Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 17

Alright, just two things to say, the “curse child” is the child who’s cursed, I’ll call the curse in itself the “child-curse”, because it’s necessary to separate them in English contrarily to Japanese.
Second thing is that I won’t be putting the author’s note because it was a fake announcement, and I can’t do to you guys since I’m “kind of” slower than the author…. kind of….
Last thing but not the least, “Apu” is a fruit similar to an “apple”, it was described in the previous chapters.
Well, that is all, for now, here is the chapter 17 of World Teacher, enjoy!
Oath of the silver moon
The morning after the turmoil from Reus’ absconding, I was training by myself on the summit of a mountain.
I’ve been running in the garden with the two disciples lately, but still, It would be cruel to do training early in the morning right after yesterday. Or rather, It’s because I went too far and made Reus full of injuries and not even able to walk. I smile wryly as I recall yesterday’s events.
Last night, we, who had brought back Reus, were welcomed by the attendants who waited for our return in front of the house.
【”Welcome home, Sirius-sama. And Emilia and Reus too”】(Noel)
【”Ah, I’m back everyone. However, please nurse Reus at once”】(Sirius)
【”Please leave it to me.”】(Dee)
【”Woow, he’s full of injuries. Will ointment be enough?”】(Noel)
I passed the passed out and exhausted out Reus to Dee and he entered the house with Noel. I unloaded Emilia who was mounting my back, and I finally settled down.
【”However, even if I say so myself, I went too far”】(Sirius)
【”But it was necessary. It’s just the result of you two facing each other seriously, so you shouldn’t worry about it”】(Elena)
【”No, I’m not worrying, but I just think that it would have been better to go easy on him. I’ve let my feelings take over and I didn’t hold back enough.”】(Sirius)
【”It’s fine, because this is also a whip of love. He will refrain from these kinds of selfish actions in the future, right?”】(Elena)
【”You sure are unscrupulous. Well, you can say that.”】(Sirius)
As my whole being felt shivers at Elena’s wholly positive thinking, I suddenly noticed Emilia standing behind quietly. Though she didn’t utter a single word until we came back home, is she going to scold me for beating Reus now that she has collected herself?
【”What’s the matter? Are you not going to where Reus is?”】(Sirius)
【”Ah… Yes. I-I’ll go immediately!”】(Emilia)
She ran through my side in a rush when I called out to her, but she stopped on the way, retraced her steps, and bowed in front of me.
【”Sirius-sama, honestly… Thank you very much. We siblings can be together, and it’s thanks to you, Sirius-sama”】(Emilia)
【”Ah, yes, you’re welcome. If nothing else, I’m glad that you’re safe”】(Sirius)
【”Yes! And I’ll also keep following you anywhere”】(Emilia)
Emilia looks up at me in feverish excitement. Huh… could this be…?
【”E-excuse me!”】(Emilia)
She abruptly apologized, and suddenly embraced me. And as I got bewildered by her sudden action.
My shoulder was bitten. Though I leaked out my voice instinctively, It was mostly from surprise as there was little to no pain and no spurting blood either. Before I got to question her sudden action, she muttered something, parted from me, and ran away while blushing to then enter the house.
As I’m left dumbfounded, Elena emits an aura of anger.
【”Putting her fangs on master… she needs the punishment that goes by the name of training.”】(Elena)
【”Hold on hold on, that’s a habit from the silver wolf tribe, so I wasn’t attacked”】(Sirius)
To persuade Elena, who was on the verge of attacking, I gave her the explanation about the silver-wolfkins that I heard from Emilia.
For silver-wolfkins, biting a shoulder is a proof of affection. As for the words she murmured to me when she separated.
【(I…like you)】(Emilia)
It certainly is a step further from last time. This is already… that, huh…
【”If I were Noel, I’d say that she completely fell-“】(Elena)
【”Please don’t say it.”】(Sirius)
Yes, it’s clear for anyone to see. That’s a maiden who’s completely in love, isn’t it~?
I saved her younger brother from the curse child’s despair and her admiration for me passed and evolved to love. This is bad, it’s becoming a situation similar to the one Noel talked about. Though I don’t particularly dislike the girl, we’re still both young and it would be bad if we don’t discuss it together properly before it gets oddly complicated.
At my worried self, the all-purpose Elena bumped her chest as if saying: “Entrust it to me”.
【”Sirius-sama, please leave Emilia’s matter to me.”】(Elena)
【”Is it alright? If you make her depressed and let her endure it, it would be a problem”】(Sirius)
【”It’s alright. I have a good idea for us to manage to reach a mutual agreement”】(Elena)
【”Though I’m kind of anxious, I’d better entrust a woman’s matter to a woman”】(Sirius)
I leave it to Elena… I trust her, but just this time, I couldn’t wipe off an indescribable uneasiness.
And after that, the treatment of Reus ended, but since then, he didn’t wake up until the rising of morning.
I worked hard in the training on the top of the mountain, so I return to the house by flight.
Having been welcomed by Elena, I heard her out while receiving a towel and a drink and taking care of my body’s maintenance.
【”Did the pair get up?”】(Sirius)
【”Well, not yet. They don’t seem like they’ll be coming out, so I think I’ll go call them soon”】(Elena)
【”After the strife I’ve perpetrated yesterday, I can understand why they wouldn’t be in the mood to face me”】(Sirius)
But still, we’ll have to meet each other since we’re in the same house. And even Emilia is not coming, I think it’s because she doesn’t want to leave Reus alone.
【”At worst, shall I put a meal in front of their room to lure them out?”】(Elena)
【”Not right now. Anyway, breakfast is ready so let us go. Dee seemed to be enthusiastic today, too”】(Sirius)
It’s not like I’m holding a festival to lure out Amaterasu from Amanoiwato, but isn’t it pitiful to treat them like animals by alluring them with food? However, that guy is like a pet wolf so… unexpectedly, I think I wouldn’t feel any kind of guilt even if I do it, I’m quite cruel. (TLN: Amaterasu was hiding in the Amanoiwato cave, the deities couldn’t find a way to lure her out, but the deity Uzume lured her out by dancing in front of the cave, therefore, she somehow started a party with other deities who were amused by the dance, that managed to pick Amaterasu’s curiosity and make her come out, then they made her see her own reflect on a mirror to make her come out completely and they closed the cave behind her, because no Amaterasu means no sun, and that’s kind of a problem)
【”【”Good morning, Sirius-sama”】”】(Noel & Dee)
Though Noel and Dee are sitting in front of the table on which the breakfast is set up, there is still no sign of the pair. All the members of the gathering sat with hungry gazes, and when Noel stood up deciding to leave the living room.
【”Ahuh? Did you two wake up?”】(Noel)
【”【”-!?”】”】(Emilia & Reus)
The two who were looking into here through the door were discovered. The two panicked, but Noel threw the door open, allowing no more discussion, and drew them inside.
【”Good…. morning”】(Emilia)
【”… *sob*”】(Reus)
Emilia, who seems embarrassed, has eyes swollen with tears, and Reus is looking down with red eyes, trying not to meet her line of sight.
【”Reus, what about the morning greetings?”】(Emilia)
【”uh….. G, Good…. m-mor…ning”】(Reus)
【”Yes, very well. Then, hurry and sit. The breakfast will get cold”】(Sirius)
【”Here here, both of you go ahead and sit”】(Noel)
With their backs pushed by Noel, the two reluctantly sit on their seats. Though bread and bacon was lined up on the breakfast table, only Reus had nothing laid in front him. He was clearly disappointed by that fact.
【”You, have this.”】(Dee)
However, though a little late, Dee prepared him a warm soup. Looking at Dee, he’s expressionless as always, but the angle of his mouth rises slightly.
【”It’s because your mouth’s insides have been injured. You’re okay with eating this, so eat that.”】(Dee)
Explaining that plainly, Dee also takes a seat at the dining table. As the two dumbfoundedly looked at that action, we matched our hands.
【”Then, everyone, let us pray. Itadakimasu.”】(Sirius)
【”【”【”Itadakimasu”】”】”】(Elena & Emilia & Noel)
【”Itadakimasu”】(Reus)(TLN: Itadakimasu is usually translated as “let’s eat”, but it’s actually a sort of prayer, though with time, rather than a prayer, it became a custom, here Sirius actually uses the Japanese word “Itadakimasu” which has no translation in the world of the story, just like it doesn’t have a translation in English)
Breakfast starts with a signal from Elena. By the way, though there is a common practice of praying to god before meals, there is no “Itadakimasu” so I made it known. Though confused, the two matched their hands toward the meal, but as he sipped the soup, Reus had a bitter face. It’s probably entering the intraoral wounds.
【”Mmmh? Should I have gotten it to cool down a little after all? It seems it’s so warm it’s painful”】(Sirius)
【”But warm things are delicious”】(Reus)
【”Right~? Though it’s the first soup you guys had, do you understand its taste, Reu-kun?”】(Noel)
【”Is it… tasty?”】(Dee)
Maybe out of worry about the quality of the soup I taught him, Dee waits for Reus’ reaction with a throbbing heart, expressionlessly. And Reus, whose tears rose, came to attention.
【”y-…yes. It’s tasty… very tasty…”】
He sheds tears, and though they fall into the soup, Reus’ spoon doesn’t stop. Having finished eating more than fast, Reus bowed vigorously.
【”I’m sorry! I’m sorry for acting so selfishly. I won’t do such things anymore, so… please let me stay with my elder sister!”】
Though everyone’s hands stopped at the abrupt repentance, Elena put down her tableware while wiping her mouth.
【”Reus, I wonder, do you remember what Sirius-sama told you to get you to come back?”】(Elena)
【”…He said “Go back home”…”】(Reus)
【”In that case, it’s all good. Welcome home again, Reus”】(Elena)
【”【”【”Welcome home”】”】”】(Elena & Dee & Noel)
【”Uwaa… Uuu…”】(Reus)
His tears overflow even though he wipes them. Today, I think it’s the first time Reus became conscious, from the bottom of his heart, of being a member of this house.
【”You must be hungry. Can you eat bread despite the pain?”】(Noel)
【”Eat meat too. It will make you strong.”】(Dee)
【”Reus, I’ll share my eggs”】(Emilia)
【”Yes… I’ll… eat it all”】(Reus)
He was spoiled by his elder sister, Noel and company, and the noisy breakfast continued for a while.
After breakfast, Reus came over in front of me as I was drinking my after-meal tea. His jealousy toward me from before completely disappeared, right now, he’s just a child at a loss as to how to start a conversation. I’ll cast that aside this time since It can’t be helped.
【”What is it? You have some business with me?”】(Sirius)
【”Hmm….. Sirius-sama, I’m sorry. And, thank you”】(Reus)
【”Yes yes, you’re welcome. However, even though I’m the one who hit you, I’ll let the injury heal on its own. That’s in order to carve your blunder firmly.”】(Sirius)
He finally reached the point of smiling at me? I tried patting his head as an experiment, but he didn’t behave like he disliked it and was shyly swinging his tail. What’s with this change?…… I want to do a right now.
【”Which reminds me of that child-curse thing. What about that? Though you’re turned back now, will you involuntarily transform when the night comes?”】(Sirius)
【”I don’t become it as long as I believe I don’t want to become it. Though it makes my heart throb a little when I look at the moon, I can endure it.”】(Reus)
The transformation seems to be controllable. He said it’s when he looks at the moon, thank goodness the forced transformation’s requirement isn’t the coming of the night. However, I don’t know about when he’ll grow up, I suppose I should investigate with various experiments. Anyway, I made him promise to report immediately if something happens without recklessly transforming himself. Since his initial character is obedient, the argument ends smoothly without any objections.
【”Sirius-sama, I want to become strong. So as to be able to protect my sister, and to not lose against things like the child-curse, I want to become strong like you, Sirius-sama”】(Reus)
【”Like me… huh. It will be hard, so follow me thoroughly”】(Sirius)
Emilia and Reus have shaken free from various things, and finally departed from the starting line. From here on, my true skills will be tested. I can’t neglect my personal training as a teacher while training the two either. Though the road ahead is long and difficult, it’s worth taking.
Today, the training of the pair is completely canceled. I told Reus not to overdo it and made him take a rest, and Emilia was led to her room by Elena. I mean, she never matched her eyes with mine since this morning. But with Elena’s abilities, those problems and yesterday’s should get settled.
Therefore, I thought about heading to Lior’s house, however, Dee said that he’d make me a lunch box. And since he said that it would take an hour, I swung a wooden sword in the garden for a while to kill time.
Mighty piercing sword style, strong dash from the mighty sky. Having traced the movements I observed in numerous fights, I move my body according to the image I have of them. This is a style that kills without fail with one stroke of a sword, and since the ability to do a sure hit is indispensable for it, training it repeatedly is very important. I tried imitating 【(Chiyabu)】 that releases eight slashes in one breath, but I was limited to six with the 【(Boost)】 status. Although it was the result of my lack of strength and skills, that old man can do it with his heavy iron sword. I comprehend once again that he’s a monster.
As I was swinging around roughly and sweating lightly, I stopped on the spot, a silhouette was hiding and peeking toward here. Needless to say that it’s Reus, but, although I told him to go take a rest, that guy is quite energetic. I drag him out of the bush where he’s hiding, wanting to hear out and judge what he has to say,.
【”What the hell are you doing? Are you alright with not taking a rest?”】(Sirius)
【”I plan to do what you are doing, Sirius-sama. Besides, my body doesn’t hurt anymore”】(Reus)
What a fast recovery. Is this the child-curse’s influence as well? Come to think of it, is this the first time sword handling was shown to Reus? Mhm…. I should make him experience various things, right?
【”Though it was swordsmanship I learned by imitating others, what did you think?”】(Sirius)
【”It was amazing. Those swings swishing through the air were very cool”】(Reus)
【”Is that so? Then, want to try swinging it?”】(Sirius)
When I presented him the wooden sword and let him take it, his face brighten like he had received a new toy.
【”…..Is it alright?”】(Reus)
【”Don’t try to swing it to an unreasonable extent. And stop if your body starts hurting”】(Sirius)
He’s the kind of fellow for whom experience is everything. Though I don’t know how Reus’ fighting style will turn out, swinging a sword can’t be a waste of time.
Though Reus joyfully swings the sword, the sound of his practice swings, made without any understanding, is very miserable. His appearance is amusing as he gets puzzled by the difference in sound with a question mark above his head. (TLN: The sound of the swings is important in Kendo etc… If you’re interested, you can have more info )
【”Your grip is too soft, which is only natural if you swing it with your arms only.”】(Sirius)
I make him return the wooden sword, truthfully…… I don’t know whether or not I should demonstrate an imitation of Lior’s practice swings to him. Though swordsmanship is out of my area of expertise, I will enlighten the points that I can point out.
【”Though you’re right-handed, when you hold a sword with both hands, the left hand becomes important. Also, when you hold the sword, don’t grip it with all of your fingers, rather, you should tighten your little finger and your ring finger and rise your index finger.”】
I demonstrate the technique in front of Reus, and I pass him the wooden sword again. Though what I taught him is the way to hold a katana, I think it will work out with no problems with this sword as well. I’ll ask Lior for confirmation just in case.
When he went on swinging the sword again, the sound of the practice swings had improved, though just a little. He’s an unexpectedly fast learner.
【”Sirius-sama, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Oh, Reus with a sword?”】(Dee)
【”It’s a little experiment. His aptitudes are quite good”】(Sirius)
Dee came over holding a big pouch with a lunch box inside, but seeing Reus swinging a sword, he halted. Having given him a small explanation to the situation, I receive the lunch box, and I put it away in my shoulder bag.
【”Dee, I want you to look after him if you have time. Well then, I’m off”】(Sirius)
【”【”Have a good day”】”】(Dee & Reus)
I’m seen off by the two and I operate my magic in order to head towards Lior’s place. On the way, when I looked back just a little bit, Dee seemed to be giving out some advices. Do your best, young man.
I’m unable to repel Lior’s surprise attack, and I’m blown away by his direct hit. Though my body rebounds several times on the ground, I regain my balance in the air and succeed in landing. However, with the attack just now, my right hand is completely out. I’d carry on, but it would probably be over If this was the real thing instead of a wooden sword, so this is it.
【”…. I give up.”】(Sirius)
【”Haa…… ha…… same…”】(Lior)
Lior seemed to have hit his limit as well, he sat down, smiling with a satisfied mind. Dammit, I’ve been defeated after a long time.
However, the last attack was perfectly done. For Lior who has been called Goutsurugi, sure kill single blows are the standard, even if he has techniques with a higher number of moves, he doesn’t have techniques with surprise hits. That assumption of mine is the definite cause of my loss. It wasn’t such a huge change, but it brought back to life my spirit that had become lax. (TLN: Not sure about this one, I’ll take care of it with the edit)
【”Really, for you to have such a technique…. It’s my complete defeat”】(Sirius)
【”Mhm, the skill doesn’t have a name yet, but it’s a relief that it got through you”】(Lior)
【”Huh? It doesn’t have a name?”】(Sirius)
【”That just now was a new technique made for you. It’s a technique made to attack a fast opponent when he’s unguarded, its focus is different from my style’s so it was troublesome to develop”】(Lior)
No way, for just a single person to develop a new technique made for the sole purpose of defeating me… Moreover, for him to come up with a technique that goes against his style, this old-man is through in becoming strong, he sure is outrageous huh.
【”Well, it won’t work next time, will it? Your adaptation speed is too abnormal, so I wonder if I should sublimate this technique later on.”】(Lior)
As the old-man says, I’m confident I’ll be able to evade it he uses it another time. Therefore, depending on the circumstances, he might give up on this technique with no regrets. The fights between Lior and me continue to evolve day after day, I guess that will continue until either one of us becomes unable to fight. I enjoy that so there is no problem, right?
【”Is your arm alright? Though you blocked it in time, the swing was serious”】(Lior)
【”It’s painful but it’s alright. However, it would be kind of excessive to go any further than this today”】(Sirius)
I think my bone got cracked, but It will heal in a few hours if I activate my magic regeneration spell.
【”It can’t be helped. And the time is past noon too, It’s late but, let’s have lunch”】(Lior)
【”In that case, here is a box lunch that my attendant gave me. The quantity is too big, so there should be your share in too, old man”】(Sirius)
【”Hohou! I’m going to enjoy that”】(Lior)
The old man often snitches my lunch boxes, it turns out he’s a fan of Dee’s cooking. I looked at the old man who returned to the house while smiling like a child, and followed right after him.
【”The way to hold a sword?”】(Lior)
While eating lunch, I threw in the question from this morning. By the way, the lunch box’s content is a multicolored side dish, which was Dee’s first challenge, a pork-cutlet sandwich. I tasted it, and it’s delicious, a little better than mine. He truly is a chef.
【”Well… I never thought that much about that. I swing it by sheer strength so… Anyway, I guess you just gotta grip it with full force to have a fix handle of it”】(Lior)
Honestly, why is such an old man so strong? For the time being, I tried to teach him how to grip a sword.
【”Ho? I see… this is not bad. Depending on the technique, it might be effective.”】(Lior)
Perhaps having the greed to try to adopt other people’s opinions like this in order to become strong is the secret to gaining strength. If I think about it, one wouldn’t normally try to change a technique he cultivated for years, right?
【”Which reminds me, my apprentice, Reus, has been interested in swordsmanship.”】(Sirius)
【”That’s a good thing. You and I grasped swordsmanship at around that same age too”】(Lior)
【”Then, you have about 50 years of experience with the sword, old-man? You’ve been well devoted to the sword up to now”】(Sirius)
【”I’ve been doing it for 50 years and yet I’m inferior to a 6 years old child. How about this? Wanna inherit my swordsmanship? How about it? If it’s you, you’ll surely surpass me”】(Lior)
Though we’ve had several bouts, It’s the first time he said that he wants me to inherit his swordsmanship. However,
【”I appreciate the feeling, but it’s too different from my way of fighting. Though I’ve seen your techniques and adopted some, after completely adopting your style of swordsmanship, I’ll probably conversely end up killing it. Sorry.”】(Sirius)
【”Is that so? I won’t force it. It’s not that I absolutely want an inheritor, but those techniques are a waste on me”】(Lior)
【”Then, do you want to take over my disciple?”】(Sirius)
【”Hoh, so what you said before wasn’t a joke?”】(Lior) (TLN: Chapter 14)
【”It depends on the will of the person himself though”】(Sirius)
In the first place, my skills and fighting methods are mostly based on the scientific methods of my previous life, added to the unique techniques of my teacher, it’s almost impossible to teach to the people of this world.
Therefore, the training plan for my two disciples is to thoroughly train the foundations of their endurance and to foster the proficiency of their situation awareness and the like, I was thinking of, thereafter, raising them so that they can use the weapons and styles that individually suit them. So, Lior’s intervention is a godsend.
【”I’ll do some groundwork with scholastic education and basic training for at least half a year. And then, I guess I’ll try to introduce you to him if he himself says that he wants to give it a try”】(Sirius)
【”If it’s from you, I’m going to receive an amazing disciple, right? Things will get fun from this point onward.”】(Lior)
【”Look forward to it. You don’t have a problem with exposing some of your skills?”】(Sirius)
【”No. I want a disciple who is able to cut a rock with an iron sword and to do a count of four 【(Chiyabu)】 slices.”】(Lior)
【”Don’t be absurd. Especially that last part, even for me the limit is six times, you know?”】(Sirius)
【”For you to be able to use it to that extent without being taught, you’re too abnormal! What were those 50 years of mine for?”】(Lior)
【”I don’t know!”】(Sirius)
And thus, I continued the sterile argument with the old man until my injury completely healed.
However, an unexpected denouement was awaiting for me at my return.
【”Ah, Greetings’, Sirius-sama “】(Reus)
When I finally reached the house, Reus was still swinging a sword. Still, he’s not forcing himself, his injuries have already completely recovered and he’s swinging the sword happily. However, next to him, I saw Dee who was making a difficult, and still expressionless, face.
【”Sirius-sama, though you have a tremendous talent, this child isn’t inferior to you either.”】(Dee)
【”Sirius-sama-, I tried that technique where you swing the sword six times in one go, but I was only able to do it three times. Please teach me the trick to it”】(Reus)
What…..? He remembered only by seeing the technique being done once, and though it was only by half, he actually succeeded? On top of that, he also has a visual acuity that perceived the number of slashes which were almost like flickers of light.
Could this child be an unthinkably talented person?
There was another additional unexpected denouement.
【”Ah, hmmm.. welcome home”】(Emilia)
Though Emilia’s face blushed, her eyes matched with mine and she talked to me. As expected of Elena, she seems to have taught her well.
【”Hmm…. about yesterday’s matter, I was overcome with emotions and…. That is, would you say that I went too far?”】(Emilia)
【”You didn’t go too far. I’m delighted by your goodwill, Emilia.”】(Sirius)
Though I had been confused by the sudden confession, I’ll accept it with all my being because I’ve resolved myself to it. Emilia’s face brightened delightedly at my reply.
【”I’m glad. I’ll do my best for you after this, Sirius-sama. And when I’ll be an adult, I’ll do my best even in bed! Please wait for me.”】(Emilia)
…… Mmh? Hold on a second. Weren’t some strange words just mixed in?
With no regard to my suspicions, Emilia faced the kitchen and got milk from Elena.
【”Men like big chests… right? If I don’t work hard…”】(Emilia)
【”That’s the spirit. You must work hard to satisfy Sirius-sama in the future.”】(Elena)
Hmm, Elena….. san? What the heck? What did you inspire her with?
At the night of that day, the three attendants and I were standing in the garden that the moon was shining upon.
The moon of this world doesn’t wax and wane by the day, rather, it’s a moon that is always round and visible and that only casts a thin shadow. Today is a bright full moon, it’s a good a day for moonlight bathing. However, we’re not standing in the garden for such a witty thing. We gathered here because we were invited to do so by Emilia.
【(Everyone, I have a request. Tonight, I want you to please gather in the garden at the time when the moon shines the most.)】(Emilia in the past)
Is what she said out of the blue after dinner, and though we’re here, the two essential persons are nowhere to be found and seem to be doing something in the house.
【”Today is a full moon. And, the time when the moon shines most….. in other words, now. What on earth are we doing?”】(Noel)
【”Before coming here, I heard that they wanted some wine.”】(Sirius)
【”Wine? Then, are we here to drink? The moon is beautiful, it wouldn’t be bad for everyone to enjoy alcohol at the light of the moon, right~?”】(Noel)
【”Sirius-sama and the pair are minors, we can’t make them drink. I don’t know the intentions of the two, but it might be something important because they seemed to be serious.”】(Elena)
【”That’s right, let’s wait for them patiently and―― speak of the devil”】(TLN: He didn’t really say that, but it works better)
The two emerged from the entrance of the house while holding, respectively, a small wooden box and a table, and they came sprinting toward here.
【”I am sorry for having kept you waiting.”】(Emilia)
Though the two bow down with a haggard breathing, I don’t recall being particularly made to wait here. They were received by everyone with rising smiles.
【”Don’t worry because we didn’t wait much. That being the case, what did you gather us for?”】(Elena)
【”Oh, yes. Truth it, there is something that I want you to see. Reus.”】(Emilia)
【”Yes, It should be good here.”】(Reus)
Reus installed the table that he was carrying on the ground, and Emilia took juice and wine out of the wooden box that she was holding and put them on the table. It looked as if it was an offering to the moon.
【”Everyone, first of all, thank you for gathering.”】(Emilia)
【”Thank you”】(Reus)
Standing in front of of us, the two thank us all alike. Somehow, this “first speech” kind of feel is heartwarming.
【”Allow me to explain, on the occasion of marriages and festivals, we silver-wolfkins hold a ceremony called the oath of the silver moon. It’s an important ceremony where one pledges a vow to the moon, once the vow is done, one must never break it.”】
After the explanation, Reus poured apu juice in the cups that were put on the table.
【”Never break it, you say? The silver-wolfkins sure are amazing.”】(Noel)
【”According to my father, it’s just a commodity. However, I have yet to see a person who broke that vow.”】(Emilia)
【”It’s a ceremony that is held for marriages, right? The silver-wolf tribe is a tribe that is said to cherish kinship, there is no one among them who would break that vow.”】 (Sirius)(TLN: Yes, kinship, I didn’t forget any letter)
【”Indeed. As expected of you, Sirius-sama, you sure are knowledgeable”】(Emilia)
【”It’s just secondhand knowledge from a book. I didn’t think that I’d be able to actually see it in person.”】(Sirius)
【”I’ve gathered everybody to make sure that you witness our vow. Sirius-sama, could you stand here?”】(Emilia)
Under Emilia’s lead, I was made to stand in front of the table that had been installed. Huh? Doesn’t it look like I’m participating in this too?
【”Are you ready?”】(Emilia)
【”I am, sister.”】(Reus)
The two people thrust their knees in front of me and approach their hands in front of their chests as if praying to a deity.

And the ceremony begins.
(TLN: From this point on, the translation is very rushed, I’ll take care of it later tomorrow or the day after)
【”O, silver moon, our mother, please fulfill this new vow that we shall recite.”】(Emiia)
In the solemn atmosphere where everyone quieted down, Emilia let out a phrase that solicited the moon.
【”I, Emilia Silverlion”】(Emilia)
【”I, Reus Silverlion”】(Reus)
【”【”I gage on the moon to followeth thou and center mine life on thou from now and until it withers”】”】(Emilia & Reus)
I heard the sound of someone catching their breath in the middle of that vow.
Let me be honest, you’re just idolizing me. You two are still children, you’ll come across people of the opposite sex that you’ll appreciate more than I in the future, you’ll marry them and have kids with them. At that time, today’s vow is sure to become a hindrance. Therefore, there is no need need to do this, your feelings are enough… that’s what I wanted to say.
However… the words didn’t come out.
The two’s expressions are earnest, they look straight at me without averting their eyes at all.
Despite them being children, the two had the resolve to pledge a vow in the holy ceremony. Therefore, I have to reply to the the pair’s resolution. Not as a teacher to an apprentice, but solely as a man.
【”We two talked among us today and decided it. We two want to be with you forever, Sirius-sama.”】(Emilia)
【”Though I’m useless as I’m still a child, I want to become strong someday and assist you, Sirius-sama.”】(Reus)
【”We’ll never regret this choice. Will you receive these vows?”】(Emilia)
【”…. I shall receive your vows.”】(Sirius)
The two were pleased with my words and embraced each other, and the three attendants gave a generous round of applause.
As she became embarrassed and scratched her head, Emilia handed me the cup that was placed on the table.
【”The ceremony is not over, so please hold on a bit.”】(Emilia)
While muttering “it should actually be alcohol though”, Emilia bit her finger and put one drop of the blood that flowed out inside the cup. She was followed by Reus as well, and the blood of the two mixed with the juice.
【”Please drink. It is said that… the meaning is that our blood is dedicated to you. But, if it’s gross, you don’t have to force yourself to drink……”】(Emilia)
【”No…. I’ll drink it. And, I will also pledge a vow. You are strong, so I pledge to the moon that I’ll never make you regret having followed me.”】(Sirius)
That’s what I had decided that from the beginning, but I said it to the pair once again. Because In the current situation, what I say has more weight and is more trustworthy.
【”Sirius-sama, this is our one-sided vow, you don’t have to pledge a vow yourself”】(Emilia)
【”That’s right. We’re doing this without permission after all”】(Reus)
I drank up in a dash in defiance of the two’s behavior. And drop by drop, the juice, with the blood mixed in, spread through every part of my body.
【”Though it’s normal apu-juice, I think that you two’s feelings were transmitted with it. Well, is it over with this?”】
Though the two were taken aback, they immediately rose big smiles and embraced all of it.
【”Yes. My best regards in the future”】(Emilia)
【”I’ll also work hard for you, Sirius-sama!”】(Reus)
The three attendants approached our smiling selves and each of them offered their congratulations.
【”Congratulations you two. I was very honored to become a witness of the holy ceremony.”】(Elena)
【”To sum up, from today, you are attendants just like us. Let’s work hard together in the future. “】(Noel)
【”If you’re ever troubled with anything, come to inquire me about it.”】(Dee)
【”【”Thank you.”】”】(Reus & Emilia)
The two were smiling happily at the formality of Emilia and company. With this, their bonds will deepen more and more, it’s excellent.
Which reminds me, aside from the juice, wine was prepared too, right?
【”Say, Emilia. Is this wine a service to treat everyone?”】(Sirius) (TLN: Alright, not sure about this whole dialogue, Noel wants food, Emilia doesn’t)
【”That’s right. Though we originally planned to prepare a lot of meals and make this a feast, that’s impossible for us so the best we could do was to bring alcohol.”】(Emilia)
【”Though you said your prepared it for us, It’s standoffish, isn’t it?”】(Noel)
【”I’ll prepare as many meals as you want for you”】(Dee)
【”Sorry, but this is our ceremony so we’d like to be taken care of solely by ourselves.”】(Emilia)
【”Ah-Huh? Is that how it is? You shouldn’t force things like that though, right~?”】(Noel)
【”Here, stop talking and take it.”】(Elena)
While Noel and Emilia were conversing, Elena moved promptly, poured wine into several cups, and handed cups to each of us. Of course, we children properly had juice.
【”Then, shall we give a toast in celebration? The one who’ll lead the toast will be… Noel, I’ll leave it to you.”】(Elena)
【”Me? Alright~! I wonder what I should say~”】(Noel)
【”Please put your strangeness aside and do it normally.”】(Sirius)
【”huuuh~?! It can’t be helped, I’ll do the usual. So…..”】(Noel)
We gather around the table, and we slightly raise our cups in unison with Noel’s voice.
【”In commemoration of Emilia’s and Reus’ oath, and of the increase of Sirius-sama’s attendants… cheers~!”】(Noel)
Under the moonlight, the sound of the clashing cups echoed in the environs.


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