanted to convey, the headmaster was laughing with satisfaction. Then, he made eye contact with Magna-sensei and stopped using [Echo].
While the later arrangement was explained by Magna-sensei, the disciples who finished the treatment and dispersed their worried happily surrounded and praised me. But Reus was the only one who had a face that can't move on.
“You are really amazing, Aniki! But, it's regrettable, even though you almost won." (Reus)
“Huhu… you guys don't have to worry. Though I said things a while ago, the truth is Sirius-kun is the one who won." (Rodwell)
“Wait a minute!" (Sirius)
When I think what he is going to say with satisfied looking face, that Cake Master suddenly exposed it!
He didn't used [Echo] and judging from the volume of his voice, only the disciples will hear it but what on earth is he thinking?
“It's no use, Sirius-kun. You don't want to be rolled up in troublesome things, so please tell the truth to them. No matter how strong the opponent is, wouldn't they feel frustrated if their master lost?" (Rodwell)
I saw them nodded many times when listening to the headmaster's says, and I noticed that I made them worried again. Recalling the memory of when my master was defeated, and since she was a person who didn't get a hint even a little, maybe that's why I probably dull about this event.
As for the headmaster's suggestion, I should have told the disciples what really happened.
“Sorry, I should have properly told the truth to you guys." (Sirius)
“Sirius-sama, you don't have to apologize. That means…" (Emilia)
“Yes, what the headmaster said was right. I won." (Sirius)
When they hear me proclaiming victory, Emilia and Reese clenched their fist before their chest with brighten eyes, and Reus was delighted, put up both hands while wagging his tail.
“Aniki is the strongest after all! Me too, someday, I will become strong like Aniki!" (Reus)
“If I'm going to say anything now… Our master (Shishou) is really great!" (Reese)
“Haa… As expected of Sirius-sama. I'm falling in love many times with your fighting figure…" (Emilia)
I don't need to confirm because by looking at their reaction, I seem able to keep the prestige as their master.
“By the way, headmaster. Since we're going back soon, will it be alright for us to leave?" (Sirius)
“No, it is still too early to leave. Since royalty, Lifell, came, you should have a word with her." (Rodwell)
“Ane-sama… why did she come here?" (Reese)
“Well, of course. Isn't it because I want to see my future brother in law and vassal?" (Lifell)
“Ane-sama!?" (Reese)
The students were surprised because Princess Lifell who sat at the VIP seats with her two attendants appeared in the ring. Me and the headmaster were not surprised, as we both already knew her.
Senia waited at the rear holding the magic tool that has the [Echo] magic formation. When I think for sure that I will get words from the VIP seats, she seems to appear before me.
“Ane-sama? Aah, do you by any chance want to become my younger sister? I don't care even if you are called 'Blue Saintess'." (Lifell)
“Aah… I-I'm sorry!" (Reese)
Since the important matter of Reese being a royalty still a secret, she seemed to follow up nicely with the verbal slip even though the audience probably couldn't hear it. No, her face is serious. The acting is magnificent.
Though I associate with her on equal term in a private, it would be bad to interact with her lightly in public since she is a royalty. For that reason, we all kneeled except the principal and showed respect to her.
&123;Everyone, please be quiet. Well then, we would like to receive a word from Lifell-sama for the two who were fighting earlier.&125; (Senia)
When Princess Lifell turned towards Senia while having wry smile, she filled up the [Echo] magic tool with mana and finished her preparation to make Princess Lifell's voice resound.
&123;First of all, be at ease. We've seen the fight between these two, Rodwell and Sirius, and there is nothing can be said other than ‘splendid’. It was the most impressive fight I have ever been witness to.&125; (Senia)
The figure that praised us while making a gentle smile is a splendid princess, but when the students were engrossed with the fight, she noticed that she should say something to remove the awkwardness of situation and put spirit into them.
&123;There were plenty of highlights in this fight but I think everyone should pay more attention to Sirius who fought the Magic Master on equal terms.&125; (Lifell)
…I have a feeling that this talk is somehow going to a bad direction.
While I'm having that feeling on other place, Princess Lifell's Imperial Guard drew closer and handed in the magic tool to Emilia. It was same magic tool that Senia held. I can't somewhat or rather say anything with this flow of event. And the bad feeling is speeding up.
&123;Sirius, I heard that you are a colorless and commoner. But, I think that your strength is amazing to the extent the earlier fact doesn't matter. That power… Will you use it for my sake?&125; (Lifell)
Is it scouting after all!?
If I decline the invitation of royalty while the public is looking, it will become troublesome since I will disgrace the other party. Besides, she is not someone I dislike. She is Reese's sister and that's another reason I don't want to make them feel embarrassed. To block the escape route and scout me… what a sly princess.
The students rustled because of Princess Lifell's invitation, whether Emilia is being happy that I am recognized or not, she finished preparing to make my voice heard. With a troubled face, I look at Princess Lifell but she closed her eyes as if saying to entrust things to her. She seems has something in mind, so it seems better to leave the talk to her.
&123;If it's within my power…&125; (Sirius)
The surroundings became noisier, waiting for the reply that accepts the invitation. Since there were people who were mortified among them, I think they were judging me being taken in by these people. Thus, I realized her intention.
Other nobles cannot make a move on me if I accept the invitation from Princess Lifell, who is the princess of the country. If they are going to take me in, who was invited by the princess, they are basically picking quarrel with the country.
If I want to say it myself, there should be a lot of people who want me with the ability to fight Magic Master on equal terms. I stood up for now, and I am grateful for shutting down the earlier gloomy noble's invitation.
But, if the situation remain as it is, won't I set my path to work at the castle after the graduation? I said how many times that I want to go out travelling but could she be planning something?
While polishing the escape in the night plan, Princess Lifell was looking at me with serious face.
&123;However, you can be stronger. If you become my vassal, be stronger and you must know the world. Sirius, let me give the first order at once. Keep on going to school until you graduate, then go for a trip around the world&125; (Lifell)
I see. Is that so? With this, I can just travel out openly.
&123;I don't know how long your trip will last but when you come back to my side, you will grow up more greatly. And, defeat the Magic Master next time.&125; (Lifell)
&123;Understood. That is for certain, someday.&125; (Sirius)
Princess Lifell nodded in satisfaction. She gave eye signal to Senia to disable the ability of magic tool, and then she talked with voice that could be only heard by us, and not the audience.
&123;…Though Ojii-sama said so earlier, you actually won against him, right? Because I just know it." (Lifell)
“You know it well." (Rodwell)
“I know it by looking at Ojii-sama bitter face and Reese's content smile." (Lifell)
She understood Reese well but as for the headmaster, he didn't really changed his expression at all. With her sharp observing eyes, I probably will have a relationship with her for long time.
“Though I have scouted Sirius-kun in front of many people, there shouldn't be any problem to travel, right?" (Lifell)
“What can they say when you forcibly induce the situation? If they accept the earlier talks as it is, it should be alright even if I don't return home for the time being." (Sirius)
“Wouldn't that be a bit of a problem? As I have said before, since I make the country think that you will serve me and I am waiting for you, please return by all means." (Lifell)
“Yes, I hope that you can look forward on it." (Sirius)
“All right. Nevertheless, it was a very magnificent fight. Especially when you broke Ojii-sama's nose." (Lifell)
“Lifell, that is rude!" (Rodwell)
“It's the truth and besides, isn't great since you secluded yourself most of the time? And, isn't Ojii-sama almost reached his limit? Senia." (Lifell)
“Yes." (Senia)
The headmaster remaining standing like nothing happened but the truth is he has run out of mana and was almost collapsing. And yet, the Magic Master didn't fall down completely because of his pride.
Senia invoked the magic tool once again while Princess Lifell handed to me a big cloth she got from Melt.
&123;I am granting you this. I will attach this to you someday and I am waiting for you to stand by me.&125; (Lifell)
When she opened the cloth, it was the mantle which has identification of Elysian country sewed on. The mantle is not flashy but it is weaved with high quality of magic thread. It is also similar to the mantle worn by Melt. By granting this to me, it will act as proof that I am close, comparable to her Imperial Guard.
In other words, by wearing this mantle, it means it becomes proof of having support from Elysion's royal princess. Furthermore, since she is going to become Queen sometimes soon, this will become a big thing in the future.
She is not using her authority for the time being but it's become harder to escape after receiving this splendid item. It seems there are some who are jealous about this so I'm not going to wear it most of the time.
As conclusion, those men will be constricted if they attempt to steal the crest… that's what Princess Lifell is trying to convey through her piercing gaze while smiling. Then, she left the ring.
&123;Well then, the special lesson is finished by this. All students, you are dismissed.&125; (Magna)
The headmaster appeared to want to talk some more but he decided against it, likely because he was tired from the fight. Luckily, Magna-sensei dispersed the students, because he didn't want us to be confronted by them.
If I got caught, I'll be surrounded and asked a lot of questions. I'm saved since I'm really tired.
But, thinking how they looked here with mixed feelings when they left the arena, I can't imagine what is going to happen starting from tomorrow. I must be prepared for it when attending class tomorrow morning.

And then, we returned to the Diamond Cottage, finished the dinner after taking a bath. On the way back home, there were several students and nobles who came to see me but I said I was tired and wished to leave. There were also fools who didn't get the situation hanging on us but they were forcibly returned because of Reus' intimidation and Emilia who didn't smile at all.
However, Emilia and Reus being excited were not settled at all, even after considerable time has passed since the fight. Reus swung his sword while shouting outside and Emilia was behaving like a spoiled child, biting my shoulder, but that's probably considered being obedient to her.
It was finally time to go for bed, I entered the bed while remembering what happened today. While tasting the feeling of fighting with all out, my eyes…
“Please excuse me. Since today is cold, how about a sleeping together service?" (Emilia)
…I couldn't close my eyes at all.
Emilia wore a pajamas, and she was going to slip into my futon. I thought she was exaggerating in saying she fell in love again… but is that the reason?
“…What is the rule of Diamond Cottage? Sleep at your own bed." (Sirius)
“This… excitement doesn't cool down and I cannot sleep. Since that's the case, I think I can calm down if I stay near Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
Oi oi, are you not in heat since you are too excited? Besides, your condition will be reversed if you sleep with me. Anyway, you should calm down.
“Haa… I will pat your head until you sleep, so let's go to your room. I don't want Reese to wake up." (Sirius)
“Don't worry. Since Reese is going to join today, you don't have to worry about waking her up." (Emilia)
“I-I'm coming in…" (Reese)
As I am imagining what will happen when the room door was opened, I saw the appearance of Reese dressed in pajamas while holding pillow with both hands. She seemed embarrassed, did Emilia instigate her again?
“I am also here, Aniki! Let's sleep together like the night when we helped Reese-ane before!" (Reus)
“…" (Sirius)
And Reus came as if this is natural thing, spread out a blanket and reserved it as a bed. I think the point of not going to enter bed together is about growing up but…
“Go back to your room quickly!" (Emilia)
On this day, fighting against the disciples is probably harder compared to the headmaster.
By the way, Emilia went back up on her bed, and she fast asleep after I patted her for a while.

The next day… my school life changed dramatically.
First, it was in the morning.
When I went to school after finishing morning training and breakfast, I'd become the center of attention immediately from the students. While I think this is reasonable because of yesterday struggle, that changed when I went through the door.
“Good morning, Sirius-senpai." (??)
“Good morning, boss!" (Reus' underling?)
“G-good morning, Sirius-san." (??)
Until now, most of people greet Emilia and Reus, and the people who greet me including the juniors were not more than ten percent but… what about this?
I know the juniors are Reus' friends (aka underlings) but even the other students from different classes lowered their head and gave way to me. Though they are older than me and nobles are included, everyone is doing the same thing.
Is the ratio half respect and half fear? Emilia and Reus were looking proud behind me because of the totally different reactions from yesterday.
“Huhu… everyone seems to finally understand the splendor of Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
“It's finally here, Nee-chan! Did everyone realized it? This is our Aniki!" (Reus)
“It's embarrassing, so stop it." (Sirius)
I headed towards the class while calming those two who are completely in high spirit. There was no end of people greet me while on the way to the class, and there was also among them who immediately ran away when I saw their face. Those guys who ran away maybe were the nobles who previously mocked me. Reus was about to become a hunting dog to make them apologize for what they did, but I stopped him with 'House' order.

I finally arrived in front of the classroom. I didn't think I’d get tired of the greetings, but by now I am. I’m hoping there won’t be much more since the class is more or less already knows about my extraordinariness.
“… Good morning." (??)
“Aah, good morning, Sirius-kun, Emilia." (??)
“Good morning, boss, Aniki." (Rou?)
In the case of greetings when I entered the classroom, I am relieved since the greetings were like usual, unlike other students. When I sat on a seat while gathering everyone's attention, the classmate, who usually gathered around Emilia and Reus, were gathered at me as I expected.
“You were amazing yesterday, Sirius-kun!" (??)
“Yeah! Which reminds me, why did you hide it? Aah, was it because the nobles will be annoying if it was leaked?" (??)
“What kind of [Impact] that destroyed the headmaster's [Mountain Pressure]? Isn't it impossible against such advanced level magic?" (??)
I am surrounded by the classmates and I cannot escape. Emilia and Reus also were asked a question as well as me but the details were only similar things. Though they asked various questions but if I summarized them all, they wanted to know how did I gain such strength.
Whatever it is, I can say nothing but putting effort every day. Because of that, when I feel troubled whether they understand it or not, the crowd of classmates split and Mark gallantly appeared. Although he didn't say anything, the students were naturally giving way to him. I think people give way to me because there is overwhelming fear in my situation but in Mark's case, it is purely because of his charisma.
Today, he wears a refreshing smile like usual. Arriving in front of me, he said hello. I'm not sure of the reason, but the classmates don't interrupt when Mark talks with me. There were some girls who were snorting at one end but I didn’t feel bothered by it since it is possible to have conversation like usual.
“Good morning, Sirius-kun. I already expected but you seems to become very popular. Well, of course that happened when you display strength to that extent." (Mark)
“Good morning, Mark. I also expected it will happen but I didn't think it would change to this extent." (Sirius)
“You're the reason it happened. Look, your two disciples also are pleased that their master become popular, so shouldn't you be more proud about yourself?" (Mark)
When I turned to my side, I saw the siblings seemed happy looking at me and took their seats. Perhaps, are they looking forward to this opportunity all the time? Although it may look bad since I'm not interested.
“Even so, it was really regrettable yesterday. If it's you, I seriously though there could be a possibility." (Mark)
“Having Magic Master as opponent is intense after all. The best I could do was avoiding his barrage." (Sirius)
“I want you to realize that it is unusual to avoid that. I had seen you in various ways after you entered school but your strength is truly unknown. Therefore, I ask you on behalf of the class. Sirius-kun, what kind of training do you continuously do?" (Mark)
All surrounding students nodded at Mark's inquiry. Yeah, the training contents aren't a secret particularly, I have no problem to tell them but there is no doubt that they are drawn to me. And since the teacher will be coming soon, there is not enough time to explain.
“Good morning, everyone. Please take a seat… I guess it had become this way, huh?" (Magna)
Magna-sensei entered the classroom right at the timing when I thought so. When I thought I would be liberated from this situation from the time being, the classmates proposed to Magna-sensei.
“Magna-sensei, we were about to ask Sirius-kun to tell us the secret of his strength. Please give us some time before starting the lesson." (Classmate)
“Ooh?" (Magna)
It's natural for Magna-sensei to frown because of the classmate's request. I'll put together the detailed contents until the next break so please start the lesson quickly.
“To tell the truth, I'd like to know too. Alright Sirius-kun, please come to the teacher's lectern." (Magna)
“Wait a sec!?" (Sirius)
“As expected of Magna-sensei! Come on, everyone, take a seat!" (Classmate)
The classmates who gathered around me dissolved and returned to their seats. I am amazed with the class that united instantly, and then Mark had a question before returning to his seat.
“Come to think of it, what happened to Reese? It is unusual that she isn't near you." (Mark)
“Reese is taking day off. There seem to be discussions with her family a bit." (Sirius)
“Is that so? Though household problem is troublesome, it is important matter. Well then, Sirius-kun, I wonder what kind of story you're going to tell." (Mark)
I stood up unwillingly after seeing Mark off to return to his seat happily and laughing with a smile. I took the siblings as an assistant and left for teacher's platform, then I looked around the class.
“All right then, let me explain. Let me say this first, I continued doing this since I was a child, so please don't think you can immediately get strong once you do it. Emilia, since when did you practice?" (Sirius)
“I was seven years old and Reus was five years old. Sirius-sama did the training since three years old, right?" (Emilia)
If I have to be exact, it is from the time when I had self-awareness after I was born. I cannot say it was at the level of practice at that time but I continued training without damaging the body.
The whole class became quiet when I realized and I began the explanation of the training contents without minding about it.
“First of all, I run because stamina is necessary. I run, and run, but not just usual run, sometimes I went all out to put a strain on my body." (Sirius)
“Back in the old days, I kept on running desperately while complaining to Aniki…" (Reus)
“Now, whenever we wake up in the morning, we will do light jog surrounding the mountain at the back of Diamond Cottage. And after that…" (Emilia)
“Q-question! The mountain at the back of your dorm is that mountain, right? I'm not sure about the distance but based on the map, isn’t it a considerable distance." (Classmate)
“Yes, it is distance that is worthy of running. The truth is the path is thick with trees and it will feel like a longer distance because of numerous obstacles. But, that is the training to strengthen your reflexes. And also, going up on the mountain's summit is a training for muscle. In addition to that, I also do this." (Sirius)
I stood on my hands, I maintained my body by using three fingers on each hand, and then I bend and stretched my arms. It is hard to do it in this situation but if I use [Boost], it is easy to do this muscle training. By the way, I can do it even in normal condition.
Since Reus also practiced it besides me, I didn't think that I'm the only special case.
“After that, we return to Diamond Cottage to do mock battle. Once it is finished, we eat breakfast. That's the morning flow before going to school." (Sirius)
“…Is that true? Perhaps I should ask, shouldn't you have no energy remain to go to school?" (Classmate)
“What are you talking about? Am I not physically here?" (Sirius)
“Y-yeah. That is so… we can get stronger if we continues making that kind of effort." (Classmate)
“After school finish, we return home and go to that mountain again…" (Sirius)
“””Again!?""" (Classmates)
They are fully aware that my training is abnormal. You can see nothing but foolish schedule no matter how you look at it but I give the meal with balanced nutrition and that’s how I make them recover their energy. And the outcomes are both at my sides.
In this way, my training education is not suitable for large number of people such as in the school, and they will understand that it is training suited for small number selections.
Later, when I finished explaining the training which continues closely until the night, all the answers from the whole class were same.
“””Impossible!""" (Classmates)
No, it is not impossible.
If you have strong mind, guts and efforts, anyone can do it. It is because these two here are the sample.
While the classmates had given up, I firmly told them about the reality.
— Reese —
I am preparing tea at the Diamond Cottage now.
The reason is there will be important visitor for me coming, so I prepare the tea wholeheartedly. Though it's not as good as Emilia's, I think this time it’s well prepared.
“Here you go, it's a Japanese tea." (Reese)
“Thank you. It is slightly bitter but it is good once you get used to it." (Lifell)
“This is the tea prepared by my daughter. Whatever it is, I have decided to drink it… hot!?" (Cardeas)
The two who sit on the opposite side of the table are elder sisters who enjoy the tea with great relish and father who burned his tongue because of drinking the tea in one go.
Yesterday, before I parted from elder sister, she told me to find a quiet place because there is an important matter to talk with me alone. Because of that, the Diamond Cottage is the proposed location when I consulted with Sirius-san, and elder sister agreed. That was the flow until now. But it wasn't only elder sister, I didn't expect father will come too.
By the way, Senia and Melt-san excused themselves and stood watch outside the Diamond Cottage. In short, it is important discussion only for family.
“What kind of business do you have today?" (Reese)
“Don't you get it, Reese? It's about your future." (Lifell)
Not only elder sister but for father to be here too, so such talk is reasonable.
What I want to be in future? This made me suddenly remembered about me wearing a wedding dress next to Sirius-san… no, no! Sister is not talking about such a future, right?
“I'm going to ask you directly, what will you do when you graduate from the school? Not only Sirius-kun, I also am troubled if you are not certain." (Lifell)
Yeah… I am still at loss.
Once I graduate, whether I should travel together with Sirius-san and others, or remain here and help with elder sister’s work.
If the time gap is short since when I came to Elysion, I would choose the former option without hesitation but it's totally different now. I obtained the power to the extent of being called a saintess and the most important matter was the reconciliation with father.
Elder sister can employ me as an exclusive magician since I cured her arms with my healing magic.
Therefore, I think it is good to remain here but to part from Sirius-san who changed me, Emilia who is my best friend and Reus who is like my younger brother… is really difficult. The other option is difficult too… so I don't know what I should really do.
Father looked at the troubled me with a serious face.
“…Reese, as an adventurer, I'm not going to stop you from following that man. However, if you choose that, you need to throw away the Bardfeld name." (Cardeas)
“Eh!?" (Reese)
As a matter of throwing that name away… does that mean I will not be your daughter anymore? And I cannot called elder sister… as elder sister anymore?
Looking at me being lost for words, elder sister hit father's head with considerable force.
“What a fool father! You shouldn't say something like that!" (Lifell)
“Hey, it hurts, Lifell! But this is a necessary matter!" (Cardeas)
“Your way of speaking is bad! Look, Reese is almost crying." (Lifell)
My elder sister leaned forward, hugged me and cheered me up. It still makes me really calm down afterwards, like when I met her for the first time.
“I'm alright, I was shocked a little but that probably natural." (Reese)
“Let's see, Otou-san didn't fully explained just now, and it's not about separating the family. What he meant was you need to have that kind of resolution when you travel around." (Lifell)
“That's great… I thought I cannot call you as Ane-sama and Tou-sama anymore." (Reese)
“Of course. Whatever there will be, you're still my daughter. If I have to say it frankly, I want to entirely stop you from traveling but since I said myself that i wanted to become an adventurer in the past and then went for a trip, I should't stop you." (Cardeas)
Everything is depending on my decision. That's reasonable when it comes to my own issue but isn’t it normal not to have such choices when I become a noble and royalty. It is also fortunate that you can worry, right?
Whether to spend time peacefully with family in Elysion or to go on adventure haunted by danger with Sirius-san and others.
As for me who still bothered, elder sister raised a finger and gave and advice.
“If you still haven't decided, try to imagine what's going to happen. First, try to think if you travel with Sirius-kun." (Lifell)
When elder sister said that, I closed my eyes and tried to think slowly. I bid farewell to elder sister and father and depart from Elysion…
“That's… tough. Though I was able to reconcile with father after much effort, and to be separated again…" (Reese)
“Next, imagine when you part from Sirius-kun and others. Although they promise to return someday, think that you can't see them easily for ten years." (Lifell)
The world is big and if it is Sirius-san, he is surely want to continue traveling forever and that's why it won't be easy for him to come back. Seeing Sirius-san, Emilia and Reus off for trip, and the next meeting is ten years later…
“….Eh? Why… am I…?" (Reese)
By the time I realized, my tears had already overflown. Although it's just my imagination… although they are still near me… such thing is… really sad.
“That is your answer then. I'm jealous when you have stronger relationship with Sirius-kun and others, more than our blood relationship.
“That… Ane-sama and Tou-sama are also important to me too!" (Reese)
“It's all good, all good. Because I got what you mean. So… have you decided with that?" (Lifell)
“… Yes. I want to travel together with Sirius-kun." (Reese)
That's right, it's lonely to be separated from family but it is worse to be separated from Sirius-san and the others. Without any doubt, it is probably because I already have fallen in love with Sirius-san. However, even without that feeling, I still want to travel with him.
My mother was an adventurer and I also want to become an adventurer and explore the world. I won't be able to decide if I wasn't pushed to this extent but I still have some way to go.
Elder sister was smiling and laughing because of my decision while father had a bitter face but he was hit by elder sister and was forced to make a smile.
“Stop that depressing behavior. She has decided it herself." (Lifell)
“Kuh… even if I understand, my heart is… Though you may not realized this, to leave you when I still haven't made up my sin…" (Cardeas)
“I'm sorry but I certainly understand Tou-sama's feeling." (Reese)
“Don't worry about it, that's because I am being selfish. You… go live the way you want." (Cardeas)
He clenched his fist frustratedly but he seems able to understand. I'm happy with father's feeling but I think the mood is slightly too heavy.
Elder sister offered tea to father to calm him down. And then, he grasped his fist as if he already made up his mind on something.
“But… I'm still worried after all. If I hand over the seat of the king to you, and as for me, an old timer of adventurer, traveling together…" (Cardeas)
“Please stop with that embarrassing behavior! If it is with Sirius-kun who beat Rod-Ojiisama, it is safer to go with him compared to Otou-san." (Lifell)
“Did he really won? Wasn't it because Rod-Jiisan went easy on him?" (Cardeas)
“You didn't believe what I'd seen? Sorry Reese, Can I have time a little. I'll persuade him immediately." (Lifell)
“Err, alright. Well then, I'll prepare for the lunch." (Reese)
It is slightly early at noon but I'll treat them with my dishes today. Since I have already finished preparing the time-consuming part, I can do it without making them to wait long.
When I said that I would prepared the dishes and stood up, the conversation between those two stopped suddenly and they were looking at me.
“What did you say!? By any chance… are you going to prepare it?" (Cardeas)
“I became better since I was taught by Sirius-san, you know? It is because I want Ane-sama and Tou-sama to eat it." (Reese)
“Ooo… the homemade dishes of my daughter. But again by that man?" (Cardeas)
“It seems you were also diligently trained in homemaking. I'm looking forward to it." (Lifell)
“Aah, me too. Even if it's a poison, I will still eat it." (Cardeas)
“I understand your intended meaning, but pay attention. That was rude." (Lifell)

Leaving behind those two who started to argue again, I went to the kitchen and began preparing. Since Senia came over immediately and offered help, we left towards the kitchen together.
“Huhu… I didn't think that the day when I could cook together with Reese-sama come. So, what shall I do?" (Senia)
“Hmm, can you take out the meat and vegetables inside that box which is called refrigerator and prepare them? I will prepare for the soup." (Reese)
“Please leave it to me. I see, using water magic formation for cooling… eh?" (Senia)
When I think why Senia's stop moving after looking into the refrigerator, she suddenly cover her mouth and burst into laughter. Which reminds me that Sirius-san was in the kitchen this morning to make something and put it into the refrigerator.
Sirius-san was putting in a cake called Fruit Tart when I look over Senia's back. It looks delicious… but is it alright to eat it?
While thinking about it, there was a paper written with letters attached to the Tart and it seemed Senia was somehow laughing when she saw that.
[Eat all you want. But, please don't get into fight.] (Sirius)
Good grief, that person is really…
“That person really understands Reese and everyone. He doesn't hesitate even when the other party is royalty, what a mysterious boy." (Senia)
“Yeah. I am really glad I could meet Sirius-san." (Reese)
Then, I made dishes, called Melt and had lunch. They declined since they were attendants but father said nothing so elder sister and I forced them to sit down.
I made Nabe that consisted of edible wild plants. Since Sirius-san treated me for the first time with this dish, it is a memorable dish for me. In the beginning, everyone except elder sister was puzzled to eat with same pot (Nabe) but I am glad when they said it was delicious.
When we almost finished eating, I told them that this is the dish to eat along with family. Senia and Melt-san were very grateful about it.
But, elder sister was…
“Well, it's alright. Senia it already looks like a family, so Melt is going to be a family in the future, right?" (Lifell)
A thirst of blood was spreading because of such words, and Melt had begun to sweat a lot.
I can only support them, so do your best, Melt-san.

When everyone comes home, I will tell them immediately that I'm going to follow them travelling around.
If it's them, they will never decline me and I believe they will welcome my decision.
I took out the Fruit Tart from the refrigerator to eat it together with them, my family and I spent the pleasure of home life happily.
“Otou-san, are you having more fruit? Give me a bit." (Lifell)
“Aren't yours slightly bigger? That is my line." (Cardeas)
“Hmm Hime-sama, your Majesty, please don't fight…" (Melt)
“”Haa!?"" (Lifell/Cardeas)
“Hii!?" (Melt)
“Well, let me get some more from Melt. Please give it also to Reese." (Lifell)
“Yes! Thank you for the meal, Melt-san." (Reese)
“…If you get dominated in the future, I already understand that much." (Cardeas)
We have no compromise at all when it comes to food.
Though it was written not to fight for the food but since it was finally settled, there is no problem then.
But, I'm not going to report about this.

“Someday, I want to eat together with whole family, including Nii-sama." (Reese)
“Eh? If you say like that, there were older brothers, you know." (Lifell) (TLN: She uses past tense when talking about her two brothers. So, I think that mean something? They didn’t die though.)
“Hmm, are those guys no good?" (Cardeas)
“Man… is a losing creature, huh." (Melt)


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