Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 153

Chapter 153 The Iron Wall City, Sandor
Volume 21 starts.

Synopsis of previous chapter in simplified version.
Karen grew in various ways.
Karen made her first friend of the same age.
Karen learned the harshness of the world.
Karen began to learn magic which were difficult to handle from Sirius.
Hokuto had evolved.
Hokuto became stronger overall. (※About two times stronger compared to the previous time.)
Hokuto became able to use the power of Flame Wolf. At present, he could control flames freely.
As the body became slightly smaller, the probability of entering small buildings was higher.
Because of the fur became better, the brushing efficiency rose by 10%.
Hokuto’s parent appeared, but he was jealous because it went around his Master.
Since the loyalty value had already reached the limit, there was no change.

After separating from the Hundred Wolves, who seemed to be Hokuto’s parent, we resumed our journey again toward Sandor.
Apparently, monsters didn’t appear probably because of the Hundred Wolves’ doing. As it left, we began to notice the presence of monsters from the surroundings. Incidentally, what kept the monsters away was the unique presence released by the Hundred Wolves. Before it went off, it told us that Hokuto could use it sooner or later.
However, since the cause that created blank area had disappeared, the probability of encountering monsters had risen dramatically, but…
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
Most of the monsters would run away when Hokuto barked. Nevertheless, the monsters approaching were handled by Hokuto before we got to prepare for battle.
After removing the harness connecting the carriage by himself, Hokuto and leaped out and would come back later after deterring monsters with a single blow.
He was considerably occupied, but since he obtained new power, I assumed that he was trying various things. His movement was different from usual and it could be seen as a glimpse.
“Wait!? That movement–… guhaa!?” (Reus)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
And the one who was the most affected was Reus, and he was doing mock battle with Hokuto.
Hokuto’s movement was obviously changed from before, and Reus was knocked crumbled down to the ground earlier than the usual.
“…It looks like the hurdles for Reus have gone up again.” (Sirius)
“But, the other day, that boy said that he already got used to Hokuto-san’s movements, so that is good in a sense, right?” (Emilia)
“That’s true. Well then, what shall we make today?” (Sirius)
“Honey–….” (Karen)
“Other than honey.” (Sirius)
“Muuu!” (Karen)
Was it because it was frustrating to be interrupted first, the pouting Karen rushed on me and swung both hands. I was a bit troubled with this rowdiness, but since it was a proof that she was venting because of being obedient, I guessed I could be happy.
It didn’t really hurt to be struck with Karen’s strength, but in order to let her understood that it was meaningless to attack me blindly, I purposely defended all of her attacks with one hand. I knew that this was childish, but this was also a part of learning.
I let her did that for a while, but rather than making Karen letting out anger, I put my hand on her head to calm her down.
“Hey, I’ll make dessert with honey later, so calm down already.” (Sirius)
“You must make it!” (Karen)
“…I can see the past Reus in her.” (Emilia)
“I have no obligation to say this, but I have a feeling that he doesn’t change that much even now.” (Reese)
“Everyone wants to behave like a spoiled child to Sirius. By the way, are we going to have light dishes today?” (Fia)
As the request came from Fia in the meantime, I was thinking about menus while remembering the stock of ingredients.
The next destination, Sandor, was also near, so there should be no problem if I used some ingredients which were good for preservation.
“I’m sure there is some flour remained, right?” (Sirius)
“Yes. I checked it a while ago and there are some left.” (Emilia)
“Then, are you going to make bread?” (Fia)
“No, let’s make pasta with salad. Next is the dressing.” (Sirius)
Since the request of light dishes was fine with these, I should make somewhat thick soup to balance the meal.
By the time we tried to make the pasta in large quantities, the mock battle between Reus and Hokuto was ended.
“Aargghhh–!?” (Reus)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
While watching Reus danced in the sky as if he was thrown like a beanbag by Hokuto’s forefoot and tail, I started to knead the flour.

“…Are they adventurers? They always appear everywhere.” (Sirius)
A few days later…
As we arrived at Sandor, we came in front of a huge wall built with stones.
We got permission to enter by the gatekeeper who seemed to be annoyed when inspecting us. When we went through the gate of the wall that was tall to the point we had to look up, there was a well-maintained road leading to the interior and there was grassland spreading in the distance over another wall.
“Look! There was another big wall.” (Karen)
“Yes. The size is this and that walls are uncommonly large. But… even though we have crossed three gates including this, it feels strange that we still can’t see something that look like a town.” (Emilia)
“Aniki. Have we really reached Sandor?” (Reus)
“Aah, yes. Although we still haven’t seen the townscape, this area here is a part of Sandor.” (Sirius)
Sandor… it was said to be the largest country in the world. The country was also known as the impregnable fortress town.
The reason why it was called so was because the country was protected by huge walls which were built several times around the castle. It was the same as the wall that surrounded Elysion where we used to live, but… it was beyond that here. It was said that there were five such walls in Sandor.
What we had gone through just now was the third barrier. Perhaps, if we went through the next wall, the sight of the Sandor castle town would spread before us.
“I understand that they are strengthening the defense, but is it necessary to have the walls this much?” (Reus)
“The maintenance cost would be high when there are these many, and I think that two walls should be enough.” (Reese)
“Their questions are appropriate, but there is a reason why this town must be strengthened.” (Sirius)
To the north of this Hypne continent where we were at present was a vast continent across the sea where the tide flow was harsh.
It was almost difficult to get close unless going there by a large ship…
“There are large quantities of monsters that reside in that continent, and it has an environment which is difficult for people to live in.” (Sirius)
“I have heard of it too. Since it only has monsters, that continent seems to be called the Demonic Continent.” (Fia)
“In short, the country of Sandor is the nearest to that Demonic Continent, so they have a number of walls.” (Emilia)
“Even so, isn’t still too much to go through all this? Unless there are ships that can be skillfully maneuvered the harsh sea, I don’t think that monsters will come easily.” (Reese)
“People would think so in general, right? However, there seems to be a natural phenomenon that will connect both the Hypne Continent and the Demonic Continent at a rate once in several years.” (Sirius)
The cause was unknown, but apparently, the surrounding tide would be greatly pulled and the shallow part of the seabed would be exposed.
It seemed that there were parts that were interrupted on the way because of rocks laid on the seabed, but anyhow, a path through which monsters could pass was made.
“Once the path is created, the monsters of the Demonic Continent will hunt for preys and a lot of snow falls into this continent.”(Sirius)
“What? The snow is falling down?” (Reus)
“In other words, it is about a lot of monsters are coming. So, they are keeping the defense so strict correspond to the number of monsters.” (Sirius)
According to rumors, the phenomenon that connected the continents remained for several days. Even if the path was sunk to the bottom of the sea again, the battle would still continue until the remaining monsters were defeated.
Hence, the strength of Sandor was very high. Apparently, the king of the country was constantly attracting strong man and talented people.
“Among them, there are people given titles by the king. Actually, Lior-Jiisan was one of them. The title ‘Strongest Sword’ started from here.” (Sirius)
Although the story was known in a way that… he was serving the castle as the strongest swordsman, the old man himself didn’t care at all. This place seemed to be a mere place that provided comfortable meals and bedding.
At first, he went to kill requested monsters with the cost of daily meals, but basically, he was doing his own things. Looking from a country point of view, it was probably enough as long as the Strongest Swords worked for them.
However, because of his disciples, whom he raised to be his rival, were killed by foolish nobles, the old man gave up on everything and left Sandor.
“Then, the old man was said to go into hiding because he was retiring. This might be due to the king who afraid to be known as an incompetent king who was abandoned by his strongest swordsman.” (Sirius)
“What is that all about? So, the king is lying?” (Reus)
“There are times when it is inconvenient to say it openly when it involves many people. Since it is going to be troublesome if we get involved with such people, we have to be careful with a lot of things in Sandor.” (Sirius)
It was because when there were more people, the darkness born would become deeper.
Anyhow, even though I said that to the disciples, the reason why we went to Sandor wasn’t only for sightseeing, but also to meet with Reese’s family who came for the ‘Legendia’.
For that, it might be possible to engage with other royal families at the meeting, but there was no need to worry that far if Lifell-Hime wanted to meet in secret.
When I explained that to everyone, I noticed that Reese was smiling while looking at the direction of the town.
“As I expected, you look happy.” (Sirius)
“Yes. I know that I have to be careful, but I can finally meet Nee-sama and Tou-sama for the first time in a while.” (Reese)
“So, we can meet Reese-Oneechan’s Onee-san and Otousan in the town where we are going now, is it?” (Karen)
“Yup. They are times when they act rashly, but they are very friendly and dependable family. I think you also will like them, Karen.” (Reese)
In any case, Reese hadn’t seen them for over a year.
They must have a lot to talk about, and if we met them again, on top of introducing Fia and Karen, I would like to have a talk with each other slowly.
“It seems surprising to introduce Karen and Fia to them, but we should talk more about serious matters.” (Emilia)
“Aah… yes. Nee-sama might be pleased, but Tou-sama is probably worried.” (Reese)
That serious matter was probably about being my wife.
Next to Reese, who seemed to be embarrassed about how to explain it to her family, Fia also was worried with folded arms.
“Nevertheless, Reese-Oneesan is it? If Reese and my husband are together, she will be my sister in law, right? Then, I have to say hello.” (Fia)
“I thought Fia-ane should be the Onee-san, right? It’s just that, you are slightly over 300 years old–…” (Reus)
“Well, let’s think about that when I see her. By the way, Reus… I am still within two hundred years old, and do not speak lightly to women about age, alright?” (Fia)
“Aah… aargghhhh–!?” (Reus)
Reus, who slipped his tongue, was floated to the height of eyes by Fia’s magic, and then, he was turned vertically and horizontally as it was.
It was like a machineless of zero gravity training, but Reus was rotated in unrealistic manner…
“Fia-ane! Since this is quite hard, I’m fine even if you make it faster!” (Reus)
“…This boy has also become sturdy.” (Fia)
It was fine with Hokuto, and even though Reus was seen nothing but a toy to everyone, it seemed to be the source of encouragement to the person himself. Well… it was quite good to have ambition.
Karen, who saw Reus grew in various ways, pulled Fia’s sleeve while moving intensely moving her wings.
“That’s unfair if you do it to Reus-Oniichan only! I want it too!” (Karen)
“Do you want that too? I don’t mind, but you have to tell me if you don’t feel good, alright?” (Fia)
“I will!” (Karen)
“I’m not sure why, but these kids really like to be turned around.” (Fia)
“Yes. Otou-san also did that to me.” (Emilia)
Perhaps, it was because they were about to be turned, they held both hands together and rotated on the spot.
It was probably fun for quickly changing the view and the sense of getting hit by the wind, but this was Fia’s small attraction.
With this unusual scene where a boy and a girl rotated in the air, we went through the main road while paying attention to the surroundings.

Although the distance from the walls that we had passed through to the successive walls wasn’t that much, there was a long distance from the third wall to the fourth wall.
It was far away to the point that we had to take few hours even with a carriage. However, we were satisfied when looking at the scenery spread before our eyes.
“Ooh… it’s really wide.” (Reus)
“Say, are all of these cultivated land!?” (Karen)
As we continued walking along the main road and crossed a small hill, not only the gates of the walls that could be seen in a distance, our vision were filled with cultivated land including several houses.
“It’s totally different from my hometown!” (Karen)
“Well, unlike the village where you lived, these lands are to support the town. It can’t be done unless the fields are wide.” (Sirius)
“Isn’t it strange to be this far to the next gate?” (Emilia)
The disciples nodded as if they were convinced when they looked at the vast field, but there was other reason why there was such a distance.
The monsters of the Demonic Continent were indeed dangerous, but if a country grew bigger, aggressor also would appear. Although strife between countries rarely happened now, it seemed to happen frequently in the past.
Perhaps, the reason why there was a distance was in case of enemies broke through the first and second walls, it would be easier for them to deploy troops here. If people observed carefully, they would understand that it was easier to set up battle formation on this terrain.
There were several other schemes to prepare for enemy attacks, but the ancestors, who built Sandor, desperately opened up these lands in order to prepare for enemies.
“This country inherits that aspiration… is it? It would be troublesome to turn this country to enemy.” (Sirius)
“Sirius-sama, is there something?” (Emilia)
“No, I’m just talking to myself. Shall we make haste?” (Sirius)
“Yes! Ehehe…” (Emilia)
While stroking the head of Emilia, who was wondering, we continued along this stretched highway that cut off the center of the vast fields.
After a while, we finally arrived at the front gate of the wall. There was a long que as there were many people overflowing here.
There were similar adventurers as we were and merchants, but Karen, who noticed a certain group, asked while pulling my sleeve.
“There is a strange carriage over there. Besides, it has a big cage!” (Karen)
“That is probably an acrobatic troupe. They are people who make money by doing performance and displaying rare monsters.” (Sirius)
“Performing monsters? I want to see!” (Karen)
“Well… it’s alright. Want to see it if we have extra time?” (Sirius)
“I will!” (Karen)
Far from being rare, that one before us, the Hundred Wolves Hokuto, was making money just by sitting, but… I wasn’t going to mention that.
At least, I would be surprised if they displayed something that different from Hokuto. As I murmured that, Fia looked amazed when she looked at the end of the queue.
“I expected that to a certain extent, but… it’s really amazing.” (Fia)
“The sight where such people line up is unusual.” (Reese)
“Say, Aniki. Aren’t there a lot more people compared to the town where there was the Fighting Festival?” (Reus)
“Although this country has big population to begin with, there are more now because the ‘Legendia’ is around the corner.” (Sirius)
The ‘Legendia’ was an important meeting where leaders of each country gathered.
Therefore, the kings and queens who visited the host country would lead a suitable number of soldiers due to the dangers in the middle of the journey.
For merchants, it would be time to earn money if they were a lot of soldiers gathered from other countries. For adventurers, on top of curiosity, it was possible to gather information on other countries. There were also other rare stories. For example, there were kings of foreign countries, who anonymously went out strolling on the land near the castle, recruited adventurers with abilities to become their imperial guards.
As the opportunities to promote themselves to the royal families increased, many people gathered at the time of the ‘Legendia’.
“But, with this many people gather, won’t the phenomenon of the Demonic Continent happen soon?” (Reese) (Recheck)
“Aah, yes. I’m sure it is called the ‘Flood’, and it seems that it happened several years ago. It will probably take another ten years to be happening again.” (Sirius)
Apparently, it was happening when we were in the Elysion’s school.
It seemed the amount of monsters was nearly reached the size of a country, but the monsters were easily brought to an end by the elites, who were given titles by the king of Sandor. This matter was greatly disseminated among the people of this country.
However, since there was almost no detailed information on those elites, I planned to investigate on the actual place later.
“According to the stories heard, one of them is a swordsman who is called as the reincarnation of the Strongest Sword.” (Sirius)
“Is there someone who has similar might as Lior-Jiichan!?” (Reus)
“But, that should be a rumor, right? I’m doubtful if there is one who have similar might as the Strongest Sword.” (Fia)
“I also think the same. I don’t think there is a swordsman comparable to that Ojii-chan.” (Emilia)
“Whatever it is, that person should be strong, right? I should try to fight him as a practice before fighting Lior-Jiichan.” (Reus)
To be honest, I was also interested if that person had similar might as Lior-Jiisan.
However, a rumor was just a rumor. Since there was a possibility that the country exaggeratedly announced it in order to fill the gap where the Strongest Sword left, I shouldn’t have high expectation.
It would be difficult to obtain more information, unless we entered the town through the gate…
“The queue is hardly progressing from a little while ago.” (Sirius)
“In a worst case scenario, it may be best to consider giving up today and thinking about camping somewhere.” (Fia)
“Sirius-sama. I tried to confirm from the surroundings earlier. It seems there is a dispute at the gate.” (Emilia)
“We should gather some information then. Excuse me, can I ask something for a bit?” (Sirius)
“Hmm? What–… uooh!?” (??)
When I asked the merchant-like man, who was at the end of the queue, that middle-aged man, who seemed to be annoyed when turning around, was surprised at the sight of Hokuto.
Well, that was normal, but after telling him that Hokuto was a Beast Companion, I asked about the situation again.
“Aah, it is obvious that the queue is slow. There is a complaint about the high amount of money needed to enter the town.” (Merchant)
“Eh? If merchants and adventurers can prove their identity, shouldn’t it be possible to go through the town gate without paying money?” (Sirius)
“Sandor is different. They need to collect money as the maintenance cost of several walls. However, it wasn’t that expensive, so they didn’t really care the safety of everyone…” (Merchant)
It was usually cost several iron coins, but now, they needed to strengthen vigilance because of the ‘Legendia’, so the extra amount was added to it.
Although this might seem too much, the burden of security and expenses would increase a lot when there were more visitors. I guessed this could be considered as a desperate measure taken under pressure of necessity.
“So, the people who complain are probably those who are stingy or those who can’t afford to pay more.” (Merchant)
“Are you alright with that, old man?” (Reus)
“That hurts because my expenses has increased, but I can earn more than that in Sandor. Anyway, I would like them to finish the inspection quickly.” (Merchant)
“But, with that situation… until nighttime… no, I’m not sure if we can get inside today.” (Sirius)
“It is actually better for merchants to wait until the night comes. Judging from your appearance, you guys are adventurers, am I right? If you are not in hurry, there’s a place to stay over there.” (Merchant)
The place where the merchant-like man pointed out was a place slightly away from the gate. There were several buildings that stayed closed to the wall.
From a distant view, the buildings were built crudely, but it was a fitting scene of a place that was close to the splendid wall of the world’s biggest country.
“I’ve been concerned about it since a while ago, but what are those?” (Reus)
“It looks like a small village, but it is different from the farmer houses where we have seen on the way here, right?” (Emilia)
“It is a place for people who are expelled or people who find it hard to stay anymore in Sandor. It is like a slum area that you can see in every town.” (Merchant)
“Outside the town, and not inside… is it? It seems there are complicated circumstances.” (Sirius)
“But, why are they being neglected? Aah I mean, the nobles, who are concerned with the appearance, will feel annoyed though.” (Reese)
“They will be back soon even if they are chased away, so it is trouble to dispatch soldiers every time. Besides, it is a necessary place for those who are still in town.” (Merchant)
Since there were also shops holding many harlots, there seemed to be frequent nobles who came here secretly.
Other than that, the people who lived here would be decoys if they were pressed by monsters. The merchant-like man stopped saying it after secretly telling me that possibility.
Although it hurt the scenery, was it being overlooked because there were demands?
“Not only harlots, there are also inns where adventurers like you and merchants can stay. It is hard to say that the security is good, but I think that it’s better than staying outside.” (Merchant)
“I see. We’re not in hurry, so shall we go there?” (Sirius)
When I turned around and confirmed with everyone, there was no disagreement in particular.
Like this, we decided to go to that town, but I should ask more from the man about it. As I understood from the earlier conversation, the man in front of me seemed to know many things. It might be because he had visited Sandor many times.
Then, the man also told information that seemed to be fine if I paid money, so it would be strange if I interrupted him.
“I’m glad that you tell me a lot, but are you fine telling me all that?” (Sirius)
“One of the reasons, yes… I’m bored, but you guys are a bunch of splendid people not only with beastkin, but also an Elf. I thought that it’s not a loss to make friends.” (Merchant)
“…Really?” (Reus)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Aah, no… that… if that displease you, that Beast Companion is scary.” (Merchant) (Recheck)
“Be honest.” (Fia) (Recheck)
“It should be that way.” (Emilia)
Without realizing, it had suddenly become a situation of intimidation.
While thinking of saying sorry, I heard several important information, so I gave him a couple of copper coins as an information fee.
“Hehe, I don’t dislike an upright bunch. Say, you guys are going through the gate there tomorrow right? I’m going to earn money in the town for a while, so if you find me, let’s meet, alright. I’ll offer you some services.” (Merchant)
Hokuto seemed to be scary, but the man merely laughed as this was a valuable experience for him. Then, we went out of the queue and headed toward a building adjacent to the wall.

While running the carriage along the wall, Karen, who was strangely quiet from earlier, asked question to Reus, who was taking care his sword in the carriage.
“Say, Reus-Oniichan. What did that old man saying about ‘harlot’ a while ago? Is it like a soy sauce to be use for rice?” (Karen) (TLN: 醤油 = shouyu/soy sauce; 娼婦 = shoufu/harlot)
“Eh!? Th-that is–… Aniki!” (Reus)
For that delicate question, Reus instantly raised a white flag, and looked at me like asking for a help. Incidentally, she didn’t ask me first because I was busy investigating the state of the wall. Yeah… I wanted to think it that way.
However, it was difficult to reply to that question.
I also hesitated to explain openly to a young girl. So, while thinking about a good way of saying it, the ladies joined in the conversation.
“Well. Harlot is not a food. To put it simply, it is one of the jobs a woman can do.” (Emilia)
“A job? Can I do it too?” (Karen)
“Eh!? Uhm… you don’t know about harlot?” (Emilia)
“Maybe, but do you want to do it just because you can want it?” (Reese?)
“Yes. I want to make a lot of money, eat meals with Otou-san, Onee-chans and everyone, and I will pay for it!” (Karen)
Even though she was still young, she seemed already aware about being an adventurer.
In the book left by Karen’s father, it was said that courtesy to return the gratitude to the people who gave assistance, and… she wanted to do it because that was written.
I was delighted with that feeling, but it felt complicated to be given money earned from that kind of job.
“Karen. Do you want to earn money in a different way compared to that?” (Sirius)
“Yes. For adventurers, it is best to earn money from a guild.” (Emilia)
“We can’t have you registered right now, but shall we go together when we enter the town?” (Sirius)
“Guild!? I’m going!” (Karen)
Besides, the importance of the guild was written firmly in the book.
Although Karen’s thought was diverted by the interest toward a guild from the previous matter, it wasn’t good to abandon the question halfway. I should supplement some more.
“Karen. I will tell you in detail about harlot after you grow up some more. For now, just think of it as one of the jobs. And, don’t say it in front of other people, alright?” (Sirius)
“Why not?” (Karen)
“You will also understand that when you grow bigger. But you don’t have to worry if you don’t know now. When we get into the town, there will be a lot of things that you have never seen before.” (Sirius)
“Really!? Alright, I’ll look forward to it!” (Karen)
Of course, I wouldn’t let her to do such a job.
However, if she kept on traveling to expand the view, it was probably necessary to know that there was such a world.
It was something involved with human settlement. Anyhow, I gently stroked the head of Karen, who was flapping the wings hidden under the clothes happily.
“Ehe…” (Karen)
“Ehehe…” (Emilia)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
Incidentally, I stroked Emilia’s and Hokuto’s head, who quietly came closer as if asking for it.

We proceeded to run the carriage as it was, and then, we arrived at the buildings next to the wall… No, with that size, I should call this as a village.
There was a small fence that had no meaning other than as a border line and a village with poorly made wooden buildings, but when we got closer, we noticed that we were wrong.
These weren’t seen when we went through the entrance of the village, but there were nicely made buildings lining up in the center.
In front of a building that was slightly bigger than other buildings, there were several women who looked like harlots wearing daring clothing. It seemed it was true that the nobles traveling here in secret. Incidentally, there were harlots with fairly suggestive figures, but it went without saying that Karen was blindfolded by Fia’s hands.
I wasn’t sure what was the reason for showing shabby appearance of the village, but I was more concerned about something.
“Say, Aniki. Looking at Hokuto-san and Fia-ane, don’t you think it is unusual quiet?” (Reus)
“That’s because many people are aiming for Fia-san, isn’t it?” (Emilia)
“Of course, Fia-Onee-chan is beautiful!” (Karen)
“Oh my, thank you.” (Fia)
“So, I want you to take off your hands.” (Karen)
“It can’t be helped then. Fine.” (Fia)
“…Hokuto also, take off your tail!” (Karen)
Although we were lacking of tension feeling, we spontaneously increased our guard of the surroundings.
In this village, we could also see homeless like in the slum area of towns, but… something was different.
If people failed to get a job in a big town and came to a place isolated from the town, they often had tired looking eyes, but their eyes became like a money when seeing Fia and Hokuto. Plus, it was strangely quiet in this village.
Were they afraid of Hokuto?
That might be true, but from the moment of their gazes…
“…It looks like we are being observed.” (Sirius)
“Are the looking for an opening to attack us?” (Emilia)
“No, it’s not like that. I think that there is no problem if we don’t make a move, but don’t be careless.” (Sirius)
This was my feeling, but the people here weren’t mere vagrants. I had a feeling that they were firmly ruled by excellent leaders.
I also had a feeling close to the underworld organization, but since I couldn’t feel any bloodlust, it made me think that they were observing us out of curiosity.
There was no reason to be hostile to us who were visiting for the first time. Since the other side wasn’t moving because of greed, they were probably treating us as ordinary adventurers if we didn’t make a noise.
“Anyhow, just act normally.” (Sirius)
“Although it is normal, I feel that our normal is different from other people.” (Fia)
“I mean like right now? The point is you can spend your time freely.” (Reese)
“I usually stay around Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)
While listening to the muttering of the wives, we tried to walk again to search for an inn, but we suddenly stopped because Hokuto was facing in a certain direction.
The siblings and I were late at noticing why, and Karen was tilting her head toward Reese and Fia without knowing the reason.
“What’s wrong? Are you tired, Hokuto?” (Karen)
“I don’t think Hokuto is getting tired. There may be some enemies are approaching.” (Fia)
“But, he isn’t alarmed. At least, I don’t think there is any danger…” (Reese)
No matter how suspicious people in the surroundings, our reaction would be slow if there were no hostility or bloodlust.
In other words, the person, who approaches the two without making them notice, was a friendly person or an acquaintance. Well, that one probably didn’t know Fia and Karen yet.
“This smell… there is no doubt.” (Reus)
“Reese. You will understand if you look over there.” (Emilia)
When Reese was told to turn around by Emilia, there was a woman wearing a robe covering the whole body coming closer.
Even though the face was hidden by the hood attached to the robe, it was understood that the person was a woman because the chest which clearly asserting even from the top of the robe.
Although she looked like a suspicious person, there was no need to be alert. Especially for Reese…
“…You have grown up.” (??)
“Eh?” (Reese)
When the woman before us took off the hood, Reese embraced her with a big smile.
“Senia!” (Reese)
“Yes. Long time no see.” (Senia)
The one who appeared before us was the attendant who served Reese’s sister, Lifell-Hime, and… it was Senia.

Extra/Bonus – Hokuto’s Parenting
At that time… the battle between Hokuto and Karen had begun whether to let her see harlots with many exposures.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Why won’t you show it to me!?” (Karen)
Karen desperately moved her head to outwit the tail that obstructing the view, but that young girl couldn’t overcome the reflexes and movement of Hokuto.
She also became serious and moved her body, but Hokuto’s tail was quick. No matter how much she moved, she couldn’t see it.
“Muuu!” (Karen)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Hokuto-san said you are still too early, so it’s useless.” (Emilia)
“No, there is only one way. You have to win against Hokuto-san.” (Reus)
Karen, who heard Reus’ advice, regained the motivation. She intensely moved, and greatly leaped to the side, but there was no enemy that could break the impregnable wall of Hokuto’s tail.
That situation continued for a while. Then, Karen noticed something and showed a fearless smile.
“That’s right! It’s not necessary to avoid!” (Karen)
Karen, who usually played with Hokuto’s tail, knew enough the softness of the tail.
Actually, Hokuto was taking it easy on Karen, but Karen, who thought that it didn’t hurt to collide against the tail, hurled herself toward the tail with all her strength.
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
With Hokuto’s strength, he wouldn’t swayed by the Karen’s ramming attack, but since he would hurt her if he solidified the tail, he stopped her without putting power on the tail.
In this way, the breakthrough was successful, and the thing that obstruct the view of Karen who was pushing aside the tail with her body–…
“I can’t see it! Otousan, why are you standing there!?” (Karen)
“It is still too early for you to see it.” (Sirius)
Karen’s battle continued until Senia appeared.


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