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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 26

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Still unedited, but should be fine for the most part.Elysion Enrollment Examination

The capital city of Melifest, Elysion.
That is the one of the main cities in Melifest continent, and the first thing that travelers from other lands set their eyes upon, are the the giant ramparts that surround this huge land.
However the main point is neither the ramparts, nor the scale of it.
It is the fact that school, 『Elysion Academy』, exists here.
Existing nowhere in the Melifest continent but here, you gain considerable prestige by just managing to enroll in it.
The temperature change during the seasons is gentle, the ferocious monsters exterminated, abundant, easy to live land that naturally attracts people, and on top of it all, a famous place named school.
Elysion is without a doubt a city that could be called a metropolis.
When you look up the ramparts, the next thing to appear is a thing that is even higher – the castle.
That is where the king that rules this country lives, the reason this town is able to preserve peace with exceptionally talented people, is because of the king's capability, it seems. Misgovernment is almost non-existent, people can fulfillingly pass their days inside the ramparts, they say.
When I ask about the main point, the treatment of the beastkin, it seems apart from a part of nobles being annoying, there's no problem with them walking around and the discrimination that can be seen isn't that much. Even so, human race makes up the most, while the beastkin, around thirty percent of the whole population.
――Is what Zack taught me while we were waiting outside the ramparts.
There only way to to enter the town is through the the gates that are set up only in two places of the ramparts, and of course they are stuffed with soldiers guarding them. That is where they inspect for suspicious people and social status, and after a harsh inspection one finally gets to enter the city.
It is faster, if you can prove yourself as one from Galgan company, but if you don't have such a thing you get cross examined, in any case this takes time. That seems to be the case for the ones before us, so we've been made to wait for almost thirty minutes.
And so Reus is practice-swinging near the carriage, anyway, that's why since we have nothing to do, I was asking about the town.
「There also were beastkin among school's students, so there shouldn't be problems for Emilia and Reus」(Zack)
「That's good. If it's here, you'll be able to take off the robe」(Sirius)
「Seems so. More than that, Sirius-sama, could I have a collar put on me?」(Emilia) TLN: Dat bombshell :D
「Since we have to clearly declare to the surroundings that I belong to Sirius-sama. Even if I am treated as slave, if I am Sirius-sama's, I would be honored instead」(Emilia)
「Wait, wait, wait! Even if you're fine with it, I'm not. It's rejected, rejected」(Sirius)
Could you stop getting depressed for real?
If there was a meter for loyalty points, wouldn't it be so off charts that it would break through the top of it, I wonder?
「Well, Emilia's statement was a bit weird, but it's a thing you should think about」(Zack)
「You too, what are you talking about」(Sirius)
「No, it's because Emilia is cute even from my standpoint. It's not limited to beastkin, but I've heard that some nobles start wanting them and go for abduction, so if there's an easily understandable mark that states ownership, it could act as a precaution, is what I'm talking about」(Zack)
As expected, if people gather, just from that, darkness is born, I suppose.
She, who's been trained wouldn't necessarily be easily abducted, but you can't win against numbers, so I should be careful even if we go under school's protection.
「Zack-san is also saying that, so please give me a collar sometime. Well……….I would not mind if is a ring either」(Emilia)
「Aah, yeah….. I'll think about it」(Sirius)
「Aniki! It's a huuuge castle, isn't it! The gate seems sturdy, but I wonder if I cut it with my sword?」(Reus)
Nice one, Reus. It became an excuse to change the topic, but I have a problem that remark, since it might cause some weird misunderstandings.
「Don't. I don't want them to think we came attack the castle」(Sirius)
「Got it, aniki」(Reus)
「Hahaha, Reus is full of energy, isn't he ?」(Zack)
That's when our turn finally came, and at last we got into Elysion.
With Zack of Galgan company as intermediary our inspection was quickly over. Originally, those who cannot prove themselves 「1」, have to pay a bit of money after the inspection, but that's where Zack vouched for us and payed the money.
「Sorry to make you pay the entrance fee」(Sirius)
「Don't worry, compared to the case with the bandits and the new merchandise, it's an insignificant thing. By the way, what are you going to do from here?」(Zack)
「School's entry examination is from tomorrow, so first is an inn」(Sirius)
「Then let's go to the inn I'm staying at. It's an inn I use every time I come here, but it's good from safety standpoint and the food is delicious, so I recommend it」(Zack)
「Yeah, this is my first time here, so I don't know my right from my left in this place, so let's go with that」(Sirius)
It's almost evening time, but Zack took us to the in before delivering the merchandise.
「This is the inn 『Spring Breeze's Perch』. I'll go talk things out with the landlady for a bit」(Zack)
It was a two-floor wooden construction inn, about three times the size of our house.
Coming in from the entry there's a lobby, shifting eyes to the side there's a dining hall right beside it, where you can see the guests eating. Seems it also doubles as a bar, as there are ones drinking alcohol in a good mood. First floor is half dining hall and half innkeeper’s residence, and the second floor is mainly guest's lodging facilities, I suppose.
While I was grasping the nature and facilities of the place and noting down escape routes, which is probably the influence of my previous world, Zack rung the bell on the counter in the lobby.
「Yes, Yeees. Oh, if it isn't Zack」(???)
「Good evening, landlady. I'll be in your care this time as well」(Zack)
What came out was a human female in her forties. She was of a bit plump figure, welcoming Zack with a sociable, gentle smile.
「Are you fine with the usual one single room? Ara, there are some kids I'm not familiar with. Are they yours, perhaps?」(Landlady)
「You know I'm not married, don't you? These people came with me just now, so took them here to introduce this inn」(Zack)
「Ara, thanks for contributing to our profit. Welcome, I'm the landlady of this place, Rona. There are a few rooms free, what shall you do?」(Rona)
「Please take care of us as well. There's three of us, so a double room for men, and a single room for a wom…..」(Sirius)
「One triple or a large room please!」(Emilia)
Before I finished saying the room assignments, Emilia came to front and told her demands. Wait a little, I don't really want to say this, but would one usually push aside one's master and talk?
「Ara, what a lovely child. In short, you three customers want to have the same room, huh. But you're girl, jou-chan, are you okay with that?」(Rona)
「Yes, this is my brother, and if it's my master Sirius-sama, there are no problems」(Emilia)
「Of course!」(Reus)
「Alright, well then, let's make it a big room that is in the back」(Rona)
They just decided by themselves. Well, I don't want to let the two out of my sight, so I don't really mind, but I wonder what should I do with this unclear feeling.
「It's only one day for Zack, but how long are you going to stay?」(Rona)
「Right. There's the exam for tomorrow, and how long will it take for us to set into the dorms?」(Sirius)
「According to what I heard from onee-chan, seems it would take at least three days」(Emilia) TLN: She's referring to Noel if you forgot.
「I've also heard it's about that long. Landlady, going with five days to be safe, how much is the fee?」(Zack)
「Let's see….With three meals and a large room it's a bit expensive, so three silver coins, I suppose?」(Rona)
I don't know if three silver coins is expensive or cheap, but a large room with meals included, I guess it's on the cheaper side. When I try to take silver coins from my chest pocket, Zack stepped forward and handed four silver coins.
「This is mine and theirs share. Don't worry about the change」(Zack)
「Ara, how generous for one meticulous with money like you. Did something happen?」(Rona)
「Despite how they look, they are quite amazing, you see. I got helped in various ways on while coming here this time」(Zack)
「Are they perhaps nobles? I am very sorry, I'll fix my attitude immediately!」(Rona)
The landlady jumped out of the counter and tried to very deeply lower her head, so I stopped her while panicking. Noble power is amazing, are you counted as disrespectful if you don't this much?
「Uhh, we're not nobles, but normal commoners, so no need to be so respectful, please interact with us normally」(Sirius)
「Yeah landlady. Danna isn't a noble, but he's a gentleman with even more possibilities than that. He'll be a frequent customer of Galgan company, so I would like to look after him even after I go back」(Zack)
「Alright, I understand. I would have done it originally, but I shall service you customers in all sincerity」(Rona)
The landlady that went back to her original position, bowed to us after taking out the guest book. Not as much as kaa-san, but a quite magnificent bow. Oops, rather than the landlady, is Zack.
「Zack, I would feel bad to have you pay lodging fee as well. Here, three silver coins」(Sirius)
「Did you see that landlord, that's the kind of proper gentleman this is. Anyway just like a while ago, please let me pay for it」(Zack)
「I'm sorry, but may I cut in?」(Rona)
While smiling, the landlady came in to intervene between us, who were shifting silver coins towards each other.
「Please let Zack pay here and save face. He too is a merchant, so he won't be able accept it if he doesn't tie loose ends properly」(Rona)
「Just like the landlady says. I'll be leaving tomorrow, so please let me do at least this much」(Zack)
Seeing them both lowering their heads, I lost the will to say anything. If he starts saying something like tying loose ends, then it can't be helped, I'll go along with Zack here. However, the landlady is good at mediating. As expected from one managing lodging business, which involves various people.
「Alright, I'll thankfully take you up on that」(Sirius)
「Thanks. Well then, landlady, I leave the rest to you. I'll come again after delivering the merchandise」(Zack)
「Okay, have a safe trip. Well then, customers, please sign your names here」(Rona)
After seeing off Zack, we wrote down our names in the guest book. I took a look at the previously written names, but I wonder why is there a lot of the same handwriting?
「Sirius-sama, Emilia-sama, Reus-sama, is it. Not only can everybody write, but the letters are really clean too. Since there are quite a lot of people that cannot write, I often write on their behalf」(Rona)
「That's why there's a lot of the same handwriting. So this is an inn oriented towards the commoners, not the nobles」(Sirius)
「Exactly. We are aiming to be an inn where commoners can relax. Though seeing your politeness and attire, it wouldn't be weird to mistake you for nobles」(Rona)
Putting politeness aside, our attire is that of adventurers, so which part looks like that, I wonder.
「Ah, not good. Our luggage is still left in the carriage. Reus, let's chase after Zack-san」(Emilia)
「Got it, nee-chan」(Reus)
I see….the hair. Because commoners don't care about the luster of their hair that much.
Especially Emilia, who, to be a servant appropriate for me, learned the way to arrange one's personal appearance directly from kaa-san. The shiny silver hair is smooth anytime you look, doesn't make you think of her as an uncouth adventurer.
「Well then, I'll guide you to the room when the two come back. The dining hall will be closing in two hours, what will you do about dinner?」(Rona)
「I want to eat together with Zack, but I don't really know when he'll be back」(Sirius)
「Galgan company's branch store is not far from here, and it seems he'll be just checking and handing over the merchandise, it won't take even an hour. Shall I tell him to come to your room to call you after he comes back?」(Rona)
「Then please do so」(Sirius)
The pair came back right after that, so we were led to the room we checked into.
Seems the large room was originally for four people, as there were four beds, but because of that, other space is small, so it's a room precisely only for sleeping.
Unfortunately, however, there's no bath. In this world maintenance costs for baths is high, so for the most part, apart from noble's mansions, there are no baths in private homes. When I was in our house, I homebuilt one from a pseudo-drum, and went into a drum bath. 「2」
Usually, washing yourself with a towel soaked in warm water is mainstream, but as expected of the continent's number one metropolis. Charge is a bit on the higher side, but there's a public bath-like establishment, so I was told I could use that.
We placed our luggage, and sat down on the bed to take a breather.
One thing or another, you really can't rest during a travel, as I thought, having a bed is relaxing.
「I guess let's talk a bit until Zack comes back. We're going to take the entry test tomorrow, you do remember the contents?」(Sirius)
「Interview with the lecturers and magic practical skill test, right?」(Emilia)
「Correct. What's important during the practical, is to not let voiceless incantations be found out. Doesn't matter what, just make sure to whisper something before the magic's name」(Sirius)
As one would expect, using voiceless incantations at this age would cause them to probe into various things. Explaining that imagination is important is hard to explain, and I feel like foolishly announcing it, would result in a serious protest from hard-headed researchers. The times can't keep up with too sudden changes, and it's not like I want to get famous in the first place, so if we can use it, that's enough.
If we whisper incantation-like words during practical test, they should take it as incantation shortening.
「I was mostly swinging the sword, so I'm not too good with magic」(Reus)
「It's alright Reus. Seems like they only want to see if you can use magic or not, so there's no problem with it being elementary level. You might as well show them that」(Emilia)
「That, huh….is it okay?」(Reus)
「Not a problem. I don't know in what kind of a situation you'll be doing it, but you can show it off to the school's people」(Sirius)
「Got it. I'll show them aniki's direct teachings!」(Reus) 「3」
I just taught him the general idea, I didn't actually use it, though. Reus became able to use it purely because of his ability and results of his efforts.
「I am more worried about the interview part. How will your manner of speech will influence it……」(Emilia) TLN: Yeah, Reus is still speaking in that childish and overly energetic way.
「You're right about that. Will your polite speech be alright?」(Sirius)
「It'll be fine, aniki. I'll make it somehow with basics taught by Erina-san」(Reus)
There are a lot of people every year, so I don't think they'll spend few hours on one, but because of his usual actions, I feel uneasy.
Especially recently he's been eager to see if he can cut sturdy things, so things can start turning into a dangerous direction, if he gets careless.
「What's left is Sirius-sama, but… there shouldn't be any problem」(Emilia)
「Yeah. Worrying about aniki is just pointless」(Reus)
Seems they do an attribute assessment before the practical test, I don't know how them confirming my colourless impact it but….. well, guess I'll manage somehow.
「Leave it to me, I'll make it somehow or the other. Worst case, even if I fail, I'll have someone like Galgan company hire me, and flourish as a corps that delivers ingredients to Dee and the others.」(Sirius)
「Of course, we will be coming too」(Emilia)
「If bandits and the like come, I'll send them all flying!」(Reus)
The siblings are coming to school, because they want to be together in the first place, so even I alone fail, it think they'll calmly kick their qualification and come along. What reliable disciples.
As we went on with preparations for tomorrow, the two, who were resting on bed pricked up their ears and started getting wary. Relax, it's not an enemy.
「Oーi, dannaー」(Zack)
What could be heard together with door knocking, was Zack's voice. Emilia tried to immediately open the door, but Reus stopped her. Ooh, seems you understand. Even if it's a voice of an acquaintance, doors aren't to be carelessly opened.
「……Anikis are?」(Reus) 「4」
「The best!」(Zack)
I fell over.
Which part, when did you decide to use a password, or the contents of the password, there's a lot I want to retort to.
While I was holding my head in my arms, the door was opened, and Zack appeared with a satisfied smile on his face.
「I made you wait. I'm touched you especially waited for me to eating」(Zack)
「Aah, yeah, let's go eat for the time being」(Sirius)
「You said the food here is very delicious. I am looking forward to it」(Emilia)
「It is, this place's grilled Jaora Snake is the best」(Zack)
「I don't think it will win out to aniki, but it sounds delicious!」(Reus)
We harmoniously headed to the dining hall, and it became a dinner which doubled as a bit of a party.
「Well then, for you guys' successful passing of school―― 」(Zack)
「Wait a minute. We haven't even yet been at school, though.」(Sirius)
「Ehー? But I can't really even imagine you failing」(Zack)
「Even so. Here, there's the meeting with Zack, among various other things」(Sirius)
「That's good as well. Then, To me and you meeting, cheers」(Zack)
We had a bit of a rough start, but anyway, the party began.
We ate Zack's recommended Jaora Snake, despite it having a strong flavor due to oil sunk into it, it's tasty. ……More like, this is just an eel. I'd like to eat it with some kabayaki sauce, but it's regrettable that I can't make it, since there's no soy sauce. 「5」
「I cannot eat a lot of this, but it is very delicious. I can see why it is worth recommending」(Emilia)
「I like it too. It like, just goes well with bread, anyway, tasty!」(Reus)
「Uーn, I think this would go best with rice, though」(Sirius)
「Rice? Is it a garnish that suits this meat?」(Emilia)
「What's rice, aniki? Is it a new dish?!」(Reus)
「Hohoh! I would like to hear more about that」(Zack)
Since the trio asked while leaning forward, I briefly explained the shape, natural growing conditions and the like, and also the soy sauce. The siblings aside, Zack is a merchant. If I explain it to him, he might just be able to find it somewhere. Gadd did find that pseudo-sauce that Dee asked for.
「Understood. I'll try looking for it after getting back to Almest」(Zack)
「I'll leave it to you. Nevertheless, you have it rough, Zack. Spending a few days delivering to Elysion and you have to go back the next day」(Sirius)
「Hahaha, usually I stay for a couple of days, but this time is an exception. Since we have to have to suitably return the favour to that company using the bandit's testimony. You lose, if you get looked down upon」(Zack)
「Yeah, you lose if you get looked down upon!」(Reus)
「They made us have quite a bitter experience, so when aniki hears this, he'll be really up for it. Since aniki will probably be back about the same time as me, after that our company will gather together and crush them!」(Zack)
Zack is raring to go for it. We were fine one way or another, we did get attacked, so it's only natural for guys, who do foolish things like that, get crushed.
「This time I really felt my lack of power. You made an opportunity for us to crush the source of our trouble, so even if it's by chance, I'm really glad to have met danna and the others」(Zack)
「It's not like I aimed for it, but since I did set up the table, do it so they don't cause any future trouble」(Sirius)
「Roger. Next time I come here, I'll bring some gifts with aniki」(Zack)
The dinner continued with a calm mood, and we ended our day.
The next day, after seeing off Zack, who went back to Almest early in the morning, we came to our objective, Elysion academy.
「Haa~…..It is big」(Emilia)
「It's huge. So this will be our new home」(Reus)
Just like the two says, the school is so big, you could mistake it for a castle….no, it's already a castle. Looking from outside the town, it's hidden behind the castle where the king lives, so you can't see it, but I didn't think the back side had a castle of exactly the same level.
「Now then, where's the examination venue?」(Sirius)
「Sirius-sama, the people are gathering over there. There are a lot of young people, so it is probably there」(Emilia)
In the direction Emilia was looking there was indeed a crowd, and after getting closer there was a sign put up, saying "Enrollment examination venue". There was a building with "Reception" written on it, so we headed there.
I turned my eyes over to other enrollment applicants on the way there, but most of them were dressed like nobles. As expected the beastkin were a minority. Even so, there were cat-eared or rabbit-eared, various races that had different ears than the sibling's wolf ears, were chatting, gathered in a place away from the nobles. Seems like several factions are already in the making.
There was a mildly looking young man sitting at the reception, and after noticing us he started talking.
「Hello, did you come to take the enrollment test?」(Receptionist)
「Yes. With me included, we three came to take it」(Sirius)
「I see. By the way, do you have the money for the enrollment? Sorry, but sometimes there are ones that come as a joke」(Receptionist)
「It is alright. It is fifteen gold coins, right?」(Sirius)
「That it is. Well then, since there's three of you, that's forty-five. In exchange for the gold coins it's a rule for this to be handed to you」(Receptionist)
While saying that, what he showed us was a pendant embedded with a jade gem, and a number engraved on the bottom.
「This is proof of one taking the test, so always hang it on your neck. It is engraved with a magic circle that attacks the one wearing it if it leaves the school grounds, don't run away with it」(Receptionist)
「Understood. Then, these are the gold coins」(Sirius)
The money I earned doing various things, gone, just like that. It's not like I regret it, but it makes you think about it.
After the young man finished counting the coins, he put them away into a box, and handed each of us a pendant and one piece of paper. Seems like it is a school guide pamphlet, so we put on the pendants, and read it in a place a bit away from there.
The start of the exam is in a few hours, after gathering in the school's annex, firstly we'll start from writing our own profiles, it seems. It says that those that can't read and write, don't have the qualifications to take it, and you can't consult with anyone in the venue, so at that point, you're out.
After that, the interview and the practical test will take place at the same time, in groups of five. Looks like a number of teachers will be split up among a few rooms and examining, so the rotation rate doesn't seem that bad.
Right after that the results are announced, and after a few days, it's the enrollment ceremony… how it goes. By the way, ones who failed, five gold coins will be returned, when turning in the pendant, it seems. For this kind of world, the after care service is properly done, so I think it's proof that not only the school has leeway, but on top of that it has an excellent headmaster.
When I tell my thoughts to the siblings, they said to me while pointing at the headmaster's words written on the pamphlet.
「The headmaster seems to be this man named Rodwell. Ah, looks like he is of elven race」(Emilia)
「Elves are really long-living race, aren't they. Awesome, according to this he's over four hundred years old」(Reus)
「Though elves are a rare race that are aimed at, if you get this famous it makes you harder to aim at you instead. I wonder what kind of person he is」(Sirius)
「You have met an elf, right Sirius-sama?」(Emilia)
「Indeed. I wonder what she's doing right now……」(Sirius)
It's a law that Fia can't leave her hometown forest for ten years. It's been a little bit over three years since then, so meeting her is still quite far away in the future.
「Well then, we've got the information, so it's about time to enter the venue. My number is… One hundred fifty-six」(Sirius)
「Mine is one hundred fifty-five」(Emilia)
「Mine's one hundred fifty-four」(Reus)
「Aah, then I'm the only one going with another group. It's not something I should say this late, but it's fine if you just believe your abilities and go at it as usual. Do your best」(Sirius)
And so, we attended the enrollment examination.――― Rodwell ―――

I am the headmaster of Elysion academy, Rodwell
I'm glad to see a lot of energetic, youthful freshmen gathering this year as well.
Now then, from today onwards, for a few days enrollment examination will be taking place, but the first day has the most examinees.
From what I heard from the receptionist, today we have a hundred and sixty-three people. If it's like the last year, it will eventually go over three hundred, but as I thought, the first day is the hardest.
After the venue's examinees are done writing their profiles, next they are called into separate rooms in groups of five and the interview starts.
Even if I say profile, it's a simple thing, stating your name, attribute, and magic you're good at. My school's teachers personally inspect them while looking at that profile, and decides on the result after seeing the magic. Generally tenth of the entirety fails out of tension or lack of aptitude, but that can't be helped. They'll have to try again, or give up thinking they don't have what it takes.
Now then, this is that kind of interview but….they wouldn't even dream that there's me, the headmaster, mixed in among the teachers. Of course after disguising myself that I wouldn't be found out I'm an elf.
As expected, I can't see all of them, but seeing young ones doing their best like this is fun, I look forward to it a little every year. I regret there are a lot of problems, like the fact that I'm together with Gregory-sensei. He's a man of excellent talent with affinity for fire and earth attributes, but that arrogant attitude that looks down on everyone who's not a noble, stands out. Truthfully I want to discharge him immediately, but he's a high ranking noble, so it will become a troublesome thing if I play my hand poorly. Seems like he's plotting something lately, I'm worrying if I should put someone to watch him.
Putting my depressing thoughts aside, let's look at the future's main stars, the freshmen.
「My attribute is earth. I can't use offensive magic yet, but I am good at making dolls」(Commoner)
「Fire is mainstream in our house, and I, not shaming that name, am also good at fire. I shall show you the 『Flame Lance』, that has been passed down for generations.」(Noble 1)
「Wind the pinnacle of everything, and my wind is the strongest. The moment I enroll, a legend will be born in the school」(Noble 2)
「One like me expressly came to enroll. If one of our house enrolls, this, without a doubt, shall become a respected school」(Noble 3)
「Uhh….I'm good at water. I can't use offensive magic… and am completely hopeless with fire magic」(Blue-haired girl)
……Hmm, as expected, most of them are nobles.
There some promising ones among the nobles as well, but there's a lot of arrogant ones, too proud of their house name.
Especially, it seems there are a few misunderstanding idiots, trying to bribe the examining teachers. Regrettably there are teachers that agree to it….investigating and purging is up in the future.
Haa…. there were a lot of youths not too proud of their strength, repeating cultivating themselves, in the olden days but…. recently the quality just keeps on falling. I was looking forward to this examination every year, but having the sluggish reality thrust into my face, the enjoyment has become dim.
The nobles, that brag around, just because they're a little bit good at magic, the beastkin, who only barricade themselves among their own, and don't even try to learn of outside. The nobles are especially bad. Even though the school publicly announces that it doesn't take into consideration social status, there's been increase in cases of them brandishing their house name and threatening commoners and beastkin.
It might be about time to think about retirement. When I was thinking that….I met them.
「Number one hundred fifty-four, Reus Silvarion」(Reus)
「Number one hundred fifty-five, Emilia Silvarion」(Emilia)
The interview room becomes noisy. It was a pair from the silver wolf tribe, which is rare in this continent. Looking at the profiles, seems they are siblings, especially Reus, who's barely of age to enroll.
But the reason for the noise isn't because they are of rare race. Their clothes are those of the adventurers, that commoners wear, but their posture is astonishing, and with just that one bow they showed just now, refined to the point it wouldn't be weird to mistake them for servants of the king.
On top of that, their appearance. Glossy silver hair, without any mess, tight muscles which are a sign of their proper eating habits. It's written that they are commoners, but they are elegant to the point you would actually misjudge them for nobles.
Above all, they are not tense at all. As if saying that them being here is completely natural, they are sitting confidently with their chests stuck out.
「Hmph… Subhumans worrying about their appearance」(Gregory)
「You're being imprudent, Gregory-sensei」(Rodwell)
Good grief, beastkin or not, ones this well-ordered are rare eveng amongst humans. This just became interesting.
After the introduction is the attribute assessment. Touching the magic circle put up in the middle. It's also done to so investigate if there are no mismatches between the colour of the crystal and the profile.
Seems like Reus-kun's is fire, because the crystal is glowing in red color, but what a beautiful shade of red it is. As if embodying that this is exactly the colour of fire, the red light fascinated the teachers to the point of making them let out an "oooh".
Next was Emilia-kun, but the crystal glowed in green colour of her aptitude of wind. The more aggregate mana you possess, the stronger the light, but her glow is so strong it makes one want to cover one's eyes. If the intensity is this high, she probably easily surpasses an average magician. No, she might even have more aggregate mana than the teachers here.
The other three were normal. No points worth mentioning, so I'm omitting that.
「Well then, Reus Silvarion. Can you show us your magic?」(Examiner)
And now, the long awaited practical.
One side of the interview room is open to the outside, where there are human shaped targets made by ones with earth attribute. It's just hitting them with magic, but I'm looking forward to what kind of a thing he'll do.
「Ummm…..You see I am not really good with long-range magic」(Reus) TLN: Reus speaking in formal speech here. Kind of.
「What? Don't tell me you can't even do a simple 『Flame』? As I thought demihumans only amount to this much」(Gregory)
「Gregory-sensei, you are to be silent. And so, what is it you want to do, Reus-kun?」(Rodwell)
「My magic is unique, you see, so I have to get close to my target. So I thought that if the target is that far, you will not be able to see it」(Reus)
「Is that so. Magna-sensei, please」(Rodwell)
One of the examiners, Magna-sensei is user or earth magic, so for him increasing the targets is of no trouble at all. In a blink of an eye, the was an enemy earth doll before Reus-kun's eyes.
「Well then, please do it on that enemy」(Rodwell)
「Understood. Wrap my fist in flames……『Flame Knuckle』」(Reus)
When he chants the magic's name, a huge flame burst out of his right fist. That flame is burning in a way that envelops the whole right arm, but there's no sign of him feeling the heat.
While every examinee and teacher, except his sister, were watching in a daze, he swung that fist towards the target. Together with crushing sound the earth doll shattered, and what's left of the singed clump of earth, was just tragically laying there.
Of course there's also his physical strength, but at just eight years old the power that doesn't lose out to a 『Flame Lance』, and the shortness of the incantation, call only for one word – amazing.
I have lived for over four hundred years, but ones that use flame by wearing it are rare. Because it's powerful, but if you hesitate towards the flame and mistake the control, it turns into a double-edged sword that burns you as well.
Even so, he did that calmly, without even a sign of hesitation.
Either he's stupid enough to not care if he gets burned, or the one teaching him was just that skillful. No, with this much control and strength, he's definitely receiving teaching from someone.
「Chii… …Isn't it just defective magic if you can't use it if you're not close」(Gregory)
Beside me Gregory-sensei is whispering, but he just doesn't understand. Indeed, you can't use it if you don't get close, but when he does, that kind of power would do in even you. If you look down on him just because he's a beastkin, you'll get the rug pulled from under you, fool.
「N-Next, Emilia Silvarion, please show your magic」(Examiner)
After gracefully standing up, while gleaming her long silver hair, she directed her hand towards the target.
The little brother showed that kind of magic. Just because she's an older sister, doesn't necessarily mean she's stronger, but despite that, you still end up anticipating.
「O wind, rip to pieces 『Air Slash』」(Emilia)
What!? Not only is her mana convergence speed is faster than the younger brother, but she also shortened a mid-level incantation this much?
I can't believe it…. but the wind did blow through, so it seems like the magic activated.
「…..There's nothing happening」(Gregory)
Just as gregory-sensei said, though that was clearly a clean hit, the target didn't move even by a tiny bit.
That's weird, there were definitely signs of magic activating… what does this mean?
『Air Slash』 is a mid-level magic that send short-ranged, but sharp wind blades. Originally it would easily cut that kind of target in half.
「Stirring us up like that, this is what happens when you put on airs and try to use something like mid-level magic. Just quickly use some elementary magic and step back」 (Gregory)
「No, it's already over. An impact of wind….. 『Air Shot』」(Emilia)
This magic is one step lower than 『Air Slash』, but still, this is fast!
Releasing it as if just by lightly swinging her hand, this is as fast…. no faster than our school's teachers.
Her released 『Air Shot』 hit the head part of the target, but disappeared after lightly touching it. This magic should have enough power to shatter that target, though….didn't that just shake the target a little?
I don't know whose words were those. When you just thought that countless incisions appeared on the enemy, it fell apart into a few parts.
Which means, there wasn't just one blade of wind, but at least four, released at the same time. And that sharp of a blade that magic control to not let it fall apart until it receives an impact. One more hell of a freshman showed up.
「That is all」(Emilia)
And so, after a graceful bow, she returned to her seat.
Now then, for the results…. the three fulfilled the requirements, and there's nothing left to say about the siblings. Since even beastkin-hating Gremory-sensei isn't saying anything.
「Well then, these ones, all of them pass, is that fine?」(Rodwell)
「N-no objections」(Examiner)
「No objections」(Magna)
「Kh…. No objections」(Gregory)
To my words, the five sitting started to rejoice, with their stone faces off. Especially the siblings, as if saying it's only natural, were silently rejoicing, while hitting each other's palms.
All that's left for them is to take their leave, but I was interested, so I called out to stop the pair.
「I'm sorry, but could you two wait a little?」(Rodwell)
「Yes….what is it?」(Emilia)
「Aah, there's no change to you passing, so you can be at ease」(Rodwell)
The two stopped while having an expression of wondering, and faced towards me. I heard a clicking tongue beside me, but I'll be ignoring that.
「Both of your magic was truly magnificent. By the way, could you tell me if you learned your magic from someone's guidance? Or did you train it out by yourselves?」(Rodwell)
「We were taught by the person we respect the most」(Emilia)
「Hou? If would be alright with you, could you tell me his name?」(Rodwell)
「It is Sirius-sama. The personage, who is our goshujin-sama」(Emilia) 「6」
「Master? Are you two servants?」(Rodwell)
「That is so. He's a wonderful personage, that saved and educated us. We feel proud to be servants of that personage」(Emilia)
To her clear cut, confident answer, the little brother brother behind her, was also nodding his head.
After asking what I wanted to ask, and letting the two take their leave, we were going over the conversation just now, while taking a short rest.
「You heard the conversation. Do you remember hearing that name before?」(Rodwell)
「I don't. The sharpness of that wind though, I thought she studied under Dora of the Storm」(Examiner)
「I don't recall hearing it either. A magician who can teach this kind of magic, should be famous」(Magna)
「Who cares about someone who has demihumans for servants!」(Gregory)
I wasn't asking you.
In any case, training servants to this level level of strength, and be respected from the heart, who is this Sirius, I wonder?
Should I've asked for a bit more characteristics? Oh well, their enrollment has already been decided, so I can ask them later.
「Uhh….Headmaster. Please look at this profile」(Examiner)
「N? That name was not mentioned on either of their profiles, right?」(Rodwell)
「No, not her profile, at the name of the next examinee….」(Examiner)
「Hmmm….This is!?」(Rodwell)
Number one hundred fifty-six…..Sirius Teacher.
Is this a coincidence? No, since it's a sequential number, there's a high chance that he has a connection with that pair. Age….Eight years old!? I don't believe he trained a pair as strong as that. Are their names just matching?
However…..I feel like even the name, is just too good to be a coincidence.
「He is on standby for the adjacent interview room No. 2…..What shall you do?」(Examiner)
「Please tell them immediately, that we'll be in charge of him here」(Rodwell)
After seeing off the hastily leaving teacher, I leaned back on the backrest and closed my eyes.
Reus-kun's fist of flame, and Emilia-kun's refined wind magic. One's with beyond exceptional talent, that I have not seen in a while, two of them appeared simultaneously. On top of that, the boy with a name similar to that, of the one who they were trained by.
Now then….I don't know if he is the pair's master or not, but what is he?
Personally, I wish from the bottom of my heart for him to be that master.
How did he train those two, and how much of a talent does he have himself?
When I noticed, I was, unbecoming of my age, getting excited like little child.
1 As in your identity and stuff, not a fricking gauntlet, in case you were wondering.
2 If you don't get an image of one, here, I'll make it easier for you
3 The specific term used here is 「直伝 」, this is as close as you can get to it in english, so yeah.
4 Since it's not clear, I used a plural, because both of them have one. Gadd is the one Zack refers to like that, if you haven't picked up on it yet.
5 I swear, I think I'll be an expert on food when (And if) I finish translating this novel :D
6 That is a word, I haven't seen in a while… If you forgot about it go look up chapter 20, since as stated this is the only form of it i'll leave like that


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