Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 132

Chapter 132 The First Step to Embrace
In the end, the distance with Karen was almost not filled. We resumed our trip after finished eating breakfast.
Karen was afraid of Hokuto as ever, but since it seemed to be alright to approach her if she stuck to Fia, it was possible to make her to get on the carriage.
“That bird is…Lucain Bird.” (Karen) (TLN: The name in raw is ルカインバード)
“Well, do you know that flower?” (Fia)
“That is… Miori Flower. It is a flower that blooms a bit in cold weather. If you have stomach ache, you’ll be fine if you eat it.” (Karen) (TLN: The name in raw is ミオリ花)
“You know very well, Karen.” (Fia)
“Yes. Okaa-san taught me.” (Karen)
At the moment, Karen was sitting next to Fia and they were having an information session.
She was a bit talkative unlike last night, it might be because she had recovered some strength.
Karen’s expression didn’t changed as ever, but only when praised by Fia, I felt that she was pleased and moved her wings. It was a wonderful sight.
Perhaps, those wings would display the feeling like the siblings’ tails.
“It was written in a book that was at home.” (Karen)
“I see, you can already read letters.” (Fia)
“Just a bit only. Okaa-san taught me…” (Karen)
Karen was talking with Fia while moving and flapping her wings. Incidentally, Emilia and I who were on the coachmen seat looked at them.
By the way, Reus and Reese were running outside of the carriage, and it seemed that they were listening to their conversation.
“Aniki, Karen is amazing, isn’t it? When I was at her age, let alone letters, I also didn’t know books.” (Reus)
“Me too. Apparently, she is a studious child.” (Reese)
“You guys were living a life that didn’t involved letters. Even so…” (Sirius)
I picked a feeling out of place for a bit.
As I mentioned earlier, the Silver Wolf tribe lived deep inside forests, so there was little need to memorize letters.
According the information from hearsay and books, winged people seemed to live remote places. Therefore, there was no need for them to memorize letters. Furthermore, the point of having book was strange by itself. Were her parents secretly interacting with people?
There were also some other concerns, but she might get nervous if I asked her when she was in the middle of conversation.
‘Let’s not interrupt them.’
“Does Karen like to read books?” (Fia)
“Yes. I love reading books. I know a lot of things… it is interesting.” (Karen)
“Well, I wonder if you know this. That Miori Flower is not supposed to be crushed and ground before eating it. Actually, it is better to dry it first, then soak it in hot water and drink it.” (Fia)
“Is that so?” (Karen)
To complement Fia’s statement, Miori Flower contained sedative effects.
By drying the flower and made it as tea, useless components could be disposed and the effectiveness was better since it only had necessary ingredients.
‘By the way, caution is necessary because you would get hungry if you drink it too much.’
When Karen heard the knowledge from Fia, she flapped her wings, seemingly interested.
“But… what is this?” (Karen)
“Eh!? Uhm… it’s difficult to explain in detail. I wonder if you can understand if I say sedative effect–… Sirius, please.” (Fia)
“I don’t mind replacing you, but aren’t you afraid at me?” (Sirius)
“…Why?” (Karen)
“Somehow, you seem alright.” (Sirius)
Although she looked scared since she was holding Fia’s sleeve, I guess it was alright since she was looking at me just because she wanted me to tell her.
‘Well, if there is anything, I can just walk outside and keep a distance.’
In order to make Karen understood, I tried to explain while simplifying the information as much as possible.
“…That’s the reason, but was it a bit difficult to understand?” (Sirius)
“There was a part that I didn’t understand… but it was interesting.” (Karen)
The explanation ended while I occasionally verified whether she understood or not, but surprisingly, she displayed a distinct comprehension.
Karen wasn’t only curious. It looked like she was a smart girl.
“She seems similar to me. We like to see and know various things. When she grows up, it might be good for her to be an adventurer.” (Fia)
“Adventurer… I heard from Okaa-san that it is scary since they have to fight monsters, right?” (Karen)
“Well, it’s true that monsters are scary. Did you see the monsters yesterday?” (Fia)
“Yes. There were wolves too, but I don’t like that buzzing sound…” (Karen)
“But, do you know that the honey Karen ate this morning was coming from that despicable monster?” (Fia)
“Eh!? Even though, it was… really delicious?” (Karen)
Karen, who knew the truth, opened her eyes wide as if it was really shocking.
As she recalled it, she seems to be pleased with the honey rather than the French Toast she ate this morning.
Perhaps, it was unbelievable that the monster she hate would produce such delicious things.
“Well, when you become an adventurer, you will find out various things. On the other hand, you have to be strong enough to fight monster though.” (Fia)
“Do I have to fight?” (Karen)
“That is not necessary, but someday, you better be able to fight. What is important is to become strong. Just remember that.” (Fia)
“…Yeah.” (Karen)
Fia probably wanted to tell Karen to become able to protect herself.
I also agreed with that thought, but judging from the appearance, Fia didn’t intend to force it.
More importantly, since Fia was looking with eyes filled of compassion at Karen who was nodding in wonder, there would be no problem if I entrusted the education part to her.

Then, the carriage kept moving on the main road while we defeated the monsters that occasionally attacked us. By the time the sun had begun to set, we arrived at the town called Hungar. (TLN: The name in raw is ハンガル)
Originally, I planned to arrive around noon, but since I lowered down the carriage speed so as not to surprise Karen, we arrived a bit later.
Hungar was less than half the size of Arbitray which could be called as a major power, but this town was a post town where people like adventurers and merchants gathered.
We arbitrarily used the road where many people went back and forth. Therefore, we stood out since we had existences like Fia and Hokuto.
Under such circumstances, I tried to probe the surrounding gazes…
“…For the time being, no one is turning an unusual gaze toward Karen.” (Sirius)
“The most prominent part of winged people is the wings, so if that are hidden, she looked nothing but an ordinary child.” (Emilia)
First of all, Karen was wearing a large size robe to hide her wings. Therefore, there was no need to worry if she spread her wings because of being surprised.
“In our case, there are some people who stand out more than Karen-chan…” (Reus)
“Karen. Be careful not to suddenly move your wings.” (Fia)
“…Yeah.” (Karen)
Karen obediently nodded while she held onto Fia’s sleeve as she was frightened by the surrounding people.
After that, we secured an accommodation without problems in particular, and we were having dinner at the bar of the inn.
The only problem was that the owner of the inn wasn’t a beastkin, so I wonder if Hokuto had to sleep in the storeroom where we entrusted our carriage since we couldn’t bring him into the inn.
“Ooh… there is such a seasoning, isn’t it?” (Emilia)
“I think it is delicious, but I feel that the taste is too strong for me.” (Reese)
“I also think the same. As I expected, Aniki’s flavor is the best.” (Reus)
We sat on a table of six people. We were supposed to finish eating while enjoying a distinctive taste, but since the glutton-siblings, Reese and Reus still seemed to be hungry, we had to order extra.
On the other hand, Karen was…
“You just eat one of them, but have you had enough, Karen?” (Fia)
“Yes. I’m full.” (Karen)
“That’s not good, Karen. You have to eat a lot, if not, you’re not going to grow bigger.” (Reus)
“Yeah. You have to enjoy meal some more.” (Reese)
“Auuu…” (Karen)
“Please stop it. It’s not good to make her to be like you guys.” (Fia)
Although there were also children, we had a light eater among us.
As we waited for additional meal while having such conversations, we were talking about future plans.
“Let’s take it easy in this town while gathering information on winged people tomorrow. After that, it will depend on the situation.” (Sirius)
“Understood. Today, it looks like we can take a good rest on the bed after a long time.” (Emilia)
“It is safe since Hokuto is protecting us when we are camping, but as expected, having a bed gives a different feeling.” (Reese)
“Well. Karen also has difficulties staying outside, right?” (Fia)
“There’s no such a thing. I am fine since it is warm now.” (Karen)
“…That must be because you were lying on the floor with a piece of blanket. I think that it was cold in many ways.” (Emilia)
“In my case, I was together with Nee-chan, but Karen was alone…” (Reus)
Everyone was sympathizing Karen, but the person herself simply tilted her head while grasping the cup filled with fruit juice with both hands.
She probably didn’t think much because the period of slavery was short.
“Well… as you can see, she isn’t really affected. It is pointless to worry excessively.” (Sirius)
“Yeah, it was inevitable for us since we had to spend time getting used to it. Even so… she’s cute. But, it is frustrating because I can’t get closer to her.” (Emilia)
“I want to stroke Karen-chan’s head.” (Reese)
“Yeah. I also want to do that, but…” (Emilia)
“…It’s delicious.” (Karen)
In the current situation, other than Fia who Karen allowed to be embraced, she would run away when they extended their hands, as if thinking that she was about to be beaten.
While the ladies were frustrated by that, the girl drank the fruit juice on her own pace.

Next day, after waking up with good feeling since this was the first time in a bed in a long time, I quickly finished preparing, and headed to the room of the ladies.
“…Karen hasn’t woken up yet?” (Sirius)
“Yes. I tried to call her many times, but…” (Fia)
“She is not waking up just as she visibly anxious.” (Emilia) (Recheck)
“I tried to shake her many times, but she still didn’t wake up.” (Reese)
“Is it… because of sickness? If that’s the case, Aniki should know it.” (Reus)
The three ladies had already woken up and were readied to leave, but Karen was still sleeping on the bed.
At first, I thought that it was due to the debilitation, but it seemed not the case when I listened to her.
“Just… a bit more…” (Karen)
“Hei, Aniki. Isn’t she… just sleeping normally?” (Reus)
“I also think the same. I wonder if she feels comfortable in the bed after not having it for a long time.” (Reese)
“That reminds me, she turned around several times when sleeping next to me. I thought that she was tired, but it seems to be different.” (Fia)
From the situation… she was likely to say ‘Five more minutes… please’. I guessed she was a kind of low blood pressure princess.
Even so, I had a feeling that she was sleeping too comfortably and it was hard to wake up.
“It can’t be helped then. I’ll go to the guild with Reus then. Everyone can take a break while watching Karen’s condition.” (Sirius)
“Yes, you can leave Karen to us.” (Emilia)
“Well then, let’s put up some strategies for a bit. So that we can stroke Karen-chan as soon as possible.” (Reese)
“It is fine to do that, but please contact me when she wakes up.” (Sirius)
Karen didn’t know how much she would be with us. Hence, if it didn’t go well, there was a possibility of roaming every corner of this continent.
This might be a drastic measure, but I explained to everyone that Karen should get used to the crowd of people even if she had to walk around the town. By some chance, she might see acquaintances.
“Understood. Then, we will contact Sirius-sama when we are ready.” (Emilia)
“Yes. After that, let’s converge in the town. Well then, I’m going.” (Sirius)
“Please take care.” (Emilia)
“Take care.” (Reese)
“…Kuu…” (Karen)
Looking at the sleeping face of Karen who peacefully sleeping, I took Reus and we headed for the adventurer guild.

“Winged people… is it?” (??)
“I heard that they are a very unusual existence, so I wonder if I can meet them.” (Sirius)
Reus and I came to the Hungar’s adventurer guild which was crowded with adventurers, and brought monster materials collected in the middle of the trip. While doing the calculation, I asked the receptionist about the winged people.
First of all, I tried asking with a light feeling, but as I asked such a question, the receptionist showed an irritated expression for a moment.
“…Let me ask you, what are you planning on looking for winged people?” (Receptionist)
“I was traveling around the world to broaden my view, so I would like to have contacts with rare sceneries and tribes. By any chance, is it forbidden to associate with winged people?” (Sirius)
“There is no such thing in particular. But, whatever it is, you should stop looking for winged people. The winged people’s settlement is the mountain range in the northeast.” (Receptionist)
“Why? We just want to meet winged people and talk to them.” (Reus)
“So, it’s your first time to be here. I see. For your information, the mountains in the northeast are vast mountain ranges known as the Dragon’s Nest. As the name suggests, it is a dangerous place where many dragons inhabit. And it is said that the winged people’s settlement is near to the center of the Dragon’s Nest…” (Receptionist)
The adventurers, who were looking for the materials of dragons and winged people, either ran away with almost dying condition or killed by the dragons.
“It sounds like a dangerous place, but how do you know that there is a settlement of winged people there?” (Sirius)
“There was once in the past where an adventurer came back and told that they encountered winged people. The adventurer also kept records, like how he encountered and persuaded intelligent dragons, and also he came back while befriending the winged people. It is a very old record, so I can’t be sure how true is it…” (Receptionist)
If there was a precedent, there must be adventurers who went there to persuade the dragons, but it seemed there were only stories about running away without meeting them.
“Anyhow, you won’t have enough lives no matter how many you have it especially in the Dragon’s Nest. So, it is better to stop from being involved with the winged people. Even though we often say that it is dangerous, there are parties who try to challenge it every year but never came back…” (Receptionist)
Although the purpose might varied, I guess the receptionist kept seeing adventurers returning in the verge of death or those who didn’t listen and didn’t come back from the Dragon’s Nest.
‘I see, that’s why she was irritated when I asked the question.’
“Understood. Thank you very much for your advice.” (Sirius)
“Your welcome. It was a great help since Sirius-sama brought the materials that we didn’t have enough.” (Receptionist)
We fought many monsters on the way here and harvested the materials, but since it was going too much if we collected them all, we were only taking rare parts.
There were also sold materials that were too big, and then we were being sent off by the receptionist with a smile.

After that, I asked about winged people from other people and informer. Most of it was similar to the story I heard in the guild.
There were some unusual information such as the winged people and dragons had a coexistence relationship and there was a dragon so big that it could cover the mountain… well, there were also fake information.
What was in common was that place was a dangerous place…
“Either way, we have no choice but to go to the Dragon’s Nest.” (Sirius)
I thought that there was little information since they were a rare tribe, but I was able to get credible information earlier than expected.
There were various parts to be concerned, but the most interesting point was the winged people and the dragons had a coexistence relationship.
Even if winged people whose wings could soar in the sky, when compared to the dragons, not just the size of the body, the strength was clearly different. Perhaps, there was a special ability that only winged people knew.
Due to the many mysteries and my inexhaustible interest, I thought that I would go to the winged people’s settlement even if the incident of Karen didn’t happen.
“Hei, Aniki. It is different dragon compared to the dragons that we fought at Keith’s place, right?” (Reus)
“Those dragons are low to mid level dragons. This time, the dragons are many times stronger and there are many of them, so you can’t neglect your preparation.” (Sirius)
There are various species of dragons and that were high level, mid level and low level dragons.
By the way, the Lindworms that we fought at the Arbitray castle were low level dragons, while the dragons used for parts of Dragloss were mid level dragon.
According to the story from the guild and informers, an intelligence dragon… or high level dragon had made its appearance.
“I’m not scared, but is it really alright if we go to such a place?” (Reus)
“I haven’t decided to fight the dragons yet. According to the information, I can entrust the matter of the dragons to Karen.” (Sirius)
Based on the records of the past, it seemed possible to talk with them. Therefore, if we explained the situation, we might get in through Karen. And if things went well, I also expected that we would pass through.
But, if things didn’t go well, we should also prepare for the worst in the case if they didn’t want to have a talk and it turned to battles.
There was also other method. I could ask Hokuto to force his way through while bringing Karen to the winged people’s settlement and left her there.
Anyhow, we wouldn’t know unless we went to the Dragon’s Nest.
“Well, then. We have gotten enough information, so shall we merge with everyone?” (Sirius)
“Ouh! I’m guessing that Nee-chans are trying hard to stroke Karen.” (Reus)
If they were getting along too much, it would be hard during farewell, but of course, I couldn’t ask them to stop taking care of her.
However, including Fia who had various experiences, Reese and Emilia, who knew the harshness of separating with blood related, they ought to understand it.
‘There are ways to deal with it, but I’ll them do what they want for now.’
Since I got contact from Emilia while gathering information, Reus and I headed to the center of the town, which was the meeting place at the time set.

We found out the ladies soon since they stood out, mainly because of Fia, but… there was a quarrel between two ladies there.
“Karen-chan, which one do you want to eat?” (Emilia)
“This is delicious too, you know?” (Reese)
“…Don’t need it.” (Karen)
Emilia and Reese were trying to make Karen to eat skewered meat bought at a stall.
However, as she shook her head, they sadly put the skewered meat they had been offering to their mouth.
“Still no good, huh…” (Emilia)
“It is delicious, but it is a bit salty.” (Reese)
“But, she seems to be better than yesterday.” (Fia)
Yesterday, she was rejecting, but today, she stayed quiet and hid behind Fia’s back.
She didn’t hide for now, and it certainly became better, but…
“Is it delicious?” (Fia)
“…Yeah.” (Karen)
“Hehe, I can feel different love affection from Sirius.” (Fia)
“Why is that, Fia-san? Is that a margin for a winner?” (Emilia)
“I’d like her to eat this too…” (Reese)
The skewered meat that Fia handed over was properly eaten.
Incidentally, it was also the fact that Karen wasn’t hungry, and those two were getting more frustrated.
When we were about to join them while bitterly smiling in such a situation, there were three men who approached the ladies before us.
Were they insolent bunch trying to aim for Fea and Emilia?
This kind of people usually didn’t come closer if they saw Hokuto, but unfortunately, Hokuto was watching from behind today since he didn’t want to scare Karen. That was why the men didn’t notice him.
“Those people… Let’s go Aniki.” (Reus)
“No… wait a sec. Hokuto too, wait there.” (Sirius)
Karen was frightened by the approaching men, but it was a bit strange. It was as if she didn’t want to see those men. She even buried her face on Fia’s back.
Besides, those people were… well, it was the first time seeing their faces, but from the mana reaction felt through [Search], they seemed to be the bunch who diverted the monsters to us yesterday. There were three of them in the carriage, but since they merely went passed us, they didn’t know our faces.
We probably should intervene, but I came up with something, so I ordered Reus and Hokuto to wait and see for a bit.
As I prepared myself to be able to stop them at any time while killing my presence, Fia, who became wary because of Karen’s state, talked to the men with sharp-looking eyes.
“…Do you have any business with us?” (Fia)
“Yo, Elf-neechan. I’d like to say that I want to get close to a beauty like you, but I have something for that child on your back.” (??)
“If you have something, please say it. This child is getting scared, so I don’t want you to get closer.” (Fia)
“Cheh… it can’t be helped then. Actually, we lost our slave, a girl of winged people, but she looks like the girl over there. Would you show her to us for a moment?” (??)
“I refuse. Besides, this girl is not a slave… she is my sister.” (Fia)
“Oi oi, don’t you try to deceive us with that. You too, how long do you want to cling to her? If you are our slave, come back immediately, you little!” (??)
“Hiii!?” (Karen)
The men gradually began to get annoyed because Fia didn’t budge an inch, and the back part of the robe that Karen wore was greatly bulged.
Karen quickly folded the wings that moved reflexively, but the men were drawing closing to Fia while smiling as if they were convinced after firmly watching her.
“You are a brat, after all. Say Nee-chan, no matter how we look at it just now, she has wings, right? And it is weird for an Elf’s sister to be a winged people, isn’t it?” (??)
“We are still a family even though we are not blood related. If you don’t understand that, you guys are less of a man.” (Fia)
“What did you say!?” (??)
“Oi, it’s fine. Whether she is your sister or not, we don’t do anything wrong since she is our slave. Come here quickly…” (??)
“Please wait.” (Emilia)
“Don’t!” (Reese)
The two remaining men extended their hands, but Emilia interrupted without a moment’s delay by grasping their hands, while Reese hugged from Karen’s back to protect her.
“If you are going to do that, you will scare our sister, so will you stop it? Depending on the situation, we will also take hard measures.” (Emilia)
“Don’t you ever touch our sister, not even with one finger!” (Reese)
“Cheh… that’s enough! Don’t overdoing this by taking other people’s things!” (??)
“Hey, you say that this child is your slave since a little while ago, but do you have any evidence?” (Fia)
“Haa? We put a slavery collar on that brat–…” (??)
Reese, who understood their intention, slightly shifted the robe so that Karen’s neck could be soon, and she showed her neck which the collar and the scar had been gone.
“So, how’s that? Although you don’t have a proof of slavery, aren’t you the strange ones for saying she is yours?” (Fia)
“…What’s going on!?” (??)
“That guy is holding the key… right?” (??)
“If you understand, I recommend you to go home. Otherwise… I’ll make sure you have a painful experience, you know?” (Fia)
“What a confident woman. Damn it… this has become more troublesome.” (??)
“I don’t dislike such a woman. If this is troublesome, I would rather bring along these girls together with the brat home, right?” (??)
“If it so, do you girls want to enjoy with us?” (??)
“Gurururu!” (Hokuto)
“““Uoooh!?””” (??)
Simultaneously with Fia’s words, Reus and Hokuto gradually approached while killing their presences, and when they unleashed bloodlust, the men were hardened with cold sweats.
“Wh-why there is a monster in town? And why it is angry…” (??)
“That wolf is my Beast Companion, and you’re getting involved with our family. Wouldn’t it be natural to be angry if you try to harm us?” (Sirius)
“Uh, I don’t care whether it is a Beast Companion or anything! Fine, let’s go back, now!” (??)
“Wait a sec. I thought you want to have fun with us, right?” (Sirius)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
“Hii!? I-I got it, so don’t come any closer!” (??)
“I’m not going to do anything if you don’t do more than that. By the way, there are things I’d like to ask. Yesterday, you guys–…” (Sirius)
“Run!” (??)
“An-anyway, let’s report to him!” (??) (Recheck)
I was trying to ask them about Karen, but… the men ran away before that.
Good grief, of course they would run away from bees and wolves if they only had that much courage.
I didn’t know what kind of social standing they had with that kind of carriage, but it was obvious that they were lack of strength.
As I saw them off while sighing, we headed to the ladies who were surrounding Karen.
“Are you alright, Nee-chan?” (Reus)
“No problem. More importantly, I’d like to ask question… Why Sirius-sama was hiding even though you were nearby?” (Emilia)
“Yeah. Karen-chan was really scared.” (Reese)
“Sorry about that. I expected that they were pushy, but I wanted Karen to understand about Emilia and Reese.” (Sirius)
“Understand… is it?” (Emilia)
“What do you mean… Aah!? So-sorry, Karen-chan. I suddenly hugged you… did it hurt?” (Reese)
“…I’m fine.” (Karen)
Reese who was hugging Karen, hurriedly left, but instead of hiding behind Fia’s back, she was looking at the three who protected her.
“I am… Onee-chan’s sister?” (Karen)
“I think so, you know. Of course, everyone else too, right?” (Fia)
“Yes. I also think that Karen-chan is my sister.” (Emilia)
“Me too. Maybe, you… don’t like it?” (Reese)
“…That’s not it. To have many Onee-chans… I’m happy.” (Karen)
Then, while Karen had her mouth slightly loosened, she firmly looked at Emilia’s and Reese’s face.
I thought that Emilia and Reese would definitely protect Karen if she was in danger, and… apparently, it worked well.
Although Karen got a bit scared, she would start get used to them. She would open her heart more if she was with the ladies only.
Since Karen had stopped running away when they slowly approached, the two were smiling at each other while doing high five.
“We did it. Next challenge is to stroke her head.” (Emilia)
“Don’t be impatient, Emilia. I also want to stroke her head, so more slowly–…” (Reese)
“You did it, Nee-chan! Say Karen, I also think you as my sister–…” (Reus)
“!?” (Karen)
Reus, who tried to take the opportunity, tried to get closer, but Karen hid behind Fia in a hurry.
Being stared by Emilia and Reese while displaying sadness from the back, Reus turned to me with a depressed appearance.
“Anikiii…” (Reus)
“Well… It can’t be helped since we are guys. I hope she will slowly understand from now.” (Sirius)
“Woof…” (Hokuto)
At that time, if we intervened to help them without entrusting the situation to the ladies, Karen might have been get used to us instead.
However, if we wanted to get along with her, rather than Reus and I who had tall bodies and being men, it was easier to do that if she was with girls.
After this, Karen would naturally get used to us when she saw us getting along with the ladies.

Then, we took a short walk in the town, and entered a nearby restaurant. While eating lunch, I shared the information gathered.
“…Anyhow, our next destination is the Dragon’s Nest. I feel bad for going to a dangerous place, but I think that it is worth visiting.” (Sirius)
“You don’t have to apologize, Sirius-sama. We will follow you anywhere.” (Emilia)
“We have to bring Karen-chan to home soon.” (Reese)
“Even so, it is strange for that to coexist with dragons. Karen, do you have any dragons that live around the house where you were?” (Fia)
“Yes, if it is dragons, there are a lot of them. I thought that it was strange because I couldn’t find any of them here.” (Karen)
It might be quickest to ask myself, but according to Karen’s description, her house was at higher place and it was surrounded by mountains… well, that was it.
Moreover, for winged people, the dragons were natural beings, so she probably wouldn’t understand when we asked it.
“There seems to be no mistake, Aniki.” (Reus)
“Yes. Karen’s mother is probably looking for her about this time, so let’s prepare today and head there tomorrow.” (Sirius)
Everyone agreed with that decision. When we tried to finish the remaining dishes, a big voice sounded inside the restaurant.
“Here they are. They are eating the meals over there.” (??)
“Hey, I don’t want to get involved with them anymore, so should we return?” (??)
When I turned to the voice, the people we were involved earlier stood at the entrance of the restaurant.
I was thinking they came to get revenge, but somehow, it looked strange.
“Hmm… Certainly, they have familiar faces. Alright. You guys, go home. With this, it doesn’t matter to break the contract, right?” (??)
“Do you think we will do it if you ask us again later!?” (??)
“Remember, we have warned you!” (??) (Recheck)
When I looked closely, they brought a man with a distinct presence.
Then, the man brought by the bunch gave a small bag to them, and he came before us with a soft smile.
“Please forgive me. May I have a bit of your time?” (??)
“Aa…uuu…” (Karen)
“What’s wrong Karen? We’re here, so it’s alright.” (Fia)
At a glance, the man with a smile didn’t raise our wariness, but it was impossible for Karen to be frightened and hid behind Fia’s back because of that.
Anyhow, this man was…
“Let me ask one question… do you understand what you have done to us?” (Sirius)
“Of course, I do. That’s why I decided to apologize to everyone.” (??)
The man, who deeply bowed seemingly sorry, was the man who shouted from inside a carriage and brought monsters to us yesterday.


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