Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 92

The Reason for Wanting to Protect

— Sirius —
"Your Archbishop will also follow you soon." (Sirius)
"Wait–!?" (Vagle)
After squeezing Vagle's hand that protruded the knife, I pointed the other hand toward his belly and released [Shotgun].
The shot that was released from the fingertips easily penetrated through the belly. It made a big hole and the view of other side was seen through it.
I didn't really want to shoot his belly, but I wanted to deal with him in the same way as the masked believer who tried to let him escape, and I thought that it was good idea to see Vagle like that.
Incidentally, the reason for aiming at the belly of the masked believer was to eliminate the root of suicide bombing, which was the magic formation that directly drawn on the belly, with [Shotgun].
After that, Vagle, who was staring at the hollowed body, slowly fell down on his back.
"Ha…haha…" (Vagle)
"Goodbye, those who can see Spirits." (Sirius)
I collected the robe that Vagle wore and the Mithril Knife. After escaping from the hole, I drew an earth attribute magic formation on the ground. I dug the hole by using magic stone because I was in a hurry, but actually, it was enough just to do it by drawing magic formation on the ground.
And then, the magic formation was activated and it covered the hole which left Vagle inside. When I properly disguised it, the surrounding returned to normal as if nothing had happened.
"If you want to tell a lie, you should do it better than that." (Sirius)
Although he said that he wanted to be a disciple, I could tell by looking that it was only a temporary measure. For example, no matter how hard he said that he wanted to be a disciple, that kind of guy would stab your back if there was an opening.
It would be fine if I was the only one aimed, but there was a high possibility that he would give a negative influence to other disciples. The truth was… because I took that kind of person in the previous life, other disciples became victims.
I judged that it was regrettable since he had that ability, but… it was already over.
The troubles with Mira's Doctrine was not over yet, so let's quickly rearrange my thought.
I searched the surroundings with [Search], and after confirming that there was no conspicuous reaction other than Hokuto coming here, I let out a deep breath.
"It seems that Hokuto defeated the Fire Wolf. With this, Dolgar's war potential is rapidly decreasing." (Sirius)
Since I was planning to return to the town after finding the right time, I was waiting for Hokuto to come soon, but… for some reason, he didn't come closer and was hiding behind a nearby rock.
"…What's wrong Hokuto?" (Sirius)
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
When I instinctively called Hokuto, he showed his face only from the rock and was sadly throbbing.
It didn't seem that he wanted to hide himself, but he was like a child whom mischief was found out.
"What's wrong? Come, I won't be angry. So, come out." (Sirius)
"…Woof." (Hokuto)
As I beckoned him while putting up a smile, Hokuto reluctantly appeared from the rock.
And looking at the appearance of Hokuto walking here, I found out the reason why he was hiding.
"…Somehow, you seem to have been in a fierce battle." (Sirius)
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
Hokuto, who had a shiny white and beautiful fur, now had burned marks because of flames here and there on his body.
Hokuto was proud with his white fur that I admired, so it couldn't be helped that he was embarrassed to be in such a state.
As usual, he behaved like a spoiled child, rubbing his nose against my chest. Since his head now was brought down, I gently stroked his head.
"It is true that I am concerned about the burning marks, but you surpassed that Fire Wolf even though you have bad compatibility. You should be more proud of yourself." (Sirius)
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
"No matter what happened to your appearance, Hokuto is my partner. Come here." (Sirius)
"…Woof!" (Hokuto)
When I spread both hands, Hokuto rubbed his nose while wagging his tail, and I diligently stroked his head.
Hokuto finally settled down after I kept stroking his head for a while. And then, I checked his condition again.
"Hmmm… do you feel pain anywhere?" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
It looked like he was fine because he shook his head. I had a feeling that the flames of the Fire Wolf had a considerable amount of heat, but as for the Hundred Wolves, they really had a sturdy body.
I examined the burned part, but it was at the tip of fur… In other words, only the surface was burnt, and when I pushed it through, the beautiful white fur was steadily remained.
If that's the case, I would scraped away the burned part, he would be as before if I washed it later with water.
Since Hokuto's fur was very sturdy, I couldn't do it with ordinary knife or blade, but it seemed I could somehow do it with the Mithril Knife.
I explained the situation to Hokuto, and I got the permission to trim the burnt parts.
"Alright, you'll be like before, just wait. Because you’re the best when you are with beautiful white fur." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
We still had things to do, but there was plenty of time since our turns were way ahead.
In order to easily trim Hokuto, I had him lied down and I harvested the burnt fur with the Mithril Knife.
While I kept doing it carefully by trimming the unburned parts in order to arrange the whole balance, Hokuto was closing his eyes, feeling comfortable.
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
"Well… I wonder if Ashley and others are doing well." (Sirius)
While thinking about the disciples in action in the town, I continued trimming Hokuto.
— Chris —
"Saintess-sama!?" (??)
"Saintess-sama!" (??)
We sneaked into the town, Fonia, and joined the Saintess faction of believers who opposed Dolgar's way of doing.
Even so, I was wondering how to let Ashley to sneak into the town based on my plan, but I never thought that we would leaping through the sky and sneaked in. It seemed the common sense of the people related to Sensei couldn't be understood.
And then, when we approached the hideout of the Saintess faction led by Amanda-san. The believers who saw the appearance of Ashley rushed over while letting out loud voices.
"Everyone… I'm glad that you're safe." (Ashley)
"Same goes to you, Saintess-sama. You are well and safe!" (??)
"Oi, can someone tell our companion!? Saintess-sama has returned!" (??)
Ashley was right, her supporters were not a lot, and there were few than ten people here. Perhaps, even with people who already disappeared, I thought that there were not many of them.
However, these people were really longed for Ashley. They were pleased while letting out tears for her safety.
When the emotional reunion ended, the believers, who finally calmed down, were in puzzled while looking at me and Senpais.
"Saintess-sama. Were you coming together with them?" (??)
"These people are the people who saved me on countless occasions. They are encouraging friends." (Ashley)
"Wi-will that be alright? If they are Dolgar's subordinates…" (??)
"There is no such thing. If they are, I will caught by the Archbishop at this time." (Ashley)
It was natural to suspect us since we were dressed like adventurers, but the believers conceded due to Ashley's natural smile and words.
According to the intel sent to the pursuers by Dolgar, securing Ashley was the top priority. It seemed that catching the Saintess faction was to lure her to come out.
In addition to the fact that Reese-san rescued Amanda-san, the believers were convinced when they were explained.
"More importantly, why did you return? The town is too dangerous." (??)
"…Because I want to fight." (Ashley)
"""Saintess-sama!?""" (??)
The believers were greatly surprised due to Ashley proclamation, but that might be natural.
Even if Ashley was being underestimated, she was a pacifist who had avoided things like arguing.
It appeared that she hadn't even said such words until now. Even Amanda who heard about it last night was confused.
"Some of the believers became wealthy and live a comfortable life after becoming the believers of the current Mira's Doctrine by the Archbishop. But… that is not Mira-sama's teaching." (Ashley)
Since Dolgar changed Mira's Doctrine, the difference in poverty became intense, but it was also true that the lives of the believers was improved.
But originally, Mira's Doctrine was about reaching out to people who were in trouble.
"Mira's Doctrine that we know is not to make ourselves richer, but to share happiness with everyone. We gathered because of such Mira's Doctrine. Didn't you become a believer because of that?" (Ashley)
Ashley was firmed when saying that, but when looking at her in close distance, it was a little but her body was trembling. Since they were involved because her selfishness, the feeling of guilt was immeasurable.
Nevertheless, Ashley couldn't look at the current Mira's Doctrine, so she decided to rise up.
"I can't forgive the Archbishop for deviating the teaching. The Pope-sama hasn't returned and now the Cardinal-sama has fallen sick… then, we must take action." (Ashley)
"But our war capability is lacking, and Dolgar has the Holy Knight with him. There will be many sacrifices if we fight them in this way." (??)
"The number of allies has increased. Chris-kun. Reus-san. Please." (Ashley)
As Ashley's instructions, Reus-san and I arranged the package we had in front of the believers, and they started to notice the real identity of the package.
Sensei told the details of the plan that he thought, and Ashley deeply lowered her head because he told her that Vagle won't be in the town.
"I can no longer stand watching Mira's Doctrine being deviated. That's why, please. Everyone… please lend me your strength!" (Ashley)
The believers were silent for a while because of Ashley's conduct, but one person, and then another person, and everyone was kneeling before Ashley.
"Please raise your face, Saintess-sama." (??)
"Yeah, we were here in the beginning since we believe the true Mira's Doctrine." (??)
"In addition to that strategy, now it is a good chance because Saintess-sama has returned. Let us be your feet and your hands, Saintess-sama." (??)
"Everyone… thank you." (Ashley)
It seemed that there were believers who were devoted to faith because they hadn't been deceived by Dolgar's scheme and bribe.
For that reason, it might also be natural for Ashley to think about Mira's Doctrine.
Like this, we earned the cooperation of the believers in a short time.
The believers split into groups. They held the things recovered and going to appeal cooperation of the people who were threatened. They were informed to gather in front of the temple at the designated time.
Since Sensei told to keep eyes open since there might be traitors among the believers who reported to Dolgar, even if the information leaked, they would be attacked before they could make any preparation. In short, Sensei thoroughly emphasized that quickness was important.
There were many things need to be done, but we couldn't go out since our face were known, and it was dangerous.
Similarly, Reese-san and the conspicuous Elf, Fia-san also would not go out. They would remained together with us in the hideout of the Saintess faction.
Incidentally, since Emilia-san and Reus-san had the ability to escape in case of emergency, they went out as escorts of the believers while wearing hood.
The time to proceed with the strategy was in the early afternoon.
I was waiting while continuing the work that Sensei asked me to do, but since Ashley wasn't calm and anxious, Fia-san tapped my shoulder.
"Look, it's your turn." (Fia)
"Since our side are all good, please stay next to Ashley." (Reese)
I was pushed from behind by Reese-san. As I anxiously sat next to Ashley, I let out my voice.
"Ashley, are you alright?" (Chris)
"… Yes, I'm alright. Everyone is doing their best, so there is no way I can complain." (Ashley)
"You don't look fine at all. Ashley. Try to relax a little bit, and calm down. If not, you will collapse before heading to the temple." (Chris)
"Aah…" (Ashley)
I instinctively stroke Ashley's head while trying to show bravery.
While Ashley was surprised with reddened face, she put up a smile. As I aware what I unconsciously did just now, I pulled my hand in panic.
"So-sorry! I unintentionally…" (Chris)
"It's fine. Thanks to that, I became a bit calm. Uhmm, did you use to say that to your sister?" (Ashley)
"…Yeah. She was similar to you now. She was a child who like to pretend to be tough…" (Chris)
I had a sister.
She was similar to the current Ashley as she was desperately pretended to be tough.
"Even though she was hungry, she pretended that she was not. She was in self-denial, and I wonder how many times I stroked her head and said it…" (Chris)
I was born in a poor family, and I was desperately protecting the only sister I had after I lost my parents.
I worked and went out of a town to collect medicinal herbs while knowing the danger and sell them… I thought of dying for how many times while earning money.
But my sister was affected by illness. I wasn't only having trouble to find things to eat, I couldn't even afford to buy a medication.
And then, my sister was…
[Onii-chan… later… for my sake… please keep on living.] (Chris' Sister)
At the end of those words… my sister took the last breath.
I lost my sister and I totally became hopeless, but it wasn't easy to die after being told to live by her will.
However, I was captured by a slave merchant by a mistake… and I was bought by Gadd-san.
And then, I recovered the hope to live while in contact with Gadd-san. I met Sensei, and…
"I am… like Chris-kun's sister, isn't it?" (Ashley)
"… Yeah." (Chris)
When I found Ashley being chased by pursuers in a port town… I saw an illusion which my sister was alive again.
That wasn't it. I chased after her while thinking so, and when I noticed it, I jumped out to save Ashley.
I was convinced that she wasn't my sister when I heard her name, but her face pretending to be tough while telling that she didn't want to get me involved overlapped with my sister's… and I couldn't leave her alone.
Even if I betrayed Gadd-san who was my benefactor, I wanted to protect her.
"If that's the case, you can think of me as your sister. I want to do something for Chris who is my benefactor." (Ashley)
"That… I want you to wait for a bit." (Chris)
Although Ashley said that while smiling, it looked like a bit of lonely smile.
…I had no plan to be insensitive until that degree.
Besides, now…
"It's true that I am worry about you because you resemble my sister, but now, it's not like that. Because Ashley is… I…" (Chris)
"Chris-kun…" (Ashley)
It was awkward, but as for me trying my best for Ashley's sake…
"Sa-saintess-sama is…" (??)
"Ooh… finally…" (??)
"I will not approve!" (??)
At that time, the believers, who left, were coming back, and I noticed that we had became the center of everyone's attention.
Some were watching with pleasure, and since there were some who were watching with strict eyes like a parent, perhaps the believers thought of Ashley as their cute granddaughter. That made me think that their loyalty was because of that reason.
"I-I also… about Chris-kun…" (Ashley)
"Wait, Ashley!? Look around!" (Chris)
Ashley, who regained herself, was flustered with reddened face, but I thought that her tension already became loosened.
Sometimes a girl couldn't see things around them, but… I liked Ashley that way.
Although I was about to confess, let's stop for now. I thought that I wanted to tell her again after everything was over.
"So difficult huh…" (Fia?)
"The greater the obstacle, the love will burn more and more, I think." (Reese?)
"Good luck you two." (Emilia?)
"If you are Aniki's disciple, don't give up, Chris." (Reus)
I rearranged my readiness while receiving Senpais' warm encouragement.
Thus, as the believers returned back, the preparation to gain allies was completed.
Although the tension faded away, according to Sensei, he said that with moderate tension, it could make me flexibly looked over the actual scene.
Calming myself, the only thing I needed to do was… to proceed in order to protect Ashley.
"Mira-sama never wants a sacrifice. Same goes to the companions of the Mira's Doctrine, please don't do the impossibles." (Ashley)
"Leave it to us. Saintess-sama too, please be safe." (??)
"Well then, everyone… let's go!" (Ashley)
"""Yes!""" (??)
Finally, the morale was raised by Ashley's declaration, and then, we left the hideout.

Those who would infiltrate inside the temple were Ashley, me and Sensei's disciples, the four Senpais.
Several believers were trying to come along, but perhaps it was because Dolgar's surrounding, they were put together to be the guards.
If we were going to fight such an opponent, believers who had no fighting experience would become obstacles, so only selected few came with us. But since Emilia-san and Reus-san's strength were seen, they were forcibly consented.
Naturally, they opposed Ashley going for the infiltration, but they consented because she knew the details of the temple's innermost and she requested to directly talk with Dolgar.
It won't be weird if I was removed from the team since I wasn't strong enough due to insufficient training, but somehow Senpais gave me permission.
"Sirius-sama said to bring Chris in order to make him learn a lot of things." (Emilia)
"Besides, isn't necessary to have a knight to protect the Saintess?" (Reese)
"Please firmly protect Ashley, alright." (Fia)
"Since I'm going to defeat enemies from the front, Chris just need to think about Ashley and follow me." (Reus)
There were reliable Senpais.
I was aware that it was no good to rely on them too much, but since it was a fact that I didn't have enough strength, I judged that it was better to obey them for now.

[Come out, Dolgar!] (??)
[What are you doing are not the real Mira's Doctrine!?] (??)
[Do you think that Saintess-sama is a traitor!?] (??)
Currently, there were nearly 100 believers led by Amanda-san gathered in front of the Mira's Doctrine temple.
The main objective was to direct the eyes inside of the temple toward loud voices on the outside. Hence, it was to make us to easily infiltrate inside the temple.
In other words, I judged that those who were not involved with Dolgar would come out, and that would reduce unnecessary injuries and sacrifices in the battle against his guards.
[What are you doing!? Don't you think it is rude to Mira-sama if when you make noise at such a place!?] (??)
[That's our line. You guys twisted Mira's Doctrine, and that made Mira-sama mourn!] (??)
[There is no such thing. That was an oracle from Mira-sama!] (??)
The believers of Saintess faction and Dolgar faction were facing each other outside of the temple. While they were arguing, we passed through a secret path leading to the inside of the temple led by Ashley.
While walking through a small cave passage with chilly air, Ashley explained about the place.
"This is an off limit area except for me, Pope-sama and Cardinal-sama." (Ashley)
"Will it be fine for us to go through?" (Emilia)
"Well. Like crossing the walls of the town, I can also infiltrate the courtyard by using my wind, you know?" (Fia)
"Pope-sama told me to use it without hesitation in the case of emergency. And I think that is now." (Ashley)
"Well, he has some precious information, huh? Since Aniki is going for trip to learn something like that, I feel a bit sorry." (Reus)
After going through the cave for a while, we went into a large space and there was a big lake spreading here.
I didn't really understand about Gods or any of such matter, but it was clearly a place with divinity and it won't feel weird to call it as a sanctuary.
"This is a sacred spring which said to be the place where Mira-sama took a bath. Let me tell you ahead. Please don't enter the lake." (Ashley)
"Amazing. Such a thing…" (Reese?)
"It's really a beautiful place. If we are not in a hurry, I would like to watch it for a while." (Fia?)
"I wanted to come together with Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"When all of these over, I will ask Cardinal-sama for it. Aah, the door heading to the inside of the temple is here." (Ashley)
I wanted to watch a little bit more, but now it was the matter of Mira's Doctrine.
We continued walking again led by Ashley, and she looked back when we arrived at the front of a small door with a handle.
"It is the center of the temple from here on. We will come out to a room for prayers. Emilia-san, I will depend on you after that." (Ashley)
"Yes, please leave it to me. First of all, let's proceed with our main objective which is to secure the Cardinal." (Emilia)
Among us, Emilia, who would be the most responsible, took out a map of inside temple in order to confirm the strategy.
Ashley, who confirmed the map, pointed at it to mark the current position.
"Uhmm… this is the place for prayers. And the Cardinal-sama's room… is here." (Ashley)
"When Sirius-sama entered the temple yesterday, I heard from him that there was a weak reaction around here. I think that the Cardinal is here and there is no mistake about it." (Emilia)
"It is a bit far, but we're going from the front, right Nee-chan?" (Reus)
"Yes, we are. Since speed is important, don't you miss out voices of us or Ashley when you move forward. Later, I will give instruction by looking at the situation, so let's get ready and do this." (Emilia)
Actually, Fia-san probably should be the one to manage the operation since she was the oldest, but she refused because she was a newbie under Sense's wing after traveling alone for a long time.
Since she seemed to be those who naturally support from behind, she would quietly watch at the place where she could see everyone.
"Chris, Ashley. Do you understand what you have to do?" (Emilia)
"Yes. With the directions, I will follow everyone." (Ashley)
"I will protect Ashley." (Chris)
"All right. It's no good to force yourself, you know. Well, we depend on you, Reus." (Emilia)
"Leave it to me!" (Reus)
And then, we rushed into the temple led by Reus.

"Here I come!" (Reus)
"En-enemy–… guhaa!?" (??)
"How did they—… guoohh!?" (??)
There was no one in the prayer room, but as soon as we left the room, we found guards equipped with armor. However, Reus-san stunned them by hitting with a sword.
"What is that noise!?" (??)
"Kuhh, there are intruders!" (??)
"Oh Water… [Aqua Shot]." (Reese)
"It's my turn… [Air Shot]." (Fia)
The guards, who came because of the noise, were blown off by Reese-san and Fia-san's spells. They crashed into a wall and couldn't move any more.
There were also guards who didn't hit by the spells since they were a distance away, but they were all prevented with the spells of those two… especially Reese-san's water.
Apart from water balls and wind blades that disappear when it hit, the rock was covered with water. They were using a delicate way to drop them on the floor after disabling the guards, and that made me worried about their mana. (TLN: The author wrote fireballs instead of water balls. I think he made a mistake on that part)
"Reese, do you want to skip over for a bit?" (Fia)
"It's alright. Since these children will come from the sanctuary if I ask for them, I almost never get exhausted." (Reese)
"They came!? That's amazing…" (Fia)
"Damn it! Hurry up, tell the Archbishop-sama!" (??)
I couldn't hear their conversation well because of enemies' voices, but it seemed that there was no problem from the look of those two.
It was frustrating because Senpais were doing most of it, but all I could do was to protect Ashley.
Although they didn't die, Ashley was at heartbreaking moment watching group of guards getting done, so I had to grasp her hand.
"This is not your fault. And don't get away from my side!" (Chris)
"… Yeah!" (Ashley)
"Haa!" (??)
When I looked up due to the voice that I suddenly heard, a believer jumped off with a knife on his hand from the colonnade of the upper floor.
I instinctively protect Ashley's back, but my sword swing was delayed in exchanged. It seemed that the opponent's knife would stab me faster.
"Got you!" (??)
"You're too careless!" (Emilia)
"Uhh!?" (??)
However, faster than him, Emilia attacked from the side together with the force of the wind, and she kicked the opponent.
Furthermore, Emilia landed on the floor and threw throwing knives at the same time, but the opponent easily repelled it.
"Your agility is good, but your knife throwing skill is still no good." (??)
"It seems that you are not an ordinary guard. From that surprise attack… are you a person from the 'other side' whom Dolgar hired?" (Emilia)
"Well. If you want to hear it, you can do it after defeating me. With that degree of knife throwing, don't think that you can defeat me with lame spell." (??)
In addition to the knives, Emilia also released a ball of winds, but the spell unleashed was slow. It only had the speed that could finally reach the opponent during the middle of the conversation.
"No. If I know that there are people like you, it's sufficient if I don't have to listen to you. And, I will defeat you with this lame spell like you have said." (Emilia)
"You are calm huh. To suffer from that spell, I would really… gofuhh!?" (??)
The opponent lightly moved his body to avoid it, but the ball of wind suddenly exploded and created a tremendous wind, and the opponent was blown away soon after avoiding it.
"You can't escape from my [Air Impact] by avoiding it just a little bit, you know. Well, I'm not going to listen to you anymore." (Emilia)
Emilia, who confirmed the fallen opponent with white eyes revealed, smiled at me while being wary of the surroundings.
"It's fine if you protect Ashley, but it's not alright if you can't defend yourself." (Emilia)
"…I have nothing to say in return. More importantly, thank you very much." (Chris)
"Yes, just a little bit more, so good luck. Everyone, there are also people who are good at surprise attacks. Not only from the top, but please also be careful on your surroundings." (Emilia)
Although Senpais had cleared the enemies and there was none around, when I thought about Emilia-san telling us to be cautioned, Reus-san knocked down a wooden box nearby with his sword.
"Guhh… Haa!?" (??)
And from the crushed wooden box, a person, who resembled to the believer who attacked me earlier, fell down.
Really, what could possibly happened to the intuition of these people?
"If it was Aniki, he would hide in a better place!" (Reus)
"You're right. It may not be weird if Sirius suddenly comes out from the ground." (Fia)
"What a coincidence, Fia-san. I also think the same." (Emilia)
Although I hadn't hanged around them for long time, I also convinced when they said that it won't be weird if Sensei could do that.

After that, the guards came attacking us for several times, but they were all cleared by the hands of Senpais, and we were smoothly progressing.
In addition, even though the 'other side' people were hiding and doing surprise attacks like Emilia-san had mentioned, Reus-san and Emilia-san noticed them beforehand and knocked them out.
"Uhmm… I don't really understand, but how do you know?" (Chris)
"If you train under Sirius-sama, you'll understand even if you don't like it." (Emilia)
"If Aniki goes all out, you won't even notice he appears behind you…" (Reus)
Standing behind the opponent and reading their breathing, it seemed to be a technique that make their presence undetected by synchronizing. I didn't feel like I could do it.
"The door behind that corner is the Cardinal-sama's room!" (Ashley)
"Nee-chan, there is someone inside!" (Reus)
"Yes, proceed with caution!" (Emilia)
And when they stepped into the room, there was an Obaa-san slept in a bed at a corner of the large room.
She seemed to be a gentle Obaa-san of a considerable age, but her face was thin and seemed pretty weakened.
"Cardinal-sama!" (Ashley)
"Do not move! If you do it more than that, we won't know what will happen to her life." (??)
It was proven that she was the Cardinal based on Ashley's calling, but now she was struck with a knife by a believer who appeared from behind.
"Dolgar-dono will be coming soon. Will you quietly remain until then?" (??)
"Please wait! If you want to make her as a hostage, let me be the hostage instead!" (Ashley)
"Nope. I don't need a hostage who will move imprudently now." (??)
Thinking of the weakened Cardinal, Ashley offered herself to be the hostage, but whether the opponent was reading the situation, he didn't go along with her.
Although Dolgar, who had been driven into a corner, was in hurry to make the Cardinal as a hostage, the opponent also might had expected it.
In a situation where they couldn't make wrong moves, when Emilia-san muttered in a low voice while secretly moved her hand to the back, Reus nodded. He pulled out his sword and holding it sideways.
"What are you doing? Put that sword away." (??)
"Say, between your knife and me taking a step forward and swing this… which do you think is faster?" (Reus)
"Are you looking down on me? Don't speak nonsense and put that down!" (??)
"I swing this 'guy' everyday, and I can handle it like my own hand. It is easy as piece to slice your hand only, you know?" (Reus)
"My wind spells are also quick. I'm not sure about cutting with a windblade… do you want to try it?" (Emilia)
"Pl-please stop! Cardinal-sama is in danger!" (Ashley)
Ashley tried to stop them, but Emilia-san and Reus-san were getting ready without listening to her.
I saw that the opponent was flustered when hearing that it wasn't a joke due to the bloodlust unleashed from those two. Emilia took only a step forward, and the moment when the opponent's gaze slightly deviated because of that movement…
"You guys… aim well." (Emilia)
"Everyone… please!" (Fia)
Together with Fia-san's muttering, strong winds rolled up the knife held by the believer from his hand, and it highly sprung up.
The knife dropped because of that shock was repelled by a water ball that Reese shot and it pierced through the wall. The opponent remained then fainted because he was beaten by Reus-san and Emilia-san.
"If you want to take a hostage, you should have done it with more people." (Emilia)
"If it was us, we need more than two people!" (Reese?)
Senpais gave a light high-five while approaching the bed. On the other hand, Ashley and I were staring at them in surprise.
Their actions were coordinated to a terrifying degree, they didn't even do anything like a conversation.
Senpais… were really reliable.
"Ashley. This person is surely the Cardinal, right?" (Emilia)
"Y-yes! That's right. She is so thin… poor her." (Ashley)
"I wonder if somebody made her drink a poison? Anyway, I will treat her." (Reese)
Everyone gathered around the bed, and then Reese surrounded the Cardinal with magical water and started with the treatment.
The treatment continued for a while and by the time the water disappeared, slight redness returned to the Cardinal's face which was pale.
"I think Sirius-san will know about this in detailed, but it seems that it is impossible to immediately move her as of right now. But, don't worry. Nothing unusual with her life." (Reese)
"Really!? Aah… That's great…" (Ashley)
When the relieved Ashley clasped the Cardinal's hand, Reus-san suddenly held his sword toward the door.
I also noticed that something was happening due to that movement. When I stood to protect Ashley, the door opened and several believers rushed into the room.
"…It can't be. They are attacking until here?" (Dolgar)
"…Archbishop." (Ashley)
A man wearing a fine gown that appeared the last, was the Archbishop of the enemies, Dolgar.

At that time, Sirius and Hokuto were…
"…Did I make a bit mistake at scrapping? What do you think, Hokuto?" (??)
"Woof! Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Hmm… Do you think so too? It is hard to achieve the whole balance." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Would you rather have like a boldly Mohican? It will look awesome if the mane stretched out, I guess." (Sirius)
"Woof…" (Hokuto)
"Hahaha, it was a joke, you know. You are the best just as it is." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
It seemed that they were in a good term like a pair of lover.


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