Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Those who Serve their Master
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After the match with Isabella was over, not only Mea’s family, we were also recognized by the beastkin who worked in the castle . Since then, we talked a lot and we returned to the [Wolf King], the inn in the town .
I was offered to stay in the castle just like yesterday, but I decided to take a rest at the inn today as well .
They were various reasons, but there was one reason why I couldn’t move from the inn .
The reason was…
“Would you like to have a tea? If you need anything else, please tell me anytime . ” (Emilia)
“There were few wounds, but it’s no good if you overwork yourself today . ” (Reese)
“Shall we sing lullabies so that you can sleep soundly?” (Fia)
“I will take care of the security, so Aniki can rest without worries . ” (Reus)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
It might be because it was their first time seeing me tired other than training, I was confined in bed because my companions wanted me to have a rest .
I wasn’t really confined by a rope or something, but there was always someone around and kept watching, so I couldn’t move .
Well, even though the mana could be quickly recovered, it was certainly painful since it had been long time for me to overwork the body to the limit . I had no dissatisfaction with the current situation because I intended to take a good rest from the beginning .
Fia, who was the calmest among the disciples, curiously tilted her head while looking at me as I was sleeping in the bed .
“At any rate, it’s about the educator . I thought that you would refuse the offer since she is adored to that extent by the surrounding . ” (Fia)
“Hmmm… I accepted because of that reason . ” (Sirius)
After fighting with Isabella, I was invited by her to educate Mea .
It would be a trouble if I became Mea’s educator as stated by Fia, but I accepted it because there were various things to worry about .
I didn’t say anything in that place, but I guessed that it was worrisome . As Fia started asking, the siblings also were also asking me questions .
“What is Aniki concern about?” (Reus)
“Reus is right . Certainly Mea was innocent and she was a girl nobody would ignore, but I don’t think Sirius-sama has suffered so much . ” (Emilia)
“It is true that the treatment was worst at the beginning, but if I leave it alone, I feel like this country itself seems to be doing it…” (Sirius)
Although it wasn’t clear if it was just only for the family, the obsession of Mea from surroundings was obviously different .
To the point that if Mea wanted a war with a neighboring country, the starting of war would casually began .
Right now, Mea was an innocent child, so it was all good, but when she grew up, if she became a woman like a noble with desires… I wouldn’t be sure what this town would be like this in the future .
Anyway, there were many troublesome matters, so I didn’t want to get involved with other people . However, I wanted to let Reus obtained more experiences with Isabella and since this was the first time being treated by a castle and when looking at ingredients that I saw for the first time, I’d like to stay a bit longer .
“The rest, even though this is a personal reason, I really want to teach Mea how to handle mana . If she learns on how to apply [Boost] on the whole body instead of just on the eyes, I feel like she would get closer with her mother . ” (Sirius)
“I also have same opinion . Although she has parents, I don’t want to see a sad looking child . ” (Fia)
“Besides that, I’m lending a huge favor . Therefore, some selfishness may be permitted if Mea doesn’t dislike it . ” (Sirius)
“Well . It seems Mea-chan will not dislike it if that’s the case, and I think that it will be fine even if she notices it . ” (Fia)
“If there is another reason, I’m thinking of earning a lot of money here . If I successfully teach her, I can expect some rewards, right?” (Sirius)
Although I got a repatriation due to false charges, it couldn’t be said that it was enough since we consumed a lot .
With that kind of thought, I summarized the objectives while listening to the opinions of the disciples . At the same time, Emilia brewed tea and she let out a breath when I received it from her .
I guessed that she was waiting for the discussion to end . Hokuto, who was sleeping on the side of the bed, came to my chest . As I stroked his head, Reus abruptly turned a sharp look at the outside of the window .
“Aniki . Who is approaching this mansion?” (Reus)
“Hmmm… apparently it is a guest . Please invite that person . ” (Sirius)
“Understood . I’m going . ” (Emilia)
Since Hokuto, who was being spoiled due to the stroking, didn’t become wary, it was certain that the one that was coming here wasn’t an enemy .
While confirming the other person with [Search], I looked at Hokuto as he slovenly rubbing against my chest…
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
“…You’re not being careless just because I spoil you, right?” (Sirius)
“Woof!?” (Hokuto)
He barked as if that was unexpected .
As I continued stroking Hokuto while apologizing to him, I noticed Emilia, whom I asked to fetch the guest, wasn’t moving from the spot .
“…I’m jealous . ” (Emilia)
“Haa… come here . ” (Sirius)
“Yes! Ehehe…” (Emilia)
When I stroked Emilia’s head who was approaching with a full smile, she was pleased while wagging her tail .
After she enjoyed it enough, she headed for the entrance to fetch the guest .
“No matter how much time has passed, that doesn’t change, huh . …either when she is happy, or sad . ” (Sirius)
“Ah, Emilia is properly growing up, isn’t it? Before this, she would aggressively bring her head to you, right?” (Fia)
“That’s true… by the way, why is Fia coming closer?” (Sirius)
“Oh my, I also want to be spoiled, you know . Even for adults, they would be happy when their lover caress them . ” (Fia)
“…C-can I have that too?” (Reese)
“Well, the last one is me!” (Reus)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Didn’t I do it to you, just now?” (Sirius)
After that, I stroked them in order, but it felt weird to stroke a man like Reus who became bigger than I was .
Oh well… the person himself seemed didn’t care, and I also didn’t mind about it . When I stroked his favorite point, he was pleased in agony .
“Ooo… Aniki, you understand it after all . ” (Reus)
“…What is this situation?” (??)
“No, please disregard this as usual . ” (Sirius)
When we turned to a different from voice that weren’t coming among us, Grethe, who was guided by Emilia and came into the room, was tilting her head while staring at the sloppy looking Reus .
Tentatively, I tried to get up while pushing aside Reus, but Grethe shook as soon as I got up .
“You look tired . Don’t worry about me and take a rest . ” (Grethe)
“Well then, if you insist . So, do you have something for us? We will go to the castle again tomorrow, but…” (Sirius)
“Yes . I came here because there was a slight emergency . ” (Grethe)
Her eyes looked sleepy as ever, but she seemed slightly impatience .
When I asked the details… apparently, the beastkin started to feel jealous when I was elected as Mea’s educator .
“For that reason, I came to watch over because those guys may come to harass you . ” (Grethe)
“What’s going on? That Mc… McDa–… what’s his name again?” (Reus)
“It’s McDatt-san . However, isn’t a bit immature since he as the original educator was approved?” (Emilia)
When I accepted the offer to become the educator, Mea’s current educator, McDatt, readily accepted it even though it wasn’t something pleasant .
I properly told them that we wouldn’t stay here long, but as Reus and Reese said, those bunch were too well known . Was this also due to Mea’s charm?
To cut it short, I would like to stay here today to prepare for those guys .
“I appreciate your thought, but our companions are excellent, so you don’t have to watch over us, you know?” (Sirius)
“But, I was asked by Mary-sama . I don’t want to bother everyone more than anything, but I was chosen because she trusts me the most…” (Grethe)
Hmmm… it was difficult to refuse if she was directly asked by Mea . In order to respond to Mea’s trust, she was starting to appeal as if she depended on it .
It made me think that maybe it wasn’t necessary to refuse since she came in order to dealt with their own failure?
“If that’s the case, I’ll depend on you . I also want to take a break for the first time in a long while . ” (Sirius)
“That’s right, Sirius-sama is better to take a rest some more . Please leave it to us . ” (Emilia)
It wasn’t only Emilia, the other companions nodded as well .
As they sat at the table in the same Room, Fia deliberately asked questions and discussed about the placement of the security and where the place where Grethe went to sleep .
“Say, you are McDatt’s subordinate right? Is he really giving his consent that Sirius is in charge of the education?” (Fia)
“…That’s what he says . ” (Grethe)
“But, wasn’t it hard to say when the Beast King-sama was there at that time? It seems unavoidable for that man to think that Mea-chan is cute, but he should be unwilling, right?” (Fia)
“It’s alright . Since Mary-sama wants it, so he doesn’t complain . ” (Grethe)
The outside was getting dark as we continued talking . In the night, when the adventurers and residents were starting to make noises in the bar, we were visited by a guest again .
“I’m sorry for doing this arbitrarily . Actually, there is something I’d like to ask Hokuto-sama…” (Manager)
The one appeared in front of us was the Manager of the [Wolf King] .
According to the Manager, the last meeting for the information control where Hokuto could openly walk in town would be held, and it was said that he wanted Hokuto to attend the meeting .
“If they directly look at Hokuto-sama’s appearance, it will inspired those who only have heard of him through stories . I’d like to have another meetings in the future, so please participate as much as you can…” (Manager)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
Hokuto looked as if as if asking what he should do, but I told him to do whatever he wanted .
The Manager was pleased that Hokuto lightly barked after thinking for a while . It seemed that he decided to attend the meeting . The Manager didn’t only allow us to stay with cheap fee, but since he prepared a special room for us, I guessed that Hokuto was trying to fulfill his part .
The meeting was only about one to two hours, but it seemed to be done in a place slightly away from the inn . After the manager told that he would wait at the entrance of the inn, he went out .
“Hmm… I don’t think that they will do anything to Hokuto, but I think that it is better for someone to go with him . ” (Sirius)
“In that case, I’ll go . So, please rest, Sirius . ” (Fia)
“Since Fia-san is an Elf, isn’t better if a human like me goes there too?” (Reese)
Emilia probably didn’t want to stay away from me and since Reus was still tired from the fight of the day, he also would remain here .
It seemed easy to be targeted by fools, but if combining the strength of Hokuto and the two who could use spirit magic, the danger was basically equal to none . Therefore, I could safely send them off . Well, for starters, the surrounding beastkin wouldn’t allow anyone to put their hands on Hokuto .
After getting ready, when I was watching them going out of the room, Hokuto, who went out last, barked toward the siblings .
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Yes, please leave this place to us . ” (Emilia)
“Grethe-san is also here, so it’s going to be fine . ” (Reus)
Perhaps, he was asking them about me .
Hokuto nodded in satisfaction when the siblings confidently responded, and then, he headed for the meeting .
“Excuse me, Sirius-sama . I will take my leave because I need to wash the dishes . If there is anything, please call me as usual . ” (Emilia)
“I’m going to stay in the living room since Aniki won’t be able to rest if I stay here . ” (Reus)
“Well then, I will look around the mansion at once . ” (Grethe)
As the noisy room was suddenly became quiet, I took a deep breath and put my upper body which I had raised in the bed .
The siblings were only one the other side of the wall, but I thought that it had been a while for me to be in the situation where I was alone .
I would be busy with Mea’s education starting from tomorrow . Although it was still early, I thought that it was better to take a day off for today .
I closed my while wrapping myself in a blanket .
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— ??? —
While losing myself in the dark of the night, I walked on the mansion while killing presence as much as I could .
It was worth the trouble to deliberately shred their fighting power .
In order to separate Hundred Wolves-sama, who had acute sense, I thought that my luck was better than expected .
The strong Silver Wolf man had left, but he slowly moved away maybe because he was tired from today’s fight . If this, by chance, would come to a battle, I could do a lot of things though .
In other words, the real fighting power left in the mansion was… Emilia alone .
Time was limited, but I didn’t need to be impatient .
Since I informed in advance, it wouldn’t be weird if I was outside .
While pretending to watch the surrounding of the mansion, I took out the sleeping pills from the chest . .
“…Eh? Why do I have this tool… Wrong, it’s mine . ” (??)
I had a doubt about the sleeping pills taken out, but it might be due to mind .
This was… oh yes . If I put the pills on a fire, a slight white smoke came out . It was a special sleeping pill that put people who inhaled it in a deep sleep . Since the smoke had no smell, it was hard to detect, but I should be careful not to breath it in .
As I activated a small [Flame] on the fingertips, I brought the pill close . I threw it away from the window of a vacant room after hearing a dissolving sound .
Perhaps, when I threw four pills, the smoke would fill the house .
I walked around the mansion while pretending to watch it . I threw in the last pill and hid behind a rock that was a little away .
“With this, I should wait until the count of 300 . ” (??)
The smoke was immediately effective, but it became ineffective after a while… when it was so, that would be the time to go back to the mansion .
While slowly counting, I quietly waited for smoke to be ineffective .
In the meantime, I kept have an uncertain feeling, but… it was due to mind as expected .
This was… the right thing to do .

When I returned to the mansion after the smoke became harmless, Reus was sleeping while sitting on a chair in the living room . I tried to approach him but I didn’t expect anything would happen . I guessed the effect of the smoke seemed to be enough .
I went passed him and enter the room . I was able to confirm that my target was quietly falling asleep in the bed .
The light was turned off . When I tried to carefully listen in the room with only the moonlight poured in from the window, there were… two regulated breathing of sleeping people .
Emilia, who was the only fighting power, was sleeping with her face on the target’s chest . I felt something wrong for her to return to her master, but I guessed she was tired and fell asleep here .
“…She looks calm, isn’t it?” (??)
Even though she was sleeping, her sleeping face was very restful maybe because she felt the smell of her master .
I only knew them for a short time, but I knew well that Emilia really liked him .
She served the Master as an attendant… and she knew the joy of supporting him .
I was also the same .
So, I had . . no choice but to do this .
I understood myself that I was being hasty .
But, he was an opponent who could equally fight against Isabella, but he was now exhausted .
“Don’t worry… this won’t be painful . ” (??)
After this, I just need to stab a special needle on the neck of the sleeping target .
If it was about the pain, it wouldn’t wake him up, and he should die while sleeping .
When I tried to extend my hand to the chest to take out that needle… my finger stopped .
Everything was prepared, but why I still felt confused?
This was also for Mary-sama’s… —sama’s sake… eh?
Something hazy… again…
“Uh, uhh… nothing… wrong . ” (??)
Yes . I… wasn’t doing anything wrong .
‘So, let’s finish this quickly . ’
If I quickly returned and looked at Mary-sama’s smile… surely it would be fine .
And then, the moment when I put my hand on the chest, a breeze of wind suddenly blew around me .
When I thought… about the wind inside a room, I wasn’t able to move .
The reason was…
“…Please don’t move . ” (Emilia)
While reflecting the moonlight with the silver hair, she… Emilia went around behind me and put a knife on my throat .
She should have inhale the smoke, but why she still woke up?
Emilia opened his mouth with sharp eyes to me who was confused with the sudden situation .
“Tell me what were you trying to do… Grethe-san . ” (Emilia)
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— Emilia —
“Tell me what were you trying to do… Grethe-san . ” (Emilia)
Sirius-sama said… it would probably happened today, and it was exactly as expected .
Although it was a bit unexpected that the enemy was Grethe-san, she was my enemy if she was targeting Sirius-sama .
I quickly went around her back during the gap when Grethe-san was putting her hands on the chest . She seemed unable to hide her surprise to me who stuck a knife at her neck .
“…You should have inhale the smoke, but why you are still waking up?” (Grethe)
“That’s easy, it is because we didn’t inhale it . More importantly, do not deny that you were aiming at Sirius-sama . ” (Emilia)
Apparently, Sirius-sama always keep track Grethe-san’s movement with [Search] . Then, he used [Call] when he felt an unnatural movement outside and a slight magic invocation .
After that, I regulated a wind around the bed with magic and protected it from the smoke based on Sirius-sama’s instruction .
Sirius-sama’s who was pretending to be asleep, got up from the bed, and told Reus to wake up through [Call] . By the way, Reus was also pretending to sleep in the living room .
“How could you prepare such a precise response? Even though the smoke can’t be seen well in a dark room…” (Grethe)
“Well, at first, I thought about the possibility of explosion and arson, but thanks to Emilia’s ability, the extent of your work could be identified . Human probably wouldn’t know it, but the Silver Wolfkin has sharp nose . ” (Sirius)
At that time, when I was about to inform the faint smell that I noticed, Sirius-sama reported the other side’s presence at the same time .
Although it was depended on the situation, it seemed that Sirius-sama became helpless many times because of gas in the previous life .
“Sirius-sama had been keeping eyes on Grethe-san from the beginning since you were suspicious . ” (Emilia)
“Aah yes, that was because I felt the same air from her as I was used to be in the past . It is a specific air of those who kill for a living . ” (Sirius)
“Then, why did you let me do it?” (Grethe)
“From the situation where you deliberately showed yourself in front of us, it seemed that your target was only me . So, I prepared a trap to see your true character . ” (Sirius)
After that, he pretended to be sleeping while knowing the danger to lure Grethe-san .
Although I was somewhat unwilling to have the possibility of any kind, it was a secret that I was happy because of that pretending, I could smell Sirius-sama’s odor to the fullest .
“Haa… I almost inhaled it . ” (Reus)
“You were consuming too much oxygen when it was limited . By knowing this, why don’t you try to train on that?” (Sirius)
And then, Reus, who had stopped breathing until the smoke disappears, also came into the room .
However, unlike us who were protected by the wind, he looked a little sleepy maybe because he was affected by the smoke .
“Now… will you tell me the person who asked you to target me and the reason for it?” (Sirius)
“Grethe-san . Please put out the hand on your chest and raised both hands . ” (Emilia)
“…Understood . ” (Grethe)
Grethe-san slowly put out her hand of the chest, but since her fingers were pinching a small manastone, I repelled it away into the midair .
“Is that a magic formation of explosion!? Reus!” (Sirius)
“Ouu!” (Reus)
After the manastone was further repelled by Sirius-san’s [Impact], it broke through the window since Reus swung the sword and a big explosion occurred over the mansion .
Although the window broke, I guess that it would be better instead of the interior got messed up .
“Was that used for a suicide mission or as a diversion? …Anyway, that was a good reflex, Emilia . ” (Sirius)
“No, it’s still too early . ” (Emilia)
That was because Grethe-san ran away when I was distracted by the current uproar .
Grethe-san’s blood stuck on my knife maybe because she was forcing her way while having her neck shallowly cut .
Grethe-san, who ran away, had already jumped out of the broken window, but still…
“Please forgive me, Sirius-sama . Could you leave this matter to me?” (Emilia)
“…The current you can handle her somehow, but don’t be careless . ” (Sirius)
“Yes! Reus, I entrust Sirius-sama to you . ” (Emilia)
“Leave it to me! Nee-chan too, you be careful . ” (Reus)
I jumped out of the window even though I was delayed, but Grethe-san had already jumped over the fence that surrounded the [Wolf King] .
She was faster than I expected, but I could catch up with her . Even though I had lost the sight of her appearance, I remembered the smell of the blood, so there was no way she could run away .
I immediately activated [Boost] to the limit . I flew up high in response to the wind and kicked the scaffolding created by the [Air Step] . Then, I accelerated all at once to the direction that Grethe-san escaped .
Unlike Sirius-sama, I couldn’t keep flying in the sky, and I couldn’t steadily fly like Fia-san .
“But… if it is a momentary acceleration… [Wind Dash]!” (Emilia)
By further manipulating the wind to reduce the resistance, I flew away while splitting the air like an arrow . When I showed this way of flying, I heard from Sirius-sama that this resembled a glider .
She seemed to choose alleyways with many blind spots and back streets with few pedestrian just to shake off my pursuit, but that choice was a mistake . I knew Grethe-san position by the smell . Unlike her running along the road, I was approaching fast and straight from the sky .
I easily surpassed the enemy who ran the narrow alleys and then I descended by reducing the speed with the wind . Grethe-san was stunned by surprise as I stood in front of her .
“-!? How…?” (Grethe)
“I can’t let you run away since you were targeting my precious Master . ” (Emilia)
“…I…see . ” (Grethe)
She supposed to know this since she adored Mea-sama, right?
If this situation was the other way around, Grethe-san would never let her enemies to get away by all means .
I guessed that it was no longer possible for her to escape .
Like me, Grethe-san was also preparing for battle by pulling out a knife, but I had something to ask before that .
“I have a question . Why… are you targeting Sirius-sama?” (Emilia)
“…It is for Mary-sama’s sake . ” (Grethe)
“That’s weird . Although Sirius-sama didn’t know her from the beginning, he taught Mea-sama how to handle mana, but I don’t think that he did something that makes you want to assassinate him, right?” (Emilia)
“That man is not suitable for Mary-sama . It’s just that… he will become a hindrance to…” (Grethe)
“That’s why–…” (Emilia)
“I’m not wrong . ” (Grethe)
As expected, it was no good .
Certainly the jealousy of the castle people was amazing, but it was weak and not to the point of targeting Sirius-sama .
If I predicted based on Grethe-san’s words, there were people who were troubled by Sirius-sama educating Mea… I guessed that was the reason .
It was just a speculation, but let’s inform Sirius-sama just to be sure .
As I touched the choker’s magic stone and activated [Call], I told Sirius-sama about my presumption .
“…That’s how it is . Moreover, the condition of Grethe-san is weirder than usual . In some respect, she sound absent-minded, but I feel that some part of the conversation haven’t been established yet . ” (Emilia)
&123;Yes, I also feel the same . She seems like someone who is being manipulated, but that’s because the person herself has the real intention… I have a feeling that this concerns a specific matter . Indeed, it looks… like a hint, isn’t it?&125; (Sirius)
“Hint…Sirius-sama… I have a request–…” (Emilia)
&123;Do you want to secure her alive? I also want to investigate further, so I have no reason to stop you . Do as you please . &125; (Sirius)
“Thank you very much . ” (Emilia)
&123;I will also contact Reese and Fia, but don’t overdo it… Come back safe and sound . &125; (Sirius)
Sirius-sama watched over us like a child, but now he firmly entrusted to us .
Thinking that I wanted to respond to that trust, it surged up the strength in me .
“What are you talking from a while ago? Could it be… a report?” (Grethe)
“Do you have time to mind about that? Moreover, Grethe-san… I will not harm you . So, would you surrender to us?” (Emilia)
“I can’t do that . It was impossible because there were three of you, but I can somehow manage this if you are the only opponent here . ” (Grethe)
Those words were… not a bluff .
Sirius-sama said that I shouldn’t be careless, and even from my point of view, Grethe-san wasn’t a person I could afford to be careless .
She was surprised about flying in the sky, but that was only because it was something unusual, and… it didn’t have affect on her ability .
“I will also get rid of you if you get in my way . So… leave . ” (Grethe)
“Understood . Well, then…” (Emilia)
I would never forgive those who target Sirius-sama .
However, if Grethe-san died for whatever reason, Mea-sama would be sad .
Since Sirius-sama was concerned about Mea-sama whom he taught once, he would be sad if she was sad .
“I will secure you with all my strength . ” (Emilia)
So I… just had to do my best for now .
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Presenting Hokuto
During the time when Grethe-san was scattering the sleeping pills…
Hokuto-kun, together with Reese-chan and Fia-san, attended a meeting where the residents of Arbitray gathered .
“Ooh… Is that Hundred Wolves-sama!?” (??)
“What a divine presence…” (??)
“To see the real thing is…” (??)
The residents were pressing their palms of both hands together like a light jab at Hokuto-kun .
Then, the [Wolf King] Manager, who understood Hokuto-kun’s words, divided the place, and he gave introduction of Hokuto-kun’s to the residents .
“Hundred Wolves-sama’s name is Hokuto-sama . He says that he wanted to be called by that starting from now . ” (Manager)
“Oh, excuse me, Hokuto-sama . No, that’s a wonderful name . ” (??)
“By the way… are you being together with the Elf and the human girl next to you? Aah, could they be Hokuto-sama’s attendant?” (??)
“No, they are not Hokuto-sama’s attendants . They are his companions . Everyone, I would like you to listen carefully, Hokuto-sama is a Beast Companion of a certain human . ” (Manager)
“““What did you say!?””” (??)
Because of that harmonized mood of the residents, Reese-chan and Fia-san was wryly smiling as if they wanted to say ‘Again?’ .
“He is a Beast Companion of a human!?” (??)
“I’m going to punish for ordering the messenger of God!” (??)
“That person needs to come out! I don’t know what kind of cowardly means used by–…” (??)
“Gurururu!” (Hokuto)
“““I sorry!?””” (??)
And this flow of event was also familiar .
Hokuto-kun hated if people talked bad about the Master .
Anyway, when it became quiet by the appeal (with bloodlust) of Hokuto-kun, the meeting which was the main event was finally started .
“Hmm… although it was unintentional just now, it is also true that there are many people scowling his human Master . ” (Manager)
“Well then, it can’t be helped since the rumor spread that way, right? He is also being tolerant when he knows it . ” (??)
“However, Hokuto-sama wouldn’t accept it that way? We have to compromise somehow . ” (Manager)
“Then, how about meeting several times with Hokuto-sama–…” (??)
“What a fool! Why are you trying to hold Hokuto-sama until that far!?” (Manager)
“But, without doing there, whether the people in the town would convinced or not…” (??)
“I would like to ask the Elf, does Hokuto-sama’s hair loss ever happen? If you don’t mind, I think by selling that…” (??)
“There is, but Sirius collected them all, but… can you really sell it?” (Fia)
“What did you say!? There are surely people who will try to buy it even with silver or gold!” (??)
“Aah… well since this is involved someone who is alive, I think it is better to stop that . ” (Fia)
“What is Hokuto-sama’s favorite food? Let’s prepare it immediately . ” (??)
“For your information… Hokuto doesn’t need to eat food, so he doesn’t have any favorite food . However, he would eat something if he has strong stimulus . ” (Fia)
“Well, does he have any hobbies?” (??)
“He likes brushing and play with Frisbee . ” (Fia)
“Hoo, I don’t understand that well, but leave it to me if it’s about brushing . Though I am looked like this, the famous brushing in town is… gahuuu!?” (??)
“But that is limited to Sirius-san, or you will be beaten if you carelessly get near him… aah, I was late . ” (Reese)
“Hokuto-sama, please give me blessing… hebuuu!?” (??)
“That’s sneaky! I also would like to have Hokuto-sama’s blessing—… guhaa!?” (??)
“Please—… nuhaa!?” (??)
…There was a feeling that the story was starting to drift away .
Especially on the latter half… was it really necessary? Hokuto-kun unintentionally started asking that .
“Woof?” (Hokuto)
“““Yes, it is!””” (??)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
※ Hokuto-kun wanted to go home .
※ Hokuto’s blessing was… his Paw’s Punch
It was a scene of getting a paw punch from Hokuto . Please imagine the scene with a feeling of being fired up with certain fighting spirit by having a slap on the cheeks . (Author)


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