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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 52

Chapter 52 is out!
Here’s the cleaned version of chapter 52. The editor for this chapter is talltreefire. Thanks and enjoy! ????Graduation Assignment for Colorless

Volume 9 starts.

There was half year remaining before school graduation.
There are no more compulsory classes these days, it has entirely become a situation for doing self study and focusing specialized class.
The reason is, the students are giving undivided attention to succeed the assignment given by each respective teacher. Until the assignment is cleared, no one will get a passing grade from the teacher and a graduation certificate from the school so they can't graduate.
The assignment is decided by discretion of the respective teacher, it is interesting to hear because the assignments differ in various ways.
There is a common pattern of advance magic based on aptitude attributes but among them, I also heard students who have registered as adventurers make a party together to hunt monsters. They had considerable injuries but that party has somehow managed to clear it.
By the way, Emilia had to create tornado, an advanced wind magic [Tempest] and maintained it for a short while Reus had to cut iron golem made by Magna-sensei. Since Reese healed many students with healing magic during the disturbance of the revolution, she was considered sufficient enough and exempted from doing an assignment.
Judging from the teachers' side, even if they wanted to make it difficult, my disciples cleared the assignments easily and secured the qualification to graduate. That outcome is well deserved since they worked hard until now and I am proud as their master.

On one day, I helped Mark practice on the training ground.
"Spear of Flame! [Flame Lance]." (Mark)
Four flame spears floated around Mark and shot at four targets. The targets were pulverized with shock impact but one out of four didn't get hit and is still good.
"Kuh… it is difficult to control it at the same time after all." (Mark)
"Still, three spears hit the targets. I think it's not bad, you know?" (Sirius)
Though he was only able to make one [Flame Lance] during the school entrance exam, he is now able to make four simultaneously and he can be proud with the accuracy too. I've seen his former teacher, Gregory, could only make five spears so I can see that Mark is working hard to a certain extent.
But he is not yet satisfied. The assignment given by the teacher in charge of fire property was originally to create four [Flame Spear]s at the same time but the flame spears were set from four to five and the assignment to hit all four targets was amended for sure.
As for not engrossing for being noble, Mark is really amazing because he is repeatedly training himself. I admire Mark, sometimes I help him with the practice and occasionally give him advice.
"Although I can finally bring out five spears simultaneously, I can only hit three targets from four spears. Plus, the accuracy is getting lower, I think?" (Mark)
"Well, that's surely true. Alright." (Sirius)
When I filled the magic formation on the ground with mana, the destroyed target collapsed completely and returned to its original form. It's troublesome to settle one by one, having earth magic at this kind of time would be very convenient.
"Don't you have any advice? Rather, is it good to repeat this kind of practice as it is?" (Mark)
"Unfortunately, you don't have any other choice other than to practice repeatedly. The most important time is when the flame spears take shape, memorize the image of throwing it at the aimed location with your body." (Sirius)
While extending my hand towards the targets, I saw from a sidelong glance that Mark leaned his ear so that he wouldn't miss my advice.
"When I became an expert at shooting, I would have a feeling that I would hit the target before shooting. That's because I can image it precisely by myself." (Sirius)
At least that's how I am, if I don't ascertain with sniping from long distance, I can't become a sniper. Well, it's purely my own theory, and I'm not sure whether it's applicable to the public.
As an example, I rapid-fire five [Impact]s, and I blow off five targets that I made.
"I wonder if it is such feeling? Although it's important to see the target with your eyes, it's probably important to supplement with image in case of magic." (Sirius)
"Y-yeah… you're amazing as usual. Even though you rapid fire [Impact], all of them hit the targets." (Mark)
"It is because I've been using [Impact] all the time. The image is completed and I'm good at shooting to begin with." (Sirius)
In my previous life, I handled various firearms, and I also do well at sniping from long distance. Even if the only conditions are set, I can make 'one hole shot' by shooting a second shot through the hole that was created by the first shot. I won't be able to survive if I don't have ability, even when I can see clearly. (TLN: I barely understand about one-hole-shot drill)
"For that reason, I repeated my practice. Not only on [Flame Lance] but it's also good for practicing with beginner magic simultaneously." (Sirius)
"I see, I will do that immediately. When I think about it, are you going to be alright?" (Mark)
"About what?" (Sirius)
When I remade the targets that I blew away, Mark looked at me as if he was sorry.
"I'm happy that you are looking over my practice but have you cleared the graduation assignment? I heard your disciples had finished theirs but I haven't heard about you." (Mark)
"No, in fact, it has yet to be announced." (Sirius)
Although my disciples have cleared their graduation assignments, the most important part is not because I haven't cleared my assignment but it hasn't even been announced yet. Magna-sensei will tell me about the assignment but the headmaster for some reason joined him and has continuously discussed about it.
Since there is still a half a year before graduation, I want them to tell me soon.
"That's weird. It is usually announced within one year before graduation." (Mark)
"That's true. I think that sensei understood about it so I'm waiting leisurely." (Sirius)
"While the students become desperate to get the graduation scroll, aren't you well calm? No, it may be because of you." (Mark)
"About that, Mark. Am I known as a weird person?" (Sirius)
"No no, it's not that you're strange but you are different. Most students are looking forward to the greatness of your disciples, Emilia and others but I think you hold strength outside of standard. If I am your teacher, I'd be troubled with the assignments for you." (Mark)
Although I haven't shown my abilities to Mark, he seems to have noticed my strength. He might notice it since he's been associating with me as a friend for no less than four years and yet he never changes his attitudes towards me. He would rather proactively seek my advice and encouragement from me. His appearance and manner are good and I don't hold any jealousy on that.
"I'm really glad from getting to know about you. This way, I can receive various advices and I have become stronger than I've imagined. Say, Sirius-kun. Won't you serve my household with Emilia and the others after graduation? If you lend your strength, my Holtia household may be ranked next to Elysion's royal family." (Mark)
"I'm happy to receive your invitation but I have to decline. I'm going to travel after graduation. So, I can only accept your feelings." (Sirius)
"Huhu, you're going to decline after all." (Mark)
Even though I declined Mark's invitation, he looked happy. In accordance to the advice given earlier, he brought forth five small [Flame]s in the air and began practicing on his own.
"I may be disqualified as a noble when thinking this but rather having a hierarchical relationship, I want to associate with you, a commoner, equally as friend. While thinking like that, I feel alright even if you decline, you know." (Mark)
And then the [Flame]s move to certain extent and finally hit the targets. All five targets were burned and broken.
"Oo, doesn't it feel good? Later, you can replace [Flame] with [Flame Lance] and use the same principle. Just a little bit more." (Sirius)
"That's thanks to your advice. Really, it's weird for you to not get a nickname, I mean unlike your servants." (Mark)
"Nickname huh… I don't really need it." (Sirius)
A nickname is for someone who has achievements, it's a nickname that displays respect and awe.
For example, Mark is a magician who excels in fire attribute. He is well known since his ability and personality matches well, and his household standing is also good. Mark's fans seem to call him as 'Flame Prince'.
In addition to that, my disciples, the siblings and Reese, contributed heavily during the disturbance one year ago. Therefore, the strange rumor about me being the strongest has completely disappeared as Emilia or Reus are said to be the strongest in school. Because of that, a nickname is naturally given, and they were called by those nicknames.
Emilia's nickname is 'Perfect Silver'. (TLN: English name is Mith Perfect. Mith from mithril and the color is silver. I’m changing to Perfect Silver upon request)
The silver is because of her beautiful hair, it's simply come together. Her knowledge, fighting ability, appearance and manners are all superior. Such a nickname is acquired by the figure that makes her master proud. When she heard about the nickname she got, she was completely not bothered and she answered with smile.
"Isn't that a reasonable name for Sirius-sama's servant? However I will devote myself in the future, I'll work hard as I should for Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
In particular, it is fine for me if she is not perfect but her ideal is high and not losing to Reus. Since it can be said that it is perfect to that extent, she might break her body if I don't look over her.
And Reus' nickname is 'Silver Fang'.
The name is similar to his favorite sword 'Silver Fang'. He was considerably not satisfied when he knew he was called that way.
"I am Aniki's sword, not a fang. It's confusing to have a name similar with my 'partner', so sword is better." (Reus)
"As for you, the image of fang is better than sword, don't you think so? And I think it's cool." (Sirius)
"Call me 'Silver Fang', Aniki!" (Reus)
When I really said that to Reus, he accepted it easily and was delighted.
As I have explained before, Reese is called as 'Blue Saintess'. She was seen and compared to the siblings in different way, and it was dramatically changed after the revolution disturbance.
During the revolution disturbance, she continued healing injured while fighting together with Emilia, and she healed 60% of injured person until the end.
Although it may not look like it, whether she inherited a trait from the royal family or not, there are students who were charmed by her gentle smile and felt they should revere her as a saintess.
Because of that, I asked about her feelings for becoming a 'saintess'…
"I'm not a saintess!" (Reese)
I received a perplexed comment.
This is a secret but she receives support from the water spirits that hold power that befits that nickname. Besides of her gentle personality, I think it's not necessarily wrong notation for naming her as saintess.
Those three had such nicknames but their master had none. On the other hand, there is a query of why someone like me is their master.
My fighting form was not seen too so it was clearly unknown. I've been told many times 'you aren't worthy' by younger nobles. But since they know Emilia and others retaliate if they pull their hands on me, they uttered their disgust since they can't do it directly.
In the first place, whether it's worthy or not, it depends on the person themselves. Even the pack who accompanied the younger nobles also couldn't do anything and it didn't bother me at all. I'm used to it since it was similar in my previous life. The disciples fend me off appropriately, and that is the present situation since I let them do whatever they want.
"If the master has excellent servants, he must have a fitting name, right? With 'Mith Perfect' and 'Silver Fang' servants, wouldn't it be good if you have a nickname related to silver?" (Mark)
"It is strange to create a nickname for myself, and there is less than half a year to graduate. If nothing happens and remains as it is, that is also fine." (Sirius)
"You have no ambition as ever. Well, that also seems to be you." (Mark)
The conversation ended here, Mark invoked five [Flame Spear]s and began to fire them off. Unlike the [Flame]s earlier, he was disappointed because only three targets got hit and the remaining two grazed the targets.
After that, he continued practicing many times over and when his accuracy rose to four targets, the entrance of the training ground became noisy.
"Ooo, boss! Something serious happened!" (??)
If I'm not mistaken… that was Reus' roommate when he stayed in the student dormitory. I'm certain that his name is Rou, and he is Reus' underling now. He is a foxkin who knows information in school like an informer.
That person changed his expression and plunged in to where I am while shouting about something,
"What is it? It's unusual for you to call me out." (Sirius)
I don't know why but Reus strictly orders his underlings to go through him if they want to talk with me. Because of that, I've rarely talked with Rou, and any conversation with him is almost non-existent. Since that fellow was looking for me and shouting, there was no mistake that something troublesome has happened.
"Please listen to this, boss! Reus-aniki was called by the headmaster!" (Rou)
"By the headmaster? I think it is not weird for him to be called by the headmaster but for what reason?" (Sirius)
"It seems that he caused some damage to property and used violence on a student!" (Rou)

I entrusted Mark to finish his practice, I calmly (…) moved and arrived at the headmaster's room. I left Rou by slightly running, it is unfortunate that fellow's feet is slow. Before running, I heard something like 'Boss' desperate face is amazing…' but yeah, maybe it's my imagination. (TLN: He is not really calm, maybe pissed. That (…) is in the raw.)
If I think carefully, there is a thing of Reus using violence on students during mock battle and the time when he cut the target with strong force until the wall behind it got sliced too. Maybe it's because of unnecessary worry. I took deep breath once and when I was about to knock on the door, it was opened.
There seemed to be someone who's leaving the room, I gave a way in order not to become a hindrance but the man who got out was surprised when he confirmed my face.
"!?… It must be you!" (??)
He glared at me without hiding his anger and left.
I think that fellow is two grades lower than me based on the color of the robe but I assume he is a noble and he is holding back because I'm a senior. But oh well, it's no use to be upset on every minor detail of the juniors' doing so I knocked and entered the headmaster's room.
When I entered, the headmaster was sitting on the sofa and my three disciples were sitting directly opposite of him.
Emilia and Reus were a little bit sulking while holding still with displeasure feeling. Reese was flustered and poking Reus' shoulder to make him calm down. It appeared that Emilia and Reese were there to calm Reus down.
Everyone's expression became bright when they saw my face, only Reus averted his eyes as if he did something bad.
"Aah, you have come, Sirius-kun. Are you aware of the situation?" (Rodwell)
"I heard Reus did something bad." (Sirius)
"Understood. Alright then, let me give you the details." (Rodwell)
"No, I want to hear from Reus first. From there, if there is a mistake, please correct it." (Sirius)
Whether the headmaster understood or not, he allowed it and left it to me. I met Reus' eyes and sat down so I asked for an explanation while looking at his eyes.
"Say, Reus. Will you tell me what happened? I want to listen from your mouth first." (Sirius)
I was waiting while patting his head to calm him down, Reus looked at me apologetically and opened his mouth.
"I…was about to hit that person who went out earlier seriously. Although I didn't hit him directly, the impact from the training ground wall…it…got broken…" (Reus)
"Hmm, I'd say it's very big deal for you to be angry. Can you tell me in detail?" (Sirius)
Reus often moves by instinct and he's full of emotions. Although he has habit to slice things, he is someone who never hits others without reason. What did his opponent say that made Reus angry to the point of wanting to hit him?
When I investigated, Reus expression filled with anger while clenching his fist.
"That guy, he knows nothing but he said bad things about Aniki. It was bearable if it's only a little but I couldn't endure when it became more and more terrible, and…" (Reus)
When Reus practiced alone since his specialized school is different from mine, that earlier noble invited him to become his servant but he refused since he had me. But that noble kept hanging on, saying how splendid he was and the favorable treatment Reus would get if he became his servant. The noble desperately tried to keep it up but Reus clearly rejected him and resumed his practice.
When Reus didn't show proper manners towards the noble, so he finally got angry, and said a taboo word at Reus.
"What is so good about that incompetent!? He secretly hides behind you guys and it's pitiful for you to lower your head to that incompetent who can't do anything!" (Noble)
The moment Reus heard that word, he unconsciously grasp his fist and threw it. As his reasoning barely remained, he somehow averted his fist but the wall where his fist averted became the victim.
"I can endure if it's just a bit but there are many fellows these days. Although they know nothing about Aniki… they make fun of Aniki!" (Reus)
"Is that so? Anyhow, Emilia also seems to be displeased but why would you be?" (Sirius)
"… Yes. I really received numerous invitations too and there's someone being pushy among them getting too close. I will refuse them if it's only at that but it became unpleasant when there are many who make fool of Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"With Emilia-kun and Reus-kun fighting ability, and there are many nobles who want Emilia, in particular, because of her beautiful and well appearance. The earlier student seems aiming for Emilia-kun but the person he aimed first was her younger brother, Reus-kun. He seems to think if he recruits the younger brother, the old sister will come. But that thought is silly." (Rodwell)
While the headmaster supplemented, I am troubled and at my wits end.
I think that each and every time, the siblings will react excessively against maliciousness hurled at me. It is fine for now but that can become joke material in the future and I can imagine they would get careless when provoked by the enemies.
I told them to act calmly too whatever the opponents say and to ignore them in order to strengthen their heart from getting perturbed by ill will but it seems I ignored that a bit.
Therefore, the incident will not only affect badly on the disciples but also me. Although that is for the sake of hiding my true strength, I let the disciples attract attention while doing nothing personally, and I was made fun of since I was too unconcerned about the surroundings
"I understand that Sirius-kun doesn't concern their ill intention but please think about their feeling a little more. They had to endure when the person they respect was made fool." (Rodwell)
The siblings, and not to mentioned Reese, nodded because of what the headmaster said.
That's right, if Mother is being made a fool without reason in front of me… I would punish them up to hell level from the shadows in the future.
I should have thought more about my disciples' feelings.
"I'm sorry, you guys. Because of me, you guys got into unnecessary trouble." (Sirius)
"Sirius-sama didn't do anything bad! Even though we declined many times, the people who invited us were the bad ones." (Emilia)
"That's right! Though they don't know how amazing Aniki is, I would rather die than become the slave of those fools!" (Reus)
"Although I am not your servant, I feel the same as those two. Sirius-kun is not at fault." (Reese)
I'm happy with your feelings but it may lead to more troublesome incidents. Although Reus' reason this time was alright, there is a sufficient possibility for nobles to get killed if they got hit with Reus' fist,
While it may be true that there is half a year left, it has become something that I can't ignore.
"Huhuhu, your disciples really adore you, Sirius-kun. But it doesn't change what Reus did. Because you acted violently, the wall of the training ground is destroyed and a student was almost hurt. So you must take responsibility." (Rodwell)
"… Yes. I'll do anything within the best of my abilities." (Sirius)
"Nevertheless, you guys are Sirius-kun's servants. Because of that, Sirius-kun will take the responsibility, please leave it to Sirius-kun and leave the room." (Rodwell)
Asking the disciples to leave the room means that the headmaster probably wanted to talk with me alone. The headmaster urged them to leave the room by the reason of responsibility but Reus was unable to understand such reason so he stood up and got closer to the headmaster.
"Why is that? I was the bad one so shouldn't I take responsibility!?" (Reus)
"Hey Reus! You're talking out of place." (Emilia)
"I don't mind it. Reus-kun, you may think it's unreasonable but that's how things are between master and servant. You will receive punishment from Sirius-kun personally later. Until then, you need to restrain yourself in Diamond Cottage." (Rodwell)
"That can't be…" (Reus)
It's easy to understand that Rues was depressed since his tail and ears hung down. Well, I could understand what the headmaster said so I persuaded Reus slowly while patting his head.
"Don't worry, Reus. The responsibility is most likely to repair the wall. Return to the Diamond Cottage and try to calm down." (Sirius)
"Aniki…" (Rues)
"Sirius-kun is right. It's alright since it's not going to be a serious discussion. Besides, I want Sirius-kun to stay since I have other things I want to talk with him.” (Rodwell)
"Really!? I mean, is that true!?" (Reus)
"Yes. But firmly carve this incident in your heart. There's a saying that the master’s downfall is due to their servant's conduct." (Rodwell)
"…Yes!" (Reus)
While being bitter, Reus understood it so he stood up from the sofa and left the room. Furthermore, Emilia and Reese also stood up to follow him but I called those two by putting my hands on their shoulders.
"I'm sorry but I leave Reus to you guys. Although he is obedient for now, please stay by his side since he is unhappy about this." (Sirius)
"Please leave it to us. Say Sirius-sama, I understand that it can't be helped in regards of the relationship between master and servant but I seem to not be able to understand it completely. When I become adult, will I be able to understand?" (Emilia)
"It is enough to be able to understand it. Being a child is a fact and isn't that a proof for yearning me? Thanks." (Sirius)
When I patted Emilia who was unsatisfied, she wagged her tail and became delighted.
"Reese too, I leave those two to you. I'll return immediately when business is over." (Sirius)
"Yes, this is something that I can do right now. I will return with those two and wait for you." (Reese)

After the two left the room, I breathed out and changed the mood.
I don't know what kind of discussion from now on but it seems going to be a bit of a serious talk by looking at the headmaster's expression. Let's deal with it.
I sat down on the sofa after getting permission and made the first move while looking at the headmaster.
"How much is the price of destroying the training ground walls and exposing a noble to danger?" (Sirius)
"Aah, though I said something like responsibility, I just want to make Reus reflect on it. It's not a big deal. The wall will be fine when Magna fixes it and the outcome of the incident was because of the noble's negligence during information gathering." (Rodwell)
The wall is immediately fixed by Magna-sensei and since I've presented many cakes over, he ordered it without asking for compensation. And the noble is the one who doesn't know Reus' personality; it was bad for him to imitate others by tempting him for a fight so Reus is not blamed.
"It only affects a little, the thing that I want to discuss now is what the graduation assignment for you is." (Rodwell)
"Finally. Even so, why the headmaster is telling me, and not Magna-sensei?" (Sirius)
"It is because I'm involved with your assignment. Let's return to the topic, what do you think the cause of this incident is?" (Rodwell)
"The nobles keep inviting Emilia and Reus without knowing their feeling but the most important is me, who is being made fun of, by the other students." (Sirius)
"It seems you know that. The main problem of this incident is because your ability is not known and for having such disciples. Therefore, your graduation assignment is to overturn them." (Rodwell)
To overturn them… is he saying to show how amazing I am to surroundings but how am I supposed to do that? Is it going to be like making an official announcement and beat Reus like always, which is probably good? But they may say he go easy on me because he is my servant.
"In other words, it will be better if you show your real strength. Besides, Sirius-kun was unofficially bringing down 'Dragon's Fresh Blood' alone and you are the master who trains Emilia and Reus. In my opinion, you are the strongest in school." (Rodwell)
"Then, how am I supposed to show I'm the strongest? Should I beat strong students thoroughly?" (Sirius)
Going to other classes, as if going to dojo and challenge them for match. I thought about that but it's somehow tremendously taxing.
"It won't be troublesome since there is good method to show to everyone immediately. The fighting opponent will not be students." (Rodwell)
"Is that so, will it be alright to fight teachers?" (Sirius)
Even if I lost, if I put good fight with adult opponents, they will think I am strong and my true strength will be known. But the headmaster shook his head after hearing me.
"No, it's not teachers. The opponent will be me… in other words, your graduation assignment is to fight against me." (Rodwell)
"…Really?" (Sirius)
"Yes. If it's you, I think it will be a good fight." (Rodwell)
It seems like it's going to be serious even though he lightly said it is like taking a stroll.
However, this development was unexpected. I thought about the possibility of having to fight Magna-sensei but to challenge the 'Magic Master' in battle is by no means…
"I have a question, is there reason for me to fight the headmaster personally? Wouldn't it be enough if other teachers acknowledge me?" (Sirius)
"I want you to become a possibility of magicians." (Rodwell)
"Possibility? Is it because of me being colorless?" (Sirius)
"Yes, it is appropriate for this reason. And Sirius-kun, although you are chanting magic in front of everyone, the truth is you are able to do it chantlessly, right?" (Rodwell)
It's not necessary to hide my true strength in front of the headmaster. I nodded and made [Light] without chanting. I made it similar to electrical light in a globe and moved it towards the headmaster, and it disappeared when I snapped my fingers.
"If it's possible like this, the headmaster can do the same right?" (Sirius)
"Yes, I can. But what I would like to hear is how you have reached that level. The way you use magic is clearly different from ordinary people, it's the only thing out of common sense. During the entrance school interview, you said that you were taught by a master and that you didn't have any memories of him but was that a lie? Though I suspected you acquired it through self study, am I wrong?" (Rodwell)
Although I said I was trained by a person whom I called teacher when I was young, this person seems to have figure it out himself. I haven't seen that serious face of his until now and I'm hesitated to lie about it. So, I obediently admitted.
"That's right. I've noticed several years ago, I understood when I was able to create magic phenomenon if I image strongly." (Sirius)
"Is it still so? I noticed it fifty years ago." (Rodwell)
It seems that there is a person other than me breaking the common sense of magic.
He said fifty years ago, if he is now around 400 years old, that mean he figured it out when he was 350 years old? For this person to break the common sense by continuously using magic for no less than 300 years, I am surprised how deep rooted the common sense is in this world.
"The magic can be furtherly enhanced by imaging strongly. I tried to spread the knowledge but no one believes me. In return, everyone said that is because I'm a genius… it's troubling." (Rodwell)
The headmaster's 'Triple' attributes is considered as an unusual existence, similar to person who can see spirits. To make things worse, since he is a well known person who kept on researching magic, even if he tries to explain, people would think he could do it just because he is a genius. He is a person who's troubled because of having talent. It is a luxurious trouble when judging from the side but he experienced it many times as he lived a long life. I understand how troubled he was after seeing how he laughed at himself.
"For this reason, fight me. I want you to blow off the feeling of not being able to do things if it's not me. I want you to make everyone know that there are infinite possibilities with magic!" (Rodwell)
"…Are you telling me to become an example?" (Sirius)
"If you want me to be honest, yes. When an incompetent and scorn colorless put great effort and become strong until that extent, that will become a hope. Since this is a request to make your true strength to be known even though you want to hide it, I'm not going to force you to do it but if you accept it, I permit you to use my name. If you use my name, the bothersome nobles will withdraw and I would hear if there is any other demand." (Rodwell)
The reason of me hiding my true strength is because I want to prevent invitation from influential people and to avoid my life being targeted because I'm being recognized as a dangerous existence. But I've been already known to the Elysion King and Princess. Besides, my disciples and my true strength were recognized and we've become adventurers. The possibility of me being made fun will be reduced and it's probably the time for me to stand on the stage soon.
"I hear that Sirius-kun aims to become an educator so isn't it an education when you grow up together with your students? Not watching from the back but by standing by their side." (Rodwell)
Yeah… I've realized from this incident, how the disciples splendidly bear their sadness.
According to the headmaster, I must approach those guys even a little.
"Understood. I will accept… a match with you." (Sirius)
"Are you serious?" (Rodwell)
"Yes, I am." (Sirius)

Thus, a match between me and the headmaster has been decided.
Continuing from the 'Strongest Sword', Lior, this time is the 'Strongest Magician', Rodwell.
I could win against Lior because of compatibility but as for magic, I don't know what's going to happen since the field is different.
How far my strength goes… I look forward to it.

The encounter of unusual existences in this world.Person who can see water spirits, Reese – Rareness Degree: ATriple' attributes, Rodwell – Rareness Degree: BPerson who can see wind spirit, Shimifia – Rareness Degree: SS since she is an elfLegendary Strongest Sword, Lior – Rareness Degree: Elusive
Although they are unusual existence, the main character has seen four of them.


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A god of a different world had abruptly appeared in my classroom and semi-forcibly summoned the entire class to his worl

A Man Like None Other


Read A Man Like None Other by . Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here.Jared Chance seethes wit

One Useless Rebirth


He Bai won the lottery, became rich, and reached the pinnacle of life. Then, he inadvertently took a picture of the Film

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