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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 43

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I continued flying over the lake while holding Reese, and we arrived at the far bank without any problems.
I could already see the medical facility that Princess Lifell was at; realizing how close we were, I set us down in a small clearing.
We've come quite a ways from the castle, I confirm that there are no further pursuers using [Search] and a wave of relief surges through me. Now, my concern shifts to the one I kidnapped. She has been staring at me without breaking eye contact ever since I removed the mask hiding my face.
"We have arrived, Reese." (Sirius)
"…" (Reese)
There is no reaction from her. She is clutching my mask, her face is red and hot to the touch.
Could she be fatigued? When I checked her with [Scan], her heart beat was just a bit fast, and her temperature was a little higher than average, but apart from that there were no conspicuous abnormalities.
"What's wrong Reese? Is there something on my face? (Sirius)
"Fuee!? I-it's nothing!" (Reese)
"It seems you were scared when I suddenly flew into the sky. Please rest easy, as we are now on the ground once more." (Sirius)
"I'm not concerned about that! Although this makes me happy, you should let me down now…" (Reese)
Whether she had regained consciousness or not, she was clearly flustered; she was incoherent and had trouble formulating her sentences fully. She quickly looked away, but could not hold it for long, as she soon returned her gaze to me with the same eyes as before.
The gaze felt familiar, and I wondered where I had seen it before. It was certainly during the old days. Starting the day following my in-depth chat with Emilia, I noticed her with the same gaze while she handed me a towel.
"I'm going to drop you down soon, will that be alright? (Sirius)
"J-just a little bit more! I'm still tired from my lack of sleep yesterday… that is…" (Reese)
The normal her would immediately scramble to get down, shy and modest. Yet it's different today, and though her logic is flawed, I put up with it. Emilia had the same reaction.
And that means…
"Reese, could it be that you…" (Sirius)
"Reese!" (Lifell)
"Reese-sama!" (Senia)
When I was about to ask her, there were voices calling out for Reese from the medical facility. I see Princess Lifell and Senia running our way when I turn to look, and decide to bite my tongue, forcibly putting Reese on the ground.
Though she seemed disappointed when I did this, she quickly turned to run to Princess Lifell. A deeply moving reunion between two loving sisters…
"You… moron of a sister!" (Lifell)
— didn't happen.
A hand chop from Princess Lifell smacked Reese on the top of her head, instantaneously breaking the tension and ruining the atmosphere. Reese, staring up at her sister, was dumbfounded. She clutched her head with a face that showed both confusion and disbelief.
"Why didn't you explicitly express your dissatisfaction with this marriage!? Why didn't you come to me first!? Who asked you to become my replacement!? Though I too thought this marriage was stupid, I can't look past your idiotic actions!" (Lifell)
"Ane-sama… But I!" (Reese)
"You say that it was for my sake, but it feels like you just ran away from the real problem. You have to be more clear with your feelings in matters like these!" (Lifell)
"I'm… sorry." (Reese)
"Good grief. But… I'm glad that you're safe." (Lifell)
Thereupon, Princess Lifell finally embraced her younger sister closely. At that instant, Reese's expression collapsed, and she buried her face on her sister's chest while her body trembled. They stayed like that for a while, until Lifell remembered that she had a few things she wanted to ask of Reese.
"I worried that you wouldn't be able to properly protect your lips. However, it looks like my worries were for nothing. You are still as beautiful as ever." (Lifell)
"That is… yes. Thanks to Sirius-san, nothing happened to me." (Reese)
I met Reese's gaze when she said that, and though she was blushing, she never looked away. Looking at her sister while she said that, Princess Lifell laughed with a complacent smile and beckoned for me.
"Can I have a minute? Other than kidnapping, what did Sirius-kun do?" (Lifell)
"I didn't do anything other than carrying her." (Sirius)
"It's never going to be as easy as saying you've done nothing and getting away free, not when you make a girl look at you like this. You must properly take responsibility." (Lifell)
I am a commoner, and though only by technicality, she is a royal. If she is, why is she trying to betroth us? Is it simply entertainment for her? Is she trying to help her sister? Preparation to recruit me to her faction in the future? All of the above?
Regardless of her motive though, she is correct in stating that the reason behind Reese's recent behavior is my fault.
To gallantly appear in the middle of an unwanted marriage ceremony, to kidnap her, and then to sprint away in the middle of the night like some gallant prince in a story book.
If Reese likes me only as a Shishou, it would make sense. However, she does follow Emilia closely. Though I haven't been confessed to, is it possible for it to have been instigated by Emilia?
Nonetheless, my answer has already been decided.
"If she really desires it, I intend to take responsibility." (Sirius)
"Oh?" (Lifell)
"Fuee!? (Reese)
By no means did I expect them to answer immediately. Princess Lifell opened her mouth wide while Reese let out a strange noise.
"However, that's a discussion for another time, so why don't we put it on hold? Right now, the disturbance in the castle still hasn't settled down." (Sirius)
"… Well, Sirius-kun is right as always. Until the chaos has settled down for a bit, we'll put it off." (Lifell)
As expected, Princess Lifell became serious because of the situation. Reese stiffened up and looks around as I hand her to Senia.
"By the way, Sirius-kun is alone. Were you not able to bring your attendants?" (Lifell)
"Those two are running here, so they shouldn't be much longer. With this, your request is complete, yes?" (Sirius)
"Yes, it's perfect. I really appreciate that you were willing to accept such an absurd request and complete it." (Lifell)
"Did you already know that I would accept the request?" (Sirius)
"Let's not dwell on things from the past. Anyway, I will absolutely protect you from any punishment from the castle, since I requested this after all." (Lifell)
She clenched her hand and declared so loudly. I see. Even without basis, her charisma as a royal is clearly felt from her sense of faith in her judgement.
"You told me it was safe for me to bring Reese here, but is it alright for me to confirm for myself?" (Sirius)
"Besides us, there are only a sufficient amount of servants in this place. I have selected only several people whom I can trust, so I feel more safe here than in castle." (Lifell)
Her life is not being particularly targeted, but rather than being seen as a political tool for the castle, it is probably better to stay at a distance.
"There are various supplies, including food, that are stored in large quantities, so this place is easy to barricade even if the pursuers came. Though it is small, there is also a change that we could be besieged. As such, there is also a secret exit." (Lifell)
"Besides, we are trained to protect our master. It would be simple to deal with a few pursuers from the castle." (Senia)
"I am also here. Being of the Imperial Guard, I will not let Hime-sama to be touched by even a finger." (Melt)
Melt appeared before anyone noticed to support the princess' words, as well as Senia's.
"I think it should be safe here for at least today and tomorrow. Since I have sent one of my subordinates to the castle, I will let you know what has happened tomorrow morning." (Lifell)
"Understood. After I reunite with my disciples, we will return back to school dorms…" (Sirius)
"Wait!" (Reese)
Before I finished talking about returning to school dorms, Reese let out loud voice. But, she was looking down embarrassedly, it seemed she herself didn't know why she said that. Reese's sister, who chuckled when looking at the scene, put her hand on Reese's shoulder.
"Why say it out loud if you aren't certain? We both know you are, so say it more clearly." (Lifell)
"…Today, I want Sirius-san… not that. I want everyone… to stay around." (Reese)
"In short, you don't want him to go back?" (Lifell)
She nodded ever so slightly. Reese looked up at her sister, who winked in turn and said to me;
"Since the guest room is vacant, there will be space for three people. I also would like to thank you, won't you please stay here?" (Lifell)
"…Understood. I'll graciously accept your kind offer." (Sirius)
Though I decided it without discussing with the siblings, they are likely to agree even if they don't hear it.
Since there is no roll call before sleeping time in the school dorms here, I can feign attendance as much as I like by matching our stories with our roommates.
Emilia's roommate is before my eyes, and Reus' roommate is totally obedient, since he is Reus' underling. And since I live alone in Diamond Cottage, the disguise attempt is perfect. There probably won't be any issues with all three of us staying.
Reese had bright eyes when she heard my words, as she expressed her joy while clinging to Senia. If this were Emilia, she would probably be vigorously swinging her tail.
"Hime-sama, shall we go in soon? Although your physical condition has recovered, you are still recuperating." (Senia)
"That is true. Everyone, come on in and let's take a rest." (Lifell)
"Sorry, I intend to wait for those two outside." (Sirius)
I confirmed their location using [Search], and found that they were traveling at considerably high speeds. They will probably arrive in about 30 minutes.
"They are running here as per my instruction. Rather than resting inside, I want to greet them properly, as a Shishou should." (Sirius)
"I, I want to greet them too. Emilia and Reus are only running here because of me." (Reese)
"Is that so? If that's the case, I will accompany you guys too. Melt, can you bring table and chairs please? Senia, please prepare tea. We will wait here while watching the full moon with everyone." (Lifell)
"It can't be helped then. I'll go prepare it, but please put on something." (Senia)
"Understood. Incidentally, why don't we have a meal here? According to the chef, the meal will be ready soon." (Melt)
"That's not a bad idea. Shall we have dinner party here?" (Lifell)
I initially had planned only to wait for the two siblings, but before I knew it plans for a dinner party were in the works. Well, I suppose it couldn't hurt. It would be good for cheering up Reese; a fun celebration with friends and family following the dismal ceremony she just escaped from.
Once it was decided, Reese went to get changed out from her wedding dress into plain clothing, while tables and chairs for everyone were prepared. Then, we waited for the siblings while drinking tea.
Melt and Senia had a pleasant conversation, while subtly positioning Reese between the two of them. Princess Lifell made jokes about the need for me to take responsibility as a man for various things. Eventually, I picked up on the presence of the siblings as they drew near.
Soon after, Senia and Melt both turned their heads in the direction the two were approaching from. Senia's ears twitching makes her seem indeed rabbit-like.
"Judging from the sounds that I can hear… there are two people? That number is too small for pursuers, right?" (Senia)
"It's alright, you're hearing Reus and Emilia." (Sirius)
"But aren't they unusually fast? I could hardly think of moving that fast through the forest." (Senia)
"It is because the forest doesn't pose a challenge for those two. Look, they've come already." (Sirius)
As I point my hand, Emilia jumps out with a large gust of wind from the forest. Her flowing silver hair shines, reflecting the moonlight.
She landed splendidly, as the breeze blows past her and she smiled at me.
"Thank you for waiting, Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"Aah, thank you for your hard work." (Sirius)
She cheerfully closed her eyes and wagged her tail when I patted her head. She seemed to be sweating a little, but judging from her appearance there are neither wounds nor dirt.
Next up was Reus, who jumped out from the forest several seconds later after Emilia. He immediately switched to a look of frustration, as he noticed that Emilia had beaten him here.
"Dang it! Nee-chan is still fast!" (Reus)
"Huhuhu… I won't yield to Reus in terms of speed. The privilege of being patted by Sirius-sama is mine." (Emilia)
Were you guys being unusually fast because you were competing against each other? It seems that they were fighting for a chance to be pet by me, without my knowledge. Since Reus came closer with his tail wagging when I beckoned him over, I roughly brushed his head.
"Uhyoo-! Yeay!" (Reus)
"Even though I was the victor…" (Emilia)
"Don't worry, I will comb your tail later." (Sirius)
"Yes!" (Emilia)
As I wasn't the only one who wished to reward the siblings, I soon brought them in front of Princess Lifell and Reese. Although nobody complimented them on their beauty due to their ragged adventurer's apparel, Reese hugged Emilia and Reus dearly.
"Thank you. Both of you, thank you very much." (Reese)
"Wait a sec, Reese. Although I'm happy, your clothes will get dirty." (Emilia)
"Reese-ane, it's a bit tight." (Reus)
"It's alright. It's important that I convey my gratitude to you both properly." (Reese)
Reese appeared not ready to release Emilia and Reus, so those two just stayed as is while smiling wryly. Furthermore, Princess Lifell embraced them from behind and the situation became a little chaotic due to the sudden cluster of people.
"I also want to express my gratitude. Emilia, Reus, thank you. Reese was able to come here safely because of you guys." (Lifell)
"Please don't mention it. We only followed what Sirius-sama said." (Emilia)
"Yeah. However, we would've moved to assist Reese-ane even if you never requested it." (Reus)
Behind the siblings, who were busy laughing, the meal was being prepared. The smell of the food wafted over to the two, and Reus' stomach made a loud grumble. That reminds me, they hadn't eaten anything since this whole thing started, so it's no wonder that they were hungry. Both Emilia and Reus seemed tempted as they held their stomach with embarrassed faces.
"For now, shall we have a meal? Judging from appearance, everyone appeared to be hungry, right?" (Lifell)
"Will that be alright for us?" (Emilia)
"Well of course. Since the meals are prepared for Reese and you guys, please eat a lot. Ah, since this is not the castle, you don't have to mind about manners." (Lifell)
"Yahoo-! Aniki, are you going to eat too?" (Reus)
"Aah, should I? I'm also hungry." (Sirius)
After getting confirmation from me, the siblings sat on the chairs, pressed their hands together and reached out for various meals. I also reached for the meal, eager to taste food normally intended for royals. As I expected, meals designed for the king and his family are indeed delicious.
"Delicious! It's delicious, but I like Aniki's cooking more." (Reus)
"Well, we like Sirius-sama's cooking the best after all." (Emilia)
That is not something you should say while eating. You've made the chef smile bitterly, you know?
"I'm sorry. They always are eating my cooking, they are probably used to the taste by now." (Sirius)
"I also like Sirius-san's cooking the best." (Reese)
"Just so you know, these meals were made by a very famous cook in Elysion. You all have interesting tastes." (Lifell)
There were other shameful scenes, but the small dinner party ultimately ended peacefully.

"Aniki, the royal family is amazing as expected!" (Reus)
"That's right." (Sirius)
After the meal was over, we were led to the guest room, where we would be staying. Despite the building having been designed as a medical facility, there were countless luxuries; even a hot tub in the bathroom. On top of that, it was segregated into two parts; for guys and for girls, both sides equally luxurious. As expected of a place for royals.
Reus seemed excited to go into the bathroom because it was large enough to seat ten people at a time, as opposed to the one-person bath I designed for the cottage.
"Are Nee-chan and the others in a similar bathroom?" (Reus)
"I think it's similar. Though I doubt this is your intention, don't go peeking to confirm. Trust my word on this." (Sirius)
There's no way to peek to begin with, as the walls extend all the way up to the ceiling; there's no gap. I say it anyway to confirm, and Reus reacts by frantically glancing all around to make sure nobody heard my words.
"You don't need to tell me, Aniki. I will be murdered by Nee-chan if I do it!" (Reus)
"That definitely is the case. Even I would probably kick the bucket if I attempted to." (Sirius)
"I think if it were you Aniki, Emilia might invite you to join her. Reese-ane too… maybe." (Reus)
"What do you mean 'maybe'?" (Sirius)
"Well, I think Reese-ane has changed after we came here. Though it appeared some time ago, I strongly feel the pink sensation that was let out by Nee-chan and Noel-ane from Reese-ane." (Reus)
This guy is as naturally sharp as ever.
How would Emilia react if she found out about Reese's feelings? I said I want to travel together with everyone, and since I have yet to confirm that with Reese, I don't think there would be any hard feelings.
However, female jealousy is scary. I had a co-worker in my previous life who was a womanizer, who ended up being stabbed in the stomach with a kitchen knife due to the web of jealousy surrounding him. Luckily for him, he had blocked the knife partially with a magazine, so he lived the attack. However, the story alone was enough to frighten me.
Emilia and Reese will probably have a talk about it, but I would rather it not devolve their relationship into one of bloodshed and hatred. It's probably best that we all talk once we're all done in the bathroom.
"Well, it will be good if nothing changes as a result of this." (Sirius)
"That's true. I don't think it will be a problem, after all, we all like you, Aniki! Now it's time to wash you. I'll start with your back." (Reus)
"Ok, I'll depend on you." (Sirius)
After my turn, it's his, so I step out from the tub to wash his back. His arms and legs were fragile to the point of breaking when we first met, but now his body was healthy and his muscles were bulging because of his training. Nothing to say about his mind, I am proud of his growth physically as both a father and a Shishou.
I remember while I'm washing his back that his age is almost the same as the disciples I had in my previous life. They, too, would wash my back. Being a Shishou has some definite benefits.

We finished washing each other in silence, and it didn't take long. Right as I was about to get back into the tub, someone opened the door and walked inside.
"Excuse me." (Melt)
For a moment I thought Emilia was going to charge in, but the one that came in was the Imperial Guard, Melt.
It can't be helped that Melt was a bit rude during our first meeting, due to his job. He was cautious and hostile towards us then, as we were unknown elements from his point of view. Because of this, there was a strained atmosphere as he walked in.
"What happened? It is alright if I get in too?" (Melt)
"Alright, go ahead." (Sirius)
For the time being, Melt soaked in the bathtub a short distance from us. Personally, I think one shouldn't enter the bathwater before washing one's body, but this is neither my house nor does it follow my rules. So, I leave it be.
The silence continued for a while, until the time for soaking in the water was past. Reus, who stayed close and guarded against Melt, ultimately broke the silence. His curiosity outweighed his caution.
"Err, Melt… -san?" (Reus)
"… What is it?" (Melt)
"Melt-san, do you… hate beastkin?" (Reus)
"Well, I surely have said rude things in front of you guys, so it can't be helped if you thought that." (Melt)
When Melt turned in our direction, a wry smile broke out on his usually firm face. What! You can make such an expression too?
"I am a man who exists for nothing other than to protect Hime-sama. This is a poor excuse on my part, but when Hime-sama caught that strange illness, I was impatiently seeing everyone as an enemy. When you three came out of nowhere and started getting closer to her, I thought of nothing but trying to remove you and prevent you from worsening her current condition or giving her another strange illness." (Melt)
"Got it, I understand. If I thought someone posed a threat to Aniki, I would try to remove them as well." (Reus)
"It's fine to talk casually with me, no need to use formal language. Right now, I'm just Melt, not an Imperial Guard. After so long, it's pointless to give you excuses, and not only did you rescue Hime-sama, but Fearis-sama as well. It is only proper that I say this as myself, titles and pride aside…" (Melt)
And then, Melt bowed to us. He lowered his head to us who are younger than him.
"… I am very sorry. And thank you." (Melt)
I'm not sure whether or not it's because of… nude socializing… but we got on slightly better terms with the Imperial Guard Melt today.

On the following day, I woke up feeling oddly… heavy.
When I glance to both sides to determine the source of that sensation, I can see a sliver of silver on my left, and a ball of blue on my right.
"Good morning, Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"G-… good morning." (Reese)
Perhaps I should say, it was Emilia and Reese. Those two were wearing slightly immodest gowns, which was the cause of the strange sensation. Following this, I heard a sound from the foot of the bed, near my feet.
"Anyukii…" (Reus)
Reus was sleeping below me a little bit. Although the parlor has a king size bed that can easily fit four children like us, why did it become a situation where I am a makeshift pillow?
"… Good morning. Now, I want explanation." (Sirius)
"That is because staying by Sirius-sama's side is the best." (Emilia)
"I-I was… told by Ane-sama that I can go…" (Reese)
"Kupi-…" (Reus?)
Although I'm certain they didn't do anything apart from sleep, just what happened after I went to sleep yesterday?
After I got out from the bathroom, I went straight to sleep on my own bed, for certain. Since there is another bed on the side, Emilia should have slept there.
It dawned on me as I was waiting for an explanation that I probably fell asleep so quickly because I was in such a comfortable bath for so long. Combining that with my lack of sleep the last few days, and it resulted in a lack of awareness from myself. I was far from vigilant towards them anyway, but I should've noticed their approach.
In short, they just slept next to me after seeing me asleep. That's what they said. Was Reus… upset because he was left out?
Wait a minute? Does the thing about me being sandwiched and Emilia and Reese staying on the same bed mean that they still have a good relationship with each other?
"You guys… are very close." (Sirius)
"Yes! Because I like Sirius-sama and Reese." (Emilia)
"Since I also like Emilia and Si-… Sirius-san." (Reese)
Rather than just being good, their relationship seems to have deepened.
I'm a little put off by the thought of polygamy, due to my moral compass from my previous life. Now that I think about it though, in this world, such a thing isn't uncommon.
That said, it doesn't change the fact that they are still my disciples. Right now, it's too soon to think about marriage. Besides, we don't know yet what will happen in the future. Therefore, I judge it best to watch over them as their Shishou, and nothing more.
In the first place, I already intend to support their growth as people and develop them to become self-sufficient. What they choose to do beyond that is up to them. Still, as a man, to have one or two wives… eh? When I think carefully, it's not just one or two, an elf has also placed a reservation of sorts on me…
"Sirius-sama? Do you want to sleep some more?" (Emilia)
"…No, it's nothing. We should get up soon." (Sirius)
Let's stop thinking about that. Won't it be better to decide after meeting with Fia? Although it feels slightly wrong to postpone it, I secretly think that they will find a better man than me in the future.
"Cake!?… Eh? Aniki, where did my cake go?" (Reus)
I am really jealous you can do things at your own pace, Reus, only now waking up.

After that, everyone got up and met for breakfast in the dining room.
A maid entered in a hurry and whispered to Princess Lifell. The scene was totally similar to the situation when Reese was brought to the castle.
Since there is no mistaking the fact that this is related to Reese, I eavesdropped without any reserve this time, but I was surprised at the topic.
"Is that… there are just two, including a servant? Let me discuss this with our guests, and in the meantime, you all should be on guard." (Lifell)
Princess Lifell stood up after giving instructions to the maids. She looked at us with serious face and said;
"The person who went to check on the situation in castle has returned and for some reason, Otou-sama is coming." (Lifell)
"Tou-sama!?" (Reese)
"Right. However, he was led only by a single servant armed with nothing but weapons for self-defense. As such, I don't see them coming to fight, but please stay here just to be sure." (Lifell)
"Ane-sama! If that's the case, I also… together…" (Reese)
"I'm happy that you wish to assist, but please let me talk with them first. Sirius-kun, if something happens, please take Reese and run away." (Lifell)
"Understood. I doubt it will come to that, but I will spare no effort when it comes to Reese." (Sirius)
"Please." (Lifell)
While saying that with a small laugh, she beckoned for Senia and Melt, and the three of them headed out from the dining room. Those that remained sat still drinking tea, but as expected, Reese was unable to calm down. She was too worried about her sister and father. Emilia drew closer and clenched her hand.
"It's alright Reese. Your sister will be able to persuade your Otou-san." (Emilia)
"Yeah, I believe in Ane-sama. However, for Tou-sama himself to come, I'm worried something will happen…" (Reese)
"Please calm down, Reese." (Sirius)
Yeah, the biggest factor here is that the King came with almost no attendants. This means that a fight is unlikely, and he probably intends something else. If my thought is correct, the King won't hurt either sister, Reese or Lifell.
"Think about it. If they wanted to catch you, they wouldn't come with just two people. I think they probably came to talk." (Sirius)
"Conversing doesn't seem like something Tou-sama would do, not with regards to me. He only talks to me when it is absolutely necessary, you know?" (Reese)
"It's purely my intuition. We'll see how it develops soon enough…" (Sirius)
"Don't you dare make jokes!" (Lifell)
I think the two probably will meet each other in the next room but Princess Lifell's angry voice could be heard until the dining room. I reflexively invoke [Search] but there is no fighting.
"That was Lifell-hime's voice… right?" (Reus)
"That's not normal. Sirius-sama, what should we do?" (Emilia)
"It's alright, wait for a bit. They are just quarrelling." (Sirius)
"Ane-sama… what's wrong?" (Reese)
Reese and the siblings were agitated after hearing her voice resonate around the entire facility, and the dining room's door opened to Senia walking in. She didn't seem to be in any sort of hurry, but she did seem particularly annoyed.
"Senia, what's going on in there?" (Reese)
"You'll understand when you get there. Reese-sama, everyone, let's go to the living hall where Lifell-sama is." (Senia)
"Us too?" (Sirius)
"Yes. There is something that everyone here needs to hear. Ou-sama has come, but as this is an extenuating circumstance, please don't feel the need to be overly formal." (Senia)
"Let's go Reese. We will be there as support, so don't be afraid to talk to your Otou-sama." (Emilia)
"… Yeah. Thank you." (Reese)
Reese, having made up her mind, accompanied us as we were led by Senia to the living room. After Senia knocked on the door, we entered upon hearing Princess Lifell give permission.
We are finally going to meet the King… Reese's father, Cardeas.
"…So you have come?" (??)
The man who sat on one of the sofa in the living room was Cardeas.
He has short burning-red hair and sharp eyes like he were hunting for prey. Credible rumors circulating in Elysion say that his presence can be felt even when he sits, and even those who know nothing of him still feel the urge to kneel before him.
My first impression of him was he was sharp like the edge of drawn sword, to say nothing of his status as a king. I understand why Reese felt the urge to shrink back.
"Are you guys Reese's friends?" (Cardeas)
When he turned his face to us, the clear outline of a slap on his right cheek ruined his whole image. Was that the barely audible sound following Lifell's angry shouting?
"You picked now of all times to arrive? For the time being, please sit down next to me." (Lifell)
In delicate atmosphere, we were made to sit next to Princess Lifell. Emilia and Reus were desperately holding in their laughter when they saw the handprint on the King's face. You guys… Please forgive them if they laugh, you are the king after all.
"I called you guys because I want to inform you of the result of the investigation from yesterday. I was just made aware that the ceremony from yesterday… was fake." (Lifell)
"…Ane-sama, one more time please." (Reese)
"It was a fake ceremony. Put simply, would it be easier to understand if I said its true purpose was to weed out corrupt and dirty nobles?" (Lifell)
After all, was it so?
The people seen during yesterday's ceremony were only those who had poor conduct or some notoriety to their name. In other words, rotten apples. If the ceremony were simply requiring the presence of influential people, those like the Principal would have been invited. That he wasn't was definitely evidence to the contrary.
When I recall it, I do remember the reaction of the castle guards being unusually fast. They didn't fail to catch a single noble that tried to run from the assembly hall, and they moved to capture everyone. To lure them all with honey, and catch them a single go. They appear to function a lot like the police in my previous life. They can't do much, but they are clever with how they do function within their boundaries.
The real problems are the damage caused by such a move, and the grudges incurred from said move.
"Don't you understand, Reese! Not only was he keeping this a secret from me, but also from you, whom he used as a decoy in his plot! What are you thinking, this was originally supposed to be your daughter's wedding!?" (Lifell)
"If I tell you, won't you please drop it!?" (Cardeas)
"Of course! Your reasons for making my cute little sister bear the brunt of these consequences, you had better tell me!" (Lifell)
"That's why I didn't say it! For the sake of collecting and capturing the fools, I'm going to think about preparation and time, no matter how long it takes!" (Cardeas)
Even if the engagement with Princess Lifell was stopped because of the illness, even if forcing the ceremony to Reese who was concealed specially, the preparation to capture those guys who were selected didn't go waste. I think this King is a fearless calculating man.
However, Princess Lifell will not stop because of such reason.
"I don't care such thing! It would be fine for me to go because I was cured!" (Lifell)
"Shouldn't you be spending time recuperating!? Trying to pick the right choice was quite distressing!" (Cardeas)
"If that's the case, give birth to more girls! You only birthed boys; a brother I don't care for, a brother who has his nose stuck in a book all the time, and one with zero appeal in any regard! How long do you think I've had trouble with men for!? Then, finally, a younger sister appeared!? She's so cute, you can't blame me for getting attached!" (Lifell)
"My aim is not to have more children!" (Cardeas)
… I think the talk has begun to derail.
The king that I heard from Reese was a cold figure, who only spoke when necessary. However, the man in front of us quarreling is none other than a father with aspirations abound, with no trace of the aforementioned personality.
Of course, most surprised out of all of us was Reese, whose image of the King was far different than the picture in front of her. Her eyes were wide open in shock, and her face was stiff.
"Say… will you calm down a bit more?" (Reese?)
"Yeah… you're right. I cut loose too much." (Lifell)
"Me too. It became intense after such a long time." (Cardeas)
Is that the kind of exchange people are supposed to have after a long absence? Senia, Melt and the servant who waited behind the King were calm and collected though, almost as if it were a daily occurrence.
"So, is that the reason why we were called?" (Sirius)
"Of course there are other reasons. For starters, my request to kidnap Reese." (Lifell)
"I'm going to take over from here. Although you were asked by Lifell, it wasn't wrong to obstruct the ceremony. Normally, I would pass down some kind of punishment but since the ceremony was sham, I'll forget it." (Cardeas)
In other words, since the ceremony was sham, he'll forget about it. Although he is the king, was it challenging to convince other nobles to let it go?
"You took such a drastic action. Is it because of the push and pull from all directions this time?" (Lifell)
"Like you said, there are a lot of complaints coming. But, I'll leave everything to the masterminds." (Cardeas)
"Even if that was for the sake of taking out the trash, wasn't it overkill?" (Lifell)
"The guys who put the magic stone in you were also tied to this. I couldn't let this go as an easy matter. After all, if I had, you would've had trouble moving freely, wouldn't you?" (Cardeas)
Not only was this event designed to take out the corrupt nobles, but it also served as a form of revenge for the King's daughter. Even better, the king can use this even to set an example for others. After experiencing such a thing even once, other nobles would be much less likely to act out against Lifell, especially once she succeeds her father for the throne. Although it depends on how severe the scale of her policies are, she is less likely to face undue resistance. She can measure the success of her policies by the changes in the citizens.
"It is because this will serve as a lesson, I couldn't handle this poorly. Also, please don't worry, your actions will remain a secret." (Cardeas)
"That's the power of royal authority." (Lifell)
"It's alright to say and feel how you wish about my actions. If I were to punish the one who saved my daughter, I couldn't justify my own use of royal authority.." (Cardeas)
What is this? I can't see this man as the one who looks at Reese with cold eyes, you know? In my opinion, he is seen by his followers as nothing but sweet old man.
"Hey, Aniki. Were our actions pointless?" (Reus)
"There was no such action. At the very least, Reese can feel relieved and I think she has grown up." (Sirius)
"Sirius-san is right. Although I'm not sure I have grown up, I was really happy when I saw everyone coming to the assembly hall." (Reese)
Reese, who was confused at the gap between her image of her father and reality, regained her sanity and smiled at us. I realized the King was gently looking at Reese the moment she looked away. His cold behavior towards Reese was apparent, but it didn't seem to be motivated by dislike.
When I was thinking about that, Princess Lifell who sat nearby leaned forward, and she began to talk with a serious expression.
"About this matter, I understand what Otou-san wants to say so I understood that it was for my sake. However, there is one thing I don't get it. It is about Reese." (Lifell)
The King's face becomes cloudy when the talks proceed about Reese, and then he was looking here with bitter face. Although he seems like a person easy to befriend with, what's with this sudden change?
"In the beginning, I thought she was hated and separated on purpose because Reese isn't a royal. However, Reese's situation is clearly more complex than that, as she was just used as a decoy. Normally, other people shouldn't hear this but I want to listen clearly. Otou-san, what do you think about Reese?" (Lifell)
"…" (Cardeas)
"If you like her, say it. If you hate her, please say it clearly! Don't you understand that being half-hearted hurts a child the most?" (Lifell)
"Ane-sama, Tou-sama is troubled. Please don't pursue this further, I'm already fine." (Reese)
"No, it's not good if we don't clear this up here and now. Answer clearly, how do you feel about Reese?" (Lifell)
I thought we should leave because this sounds like a conversation for family alone, but I realized that my presence was needed when Reese grabbed my sleeve trembling. I didn't even need to bring up leaving, you want me to stay until the end, don't you?
Princess Lifell made such a declaration as she beat her first on the table in front of her, and then the King looked at Reese with wry smile.
"What… do I think? Truthfully, I also don't know." (Cardeas)
"Tou-sama. I… Should I not have come here?" (Reese)
"That's wrong, Fearis. You're not the one at fault here. In truth, it is I who is at fault, as I am indebted to your mother, Laura." (Cardeas)
He drank the prepared tea, and solemnly stared at the sky through the window. We all intuitively understood that from this point on, he spoke not as the King of Elysion, but as a man called Cardeas.
"…Laura will surely curse me for this." (Cardeas)
Cardeas muttered sadly.
In the assembly hall where Reese was confused, at the time when the wedding cake got hit and destroyed by magic…
"Haa!? Just now, I have a feeling that something important was broken!" (Rodwell)
"Me too, headmaster!" (Magna)
The intuition of a headmaster and his subordinate who were working overtime were invoked.
Author Note:
In previous chapter, the setup of Princess Lifell siblings was she had three older brother. But for this chapter, the author changed it to two older brother and one younger brother.


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