Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 57

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Without further ado, enjoy the chapter! ????And yet… We Haven't Gone Out for the Trip

Author: Volume 10 starts.
After we graduated, we left the Diamond Cottage and stayed at 'Spring Breeze's Perch' Inn after a long absence.
When I informed the inn's landlady, Rona-san, that we're going to travel, she wished us luck while feeling regret, and we stayed in an expensive room for a reasonable price as for this times service. When I came to this town, we had a three-person room but since our number now became bigger with Reese, we asked for another room.
We will stay here today and our plan is that we'll travel tomorrow morning after getting the things that I requested from the Galgan Company. At that time, our acquaintances, Princess Lifell and Mark, will come to see us off.
Now the time is before dusk, it's going to get darker outside soon. Emilia and Reese did not stay in our room, so they came leisurely to our room to pass the time.
It would be fine to enjoy our dinner slowly but since we have some time, we decided to show our face to the Galgan Company once to prepare for tomorrow.
We gave our keys to Rona-san and left the inn with Reus, who was unusually excited, leading the group to the Galgan Company.
"I am looking forward to this since I haven't seen it yet. Did you design it, Aniki?" (Reus)
"Come to think of it, Reus hasn't seen it yet. Please look forward to it." (Emilia)
"Although it looks ordinary but it is equipped with better functions compared to the one that the nobles get on. It looks like a small house." (Reese)
On one day, when there was one year remaining before the graduation, I thought about what necessary things are needed for the trip and the first thing that came to my mind was the method to transport our luggage. It is good to train hands and feet by walking but since there is a limit to how much luggage you can hold in your hand, you can only hold a minimum number.
Thus, it is the turn of the carriage. The reason I want to travel is because I want to see unusual things and sights, so I will need a carriage to make the trip comfortable while travelling leisurely. Since there was still time left, the carriage for our personal use was made with the collaboration from the Galgan Company.
When we looked at its condition several days ago, Reus went to the shop of Grant, the blacksmith specialist, and entrusted his 'partner', [Silver Fang], so he couldn't see the carriage.
"I only gave suggestions and I'm not the one who made it. However, the made carriage is equipped with various new features. I can at least guarantee the functionality, you know." (Sirius)
"Is that so? I'm looking forward to the carriage that Aniki made." (Reus)
"That carriage will become Sirius-sama and our house. Huhu… I will sleep together with Sirius-sama during the bedtime in the carriage." (Emilia)
"Eh!? Is it like that? With that space, it is hard not to stick to each other when everyone is sleeping." (Reus)
"That's right. I can come in contact with Sirius-sama legally." (Emilia)
Emilia had a little rough snort but since there is a sleeping bag for outdoor sleeping, I plan to sleep outside unless the rain is falling. In the first place, we must have a watch out, so the possibility of fulfilling your desire is low.
No… if it is Emilia, it's all good as long as there is possibility, and she probably won't be discouraged about it.
Compared to Reus, these two have different reason for being in high spirit. And then, we arrived at the Galgan Company.
I will receive the carriage here by tomorrow. While we would be seen off by our acquaintances, we should have gone for the trip but…
"I'm sorry, master! The truth is the preparation of the carriage is not completed yet." (Zack)
And he kneeled down suddenly.
The moment I came to the Galgan Company and entered the president's office, Zack knelt on the ground and apologized earnestly. Or perhaps I should say, he already kneeled on the ground when I was thinking.
"No, please explain first rather than apologize. You are more or less a president for this branch, so don't easily kneel on the ground." (Sirius)
"Understood. For the time being, please have a seat on the sofa." (Zack)
We were suggested that by Zack to sit on the sofa. He sat on the opposite side, and then lowered his head again.
"Once again, I'm really sorry, master. The carriage is not ready yet and it is unlikely to be completed by tomorrow." (Zack)
"What happened? Hasn't the carriage been completed already and the necessary things have been put on board?" (Sirius)
"It is perfect. All the listed things were loaded and the check on built-in functions is also perfect. And it can be maintained for more than a decade." (Zack)
"If that's the case, what is the problem then?" (Sirius)
"To tell you the truth, there is no horse yet for the carriage." (Zack)
The horse for the carriage somehow didn't arrive. He bought the horse from a famous place known to raise good horses but it didn't arrive in the morning and it seemed there was message coming.
"Although I planned to prepare a splendid horse for master and others, this is what happened. I am disqualified as a merchant for making my regular customer wait." (Zack)
"Would it not be fine to prepare another horse?" (Sirius)
"There is a shortage of a horse supply now. I think if you wait a bit, the problem can be solved but it's impossible to prepare it immediately. I heard this among merchants that I have to wait at least for three days after ordering it." (Zack)
Zack sighed after telling the present situation but I said not to worry about it.
There won't be a problem if I don't leave by tomorrow and that's because the situation was bad. It seems it will take at least three days until a different horse arrives and I'm troubled what to do during that time but Reus stood up and grasped his fist tightly.
"Well, is it alright if I pull the carriage? It can be training for me." (Reus)
"Rejection." (Sirius)
"That's right, Reus. It is unsightly for you to go on your hands and knees, and pull the carriage. You will be whipped by Sirius-sama, don't you know?" (Emilia)
"I have no problem being whipped by Aniki." (Reus)
"Well, I don't mind either if it's Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"Anyhow, the discussion is going nowhere, and there won't be such a thing." (Sirius)
Setting aside that kneeling down on one's hands and knees matter, I should try to let Reus pull the carriage. He didn't stand out but those who saw the sight turned cold eyes.
I stopped the siblings because they would behave recklessly if I leave them. Because of that, I had to think about our future plan again.
"Are we stranded for at least three days? So, what are we going to do?" (Emilia?)
"Is there any requests we can accept from the guild?" (Sirius?)
"Is that so, Master? I heard there are a lot of requests related to horses entered by the guild." (Zack)
According to Zack, it seems there is a request to exterminate monsters in a village west from here.
It seems that village raises horses and have a pasturage, and it is where Zack purchased our horse. Upon investigation, the horse that he bought few days ago apparently was attacked by a monster and that was the reason it didn't arrive.
And then, Zack heard about the monster extermination request that was sent to the guild.
"It doesn't take more than half a day on foot to the village and you will get any horse that survived as a reward for the request, so how about it?" (Zack)
"Well, rather than waiting, shall we move ahead?" (Sirius)
"Even if you don't get anything, the horse would probably be readied by the time you come back here. I don't mind about this, you may go ahead if you want." (Zack)
In the case if I bring back a horse, I can have other people buy the horse that is prepared for me, and I don't mind either.
"I have decided. I'm sorry but I want you to prepare food for a few days." (Sirius)
"Yes, I will prepare it immediately." (Zack)
"Since there will be people coming to see us off tomorrow, please tell them about the situation." (Sirius)
"Are those your acquaintances, Master? I don't understand well but I'm bit bothered I had to lower my head to those people. Especially the pair of teachers from the school and the beautiful woman who is always led by a rabbit-kin and cool looking man, they are very strict with cakes and even the chef had teary eyes. What kind of people are they?" (Zack)
…Sorry, it was me who introduced those people here. I think since they had personal experience with me, they become strict when it comes to cake. I want him to persevere even when I am not here anymore.

After we received our luggage, we went to the adventurer guild to receive the request that was told by Zack.
There were a lot of people at the reception in charge of requests. However, we talked to the woman who was in charge with our guild registration. She knows about our competency, so we have less trouble to explain.
"Welcome. Aah, isn't that Sirius-kun? What can I do for you today?" (Receptionist)
"I have come to accept a request. I heard a rumor that horses from a certain village were attacked by demons." (Sirius)
"Aah, so you have come today for that request. Putting that aside, is it alright to accept a request? Aren't you going to travel by tomorrow?" (Receptionist)
Since I was involved in a class of the guild before Emilia and others knew it, I came here many times for that class. When Emilia and others attained Eighth Rank, they became good friends with the receptionist, so now our relationship is up to small talk.
"The truth is we need a horse. We have ordered horse from that village but I heard something happened at that time. I plan to accept the request and investigate it on foot." (Sirius)
"I see. Well, can you show me your guild card in order to receive the request?" (Receptionist)
The procedure to receive a request is take the written request that is attached on a wall, hand it over at the reception, verify the guild cards from all participated members, and fill it with our signature on the written request.
After that, the card will be returned along with the written request, have a signature upon completing the request from the commissioner, return to the guild, and get reward after reporting the information.
"About the written request, it hasn't been put on the wall yet. Will it be alright if we accept it?" (Sirius)
"To tell the truth, that is not good but there is still an investigation request for beginner adventurers." (Receptionist)
"Investigation? From the story I heard, it is about exterminating monsters." (Sirius)
"That is true, the monster came out and attacked the horses but no one knows what kind of monster it is. There was a similar case in the past where a veteran adventurer was sent and he assumed the monster was a goblin, so he and the commissioner had a dispute." (Receptionist)
"Since they do not know what kind of enemy it is, the monster extermination written request is not put on yet, only the investigation written request is. And, the reward is also small." (Sirius)
"That's the thing. It will be fine if it is at the level of goblin but there is uncertain information saying a big white monster was seen. There were a considerable amount of horses disappearing, so there is a high possibility that a large sized monster eats that amount. In my opinion, even the investigation request is probably severe for beginner adventurer." (Receptionist)
When I look onto the written request that I brought, it was about the monster investigation request from Gort Village and the reward is two silver coins. If it's an investigation request, one silver coin is good enough but since there is quite a distance, another coin is added.
"But if it's Sirius-kun and others do it, there won't be any problem. Therefore, can you handle it? Well, that's because you guys had exterminated goblins during an investigation request and hunted a big monster for an harvesting request." (Receptionist)
When I looked back, the disciples quietly averted their eyes. Although that was a story of one year ago, it is still being talked until now, maybe because it gives a huge shock. Whatever they may say, I'm sorry for my disciples.
"You know, a reception also has a task to recommend requests that suitable for adventurers. When Sirius-kun and others come later, I will put up the request immediately, so it's alright for you to accept the request and you don't have to worry about it." (Receptionist)
"If that's the case, let me be honest. Is there any other information about the request?" (Sirius)
"Yeah, since it is not well known, this has become a request to investigate. Many horses were attacked and a big white monster was seen. And it was seen in the depth of the mountains nearby to the Gort Village." (Receptionist)
"Understood. Well then, we will go there tomorrow." (Sirius)
"Good luck. Oh yes! This is unrelated to the quest but in the depth of the nearby mountain to the Gort Village…" (Receptionist)

After we received the written request, we left the guild and returned to the 'Spring Breeze's Perch' inn.
Though the village is at half a day's distance, we better make preparation since we're going to the depth of the mountain after we arrive at the village. After I confirmed the tools and food prepared by Zack, we went to the dining hall since it was dinner time already.
"Though we're going to travel, something like this happened, huh… Won't Noel-nee anticipate us to come soon?" (Emilia)
"We must go immediately once we obtain a horse." (Reus)
While eating the inn specialty, Jya-Ora Snake, it seems Reus and Emilia were looking forward to see Noel and others. But, don't forget that there is a place we should go first.
"No, there is a place we will go before heading to Noel's. Let's go visit mother's grave together." (Sirius)
"Oo…that's true. It is not good if we don't inform Erina-san, right?" (Emilia)
"We must show that we have grown up to Erina-san." (Reus)
When they hear about visiting her grave, those nodded with a gentle smile. I must inform my growth too, as well as the addition of a new disciple.
Reese only heard the story about mother, so she asked me while piling up the plate for her fourth helpings.
"That was… Erina-san, right? Will it be alright for me to join you?" (Reese)
"It's alright, I want you to come together. I have to introduce Reese to mother properly." (Sirius)
"Yes, I must report to Erina-san, as Sirius-san's disciple." (Reese)
"You must properly tell her that you are my close friend." (Emilia)
"Of course." (Reese)
When I looked at those two sharing their food happily, I'm really glad I can travel together with Reese. I must protect her as a man and not only because she is my disciple. Besides, if anything happened, I will be murdered by the princess and the king.

After we finished our meal, we returned to our own room but Emilia and Reese didn't go back to their room. Well, I already expected this, there won't be a problem if I return before sleep, right? While everyone spend their time leisurely, Reus, who's maintaining 'Silver Fang', noticed something and looked up.
"Hey, Aniki. Once we meet Noel-nee and others, what are we going to do next?" (Reus)
"Reus, there is no point to talk things ahead, you know." (Emilia)
Emilia, who was knitting, replied with an amazed expression but the truth is I already thought about it. It is an important for the siblings in particular.
"I have thought about it a while ago. We're going to stay for a while at Noel's place and then we will go to Aldrodo continent." (Sirius) (TLN: Reusing the continent's name from earlier chapter)
"You mean the next continent?" (Emilia)
"That's right. I think I want to meet a certain person in Aldorodo continent. The possibility of not meeting is high but at least I want to see the situation." (Sirius)
Fia, the elf, should not be able to go out of her home forest due to the custom for nearly one more year. Besides, if I step my feet onto the forest homeland without permission, I will surely be driven out.
If that's the case, she said it is fine to come until before the forest. I remember Fia's mana so I thought of calling her out with [Call] when I get close.
"Sirius-sama… could it be the person you want to meet is an elf?" (Emilia)
"Yes but why do you have such cautious face?" (Sirius)
"Erina-san said that I must not be careless if the other party is a female elf. I don't understand why but I have to agree we have to be vigilant." (Emilia)
"…Is that so?" (Sirius)
Fia said she wanted me as a lover candidate and kissed me when we parted off. Let alone Emilia, I also didn't tell mother about it… could it be a woman's intuition?
Is it strange? Though I just want to see Fia's face, did they really think of it as a secret meeting with lover?
It would be better to change the subject quickly. In the first place, meeting Fia is not my main priority.
"Hmmm, you don't need to worry since it's going to be a while before meeting with that elf. The main reason to go to Aldrodo continent is to search for the silver wolf-kin village." (Sirius)
"Do you mean the tribe that's the same as us? If I'm not mistaken, I hear that they are everywhere on that continent but what kind of business do you have?" (Emilia)
"So, it's fine to look everywhere. My aim is to find the place where you lived." (Sirius)
"But, Aniki… Even if our village survived, as for the survivor…" (Reus)
"That is why." (Sirius)
As the siblings' hometown was destroyed by a herd of monsters, nothing could possibly remain as several years have passed.
The siblings' family and friends, who became victims, they could be nothing left, not even bones.
But still…
"Your family's and your friends' grave… we have to make it." (Sirius)
"Sirius-sama…" (Emilia)
"Aniki…" (Rues)
"But if you don't like it, I won't force you. As for reminding you guys about the painful experience-… hmm!?" (Sirius)
For the siblings, the event in their hometown is a nightmare carved deeply into their heart. Therefore, I think I will stop from making them remember about the trauma if it's not possible for them to move on, but when they heard me, they jumped at me and embraced my hands.
"Thank you… thank you so much. For you to give us such an opportunity… thank you so much." (Emilia)
"Aniki is the best after all. I will follow you for the rest of my life!" (Reus)
The silver wolf tribe has very strong camaraderie. According to the past story mentioned in books, there was also a village who waged war with a country just because a single child was kidnapped. And the outcome is that there are few of them left and I think they are a tribe that suffers a lot.
It doesn't seem like that tribe makes graves for those who died. The siblings also didn't say anything about it as they had to run away without being able to make graves, they probably regret it without knowing.
I let them do whatever they want until they calmed down, while being watched over by Reese who made smile like a saintess.

And then, it is a time to sleep. After I got back from toilet, I called out for Reus before turning of the light but…
"I'm going to turn off the light soon." (Sirius)
"Yes, let's sleep together Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"What!?" (Sirius)
Emilia appeared suddenly, from the bed which Reus slept until a while ago. Did she swap places when I left the room a bit?
"Please don't say it as a pity. However, please let me stay by your side even a little." (Emilia)
Emilia approached me while blushing, but her condition this time is similar in the night before the fight against the headmaster. For some reason, Emilia's feeling of falling in love with me is welling up again, she seems to be excited and can't be stop anymore.
There won't be other way, so I invited her into the bed.

"Yes… Sirius-san!? By any chance, are you going to sneak into our room… eh, Emilia!?" (Reese)
I knocked and visited Emilia and Reese's room but Reese was surprised and she looked at me many times. No matter how you look at the situation, you can see nothing but sneaking into girl's bedroom but when I entered while carrying Emilia who was asleep, she realized something unusual happened.
"I'll bother you a little, Reese." (Sirius)
"Y-yes. By the way, is that Emilia?" (Reese)
"Yeah, she sneaked into my room. I patted her until she fell asleep. After all, it's better to bring her to her own room." (Sirius)
"Well then, Emilia's bed is…" (Reese)
When Reese removed the blanket on Emilia's bed, there was Reus who was tied with rope and his mouth was shut. I did expect this but has she already reached this point? The terrible thing is probably how Reus can still sleep in that situation.
"Here you go. Well then, goodnight, Reese." (Sirius)
"Y-yes… goodnight." (Reese)
I exchanged Emilia with Reus, and returned to our room.

The next morning, Emilia who was awake appeared to be happy and Reus was puzzled at her while eating his breakfast.
"It was a sweet night. I can still fight some more." (Emilia)
"What is that? I had a dream where Nee-chan tied me but do you know anything, Aniki?" (Reus)
"That wasn't a dream, it was real." (Sirius)
We had our breakfast in 'Spring Breeze's Perch' inn and we departed leisurely after the store was opened. It is a distance of half a day by foot to the Gort Village but our movement speed is slightly faster than other people. Because of that, we arrived at the Gort Village before evening.
The Gort Village, where raising horses is its main industry, has wide pasture lands divided by fences. Although it's a few, several horses could be seen walking leisurely.
"Is this place here Gort Village? From a glimpse, it looks calm and peaceful." (Emilia?)
"No, while they have spacious pasture land, the number of horses is extremely low. It seems for sure that a considerable number was attacked." (Sirius)
We headed straight to the client, the village head, and when I told about guild's request, he explained the situation with a bitter face. The reason why he had a bitter face probably because we looked young after all.
However, it seems there is no difference in information with the information we heard from the receptionist. Since they were attacked several days ago, not getting attacked again is the only relief at the moment.
"We put the horses in a building to prevent them from getting attacked but if we don't let them out soon, it won't become a good horse which you can ride all out. I beg of you, please solve it quickly." (Village Head)
After we heard the story from the village head, we asked villagers who had seen the white monster next.
"At that time, terrible amount of blood spilled on the pasture land. The trail of blood extended to the mountain over there, so we followed the trail to find the culprit. However, the trail of blood suddenly disappears in the depths of the mountain, so when we thought of giving up and about to return… we saw it." (Villager)
"You mean the said white monster?" (Sirius)
"Yeah, although we could see nothing else but a portion of its body, we couldn't move because we felt an immense force. We couldn't see the whole figure and after we were finally able to move, we escaped and returned back to the village. That monster must have attacked the horses." (Villager)
"Thank you very much. Even this side also recently searched and saw it, so please wait for good news." (Sirius)

When I finished inquiring about that white monster, it's already past evening. We went to the sole inn in the village, had a dinner, and left our luggage. After we prepared the essential things, we went ahead to the village chef.
He was surprised when we came to see him at this kind of time and he's even more surprised when we told him that we're going into the mountain from now on.
"Though there is a demon in question, it is absurd to go to the mountain now! Don't think lightly on the mountain during nighttime!" (Village Chef)
"It is alright. As you know, our rank is eight rank and we have entered mountains in the nighttime many times." (Sirius)
"B-but, what are you going to do if the monster comes out when you go to the mountain now?" (Village Head)
"In that case, please use this. This is a magic tool that will send signal widely when filled with mana, so we will return immediately if you use it." (Sirius)
What I gave to the village head was my own made flare bomb. There are two magic stones embedded on the small cylinder case. The first magic stone is drawn with [Impact] magic formation and it will launch the other magic stone to the sky. The second magic stone contains [Light] magic formation, it will be invoked in the sky as a signal. For example, even if the light is not seen, the mana is still released and I will know it because I made that thing.
That flare bomb looks expensive since I use magic stones but I made it from a chipped pieces only, so it's not that expensive.
The village head reluctantly gave his permission for us to go to the mountain, and then we went there on foot.
The outdoors have become completely dark, we moved ahead on the road while using [Light] to illuminate the way. The mountain trail during the night poses numerous risks but since we had training many times under that assumption, we continued advancing without much problem.
"Aniki, is the village going to be alright?" (Reus)
"I have more or less investigated. However, I couldn't feel any reaction from groups or large size monsters in the surrounding area, I think they should be alright. If anything happens, we will return immediately." (Sirius)
"Understood. Nevertheless, this is a strange forest. Though it's packed but somehow it's clear." (Emilia)
I think there is no mistake on Emilia's notation.
Even though I saw this forest for the first time, it somehow made me remembered a good old feeling.
"Isn't it because this forest is overflowing with mana? As if someone did a bad job here, it has twice amount of mana compared to the village. Reese, what do you think?" (Sirius)
"I think you are right because the spirits are more lively than usual." (Reese)
"Aniki, I smell a water source. Shall we go there?" (Reus)
The reason we entered the mountain during the night is not because we wanted to find the said white monster but to see a phenomenon that can only be seen here.
Yesterday, the last thing the receptionist told us was a flower that will shine under the moonlight in the surrounding area of the mountain. The moonlight flowers seem to grow a lot here. In the depth of the mountain, there is a water source where the moonlight flowers grow abundantly. And then, the spectacle that we're seeing here is mysterious and has become something that can't be forgotten.
"Well, for whatever it is, this looks fun." (Sirius)
"As for seeing a mysterious phenomenon on a land is a pleasure of traveling, just like what Kaa-sama said. Huhu, I wonder what kind of mysterious phenomenon this is?" (Reese)
Pushing our way through thickets, we finally arrived at a small spring.
When we viewed the spectacle stretch before us, our voices were unintentionally let out.
"Hee…" (Sirius?)
"Waa…" (Emilia?)
"Beautiful…" (Reese?)
Bathed in the moonlight, the moonlight flower bloomed innumerably and we were greeted with dim light.
The lights from the moonlight flowers reflected on the surface of the spring, the blue lights glittered the surrounding made me wonder whether I am really setting my feet in this world.
When we made up our minds to take a step, as if I'm really walking on a carpet of light and we thought that we have become lost in another world.
We quietly sat down and viewed the surrounding, befuddled with the blue world.
And in such magical world… it was sleeping there.

Extra/Bonus 1
The conversation between Emilia and Reese before she swapped place with Reus.
"Say, Emilia. The person Sirius-san said he want to see is an elf woman?" (Reese)
"Yes, it looks like that. According to Sirius-sama, she is a lovely and beautiful woman." (Emilia)
"Well… what we should if they meet?" (Reese)
"I'm going to try this, of course. Since this is one of Erina-san's will, I will certainly see this through. Whether that woman is suitable for Sirius-sama or not!" (Emilia)
"…What is this? I feel like seeing a woman behind Emilia that I have never seen before.
Extra/Bonus 2
In the world of moonlight flowers shine in blue.
And the thing that Sirius and others saw…!?
…was Lior who was grilling horsemeat.
He continued grilling the meat while rotating the meat on the grilling place. Then, he chose the right timing and…
"It is burnt well!" (Lior)
"Catch that culprit, Reus!" (Sirius)
(TLN: Yeah, I think this is like another ‘what-if’ with Lior. I’ll recheck later.)


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