Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Volume 10 intermission

Character Introduction… with Miscellaneous Notes

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[Sirius Teacher]
The main protagonist.
A medium build man with dark hair and dark eyes.
He was lamenting the fact that he had no impressive insight looks because of his childish face that slightly resembles a girl face.
The truth is, when he graduated from school, he was gradually relieved that his face became more masculine.
His physical appearance is appropriate for his age but his muscles are condensed in his trained body, and he won't lose even if the opponent is nearly double his height and weight. He is a small super macho man.
This is the reincarnated appearance of the so-called strongest agent who still holds his previous memories.
After being trained by a person who was called a Master, he travels around the world as an agent, experiencing the ways of the world.
His mind is a 60 years old man's, but basically his response is light and he is enormously gentle to his friends.
The sense of justice is not particularly strong, and he doesn't deny every wickedness.
He acknowledges it if there is conviction. He acts and his attitude corresponds to what has been done.
For those who he recognizes as enemies and those that don't deserve to live, they are treated ruthlessly. He firmly holds a merciless face as if he is a person who lives in the dark side of the world.
Since he controls his body and emotions, he can change it like a switch depending on the situation.
That is why, he can show a gentle face to his friends and the moment he turned to enemies, he can shoot through the target with a face that wants to 'consume' everything.
He thought that training himself was as natural as breathing, so he kept training from the time he was a baby, taking advantage of lessons he learned from his previous life and the education methods from his Master. As a result, he held strength of the strongest class.
He is looking forward on bringing up his disciples and watching their growth by spending time everyday in preparing meals with great care.
He loves cooking and it is his hobby to make dishes for the disciples. He puts proper consideration in balancing nutrients, and that is his unusual side of being a parent.
The reason why he likes cooking is that he couldn't eat a decent meal when he participated in conflicts, so he wanted to eat good meals when he was in a safe place. Thus, he began to cook for himself.
Although his magic aptitude is [Non-attribute] which is said to be a bad luck in this world, he notices that he can reproduce magic similar to firearms in his previous life. In addition to that, he can recover mana immediately because of his special characteristics.
[Magnum] - a spell that shoot strong magical bullets.
[Shotgun] - a spell that suppress in wide range with countless magical bullets.
[Sniper] - a spell that shoot enemies in very long distance.
[Anti-materiel] - a spell that holds power to change a terrain.
Besides that, he can fly in the sky by creating footholds with [Air Step], and with flying and running, his arsenal became stronger than his previous life.
In his daily life, including the battle side, or what he has been doing during gaps, he is a mysterious man which was not known until now.
His age in each arc (the approximate age seen from the author).
Volume 1
Prologue – Roughly 60 years old
Capable of doing magic – 1 year old
Erina's struggle – 3 years old
Volume 2
New world – 5 years old
The meeting of fate – 6 years old
Volume 3
Let's go on a picnic – 7 years old
Volume 4
Teacher – 8 years old
Volume 6
The opening of the Labyrinth – 10 years old
Volume 8
While the Cat is Away – 12 years old
Intermission 1: Aiming to be an Adventurer – 13 years old
Volume 9
The Graduation Assignment for Colorless – 14 years old
Volume 10
And yet… We Haven't Gone Out For a Trip – 14 years old, almost close to 15 years old.

A woman who tied her silver hair that extended to her back; she is Sirius' attendant.
(The age at the time of appearance is about 40 years old)
It is probably because her pride as a professional, she always wears maid dresses except at bedtime and special circumstances.
She has no capability for battles, but in terms of skills as an attendant, she is at master level that always has the presence of a leader among attendants who works perfectly without any shortcoming.
A woman that can be said to be an example of a good mother who is gentle and open minded, and will scold firmly if you do bad things. Sirius says that she is an embodiment of motherhood.
Although she is an attendant, she loves her master, Sirius, like her own child, and thinks that her life is not important if it can protect her master.
She accepted everything even though Sirius displayed an unusual growth at a young age. It was worth living to keep supporting him.
She was born in a poor family and had a hard time, but since she was an attractive woman who was popular among men, she was sold by her family to a certain noble.
During that time, she had to learn techniques to please men from her senior at work. She also had to attend as the noble's companion, but one day, she was sick and collapsed.
She was somehow recovered, but she became unable to give birth due to the after-effects of the sickness. And since the sickness was regarded as infectious and dangerous, she was fired from being a maid.
(It wasn't a disease that can infect through touch).
When she walked in a town while in despair, she happened to meet a child, Aria. Aria was pleased with her, picked her up, and Erina became her dedicated attendant.
Because of her firm character and she for being grateful for being picked up, she swore her loyalty to Aria. She kept watching over her from the side while thinking Aria is like a younger sister that was separated from her a long time ago. Hence, even though Aria's household collapsed, she didn't try to get away from her side.
And when the moment she lifted Sirius ,who was born in exchange for Aria's life, she was wondering what to do with him, who was born between the master who she swore loyalty and by that hateful man. However, since Aria said 'A child bears no sins', she swore to raise him properly.
At the moment she admitted it, the motherhood, which was slept until that time, exploded and she began to pour a generous love.
Although she didn't bear Sirius herself, she loved him like her own child while struggling with the conflicts feeling for being an attendant, and she was delighted with Sirius' growth as if it was hers.
When Sirius began to take disciples, she realized that her remaining life was short. She saw talents from one of the disciples, Emilia, and she wished for Emilia to watch over Sirius instead of herself, who didn't have too much time left, and handed down her skills.
She couldn't get up from bed, and before she passed away, Sirius called her as a mother; she finally was able to touch him as a mother, rather than as an attendant.
Because of that, she laughed in satisfaction and became happy; she conveyed her gratitude with smile and left the world.
She merely continued pouring her pure love only for Sirius, who is a man who didn't know his parents in his previous life. She was the woman who taught him the love of a parent.

A catkin woman with cat's ears and tail.
(She was roughly 12 years old at the time of appearance)
She makes a ponytail out of her red hair, and she is faithful to instinct by nature.
She was often scolded by Erina and Sirius because she blurted things unnecessarily as she couldn't read the mood.
Occasionally, she went missing without anyones notice when certain important situation happened. It seemed she was favored by the god of fate in many ways.
She is good at taking care people because she has many younger sisters and brothers, but they are more reliable when it comes to the situation that requires motivation.
Aptitude attribute is fire.
However, she is slightly above an ordinary person, so she can't do magic until advanced magic.
On the other hand, she learned original fire spells that Sirius taught, and she could use a stronger magic than unskilled advanced magic.
She had fun surrounded by a lot of younger sisters and brothers, but since her family was poor, she left a letter and went out of the house in order to reduce the food consumption.
As her devotion towards her family, she began a trip and earned money in a big town, but she was tricked in a certain town and was made a slave.
She didn't get humiliated since she could be sold at high price, but she was beaten nonstop with a whip every day.
However, when the carriage on which Noel rode on was moving to a certain town, the carriage shook greatly and Noel fell from it. She was immediately retrieved, but Aria, who was witnessing the scene, barged in and forcefully bought Noel.
In the beginning, she was afraid by the abuse of a slave life, but her heart gradually healed because of Aria's carefree smile and kindness.
"You must absolutely listen to my order because I bought you. Therefore, you are my younger sister from now on, and nice to meet you." (Aria)
She began to admire Aria who treated her like a younger sister, and she gradually returned to her original character because of Erina's care giving also.
Dee was already around at that time. She began to be attracted to Dee who helped her casually and he had no prejudice against beastkin.
However, when Aria's household collapsed and she died giving birth of Sirius at the same time, she was depressed and couldn't do anything for a while. That was the reason why she wasn't there for a month when Sirius was born.
With the encouragement from Erina and Dee, she finally got back on her feet and her feeling was changed when she saw Sirius for the first time as though the depression didn't happen and she went back to her usual Noel-ism.
The reason why she wanted to be called a sister by Sirius and Emilia was that she was called by a lot of her younger sisters and brothers, but the number one reason was she wanted to imitate Aria's behavior who become like a family by Noel's own rules.
Currently, she is married to Dee and she gave a birth to a daughter, Noir. She is at the top of the happiness now.
In this story, she is probably a character that is happier than the main character.

A man who is also known as Dee. He is a tall man with short hair who dreams to become a chef. His hair color is brown.
(He was roughly 17 years old at the time of appearance.)
He is a man who is not good with talking. At the beginning of his appearance, there were many times he talked with imperfect speech, but since Sirius and Noel were proactively talking with him, this poor talker began to improve.
Anyway, his eyes are sharp, as if always looking for a prey, and he was in various trouble in the past, so he was slightly having inferiority complex.
He was a former adventurer with his own swordsmanship and physical strength. However, he wasn't very interested in fighting because he wanted to become a chef.
Nonetheless, he became strong while keeping Sirius company and repeatedly had mock battles with him. He didn't know he had become stronger than an intermediate adventurer from this training than normal.
He lost his parents before he could stand on his own feet. He became an adventurer in order to survive even though he just wanted to be a cook. Without giving up his dream, he travelled around the world with a group of friends while self-studying about cooking. On one day, he encountered a mighty monster that made his partner, Gadd, retired from being an adventurer because of injuries.
Besides, several others had suffered the aftermath, and the party was dissolved. Dee, who was in a perfect health, was worried whether he could continue being an adventurer alone.
The people who were like Gadd and the rest didn't care about him being a poor talker with sharp eyes who would not appear conveniently. On a certain road, a carriage, that happened to pass by, stopped when he was cooking for lunch and Aria appeared after that.
Aria was attracted to the smell of the dishes and was interested to try. She was pleased with the taste, so she hired him as an attendant that can cook.
Noel was picked after a while. In the beginning, he didn't know how to contact with her, but after he saw Noel regained herself because of Aria's and Erina's devotion, he was envious since he himself was not cheerful and openhearted.
He also became sad when looking at Noel who was depressed after she made a mistake, so he tried to comfort her as he can until he noticed that he liked the girl.
But… because of his insecurities, which became a hindrance, the time for confession didn't come at all.
After Aria passed away, he thought that watching over Sirius who was left behind as his own obligation, and as a sole male labor, he continued to support Erina's secretly.
However, he was taught various dishes by Sirius who had grown and no longer needed to be supported, Sirius was a person who supported his dreams that he gave up. He trusted Sirius in the true sense who he was watching for Aria, and he began to swear loyalty.
After Erina passed away, he was pushed by Erina's and Sirius' words and he finally confessed to Noel and got married.
Later, he headed to Noel's hometown after leaving the mansion where he lived and he spent every day managing a dining room by becoming a chef that he'd been dreaming of.
He fulfilled his dream, married a beloved woman and was given a child. He is probably a man that is happier than Noel.

[Miliaria Eldrand]
(TLN: The name in raw is ミリアリア・エルドランド, and it's obviously not Maria which was mentioned in chapter 5.)
The mother, who gave birth to Sirius, and she was also known as Aria.
She was the only daughter of Eldrand household who has a gentle smile and a flowing black hair. The appearance was like a young woman of a secluded inner room… but the truth is, the person herself had a very aggressive personality.
She was a daring lady who moved on her own intuition, such as suddenly scouting Dee and Erina who were straying on a street, and promptly bought a slave, Noel.
Although she was born with weak constitution, she didn't feel it that much. She was a woman full of charisma that attracted people with bright personalities.
However, the fate went out of order after the Eldrand household was crushed by Bardomyr. She decided to sell her body to him in order to defend her parents and attendants.
Aria had to count the stains on the ceiling as a strategy when uninterestedly performing night activity, and Bardomyr got tired because of no reaction from her, and he didn't put his hand on her anymore.
And then, she was ordered to be confined in a mansion deep inside the mountains after she was proven to be conceiving a baby. She, along with Erina and others, were delighted being showed the important matter which was to raise the baby safely in a secluded environment.
The truth was she began to realize that she had not much time left, so she continued devoting herself to bear the baby safely.
"It's fine to cry when I die, but please cry at that time only. It is because I will not forgive if you keep dragging the sorrow because of me." (Aria)
She said that to her attendants and she gave birth to a baby. She named her baby Sirius.
Because of her weak constitution, her world was small because she couldn't move around.
Unlike herself, she wanted them to live freely without being bound to her dearly son. She told her wish as she entrusted Sirius to Erina… and she left the world.

[Shimifia Aramis]
Also known as Fia.
(The age at the time of appearance was 222 years old, about 18 years old in terms of human lifespan)
She is a female elf with a long hair and eyes shining with emerald green color, the proportion is not too big and not too small. She is a beautiful woman with a model figure.
It is rare for a person who can see spirits, but she can see and hear them. By borrowing the power of the spirits, she can use spirit magic that exceeds one level more than ordinary magic.
In the village of elves, which was her hometown, there was a tradition where young people had to go on a journey in order to broaden their view. She was also following it and headed out for a journey.
Basically, elves are unsociable, they looked down on other tribes and they think highly of themselves. They are many of them who think that travelling around the world is a troublesome thing.
However, she was an oddball among them, she accepted anyone without discrimination regardless of race. She has a bold personality and truly enjoyed going out for a trip. She was the only daughter of the village chieftain, and frankly speaking, she looks like a lady.
After several years travelling around, she was kidnapped just before returning home in the forest, but she was rescued by Sirius.
He appeared like a hero, and he was open-minded when he knew that she could use spirit magic. Although his appearance was a child, she could feel an adult presence in the depth of his heart, and that made her fall in love even though the other party was a child.
Roughly speaking, a man with an open mind is her favorite.
According to the village's custom, she cannot leave the forest for ten years after returning from a journey, so she couldn't meet Sirius if he visited her.
Fia thought that he would become a man that would be favored by various women, made a reservation on Sirius by telling him that she wanted to be his lover when she met him again after he grew up and she left after that.

He is a muscular old man who is about two meters tall, with short spiked hair and crushed left eyes due to injuries.
(He was more than 50 years old when he first appeared)
He is the founder of the technique called 'Single Strike Ultimate Destruction Sword Style'. He is the strongest swordsman that is known all over the world as the 'Strongest Sword'.
(TLN: Changing the technique’s name to new name. Thanks to lygarx for the suggestion.)
His desire for battles was unequalled, he was unusually greedy about becoming stronger. Particularly, he loved the fight that could reach his limits, he got stronger while continuously searching for a fight, and he was called the strongest before he noticed it.
By the way, he isn't very motivated with monster enemies, he won't be fired up unless the enemies are a person.
He would be pleased if he lost the fight, and he would be on fire to challenge since there was a worthy opponent.
In addition to the 'Strongest Sword', he was also known as the 'Bandit Hunter' because he earned income by hunting bandits, and he became a symbol of fear for bandits.
He was an existence that changes the fate of those who encountered him, if it was hostile, he surely destroyed them, and if it involved the fate of that person, he would sight. (For example, a man who seemed to be a bandit, and he became a harem.)
One word that probably could explain him was… sword weirdo? Anyway, he was an old man who didn't follow a common sense.
The condition to become his disciples was to always have a motivation to surpass their master. Most of them ran away when they looked at Lior's strength before their eyes, or probably gave up because they couldn't keep up.
As for that point, since Reus aimed for Sirius, he saw Lior as nothing but a stepping stone or a passing point, making him the best suitable disciple.
At the same time when Sirius left the mansion where he was born, he retired from the forest he lived and headed out for a journey to improve his swordsmanship.
This weirdo is rampaging somewhere in the world today.
It is believed that it's going to be noisy no matter where he appears.

[Emilia Silverion]
One of the heroines.
A silver wolf girl with a silver shining wolf's ear and a tail.
(She was seven years old at the time of appearance)
She kept working hard since she was a child in order to be liked by Sirius, and at the time she traveled out to Elysion, she was working on extraordinary proportions such as huge breasts and tight figure that would be envied by women. Along with her silver hair, it can be said without a doubt that she grew to be a beautiful woman.
The aptitude attribute is wind attribute.
She was picked up by Sirius. In the beginning when she became an attendant, her mind was wearing down because of her parents' death and the slaves life she'd been through. She was in a considerable desperate situation, but after she was saved because of Sirius' kindness and words, she desired to become an attendant, mainly for the only man she came to like.
Let alone saving her younger brother who was a cursed child, he offered delicious meals, trained her because she wanted to become stronger, and gently watched over them like her parents. Because of that, her fondness towards Sirius continues to rise and it is not known when it will stop.
Looking at the appearance that purely yearned for her master, it made Erina convinced that she would never betray Sirius, so she trained her skills of an attendant.
She also wanted it, and she absorbed her skills like a sponge. According to Erina, 'What is important to an attendant is to think from the bottom of her heart that she wants to serve the other person', and that was embodied splendidly.
The reason why she wanted to be embraced by Sirius was that she was taught by Erina about her mission as a female attendant was to embraced and satisfied for the master.
Although she was dodged by him like an eel when she told him directly because of her thought running wild, she was not in a hurry since he would be around from now on. Plus, she also didn't mind since she was happy enough just staying by his side.
A few words that represent her are she is a successor of Erina.
She carefully checked any woman who approaches Sirius like a mother-in-law, whether they were aiming or trying to trick him, and she kept a close watch casually. Currently, the most obvious candidate that she recognizes is the elf, Fia.
Under that circumstance, she recognized Reese as a friend who truly liked Sirius, and since Reese won't make others unhappy, she admitted that she was suitable for Sirius.
If she needed to show her loyalty towards Sirius… For example, if Sirius said 'Shall we conquer the world?'… and she would immediately reply 'How many should we bring down?"
And if the enemy is Elysion which is difficult to be attacked, she would move and recommend unconditional surrender of Prince Lifell through Reese.
These days, she follows her master while wagging her tail.
From Sirius point of view, she looks like a house dog, and not a wolf. However, it seems there is no problem since she is happy.

[Reus Silverion]
He is Emilia's brother who is a silver wolf man with a silver short hair, a wolf's ears and a tail.
(The age during the first appearance was 5 years old.)
Aptitude attribute is fire.
His figure is a one size larger than an average person and his stature is like a natural born warrior who wields a greatsword.
In a battle, he wields a greatsword like a stick that creates surging wave impacts, but he is a naturally straight forward man entirely like an innocent child.
In the beginning, he was being hostile to Sirius, but he came to adore Sirius when that person took the opportunity to dispel the troubles of being a cursed child when he himself became a werewolf. Or perhaps, it could be said that he was completely crushed and carved into his mind by that person.
He calls Sirius as Aniki, and continues sword practice every day beside him.
Although he is a man, he is following him like a woman who fell in love with a guy, but he's purely admiring him, and it doesn't contain romantic element at all. It's something like a house dog running around his master excitedly.
He has excellent kinetic vision and intuition, and on top of that, he was discovered to have a talent in swordsmanship, so he was introduced to Lior through Sirius and he was taught 'Hard Break – One Hand Sword' style.
In a sense, he is a proper successor of 'Hard Break – One Hand Sword' style, but he doesn't mind about being a successor as long as he can catch up with Sirius. Rather than crying, Lior is happy because a rival seems possible for him now.
There are still a lot of immature parts of him, so it is better to eat and play rather than having interest in opposite sex.
In his head, there are some promises he etches himself, and he wants to protect those promises.
First, Aniki is absolute.
Second, never go against Nee-chan. (Reese was added to that recently)
Third, eat the meals by chewing properly. (Erina's will)
Fourth, do not swing the sword indoors other than specified places.
Fifth, never prune a tree. (He was scolded by Dee in the past)
Sixth, do not cut things as much as possible without any reason.
Or, can continue cutting as many as XX without killing anyone… (TLN: That XX is ○○ in raw, I think it refers to any possible number)

[Faeris Bartfeld]
A woman, who has long blue hair with slight curl, with a smile that relieves people.
(The age at time of appearance was 9 years old)
She met Sirius and became a friends when she was Emilia's roommate at the school dormitory.
Actually, she is the daughter of the Elysion King, but she lived as a commoner without knowing anything until she was eight years old.
She is similar to Fea because she can see spirits, but it was a secret until she met Sirius and it would remain a secret if she wasn't trained by Sirius. She wanted to become stronger after seeing the glimpse of Sirius strength, so she became his disciple.
She can use unusually powerful water spells because she can see water spirits, but since she is a person who treats people more than fights, her spells are used mainly for treatment.
Due to her gentle smile while treating the injured, many adore her regardless of gender, and she was regarded as a saintess from people in school.
In school, a secret fan club was established.
She thought Sirius, who advised her for various matters, like a father, but she realized that she liked him during the time when she was kidnapped for the fake marriage ceremony.
However, she gave it up since Sirius had Emilia, but she (Emilia) didn't only not mind about it, she also supported Reese. Thus, she decided to like Sirius.
While being pushed by the overbearing Emilia, she gradually closed the distance while enjoying the affection towards Sirius.
She likes to eat, and if there are ten servings, those will be consumed quickly.
She is not hungry, she simply loves to eat. Although she doesn't grow any fat, she has an average body with the exception of the breasts (it is not as big as Emilia's, and it's concealed well). It is unknown where the nutrients go.
She reacts more than others in term of meals, and she won't move if she's hungry unless in emergency situations; that's her personality trait that she couldn't give up.
The moment she ate Sirius' cake for the first time, she was 'caught' firmly through her stomach.
When she told that to her sister, she was asked 'shouldn't it be the other way around?'. Currently, she tells Sirius what she wants to eat, and he is glad if his efforts make her happy.
By the way, Sirius is aware of her affection, but he thinks that she is still growing up, so he's taking it slowly and waiting for her impatiently.

[Rodwell ]
A male elf who is the headmaster of Elysion school.
(He was over 400 years old, and that is around a middle aged human)
He is good with three aptitude attributes, [Triple], and he continues to expand his talent over a long lifespan. In line with the nickname of 'Strongest Sword', he is an existence who is known as 'Magic Master'
He has a gentle personality, he disguises himself like a human to watch his students closely, but he will shed his coolness and matches against merciless people with ruthlessness.
If anything, he is more of a researcher than an educator.
Because of that, the position of the headmaster is just for work because he can research freely, and he is not too attach to it. Nonetheless, he is not going to hand the position over to someone worthless, and since he has obligation towards the Elysion royal family, he maintains the present situation.
In the last few years, he lamented the deterioration of surrounding quality (human nature, ability… and others), and he met Sirius during the time when he worried how to raise the quality.
After that, there were lots of troubles, but it became a fulfilling five years for him.
He met Sirius who mastered the no chant ability other than himself, and cakes.
Eating cakes and developing not-yet-known magic formation together with Sirius, and that had revolutionized the world of magic formation.
He was able to sample new types of cakes, and spread new possibilities of magic.
And he lost his head over cakes, and got defeated for the first time in hundreds of years.
He no longer thinks that Sirius is a child, he admits that he is almost same like himself, but he doesn't want to say a word because he thinks of him as a close friend.
Currently, after that close friend went for a trip, he spends his busy days teaching students and teachers about no chant.
In the beginning, even though he was considered as a calm person and able to make decisive decisions, he became a cake addict, enough to be called as a 'Cake Master'.

A species called Hundred Wolves which is said to be the ancestor of wolfkin, with pure white on his whole two meters body.
He is a rare existence which is hard to be seen, beastkin… especially wolfkin reveres him as the messenger of God.
The feel of the fur is pleasant enough to become a habit, a fantasy kind that repels water and dirt. To make pillows or cushions out of it, Sirius collects the hair loss every time he brushes him.
Although he is such a rare existence, he was a dog picked by a young man who was Sirius in previous life.
(A siberian breed)
The encounter in his previous life was when he was a puppy. He wandered around the mountain after being abandoned and he was picked up when he collapsed under the rain.
He was trembling in the cold, he was hugged by a man, and he would never forget his warmth in the arms that he felt at that time. Then, he recovered safely by devoted care of that man, and he was kept by him.
The man died in his lifetime after he became an agent for a while. While being sent off by a man who shed tears, he left the world with satisfaction.
However, after being reincarnated, he met Sirius who he believed his master in the previous life, and he pledged without hesitation to walk with his master for the second time.
And he was named Hokuto, and he lived for his master.
He is very smart, and fully understands what people are talking about.
He is sensitive to the malice of a person just like his master from experience in his previous life, but since he also understands the desires of people, it will not attack unnecessarily unless attacked.
In his previous life, he stayed close as a companion for a man, and he looked at various techniques and fighting techniques of that man who fought his master many times. Those scenes were burned into his eyes, and when he became a Hundred Wolves after his reincarnation, he practiced these techniques on his own and his fighting style had started become like a wolf.
He is brave and reliable in battles, he seems to be quietly standing so as not to disturb his master in daily life. He looks like an expert butler who follows from the get go, but he behaved like a spoiled child when favored by Sirius.
He is one relentless puppy… or rather, a wolf.

A man who is working as a teacher in the Elysion school. Age is in late thirties.
The disciple of the headmaster, Rodwell, and he assists in various matters on the background similar to an assistant.
His personality is basically calm and gentle, which is the opposite of Rodwell's excessiveness.
The aptitude attribute is earth attribute. Under the guidance of the headmaster who is at expert level, he has the skill that's close to the headmaster.
Although he doesn't appear a lot in the story, he is a person with a hidden ability to produce countless iron and steel golems if he goes all out, and that make it possible for him to battle against groups of monsters.
He is incomparable when it comes to sweet tooth.
In terms of cake, Rodwell will complain in secret, but this person loves cake more compared to the others, so he is very particular. He ordered cakes from Sirius many times, and he never failed to pay money.
In the story, cakes were given to Rodwell but most of it was sold to Magna.
When he saw Sirius and the rest for the first time during the interview of school entrance examination, while he was surprised because an unexpected student came… he had premonition when the headmaster came personally to him.
'Can you teach the basis to this child?' When the lessons progressed while thinking about it, it was the beginning of his fate where Sirius said he wanted to have discussion on certain day, and he came with a cake.
He was convinced that he wasn't a child who bribes after listening to the matters of the discussion. Sirius gave it to the headmaster and the moment those two ate the cake… Magna seemed to cry.
'Was there such sweetness?' He was in a daze for a short while, and he was really glad to meet with Sirius. He was really thinking it during that time.
If this is a modern world, he will surely make a sweet pilgrimage around the world, and it is likely that several books will be published.
Of course, he recognizes Sirius' nature and excels in magic, and he is grateful with many things such as entertaining his master, the headmaster who is worried about the deterioration of students' quality and the sluggishness of magic.
In regards of the headmaster, he was also grateful when Sirius, who was pestered and having troubles, solved things behind the scenes, but that wasn't mentioned in the story.
Even after Sirius' departure, he continues to be a teacher while being 'abused' by the headmaster.
It seems he is working hard to improve cakes by collaborating with the Galgan Company.

[Mark Holtia]
One of the nobles that existed in Elysion for a long time, and a second son of the Holtia household.
(He was just before 11 years old during the time of appearance)
A short red hair man that is full of charisma that attracts people with his refreshing smile. The best word to describe him is Ikemen. If it comes to manga, there will always be a glittery tone around Mark. (TLN: Ikemen = good-looking guy)
He holds no prejudice against beastman, he dislikes looking down on people unless they are lowlifes, and he is a man who protects the nobles pride in a true sense.
When he first appeared, he was scouting Emilia to become his attendant, but the emotions like love was not there. He thought of her as a beautiful girl, but he was merely scouting her because he could sense the aura coming from Emilia.
Since Emilia herself said that she didn't want to become an attendant other than Sirius, he probably understood that he couldn't win against Sirius in respect of loyalty especially when he saw how he was refused easily.
The aptitude attribute is fire attribute. Due to training from an early age, he could use the intermediate magic [Flame Lance].
He is a man who continues his effort without minding about his excellent magic power and blessed lineage.
He recognized Sirius' ability who brought up Emilia and Reese, and he gained considerable strength by obediently accepting advice from him.
In his eyes, Sirius was a good teacher and a good friend.
The Holtia household is big as it is, but they are not a prestigious noble, so his goal is to take over the house to become a prestigious noble.
However… it is unknown whether his talent will fit for being a prestigious noble.
Although he is a man like a protagonist of a story, including the personality and appearance, he is merely a supporting character until the end.

[Lifell Bartfeld]
She is the daughter of Cardeas, the king of Elysion. An owner of good looks that pulls everyone's attention.
(The age of first appearance was around 16 years old)
She has the charisma that attracts people with outstanding leadership, and since she has the capability of a king, she is also a princess who is surely to be the next Queen.
The family history is somewhat complex, as the current King is her foster father.
However, she also loved her real father, and she dearly loves her foster father like proper family while being amazed with his conducts.
She is a clear cut straightforward person, and it is her style to move on instinct unless it is for important matters.
She has excellent attendants; Senia and Melt who are absolutely not going to betray her. Besides, there are over dozens who are selected, so the safety around her is well maintained. Since there are some among them who gather intelligence, they also do not neglect collecting information on the castle and municipal administration.
She judged the non-standard Sirius and admitted that he was a good partner for Reese, and she even scouted him as her own subject.
He went on a trip without an obvious target, but Lifell believed that he, who was not attached to her yet, would be able to make Reese happy. 'If in the future, it will be him and not anyone else, I wonder if he can help with the government affairs?'… and she selfishly though that.
She accepts both good and evil, managing government affairs with a heart that doesn't allow injustice, but she holds the decisiveness to slice off unnecessary things.
She has an older brother and a younger brother. The older brother is a man who doesn't care for anything else other than producing things. The second son is a bookworm who thirsts for knowledge and he is always being hesitant at things. These siblings don't have the capability to become a king.
She naturally chose to study how to become a good ruler, thus it was natural for her to have the capability of a queen and she was chosen as a candidate for the next term. Even if the person herself wasn't a queen yet, since there was a purge on nobles who prefer males as rulers, there won't be a problem regarding the successor.
Be as it may, when she thought of having a younger sister since there were too many men in the family, she was told by the King, Cardeas, that there was a strange sister, and her tension grew exponentially.
She couldn't meet her when Reese met Cardeas for the first time because of work, but later when she visited her room, she saw Reese who was likely going to be crushed by anxiety.
Reese seemed to be crying because of anxiousness, and Liefell was totally attracted to Reese's cuteness, so she made her mind to protect Reese. In short, Reese was a perfect strike for her.
After that, she took care of Reese, but there were many nobles who found her annoying. Seeing her spirit gradually wearing down while living in the castle, she decided to make Reese enter school, rather than living in the castle.
That would make her cute sister to grow better, but she probably didn't expect that Reese brought back a lover candidate.
Thanks to Senia, who was not different than Lifell and treated her like a sister, she began to embrace the idea that it would be easier for a beastkin companion to Reese, and that created an opportunity for her to get along with Reese.
Even after Sirius' departure, Liefell is studying everyday to become the next queen while managing government affairs.
If things are said differently, Melt, who is thought to be her lover, is often under the Cardeas' observation, and he is nervous about it.
For Melt, she can make a smile like a little devil…
"Rise up fast, and become a proper man for me." (Lifell)
Those are said with cheers and blasts.


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