Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 117

Her Personality

After departing from Shishou, we headed toward the village of Elves again, which was also Fia's hometown, by the guide of the attendant Elder.
"Sorry for asking you to go back and forth several times." (Sirius)
"I don't mind. It is the meaning of my existence to follow the order of Seiki-sama." (Ichigo)
I spoke to the attendant Elder, who was leading the way, but he indifferently replied with the usual expressionless face.
When I thought whether it was impossible to have conversation, the attendant Elder looked at my face while walking and opened his mouth.
"…Since it was noisy when I was preparing the tea nearby, it made me occasionally wanted to leave." (Ichigo)
"I guess that's how you feel…" (Sirius)
It seemed that even the Elder who lacked of emotion felt troublesome because of Shishou's insistence on tea.
As a person with same experience, I sympathize with the attendant Elder from the bottom of my heart.
"But… the insistence of tea was amazing, it was tasty, isn't it?" (Reese)
"Yes, it is. Thanks to Sirius-sama, I have started polishing my tea making technique." (Emilia)
"For me, I enjoy more on the drinking side. In the situation with Seiki-sama, it was too serious and I was nervous." (Fia)
Subsequently, when I looked at the ladies who were happily talking to each other, it seemed that Fia had no problem to walk.
She should have lost considerable amount of blood due to the injuries, but… had she really recovered in two days?
"Fia. If you feel tired, you can get on Hokuto." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Yes, thank you for being worried. But it's alright. The body feels unusually light. This is probably because of Seiki-sama's seed." (Fia)
This was the area where the protection of the Holy Tree reached. Although it wasn't similar to the extent of the Elder, there was probably some influence.
Like she said, Fia's footstep were unusually light. It seemed that she was in a good mood, so there was no need to worry.
After that, we came back to the village of Elves over half a day, same amount of time when we were going there. However, they were Elves waiting at the square where Elder had fought with us.
"It doesn't seem that we are being welcomed." (Sirius)
"Yes, it is. If I have to say it, it feels like we're being rejected." (Emilia)
"Their eyes didn't really like us. But why are they looking at us like that?" (Reus)
Even if we were recognized by the Holy tree, it seemed that the outsider like us were not welcomed after all.
However, it might be unavoidable.
The Elves were considered rare and unusual existence because they shut it themselves from the world inside the forest, so it was their fate to be aimed by various people.
According to Fia, since the Elves, who returned after their tradition journey, told that they were attacked by the outsider, they naturally started to reject other races.
"Well then, I'll send you until here…" (Ichigo)
"Thank you for everything. Please send my regards to Shishou." (Sirius)
"I’m just doing my duty. You guys too, please take care." (Ichigo)
The attendant Elder, who finished his duty, bowed toward us and disappeared into the depths of the forest.
When I turned around, other Elves were also lowered their heads and saw the attendant Elder off.
The boss was Shishou, and I didn't understand much because the first Elder I encountered was that foolish Elder, but as I expected, they were great existence.
And then, although we were the ones remained, the Elves looked uneasy and no one came closer.
No… there was a figure of a person who cheerfully jumped out.
"Welcome back, Onee-sama! More importantly, you are safe!" (Asha)
"Yes, I'm back, Asha." (Fia)
"Yes! Gufufu…" (Asha)
Asha, who run with all her might, leaped in order to hug Fia. She was pleased while rubbing her face on that chest.
Since she was making awful face while she was pleased, I tried to open my mouth, but… there was a change seen in the Elves.
When I was thinking who was suddenly breaking the crowd, there was an Elf who was slowly walking toward us.
"…Otou-san. Are you already fine to walk?" (Fia)
"Yes, somehow. It seems you are also safe." (Fia's Father)
"Yes, I am fine. More importantly, what is this all about? Haven't you heard about us?" (Fia)
Through the attendant Elder, Fia and I were supposed to be acknowledged by the Holy Tree, but the Elves were showing such an attitude.
"Aah, I have heard. That you are acknowledged by Seiki-sama… I am proud of that as your father." (Fia's Father)
"Then, why?" (Fia)
"However, whether he is accepted by Seiki-sama or not, it is still difficult for us to accept the outsiders." (Fia's Father)
He fought against the Elder, and the cause was Fia and I became lovers.
Even though they understood, it was probably not easy to accept just because I was acknowledged by the Holy Tree.
"Dear guests. I'm grateful for saving my life. But, there is nothing good to stay in this village. I'm sorry, but…" (Fia's Father)
"…Understood We will leave." (Sirius)
""Eh!?"" (Emilia/Reese)
"Is that alright, Aniki!?" (Reus)
The siblings and Reese were surprised because I easily accepted it, but there was no way we could be at ease if we remained in this situation.
Since everyone agreed as I told them so, Fia's father called us to halt when I was heading toward the entrance of the village.
"Wait a second, Fia. You stay here." (Fia's Father)
"What are you saying? I am a criminal, so it is not good if I don't leave, right?" (Fia)
"That matter is gone by the time Seiki-sama acknowledged you, and same goes to what happened before that. So, there is no reason to leave right?" (Fia's Father)
"Tou-san… I am leaving on my own will. And the permission was given by Seiki-sama." (Fia)
"By Seiki-sama?" (Fia's Father)
Apparently, they only knew the part where she was acknowledge by the Holy Tree. In other words, those who received the seed didn't tell the point of receiving it.
As Fia made a sidelong glance to the agitated Elves, she openly declared while hugging my arm.
"I am a lover of this person! I will not leave him and I will remain with him until death do us apart." (Fia)
"Wha!? No matter what you say, he is a human!" (??)
"You are being deceived. Wake up, Shimifia!" (??)
"The outsider only look at us a tool of making money!" (??)
"…" (Fia)
The Elves turned angry eyes on me because of Fia's bold declaration, and they were making noise asking Fia to return to sanity.
Meanwhile, Asha and Fia's father, who were quietly watching, were a bit worried…
"Silent." (Fia)
The Elves were silenced when they heard Fia's loud voice for the first time.
While Fia hugged my arms tighter, she threw words to the Elves.
"Everyone is certainly right. I also realize that the outsiders are looking at us Elves as tools for making money." (Fia)
"Then, why!?" (??)
"But… that's only bad people. At least, Sirius and these children treat me as a woman and as a friend. You guys have been staying in the forest forever, so you will only see them with biased judgment!" (Fia)
"That's only a part of them. For us, the outsiders are nothing but enemies!" (??)
What the Elves were saying was right.
There were a lot of greedy people in this world and in my previous world.
But… that wasn't what Fia wanted to say.
"It doesn't mean I stop being cautious to others. What we need is an eye that discern people." (Fia)
In other words, Fia would like to say that they should be able to distinguish between friends and foes.
Nothing would change if they stayed in the forest and reject everything and since they were not growing, she wanted to say that she felt a sense of crisis.
As we were able to come here, there was no guarantee that people or enemies wouldn't visit this village.
"I'm saying this because I didn't dislike everyone. Engrave my words in your heart even a little!" (Fia)
"O-oi! Shemifia!" (??)
"I will go together with Sirius and my friends. Well then, everyone. Let's meet again… someday." (Fia)
Since Fia started pulling my arm while saying so, I bowed at Fia's father and turned my back toward the Elves.

After that, we left the village of the Elves, we passed through the barrier of hesitation and went through the forest. We, then, camped in the same place as when we came here.
The surroundings were dark because it was already night. After finishing the dinner, we freely spent our time around a bonfire while drinking tea that Emilia brewed.
"How do you like it, Sirius-sama?" (Emilia)
"Yeah… it's delicious. It was already delicious, but now it's clearly more delicious." (Sirius)
"It's delicious, Emilia. Since it is the same tea leaves, the tea really has deep taste." (Reese)
"Nee-chan, please give me another cup." (Reus)
"Ehehe, that's great. But, please wait for a while. It takes time to adjust the steaming." (Emilia)
She greatly enjoyed the tea brewed which remarkably evolved after remembering about Shishou, but since Fia quietly drank the tea, Reese anxiously looked into her face.
"Fia-san. Are you sure you are fine with that?" (Reese)
"…What do you mean?" (Fia)
"The words that you told to every Elf. When you put it that way, there is a possibility that the Elves will hate you…" (Reese)
"That is my true feelings, so I don't really regret it." (Fia)
Did she prepared to be hated?
Although it might sound conceited,she wanted to convey that what they had been doing wasn't good in the long run. As I recalled, I had a feeling that the Elves in the village were grumbling when they met me for the first time.
Maybe because everyone was anxiously watching her, Fia waved her hand as if telling she was fine while wryly smiling.
"Besides, I don't expect they will change because of what I have said. There is also a strange thickheaded part in the Elves, so they will think that I am telling something weird." (Fia)
"If that's the case, how do you feel about it, Fia-ane?" (Reus)
"Yes… Tou-san's reaction is a bit… I thought that he would say something, but in the end, he almost didn't say anything when we were leaving…" (Fia)
"If it so, Fia-san, you don't have to leave the village and you can stay overnight in your house…" (Emilia)
"That's not good. I don't want to be in a place where everyone is looking at me in that way." (Fia)
I didn't think they would do anything to her, but it seemed difficult to spend the day when they were looking with that kind of rejection. …And it would be more difficult when it was with the same race.
"If it so, how about calling him here? You probably can talk more if he is alone." (Sirius)
"But, Tou-san is sick, so I don't want him to overdo it." (Fia)
"There is no need to worry, Onee-sama." (Asha)
"Aah, you are already here." (Fia's Father)
When I looked at the sudden interrupting voice, Asha and FIa's father appeared after going through the forest.
…As I expected, it was difficult to perceive the Elves in the forest. Actually, I didn't notice them until they were considerably near to us. Hokuto seemed to notice earlier than me, but he didn't respond because they were not enemies.
"Asha. Tou-san too…" (Fia)
"Please excuse us a bit. I have something I want to talk with my daughter." (Fia's Father)
"I don't mind. Please go here." (Sirius)
"I will prepare tea." (Emilia)
We were at the carriage sitting in a circle with a bonfire at the center now. In the meantime, Asha sat next to Fia and her father sat on the opposite side.
Even so, this was truly a wonder. Although the daughter, Fia, had already grown up splendidly, no matter how one look at her father, he looked like a young man in twenties.
"So… what is it, Tou-san? Are you going to tell me to return to the village?" (Fia)
And then, while Emilia was preparing tea, Fia, who was sitting next to me, embraced my arm as if she didn't want to leave, but her father wryly smile when he saw it.
"I also didn't ask you to leave the village. It seems that you have gotten the permission from Seiki-sama. Therefore, you can choose your own path." (Fia's Father)
"Then, why did you come here? Are you going to drive my friends out?" (Fia)
"Don't be angry. In a place where everyone feels suspicious, there is nothing else I could say as a chieftain. So, I came here to see your lover." (Fia's Father)
"Me?" (Sirius)
Since he would become my future father-in-law when I thought about it, I replied with a slight polite tone and he slowly nodded.
"I heard from Asha that you will really make Fia's happy even though you are a human?" (Fia's Father)
"That's right. In order not to make Fia regrets for choosing me, I will just keep on living for her." (Sirius)
I explained what I had told Asha, and the father and I were staring at each other without looking away. Nevertheless, since the Father was expressionless enough not to be defeated by the Elders, it was hard to read his feeling.
Everyone was also holding their breath due to such tense mood, but since Fia, who was hugging my arm, rubber her cheeks while seeming happy, they became relaxed.
""…Fia. Be more serious."" (Sirius/Fia's Father)
"Why are you agreeing altogether!? Weren't you fighting?" (Fia)
"I'm not arguing with him." (Fia's Father)
"Since the tense mood has disappeared, please stop it. So, will you accept me as Fia's lover?" (Sirius)
"…" (Fia’s Father)
The father suddenly became quiet because of my question. He kept eyes closed while thinking.
There was no reaction even after a while, but he finally opened his mouth by the time Emilia had prepared the tea and handed it to Asha.
"I will not like human being. So, I disagree that my daughter is tying knot with a human. To be honest, I really want to stop her from going on journey." (Fia's Father)
"I thought that you wanted to reply with various things, but it is the first time for me listening to your thought about human being. Why do you dislike them?" (Fia)
"It is because my wife… your mother passed away due to the injuries inflicted by the human." (Fia's Father)
When Fia's mother, who went on a tradition journey, returned home, she was shot with arrow by the human who wanted to catch the Elves.
The mother managed to escape while getting hit by an arrow, but as the wound was affected by a disease, the mother who was supposed to live for hundred years died at the same time after having Fia born.
"But, I was saved because my daughter was rescued by the hands of humans. So, I am at lost… I wonder what I should do." (Fia's Father)
"Is that… true?" (Fia)
"Yes. Even so, do you want to say that you still want to be with that human?" (Fia's Father)
"…Do not ridicule me." (Fia)
After leaving my arm, Fia, who knew the truth, walked toward in front of her father with a serious look.
"It is certainly a terrible story, and I might not forgive them if Kaa-san was there. However, Sirius will not ever do it. Races are irrelevant. It is because I love Sirius as a woman." (Fia)
"But…" (Fia's Father)
"There is no 'But'! Even when he went against the Elder Elves-sama, won't it be weird if you don't accept him when he didn't hesitate in protecting you!?" (Fia)
"Well, that's because he is an outsider. Unlike us who respect the Elder Elves-sama, he doesn't know the importance of that matter." (Fia's Father)
"Just so you know, Sirius told me that he would protect me even if I was targeted by a country. Rather than as an Elf, as a woman, it is impossible not to respond to him when he said until that much!" (Fia)
Aah, I certainly remembered saying that. If she was being targeted by a country, I would either run away with all I had or just completely eradicate the source of the problem.
When Fia approached almost in front of his father, he was still expressionless, but he raised hands as if he gave in.
"Fuh… I understand your feelings, so don't yell at me so close. You… really love that man." (Fia's Father)
"Yes, I love him! …Eh, were you testing me?" (Fia)
"Of course. Now, I am not the Chieftain of the Elves, but as your father." (Fia's Father)
"…Isn't this somehow weird? I think you should ask that to Sirius, right?" (Fia)
"That's because you live by instinct. Whether you are swept in a temporary situation, I wanted to hear the real intention from your mouth first." (Fia's Father)
"I don't understand, but that's rude!" (Fia)
As expected of the father… he really understand the character of the daughter.
Whether Fia was able to convince him, there was no need for me to open my mouth.
"Besides, I already understand that man's resolution. While having abilities to go against the Elder Elves-sama, he didn't get you by sheer force. And didn't he become angry because of you… as an Elf? He wouldn't do it if he didn't really think of you." (Fia's Father)
"Tou-san… did you evaluate Sirius until that far?" (Fia)
"The results were proven. Besides, Asha, who is devoted of you, desperately saying it… that he will make you happy." (Fia's Father)
"…Hmmph." (Asha)
When I looked at Asha, she seemed embarrassed and looked the other way.
And then Emilia and Reese presented towels and water in panicked as if her tongue was burning after drinking tea.
"Then, do you accept my relationship with Sirius?" (Fia)
"But… I still don't like human. And while you are at that, giving you to that man is…" (Fia's Father)
"This is the scene where you say 'Yes'!" (Fia)
"Ugh!? But… I… for my daughterrr!" (Fia's Father)
Since Fia grabbed the collar of his father and started shaking it, I used Nelson hold to stopped her.
Goodness… what kind of greetings was that?
It should be something like the father and I went against each other when asking for the daughter…
Although I was sorry with the current situation where the story was progressing only between the parent and the daughter since I didn't say enough, but Fia, who took the opportunity and came out from the restraint, kissed me in front of his father.
"Wha!?" (Fia's Father)
"Aaahhh!?" (Asha)
"Aah, Fia-san. I know that it is easy to make them understand, but…" (Emilia)
"I'm jealous." (Reese)
"Fia-ane is unreasonable as usual, right?" (Reus)
"…Woof." (Hokuto)
It seemed that the disciples were mixing it in surprised, but there was nothing to say about Asha. And then the father's expressionless face crumbled and he opened eyes wide.
After that, the place became more chaos, and the family argument continued…
"Hah… hah… so, will you accept me to be with Sirius?" (Fia)
"Fuh… fuh… It can't be helped then. Human… please take care… of… my daughter." (Fia's Father)
"Un-understood." (Sirius)
He was expressionless, but since he looked at me while reluctantly saying that, I had no other choice but to reply.
"But Tou-san, you're being irresponsible when saying it while we're still in the middle of discussion. If you look like that when looking at your grandchild's face, you will realize how ridiculous you are." (Fia)
"Grandchild, is it? I don't really understand about it." (Fia's Father)
The reason with that lukewarm response was because the Elves were not familiar with grandchildren.
The Elves lived for a long time, but they only had one or two children in their lifetime. Therefore, from the view of the Elves who thought of it as a system of increasing the number of children, grandchildren would be like an extension of a child.
"They are surely cute, you know. It is also said that the famous Strongest Sword become powerless before the presence of grandchildren." (Fia)
"Strongest Sword? What kind of foolish things are you talking about?" (Fia's Father)
Unfortunately, that was the truth. Jii-san was falling over heels with Emilia.
Which remind me, the Elves who shut down themselves in the forest also knew Jii-chan's name.
"I will let you see your grandchild someday, so please look forward to it." (Fia)
"A-alright. I will wait for that time." (Fia's Father)
Whether their discussion was over with that, the father stood up and looked at us one after another.
"Are you going home now?" (Fia)
"Yes, I am still sick, so I can't overdo things yet. Everyone, she is a nosy girl, but please take care of her." (Fia's Father)
The father who had confirmed that we nodded because of those words, loosened his mouth and turned his back on us.
"I will try to understand a little about the words that you said when you left the village. Let me think about it." (Fia's Father)
"Tou-san…" (Fia)
"Fia. Live your life without regrets. If anything happens, it's fine to come back home. After all, here is your home." (Fia's Father)
"Thanks, Tou-san. But I will not regret this, so don't worry. I am happy and I'm having fun now." (Fia)
"Hmmm…That is also true." (Fia's Father)
After that, he continued walking toward the forest without looking back, and we waited until his figure completely disappeared.

The father had returned to the village, but Asha still remained.
Fia caressed her head after giving a hug that was like an embrace while she was still trying to cool down her tongue with water.
"I must say thank you to Asha. It seems you have persuaded Tou-san." (Fia)
"I only made a move because of Onee-sama. It is regrettable, but that man has defeated the Elder Elves-sama, so I have no choice but to accept him…" (Asha)
"You're not being honest, you know. But, thank you." (Fia)
"It was for Onee-sama…" (Asha)
Although she was saying good stuff, she breathing roughly while being hugged by the dearest sister, and that sloppy face crumbled to the extent that it shouldn't come from a woman.
Since Fia separated from her and put hands behind her back, Asha was bothered about it. Fia had been taken care well by someone who she considered as a sister.
"I feel a bit suspicious, but… I wonder why Asha is yearning Fia-san up to that point." (Reese)
"I also wonder about it. I think Fia-ane is a beautiful and good woman, but there is a part that grows a bit too much…" (Reus)
"I don't think the disciples of Sirius should make a wrong statement. Is this the mouth that say those unreasonable words" (Fia)
"Ouchhh!? Stop it, Fia-ane!" (Reus)
"I will not forgive if you make a fool of Onee-sama!" (Asha)
"That's really hurt!?" (Reus)
Reus, who made a slip of the tongue, had his head hit by a fist and the shin was kicked by Asha. Since he was fiddled by two beautiful female Elves, it might be an enviable situation depending on people.
"I understood that feeling. Fia is good at taking care of people, and that's why she is our Onee-san." (Emilia)
"…That's right. Onee-sama is amazing. After all, I was saved by Onee-sama…" (Asha)
I was convinced after seeing the Elves in the village that Fia and Asha were considerably oddballs among the Elves. I guessed that she was lonely since they were close in the village.
Although Fia didn't mind her personality, Asha's heart was a bit weak.
"I was saved because Onee-sama doesn't discriminate even a person like me. I will die anytime for such Onee-sama!" (Asha)
"It is too much for you to say, so hold back a bit." (Fia)
"Yes! I will keep it reasonably." (Asha)
"What is this… I feel like I know a similar person." (Reese)
"Sirius-sama, would you like to have more tea? Do you want me to massage your shoulders? Ehehe…" (Emilia)
While agreeing with Reese, I stroke Emilia's head who was trying to be helpful.
"By the way, Onee-sama. That branch is…" (Asha)
"Aah, did you notice it? Actually, this is the bow that I received from Seiki-sama." (Fia)
"Is that so? It must be a divine bow. To be given something like this, Onee-sama is coming closer to the day to be called as a legendary Elf." (Asha)
"Ahaha, that's an exaggeration. But I can't use it because there is no string." (Fia)
"Well then, Onee-sama. If you don't mind, please accept this." (Asha)
Asha removed the string from the bow she had and gave it to Fia.
The bow that the Elves was robust, and the string was also a suitable substitutes, but… it seemed that the string was overshadowed by the branch of the Holy Tree.
"The bow is not balanced with the string that I am used, but please use it as a connection until you find a better one." (Asha)
"I will not think of it as a connection. This is a string filled with your thoughts, I will take care of it." (Fia)
"Onee-sama… even with those words, I am already satisfied!" (Asha)
And then, Fia gently stroked Asha who leaped into her chest.
"You will go on for the tradition journey, right? Please be careful, alright." (Fia)
"Yes! Onee-sama too, please take care…" (Asha)
The Elven sisters then embraced as if they wanted to make sure of each other.

A few days later… we finally returned to where the carriage was and we checked the carriage we left.
There was no particular damage since it was properly concealed, so we were going to leave soon.
"Hei, Aniki. Do we have our next destination set?" (Reus)
"No… There is no plan at the moment. So, we will just keep traveling without destinations." (Sirius)
We were visiting Fia's hometown to clear up her worries.
Although Fia was hurt and I had a reunion with Shishou, I think that I was really glad to visit there.
"Once we visit the Adload Continent a little bit more, shall we head to other continent, next time?" (Sirius)
"Hehe, you finally say it. Let's enjoy traveling around the world even more." (Fia)
"Another continent, is it? I wonder what is waiting for us next." (Reese)
"If it is for Sirius-sama, I will follow even until the end of the world." (Emilia)
"Ouu. Me too. If it is Aniki, I will follow you wherever you go!" (Reus)
The carriage brought us on a road where a calm wind blew.
Aiming for a new continent, and the next destination would be…

Presenting Hokuto
On that day, Hokuto-kun and others were taking a break during the trip and they were playing Frisbee.
"I'm going. Take this!" (Sirius)
""Waahh!"" (Emilia/Reus)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
As Hokuto-kun chased after the Master's thrown a Frisbee with full power, the scene where Emilia-chan and Reus-kun loudly running was also familiar.
Although they were supposed to take a break, it felt inconsistent since they were doing a tiring activity. However, there was no problem since they were having fun.
Hokuto-kun who won the catch went back to the Master while wagging the tail.
"There, there, you're good." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Alright, alright. Here, [Hand]." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"[Second]." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
As a part of training, when he was able to catch a Frisbee in the previous life, they often did [Hand] and [Second].
However, it was different in this world since he was placing forefoot instead of hand, so Fia, who came next to me, was curiously watching.
"Hey, what does that [Hand] mean?" (Fia)
"It was something that I did in the previous life as a part of training and interaction. But now, I am doing it because Hokuto wants me to do it." (Sirius)
"Heh, I wonder if he will do that for me?" (Fia)
"Me too? Hokuto-san, [Hand]!" (Reus)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Uhaa!?" (Reus)
Reus-kun ate Hokuto-kun's right punch and blew away.
Although it was an interaction, it was also treated as an order. Therefore, there was no one who could do it but the Master.
Moreover, Reus-kun was the junior.
Hokuto-kun was very strict in hierarchical relationship.
"Aah, he did that once for me, you know?" (Reese)
"Ouch… He did it to you, Reese-ane?" (Reus)
"Yeah. Hey, Hokuto. I want a [Hand]." (Reese)
"…" (Hokuto)
"It's fine even if it is a little. I'll brush you after this, so please." (Reese)
"…Woof." (Hokuto)
Hokuto-kun brought his forefoot while sighing as if it was unavoidable.
Besides, Reese-chan was an important woman for the Master, and since Hokuto-kun would receive a brushing, he also became lenient.
"… I feel something different." (Reese)
"…Is that so?" (Fia)
"He will not do it other than Aniki after all. As expected of Hokuto-san!" (Reus)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
Hokuto-kun barked as if saying it was a matter of course.
Everyone was convinced with it, but in reality there was an exception.
And that was… Shishou in the previous life.
While putting his hand, the least resistance Hokuto-kun could do was to look away.
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In the case when Fia-san's father saw his grandchild… he would be irresponsive and expressionless in the beginning, but he was secretly burning deep inside… You can imagine that he would be such a super tsundere.
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Kazuo M.; Vasosulf; Babar Not the Elephant; Vincent G.; Samuel K.; Alexander P.; Chris B.; Simon v. E.; Shyll; Efren C; Mialamo M.; Amrit K.; Alecki N.; Bret T.; Wesley J.;
PS: I missed a chapter, real chapter 116. I will try to do that ASAP. Please hold the reading if you can. Sorry for inconvenience, didn’t expect to do same mistake again. ><;;;
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