Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 141

Chapter 141 After All, It is for the Sake of Everyone
“You have come. Is there any problem since you are here?” (Mejia)
“It’s spacious. I never thought that there was such a place in the mountains, you know.” (Sirius)
“If we, the Dragonkin, fight, the damage to the surroundings will be huge. So we need such a place.” (Mejia)
On the next day after being challenged by Mejia… we came together with him to a shrine in a mountain further away from the village of winged people.
No, could I even call this… a shrine?
The structures that seemed to be buildings were completely changed to rubble. The stone paving that covered the surroundings came off here and there and it was all covered with moss and plants.
There were many other stone pillars which were tall enough to look up, but it was similar to the paving. It was terrible, mostly decayed and collapsed.
It was a place with historical value, but since the buildings and pillars were made by the ancestors of the Dragonkin, it didn’t seem to bring any particular meanings to them.
Well, in short, this was like the playground for the Dragonkin.
“Even if we destroy anything like the surrounding pillars and it becomes rubbles, there will be no problem since our ancestors built it as a hobby.” (Mejia)
“In other words, you don’t mind if I freely use magic?” (Sirius)
This was a place on the other side of the mountain that could be seen from the village. It took several tens of minutes to get there even by riding the dragon. In any case, they would be able to fight with full power without considering the damage to the village.
“If you understand, let’s start this. It seems like they are also waiting.” (Mejia)
When I turned sideways, the disciples were sitting on a rug. They were on a hill which was a bit away and they became the audience.
There was also Zenodora in his human form here, but originally, the chief, Asrad was here even though he shouldn’t leave the village.
He tried to go against Mejia’s will by saying with serious expression, so that Mejia wouldn’t overdoing things, but I could only think that his effort was completely waste of time.
“Nevertheless, you people are really calm. It won’t be unusual to die if human have a fight with the Dragonkin, you know?” (Asrad)
“That’s because it’s Aniki. It doesn’t matter even the opponent is a Dragonkin.” (Reus)
“Whoever the opponent is, Sirius-sama will certainly come back. Leaving that aside, would you like to have more bread?” (Emilia)
“Nomnom… I want three pieces, please.” (Reese)
“I want one more. How about you, Karen?” (Fia)
“I want it! Okaa-san, do you want to eat this too?” (Karen)
“Yes, I can eat too much, so shall I share half of it to Karen?” (Frenda)
We also brought her for study purpose, and next to her was the mother, Frenda.
Although Frenda had already recovered to the extent that she could walk alone, there was no plan to let her do that because it was excessive.
However, knowing that I would fight against Mejia, she lowered her head no matter how I looked at her. I thought that she wanted to stay with her daughter, but it didn’t seem to be that way.
I wasn’t sure about the detailed circumstances, but as a person who was entrusted to guide Karen, I should be careful not to show a cowardly figure.
“How about Asrad-sama and Zenodora-sama? I made these together with Sirius-sama this morning, so don’t hesitate to have some.” (Emilia)
“Hmm, let me have it. By the way, the thing you called croquette is really delicious. I never thought that potato would change this much.” (Asrad)
“I agree. The one with the black sauce put in the bread is the best.” (Zenodora)
I couldn’t hear the conversation well, but… the bunch over there had already started the picnic.
I didn’t really mind if they enjoy it, but I wanted them to be careful since they were at a distance that the aftermath of the battle seemed able to reach them.
Well, the disciples could protect themselves, and both Dragonkin, Asrad and Zenodora would protect–…
“Wait a sec, Zenodora. It is more delicious to eat the croquette alternately with this rice.” (Asrad)
“I can’t yield in this matter, Jii-san. It is best to have it in between of breads.” (Zenodora)
“No, it’s the rice!” (Asrad)
“It’s the bread!” (Zenodora)
Since the two of them loudly shouted, I could hear the content.
How should I say this… both of them were the top among the Dragonkin, but I thought that it was pitiful to see the fight between the ‘rice’ faction and the ‘bread’ faction.
I felt uneasy, but if Karen and Frenda would fall under a dangerous situation, the two Dragonkin would surely protect them.
“Damn… although I’m serious about this, the chief and Zenodora acting frivolously!” (Mejia)
And the one here was way too serious.
He was about to fly and complain about it, but I came closer to appease Mejia.
“Calm down. They aren’t the ones who will fight, so let them do whatever they like.” (Sirius)
“However, a duel is also a sacred ceremony. I can’t stand seeing such a frivolous attitude!” (Mejia)
“…Aren’t you also frivolous? While challenging me to a fight, why would you care about unrelated parties?” (Sirius)
“Hmm…” (Mejia)
“You are not going to say something like… not able to bring out your strength just because there are spectators, right? If you are a Dragonkin, don’t focus on other place and fight me.” (Sirius)
“…Yeah, I’m certainly being rude to you.” (Mejia)
It might because I was right, Mejia calmed down and lowered his head to me.
He seemed not a bad person since he properly apologize and admitted that he was at fault, but it seemed that Zenodora and Asrad didn’t know what to do since they already failed to be serious.
By the way, I was talking to Mejia in the usual way because honorifics were unnecessary if we were going to fight.
Anyhow, it would be better to start a fight before any more troublesome things happened.
I was fully equipped with the usual weapons and various small tools hidden around the body. Although I was confronted by Mejia, who was empty handed, in a certain distance, he came close to me with human form.
“…Are you going to fight in that form?” (Sirius)
“It’s hard to adjust the strength when I’m in dragon form. I’ll wait and see first.” (Mejia)
Even though Mejia said that, it didn’t mean that he was proud of himself or being careless.
It was natural to say that because once he was in the dragon form, he would be several times larger than me and all blows would be fatal.
In other words, he was probably allowing me to do the first move. Since Mejia didn’t move from where he stood, I slowly mustered my mind and leaped out.
“…Hah!” (Sirius)
“Hmmm!? But, with that degree of movement…!” (Mejia)
I activated [Boost] and leaped into his chest in one step, but Mejia probably able to see my movement. He accurately swung his fist in line with my movement.
At that moment when I activated [Mirage] that created an afterimage by releasing mana from the whole body, Mejia’s fist was scratching my cheeks together with the fierce sound of wind.
The afterimage scattered right away by the fierce fist, but I went to his flank during that gap. While kicking the back of the knee, I neck threw him to the ground.
It was a technique often used to neutralize opponent, but if it was done seriously, there was a possibility of killing since it hit the back of the opponent’s head.
However, the body of the Dragonkin was sturdy. There wasn’t much pain in the place where I struck strongly. I asked Zenodora and the three dragons to cooperate the day before, and I was taught about the Dragonkin’s sturdiness.
As I expected, Mejia calmly stood up, but…
“Since it is to be like this, I will–…” (Mejia)
“I thought you’d say that!” (Sirius)
Then, I let Mejia ate kicks strengthened with unsparing [Boost].
There was no way Mejia could stand firm in that unstable posture. He was kicked and greatly blown away from me while rolling on the stone pavement.
Although the distance was far away, I still chased after him while rapidly shooting [Impact]. Mejia was blown further away and crashed his back onto nearby stone pillar.
The pillar collapsed with an intense impulsive sound. Mejia’s body was buried within the debris, but… he stood up again as if nothing had happened.
“That was splendid. I never thought that human blows could ready this degree. But it didn’t work on me–…” (Mejia)
“No, that’s enough. I almost understand everything now.” (Sirius)
“You are awfully confident, but what did you understand?” (Mejia)
“Let me say this clearly. You can’t win against me as it is now.” (Sirius)
“…What did you say?” (Mejia)
Media showed that he was irritated when he heard my words, but I could say that because I had the confidence.
I was taught this by Zenodora and the three dragons. Since the Dragonkin were sturdy, they had the tendency to accept non lethal blows.
They were probably the best tribe to fight with a style of receiving damage to inflict more damage on the opponent.
It seemed that their scales could receive anything even the advanced magic, so it was natural because it was hard to avoid attack with the dragon’s large body.
He was sturdy even in the human form based on the blow just now, but since the weight was for some reason getting lighter according to the form, let alone the [Impact], he ended up being blown away just by my kick.
If I had to bring him down for real, I had to find an opening and ended it with [Anti Material].
That was why I could openly say that he couldn’t win, but in first place, this duel wasn’t about winning or losing.
“This duel is meaningless unless we both use everything we have. Transform quickly and come at me.” (Sirius)
While repeating the provocation, I remembered the situation when I was challenged by Mejia.

[In that case, I have a favor to ask. Will you… have a fight with me?] (Mejia)
Normally, I would think that Mejia challenged me because he wanted to get revenge on his brother, but since I couldn’t feel any murderous intent, I decided to ask in detail.
[Revenge? There is no such a thing. That guy–… no, my brother wasn’t only betrayed our brethren, he was also a criminal who committed taboo. It is normal for him to be killed.] (Mejia)
Although Mejia said that, what came to his mind when he was told about his brother from Asrad was confusion rather than anger.
It seemed that he couldn’t remain as it was. In fact, he came to me by instinct.
[However… I still can’t hate my brother completely. I didn’t see him killed our father, but I can’t forget him even though he only play with me once when I was a child.] (Mejia)
It might be because his serious personality. I felt that I was somehow understood his anguish.
Surely, that wasn’t the reason.
Whether Goraon was a criminal who committed the taboo, he was still the only brother to Mejia.
[So I want to know your strength. I want to feel that my brother was defeated by a strong man.] (Mejia)
The Dragonkin was a tribe who respect strong men, and he seemed to be proud of challenging them.
In other words, this wasn’t for getting revenge. It might not be necessary for me to fight and took that kind of risk since it was only for self satisfaction that Mejia wished to protect, even if Goraon was his proud brother.
However, it was a fact that I took Goraon down. I thought that I want to accept the challenge if it could clear his feelings even a little by fighting.
In addition… I had to get stronger that I was now.
If I stopped, Reus who was chasing after me would also stop progressing.
That was why I decided a fight with Mejia.

“…I didn’t expect that you would ask me to transform. You are strange.” (Mejia)
Mejia slowly got up because of my provocation and put up a ferocious smile.
I didn’t feel the madness, but since the smile was very similar to Goraon, I was able to convince that they were siblings after all.
“I am aware that I am strange. By the way, your brother was transforming right away, you know?” (Sirius)
“I’m different compared to him. How am I supposed to know that?” (Mejia)
“Don’t mind it. That’s what a duel is all about, right?” (Sirius)
“Yeah!” (Mejia)
As enormous mana overflowed at the same time, Mejia’s body was transforming into a dragon form.
I could feel the sense of intimidation when he only stood there. In addition, it would be fatal wounds even if I was grazed by his claws and fangs. Let alone kicking, I was going to fight an enormous body which wouldn’t affected by [Impact] from now.
It wasn’t my first time to fight against the Dragonkin, but since his size was obviously different compared to Goraon, I should consider this differently.
[Don’t disappoint me with that big mouth of yours!] (Mejia)
“Yeah, I got it.” (Sirius)
This feeling of tension… it was similar as when I fought the ‘Strongest Sword’ Jii-san and the ‘Magic Master’.
While embracing the long lasting feeling, I took a breath…
“…I’m going.” (Sirius)
The, I turned on the ‘Switch’.

— Shimifia —
“…He doesn’t change, isn’t it?” (Fia)
Although I had listened beforehand, I naturally leaked a sigh when watching Sirius who was attacking the dragon without fear.
The appearance of fighting against a strong enemy was awesome. Even though I believed that Sirius would be alright, there was another thing to worry about.
“It’s because he is Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)
“Yes. But, it is enough for me if he comes back safely.” (Fia)
Emilia, who had no doubt and believed in her Master, was calm. In the meantime, she was preparing towels and drinks while watching Sirius’s battle.
She was probably preparing for when the battle was over, but it was amazing for her to attend Sirius without break.
On the other hand, Reese was intently watching Sirius may be because she was more anxious and worried about him.
Although she made me wanted to protect her even if I was a woman, it was regrettable to say that many croquette breads in her hands were getting reduced by half.
By the way, I was half on both anxious and confidence, but when we thought like this, I felt that it was mysterious and balanced.
Well, even if there was anxiety, we were used to waiting, so it was fine for us…
“Uhm, Fia-Oneechan. Is Onii-san going to be alright?” (Karen)
“Ye-yeah! Mejia-san is considerably stronger man among the Dragonkin, you know? And when he transforms…” (Frenda)
It was natural for Karen and Frenda to feel panic because they didn’t know well about Sirius yet.
There was certainly a hopeless difference in physique of Human and Dragonkin, but it seemed that Sirius had something in mind because he planned to fight Mejia in that form from the beginning.
Anyhow, the battle would start from now on, so I had to finish what Sirius had asked me.
While stroking the head of Karen who anxiously looked up, I turned my eyes to where the battle was taking place.
“Karen. I understand that you are worried, but look closely at the battle over there. Sirius will show you the top of the magic he thought you.” (Fia)
“Do you mean [Impact] or [String]?” (Karen)
“Yes. Other than that, don’t overlook the magic that he plans to teach you from now on. Observing is also part of study.” (Fia)
“But it hurts if I don’t close my eyes…” (Karen)
“…It’s fine to blink your eyes.” (Fia)
“Alright!” (Karen)
Goodness… although this girl was smart, she was somehow absentminded. I guessed I couldn’t leave her alone.
But wasn’t she cute? I wondered if this was what Sirius said about tickling the maternal instincts.
As Karen began to observe quietly, I noticed that Frenda was staring at me.
As I expected, would it be rude for me to say something that her mother should say?
Because of that, I spoke while apologizing, but Frenda was shaking her head with a bitter smile.
“Aah, it’s not that. Although this is such a time, I have something I want to ask Shimifia-san.” (Frenda)
“You can call me Fia. So, what do you want to ask?” (Fia)
“Although Mejia-san had transformed, let alone Fia, why anyone else didn’t try to stop the fight? Am I weird to ask that?” (Frenda)
“Hehe, don’t worry. Frenda is normal. It’s just that we are slightly different.” (Fia)
I wasn’t sure about the two Dragonkin who were still arguing nearby, but we already got used to Sirius’ behavior.
Reus was trying to absorb the skill even a little so that was why he didn’t say anything from a little while ago and was watching the battle seriously. Among us, Reese was probably the most anxious, but she was preparing to concentrate mana while eating bread so that the treatment could be done anytime.
When I told that the battle would stop if it turned really bad, Frenda made a difficult expression while nodding.
“Alright… Then, I would like to ask one more thing. Aren’t you afraid of Sirius-kun? I have never seen someone fight a Dragonkin…” (Frenda)
“Sirius likes to train himself and compete, but he didn’t like the fight itself.” (Fia)
He always said it in order to protect the important people and to let his intention through.
As a proof, I was told the reason why Sirius accepted this fight last night. He said that it was to surpass his limit and other than that, it was to clear Mejia’s hesitation up.
But then, he quietly muttered that… if he became stronger, Reus, who was chasing his might, was expected to be stronger. To begin with, the number one reason was to show Karen the possibilities of non attribute.
Although he was saying one thing or another, it was all for the disciples rather than himself. That made me smile.
“You know, when Sirius fights, he often affects people who are watching. So, I want you to observe him without saying anything.” (Fia)
“…I understand.” (Frenda)
Frenda might be convinced with my words. After stroking Karen, she was looking at the two who were fighting over there.
The reasons why she was pushing such questions were because she was worried about Sirius and also wanted to know about him.
Since he was the person whom she entrusted her daughter, it was natural that she wanted to know about him even a bit.
As the fight gradually became intense, Sirius began to make heavy use of magic which he rarely used in general.
“Onii-san is flying in the sky!?” (Karen)
“That is not flying. He is making scaffolds with mana and [String]s. I think he will teach you someday, so please look carefully.” (Fia)
“The rubbles are flying in a strange direction. I wonder what on earth is that all about?” (Frenda)
“That is the application of [Impact] and [String]. I’m not sure what the reason is, but I’m sure there must be something.” (Fia)
Let alone [Impact], Sirius had been using [Magnum] which was something he was good at, but it didn’t seem very effective against Mejia.
To make matters worse, Sirius needed to move more than Mejia, so it looked like he was getting tired and starting to be gradually pushed.
However, I didn’t see Sirius giving up from his expression.
Well, it was natural since he was the person who told Reus that… he would rather die than giving up.
“Onii-san…” (Karen)
“Karen. Calm down and take a closer look at Sirius. Does he seem to give up?” (Fia)
‘With that, I was entrusted to explain to Karen. So, you… like always…’
“…Fight to your heart content… for everyone’s sake.” (Fia)

“…” (Hokuto)
“…..” (Hokuto)
“…….” (Hokuto)
“………Woof.” (Hokuto)
“He is sulking because he never gets a turn. Later, you will be stroked by Aniki, brushed, and you can play Frisbee with…” (Reus)
“No, Reus! Stay quietly until Sirius-sama returns!” (Emilia)
“Hmm… did you call me?” (Sirius)
“Awoooo—-!” (Hokuto)
“Hokuto? What’s wr–…. waahhhh!?” (Sirius)


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