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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 145

Chapter 145 The Things a Mother Can Do
— Frenda —
The first time I met my husband was a few years ago, and… that was in the forest some distance away from the village.
On that day, I couldn’t really find the edible wild plants that I usually got. Then, when I got far away from the village… I met five people.
I was told to run away immediate if I saw Humans, but I became scared by the greedy look of the Humans which I felt for the first time and I fell down on the spot. It took me a lot of time and effort to escape by flying away.
Taking that opportunity, the Humans shot arrows. I reflexively closed my eyes, but strangely I felt no pain.
[Guh!? What are you guys doing!?] (??)
In that instant, one of the Humans jumped out before me. He was protecting me with his body.
Even when he received arrows at the foot and on the flank, the one who yelled to the rest of the Humans was… my husband, Beat.
I was told this later, but Beat was the escort and guide hired for the other four. So, he wasn’t really their acquaintance.
Beat merely wanted to meet winged people, but the other Human, who saw me, made a move due to lust.
As they ignored Beat’s call, they set up their bows again to catch me, but… Asrad-sama came to our rescue.
Asrad-sama burned the people down as he descended from the sky. Subsequently, he approached Beat who fell down because of some paralytic poison smeared on the arrows.
Usually, the humans, who arbitrarily entered the Dragonkin’s territory, would be annihilated.
But… I couldn’t let Beat die because he protected me.
Because of that, I came closer, thinking to stop Asrad-sama, but he just took notice and overlooked Beat.
[What a strange person. Why are you smiling in this situation?] (Asrad)
[A voice? I see… so you are the high rank dragon who protects the winged people.] (Beat)
[Yes. Then, answer me. Why are you smiling?] (Asrad)
[Why… it is… because she is safe. If I know that… then, it’s enough.] (Beat)
Since Beat was smiling in satisfaction even if he was stared at by a Dragonkin, that in itself made Asrad-sama become interested.
After that, when I approached Beat to pull out the stabbed arrow, he was looking at me with an earnest, relieved look.
[Aah, I’m glad… that you are safe.] (Beat)
[Thank you for protecting me. Uhmm, why did you help me? If you didn’t do that, you wouldn’t have gone through such a painful situation.] (Frenda)
[I… just wanted to see winged people. But… I didn’t think that the winged people were… so beautiful…] (Beat)
[Ehh!?] (Frenda)
With those words, Beat fainted.
It wasn’t only because of my appeal, but Asrad-sama was also concerned himself. So, it was decided to bring him back to the village.
Of course, bringing back a human causes a considerable dispute.
Ultimately, Asrad-sama said that he would take the responsibility, so Beat was permitted to stay in the village on the condition that he stayed at my house. I remember that it made me so relieved.
Kaa-san also thought like everyone else regarding Beat, but in account of him saving my life, she allowed beat to stay at our house.
In this way, it was decided for Beat to live in my house, and while he was in a place a distance away from the village, the knowledge he gained from travelling made our life easier.
For me who lost my father when I was young and had only been staying with Kaa-san, having a man like Beat living together with us was refreshing.
The most enjoyable thing for me was listening to Beat talking about his journey.
[The People who live there have their own unique customs. That’s why, if you pay attention to the meaning, it really is like a strange story…] (Beat)
His appearance when telling stories was as if he was really absorbed in it, and he completely looked like a cute child…
[When I met you for the first time, I felt like meeting an angel. Not because of your wings, I just thought that you were really beautiful. That’s why I am happy to be next to you.] (Beat)
When I thought about it, I was starting to feel attracted to Beat who conveyed his feelings so openly.
Six months later, when Beat began to be recognized around… I was pregnant with Karen.
Beat and Asrad-sama were happy. I felt blessed even though Kaa-san had mixed feelings. I thought that happy time would continue, but… Beat’s health started to deteriorate.
Healing magic had no effect on his disease of unknown cause, so Beat, who spent most of the time in bed, began to write books.
Although it was difficult to even write letters for Beat, he kept writing and it was even harder for me to look at him, but…
[You know… let alone raising up our child, I couldn’t even see the face. But, I don’t like the fact that I can’t do anything for my own child. That’s why I want to leave a proof that I was here so that the child won’t feel lonely… if only a little bit.] (Beat)
Beat, who kept writing as if shaving his own life… calmly took his last breath in the middle of the third book.
The time we spent together wasn’t very long, but I had no regrets about being tied to Beat.
I was prepared for it. Plus, I had Karen.
She was the most important existence brought by Beat.
For that person’s sake, I promised to watch her grow up.
But… I…

“My daughter… Karen… I would like you to take her along on your journey.” (Frenda)
“Frenda-san…” (Sirius)
I thought that it was normal for Sirius-kun to make such a complicated expression because of my words.
It was because as a mother, I said that I wanted to him to take care of my daughter even though she was still young.
Although it couldn’t be helped to think of this as abandoning my own child, I had decided on it though it wasn’t easy to say it with my own mouth.
When I didn’t look away, Sirius-kun let out a long breath as if giving in.
“Alright, let’s talk about it. Whether I should take her in or anything, does Karen know about it?” (Sirius)
“Not yet. But, I suppose that girl also wants to go together with you. At least, I don’t think she will plainly object it.” (Frenda)
“I certainly have that feeling as well. In that case, could you explain your reason for that conclusion… if you care about Karen?” (Sirius)
“…Her curiosity is very strong, and you also know that well, right?” (Frenda)
“Indeed, I do. She is interested in the outside world, even if people look at her with cruel eyes. As for me, she is a child who is worth to teach.” (Sirius)
“Hehe, she is a curious child who smiles instinctively, right? But, even though I am the mother of that girl, there aren’t many things that I can teach her.” (Frenda)
Even magic… or outside world… I had never been out of this village and that became a limitation.
At my current capability, I could only bring Karen to a river that was a little away from the village, and that was the best that I could do to satisfy her curiosity even a little.
No, that wasn’t the best.
Because of that, I was attacked. Far from protecting Karen, I wasn’t able to protect myself too. I was about to lose her forever.
“However, Sirius-kun has the same attribute as Karen, and you can teach her magic more. You also can satisfy her curiosity because you are familiar with the outside world. Besides, I am well aware of your strength.” (Frenda)
At the time when Sirius-kun fought Mejia-san even though it was said to be impossible to win, I could learn about his strength, thanks to that.
His disciples were also very strong. The Hundred Wolves which was called a legend was also nearby. So, I thought that Karen would be safe with them.
At that time, when I wanted to know about his character, I heard the stories from the children who adored him.
[Sirius-sama is a wonderful person. He didn’t only save me and Reus when we became slaves, but he also taught us how to live.] (Emilia)
[Aniki? He is the man of my aspirations!] (Reus)
[Yeah… it’s a feeling like having a mother or father. Sometimes he is strict, but he is kind and reliable.] (Reese)
[I love him, but he is also a great man. He has a strong sense of duty and takes good care of people, and he will do anything to fight against anyone if it’s for people he cares about.] (Fia)
Everyone longed for Sirius-kun. I myself wanted Karen to be together with him and I wanted her to be happy.
It was only half a month, but as a result of associating with Karen, I was convinced that Sirius-kun was a trustworthy person.
He didn’t only save us, but he also taught Karen various knowledge. He also scolded her like a father for doing something dangerous.
Giving affection to Karen even though she was supposed to be treated like other people, if it were these people who took care of her that much…
“If it’s Sirius-kun, I can leave Karen to you without worries. I believe… you will protect that girl and show her the outside world.” (Frenda)
There was also another basis why he could be trusted.
Emilia and Reus, who were raised and saved since they were young, were strong, and they became upright people.
Although he was younger than me, he was good at taking care of children, as if he was experienced with that. It was hard to admit, but I thought that he was better at it than me.
To entrust Karen to him… I was really a cowardly mother.
I hadn’t even repaid the favor of saving us, and I was already trying to take advantage of Sirius-kun’s kindness.
Even though I had this feeling of self-loathing, Sirius-kun continued to listen to my explanation with a keen look.
As expected, he was angry, wasn’t he?
But of course. It was obvious to get angry. It was a sudden and unilateral proposition.
“Are you really sure about this?” (Sirius)
However… Sirius-kun wasn’t angry. For some reason, he had a sad expression when looking at me.
When I tilted my head because I didn’t expect that response, Sirius-kun talked to me with a gentle voice as if to admonish me.
“For a child, parents are more important than anything else. Although you can meet again, you both will be separated.” (Sirius)
“…” (Frenda)
“If you say it that straightforwardly, I think that I don’t mind to let Karen accompany me on the journey. However, I’m not sure what will happen during the journey. Let say that I am caught in an unexpected incident and I am not able to protect Karen, then, there is also a possibility of losing your daughter this time for real, you know? It may be temporary, but you should understand because you have experienced it before.” (Sirius)
“Yes, I understand that.” (Frenda)
As expected, Sirius-kun was a kind person.
Rather than worrying about himself, he worried more about us for being separated.
Obviously, I didn’t want to be separated from Karen.
But… when I thought about her, I…
“But, I don’t want to waste her talent.” (Frenda)
Previously, Sirius-kun told me this.
The childhood experience was very important because it had a big influence even when people had grown up.
Therefore, it was necessary for Karen to have a good teacher nearby when she was told that she had talents in magic even though she was a non attribute.
“Besides, I think that this village is too small for Karen.” (Frenda)
She didn’t seem to be discouraged even though she was enslaved. Even if I left her alone, she would make a trip away from this village someday.
And if Beat was still alive, I believed he wouldn’t stop Karen from going out on a journey.
[Say, Beat. What if one day this child read the books your wrote and says to you that she wants to travel?] (Frenda)
[Well. At that time… I want to send her out. There are many dangerous things, but there are also lots of fun things and fateful encounters on the journey. Just how you and I have met.] (Beat)
[But, the outside world is still…] (Frenda)
[Of course, I’m not just sending her out like that. It will be only after she got the corresponding knowledge and strength. I will leave the necessary knowledge in these books. If she says that she wants to go on a journey, I want you to teach her magic and make her strong. To be honest, if you can find a trustworthy person who is used to traveling, it is fine, but… am I asking too much?] (Beat)
As this place was a place that outsiders wouldn’t come to thoughtlessly, the wish that Beat expressed in front of me seemed like a joke.
Since we were the parents, we didn’t want to make a mistake for our child’s turning point.
And it would be very much like a miracle for a worthy person to whom I could entrust Karen to appear.
“I heard from your wives that you dream to be a teacher who teaches various things. Based on your opinion, is there nothing else you could teach to Karen?” (Frenda)
“No. As I told you earlier, I have a lot of things I still want to teach her.” (Sirius)
“In that case, I want Sirius-kun to teach her in the way you like. Karen is surely looking forward to being taught by you.” (Frenda)
Although it felt sad… this wasn’t an eternal farewell.
If I could stand it, Sirius-kun and Karen would be satisfied as well.
Leaving that aside, what were the things I gave in return to Sirius-kun and the rest?
Their burden would definitely increase by leaving Karen to them. I would like to thank you for taking care of her for me, but I didn’t have anything to give in return.
I didn’t have the money of the outside world, and… I was sorry about that, but I’d discuss this with Asrad-sama later.
When I was thinking about such things, Sirius-kun suddenly stood up and turned around.
“It would be better for us to talk about this with our families all at once. Frenda-san, please tell this to Karen, while I’ll talk to my companions.” (Sirius)
“Right. It’s no good to decide on my own without listening to that girl’s feelings.” (Frenda)
After saying that, Sirius-kun left the room, but I noticed that I was more tired than I expected.
It was probably because of tension. When I stood up because I felt thirst, Kaa-san, who was waiting in the next room, came in at the same time, and she offered me a cup of water.
“Thank you, Kaa-san.” (Frenda)
“Should I say, good job… in this situation?” (Debra)
“…I don’t know. Kaa-san… it’s going to be sad if Karen leaves, right?” (Frenda)
I had explained this matter to Kaa-san beforehand.
When Kaa-san heard my explanation, she had mixed feelings just like Sirius-kun, but she respected my will.
Even so, Kaa-san hit me on the shoulder with an astonished expression because of my words and sigh that came out spontaneously.
“What’s with that sigh? Do you want me to refuse you?” (Debra)
“That’s not it–… yeah, that’s not it, I guess.” (Frenda)
“Well, whatever it is, my answer will not change. It’s sad if the granddaughter leaves me, but I also can understand your point.” (Debra)
While I still couldn’t calm myself down even after drinking the cup of water, Karen, who had been sent back by Sirius-kun, came into the room.
“What’s this, Okaa-san? Even though I was working hard to learn magic…” (Karen)
“I’m sorry, Karen. But, I have something important to tell you right now, so please listen to me.” (Frenda)
While being stared at by Karen’s pure and intractable eyes, I talked about her going for travel with Sirius-kun.
“…That’s why. If it’s Sirius-kun, I’m sure he will protect you. So, if you travel with everyone, you will be able to see lots of things.” (Frenda)
“Is it alright!?” (Karen)
“As long as you want to go. Besides, you also like them and everyone else, right?” (Frenda)
“Yes!” (Karen)
As expected, Karen seemed to have thought about going on a journey.
If it was like this, I was sure…
“I like Onii-sans, Onee-chans, and Hokuto too… just how I love Okaa-san!” (Karen)
“…Yeah. If you are with everyone, you’ll be fine even if I’m not there.” (Frenda)
“Eh? Okaa-san… is not going?” (Karen)
I thought about it at one time, but my strength was nothing but a burden.
Since I was entrusting Karen to them, who was still a child, it would be too much for them to take care of me as well, although I was an adult.
“I’m sorry. I can’t go on a journey.” (Frenda)
“But why…” (Karen)
Karen’s eyes were shining when she heard that she could travel, but she became depressed when she learned that I wouldn’t come along.
I could go back if I did it now.
[It feels sad, but let’s see everyone off with a smile.] (Debra)
[I’m sure she will come back here again, and at that time, she will show us and shock everyone with her amazing magic.] (Frenda)
If I said so, I was sure…
But then, that was no good.
“…I’m fine. You want to travel with everyone, am I right?” (Frenda)
“Y-yes. But, Okaa-san…” (Karen)
I felt only despair when Karen fell into the river and got separated from me, and then, I felt alive when I saw how she grew up under the care of Sirius-kun.
I relied on her more than she relied on me.
What I could do at present was… softly push her back.
“I’m waiting here for you to come back. Please tell me a lot of things about your journey at that time.” (Frenda)
“Okaa-san wants to hear my stories?” (Karen)
“Yes. I loved to hear stories about his journey from your Otou-san. That’s why I want to hear a lot from Karen.” (Frenda)
It was just that her appearance being immersed while telling the things taught by Sirius-kun completely looked like Beat.
“Alright… I will go! I want to tell you a lot Okaa-san! Besides, I…” (Karen)
After that, I listened to her dream which she secretly wished for and I hugged my dear daughter.

— Sirius —
I was surprised by Frenda-san’s proposal, but it was also something that I wanted.
I wasn’t really thinking about having a successor. I was purely interested in how much non-attribute people other than me could grow.
However, as the number of subjects to protect increased, the danger that came with it would also increase.
Since I couldn’t decide this matter by myself, I tried to discuss with everyone immediately, but…
“I have no reason to object. So, I will follow Sirius-sama’s judgment.” (Emilia)
“I agree. Oh yeah… before we listened about the matter of Sirius-san and us, we were trying to figure out a way to say farewell to Karen-chan.” (Reese)
“It’s going to be hard from now, but you have to tell a lot to everyone.” (Fia)
“Ouh! I will protect her!” (Reus)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
It was basically within my expectations.
Apparently, they didn’t object to having Karen as our companion. It seemed that they were having similar thought as mine.
“We are fine with it, but how are Karen-chan and Frenda-san?” (Emilia)
“Frankly speaking, I don’t feel good to separate a mother and a daughter who are that close.” (Reese)
“I think Karen should be fine because she is curious, but this may be about Frenda. Her husband had left her, so it would be good if we don’t make her sad any more than that.” (Fia)
“Say, Aniki. Can we bring them together?” (Reus)
“No, Frenda-san thinks that she will not be able to travel. She had been attacked twice already, so I think she won’t feel relaxed in the outside world.” (Sirius)
It might be harsh, but I had to make proper considerations.
Besides, Frenda-san was the one who said that herself, so she probably had been prepared for this.
I was also prepared to respond to that determination…
“Actually, I have been thinking about this matter, but would you hear me?” (Sirius)
My idea was probably excessive, and it might be rude to Emilia and others.
Nevertheless, whether I was right or wrong, everyone nodded while showing a bitter smile.

That night… we were gathering at Karen’s house.
In the room which became a bit cramped when all of us were there, Karen’s family members were sitting on the opposite side of the table.
With a somewhat tense air, we told the result of the discussions to each other. Karen happily flapped her wings while Frenda-san seemed to be relieved.
“However, I have a condition for taking care of Karen.” (Sirius)
“Condition? If I can do it…” (Frenda)
“Will you let Karen call me as her father?” (Sirius)
“Is that… because you are adopting Karen?” (Frenda)
“No, it’s not that kind of matter. I am thinking that Karen’s loneliness can be lessened if she thinks of me as a father during the journey.” (Sirius)
Even if I adopted her, I didn’t need to marry Frenda-san.
I wanted to treat Karen as a family member, at least by the way of calling.
Karen, who didn’t know her father’s face, still required the presence of a father, and I was also concerned about this.
When I explained that this was for the sake of appearance, Frenda, who was anxious, became relieved, but Karen was merely wondering.
“If you have been thinking until that far, I think Beat will also allow it. I don’t really mind, but what do you think, Karen?” (Frenda)
“…Onii-san is Otou-san? But, my Otou-san is…?” (Karen)
“I won’t be your real parent, so you don’t have to worry about it. Anyhow, I want you to think of me as something like a father starting from today. Well, it doesn’t really matter, if you don’t like it –…” (Sirius)
“Alright. Onii-san is… Otou-san. My Otou-san!” (Karen)
It might be because she didn’t have a father since she was born, she accepted easily.
I felt sorry for Beat, but I wanted them to be relieved.
I would take responsibility for their daughter, raise and protect her.
“It’s easy for her to accept Aniki as Tou-chan, isn’t’ it?” (Reus)
“Well, this is something to be remembered since we came to this village…” (Fia)
“I… think I can understand the feeling. When I first met Sirius-san, I thought that he was like a father.” (Reese)
“It is natural in a sense because Sirius-sama’s back is very big.” (Emilia)
Nevertheless, the ladies, who became my wives, probably had mixed feelings because I took custody of a girl and asked her to call me father.
Of course, I firmly apologized when I told this to them, but they were a bit different.
“By the way, if Aniki is Tou-chan, wouldn’t it better to call Nee-chans as Kaa-chan?” (Reus)
“That sounds tempting, but it’s fine to call us Onee-chan.” (Emilia)
“Yup. Karen-chan’s Okaa-san is Frenda-san.” (Reese)
“We only want to be called Okaa-san by our own children.” (Fia)
I felt like I couldn’t look at the ladies for a while.
I felt bad even if they didn’t mind, so I had to make it up to them with something soon.
When I was planning for the future while watching the excited Karen, who was nearby, Frenda-san called her daughter as if to reprove her, with a gentle smile.
“Karen. It’s alright to be excited, but since they will take care of you from now, you should treat them politely. You told me a while ago that your dream is to be with them too.” (Frenda)
“Yes!” (Karen)
Then, Karen turned to us with a full smile, and bowed her head deeply.
“I’d like to see a lot of things and write books someday like Otou-san. So, please take care of me!” (Karen)
In this way, Karen joined us on our journey.
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