Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 165

Chapter 165 The Departure for the Front Line Base
The synopsis of the previous chapter.
“Uhm… this story is fiction. Actually–…” (Karen)
“No, no. By the way, it depends on the situation, and this is where you read it from, Karen.” (Sirius)
“Hmm? So, am I supposed to read that Reus-Oniichan is proposed by Julia-Oneechan, a lot of monsters come to the frontline base, and a soldier comes into the conference room to tell about it in a hurry? Well…” (Karen)
“No… it’s fine already. That has been told.” (Fia)

“The-there is an emergency contact from the front line base! The Demonic continent and this continent have suddenly connected, and it seems that there are monsters enough to fill the ground and they are approaching Sandor!” (Soldier)
Based on the report from the soldier who suddenly came in, the conference room had become noisy again. It might be a natural reaction because hordes of monsters were approaching, but Sandor was a country that had been fighting them every time Flood occurred. However, the reaction of the important people was intense enough to be said that it was excessive.
“That’s absurd!? It’s still too early whatever the circumstances may be!” (??)
“But, did you actually get the report?” (??)
“No, there is also a possibility of misinformation. I will contact the front line base immediately to confirm if there is really a flood…” (??)
For starters, the Flood was a phenomenon in which a large amount of monsters inhabiting the Demonic continent came across a land when that continent and the Hypne continent, where we were now, were connected by land that appeared like a tide. However, the Flood occurred in about a decade. Since the last Flood happened a few years ago, at least it wouldn’t happen for another five years. In other words, the important people were disturbed because of the impossible situation. Since some of them contacted their soldiers, after the Sandor King smacking his lips, he rebuked everyone.
“All of you, if you only want to make racket, just shut up! Oi, how’s the situation over there? You need to tell in detailed!” (King)
“Yes! I didn’t see the monsters with my eyes, but I heard from the watchtower early in the morning…” (Soldier)
The watchtower seemed to be a tall tower built on the wall on the place that was closest to the Demonic continent. As the name suggested, it was a tower that monitored the situation on the Demonic continent. If there was anomaly, the information was immediately transmitted to Sandor through the front line base. Everyone kept silent as the listened to the report, but it seemed that it was more serious than expected.
“At midnight, there was a loud noise heard from the direction of the Demonic continent. A land appeared from the sea, and it seemed this continent and that continent were connected. It is completely like the Flood…” (??)
“In this world, things that seem impossible can happen. If it is the same as the Flood, do it as usual without getting panic. I’m sure the people over there know that.” (King)
“In fact… according to the report, the appearance of the monsters was clearly abnormal. Let alone Orcs and Ogres, goblins were armed as well. Furthermore, they showed a controlled movement just like human…” (Soldier)
“What did you say!?” (King)
Goblins with low intelligence held an intuition to pick up and use weapons used by people and reasonable branches. However, it was rare for weapons used by people to fall into the Demonic continent. Therefore, there should be many of them without weapons, but according to the report, all humanoid monsters had weapons such as swords and spears. In addition to that, monsters should attack based on their instinct, but apparently, they display an appearance of setting up shields and formed a formation. On top of equipment that shouldn’t be there, the situation that displayed a controlled movement was clearly an abnormal situation.
“There aren’t only monsters filling the ground surface, there are also various monsters and medium-sized dragon that can fly in the sky. Perhaps, the first wall is already…” (Soldier)
“It’s probably collapsing. The second wall is unlikely to keep up too much, so the front line base is mostly in bad situation.” (King)
In order to attack Sandor from the Demonic continent side, they must break through all four walls. The wall, which had a watchtower nearest to the Demonic continent, was called the first wall. The second wall was where a mid size war potential was stationed. Then, the frontline base, which had the most war potential, was the final defense of the Sandor castle and the town.
In the case of the Flood, the first wall was used to determine the size of the monsters. While decimating the monsters to some extent, the number would be decreasing when it went to the second wall. They usually stayed back on the wall. If it was the usual Flood, it would be up to second wall, was it? Or perhaps it would reach the front line base, but it looked like the Sandor king had decided that the scale of this event was likely to surpass even the front line base.
“Your Majesty, aren’t you over thinking? I don’t think the steel walled front line based can be wiped out easily.” (??)
“No matter how much monsters are armed, I can’t think that they will be able to break through that base that has survived many crises in the past.” (??)
“No, we haven’t directly looked at the scale of the monsters, so we should consider about the worst situation. If the assault has started since early in the morning, they probably have broken through the second wall, and the battle may have begun even at the front line base.” (Sanger)
It was a vast plain without any undulation from Sandor to the front line base, and no matter how far people rode a horse, it would take half a day. It seemed that the soldier, who brought this necessary information, came at the fastest speed, while replacing the horses at the military outpost on the way here, but more than half a day had already passed. I was sure that there was a fierce battle over there right now. This was no longer a conference discussing about rebuilding the country. It was a situation where they needed to take care of the monsters and to replenish the front line base immediately. That reminded me, the front line base had…
“Old man, did you forget that the kings are in the front line base?” (Sanger)
“Reus’ friend and lover are also there. Father, let’s send them with a fastest horse so that we can go to those people.” (Julia)
“Even if you aren’t panic, are you planning to come back here before the day ends? As long as they aren’t foolish, they would get away quickly from there.” (King)
Either way, since the messenger came from the front line base, the message should be passed down. By this time, the leaders of each country should be moving from the base. When I activated an enlarged scale of [Search], I noticed a nostalgic reaction was approaching… No, he just came back to the castle. After that, the important people, who were given punishment, were sent out from the room. In the meantime, the important people who knew the situation returned to the room. When they were about to start a countermeasure meeting, the door to the conference room was opened and the kings of the countries appeared.
“There is an emergency, so please excuse us.” (??)
“Hmm? Oh my, you finally woke up.” (??)
“Well, yeah. I overslept a bit, but I am as what you can see. By the way, have you heard about the situation from my men?” (King)
“Hmmm, I knew it in detail since I returned to this castle. The report seems to have arrived after we departed from the front line base.” (??)
“I thought something happened when a fast horse overtook us, but I never thought that it would be like this.” (??)
“In that case, there’s no need to explain. To be honest, this is a situation that we can’t afford much. I would like to ask you to lend a hand, but I can’t force you. We advise all of you to leave the country soon.” (King)
The kings of each country brought soldiers as escorts, but their war potentials were minimum at best. Above all, it wasn’t about the standpoint, but this was a problem of another country. Hence, it was difficult to ask for help. Consequently, the Sandor King also didn’t expect much, so he discussed with his own vassals and others kings to leave the country immediately. The kings of each country also probably had given up.
We were no longer in the context of Legendia meeting, so the Sandor King told them to do whatever they wanted. He also had sent instructions to the important people and soldiers. After the Kings left the conference room, I told the Sandor King that I needed to talk with my companions. Then, I left the room. Outside of the conference room, there was a figure of Reese’s father, Cardeas… he was probably waiting for me to come out.
“It’s been a while, Sirius. How are you?” (Cardeas)
“I’m good. You look well too.” (Sirius)
His conduct was of a king since this was a public space, but his eyes were filled with affection.
“I’d like to ask you a lot, but I can’t afford to take long time here. Can you lead me to where Lifell or your companions are?” (Cardeas)
“Lifell-sama is together with my companions, so I will bring you to the room.” (Sirius)
“Please do. By the way… I mean, how’s that girl?” (Cardeas)
“If it’s her, she is with Lifell-sama. She was looking forward to see you.” (Sirius)
“Hmm!” (Cardeas)
Since he was bringing up about Reese couple of times with that look, I gave my answer, and he was nodding in satisfaction. At the same time, I could feel the pressure as if telling me to let him meeting her quick. Then, I returned to the room with Cardeas.
“Welcome back, Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)
“Oh my, you are together with Tou-san. You have finally come back.” (Lifell)
“That is not how you suppose to talk with your father. More importantly, that girl is…” (Cardeas)
“Yes, yes, I got it. Reese, come here.” (Lifell)
“What is it? Aah…” (Reese)
“Oooh…” (Cardeas)
Reese, who was talking with Karen and Hina, came closer, and the dignified expression Cardeas had collapsed in an instant. He was going to embrace Reese with a melting smile of an over-dotting parent, but he remembered that there were retainers behind him, so he stopped his movement while coughing.
“…Sorry, you guys can wait outside. I won’t be attacked in this room.” (Cardeas)
““Yes!”” (??)
The retainers left the room without even saying one word as if they already knew who we were. After confirming they had left, this time… when he thought of doing it, he noticed that there was a person who he didn’t know, and his movement stopped once again.
“Hehe, Fia-san and Karen-chan are my friends, so it’s fine, Tou-sama.” (Reese)
“Re-really? Reese… I missed you!” (Cardeas)
Cardeas, who finally could act normally, embraced Reese with all his might. While Reese was surprised with Cardeas’ sudden change after a long absence, she obediently accepted the hug, and she put her hands behind her father’s back in delight.
“Ooh… my angel! I haven’t seen you for a bit, and yet you have grown up so cute!” (Cardeas)
“Really? Nee-sama also said the same thing, but I don’t think I’ve changed.” (Reese)
“No, I notice it! You have become more and more like Laura, and your beauty as a lady is getting more!” (Cardeas)
As I expected, the affection that had been piling up for more than a year had exploded admirably. Reese let her father did what he wanted for a while, but he didn’t seem to let him go no matter what, she took the small opening and brilliantly slip out.
“Muhh!? Wh-why are you running away!?” (Cardeas)
“If we stay like that, we can’t have a talk, right? Look, there are people who I want to introduce to you, Tou-sama. So, just bear with it this time… alright?” (Reese)
“…I guess so.” (Cardeas)
He understood that wasn’t the case, but it seemed that he felt like he was rejected by the daughter, and he became seriously depressed. I also would feel dejected if my daughter rejected me… No, I guessed he was a bit special case. There were times when I was rejected by a cute girl whom I treated like a daughter in the previous life, but I didn’t get depressed that far.
I would like them to immerse a bit more in the reunion between a parent and a child, but since we were in a hurry, they had to endure for now. After finishing a quick introduction of Fia and Karen, I shared the information and explained to everyone that a large group of monsters was approaching from the Demonic continent.
“I was wondering why the mood inside the castle had changed a lot, but I didn’t expect there was such a situation…” (Emilia)
“It was cancelled, right? So what are you going to do, Tou-sama?” (Reese)
“Just like the other kings, I’m going to leave Sandor as soon as I am ready. I feel like we are abandoning them, but even if we are helping, it is not a big help.” (Cardeas)
As a high ranking person, he couldn’t risk the life of his retainers for nothing. No matter how bad he felt, it was understandable because of his standpoint as a king, so no one could refute that. In the meantime, Reus, who had been thinking of something quietly, interrupted the conversation by asking Cardeas.
“Excuse me… Cardeas-san. Do you know about Albert and Marina? They are Foxkin siblings…” (Reus)
“Yes, I know about them in a letter from Reese. It’s a bit diverting from the talk, but they are siblings with excellent characters.” (Cardeas)
“I see. Then, where are those two? They must have returned together…” (Reus)
The reason Reus couldn’t calm down was probably because he couldn’t sense the smell of Albert and Marina. I couldn’t find the siblings’ reactions from [Search], and looking at how Cardeas who seemed having difficulties to talk about it…
“Those two… remained at the front line base. They are fighting together with the Beast King who said that he was going to stop the monsters.” (Cardeas)
“Haa!? Wh-what did you say!?” (Reus)
It might be because there was a common subject who was us, it seemed Albert and Marina were getting along well with the Beast King. Albert didn’t only make friends with the Beast King, he also made friends with Keith, the son of the Beast King. He said that he couldn’t abandon his friends and stayed with them. Of course, Marina wasn’t going to leave her brother.
“I’ve tried to stop them. But I couldn’t say anything when they looked at me with serious eyes, telling that they couldn’t be like that to themselves.” (Cardeas)
“That bastard Al. Why are you going through all these troubles?” (Reus)
“I understand that you want to complaint, but I don’t think Albert want to hear that from you.” (Fia)
“I don’t think that he is making mistake if he retreats since he talked about his upcoming child and his wife who was waiting in his hometown, but… leaving young men with good prospects doesn’t give me a good feeling either.” (Cardeas)
It was nice when one wasn’t married and on their way to the battlefield, but as always, he was a disciple who stood up against an unpleasant flag. He might be a man who born under such a star. To begin with, why the Beast King, who was a king of a country, stayed at the front line base? It was probably because Arbitray, the country of the Beast King, was on the same continent as Sandor. If Sandor was destroyed, the next country was highly likely to be targeted. There was no mistake that he was either trying to check the scale of the enemies or he wanted to fight in a place with extreme preparation of war potentials and defense. The Beast King, who was spoiled when it came to the daughter, was usually a calm King.
By the way, I understood that my acquaintances were there. What we would do in future was… in fact, had been decided. Reus had been anxiously looking at me since a while ago, so I nodded to tell him it would be fine.
“Aniki…” (Reus)
“I understand, you don’t have to look at me like that. If they are not coming back, we only need to go to them. Depending on the situation, we might be able to help them.” (Sirius)
This might be because Reus growth and I had abandoned Albert in the last incident. So, instead of watching over, Reus, who heard that we were going to help them, hit his fists with a smile while displaying his teeth. However, the place we were going was a front line base where hordes of monsters were closing in. Naturally, the one who was full of motivation was Reus. However, Princess Lifell and Cardeas, in particular, were letting out a deep sigh with a serious look.
“I thought that you might do that, but… are you sure?” (Lifell)
“I don’t doubt your abilities, but I can’t admire if you jump into the battlefield by yourself.” (Cardeas)
“Thank you for your concern. However, I’m also concerned about Albert’s safety.” (Sirius)
Since the Sandor King focused on the measures of the monsters, I was considering about this situation from another side.
“I think that the Sandor King has already noticed that this Flood doesn’t happen naturally.” (Sirius)
The laws of natural phenomena that occurred once in several years had been broken. Well, there was also a possibility of that, but there was a magic… that could uplift the ground in this world. For example, the magic [Create] wasn’t only used to solidified the soil and make something. It was also possible to dig a hole by changing the ground or to make a high ground. In other words, as long as there was a vast amount of mana, it was also possible to make a way to connect between continents. …Like using mana stones that had been collected for several years. If it was possible to do it artificially, the most suspicious person in this context would be…
“There’s a high possibility that Lambda, who ran away last night, is causing this incident. He made remarks like that.” (Sirius)
[My plan is in the final stage. When it ends, it doesn’t matter what happen after.” (Lambda)
Those were said by Lambda last night. I judged that it was good to think that the final stage was to intentionally cause the Flood. No, far from having the intention, I could only think that he had obviously been preparing for that. Based on the information, there were supposed no monsters with weapons, but it seemed that the monsters were making movements similar to people. I had fought against enemies who controlled monsters many times in the past, so it was fine to think that Lambda had such a mean.
“Although Lambda’s aim is Sandor, why would you want to get involved in this? Are you going to tell me that you can’t forgive him because he targeted Fia?” (Lifell)
“There is also revenge about Fia, but the number one reason is my personal circumstances.” (Sirius)
Shishou said that she felt something familiar about Lambda. I had a feeling that it had something to do with the things left behind by Shishou since he could control plants, body and his abilities were far from ordinary people.
“I am traveling to expand my knowledge, but I also need to find things that Shishou left behind.” (Sirius)
Anyhow, this circumstance was something about Shishou, and… she didn’t intend to actively look for it. That what the person herself said. However, when it involved an incident that could shake a country… no, the world, I couldn’t overlook this as her disciple. Shishou was someone arrogant, unforgiving, living on instinct and always annoyed others, but I had to return the favor for saving me who was destined to die. That was why I wanted to destroy what Shishou left behind, and erased her flaw even a little.
“Of course, there is a possibility that this has nothing to do with Shishou, but since we have been through this, I won’t be satisfied until I see the end with my own eyes.” (Sirius)
“Haa… that’s troubling. I would like to stop you even if I have to do it forcibly, but we can’t.” (Lifell)
“What is your plan for other people… I mean Reese?” (Cardeas)
The siblings were surely going to follow me. It went without saying when it came to Reus, and Emilia had already gone to the carriage to prepare it. Then, Cardeas was certainly concerned about Reese, but…
“Of course, I’m going!” (Reese)
“It’s going to be reek of blood over there. Personally, I would like you to wait in the castle.” (Sirius)
“If that’s the case, it is more necessary for me to be there. There will be a lot of injured people over there, and they will need my help.” (Reese)
“…Don’t overdo it, alright.” (Sirius)
Reese should know how terrifying when there were hordes of monsters, but I didn’t sense any fear from her. If Reese decided with that kind of confidence that there was something she could do, I wasn’t going to stop her. After that, I confirmed Princess Lifell and others at the surrounding even though they worried about Reese. Then, I took a nearby chair and sat in front of Fia.
“Fia…” (Sirius)
“I’d like to say I’m coming with you, but… I have to hold myself this time.” (Fia)
“Are you alright with that?” (Sirius)
Basically, the most important thing is to let Fia stayed in the rear. Even if she had a child in the tummy, it was still in the early stages. There should be no problem if she exercised a bit or going to battle. Above all, I thought Fia would come with me. Therefore, it was a bit surprising that she said she would stay back.
“You aren’t going to bring Karen and Hina-chan, right? In that case, I’ll be waiting you all together with them. I’ll be a wife who waits for her husband return.” (Fia)
“Thank you. To be honest, I would like you to wait in a safer place than this confused country.” (Sirius)
“I’m not sure any safer place than being next to you, but I’m not just a woman to be protected. Don’t worry about me. Please do whatever you need to do, Sirius. When you return, I’ll hug you and welcome you.” (Fia)
Indeed, we now had kids like Karen and Hina, so someone needed to protect them. I really appreciated by Fia’s suggestion as she was willing to take that role. I hugged Fia to thank her while she send me off with a smile that way senior than me. Next, I sat on one knee in front of Karen, who had been watching Cardeas since earlier. After our eyes met, I explained the current situation.
“Yes… so I will stay here, right?” (Karen)
“The place where I’m heading is going to be too dangerous. So, I want you to stay together with Fia.” (Sirius)
“…I got it. I will wait with Hina-chan.” (Karen)
I did want Karen to gain a lot of experience, but it was still too early to let her experience the battlefield. Karen, who understood my intention, obediently nodded, but since she was mostly worried about Hina, I thought it would be better for Karen not to be separated from her. I wanted to praise her somehow, so I stroked Karen’s head. Thus, the party members who were going to the front line base had been decided.
“The battle may have already started. Therefore, we will start preparing quickly.” (Sirius)
“Please wait. I’m not going to stop you, but I wonder if the Sandor King will permit this.” (Lifell)
“The King is still indebted to me, so it may be alright. Anyhow, I will ask for the permission and have them to take care of Fia and others.” (Sirius)
After giving simple instructions to everyone, I went to the conference room where the Sandor King was. The conference room was still chaotic, and the Sandor King seemed to be busy giving orders to his vassals, but he heard me right away.
“Heh… I don’t mind if you want to go. You don’t really need to get involved, you know. What a troublesome Nii-chan.” (King)
“I have personal circumstances. Of course, I plan to retreat immediately depending on the situation.” (Sirius)
“If you, Nii-chan, and your friends retreat, that will be a proof that the situation has become really bad. Anyhow, I really appreciate if you can help me. I depend on you.” (King)
“Well then, we’re going to leave as soon as we’re ready. Even so, I would like to discuss something with you…” (Sirius)
When I talked about Fia and Karen, the Sandor King nodded while seeming to remember something.
“Surely, that is not a place to bring children. Alright, you can entrust the ladies to me. This guy will take good care of them.” (King)
“Haa!? You should entrust it to someone who is more suitable than me. I mean your vassal.” (Sanger)
“I have no extra hand in this situation. At the moment, you have spare time, but if you don’t want it, you can ask someone who you trust.” (King)
“…There’s probably none.” (Sanger)
His condition seemed to have returned to some extent. After all, he was enduring the betrayal of Zilard who he thought to be his best friend. However, I was wondering why the Sandor King suggested him.
As a result of the whole situation, I was able to see through Zilard’s identity. He was probably helping Sanger while continuing to lie, but sometimes, it was better not to know the truth… and this time was one of that times. If I didn’t uncover his identity, he would stay near Sanger… as a vassal who seemed reliable. In other words, there was a possibility that he would hit us since there was no way to disperse the anger. When I was about to butt in depending on the situation, the Sandor King told clearly while beating Sanger’s back.
“If you don’t have someone to take care of them, you can do it yourself. Besides, even if you don’t know about the companion of this Nii-chan, aren’t you acquainted with that girl, Hina?” (King)
“I’ve seen her several times. But we hardly talked.” (Sanger)
“It’s better than not knowing at all right? I’m enough here alone for a while, so you can do something about your irritating face and mind.” (King)
Together with those words, Sanger was kicked out from the conference room. Then, I came out from the room after telling the Sandor King something that he needed to know. In the hallway, Sanger was clenching his fists as if he was helplessly regretting this, but he turned around while letting out a sigh when he noticed me.
“Although the old man said that, are you going to entrust them to me? I’m a foolish person who had been continuously deceived by his vassal…” (Sanger)
“There is something I want to ask you before that. Do you have a grudge against us?” (Sirius)
“…I have none. If it weren’t you guys, I might have been helping to destroy this country.” (Sanger)
This seemed to be a needless worry. Even if he was depressed, he must face the reality earnestly and didn’t throw the anger to someone else. The Sandor King understood his character. I guessed the King considered that Sanger should get away from the scene to calm his mind even a little.
“In that case, there is no problem. Please take care of my wife and children.” (Sirius)
“You really are a strange person. Aah… I got it. I will take care of the ladies as much as I can, so you can finish your business and come back quick, alright.” (Sanger)
“Of course, that’s the plan. By the way, can I ask you something?” (Sirius)
“What is it? Do you have something else?” (Sanger)
“I think that it is inevitable to feel complicated about Zilard, but I don’t think you have to think about it too deep.” (Sirius)
“…What do you mean?” (Sanger)
Sanger looked displeasure because of the topic that he didn’t want to be mentioned much, but I continued talking while looking at him directly.
“That man is going to make a mess from now on, but the things that you should do won’t change, Sanger-sama.” (Sirius)
“The things… that I should do?” (Sanger)
“That is to beat the person who betrayed you. Whatever the circumstances are, he had been using you, even though you weren’t involved in the incident at that time. Otherwise, you won’t be satisfied, right?” (Sirius)
“…Aah, you are right. I won’t be satisfied until you beat that bastard.” (Sanger)
Even if I left him alone, it felt like he would recovered naturally, but I was thinking of preparing some medication since I asked him to take care of Fia and Karen. I explained to him that the monster turmoil this time was likely to be related to Lambda.
“Even if Lambda had nothing to do with this turmoil, he will always appear before you. Even if you want to punch him, or hear him says anything, nothing will start unless we stop his plan. So, it would be better for you to focus on one thing without thinking about unnecessary things.” (Sirius)
“Am I not supposed to think about hitting him?” (Sanger)
“I didn’t ask you stop thinking of it. But at this point, your father and his vassals are taking the most appropriate measures. Therefore, it’s no longer a matter of you doing it alone.” (Sirius)
Sometimes, it was necessary to realize own strength and recognized own weaknesses. It was a bit harsh, but when I was explaining it clearly, Sanger kept silent as if he was thinking about it, so I continued talking.
“You are the next king, and the current King has openly announced it. However, I don’t think you can learn how to behave as a king with such distractions and remorse. That’s why he asked you to take care of the children in order for you to calm down.” (Sirius)
“Do you think I don’t understand that?” (Sanger)
“It is necessary for a king to be calm before anyone else. How about this? Why don’t you talk to our Karen to smooth things out? She’s a bit peculiar, but once you know her, she’s a cute girl.” (Sirius)
“Heh, what is that? Even though you are younger that me, that remark is nothing but coming from an over-dotting parent.” (Sanger)
It was a short meeting, but if it was Sanger who grew up watching from behind the King, I judged that I could trust him, rather than leaving them with strangers. I was going to tell him about Karen, even though he was pretending to be tough while smiling.

Then, together with Sanger, I went back to where Fia and others were. After explaining the situation, the preparation was ready, and I headed to everyone who was waiting in the carriage. Reese and the siblings were waiting for me in front of the carriage, and there was also Hokuto, but… I noticed the number of people was obviously increasing.
“Wait for me, Sirius-kun? No, shall I call you brother-in-law?” (Julia)
“Aniki…” (Reus)
For some reason, Reus had a troubled expression, and beside him, there was Julia who prepared for battle. The long blonde hair was tied at the back of the head. She was equipped with an armor that focuses on easy movement. She had a huge sword on her back even though it wasn’t as big as Reus’. That beauty and gallant appearance was suitable to call it as war maiden. I immediately knew why Julia was here, but I still had to ask the reason.
“Of course, I’m also going to the front line base for the rescue. I was planning to lead the soldiers, but I remembered hearing from Reus that your carriage was fast. So, I came here to discuss to let me ride it, even for myself only.” (Julia)
“…Did you get your father’s permission?” (Sirius)
“He told me to use whatever I could use. He also told me to hold back at least for two days.” (Julia)
“Is that so…?” (Sirius)
Well, she had that kind of father, huh. Now, Sandor had to regain control over the whole situation, it was difficult to send large-scale forces to the front line base immediately. Therefore, Julia, who was relatively free to move, was told to lead several hundred soldiers who could be moved immediately, and to go to the frontline base for the rescue. I was wondering whether it would be fine to send out a princess of a country without hesitation, but Julia was one of the strongest in Sandor. If she stood on the front line, the whole moral would also rise. I supposed that sending her there wasn’t a mistake. Which was why I didn’t mind bringing Julia in our carriage, but there was other problem. After allowing Julia to accompany us, I looked inside the carriage, and…
“Oh my, I’ve received the permission. We can leave anytime.” (Lifell)
“…Why are you here?” (Sirius)
Yeah… the biggest problem was the existence next to Reese, Princess Lifell. Of course, she was accompanied by her attendants, Senia and Melt, but the point was, she was dressed lightly, which didn’t seem to have come to see us off. The reason was similar to Julia and I immediately recognized that when she appealed it with her eyes, but unfortunately, she seemed to be serious.
“We are definitely going there as well.” (Lifell)
“Nee-sama. It’s better if you stop this…” (Reese)
“Don’t worry. We’re not going to fight, so you can rest easy. I want to go there because it’s necessary as someone who succeeds the throne of Elysion.” (Lifell)
Unlike Julia, Princess Lifell was a woman who was accompanied by her retainers because of her fostered wisdom and innate perception. To be brief, I think she wouldn’t go to the front lines but would stay at the encampment. I didn’t think she needed to go all the way to the front line but she answered without hesitation.
“Even if I know by knowledge, I have never experienced a great war. So, I want to feel the air of the battlefield at least once.” (Lifell)
“Nevertheless, if something happens to you, it will be very difficult, Nee-sama.” (Reese)
“I don’t deserve to be a Queen if I feel timid before the battlefield. My policies are to avoid dispute, but I might get caught up in an inevitable battle in the future.” (Lifell)
I was sure that there was the main reason, but I assumed that there were other circumstances. Moreover, since she had obtained permission from her father, Cardeas, I had no reason to refuse her. Rather than becoming a burden, Princess Lifell and others held the might to the degree of war potentials. I had a feeling that they would follow us even if we left them behind, so we might as well went together.
“We will move together, but I won’t be away from Reese’ side. We will not get in your way, so will you take us too?” (Lifell)
“We will protect Lifell-sama, so please do whatever necessary, everyone.” (Senia)
“I am reluctant, but this is Hime-sama’s order. We’re not going to bother you guys, so you can rely on us, alright?” (Melt)
“…Understood. However, the carriage will shake considerable, so please be careful not to hurt your body.” (Sirius)
Although the shake could be suppressed by the suspension created with the reference of the previous life knowledge, it had no effect if Hokuto ran seriously. Hence, I asked them to prepare beforehand. Just to be sure, as I was doing a final check on Emilia and the carriage so that the wheel didn’t come off on the way there, I suddenly heard a loud voice from the rear.
“““Julia-samaaaa–!””” (??)
The owners of the voices were the hundred soldiers who were wearing heavy armor. They were coming to this place with the momentum that built up earth tremor. The group of people gave a strange sweltering feeling. When I was thinking whether they would line up in front of Julia, who was approaching Reus, they all knelt down at once and lowered their head.
“Please forgive us. Half of them are ready, but there are also those who still need time. Somehow, please wait for us!” (??)
“““Yes, please wait for us!””” (??)
I had heard from Julia that there were imperial guards who were willing to accompany her and waging their life. Perhaps, they were those people. Not only that, the order of the imperial guards was beautifully aligned and they left us in daze. Then, Julia shouted out at the soldiers with a serious expression.
“Why do you mean by preparing later than me!? I will give punishment to everyone since this is a collective responsibility, so be prepared later!” (Julia)
“““Yes!””” (Soldiers)
Although they were supposed to get scold, was it my imagination that they looked happy? Even if a headband written with [Julia for Life] wrapped on their head, these people wouldn’t feel weird about it. These guards had glittering eyes being scold by Julia, but immediately after that, their expression were hardened because of the words said.
“Even so, the plan has changed. I will ride the carriage of these people. Therefore, once you are ready, you can go ahead to the front line base.” (Julia)
“““Eh!?””” (Soldiers)
“Ju-julia-sama! I don’t think the carriage is faster than a horse! In fact, I have already prepared a horse for you…” (??)
“When you say that, do you think it will be faster than Hokuto over there?” (Julia)
The guards didn’t look convinced, but no one seemed able to say it back to the appearance of elegant Hundred Wolves that was waiting with a sitting posture.
“…Understood. We will soon follow Julia-sama.” (??)
“I’m counting on you. By the way, Reus. Where are you sitting in the carriage? I want to sit next to you.” (Julia)
“Aah… Julia-sama is that innocent…” (??)
“She never gives that smile to us… kuhhh!” (??)
Looking at Julia, who turned around while smiling at Reus, the guards were groaning from the heart. It wasn’t interesting since the princess swore loyalty to a man who suddenly appeared. While hateful gazes gradually concentrated on Reus, the carriage inspection was finished, and everyone was urged to go inside.
“I understand. I’m going to depart now, but you guys follow up while considering your stamina. I will not forgive you if you can’t fight because of exhaustion.” (Julia)
“““Yes!””” (Soldiers)
After Julia told that to the guards, I confirmed that the siblings were already in the carriage. Then, I sat on the carriage seat, and when I was about to tell Hokuto to depart…
“Now, let’s go! Show me the power of the Hundred Wolves!” (Julia)
“…Woof.” (Hokuto)
“Hmm, what’s wrong? Why aren’t we departing yet?” (Julia)
Because of the position that usually stood on top of people, Julia had issued an order to depart before me. However, it was understandable that Hokuto didn’t obey the order. Julia tilted her head since he wasn’t moving from the spot.
“Julia-sama. Hokuto-san will only listen to his Master, Sirius-sama. And as for this party, the leader is Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)
“Hmm, I see. I am everyone’s sister-in-law from now on. Since I have become a newcomer, I have to be prudence.” (Julia)
“Aniki. I’m starting to get a little scared of meeting Marina… I wonder why?” (Reus)
As Emilia began to teach Julia the hierarchical relationship of a future sister-in-law, Reus began to feel anxious about informing Julia’s situation to Marina. Moreover, they were both a princess of their country. It was indeed a chaotic situation. It was a scene that I couldn’t imagine as we went toward the place where hordes of monsters were approaching. Anyhow, I focused my mind again to control everyone well. Then, I commanded Hokuto again.
“I kept you waiting. Let’s go, Hokuto!” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
Hokuto barked as if telling us to leave it to him. Then, the carriage went off while rolling up heavy dust. If it was with this speed, the journey that should take half a day, would only take us a few hours, but the shaking of the carriage was more intense than I expected. The disciples and I were used to this to a certain extent, so our semicircular canal should be strong and we were fine, but it might be hard for these two princesses…
“Marvelous! Is it possible for a carriage to be this fast when pulled by a Hundred Wolves!? I really want to ride on the back of Hokuto-dono!” (Julia)
“It may be a bit imprudent, but I’m excited to travel with Reese.” (Lifell)
“Hime-sama. I understand how you feel, but please be careful not to hit your head or body.” (Melt)
“Then, why don’t you stick with me more? It’s your duty to protect me, Melt.” (Lifell)
…They seemed to be calmer than I expected. When necessity arises, Emilia and Reese could make cushion with their magic, and Reus also was attentive not to let Julia hurt. It looked like there was no problem to leave them alone inside. While paying attention to the speed and the condition of the carriage, I fixed my eyes ahead.

— Albert —
“Keith, let’s retreat soon. It’s dangerous to separate any further.” (Albert)
“Yeah. Alright, those injured, retreat immediately! We don’t have spare time to take care your burden!” (Keith)
That day… the largest front line base built by the world’s largest country, Sandor, was attacked by hordes of monsters. Furthermore, the monsters weren’t normal monsters. Most of them were humanoid monsters, and they all had weapons in their hands. In addition, they were attacking by forming formations similar to people.
This was obviously an unusual situation. The commanding officers and the soldiers stationed at the front line base were becoming restless. They secured the wall without having good preparations and interception. Nevertheless, the war potentials that remained at the front line base which was called an impregnable fortress were Beast King and his forces only. Hence, it was possible to avoid a worst case scenario of the total collapse.
The sturdy walls, which were enhanced with advanced rank magic, easily stopped the monsters no matter how many were there. Without having several people to turn the handle, it would be impossible to destroy a sturdy front gate that couldn’t be opened or closed. That was why we had to use magic and bows to reduce the number of monsters on the walls. The plan was to be on offensive once we received the reinforcements and supplies from Sandor, but… the number of monsters was more than expected. Moreover, there were many monsters that could fly other than those humanoid monsters. In order to intercept the flying monsters, the assault on the ground became loosened.
Nevertheless, we made use of the geographical advantage to deal with the monsters that came down attacking from the sky. We managed to deal with the monsters that climbed the wall by clawing up the wall, but a troubling existence emerged on the way.
“Tsk! It’s coming, isn’t it? It is as Father predicted.” (Keith)
“We still can’t go down yet.” (Albert)
A group of Ogres with a battering ram appeared, joining the monsters that were hitting the gate on instinct. I had been attacked by monsters many times before, but this was the first time to see them bringing a battering ram. It was a simple thing made by tying ropes around a huge log. However, as multiple Ogres were working together, the Beast King confirmed that the monsters would do it in a very short time. He immediately formed a group of strong men. They jumped from the top of the wall and hit the monsters directly.
Everyone also understood that was absurd, but because the commanding officers couldn’t think ahead, almost all who could use magic to defeat the Ogres were running out of mana. Even if it was sturdy gate, it was likely to break if it was hit with battering ram consecutively. So, the operation was carried by the troops of the Beast King. I was also a candidate of that troop. We defeated the ogres and the monsters that swarmed the gate, but monsters with a batter ram appeared again.
“Albert, you need to retreat. You are not related to this country, so don’t make you wife and sister worry about you anymore.” (Keith)
“You also have a sister, right? I can still fight, and more importantly, if I retreat when it is this much, I’ll be laughed by my partner and Shishou.” (Albert)
Compared to the time when there was no way out, this was a much better situation. My wife, Pamela, sent me out without complaining even though she was having my child… I was really sorry to Pamela. …For volunteering myself in such a dangerous situation. However, I didn’t want to be a father who abandoned his friends. I would probably regret for the rest of my life if I abandoned them. I held my sword again to help the least I could do. Then, I tried to check the situation around for a bit while adjusting my breath.
In my eyes, this was still far away from a fatal war situation. I had heard that we could hold it for at least a few days since we had enough stockpiles of supplies. However, it had been nearly half a day since the battle began. It was about the time that the sun started to set, and my vision was getting worse. The situation was getting worst at night, so I would like to kill all monsters that had battering rams before it was too late. After that, I got wounded. When Keith, who held a Halberd in his hand, took the lead, I heard the voice of Marina, who was supporting from the top of the walls.
[Aniue! Keith-sama! The Beast King ordered you to return!] (Marina)
“What!? We can’t suppress them yet, so what are you trying to do!?” (Keith)
Keith raised up his voice at my sister’s through wind magic. I could guess the intention, so I approached Keith’s back to comfort him.
“He is probably considering our fatigue. He knew that the war is still going on.” (Albert)
“But, there are still a bunch of Ogres left…” (Keith)
“It’s alright. Our replacement has been already sent out.” (Keith)
When I turned around, several new beastkin were jumping down from the top of the wall by using ropes. Keith retreated from the scene even though he was reluctant. When I tried to continue…
“Look up, Marina!” (Albert)
A huge wyvern was approaching the position where Marina was fighting. Magic and arrows were shot at that wyvern, but the dragon species were those with tenacious life force. It was getting closer as they failed to bring it down in midair. Marina was about to get caught by an assault which was like a suicide attack that didn’t spare life, but my sister was calm.
“Do you think I’ll be hit by that assault!?” (Marina)
With the ability to create illusions, Marina creates countless clones of herself, and she managed to divert the wyvern’s aim. The wyvern was wonderfully deceived by twenty clones, but it went through Marina on the side, she was thrown out of the wall because of enormous wind pressure.
“Marina!? Kuh!” (Albert)
‘If it is that position, I can make it in time!’
I was doing everything to catch her on the ground, but a small wyvern also came down, aiming at the falling Marina. I tried to throw my sword at that instant, but I noticed a certain existent, and my movement stopped reflexively.
“Dorashaaaa–!” (Reus)
A silver-colored existence came down from the sky while raising a nostalgic war cry. He ripped the wyvern into two, and came closer to Marina. Then, he changed his trajectory by kicking the air as it was. He gently caught Marina in the middle of the fall, and landed in front of me and Keith.
“Phew… are you hurt, Marina?” (Reus)
“Aah… I-I’m fine…” (Marina)
‘Goodness… the timing of rescuing us is perfect. You’re truly a hero to us siblings.’
I looked at Reus who was hugging my sister in his arm while his silver hair was fluttering. Even though it was such an emergency situation, a smile leaked out naturally.

Extra/Bonus Act 1 – Julia’s Imperial Guards
This was a story when we were heading to the front line base on a carriage. Princess Lifell was calm in the heavily swaying carriage, but she asked a question to Julia, who was repeatedly made approaches to Reus.
“Nevertheless, your imperial guards are impressive, Julia. How many people are there?” (Lifell)
“It’s about two hundred people. They are proud bunch who likes me since I swing nothing but sword. However, I can’t forgive them for staring at Reus, I have to tell them firmly later.” (Julia)
“Don’t worry about it. There are just worried about you, right?” (Reus)
“I appreciate it if you say so. They are rude to Reus, but they usually keep me company and have mock battles without displaying unpleasant face. No matter how much they do, they are worthy of thanks.” (Julia)
Their arm was broken in the past, but they seem to be thanking her for it.
“There’s only one thing I don’t understand. There were times when they looked happy and said thank you every time the mock battle was decided by my blows. It will be fine if they do it later, but don’t you think it’s weird when they say thank you before that?” (Julia)
“““…””” (Lifell/Reus/Emilia)
“Julia. If you and the imperial guards are fine with it, you don’t have to worry too much. They seem to be happy, so you can do it without holding back.” (Lifell)
“Hmm, indeed, you’re right. From now on, I’ll let them accompany me like the usual.” (Julia)
They were strange passionate imperial guards, but at this point, we all knew that there were M…
Moreover, it wasn’t just the men, there were also women like that. It seemed they were a terrifying bunch in many ways. Unfortunately, Julia didn’t really understand these people, so Princess Lifell sneakily tried to lead her to forget about it. As a side note…
“I understand their feelings well. There are times when I also feel happy being reprimanded by Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)
There was only a person who understood the imperial guards deeply.
※Julia’s imperial guard’s code.
Julia-sama’s orders are absolute.
Julia-sama is more important than the king.
When receive an almsgiving (a knockout blow in mock battle), one should always be grateful.
※Reus’ impression on Julia’s imperial guards.
“I think it is amazing that you manage to get Julia-sama, but we still can’t admit that yet!” (??)
“That’s right! Julia-sama’s love is what we received from her sword!” (??)
“You are amateur because you don’t know the job of being hit by Julia-sama!” (??)
“Nope… I don’t want to understand.” (Reus)

Extra/Bonus Act 2 – Advance Notice (Fake)
Sirius and others jumped into the battle at the front line base. The progress of battle largely changed for the better with the addition of Sirius’ group, but the size of the monsters far exceeded expectations. When they began to be gradually pushed by the monsters that never exhausted and Reus’ sword finally broke… she appeared!
“Hahaha!” (??)
“Yo-you are!?” (Albert?)
“When Sirius-sama is in pinch, Noel appears to the rescue! Let me heal everyone’s heart!” (Noel)
“““…””” (Lifell/Reus/Emilia)
In the next chapter… was she an enemy or an ally? It was a sudden appearance of a mysterious married woman!
Please look forward to it!


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