Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Even so…
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“Sirius-sama! Are you safe!?” (Emilia)
“Aniki!” (Reus)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
I was surprised that the disciples rushed into the room . The siblings and Hokuto came close to me to make sure that I was alright .
Reese and Fia followed them from behind . I guessed that they were having hard trying to hold the siblings from the look of their bitter smile . After this, I would have to listen to them as a thanks for their hard work .
“Ah, it’s Hokuto-sama!” (Mea)
“Is that Hundred Wolves-sama? Who are these people…” (King)
“Lend me your ears…” (Mea)
Mea was pleased when she saw Hokuto, but the Beast King who didn’t understand the situation tried to protect Mea .
Grethe went around behind the cautious Beast King, whispered to his ears while looking at us .
“…Is it true!?” (King)
“Yes . If you look over there, you will understand…” (Grethe)
It seemed that Grethe was somehow explaining things about us . As soon as he confirmed that Hokuto was rubbing against my chest, the Beast King put his head under arms .
In the meantime, I was asked by the disciples what had happened when they were outside .
“As you can see, he is the person who is acknowledged by Hundred Wolves-sama . Besides, he taught Mary-sama a magic skill and treated her with meal without asking for any compensation . He is deserved to be believed in . ” (Grethe)
“…Confirm that immediately and bring that back . I will take the responsibility . ” (King)
“Understood . ” (Grethe)
And then, Grethe went out of the room without making a sound . From the serious expression he had, it seemed that he understood that I was a person related to Elysion .
Normally, I should be angry with the bad treatment and I was put in jail . However, I wasn’t punished during the interrogation, so I thought that it was fine if I could get back the things taken away from me .
In short, I didn’t really mind too much .
Since I had received more severe response in the past life, this much only gave like a paralyzed sensation . But of course, if they did something cruel, I would return it back accordingly .
However… since I was like an envoy of Elysion from their eyes, it was no good if I easily forgave them and let them looked down on the Elysion country .
From here onwards, they should have to be very careful with their response and that was also the same to me . It was a mistake to wear that mantle as a formal attire .
“Hey Mary… what’s with that…” (King)
“Hmm? What is it, Otou-san?” (Mea)
“…No, it’s nothing . ” (King)
He didn’t say anything probably because it was hard to say in the place where Mea and other attendants were here .
On the standpoint of a king, he couldn’t poorly display himself in front of the retainers . Although the scale was overwhelmingly different, it wasn’t like I didn’t understand his feelings as a person who led a country .
By the way, should I observed the situation for a while since he was trying to apologize?

“I see . Onee-sans are learning a lot of things from Onii-san . ” (Mea)
“Yes, it is not only that, we were also rescued by Sirius-sama . I’m not sure until what extent that Sirius-sama’s splendor will stop, but as for our goals—…” (Emilia)
“Say, Emilia . Are you trying to brainwash again?” (Fia)
“I am only telling the splendor of Sirius-sama . ” (Emilia)
“Oh really? Try saying that again while looking at me and Reese . ” (Fia)
“I don’t quite understand it, but I can understand that Onii-san is amazing . ” (Mea)
After that, as the disciples and Mea finished introducing to each other and as they were talking in a friendly manner, the door of the room was opened and Grethe came back while holding my knives and the cloak that were taken away .
“Here you go . There is nothing missing, right?” (Grethe)
“Yes . But… instead of the mantle, is it fine to return the weapons in the castle?” (Sirius)
“It’s fine . The Beast king is not lacking behind with the adventurers who hold weapons, and I will also protect Mary-sama . ” (Grethe)
As I could see, the Beast King didn’t say anything when the disciples had their weapons here .
His strength was probably formidable . I also have no plan to attack them, so I guessed that it was fine if the other side was convinced .
After returning my weapons and lowering her head, Grethe headed toward Mea .
“Mary-sama . I have prepared simple meals . Would you like to eat it with everyone?” (Grethe)
“Ah, yes . I still haven’t eaten yet . ” (Mea)
“Hmm, that would be nice . Don’t hesitate to have a meal here . ” (King)
Whether I remembered it when I was told that, my belly made a grumbling sound . It was obvious since I hadn’t eaten lunch yet .
The disciples seemed to be in the similar situation . They were a bit embarrassed as their stomach made a sound . Then, a servant in the castle brought a big plate and put it on the table .
There were sandwiches and fruits enough for number of people on the big plate . It was light meal like picking with hands .
“I keep it light because it’s already pass noon . I’ll add more if it’s not enough . ” (Grethe)
“Thank you very much . Well then…” (Sirius)
Rather than me and Fia, I judged that this wasn’t enough for the siblings and Reese . Should I made the dinner a bit more extravagant?
Judging from the appearance, there was no suspicious ingredients in it, and since Hokuto moved his nose also, I didn’t think that there would be a problem . Since the Beast King was eating it without hesitation at all, it didn’t feel like they intended to poison us .
After that, when I put a sandwich into my mouth, the disciples also started eating .
“… Yeah . This is alright, Mary-sama . ” (Grethe)
“Thank you . ” (Mea)
It was similar to the time with my stew . Apparently, Mea wouldn’t eat unless Grethe did a poison tasting .
Nevertheless, it was troublesome .
Even though they were more or less royalties, it was strange because they were eating same dishes as us .
By the time I finished eating the meal with such a weird feeling, Mea looked a bit sleepy maybe because she was full .
Since she just woke up after collapsing due to mana exhaustion, it was hard to say that she was already in a normal condition .
She probably became sleepy after moving around in order to help me and talking with my disciples .
“Mary . You’re still sick, so stay in bed some more . ” (King)
“But, Onii-san and Hokuto-sama are…” (Mea)
“I will entertain them . Since they have helped Mary in many ways, you don’t need to worry to worry if I treat them with dinner . ” (King)
Although it was pushy, she nodded since those words were as a king and not as an idiot parent as before .
Whether she was relieved with my situation, she obediently headed toward the bed in the inner part of the room . After confirming that, we left the room together with the Beast King .
The Beast King gave a sharp look as we headed out from the room, but he didn’t display murdering intent .
“You are Sirius, huh . “First of all, let’s calm down because I want to talk to you as a king . I would like you to come to my room . ” (King)
“Only me?” (Sirius)
“…For you to bring along people like them, what kind of existence are you?” (King)
“They are my precious disciples and my family . Of course, this guy is also my precious family . ” (Sirius)
When I evidently said so, the disciples nodded with a smile, and Hokuto rubbed his face against my chest .
The Beast King who was looking at such a sight softened his expression a little .
“Family… is it? If that’s the case, I don’t mind letting them to come too . Because I’m the one who made a mistake here . ” (King)
As the Beast King said so, he turned around and walked away . So, we followed him .
When the Beast King walked ahead, it felt like his back was so big and he naturally gave an intimidation feeling that overwhelms whoever came near .
Although he was merely a doting parent whom I met by chance, it made me understand why he was the king of this country .
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We were brought along by the Beast King to his private chamber which was also at the innermost part of the castle .
Mea’s room was decorated with flowers and lovely ornaments, but his was a practical oriented room that wasn’t placed with unnecessary items except a table and a bed .
“This room also serves as my office . You all can have a seat . ” (King)
When we sat at the big table in the middle of the large room, the attendant waiting in the room prepared the tea and quietly left the room .
After having only us remain in the room, the Beast King got up…
“Many things had happened, but first, I would like to apologize . Sirius, I’m really sorry . ” (King)
He deeply bowed at me .
From the situation, I considered the one at fault was the retainers, but as a person who stood above them, even though he was a king, he bowed his head to an adventurer .
“…Although you are apologizing, you didn’t intend to imprison me in the first place, right? …Isn’t it fine to think that?” (Sirius)
“It was miserable, but it’s true . We have made our innocent lord to be wrongly judged because of our mistake . It will be a problem if we do not apologize . ” (Grethe)
According to the story, before the Beast King heard the situation from Grethe, he thought of me as a bad insect trying to do something to his daughter .
Even though he felt angry when Mea collapsed because of the [Boost] that I thought, it seemed that he didn’t considered putting me in jail .
“So, how about the culprit?” (Sirius)
“Currently, we are looking for all those involved in your imprisonment . I intend to take appropriate measures after that, but if you want something, I will listen . However, I want you to spare their life . ” (King)
“I’m not going to ask to that extent . It seemed that you understand the important matter . So, I think you, as the king, can decide a proper judgment . ” (Sirius)
“Yeah . At that time, I’ll give proper judgment, and I will inform you later . But… my head hurts . I’m sorry, can you show me your cloak?” (King)
“Here you go, you may check it . ” (Sirius)
The Beast King spread the mantle handed . He lifted his face after confirming the largely drawn emblem .
“I have only seen it in documents, but it is certainly the emblem of the famous Elysion . I have one question . Can you tell me the situation how did your mantle got taken?” (??)
“Well… they hadn’t seen my face until after I arrived at the castle . They took my mantle without confirming it and put it in a bag . The prison guard also didn’t check it . So, I don’t think they properly see the emblem . ” (Sirius)
“Since it is a famous but located in a far continent, maybe they don’t know the emblem of Elysion . ” (King)
“It seems to be like that . Even if they know the Magic Master, they are not necessarily know the emblem of the country . ” (Fia)
“No… it is an emblem attached to this high quality mantle . Even if they don’t know, they need to check the emblem and report it . For this as well, we have to give punishment . ” (King)
Information transmission was important after all . If my disciples were doing such a thing, it would be natural for me to be angry .
The Beast King returned the mantle while sighing deeply and he lowered his head again toward me .
“Dear Elyssion’s envoy, we have no intention to oppose your country . If you want something, I will make it possible . Can you somehow peacefully overlook this matter?” (King)
“I don’t mind . I’m not angry until that far . ” (Sirius)
“Hmm, your anger is justifiable–… eh, what did you say just now?” (King)
“I am not angry . Besides, I am an adventurer and I am not visiting this country as an envoy . ” (Sirius)
It was true that the treatment of the people in the castle was bad, but it was also due to a bad luck .
Teaching [Boost] to a girl who I didn’t know about and going to the castle while wearing the mantle… well, if Mea, who was beyond excited, didn’t collapse, it wouldn’t cause an uproar up to this extent .
Besides, Princess Lifell didn’t give the mantle to make me as the envoy of the country . I was also told that I could do anything with it as long as it didn’t give a shame .
Anyway, as for myself, since I had no intention to make it as a political issue…
“I have one suggestion . Is there anyone other than the King-sama and Grethe-san know about this emblem at this moment?” (Sirius)
“Oh yes… this is probably reported to Grethe’s master, McDatt, I think?” (King)
“In that case, how about letting the two of them, and King-sama to keep silent about the emblem? That’s because it is a very complicated story about me having it . ” (Sirius)
In other words, I was invited here as an adventurer .
I was caught because I was thought of bringing grief to Mea, but if I asked Mea and the Beast King to explain about it, the misunderstanding should be solved .
I had a feeling that this would be insufficient for those who rashly acted would reflect the situation, but they weren’t doing it with ill intention . I would let the Beast King to quietly deal with this matter .
When I told that we both should avoid troublesome things, the Beast King was taken aback .
“…Will this be fine for you?” (King)
“That’s because you directly apologized to me . Later, please give proper judgment to those who rashly acted . ” (Sirius)
“I am very grateful, but even if this is merely resulted in less severe than expected, this is also involving the dignity of the country . Please let me make amends . ” (King)
I didn’t need that, but it might be better to have something in order for the other side to proceed in logical manner .
So, I decided to receive money as a reparation, but I didn’t tell him the important things .
“I had forgotten one thing, and that’s because this matter ends amicably even though I was thrown into prison . However, if you lay your hands on my disciples and inhumanely treat them… please remember that I will oppose you together with Hokuto . ” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“…I will bear it in mind . ” (King)
Just to make sure that Elysion wouldn’t be looked down, I didn’t forget to give him warning .
Even if the matter of the mantle became a public knowledge, even if the Beast King understood, the surroundings were not necessarily the same .
We continued our discussion for a while . In the meantime, Grethe came after being called by an attendant, so he asked her about the emblem .
“I didn’t directly see the emblem, but I heard from Reese that he is an envoy of a certain country . ” (Grethe)
“Did you report it to anyone?” (King)
“I have reported it to McDatt-sama . But he said that it shouldn’t be told to others but the King-sama . So I guess only three people know it?” (Grethe)
Fortunately, it seemed as expected by the Beast King .
When Grethe was consequently told of what had been decided, she nodded as if she understood . .
“I guess that to some extent, but tell McDatt about this at once . ” (King)
“Understood . ” (Grethe)
“Now, I have to solve everyone’s misunderstanding about you…” (King)
After that, we quietly went out of the room and as we followed behind the Beast King, he called a servant from outside the room and gave instructions .
The reason why Mea collapsed wasn’t because of me but because of her efforts . He told each member of the castle that to get angry with me was an act of insulting Mea .
“…It will be good with this . It seems that this will take some time, so I’d like you to wait in this room for a while . ” (King)
“Surely, no one can come to this room without permission . ” (Fia)
“Yes, so relax and take it easy . Even so, you all are a strange bunch . You naturally act even if you are in front of a king . ” (King)
“I have acquainted with royalties, so I’m somewhat used to it . ” (Sirius)
“If it’s about powerful, I know how amazing is that . ” (Fia)
“Hou…I find you more and more interesting . I rarely get out of the castle, so if you don’t mind, could you teach me various things?” (King)
With the connection of Reese, I was making acquaintance with a king and a next queen candidate, so if it was about the sense of intimidation, it might be obvious to say that it was like getting bump from Hokuto every day .
However… even though the Beast King said that we were strange, I thought that he was trying to talk normally with us .
I instinctively felt that I wasn’t really angry . Well, he was probably trying to build a good relationship even a little . And the quickness of this change was also a characteristic often seen in beastkin .
I think that these were political affairs, but since the Beast King was worried about Mea, we kept talking while pretending this situation as taking a break .
After that, the conversation remained here and there, but when it became about Elysion, he remembered the incident, and held his head .
“This time, if it wasn’t about you guys, it would really become unpleasant . I feel that this situation are both good luck and bad luck…” (King)
“There is also a possibility that any real envoy will be sent, so would it be easier if you think that this incident is like a rehearsal?” (Sirius)
“Since there were many mistakes done, it was a really useful and practical rehearsal . ” (Emilia)
“It is important to reflect on, isn’t it!?” (Reus)
“…Good grief . It is necessary for us to focus on education for a while . ” (King)
The siblings were angry because I was put in prison, and that was why they were a bit harsh .
I didn’t think those were words for a king, but since it was also the truth, the Beast King accepted it with a bitter smile with silently admitted it . It was strange when the daughter was involved, but it seemed that he was a tolerant king .
Incidentally, while introducing each other and negotiating the amount of reparation, Mea came in .
Her complexion wasn’t bad since she just woke up, and her condition seemed to have recovered to a great extent .
And at the same time of Mea’s appearance, the dignity and intimidation displayed by the Beast King…
“Ooh! Hey Mary, are you alright getting up already!?” (King)
“Yeah, I’m alright! More importantly, Otou-san, everyone is… ouch!” (Mea)
“I have properly resolved the misunderstandings, so I’m welcoming them! Now, Mary, let me check your condition!” (King)
“Otou-san, wait a minute . Hokuto-sama is also fluffy today, isn’t it!?” (Mea)
“…Woof . ” (Hokuto)
“Uuooo… hey Mea…” (King)
… disappeared in an instant .
The Beast King tried to hug his daughter who came into the room with a sloppy smile, but Mea easily avoided him and clung to Hokuto .
If it was me, he probably released bloodlust, but since the other side was Hokuto, a Hundred Wolves, he put up an indescribable look .
Seriously… he became an idiot king when it came to the daughter .
“Mea-sama, that is not nice . ” (Grethe)
“King-sama . I understand your feelings, but please be more firm especially in front of the guests . ” (??)
Grethe appeared after Mea, but she was with a middle-aged man .
Since Grethe was behind that man, he was probably McDatt which was mentioned several times .
He seemed to be the man who supported the king from behind the scenes, but what concerned me most was the fact that he was a human . Since it was a town and a castle for beastkin, it was unusual to have a human in such a place .
After that McDatt soothed the Beast King who seemed to be crying, he came close to me and asked for a handshake, so I grasped his hand .
“Nice to meet you all . My name is McDatt . I am the King’s close aide and Mary-sama’s education officer . Please to make your acquaintance . ” (McDatt)
“Likewise . My name is Sirius . ” (Sirius)
“I have received a report about Sirius-kun from Grethe . I would like to apologize about the time you were unfairly treated in the castle . ” (McDatt)
“We have already talked about that, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore . I think that you have heard it from Grethe-san, but…” (King)
“Yes, I will never say it because it will be helpful as well . I appreciate for Sirius-kun’s kind generosity . ” (McDatt)
McDatt also greeted the disciples as it was, but even when he saw Fia, who was an Elf, he didn’t have an ill intention eyes, and he also properly greeted Hokuto .
Although he seemed timid, he looked like a kind man…
“However… I overlook the matter this time, but please refrain from teaching Mary-sama next time . ” (McDatt)
…As expected, this person was also the same kind, huh?
He was smiling, but I was sighing in my mind because of the anger released bottom of the heart .
“Look here, my tail is also fluffy, you know? Don’t you want to touch it?” (King)
“Tou-san’s tail is also good, but Hokuto-sama’s is fluffier . ” (Mea)
“Gahuu!?” (King)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
‘I’m sorry, Hokuto . Just keep it for a while . ’
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After that, the matter about me was spread in the castle, and it was already night by the time the misunderstanding was resolved .
By the way, the bunch who rashly acted and the prison guard suddenly came prostrating in front of me . It made me think that they have a talk with the Beast King before this .
“I’m really sorry!” (??)
“We will do anything we can!” (??)
“Forgive me!” (??)
“Have you all done bad things? It’s no good to do that, you know . ” (Mea)
“…Mea-sama overdid things, but yes, that was the cause . ” (Sirius)
“Auu… sorry…” (Mea)
“““Please forgive us, Mea-sama!””” (??)
“Is the person they need to apologize has changed, Aniki?” (Reus)
As Reus said, they had made a proper apology, so I decided to forgive them since they had received firm punishment from the Beast King .
For starters, they were not scoundrels, and those men were really crying while being preached by Mea .
After that, we had dinner at the castle as promised .
“Now, don’t hesitate to eat . It is dishes made by our castle proud chefs . ” (King)
Since I wasn’t an official envoy from Elysion but an adventurer instead . the dinner was only in a spacious guest room but it was still too much for us .
“Another please . This time, you can put double the amount . ” (Reese)
“The wine taste different, isn’t it? Could you give two or three more?” (Fia)
“I like Aniki’s flavor more, but this is also delicious!” (Reus)
“The taste of the ingredients is fresh and tasty . It lost to Sirius-sama’s dishes, but…” (Emilia)
“Don’t compare it in public . That’s rude . ” (Sirius)
“Hahaha, don’t mind about it . Preference is different from person to person . More importantly, it is enough if you enjoy having the dishes . ” (King)
That was quite tolerant, but… why the Beast King was here?
Although they were royalties, I thought that something was different when we were having dinner in a guest room instead of his private room where we were for a while .
“Mea-sama, it is alright to eat this too . ” (Grethe)
“Yes! I want to eat this next . ” (Mea)
Well… that was because Mea was here .
However, since the Beast King was lenient in front of her daughter, I guessed that it was fine not to be formal, right?
When I looked closely, unlike earlier, the Beast King’s tail seemed to be strangely fluffy . Perhaps he had taken care of it as a counter to Hokuto .
“I want to eat Onii-san’s stew again . ” (Mea)
“It seems Mea-sama also understand that . Sirius-sama’s dishes are the best . ” (Emilia)
“Yes! That stew was really delicious!” (Mea)
“Ooh… Mary has such a dazzling smile . Hey Sirius, teach the stew to the chef! I’ll pay as much as you like!” (King)
Unfortunately, Mea seemed didn’t noticed that, but I wouldn’t mention it since the Beast King also forgot about it .

Such a noisy dinner continues and when we almost finished eating the dishes… Hokuto, who was lying next to me, suddenly stood up .
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“…It seems that something is approaching . ” (Sirius)
“Aniki! Hokuto-san says don’t be careless!” (Reus)
When I immediately used [Search], I caught a reaction of something that came closer to this place with a tremendous momentum .
The misunderstanding was already resolved, so I didn’t think that enemies would come because we were inside the castle, but since Hokuto gave a warning, he probably felt something unpleasant .
“Could it be…” (King)
It seemed that the Beast King also noticed the approaching reaction, but far from being in a hurry, he hung his head with a bitter face .
Just to be sure, I told the disciples to watch out through [Call] . I started hearing violent footsteps from outside, and when I thought that it stopped in front of the door of the guest room…
“Old man! Is Mary safe!?” (??)
The one that appeared while kicking the door was a young man of Tigerkin who looked like the Beast King if he was young .
However, his expression seemed frantic and he was heavily breathing as if he was running with full power .
“…Why did you come here? I thought that you were studying in the mountain?” (King)
“I heard that my dear sister collapsed, and that’s why I decided to come back!” (??)
The young man overlooked the guess room while shouting, and by the time his eyes lit up when finding Mea… a breeze of wind blew even though it was indoors .
“Ooh… my dear sister! You’re safe–… guhuu!?” (??)
And as the young man fell down as the wind blew, a tall woman was standing on his back .
It was a strange woman with sharp looking eyes . She was a Tigerkin with white ears and tail .
“…That’s fast . ” (Sirius)
I was also being careless, but I couldn’t see the move behind his back . The speed was as if it was totally like a teleportation .
Hokuto was also on guard without delay, so there was no mistake that this woman was definitely strong .
Her appearance was closely resembling a military soldier . Although she was only standing, I couldn’t make a bad move since she was releasing a sense of intimidation that caused the surroundings to shrink .
To put it simply, it was the same as the Strongest Sword, Lior .
While everyone unable to say anything to such a sudden intruder, when I thought whether the woman was looking at the surrounding with sharp eyes, Mea lightly muttered while being startled .
“…O, Okaa-san?” (Mea)
It seemed that troubles would still continue .

Presenting Hokuto
Hokuto-kun was angry on that day .
It was because Hokuto-kun’s Master was put in prison in the castle .
For Hokuto-kun, the Master was a family . Above all, he was someone important that was hard to come by .
If Hokuto-kun’s Master was caught, it wasn’t confirmed if his voltage of anger would stop . It was severe . He was in a state of extreme rage .
“Yes . We’re going that way to rescue Sirius-sama!” (Emilia)
Since the juniors were full of motivation, Hokuto-kun went to the castle to rescue the Master, but…
““Stop it!”” (Reese/Fia)
“It’s cold!?” (Reus)
“Wah, wha!? Fia-san, your skirt is turned up! Please stop it since Sirius-sama is not here!” (Emilia)
“Woof!?” (Hokuto)
They were stopped by Reese-chan’s and Fia-san’s magic .
Both juniors were hit by the magic launched and became calmed . In the meantime, Hokuto-kun reflexively avoided it, but he was also calmed down .
And when the discussion ended, Hokuto-kun went toward the castle, but even though there were many things came out one after another, he was able to enter the castle .
As Hokuto-kun was traveling inside the castle with the guidance from Grethe-san who he met yesterday, an unpleasant image filled his head .
What if the Master was being beaten in prison at this time, or he was yelled at, or he was forced to brush beyond hope… anyhow, if the Master was badly treated, Hokuto-kun’s limiter would definitely be off .
Hokuto-kun would do this and that to all beastkin who lived in this castle…
As Hokuto-kun thought of it over and over again, his anger was about to explode, and then the door of the room, where the Master was there, was opened by the hands of Grethe-san…
“Why are you guys here!? There, there, you seem to have worried . ” (Sirius)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
Hokuto-kun was stroked by the Master after being reunited, and his anger was beautifully dissipated .
But, as expected, when Hokuto-kun recalled the time when the Master was put in prison, his anger rekindled .
“Gurururu!” (Hokuto)
“There, there, I’ll brush you when we get back, alright . ” (Sirius)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
The anger was dissipated .


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