Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 122

Chapter 122 The Results of Having Taken in Various Ways
I hadn’t been walking around the town yet, but I had simply listened about this country from Emilia and Fia.
The name of the Beast King who ruled Arbitray where many beastkin lived was… Eisen Diaz. (TLN: The name in raw is アイゼン・ディアルス)
In addition to having the strength not to shame his forged muscles, the one who was called as the Beast King was a Lionkin who had a fitting ability.
I judged that he severely doted the daughter, but since the daughter was loved by everyone, it seemed to be a slight problem in this country.
I got acquainted with his daughter, Mary Diaz, but it seemed that the Beast king had another child.
He was Mea’s brother, Keith Diaz. (TLN: The name in raw is キース・ディアルス)
He was a young man who was two years older than me. However, he wasn’t a Lionkin like his father, but a Tigerkin instead.
The mother of Mea and Keith… the wife of the Beast King was…
“Isabella. Did you also come back because you worried about her?” (Eisen)
…Isabella Diaz. (TLN: The name in raw is イザベラ・ディアルス)
The tall Tigerkin woman who held a body with proportion not amusing to a model approached Reus.
While having her white long hair fluttering like snow, Isabella turned around because of the Beast King words, and quietly nodded.
She was still on Keith’s back though.
“Mother. Please step aside…” (Keith)
“…” (Isabella)
She stepped on her son’s back as if it was a natural thing to do, but it seemed that it wasn’t on purpose.
Isabella quietly got off Keith’s back due to the appeal and then he stood behind Keith who got up. She kept unleashing a sense of intimidation while giving a sharp look toward Mea.
It seemed that spoiled his start, but Keith, who got dust on his body, pointed at us while getting a fresh start.
“I heard from a messenger, Oyaji! He told me that Mea had collapsed because that human adventurer taught her magic!” (Keith)
“Calm down, Keith. It’s already settled.” (Eisen)
“You bastard! I heard that you did a terrible thing to my sister!” (Keith)
Keith, who didn’t listen to his father, glared at me while approaching closer, but Reus came in between and stopped his move.
“Wait. What are you going to do to Aniki?” (Reus)
“Unrelated person can shut up. I definitely can’t forgive this guy!” (Keith)
“I’m stopping you because I am related. Don’t you think you can ignore me and lay your hand on Aniki!” (Reus)
As they stood side by side, Keith was slightly taller. Looking at the forged muscles like Rues, I judged that he was considerably trained.
The glaring between them continued, and when they clasped fists at the same time…
“‘House’, Reus.” (Sirius)
“Ouu!” (Reus)
“I said calm down!” (Eisen)
“Guhaa!?” (Keith)
Since they would destroy the guest room if they fought here, the fight was interrupted by my command and the Beast King fist that was swung down.
Although it wasn’t about as Isabella, the speed of stepping in displayed by the Beast King was truly remarkable.
“Ouch! What are you doing, Oyaji?!” (Keith)
“You, what were you planning to do? Listen to me first. You too, Isabella.” (Eisen)
“…” (Isabella)
Isabella, who was staring at a certain point, nodded at the words of the Beast King. The three of them turned their back to us and shared information.
And then, the ladies were approaching and talking to Mea who was trembling with a sharp gaze from Isabella.
“Mea-chan, are you alright?” (Fia)
“…Yes.” (Mea)
“That is Mea’s mother, is it? It is very hard to say, but…” (Emilia?)
“Yes, she is really beautiful, but… why is she staring that much?” (Reus)
“Mother… has always been like that to me.” (Mea)
Mea was unusually quiet since her mother’s appearance, but if people were given that sharp look and intimidation, it would be natural to shrink.
This was completely hard to deal with and although they were a parent and child, they seemed not able to talk face to face.
“… Anyway. Refrain from acts that are rude to them.” (Eisen)
“But, Oyaji, it is true that he caused our cute Mary to collapse, right?” (Keith)
“I understand your feelings well. Actually, I also thought the same until a while ago. But, they are not bad people after I spoke with them. Although Mary had only met them yesterday, she is longing for them. Leaving that matter aside, can you see who is over there?” (Eisen)
“What are you talking about, Oyaji– uooh!? Could it be Hundred Wolves-sama!?” (Keith)
“…” (Isabella)
I could hear the conversation between the Beast King and the others. Apparently, they were too focusing on Mary and didn’t notice the presence of Hokuto.
Keith, who was late for noticing his presence, was surprised, but the mother, Isabella, remained expressionless. Was that because of her being a strong person?
And then, the Beast King kept persuading while choosing the right words. It seemed that he had decided to hide the matter of Elysion from the family members.
“Anyway, if it is more than this, you will involve the dignity of our country. Stop your foolish act like inviting them for a fight.” (Eisen)
“I can’t consent to that!” (Keith)
“Hey, what are you not convinced at!?” (Eisen)
“The girls are fine, but that human and the male beastkin are no good! It is still too early to bring a man close to her age!” (Keith)
He was a child of a doting parent, and it seemed he was a truly foolish brother.
This was common in stories, but was a man of the sister no good unless he got the approval from them? This was like getting along with a sister… no, the hurdles seemed high to the extent that the top wasn’t visible.
Not only Mea, I wondered if the brother able to get married in the future.
“I also understand that feeling well! However, if you pull something beyond this, you will make Mea sad. Do you want to see that girl cries?” (Eisen)
“Kuh… it can’t be helped then. It’s not good since I haven’t seen her for a while.” (Keith)
“That’s what I said. I was stopped because she refused me. More importantly, give a proper greeting–…” (Eisen)
“…Fight.” (Isabella)
Incidentally, when the discussion reached the conclusion, Isabella suddenly opened her mouth.
When I thought of what she would say for the first time after appearing in front of us, the word was belligerent, and as I expected, the Beast King was unable to hide surprises.
“…Isabella, are you serious?” (Eisen)
“…I want to fight.” (Isabella)
“Do you understand the circumstances after I told that?” (Eisen)
The Beast King wasn’t asking her as a father, but as a King. However, Isabella calmly nodded.
The couple staring with sharp gazes as it was, but after a while, the Beast king sighed as if he had given up.
“…I’ll negotiate.” (Eisen)
“Oyajii! Me too!” (Keith)
“Shut up, everything is depending on the other side.” (Eisen)
As their discussion ended, the Beast King came in front of me with his wife and son.
By the way, as the volume of family discussion was gradually bigger, I heard it without reinforcing my hearing since in the middle of their discussion.
“I’m sorry for causing anxiety. First of all, let me introduce my family. This is my wife, Isabella, and this is my son, Keith.” (Eisen)
“…I am sorry about earlier. I am Keith.” (Keith)
“…Isabella.” (Isabella)
“Nice to meet you, I am Sirius.” (Sirius)
“To be honest, I have let you suffer earlier. So, this is something very hard to ask, but…” (Eisen)
“I heard it midway, so Isabella-sama wants to fight with us?” (Sirius)
“It’s very helpful since you are quick to understand. My wife wants to find and fight strong people like you guys.” (Eisen)
Her appearance looked beautiful like a tall model, but the inside was like a military soldier.
The sense of intimidation from her made me remembered Lior-Jiisan, but unlike that Strongest Sword, the aggressiveness seemed to be a bit insignificant. If it was Jii-san, he would swing his sword without asking questions.
“This is also unrelated to Mary. She just wants to fight against your strength. I will give you compensation if you agree with this.” (Eisen)
“What if I refuse?” (Sirius)
“That is fine. To begin with, I can’t force you. But… it’s been a long time since my wife proactively said that she would like to fight. So, I would like you to hear her out.” (Eisen)
“Will it be alright if I talk with everyone for a bit?” (Sirius)
“Sure, no problem. It is still good enough even if you only consider it.” (Eisen)
While enduring the aggressive feeling, I gathered the disciples away from the Beast King.
I already had the answer, but I should properly inform it to everyone. Well, it seemed that my thought was conceived from the expression of the disciples.
“It seems that you have decided, isn’t it?” (Emilia)
“You are going to fight… right?” (Reese)
“Yes, I’m thinking of fighting and the other side also wants it.” (Sirius)
Although Isabella was expressionless, the feeling of wanting to fight was somehow clearly transmitted.
By including hierson, Keith, I thought that such a task was their characteristics that they couldn’t get used to it unless they had a fight once, but it might be troublesome if we didn’t fight them after this. (Recheck)
“Aniki. Let me fight with Keith-sama.” (Reus)
“That is my plan since the beginning. You should show the results of your training.” (Sirius)
“Ou! Leave it to me!” (Reus)
“It can’t be help when it comes to injuries, but please stop the battle as soon as I think that it is dangerous.” (Reese)
If they were both strong, there was a possibility that one mistake would be fatal and one of them would die. The opponents were royalties, so it was certainly troublesome if they were seriously injured.
Even so, I decided to let Reus fight for him to gain experience.
Lior-Jiisan also thought Reus would surpass him, and that was because Reus was getting stronger by fighting many strong people.
I predicted that Keith’s ability was probably close to Reus. If there was a room, I was planning to let him fight with Isabella who seemed to be superior.
Of course, it would be a story after discussing and having promised not to take responsibility no matter what happened after the fight.
When the discussion ended, Mea, who stayed by our side instead of her family, murmured as if she wasn’t convinced.
“Okaa-san. Why do you want to fight so much?” (Mea)
“Well… I’ve always been like this, I think?” (Isabella)
“I also fought with Isabella when I came here. I lost in the blink of an eye, but thanks to that, I became Mary-sama’s escort.” (Grethe)
“Although Onii-chan is training, he is always kept staring at me. I wonder if it’s not good if I also don’t become strong.” (Mea)
She seemed scared and unable to approach, but she still wanted to ask her mother after all.
I would like to give some advice, but since I didn’t know anything about Isabella, I couldn’t allow myself to be misunderstood because of poor consideration.
I turned my back at Mea, who had a lonely face, and I went toward the Beast King to give the answer.
Since the night was already late by the time the negotiation was over, it was decided to have the fight during tomorrow afternoon.
Although we were told that it was fine to stay in the castle as it was, I politely refused because it was better to stay in the [Wolf King] inn where we left the carriage. Plus, I needed to do preparation there.
“The people in the castle already know about you guys, so you will not be stopped at the gate. I would like you to come to the castle tomorrow without worry.” (Eisen)
“You definitely have to come. I won’t forgive you if you run away!” (Keith)
“See you tomorrow!” (Mea)
“…” (Isabella)
And then, we left the castle while being sent off with various facial expressions from the Beast king family. We returned to the inn to prepare for the fight tomorrow.

The next day… we came to the castle. We followed the words of the Beast King and easily went through the gate. Although it was inside of the castle, we were led to a big outdoor open space.
It seemed like a small stadium. In the audience seating, they were beastkin who wore good quality attires, and beastkin who displayed an air of a soldier.
“This place is a place used to conduct ceremonies and ability tests. It is a sturdy place. Even if you go all out, it will be fine.” (Keith)
“There are quite a few people come watching, isn’t it?” (Sirius)
“I brought most people in the castle here. It is according to Oyaji’s expectation.” (Keith)
Keith seemed to be reluctant even though he was entrusted to guide us, but he was displaying politeness by properly answering questions when asked.
The Beast King’s expectation was to let those who worked in the castle to watch the battle.
Here in Arbitray, strong people were valued but there seemed to be a few who were not convinced about the situation of Mea even after listening to the story.
Actually, it would be an evidence of strong people by fighting Isabella. Even though the spectators’ expressions were filled with curiosity and pity, I completely didn’t sense any gaze with anger or bloodlust.
Aside from that, the match would be held from noon because the Beast King informed it to the people in the castle and there was also a personal tendency to finish the political affairs that had been delayed.
“Aah, Onii-san! Hokuto-sama!” (Mea)
“…So you have come?” (Eisen)
“…” (Isabella)
The Beast King, his wife and Mea were standing in the center of the battle ground, but Mea, who noticed us, ran toward our direction…
“Ooh! My sister, your brother definitely won’t lose—…” (Keith)
“Welcome, Onii-san. Do your best today.” (Mea)
“Uooo…. Hey, Maryyy–…” (Keith)
“““Mary-sama!?””” (??)
And then, she avoided Keith, who was waiting while spreading out his hands, and jumped into my chest.
I wonder if this was also because of a parent and child. It was exactly the same development as the father.
Furthermore, together with the screams of the beastkin, who witnessed the sight of Mary hugging me, echoed and countless envy and bloodlust were fired at me.
However, Mea didn’t care about such a situation at all. She, then, happily laughed while hugging Hokuto. She was still a girl, but she was already sneaky woman.
“Stop throwing bloodlust at Aniki. I will not easily let it go!” (Reus)
“Are they planning to challenge Sirius-sama? Let’s turn the table around and do this.” (Emilia)
“Calm down, you guys. It seems that you don’t have to lay your hands.” (Sirius)
While the angry shouts echoed, Isabella stroke her tail on the ground as she released the intimidation… the stadium became quiet in a moment.
The tails of the beastkin who sat on the seating stood up at the same time, and their ears hanged down as if they were frightened. It seemed that a complete hierarchical relationship was established.
“Let’s start when everyone has settled down. First is the match between Keith and the guest, Reus.” (Eisen)
As the Beast King took over the stadium that became silent, Reus and Keith left us and went away from the stadium.
“Reus. As a disciple, don’t you dare to lose to somehow who was rude to Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)
“Ou! I got that, Nee-chan.” (Reus)
“I’ll be glad if I would be fighting Keith-sama, but since I probably would cut him with my magic, I will leave him to you this time.” (Emilia)
“Nee-chan, I also have the possibility of cutting him with sword…” (Reus)
“You can do that much, right?” (Emilia)
“That is true.” (Reus)
The siblings, who separated from me, seemed to have a dangerous conversation, but I decided not to ask. At any rate, since Emilia greatest magic is a slicing magic, I felt relieved that she was refrained from having a match this time.
And then, when I looked at the opponents, Keith and Isabella, both of them were also facing each other and were talking.
“…” (Isabella)
“It’s fine, Mother. I will fight will all my strength.” (Keith)
“…” (Isabella)
“I understand that he is strong. I won’t be careless.” (Keith)
However, there was nothing could be seen other than Keith nodded at Isabella who didn’t say anything. (recheck)

We left the center of the stadium and then we sat on seats that the Beast King prepared. It was easy to watch the match because the seating were a bit high. There were protective walls. Therefore, it would be able to prevent the after-effect of the battle.
It appeared that this location was a place for royalties and it didn’t matter for us to sit there since the Beast King permitted this.
There was also a cushion made of soft material. Sitting comfortably wasn’t bad at all, but…
“Hey, Sirius. I’ll have you sit next to me.” (Eisen)
“…Sit down.” (Isabella)
It was very uncomfortable because the Beast King and Isabella made me sat between them.
I didn’t really dislike both of them, but… I couldn’t stay calm.
Mea, who was talking with the ladies while she was on Hokuto’s back, became a bit jealous.
“Now, will my son win…?” (Eisen)
“Don’t you believe in your son?” (Sirius)
“I believe in my son’s ability. However, the strength that I feel from your disciple, Reus, is not losing to my son. As for my son, I don’t want him to display an unshapely fight.” (Eisen)
He was very gentle toward her daughter, but severe to his son.
When I thought about it, Keith was also the heir, so it might be natural for the father to be strict.
Then… how about the mother?
“…If he lose, he’ll be punished.” (Isabella)
It seemed that both of them were like a Sparta.
Keith, who confronted Reus in the stadium, trembled because of Isabella words.

The rule of the match was decided last night. The condition of winning and losing was whenever one of them was unable to fight, or if the opponent acknowledged defeat.
At the moment, both of them confronted with a certain distance but they were not holding weapon in hands yet.
It would very dangerous if they fought with usual weapons. Thus, the weapons were said to be prepared by the Beast King. For that reason, the greatsword which was Reus partner was place near my feet.
“Hey Reus, take this.” (Keith)
Keith threw a greatsword brought in by two soldiers and handed it over, but for some reason, his weapon was a large battleaxe… or a halberd was also thrown at Reus.
Reus grabbed both weapons in midair with both hands while tilting his head, and he nodded after lightly swinging the greatsword.
“Yeah… it’s lighter than my partner, but it’s not bad. By the way, Keith-sama, why did you give me your weapon?” (Reus)
“You can just call me Keith. You also can use normal speech. Now, I am the opponent who fights you, and status doesn’t matter. Anyway, I handed over my weapons because I want you to verify if there is any trick put on it.” (Reus)
“Is that so? Well… yeah, there is no problem, Keith!” (Reus)
Reus smiled after saying those words. He swung the halberd and confirmed there was nothing on it. He, then, threw it back to Keith.
I see… I thought that he was a strange man because when it involved his sister, but it seemed that he valued decorum.
When the Beast King who sat by my side saw the scene, he made a small complement. Since it was a situation where the king himself explained, it might be a bit extravagant.
“The weapon’s blade is completely blunt. I can’t say that they would be safe from each other’s abilities, but the risk should have decreased.” (Eisen)
“Perhaps those two would be able to endure a single direct hit. However, I think that weapon can’t handle Reus’ strength.” (Sirius)
“I could say the same thing about my son, but it can’t be helped. Shall we stop them if the weapon breaks?” (Eisen)
“…He has a hand-to-hand fighting technique that I thought. There is no need to stop them.” (Isabella)
“I see. Since I also teach Reus hand-to-hand technique, he should be alright even if the weapon breaks.” (Sirius)
“Really? If that’s the case, let’s do it as you like.” (Eisen)
“…Sirius-san, even though he is sitting between those two, he feels completely alright, isn’t it?” (Reese)
“Yes, he splendidly blends in.” (Fia)
“Sirius-sama is a proof that he has no problem to behave like royalties.” (Emilia)
Nope… In this situation, I thought of myself more like a parent rather than a royalty.
This seemed like a chat from the outside, but I focused on the stadium since the match of the two was about to start.

“Let’s do this, Reus.” (Keith)
“Ouh! Dorashaaaa–!” (Reus)
They jumped out almost at the same time, swung their weapons and when it hit each other, it created an extreme roaring sound.
It made me wonder if the outrageous match would continue as it was, but the one that struggle for a moment and being sent off was… Reus.
“It can’t be!? Reus is losing!” (Reese)
“I think that their strength are almost equal. I guess that it is probably because of the speed of stepping in.” (Emilia)
“The sword that Reus is using is a borrowed thing. He is probably not used to it after all. But, he hasn’t given up yet.” (Sirius)
Reus, who got out of the halberd’s range because of the momentum, rotated on the spot without dissipating it, and he swung the sword with full power.
Keith wielded his weapon while stepping forward to pursue, but Reus’ sword was slightly faster even though he came after being blown off, and this time, Keith was overpowered and blown off.
“Kuh… I have never been pushed this far since the younger days. But, I won’t lose for the sake of my sister!” (Keith)
“As Aniki’s disciple, I can’t be defeated!” (Reus)
“You! Is your Aniki more important than my sister!?” (Keith)
“Don’t say something that I don’t understand!” (Reus)
Even when the difficult conversations continued, the match was still going on.
Reus probably already grasped the sensation of the sword and this time he wasn’t blown off as he didn’t lose during the struggle. After that, they kept hitting weapons while holding on their spot.
One swing, two swings… and when the number of swings was ten, they brandished their weapons in order to intersect each other.
““Ooooo—!”” (Reus/Keith)
Due to the blows loaded with full power which were simultaneously unleashed, both weapons went beyond limits and the weapons were finally broken. Numerous broken pieces flew toward the spectator’s seat.
The beastkin who were watching were hurriedly avoiding it, but there was a considerably big broken pieces flying toward us. I tried to knock it down with [Magnum] but the Beast King and Isabella extended their arms faster than me…
“That fool… What is he going to do if it hits Mary?” (Eisen)
“…It’s going to be a punishment later.” (Isabella)
They stopped it by grabbing with bare hands as if catching insects. Incidentally, the future of Keith was fixed to go to hell.
Although they weren’t able to use weapons anymore, they weren’t stopping even when they were slightly injured by the broken pieces. Throwing away the broken weapon, they were hitting each other with punches.
The shock waves caused by the colliding fists were tremendous. It held strength that made dust flew around the two of them.
“A man who get close to my sister must have both physical and mind! Show me your seriousness!” (Keith)
“You don’t have to tell me that!” (Reus)
They threw punches without stopping while shouting. Sometimes, it hit the body but it didn’t become a fatal blow, so the fight between the two went on for a while.
It was a battle that seemed almost equal, but it might be cause of the difference in years or spirit… the number of Reus’ punches gradually decreased and it became a defensive match for him.
Then… the balance was finally collapsed.
“This is the end.” (Keith)
Reus’ defense was broken by a fist blow and it created a fatal gap.
Without missing that momentary gap created, Keith instantly kicked out like a spear and pierced Reus’ abdomen.
“!? The response…” (Keith)
“I’m here!” (Reus)
The Reus, who Keith pierced through, was actually an afterimage produced by mana.
In that gap, Reus went around behind Keith, wrapped his hands around Keith’s waist, and…
“Dorashaaaa–!” (Reus)
“Uuu.. oooo!” (Keith)
Reus lifted himself as if drawing a bridge and he settled it with a splendid backdrop. (TLN:
As Keith was hit from the back of the head to the ground, a shock occurred resembled a small earthquake. His upper body was buried in the ground and turned into a stunning object.
It was a blow that could make people die, but whether it was due to instinct or trained experience and body, Keith protected his head with arms, so he seemed to have avoided fatal injuries. I confirmed his survival after feeling his mana flow through [Search].
“Hmm, your disciple uses bold and splendid techniques.” (Eisen)
“To be honest, I also didn’t expect that.” (Sirius)
“…It looks interesting.” (Isabella)
Nevertheless, I thought that it was brilliant to instantly use [Mirage] that I thought, but I didn’t expect that he would use wrestling technique learned from Shisou.
It was a dangerous technique to be used by an amateur, but Reus had learned the trick after receiving it many times from Shishou. He asked me couple of times on how to do it, so I was wondering whether he was interested in pro wrestling.
By the way, it was a technique with various coping methods, but it seemed that Keith, who was disturbed after seeing an afterimage for the first time, was brilliantly thrown with the technique.
In the quiet battle ground where Keith was defeated, Reus slowly stood up and waved at us.
“It is frustrating, but my son is totally out of luck.” (Eisen)
“…He has to train again.” (Isabella)
The son was defeated and it was supposed to be uninteresting, but the Beast King didn’t only admit defeat, he also had a fearless smile. It showed how tolerant he was.
Isabella still kept strict look at Keith, but it seemed that she had no complaint against Reus’ victory.
“Both sides displayed a praiseworthy fight. The winner of this match is the adventurer, Reus!” (Eisen)
Even though the prince of the country was knocked down, the beastkin honored Reus with applause by the declaration of the Beast King.
This match was merely for displaying abilities and that was told beforehand. It didn’t involve the country or honor.
But… that match was just a preliminary match.
“….I’m next.” (Isabella)
As Isabella slowly got up, she unleashed the sense of intimidation that she had been holding down and slowly looked at me.
We hadn’t engaged our hands yet, but she already considered me as a warrior, and I also believed that she was strong.
The real fight would begin from now on.

The Match Result
Reus vs Keith
The deciding technique was… Shishou’s Backdrop.
※By the way, a backdrop is a common technique of hitting opponent from the back of their head by gripping opponent waist from the back and lift them up by drawing a bridge.

Rejected Material
During the match between Reus and Keith…
“Good luck, Onii-chan! Reus-Oniichan too, good luck!” (Mea)
“Uoohh! I was cheered by my sister, and not the enemy!” (Keith)
“Guh!? His movement has changed!” (Reus)
“Reus! When the match is over, Sirius-sama’s brushing and meals are waiting!” (Emilia)
“Uoohhh! Here I come!” (Reus)
Why… why I couldn’t feel a sense of tension even though they were fighting hard?

Presenting Hokuto – ‘What If’ version (Author: It is unknown whether this story is happened or not)
Hokuto-kun was adored by Mary.
She liked the feel of Hokuto-kun’s fur maybe because it felt unusual.
“Hokuto-sama is fluffy even today.” (Mea)
“…Woof.” (Hokuto)
He didn’t dislike children, so he didn’t mind hugging, but… there were times when it was a little annoying.
The reason was…
“How about this, Mary!? My tail is fluffy too, you know?” (Eisen)
“No, no, rather than Oyaji’s tail, my tail is younger. My tail is only for Mary. Just so you know, you can touch as much as you want.” (Keith)
Those two adults were not only making noise nearby, but they were also restlessly wondering around him.
Hokuto-kun was in a rather difficult situation because he couldn’t shake of a girl like Mary.
“Hokuto-sama’s is better. Otou-san and Onii-chan can try touching it and you will understand.” (Mea)
“Hmmm? That’s true–… guhuu!?” (Eisen)
“Well, let me touch–… guhaa!?” (Keith)
“…Why did Hokuto-sama beat Otou-san and Onii-chan?” (Mea)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
Hokuto-kun didn’t allowed people to touch him without permission, regardless of children.
When Hokuto-kun saw the father and the son fell down because of his paw, he feels satisfied when things got quiet.
A few minutes later…
“…What are you doing?” (Sirius)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
As expected, the Master was a bit angry.
“Hokuto-sama is fluffy after all.” (Mea)
“This time, I will avoid Hundred-sama’s blow and I will touch you!” (Eisen)
“I will not get caught up this time!” (Keith)
The number of entourage had increased.


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A god of a different world had abruptly appeared in my classroom and semi-forcibly summoned the entire class to his worl

A Man Like None Other


Read A Man Like None Other by . Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here.Jared Chance seethes wit

One Useless Rebirth


He Bai won the lottery, became rich, and reached the pinnacle of life. Then, he inadvertently took a picture of the Film

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