Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Because You are not Alone
Several days had passed since we stayed in the Arbitray’s castle.
“Good morning, Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)
After waking up with Emilia’s voice as usual, I slowly stretched out my body and drank the coffee she brewed.
She prepared clothes in the meantime, and I changed to a new clothing when it was readied.
“I feel like I am a noble or royalty because of the location.” (Sirius)
Currently, the room which was assigned to me was a room that was a slightly wider for me to use alone.
Incidentally, Reus also got himself a private room and the ladies were together assigned to a room for three people.
I would be fine if I was in the same room as Reus, so I told the Beast King that it was alright to use a suitable room for other guards, but he prepared me a nice room since I was the country’s benefactor.
“But Sirius-sama is not interested in the lives of nobility and royalty, right?” (Emilia)
“Yeah, even though it is luxurious, I don’t want to live a confined life. It’s good for me to be together with the disciples and have enough money to eat normally.” (Sirius)
“Yes. I’m also happy because I can take care of Sirius-sama like this.” (Emilia)
Well, thanks to that as well, I felt good when seeing a very refreshing appearance of Emilia in this morning.
After stroking Emilia’s head, I left the room and headed to the castle’s battleground.

“Uwaaaa!?” (Reus)
“Daahh!?” (Keith)
Together with Emilia, I went to the battleground where rubbles had been cleaned up. There, I saw a scene of Reus and Keith’s head sticking to the ground.
Well… I was getting used to their agony voices that echoed from early morning. It seemed that some guards who alternated duty hours also had the same.
That was a scene of Reus and Keith challenged Isabella for mock battle. It was the result of Isabella’s ability in perfecting German Suplex and the evolution of Backdrop, that was anomaly until now, with own intuition.
As Isabella nodded in satisfaction, she slowly came to our direction after confirming our appearance.
“… Good morning.” (Isabella)
“Good morning. How’s your day?” (Sirius)
“Still not enough… I think? But, today is still the first time after all.” (Isabella)
Hmmm… that was the first time they ate that technique? Yesterday, they were hit to the ground twice until i came.
As I expected, Reus was accumulating experience by repeatedly challenging Isabella.
Next was the mock battle where Reus and Keith would fight me. When I was warming up while waiting for their revival, I noticed that Isabella was staring at me.
“…What is it?” (Sirius)
“…I want you to teach me more techniques.” (Isabella)
“Do you mean pro wrestling techniques?” (Sirius)
Isabella was expressionless, but she nodded greatly.
Apparently, the Queen was really interested in pro wrestling technique. The impetus of that was because Reus used it, but he also didn’t think that he would eat that technique again and again.
When I was trouble about what to do, Keith, who came out of the ground, appealed to me.
“Pl-please Sensei! I beg of you, please don’t teach Mother nasty techniques more than that!” (Keith)
He was already didn’t care how desperate he was.
Well, I guessed no one would like if the types of techniques they would eat would increase, right? By the way, Keith called me Sensei because he lost a mock battle against me a couple of days ago. Beastkin tend to have such a tendency unless the opponent was clearly an enemy.
But, Isabella seemed to be looking forward to it. Besides…
“It’s not only for you to eat that technique, right? Anyway, those techniques can’t be used if you don’t have gaps.” (Sirius)
Since pro wrestling was often close to glamor techniques, it was also a technique that was supposed to be eaten by others.
I thought that he was getting a moderate tension feeling that he should never expose any openings, so I wanted to teach that rather as side training.
“Gu… guhaa! Aniki is right, Keith. In the first place, we are no good since we are eating the techniques.” (Reus)
“You know that well, don’t you? By the way, Reus. Which one do you think is better… Powerbomb or Giant Swing?” (Sirius)
“Since his balance is trained, Giant Swing is better… I think?” (Reus)
“…” (Isabella)
“Wh-what’s with the dangerous-sounding name!? Mother also, your eyes are shining!” (Keith)
“If you don’t like it, I will not teach her if you give me a blow in the mock battle.” (Sirius)
“You-you sure!? Al-alright… next is…” (Keith)
After that… the Giant Swing technique was added to one of Isabella’s techniques.
Keith’s agony would probably continue until he looked at the long term benefits like Reus.

Then, Reese and Fia came here a bit later and joined us. After completing the morning training, it was time for breakfast.
Basically, it happened at different time, but it was becoming a daily routine for the Beast King’s family to have meals with us in the dining room.
“Onii-chan, today also, please.” (Mea)
“Got it. See this finger well.” (Sirius)
Mea arrived at the table and waited for breakfast to be prepared. As she sat next to me and pulled my sleeve, I slowly wiggled my finger while looking into Mea’s eyes.
“…This is alright for you to eat. From now on, if I clap my hand, that means Mea can already eat the meal without worry.” (Sirius)
Since the preparation of the meal was over by the time I clapped my hand as a signal, we started having breakfast.
Mea was poisoned one year ago and since the body unconsciously responded when eating meals after getting healed, it was impossible for her to eat food if Grethe didn’t called it first.
“Mea-sama, are you alright?” (Grethe)
“I’m alright!” (Mea)
While Grethe was still worried, Mea reached out for the meal herself and brought it to her mouth.
Grethe exhaled as if she was relieved when Mea drank the soup without hesitation. She, then, stuck a big bread at Mea’s small mouth while she was laughing.
“…That’s great.” (Grethe)
“Yeah, thanks to Onii-san’s good luck charm.” (Mea)
That good luck charm was… an implication.
In the first place, Mea’s symptom was likely a mental illness, so I tried using implication as a treatment.
“You’re going to eat after this without this good luck charm, right?” (Sirius)
“Y-yes. Can I eat this?” (Mea)
“It’s alright. You can eat like this.” (Sirius)
It was a secret to the person herself, but actually, it was no longer necessary to use the implication.
A full-scale implication was used for several times in the beginning. After that, the implication was undone and it was a matter of saying the appropriate words. It was like a so-called placebo effect.
When it was repeated several times and without using the implication at the same time… I thought that I could see some improvement.
The reason why she couldn’t eat when there was no poison was she also had a feeling that it was alright not to be cured, but I certainly couldn’t ignore the appearance that endured the stew that I showed her when we met for the first time.
This girl was still a child, so I would like her to have meals without hesitation.
Besides, there were many chefs who carefully handled the dishes that entered her mouth due to the past failures. Therefore, the possibility of poisoning was low.
Overly wary would make her tired. After all, moderation was the best.
“It is not that I don’t trust Sensei, but is it really safe?” (Keith)
“That is only restricted to the meals before me. There is less risk.” (Sirius)
When I suggested treatment with implication, the Beast King and Keith displayed approval, but Isabella didn’t object.
More importantly, Mea herself wanted to do the treatment when I told her. Since she cared about many people, she probably was thinking about doing it for long time.
When the father and the brother were told by their adored person, they had no choice but to accept it.
Of course, the only ones who knew the part of the implication were us and the Beast King family.
“I thought that it was a terrible means of manipulating not only Grethe but also my wife and subordinates, but I didn’t expect that there was also such a way of using it.” (Eisen)
“It is similar to weapons. Whatever it is, it depends on who uses it.” (Sirius)
“Hmm… you are right. Learn that well, Keith.” (Eisen)
“Yeah. However, I already don’t mind about such a way. Even so, in the end of the day, who is that Belford?” (Keith)
The identity of Belford who caused the confusion in this country and tried to kidnap Mea remained as a mystery.
Its real body was a manastone, and the person himself didn’t tell everything. It was meaningless to interrogate it since the body was different, and I regretted for unable to stop him completely.
However, by examining the place which seemed to be his laboratory, some information could be concluded to a certain extent.

The next day after the incident happened, together with the Beast King and Keith, I came in front of the hidden passageway that was found in McDatt’s room which was on the first floor.
Since McDatt didn’t remember the passageway that was found by the guard, it might have been made by Belford when he took over the body.
I told them not to enter the passageway because there were traps, but even if I didn’t tell them, they might not want to enter because of an unpleasant atmosphere from the passageway that couldn’t be determined where it came from.
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Sirius-sama, he said that he felt something unpleasant from the interior.” (Emilia)
“It is small, but there is a smell of blood.” (Reus)
When the Beast King stood in front of the passageway that he could somehow managed to get it, Hokuto and the siblings raised vigilance.
From the smell of blood that Reus told, it looked like it wasn’t going to be a fun place.
“Hmm… it is disturbing, but the dread is not worth considering. I’ll go in first, you guys follow me.” (Eisen)
“Please wait. It is dangerous, so let me check at least how far it stretches in.” (Sirius)
It wasn’t weird to install traps in the middle of this narrow passageway.
Besides, when I used [Search] aiming at the underground, the passageway didn’t extend that way. It only descended a bit and then, it went straight ahead.
“In other words, the passageway is leading on the ground?” (Eisen)
“Yes, since he made a huge dragon, there must be a big entrance somewhere.” (Sirius)
The Beast King was wondering. I guessed that it would be faster to explain while actually showing it.
We went outside the castle and headed for the direction in which the hidden passageway extended.
The hidden passageway was extending toward the vast forest spreading behind the castle.
While walking and occasionally confirming the position of hidden passageway with [Search] for a while, we kept going forward into the forest.
It was considerably troublesome, but it seemed to be worth it.
“…This is it.” (Sirius)
“What’s wrong? I wonder if this is a dead end.” (Fia)
“No… the passageway still continues, but I can feel any mana reaction here.” (Sirius)
He probably drew the magic formation of the wind to ventilate the passageway, but if that was the case, the reaction was too strong. The possibility of that magic formation to manipulate terrain by using explosion was high.
We would have been in a less favorable situation since we would be buried alive if we were on the underground passage and the magic formation was activated.
“It seems that Sirius-san’s cautiousness is over the top.” (Reese)
“If it becomes so, this place here is the halfway point. It will be a difficult position to go forward or backward.” (Sirius)
The monsters of the forest occasionally attacked us but since my companions were fighting them, I was merely concentrating on exploring.
Not just Reus and Keith, with the husband and wife here, they were all going all out. Hence, there was no need to turn back.
Hokuto was scratching the area around his neck with hind legs, maybe because he wasn’t too busy. By the way, it didn’t seem that it was due to itchiness. Apparently, he would do that because of the habit of the previous life.
Then, as we kept going further in the forest, we came out to a cliff where a big river was flowing at the bottom of the valley.
It was a considerable deep valley but when we looked into it by changing the angle of view, we could see a cave on e walls of the cliff.
Half of the mountain could be seen from the castle and on top of that, the entrance of the cave was also hidden subtly with rocks covering it. Thus, the place couldn’t be found unless people knew about it.
It would take over an hour to go here because of the forest and the topography, but it could be reached within tens of minutes if they went straight from the hidden passageway.
“Hmm, there was no cave in such a place.” (Eisen)
“Me too… this is the first time I know it.” (Isabella)
“Look, Oyajii. The entrance of the cave is big enough, so that monstrous dragon yesterday seemed able to go through it.” (Keith)
“How do we get in, Aniki? Shall we ask Fia-ane?” (Reus)
“That’s tedious… We should connect to it directly. Beast King-sama, would you give several manastones as a reward?” (Sirius)
“Hmm,got it. Don’t hesitate to use it.” (Eisen)
As I confirmed the hidden passageway which was in a relatively shallow position, I dig a hole to connect it to the hidden passage and I put the manastone drawn with [Create]. I had decided to enter the cave from there.
We kept moving forward while put up vigilance, but when we finally reached the destination… it displayed a terrible scene.
“What is this place!? What was he doing here?” (Eisen)
“Uh… my nose felt awry.” (Isabella)
“The fact that there is no figure of people is at least a salvation…” (Sirius)
If it could be described in one word… that word would be madness.
Bloods that seemed to be from monsters were scattered around here and there in the large hall inside the cave. The rock surface was completely dyed in dark red maybe because it was repeatedly wet and dried on it.
In the corner of the hall, the cut monsters were gathered together, and there was also a big dragon’s head and limbs there. Perhaps, it was a part not used for Dragloss since it has a familiar color and size.
It was clear that atrocious experiments were being conducted at this site. Anyway, I didn’t plan to stay long here.
“Reese, you shouldn’t look here. Please wait outside.” (Fia)
“Ye-yes… I will do that.” (Reese)
“Emilia, you too. Hokuto, please escort her.” (Sirius)
“Please forgive me. I feel sick and the smell is so bad…” (Emilia)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
So, there were five people who looked inside and they were Reus, Fia, me, the Beast King and Keith.
Isabella seemed weak to such thing. She attached herself on Hokuto to stabilize the mind.
After that, we parted from the group who would remain on the ground. We, then, started searching for the hall filled with a thick smell of blood.
“There’s nothing but dead bodies of monsters. Did you see something, Reus?” (Fia)
“Nothing is here. By the way, Fia-ane is fine with this, huh? My nose already reached the limit, you know.” (Reus)
“I’m not really fine with it. It’s just that I’m about tough in this matter. As soon as I find something, I will embrace Sirius. So, please be patient.” (Fia)
“I accept that if it is serious, but if it’s a joke, I’ll pull your ears, alright?” (Sirius)
Since Reus had a tearful eyes while blocking his nose, when he thought about going up on the ground soon, Reus found a side passage in the place where it was invisible from Keith who was in the hall.
It was a small room and there was a desk made of rock shaved.
There was a book on the desk with the page opened. After confirming that there was no magical reaction, I took it in my hand.
“What is being written… is a magic formation. This page also… and this… almost all of them drawn with magic formations.” (Sirius)
“This is my first time seeing magic formations that complicated.” (Eisen)
“Me too. But… I have a feeling that I’ve seen it somewhere.” (Fia)
“I guess so. Perhaps, these are magic formations that were drawn on that Dragloss that he manipulated.” (Keith)
This book seemed to describe the progress of the experiment. Almost all pages were written with magic formations and the part about effect of the magic formation and the failure were barely written.
When I turned over the page and looked at the back of it, there were also a magic formation that seemed to have been drawn on the Chimera in Parade, its effects and the monsters used.
It was a strange matter that such a book was conveniently left, but he was happily talking about the experimental body when his true identity was discovered.
From that perspective, it was certain that he wanted to boast about it and I actually got a glimpse of his personality. So, it might not be strange to leave behind the record.
“The only things written are magic formations, is it? It would be better if there is a clue about Belford’s identity.” (Eisen)
“There’s none. Nevertheless, something like a report is… hmm?” (Sirius?)
Half of the book, which wasn’t too old, was left blank. Only half of the book was written.
However, on the last page where it was written by hand, there was long sentences written with a magic formation which the structure was changed a little.
What was written there was…
‘Succeeded in brainwashing low intelligence dragon species, but high intelligence is still impossible.’
‘However, there are too few experimental body, since I can’t carelessly turn them into enemies, let’s halt this experiment at once.’
‘There is no need to be impatient since I have gotten good result so far.’
‘Next is the type of people.’
‘Fortunately, I have secured experimental body that confused beastkins.’
‘It has a special mana that can attract beastkin like a queen of bee monsters… it is really an interesting experimental body.’
‘If I can use it well, I may be able to manipulate beastkin at will.’
‘The preparation is going well.’
‘I think that I will start the experiment that incite the beastkins in full scale soon.’
‘There is not much time until the time of fusion. If I don’t hurry…’
It seemed to be a paragraph written about interrupting ongoing experiments and switching to a new experiment.
Nevertheless, it seemed that Mea was in a rather dangerous situation.
If I let Belford escaped, he would draw the magic formation on this book soon and amplify Mea’s ability. Was he planning to start experimenting on manipulating beastkin?
“Hmm… It’s great that my daughter is safe.” (Eisen)
“I’m glad that she is safe, but I am somehow don’t understand. At the very least, I wanted to crush the manastone with my hands.” (Reus)
“Is there anything else?” (Fia)
“… It’s hopeless. There is nothing other than the record of the experiment.” (Sirius)
After that, we continued searching the room and the cave, but the only good clue was this book.
Moreover, since it was just a book with the record of experiments, Belford’s identity remained unknown.
So, the ending for this book was…
“Beast King-sama, what do you want to do with that book?” (Sirius)
“Well, we only need to dispose it. It is better not to have such a dangerous thing around.” (Eisen)
“Are you sure? Although it is dangerous, if you can master this, your country will surely gain power, you know?” (Sirius)
“Hmm… I understand that power is dangerous. But using it means I tolerate the madness that has been done here. As a man, I don’t want to use it even a single one of it.” (Eisen)
“It is true that monster had extraordinary strength, but you know, it will be over if you depend on such strength.” (Keith)
“…Yeah. How about you, Sirius?” (Fia)
“I don’t need such a power. I have decided to do this.” (Sirius)
With this, if it was that good for nothing guy, he would experiment it for the sake of the country, but the Beast King understood that it would be dangerous if it was more than this.
Yes, such madness shouldn’t be ignored.
I took out a homemade lighter, put the fire on the book and quickly disposed it.
I was considering fighting to the bitter end if the Beast King spared this power, but it was settled nicely with this.
After that, I completely filled the cave and the hidden passageways with manastone and all Belford’s experiments were buried in the darkness.
The only thing left was a bitter experience that could be preparation for next time.

That was why Belford’s identity remained a mystery, but the first clue was acquired.
“Hmm… Meal is the best while watching my daughter smile.” (Eisen)
“Yup. With that smile, I can eat bread as much as I like.” (Keith)
“…Yes.” (Isabella)
While secretly letting out a sigh at the unchanging couple and brother, I was thinking about the lesson content of today.
I was currently teaching Mea as requested by Isabella.
Even so, I was like a temporary educator until McDatt recovered.
The matter with Belford had been resolved but I remained in this castle because of a new student.

Well, after breakfast, it would be Mea’s lesson.
According to Belford’s experiment record, the reaction of the beastkin to Mea was caused by the mana released from Mea.
For that reason, the first thing I thought her was a complete version of [Boost]. This was to enable her control of mana in the body with her own will.
“…How is it?” (Mea)
“Yes, it’s going well. Just like the mana I poured a while ago, slowly put your mana on all over your body.” (Sirius)
“Yes, Sensei!” (Mea)
She usually called me Onii-san, but she called me Sensei only during class.
Nevertheless, Mea’s talent was quite considerable. There were still many useless parts, but she was already starting to circulate mana throughout the body. Was it due to the blood relation of the mother and father?
Subsequently, I was thinking of shifting to training that stopping mana overflowed from the body.
“Work hard, Mary-sama.” (Grethe)
“…Hang in there.” (Isabella)
“Yeah!” (Mea)
For some reason, Grethe and Isabella were cheering and rooting for Mea.
“Hey Mary, do your best. Father is always watching you!” (Eisen)
“You brother is also watching you!” (Keith)
There were a king and a prince who made a useless switch by looking into here from the gap of the door.
When I noticed it, the whole family were altogether, so this was no longer a class visit.
“…Those who are unrelated, please leave.” (Sirius)
“Let’s go, Keith! Now is the time to think how to prevent Isabella’s technique!” (Reus)
“This is more important, but…. aah!” (Keith)
“He’s right, Beast King-sama! There are still plenty of political affairs!” (McDatt)
“Ju-just a little bit more! I will burn the scene of my daughter’s effort in my eyes firmly… aahh!” (Eisen)
The Beast King was pulled by McDatt who turned into a devil for work in order to clear everything while Keith was taken by Reus who came to invite for training. However, Grethe and Isabella showed a posture that they wouldn’t move at any cost. After reaching Mea, Isabella put her on the lap, and began stroking her daughter’s head with a relaxed expression.
I was judging whether this act of love was caused by Mea’s ability, but it seemed that it wasn’t that powerful as the feeling that I personally examined.
I wouldn’t know what was going to happen if she released mana with full power, but if she could live normally, it was good enough to relieve vigilance or raised interest at best.
Perhaps, it was a feeling of talking to a good people and avoiding bad people when walking alone in the town. Of course, that was limited to the beastkin.
It was a result of getting involved with the cute King’s daughter, but it was also due to that strange charisma.
In the case of the Beast King family, it was supplemented by the love toward the daughter.
“…Am I in the way?” (Isabella)
“There is no such a thing.” (Mea)
Mea, who was on Isabella’s lap, was laughing with joy.
Even the ill feeling that had been piling up since several days ago was completely disappeared. It made me nodded in satisfaction while smiling from the bottom of the heart.

Actually, I told Mea about her special ability on the other day.
Although it might be cruel to Mea who was still a child, there was a possibility that the whole country would move due to the carelessness or a single word uttered by her. If it was done poorly, she could become an existence called courtesan princess. (TLN: 傾国, I’m not sure how to describe this.)
She knew the impact of her ability.
It was probably not the power that she wished for, but it was necessary for those who had the power.
The most difficult thing when telling this fact was that Mea might misunderstand that all the love she got was due to the ability.
Just as one thought, since Mea, who knew the fact, anxiously looked at their family, the Beast King and Keith desperately talked that there wasn’t such a thing. However, whether Mea was somewhat confused, the anxiety appeared to be completely impossible to dispel.
At such a time, Isabella came close to Mea and lightly hit her daughter’s cheeks with her hands in between.
&123;If it’s due to the ability… I think that I will not hit Mary. But, I still hit you, right?&125; (Isabella)
&123;Y-yes.&125; (Mea)
&123;And if I hit you… it mean you did something wrong. Our love… can’t be exchanged with such ability.”&125; (Isabella)
&123;Okaa-san….&125; (Mea)
It was slight but that was the first time Mea got scolded by her mother. It seemed that she had calmed down after that.
And Mary, who was hugged by Isabella, was smiling while shedding tears.
This was also a bit of a stake. In other words, it was going to take some time for her to understand, but if that was the situation, it was going to be fine.
After all, a mother was strong person.

I was relieved when looking at the intimate relationship between the mother and the daughter.
In this way, Mea wouldn’t become someone with twisted personality if she was given a parental love.
There was also a possibility of becoming selfish, but that depend on the effort of the Beast King and others.
I was anxious when looking at such parents, but since they were adult enough, they probably had no problem to speak out.
“I’m going to proceed to the next process soon, so Isabella-san, please stay away.
“…” (Isabella)
“No, don’t rub your cheeks in silence. Please be patient for your daughter’s sake.” (Sirius)
I wasn’t sure which one of them was the spoiled one.
Although I didn’t have problem to speak out, it was difficult for the daughter to tell that to the mother.
I somehow manage to persuade Isabella to head down to where Reus and Keith were training. Finally, Mea and I became alone again.
“Goodness… we’re still in the class. Mea also need to solve the problem properly, you know.” (Sirius)
“I’m sorry, Sensei. Since Okaa-san was caressing…” (Mea)
“Well, more importantly, you are in good term.” (Sirius)
“Ehehe, it’s like Sensei and Onee-chans. But sometimes, Otou-san and Okaa-san look more childish than me.” (Mea)
That happened many times, but it seemed that she was aware of the fact that their love were a bit excessive.
Mea was right. I didn’t know which one was the child, but I should firmly say the important things.
“Yes, I can understand your feeling. But you know, no matter how childish they looked like, everyone is more adult that Mea. So, when you have problem, don’t think only by yourself. Please properly consult with the people around you.” (Sirius)
There was no need to be impatient.
There were many people watching over her, so it was fine for her to grow up little by little.
“Now, the class will resume again. Next, try to make an image that cover the whole body so that it doesn’t leak out mana.” (Sirius)
“Yes!” (Mea)
The girl lively replied while smiling a dazzling smile like a sun.

That night… I visited McDatt’s room.
“Sirius-dono, do you have anything?” (McDatt)
“Yes, I want to talk a bit about Mary-sama…” (Sirius)
McDatt would return soon to be the educator for Mea eventually. I hoped that he guided Mea so that she wouldn’t stray in the wrong path.
Since he had various bitter experiences like this time, he would be able to point out in a different direction from her family.
First of all, I told him some worst possible possibilities and circumstances, and McDatt nodded while having a bitter smile.
“Surely… when considering that girl’s cuteness, those possibilities are likely to happen. I can’t forgive myself yet, but I will remember your words when I return to Mary-sama.” (McDatt)
Well, McDatt was adult enough, and I probably didn’t need to say too much.
The main issue at hand was this one. Next, I came to Grethe’s room.
“…What is it?” (Grethe)
“Grethe. I still haven’t punished you for aiming my life yet.” (Sirius)
“… Yeah. I will do anything if I can. Will it be fine… if I am the attendant for that person?” (Grethe)
“No, you are good enough. From now on, I’m going to give you an implication. Do not move from this place.” (Sirius)
“Eh?” (Grethe)
Ignoring the surprised Grethe, I turned my hand toward Grethe without giving her a chance to ask questions.
It was encountered with cold eyes, but this was important to her. I would tell her after confirming the bracelet that she still wearing.
“Grethe Ricole. Etch what I say from now on in your mind.” (Sirius)
“Eh? That is already…” (Grethe)
“If Mea doesn’t listen to the antagonism from the surrounding, and in the case if she is about to cause a war by emotion… I want you to stop her even if you have to risk your life. Even if… you have to kill Mea.” (Grethe)
“!?” (Grethe)
“…That’s it. Well, I can’t judge whether the implication is working or not because I’m leaving soon. For the rest of this… it is all depend on you, Grethe.” (Sirius)
Although the word ‘Ricole’ was the activation key that made it easy to imply Grethe, the bracelet had already lost its function. There was no way for me to imply her.
This was a warning.
Even right now, I didn’t know how Mea would grow in the future.
If she lived together with Mea, she could think of such a worst assumption. It was heartless to do so, but it would be necessary for such existence in a big framework like a country.
I also didn’t know whether Grethe could do it, but as expected, I still couldn’t ignore that kind of troubles.
At the end of the day, it was just a possibility and I wasn’t serving this country anyway.
I still had a feeling that I got myself into this problem, but… well, I guessed it was alright.
I turned around without waiting for her reply, but my intention was probably got through.
While feeling that Grethe quietly lowered her head, I left that place.

Now… there was another thing to do before returning to my room.
‘If it’s too late, Emilia will look for me. So, let’s hurry a bit.’
After confirming that no one was following me, I went into the forest that was a little away from the castle and pierced Shishou’s wooden knife into the ground.
I also buried a manastone in the ground, and then, I broadly poured the content of a container that filled with tea.
&123;…That’s rude. Treat me a little more carefully.&125; (Shishou)
“I’m in a hurry. Leaving that aside, you may have heard about the situation, but… do you remember that Belford?” (Sirius)
&123;I don’t remember such a name.&125; (Shishou)
“It is about the manastone. It felt like it was similar to the situation of Shishou who made this knife.” (Sirius)
At the end of the experiment record, [Time of fusion] was written. It was like how Shishou was sharing knowledge through this knife, and… eventually, it would fuse with the holy tree.
Furthermore, not just implication, there was also about his knowledge and technique that was one step ahead.
So, it made me want to ask Shishou, but… was I thinking too much?
&123;However… when I was still an Elf, I remember having a strange person following me.&125; (Shishou)
“Oi, there was no way he detested because of that, right?” (Sirius)
&123;No… well, how should I say this? I feel like I was respected. In the beginning, I was only thinking about myself, so I didn’t talk to him most of the time. That’s why I don’t remember the name.&125; (Shishou)
That person respected Shishou… was it?
In that case, it wasn’t strange that he knew magic tools made by Shishou that were scattered all over the place. I could also assume that knowledge was passed through by collecting them.
If it resembled Shishou, there was a possibility that the main body was separated from Belford.
&123;I am somehow thinking what you are thinking now. The anticipation in time like this should be quite right. Although it is a conjecture, what would you do if I said if that was the guy?&125; (Shishou)
“Now? It seems impossible to look for it when there is no clue, but if I find it, I will smash it with a reasonable extent.” (Sirius)
&123;That’s awful. Although the things left by me are likely to be abused, don’t you think that you should try to stop it as a disciple?&125; (Shishou)
“It’s about paying for own mistakes. Besides, Shishou also think the same, right?” (Sirius)
&123;Of course. It’s fine to live the way you like. Even if you have to carry too much on your own, there is nothing wrong with that, right…&125; (Shishou)
“…Yes, it is.” (Sirius)

After listening to words that seemed to be from Shishou, I went back to my room and..
“Aah… Sirius-sama. Welcome back.” (Emilia)
“Welcome back. Are you done already for today?” (Reese)
“Would you rather drink a bit? I got a wine that looks delicious from the kitchen earlier.” (Fia)
“Aniki! I can’t prevent Isabella’s techniques no matter what! Give me some advice!” (Reus)
“I heard from everyone that you can make tasty snacks like cake? I will pay you, so can you make it for me?” (Eisen)
“Hokuto-sama, please let me get on your back.” (Mea)
“Me too…” (Isabella)
“If my sister gets on, I will also–… guhaa!?” (Keith)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
In a situation that was noisier than usual, I had a bitter smile while remembering the sense of accomplishment.

That day, I went to the castle’s battleground in order to see Mea’s ability whether she could use [Boost] even for a short time.
“Anyhow, I’m thinking that we should have a light match…” (Mea)
“Yes! I’ve made a solid preparation, so I won’t counterattack you!” (Keith)
“No, it’s troubling since you are my opponent…” (Mea)
The opponent of the match was Keith, and he was to be out-pushed with unusual enthusiasm.
Well, the person himself wanted to do it, so in order to see Mea’s ability, I guessed he would be a sandbag, huh?
Incidentally, the Beast King also offered himself, but he was dragged away by McDatt and had disappeared. On the other hand, Isabella declined maybe because she wasn’t confident in adjusting her strength.
“Come on! Show me your power to Onii-san!” (Keith)
“Yeah… I’m going!” (Mea)
Mea slowly approached her brother who was waiting while spreading both his hands, and…
“Ei!” (Mea)
“Guhaaaa!” (Keith)
It was a Backdrop.
Although she was strengthened with [Boost], she was quite strong to life up Keith whose physical difference was nearly twice her own.
Nevertheless, it was a truly magnificent form.
Perhaps, she mimicked by seeing Isabella’s appearance.
“How is it, Okaa-san?” (Mea)
“…Splendid.” (Isabella)
Mea was raised high by Isabella, and they were happily spinning around like a mother and a daughter.
By the way, Keith was thrown down without preparing any defensive posture? Was he alright?
“He…hehe… my sister is not only growing, she also embraces me. What a reward…” (Keith)
I wondered if this brother could get married in the future… seriously.


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