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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 58

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"It's beautiful…" (Reese?)
"Yeah, It's as though this is a dream…" (Emilia?)
Emilia and Reese sat down on both of my sides, admiring the blue world.
And Reus leaned against my back while making the sound of sleeping person. It's more than what one deserves to see, and as the mana flowed over, we understood it because of the calmness of this area.
"Oh you, Reus. You just don't understand its charm. Besides, for you to lean against Sirius-sama's back… you sneaky." (Emilia)
"Well said. It's alright for both of you to lean on me, you know?" (Sirius)
"Is that alright?" (Emilia)
"Since you have been trying to sneak into my bed many times, this is nothing. Come, I don't mind about Reese too." (Sirius)
"Y-yes. Please excuse me." (Reese)
Those two leaned against both of my shoulders, they were blushing and looked happy. Furthermore, Emilia hugged my arm tightly but I guess that's also another way of displaying her affection.
"Aah.. to enjoy such scenery together with Sirius-sama… it's the best." (Emilia)
"Yeah… I think I understand your feelings." (Reese)
"Well, once in awhile." (Sirius)
While we stayed like this for a while, I surveyed the surroundings as a precautionary measure… I perceived a white thing at the edge of my view.
I thought that said white monster was on guard but I couldn't feel any thirst for blood, so I naturally lowered my guard. It's impossible for me to lower my guard in front of my enemies or my friends or something that I'm not sure if they are enemy or not but it changed the magical scenery to certain extent.
"…Sirius-sama, what are you going to do about it?" (Emilia)
Emilia, who cleverly felt the changes on me, turned her face to me and asked that question. Reus was late opening his eyes and began to stand up while Reese looked puzzled and tilted her head.
"Hmmm… what is it, Aniki? Aren't you going to be on guard now even if it's just a bit?" (Reus)
"No, I have found this strange creature before. You should look over there." (Sirius)
The disciples look to where I pointed at and they opened their eyes widely without saying anything.
That was… a wolf that was glittering because of its pure white hair.
The size of the wolf is probably about two meters, it was lying down on the rock at the center of the spring, and it completely became a part of the scenery. Our eyes were stolen by that sight, and even though a thirst for blood couldn't be felt, there is limit of not noticing such an existence. No, that wolf presence is skillfully cut off, as it is naturally blending in with the environment.
There is somewhat of a distance between us but as we noticed it, the wild beast must have also noticed us. Despite this, it didn't look cautious because the wolf closed its eyes and continued sleeping.
"It looks inspiring and very beautiful. Perhaps, that is the white monster according to the information?" (Emilia)
"I guess so. The other side doesn't seem to be cautious at all, so don't start a fight carelessly." (Sirius)
The wolf didn't respond with anything even when we already came this close. I guess it is a strong wolf and didn't think anything of us.
Generally, Reus would say something in the beginning while throwing himself and it was very rare of him too not pull out his sword. He became hardened when looking at the wolf while being surprised. Emilia who embraced my arm was the same, and then she regained herself after I poke her head with other arm openly.
"Haa!?… I-I'm sorry. Indeed, I became unintentionally absentminded when seeing it." (Emilia)
"So that mean, do you know something about it?" (Sirius)
"Yes. It's called the Hundred Wolves among us including the silver wolf tribe, and it is said to be the ancestor of the existing and various silver wolf tribes. It was revered as the messenger of god by the silver wolf tribe." (Emilia)
"Tou-chan said this long time ago, Aniki. If I'm going to meet Hundred Wolves, never defy and worship it with gratefulness. I understand that when I see it with my own eyes, to never go against it." (Reus)
As a human, we probably don't understand something that we feel. The siblings became quiet as if they meet an absolute king and it appeared that they won't take their eyes off the Hundred Wolves.
The Hundred Wolves just ignored us as usual but the more we looked at it, the more we thought that it had a beautiful appearance. Its white and shiny hair reflected the moonlight, as if the Hundred Wolves was glittering. In my previous life, I felt it's rare to discover mysteries no matter how hard I struggle. I think I understand why it is called the messenger of God.
"So, do you somehow understand the Hundred Wolves' behavior? It still being unconcerned as ever." (Sirius)
"D-don't know. From the story passed down to the silver wolf tribes, it is an existence that can only be seen once in several hundred years." (Emilia?)
Is the territory of the big wolf, even though it's not weird for it to go across the whole mountain area, the Hundred Wolves still kept on sleeping without being vigilant. Could it be the spot where we are standing right is on the exact border?
No, common sense from my previous life shouldn't be applied. This is a different world, the other party is an existence with no known details, and it's probably an animal that doesn't possess a territory.
The opponent's might is unknown and it is best to leave it but for some reason, I wasn't able to take my eyes of the Hundred Wolves. And then, I unconsciously advanced forward with Emilia who's still holding my arm.
"Sirius-sama!? Why are you approaching it…" (Emilia)
"No, it doesn't seem the other side is completely being cautious, so I am thinking to get a bit closer. If something happens stay away since it's dangerous." (Sirius)
"I refuse!" (Emilia)
That was an unexpected refusal. Rather than separating away from me, I felt that she held my arm stronger. In the meantime, Reese made a line on the opposite side and Reus who was at the rear stood up with a clenched fist.
"I am Sirius-sama's attendant. I will follow you anywhere." (Emilia)
"And I am Aniki's sword! Although the opponent is Hundred Wolves that Tou-chan told me about, if it attacks Aniki, I…" (Reus)
"All of us are the same!" (Reese)
While smiling wryly to the disciples who didn't want to distance themselves away, I approached the Hundred Wolves once more and we came over about one step before the spring. As I expected, it raised its face to look at us after we took a few steps closer, the wolf still remained the same. It's not vigilant and there wasn't any bloodlust, it just looked at us with dim golden eyes.
"Whatever happens never put down your guard. Doesn't it recognize humans as enemies?" (Sirius)
"It looks more amazing when you see it closer. This place is also beautiful but if it's compared to the wolf, it seems overshadowed." (Reese)
"N-nice to meet you Hundred Wolves-sama! I am Sirius-sama's attendant and my name is Emilia!" (Emilia)
"I am same with her and my name is Reus!" (Reus)
I was surprised when those two suddenly began to introduce themselves but what surprised me more was the Hundred Wolves replied with small howl.
"Y-yes! Nice to meet you too!" (Emilia)
"Do you understand that!? Or perhaps I should say, does the wolf understand our words?" (Sirius?)
"I somehow understand it. It said nice to meet you." (Emilia)
"I understand its speech. Furthermore, it doesn't have a name so we can call it whatever we like… that's what it said, Aniki." (Reus)
"Reus seems to understand more clearly than Emilia." (Reese)
Why is there a difference? When I think about the difference between those two, it is gender… and maybe because Reus can transform? The reason may be because Reus is closer to a wolf.
Whatever the reason is, it seems this won't be a sudden battle since a conversation is possible. Whether it is a male or female, it gently answers Emilia and Reus' questions. Shall I ask it various things?
"First question is, is this your territory? If I have entered without permission, I want to apologize." (Sirius)
We look like a visitor in this situation. At the beginning, when the wolf heard our courtesy, it waved its neck while somehow groaning.
"Please be interpreter." (Sirius)
"Well, the Hundred Wolves travels here and there and it doesn't seem to live here. So, it said don't worry about it." (Reus)
The Hundred Wolves is also somewhat a visitor as well. Is that so? If this place isn't its territory, there won't be a reason to get angry. When I'm thinking about why it didn't put up its guard, the siblings responded when the Hundred Wolves was howling.
"Yes… it's alright. It came here by chance." (Emilia?)
"Yeah…Yeah… Ooh… Is that so?" (Reus?)
"We're completely left from the conversation, huh. Nevertheless, this splendid and beautiful wolf is the one that attack the horses, right? Despite the rules of nature, I'm slightly sad." (Reese)
"No, I think it's probably different. Although it was said that it attacked the horses, trace of blood couldn't be found. In fact, we heard that there were dozens of horses that were attacked at that time. It probably got attacked by a group and that wolf, no matter how you look at it, is a part of the group. The probability is low, I think." (Sirius)
I was looking at Reese who made a relieved smile and the siblings who exchanged conversation with the wolf but I was wondering when the Hundred Wolves looked at us several times.

The conversation seemed to be finally over and the siblings reported the result.
"First of all, this Hundred Wolf is a male." (Emilia)
"Aah, yeah. We certainly confirmed that but was that the first thing you needed to inform me?" (Sirius)
"Yes, it is important. And, though the Hundred Wolves has heard about our identity, we informed him that we came here as travelers." (Emilia)
"I somehow understood about that but why didn't he become vigilant towards us? No matter how you look at it, it is too defenseless." (Sirius)
"It doesn't seem to dislike you because his life was saved by a human a long time ago. Besides, he knows greedy humans, and he knows that we are not an enemy. That's why he didn't become vigilant." (Emilia)
If he wants to run away, it can run away immediately. Well, it is a big wolf, it must have healthy legs to support that body and it can run away easily.
"The 'Hundred Wolves is traveling around and he found this place few days ago. It seems that he wants to take some rest since this place is comfortable." (Reus?)
"This place is overflowing with mana and it's similar to something he misses dearly, so it feels comfortable here." (Emilia?)
"Several days ago, huh… I want you to ask him whether he knows or not about the horses in the nearby village getting attacked." (Sirius)
Since a conversation is possible, it's a miracle story to gather information from a wolf. When the Hundred Wolves heard that the horses got attacked, he tilted his head but he immediately howl a bit.
"…Since he was aimed by a suspicious human, he doesn't seem to approach human dwellings. But, when it came here for the first time several days ago…" (Reus?)
When Reus explained until that point, the Hundred Wolves suddenly stood up and jumped from the rock. He landed on the moonlight flower field without making a sound. Then he brought his ears and nose and started growling.
While Emilia and Reus were surprised with the Hundred Wolves action, they brought their ears and nose to the surroundings, they noticed something and they looked up. By the way, I noticed something was getting closer since I checked around by using [Search]. An arrival of a group.
"Aniki, we are surrounded!" (Reus)
"I know, the number of enemies is thirty. Each of you, go for defense formation!" (Sirius)
"""Yes.""" (Emilia/Reese/Reus)
The defense formation is a formation where Reese holds the core of the formation while everyone else encloses around her. This formation is to deal attacks from all directions in case if we are surrounded. When I took out my weapon and put myself on guard, something jumped out from the top of a tree to attack me but a shadow came to blow it away.
The shadow which helped me was the Hundred Wolves that growl until a while ago, he glanced at us, and then he turned towards the sky and started howling.
"A-amazing pressure! What on earth is this?" (Reese?)
"He said he came here because he doesn't want this place to be stained with blood. Look, he blew that guy off without shedding any blood." (Reus?)
The enemy who was blown by a single hit from Hundred Wolves crashed to a tree until the tree was shaken, the bone of its neck was broken and it died.
The assailant came here and we finally confirmed its identity. It was a red monkey with the size of an adult male.
From the three distinctive long hairs that grew on its head and abnormally grown right arm only, and if I'm not mistaken, the name of that monkey monster is Hungry Deva. They always move for food and attack in groups. It is a carnivorous monster that eats everything including bones. Its individual strength is not that great but they are troublesome enemies when they attack in groups.
"It seems like they are the one who attacked the horses in Gord Village." (Sirius)
"But Sirius-sama, I heard this monster desires food, so I don't think they will be satisfied just attacking once." (Emilia)
"The Hundred Wolves said they came here several days before him. Maybe, these monsters attacked the horses on the next day after the Hundred Wolves came and it ran away instinctively." (Sirius)
"If that's the case Aniki, why are these guys are attacking?" (Reus)
"Whether they are not able to forget the taste of the horses or they already became angry enough to stopped minding about it…" (Sirius)
Two of them attacked simultaneously this time but the Hundred Wolf blew one of them with its forepaw while the remainder was blown off by a kick with a hind leg and it tumbled in front of our legs.
It already died but when I simply checked it, it was unusually thin, and there was some leaves but no meat was vomited that could be slightly seen from its mouth. In short…
"It is somehow the latter reason. Hungry beasts are troublesome, so bring them down quickly." (Sirius)
"Understood. And try not to shed blood if possible." (Emilia?)
"That's right. But, if you think it is impossible, do it without reserve." (Sirius)
The Hundred Wolves is trying his best not to pollute the scenery of moonlight flowers with blood. I think we should be careful too, and when I pointed [Magnum] with rubber bullet 'Image', the Hundred Wolves stood in my way and howled at me.
"…Are you telling me not to make a move?" (Sirius)
"He said to leave everything to him since it is his own responsibility for making them go crazy." (Reus)
Oh well, he is a manly wolf overflowed with humanity. This wolf thinks that they are no match against him even if they attack in group but if he takes too much time, the scenery will destroyed and I don't like it. Shall we cooperate and end this quickly?
The enemies that jumped together were wholly shot with rapid [Magnum] firing and they fell down, and then I smiled at the Hundred Wolves.
"We hate this place being wasted, so we're helping too." (Sirius)
"We will also fight together, Hundred Wolves-sama. It's alright, it's only a moment for a bunch like this!" (Emilia)
The request of the guild was to investigate but it appears that the village is troubled with it. Thus, there won't be any problem to annihilate them. Reus was inadvertently annihilating enemies while doing investigation before, so from now on, I also can't be obstinate about that.
The Hundred Wolves became stiffened for an instant, but then he blew off monsters with a tackle after barking, jumping forward and started to act violently.
"He said 'I'll leave it to you', Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
"Is he really a wolf?" (Sirius)
Though I said it was a wolf, we began to fight while looking at his back which seemed to be strangely reliable.
I intercepted enemies that simultaneously attacked all at once with rubber bullet [Shotgun], while Emilia and Reese fired [Air Shot] and [Aqua Bullet]. As for Reus, he hit enemies with the body part of his sword, performing heroic 'home run' on the enemies.
However, the one that really stood out in the battle was the Hundred Wolves.
When talking about a wolf that walks with four feet, its weapon would be its fangs and claws but this Hundred Wolves didn't use those at all.
For example, he cut down an enemy with his right forepaw but he didn't put up his claw in order to not spill blood, and he chose to summersault with its whole body if the monster attacked from above.
Besides that, even though the tail of a wolf should be soft, if he swings it with full strength, it becomes a blow that's equal to Reus' 'home run'. Since I felt mana at that instant, he probably enhanced his tail by filling it with mana. This Hundred Wolves understands that he can control mana freely.
The number of Hungry Deva's decreased one by one, and the last one was thrown down by the Hundred Wolves' forepaw. The body of the monsters was half buried under the ground but the smell of the small amount of blood was terrible.
"That was amazing. That wolf flawlessly took control of the situation." (Sirius)
"Is it amazing if he's able to control it perfectly?" (Reese)
"I think Reese-nee doesn't understand because you didn't participate in close combat battles a lot but to control perfectly means that one understood their body well." (Reus)
"To control based on a situation is a skill. Although Reus has the power to cut rocks with his sword, he didn't use it against school students as his opponent, right? If he can't completely control his strength, there is no meaning to train no matter what… don't you think so?" (Sirius)
"That's right. When I think about that, I wonder where that wolf learned that?" (Reese?)
The monsters will be crushed like soft fruit if they get hit with the strength of that wolf.
No matter how rare the creature he is, his unusual quite human fighting technique is abnormal. I don't think he learned it by himself, and I felt that as if he was taught by a human.
The Hundred Wolves that knocked down the monster came in front of me and barked. Even if it's not interpreted, I know that he was thanking me.
"No, I should say that I'm saved from trouble. Apart from that, where did you learn about such technique?" (Sirius)
"Uhmm… he said that he learned it from someone who took care of him by looking and learning it, Aniki. That's amazing. I wonder what kind of person taught that skill to the Hundred Wolves-sama?" (Reus)
"It may not be a person. Anyhow, such a matter can be asked later, so shall we take care of things first?" (Sirius)
Although we avoided spilling blood as much as possible, other monsters will gather if we leave the dead bodies, and there is possibility that this place will be wasted. Thus, I planned to gather the dead bodies and bury it under the ground, and then I instructed the disciples to gather the monsters. I told them not to forget to pull the hair on the head as a subjugation proof. Based on the information, the hair on the head is soft and strong, and it seems to be used for sewing.
In the meantime, I drew magic formation on the ground, throw the monsters on the opened hole. However, the Hundred Wolves was looking here patiently while sitting close to me. Since I know no one is looking, when I looked back after making hole without minding about it… I noticed that there were still living monsters close to where Reese who was dragging a monster's body.
"’Second’! Reus!" (Sirius) (TLN: It's dog command in Japanese, Okawari.)
Reus was at a closer position. When I made an order after looking on the left side of Reus, he threw the monster he carried and hit the other monster. It seemed to have completely killed it in a single blow because it was weakened from the beginning.
Looking at the defeated monster, Reese lowered her head down apologetically.
"I-I'm sorry. I think maybe I was the one that defeated that monster." (Reese)
"There's no problem if Reese-nee is safe, you know." (Reus)
"Yeah. It can't be helped since Reese, in particular, has difficulties to adjust her strength." (Sirius)
Reese's [Aqua Bullet] is a magic that produces impact with big ball of water but in her case, she also had the power of spirits. If she goes all out, she has the power to penetrate the monster's body. It appears that she suppressed her power because blood will spill if it's done like that, but did she suppressed it a bit too much? Oh well, there is no need to hurry and she will be able to control it completely sometime soon.
When I looked at Reese cheered up by the siblings, I suddenly felt soft touch on my hand. When I turned around while being surprised, the Hundred Wolves extended his left forefoot and that was touching my hand.
"…What is it?" (Sirius)
"Woof…" (Hundred Wolves)
The Hundred Wolves continued watching me earnestly while letting out lovely cry that doesn't correspond with his huge body. Neither precaution nor hostility existed in its eyes, he just looked at me gently.
If I think normally, there is no way you can calm down if you are stared at by a wolf that is bigger than a horse. But, my heart is calm itself. On the other hand, I started to feel nostalgia by the Hundred Wolves' eyes. The disciples were also surprised by the sudden event, they stopped what they were doing and focused their attention here.
"…Hand." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hundred Wolves)
When I showed my hand while giving command, the Hundred Wolves placed his right forepaw on my hand. The forefoot is bigger than my hand. As for the placed forepaw, he controlled his strength in order not to put weight altogether.
"Second." (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hundred Wolves)
In addition, he held out its opposite forepaw when I gave the command, he lied down when I ordered him to lie down, and he did a complete turn on the spot when I said to turn around. And then, I gave the original command that I taught to that fellow.
"Target! Hold Attack!" (Sirius)
It is a command to aim at the opponent's dominant hand after tackling their foot and the Hundred Wolves began to run at the same time to the tree that I pointed as a target. The Hundred Wolves that cut down the distance instantly, bit a branch at the position similar to the right hand of a person after throwing itself onto the root of the tree.
The purpose of this command is to seal the movement of the target but the differences are that the tree root got smashed by the strength of his large body and the bitten branch also was destroyed. If that is used on human, there is no mistake that it can definitely kill them.
That movement just now… throbbed a memory inside me.
"Reus! From now on, tell me what the Hundred Wolves says word by word!" (Sirius)
"Y-yes!" (Reus)
I have the answer already in me but I still don't have concrete evidence. I asked Reus to become interpreter and then I asked the Hundred Wolves.
"Where did I bury a hidden treasure?" (Sirius)
"He said… 'at the root of the tree in the garden'." (Reus)
"If I throw a branch and enjoy myself, what will we found?" (Sirius)
"Bear? 'I found a nest and was chased by its parents'. What is a Bear, Aniki?" (Reus)
"I will tell you later. Then, next is…" (Sirius)
I just asked several questions and the answers didn't change from my memory.
For memory and identical movement, there were various memories that only we know.
I cannot remember the name anymore but… I have no doubt.
"Your name is… aren't you?" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hundred Wolves)
When I was trained in the previous life by Master, I picked a dying puppy in the rain.
That puppy was somehow recovered and became my first family, I trained it and it became my partner while being trained. And then, it died sometime after I became an agent.
There are many questions coming into my mind like why was he in such a place and why does he have that appearance but I had heard the things I wanted to hear in those days.
"Say… were you happy?" (Sirius)
"Woof…" (Hundred Wolves)
"He was happy. And he said, he was really happy for meeting you again… what is this, Aniki!?" (Reus)
His habit when he is happy doesn't change at all where he brings his face close to my chest. There was a bit irritation since I couldn't call his name but I hugged my partner's face that had become much bigger than before.
"Aah, I'm also glad to see you again." (Sirius)

After that, I calmed down the disciples whose making noise, asking me persistently about my relationship with this fellow. I mean Emilia, in particular, she was pressing questions as if I'm having an affair.
When I am troubled on how should I respond, the Hundred Wolves stepped forward and barked several times. The siblings became quiet and Reese was wondering about it.
"Uhmm, what is this wolf saying?" (Reese)
"The Hundred Wolves had similar things like us. Before we were picked up by Sirius-sama, we were rescued while we were on the verge of death." (Emilia)
"So, is Hundred Wolves our senior!? If that's the case, he should also know about that skill!" (Reus)
They seemed to understand somehow or rather. When I looked at the Hundred Wolves for an instant, he was looking at me as if asking whether I am fine with this. He cheerfully closed his eyes and wagged his tail when I patted his head as gratitude.
"That's right. I am the same because I was rescued by Sirius-san. Uhmm, is it alright to touch it?" (Reese)
Whether Reese was relieved because I have a relationship with him, when she stepped in front of the Hundred Wolves with open hands, he lowered his head to make it easy for her to pat him. While being surprised, she patted the Hundred Wolves head and she was smiling.
"Waa… he does feel very soft to touch. Somehow, this is becoming a habit…" (Reese)
"I know, right? How about you guys touch him too?" (Sirius)
"N-no! I am afraid of the Hundred Wolves-sama!" (Emilia)
"M-me too!" (Reus)
The siblings shrank and took a distance. In that situation, the siblings began to groan in vexation while Reese and I continued patting the Hundred Wolves with wry smiles. I feel sorry we're the only ones who enjoy it, so shall we stop soon?
"Uuu… to be patted many times by Sirius-sama… I'm jealous even if it is Hundred Wolves-sama. Even though, my position is over there…" (Emilia)
"Nee-chan… I'm frustrated too." (Reus)
They were becoming pitiful in another direction. Since the Hundred Wolves was alright with this, I turned to the siblings and invited them to pat his head.
On the side of the siblings who were delighted, with wagged tails, was Reese. She was looking at the Hundred Wolves, clapped her hands and asked me question.
"Sirius-san, does this wolf have a name?" (Reese)
"That's right. I may name him but before that… will you follow me?" (Sirius)
I don't know how you came and lived in this world. I thought whether I should be asking the purpose but the Hundred Wolves unexpectedly barked loudly.
"He said he will follow Aniki anywhere as long as you don't hate him. A-amazing! Will the Hundred Wolves become a friend!?" (Reus)
"As expected of my master!" (Emilia)
The siblings were surprised and pleased. While patting the Hundred Wolves, I was thinking about his name. No matter how many times I try to remember my previous life, I still cannot remember his name, not even a single character.
As I expected, I guess there is no choice but to think of a new name. When I closed my eyes to think the name, I suddenly felt some presence, so I turned to the the other side of the spring.
"Sirius-sama? Is it something wrong?" (Emilia)
"…Indeed." (Sirius)
What I felt was my own mana. And when I turned my eyes towards the sky above the village, I saw a line of light that went up into the sky.
That was… the reaction of the flare that I handed to the Village Head. If it goes up on the sky, it means…
"Is the village in danger? These guys should have been cleared up but…" (Emilia)
It is about one hour from the village to this location but my [Search] barely reached it since the distance in a straight line is short. When I invoked it and examined the village, I felt numerous monsters' responses even though they were weak. However, I can't somehow judge to certain extent of these monsters since it is far.
The Hundred Wolves made small bark, and when Reus heard it, he interpreted in a hurry.
"Aniki! It seems there are fewer monsters than the beginning! By any chance, if half of them go to the village…" (Reus)
"…That can't be. Alright, you guys go down the mountain and deal with the monsters. I will return to the village ahead." (Sirius)
"""Understood.""" (Emilia/Reus/Reese)
It will take time if I go through the forest but I can go immediately because I can kick the sky and fly. When I invoked [Air Step] and put my strength on my feet, the Hundred Wolves stood in front of me and barked.
"Aah, sorry. I haven't decided your name yet." (Sirius)
"It's not that, Aniki. The Hundred Wolves asked you to ride him." (Reus)
Like Reus said, the Hundred Wolves lowered himself in front of me and barking me to get on him.
"Is this alright?" (Sirius)
"He seems confident with his feet and he wants you to get on him by all mean." (Reus)
It looks like I can get on with this large size of body, so I got on his back and substituted the reins with [String].
"Is it tight on the neck?" (Sirius)
He seems to have no problem since he shakes his head. As I checked the tension of the [String] while enjoying the soft sensation from his splendid fur, Emilia stood up alongside Reese.
"Sirius-sama. I have a request but will you take along Reese if the Hundred Wolves-sama permits it?" (Emilia)
"W-wait a sec. Rather than me, Emilia should be the one…" (Reese)
"We can rush immediately as soon as the work is over. Besides… it is scary to ride Hundred Wolves-sama." (Emilia)
"There might be injured people, so isn't better with Reese-nee?" (Reus)
Though these two want to follow me, they understood the situation and chose the most suitable decision. Well, the truth is probably because they are afraid of the Hundred Wolves.
"Thanks, both of you. But, will he allow it?" (Sirius)
"Is riding with two people impossible?" (Emilia)
"He said he is fine with someone who is recognized by Aniki and there is no problem with two people." (Reus)
What a reliable statement. I took Reese's hand and put her behind my back, I tied our bodies together with [String] to prevent her from falling down.
"Although you are tied to me, hold my waist firmly so that you won't fall down." (Sirius)
"Waist!? E-excuse me!" (Reese)
Reese trembled because she was glued to me but then she put her hands on my waist with reddened face. While Emilie looked enviously, the Hundred Wolves rose up and waited for my instructions.
"Well now, shall we go? Apart from that, I haven't given a name for you yet." (Sirius)
When I gently stroked him, he barked pleasantly and turned to my face. I have decided his name while looking at his eyes, I grasp the reins and call his new name.
"Your name is… Hokuto. Let's go, Hokuto!" (Sirius)
Hokuto howled grandly, he put strength on the feet and jumped high.
He flew up instantly to the sky above the forest, he kicked the top of a tree and advanced towards the sky.
"Wawawawa!? A-amazing!" (Reese)
"You're amazing, Hokuto!" (Sirius)
I thought there would be considerable force on us when flying high with that speed but Reese and I practically felt nothing. This might be Hokuto's skill. I haven't seen this fellow for a while but he really grew up well. With that speed, we will arrive at the village immediately.
The time is short but Reese and I enjoyed the air trip on Hokuto's back.
— Reus —
After Nee-chan and I saw Aniki and Reese-nee off, we began our work immediately.
I threw the monsters' corpses inside the hole made by Aniki and buried them after cremating it with my fire magic. To cover the hole, I just need to fill Aniki's drawn magic formation with mana. The thing that Aniki made is amazing as ever.
Besides that, it is really amazing to have Hundred Wolves as a companion. I continued working while thinking that's natural if it's Aniki, Nee-chan muttered while looking up into the sky.
"Hundred Wolves-sama… no, Hokuto-sama… is howling." (Emilia)
"Yeah, he was really happy." (Reus)
"Of course. It is because he was able to see Sirius-sama again." (Emilia)
I didn't really understand the meaning of Hokuto's howling at the end, I guess that was cry from the bottom of his heart.
He was really glad.
He said… 'With this new life, I can walk together with Master again'.
In the case of strict hierarchical relationship for Hokuto…
"Woof! (Ouh, you! When I say black, it means black, alright? But, when I say Master is white, he is white, you know? You got that, kid!?)" (Hokuto)
"Hiii! Yes!" (Reus)
And what if Hokuto was a female?
"What is it, Emilia? You should release my arm soon." (Sirius)
"No! This is my place and I won't handed it over even if it is Hundred Wolves-sama!" (Emilia)
The good thing about a pet is that it will protect their master!


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