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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 70

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Have a nice day! ????Towards the Settlement of Silver Wolf Tribe

The next morning after the assault that was aiming for the silver wolfkin, our carriage was on a main road.
Originally, we planned to leave the carriage in the town and walk through the forest, but when we told Aery-san that we had a carriage, she told us that it would be faster to go along on the main road.
I'm not sure how long we were going to stay in the silver wolf tribe's settlement, and having them stay in the town for a long time was… Anyway, until we reach a certain point, we will keep moving and stay with the carriage.
That's why we left the town after half a day… Aery-san, who still hadn't recovered yet, was on top of the carriage, but she had sighed several times already today. The reason was Hokuto pulling the carriage, of course.
“Haaa… it is an unlikely affair for Hundred Wolves-sama to pull the carriage. If anyone heard this, they would collapse." (Aery)
“Is it that bad?" (Sirius)
“Yeah. I think you know this, but since Hundred Wolves-sama is considered as a messenger of God for us, if everybody knew what kind of treatment he got, what would they think about Sirius-kun…?" (Aery)
“Woof!" (Hokuto)
“Y-yes! I know that you are pulling it because you want to!" (Aery)
What's with that timid voice? Although everything seemed to be completely settled whenever Hokuto barks, but I guess it will not be that easy. If the 'boss' is speaking, the 'subordinates' will not necessarily stop talking.
“In certain circumstances, it seems like we will be fighting against the silver wolf tribe." (Sirius)
“Uhmm… I'm also going to persuade them firmly, so let's simply go for it!" (Aery)
I thought it would be better to assume that we would be assaulted. While sitting on the coachman's seat, I checked the equipment. And then, Reus, who was running next to the carriage, came closer.
“You don't have to worry. Don't you have me with you, Aniki?" (Reus)
Apparently, Reus was listening to our story. He made a declaration with a confident smile, while giving me a thumbs up.
“I will protect Aniki!" (Reus)
“Protect!" (Quad)
His words and pose were looking good, and Quad, who was riding on Reus' shoulders, also put on a similar pose. It was a very heartwarming scene.
Quad also looked as if he was having fun. Shall I let them be since their relationship was good?
“That's right. It's not only Reus, I am with you, too." (Emilia)
“Me too. I will protect you with walls of water." (Reese)
Today, Emilia and Reese were also riding on top of the carriage. They were sitting beside me and showing me their smiles. What reliable disciples… Hmm?
“Uhmm… Sirius-sama?" (Emilia)
“Is something wrong, Emilia? You look a bit pale, you know?" (Sirius)
While feeling out of place, I touched Emilia's cheeks and I could feel that her skin was a little rough. Furthermore, the usual Emilia would've spoke up before Reus. Although she was pleased when I touched her, the swing of her tail was somewhat light.
Which reminds me, I felt that she didn't want to get too close to me today. Could it be that she was hiding this?
“T-that's not it." (Emilia)
“Do not tell a lie. Hmm, it seems you are not fully rested. Did you sleep properly yesterday?" (Sirius)
I issued a [Scan] on her, just to be sure, but I thought she was simply exhausted, since I couldn't find any sort of sickness.
It was probably because of the continuous unsettled affairs, like meeting people from the same tribe, and confirming that her family was still alive. As I continued looking at her, she looked away. It's just as I thought.
“Actually, I'm a bit sleepy…" (Emilia)
“If that's the case, lie down inside. Even if you can't sleep, it will be different if you close your eyes and calm down." (Sirius)
“I am happy about your feelings, but that's all there is to it." (Emilia)
“It's fine, just lie down. Come, I'll be your pillow. It's alright." (Sirius)
I forcefully pushed her inside the carriage, when Reese looked at the cushion I handed to her, which was made of Hokuto's collected fur, she was looking at me with a surprised look.
“You understand her well, Sirius-san. Even though I noticed her this morning…" (Reese)
“Well, that's because I've been watching her since long ago." (Sirius)
After picking her up, I've been by her side, looking after her. She had been worried about her health, and thought I would overlook it if it's this much.
Reese seemed to have known about it, but she probably forbidden from saying anything. There was no need to hide anything, you know? I looked away as soon as Emilia fell asleep, and I secretly snuck out.
“What do you think when you look at her, Reese?" (Sirius)
“Just what Sirius-san said before, I think she's lacking a bit of sleep. When she woke up, I told her I wanted to apply treatment magic immediately, but unlike Sirius-san's regenerative conduct, mine is not very effective, unless it is against injuries." (Reese)
“For the time being, she should be fine if she takes a light nap. Good grief, if it's just regenerative conduct, I would do it as usual… but have you heard about the cause?" (Sirius)
“The person herself doesn't seem to understand why, either. But please do not blame Emilia. She doesn't want Sirius-san to worry. And please think about that child's feelings." (Reese)
“…Alright. Now, I feel bad about it." (Sirius)
When I thought about it, Emilia and Reese were young women, so talking about anything may have been a little insensitive. I think that Reese understood that part, and I guess I should leave it to her, for now.
I turned around, since I felt like I was being secretly watched, and Aery-san was looking at us with a smile.
“Sirius-kun is really loved by everyone." (Aery)
“I was just living on instinct, though." (Sirius)
“Although it was by instinct, it was evident that they are thinking of you as their friend. I was having doubts when Emilia told me she became an attendant for a human, but I can understand why, when I look at you, Sirius-kun. No matter what you say to the people of the settlement, I will be your ally." (Aery)
“The one who makes a fool of Aniki, I will blow them all away!" (Reus)
“I'll do it!" (Quad)
“Woof!" (Hokuto)
It would become complicated if Hokuto went out and rampaged, so could you be a bit more mature? Yeah, really.
While smiling bitterly at Reus, who seemed serious about going against his own tribesmen, and Quad, who was excited without understand the reason, the carriage that we rode continued down the main road.

With Aery-san's guidance, we left the main road, after going through halfway, and prepared to set camp in a place, after passing through an animal trail that hasn't been used for a while now.
There was still some time before the sun set, but since the carriage couldn't enter from here onwards, I decided that we stayed with the carriage overnight, since it had enough provisions.
As a part of the carriage became a collapsible kitchen counter, I used the ingredients that Emilia and Reus had obtained on the kitchen counter, and I was attempting to make new dishes, using the spices we bought in town.
“We will be on foot from here onwards, and if you walk normally, it will take a whole day. However, since there are shortcuts that only we know about, we can get there in half a day." (Aery)
“We'll get there in half a day with the shortcuts? I'm thrilled about the hidden paths." (Reese)
“But even without them, the settlement is at a distance that you can reach within two days. Although it is quite close by, why is it that the people in the town do not know the location of the settlement?" (Emilia)
As Reus moved a bit away from the place, Emilia and Reese were talking with Aery-san, while taking turns watching the bonfire. By the way, Quad was resting on Aery-san's knee.
While I participated in the conversation, I was stirring the dishes with a ladle.
“It is probably because of the forest. The forest of the Adlode continent is deep and complicated, and it will make a person's sense of direction go crazy." (Sirius)
“Yeah. Like what Sirius-kun said, this vast forest makes it impossible to locate the settlement. Thanks to the forest, we can even live in peace." (Aery-san)
To reach the settlement in two days is something possible, if we know the direction and proceed accordingly. However, it could take double or even triple that amount. It was common knowledge for moving in a forest.
Although it was not as much as an elf, I heard that the silver wolf tribe lives with the forest. Since they know the way to shorten the journey to half a day in this vast forest, they must have considerable knowledge about the forest.
“The forest is commonplace for the silver wolf tribe, so you can't survive unless you can walk around without hesitation. Nevertheless, to be kidnapped in such a familiar forest… it's a truly miserable story." (Aery)
“T-that… was just bad luck!" (Reese)
“That's right. Aery-san is not at fault!" (Emilia)
She was probably remembering the things about being kidnapped, since Aery-san was noticeably depressed. While Emilia and Reese were comforting her, Reus, who had finished practicing, came to me, while wiping away his sweat.
“Although it is something noisy, did something happen, Aniki?" (Reus)
“Even though her luck was bad, it appears that the person who was kidnapped is depressed." (Sirius)
“Well, since her child was being targeted, I think it couldn't be helped. By the way Aniki, what happened to those fools yesterday?" (Reus)
The fools he was talking about were the adventurers who attacked us in the middle of the night.
As soon as we won our battle, and they were all unconscious, the Daughtress' leader appeared from the darkness. At that time, the siblings had returned to the inn, so they didn’t know what happened to the adventurers afterwards.
After that, the leader ordered his subordinates to tie the adventurers together. He said that he would bring them back to the hideout and make them regret accepting such a silly request.
I wondered what happened to the aforementioned noble, but since I could smell the blood and noticed the air around that leader, it seemed that the noble was appropriately punished. The smell of blood was quite strong, so the possibility of death would be high.
“Even though they know the danger when hunting someone from the silver wolf tribe, they still assaulted us. They are possibly being punished accordingly." (Sirius)
Even though they were an underworld organization, they corresponded accordingly because they stuck to the rules, but those guys tried to trigger an assault on the town, where the organization was based.
The underworld organizations were heartless to those who do not abide by the rules. The adventurers that were taken away would be, at best, sold into slavery, or at worst, they would probably be executed. Either way, we would never meet them again.
“Just forget the ones who tried to attack us. More importantly, today's dinner." (Sirius)
“Alright. This is my first time smelling such a smell. So, what are you making today?" (Reus)
“It is called beef stew. Actually, it should be cooked for a longer time, but since today is a trial product, I think it should be alright." (Sirius)
Even if I said it was beef stew, the taste was close to a soup. There was no demiglace sauce, and since there was no easy way to prepare the flavors in the previous life, I tried hard to reproduce the taste with the spices from this world, and… I almost got it close to the real taste.
Since there seemed to be no problem when I simply tasted it, let's complete the dish this time with this. The taste hadn't thickened enough, but I'll do something about that next time.
“It's finished. Let's prepare the dishes." (Sirius)
“””Yes.""" (Emilia/Reese/Reus)
Once I informed them that the food was ready, the disciples started preparing for dinner. With coordination that had no redundancy that could be found in preparing the plate and bread for a great many people, the preparation was completed in no time. Should I be delighted or sad that they were better coordinating at this rather than in battle?
“Instead of a Shishou, Sirius-kun is more like… a parent." (Aery)
“…Dinner!" (Quad)
Aery-san had a wry smile as she looked at the way we moved, and Quad jumped to his feet in response to the smell of the beef stew.
“I can't hold myself back with this! As expected of Aniki!" (Reus)
“It's another new taste. Various tastes oozes out. It's delicious." (Emilia)
“It's delicious to eat with bread. Sirius-san, I want more, please." (Reese)
It seemed popular among my disciples, since they were familiar with the taste of my dishes, but when I turned my eyes towards Aery-san to see what she thought, she was eating the beef stew with a difficult face.
“Does it not suit your taste?" (Sirius)
“That's not it. I was a bit surprised because I never thought I could eat such a delicious meal." (Aery)
“Delicious!" (Quad)
Quad also seemed to love it, he already asked for second helpings. I thought that preferences would differ because the seasoning was different on this continent, but there seemed to be no problems. However, Aery-san's expression looked stiff.
“With abundant knowledge… taking good care of other people… skillful at cooking. Although you are a boy that's younger than me, you are… a better mother than I am! What is this sense of defeat?" (Aery)
There was some strange criticism, but it looked like they were satisfied with the dinner.

The next day, we left the carriage and moved into the forest.
By the way, in addition to the anti-theft measures on the carriage, we scattered trees and leaves after covering it with a camouflage-colored cover and assumed its protective coloration, it had completely assimilated with the forest, and the carriage produced a special magical wavelength that only I know about. If we get lost in the forest, we can come back here with the carriage as the landmark.
“Aery-san, how's your condition?" (Sirius)
“You don't have to worry, since I have rested enough. Thanks to Sirius-kun. From here on, we will go through a very dangerous path, so be careful and follow me." (Aery)
It seemed that her exhausted body had recovered sufficiently during these two days, and now she was guiding us by walking ahead with steady footsteps.
Incidentally, Reus carried Quad on his shoulders, but he let him walking on his foot in order to learn how to walk in the forest. The figure of Quad, who was trying hard to walk behind Aery-san, was refreshing when looking at them from behind.
But… the refreshed feeling was until that.
“We need to climb a cliff. Climb up, but don't grasp the fragile parts." (Aery)
“Isn't a bit high? It will be difficult with Reese-ane's clothing." (Reus)
“It won't be a problem if I pull her with [String] from above." (Sirius)
While thinking about going through the forest, the cliff that we needed to climb suddenly appeared…
“If you get swept away here, you will be dragged downstream. So don't fall down." (Aery)
“This is slightly athletic, isn't it? Is Reese going to be alright?" (Emilia)
“Yes, if it's this much, I'll be fine." (Reese)
As we jumped onto the rocks that were footholds in a river with rapid currents…
“You guys, be careful, especially here! It will be the end if you fall down." (Aery)
“Aniki! Quad is afraid and he can't walk." (Reus)
“It's alright, Quad. Even if you fall down, I'll pick you up with [String]. So, just walk ahead." (Sirius)
We crossed a bridge made of logs in a deep valley, and finally came back to the usual forest.
Actually, there was a way of going around the mountain and head for the village, but it appeared that there was a shortcut by going across the mountain. The child, Quad, was completely exhausted, so Reus carried him on his shoulders. However, our guide was also tired.
This path seemed to be a harsh path that only silver wolfkin adults can pass through. That explained how Aery-san still got tired, even though she was used to it.
“…And yet, you guys are not even out of breath! What are you?" (Aery)
“Even if I tell you, if it's this much, I have done it with Aniki's training." (Reus)
“Yeah. If it is with Sirius-sama, we would include this with weights. I think that is more difficult." (Emilia)
“Aery-san, it's time for lunch. Shall we take a break?" (Reese)
“Kuhh… Far from showing the dignity of a senior, I am being taken care of, instead. It is regrettable, but shall we do that?" (Aery)
Since she showed her true character considerably, compared to the time when we first met, it was evident that she trusted us. However, was it my imagination that she had an air that was similar to Noel?
Oh, well. As far as I am concerned, Aery-san agreed with Reese and she led us to the place where we can rest. So, we decided to take a lunch break.
It was a small space where log chairs were prepared and trees were cut down. Since there were traces of a bonfire left in the center, it seemed that this place was occasionally used.
“This place was made by us, the silver wolves. Since the path we went through earlier was rugged, this is used as a resting place before leaving and returning." (Aery)
“It is a good place to watch the surroundings. Well then, shall we immediately prepare lunch?" (Sirius)
After collecting some firewood, I asked Reus to ignite them, and started to cook with the water produced by Reese.
Melting the ingredients of a handmade dried soup, it was a simple thing to do by putting the smoked meat, which was made with the surplus of meat from yesterday, and dried noodles together, but everyone was satisfied. And then, we had a break after the meal, while eating the cookies that Emilia had brought with some brewed tea.
“Although there was not enough utensils, it was delicious, as usual." (Reese)
“I learned the method of brewing from Sirius-sama, and it is easy if I used the skill handed down by Erina-san." (Emilia)
While all of us were leisurely having tea, I invoked [Search] because Hokuto's ears were moving, and I caught multiple reactions approaching our direction.
Reus and Emilia were late at noticing those reactions. They stood up while moving their noses and ears swiftly, and picked up their weapons. But, that was…
“Aniki! Something is coming!" (Reus)
“Sirius-sama, please be careful!" (Emilia)
“‘Pause'. Sit down and wait." (Sirius)
“Yeah, both of you. Apparently, they have come from over there." (Aery)
The siblings noticed me and Aery-san still sitting, so they removed their hands from their weapons and sat next to me. Reese and Quad were unresponsive because his mother and I didn't move. By no means, it wasn't because they were too engrossed with the cookies.
“…They smell like Aery-san. That means the ones who are coming closer are silver wolfkin." (Emilia)
“Perhaps, they must have come to search here because Aery-san disappeared. Since the number is small, is it a group that's scouting the town?" (Sirius)
“I'm glad I didn't make any mistakes. It looks like I was right in coming along this path." (Aery)
Aery-san and Quad didn't return to the settlement, and it had already been two days. Since they couldn't find them, even when they were searching around, it was probably good enough if they reached the conclusion that they were kidnapped by a human.
However, they probably didn't know if Aery-san really was kidnapped, so they were probably heading to the town to search for her. Because of that, she predicted that they would go this way, since it was a little bit faster to the town. Her reasoning was very beautifully on the mark.
“I also smell my husband, and he probably noticed me, too. Jiria!" (Aery) (TLN: The name in raw is ジリア)
“Otou-san!" (Quad)
When the two of them raised their voices, one of the responses suddenly increased in speed and, at the same time, a part of the forest became noisy, before he popped out like an arrow.
“Aery! Quad!" (Jiria)
A silver-haired man with a big body, but not as much as Lior's, jumped out of the forest. He came close and hugged Aery and Quad.
Maybe this person was Aery-san's husband, Quad's father. Although it was a touching scene where he was happily embracing his wife and child at the same time, he was a man with dauntless and splendid muscles, and it was a secret that he was crying a bit while pulling them in. I understood how important they were to him.
“Uooo! I was so worried, you guys! I'm glad that you are safe!" (Jiria)
“H-hey! I wanted to see you too, but please calm down." (Aery)
“Otou-san… it hurts." (Quad)
“What are you saying!? Do you know how much your father worried about you?!" (Jiria)
Reus and Reese were happy to see the family hug each other, but only Emilia had a slightly different reaction. She was certainly happy, but I could feel the sorrow behind her smile.
I understood that she was thinking about her past, but at least for now, I stroked and covered her head to calm her down, and she sneakily bit my shoulder and waited behind me.
The man called Jiria calmed down after reuniting with his family, and then the other silver wolfkins, who seemed to be his friends, appeared. The number was three and everyone looked to be warriors with strong physical bodies, but they were displaying an intense presence and were staring at us. They were looking directly at the humans; me and Reese.
“Fall back, Aery. I will punish these fools first." (Jiria)
“H-hey, stop it, Jiria! These children are…" (Aery)
“You can't, Otou-san!" (Quad)
“You also take a good look, Quad. Otou-san will put holes in those who made you scared. You guys, let's do it!" (Jiria)
The male silver wolfkin didn't listen to his wife and child, who were asking them to stop, and he attacked us with his companions at the rear. Is he someone who doesn't listen when he's angry and fired up? I had expected this… after all, isn't it like that?
“When I thought about what kind of person kidnapped Aery, aren't they still children?" (???)
“But, I will not forgive them even if they are children!" (Jiria)
“Not only Jiria's family, they have enslaved our brethren!" (???)
“You guys aim for the girl at the rear! I'll get this guy!" (Jiria)
While Aery-san's husband came at me, the other three were aiming for Reese. I think having three guys on a single girl at the same time is embarrassing. Then, Emilia and Reus appeared and were standing to protect Reese.
“Fall back, Reese!" (Emilia)
“You need to defeat me before you can get Reese-ane!" (Reus)
“Are they still being controlled? Damn, this is going to hurt, but please endure it." (???)
“We will free you guys immediately!" (???)
It seemed that the chokers attached to the siblings were seen as collars, and they were believed to being forced into protecting Reese.
The silver wolfkins tried to remove the siblings by throwing some punches. However, Emilia avoided the opponent's punch and locked his movements by gripping his arm, while Reus took it from the front.
But, there was still one who remained.
“Do not get close to Reese-ane!" (Reus)
Reus took the arm of the opponent whom he received the fist from, and threw him into the man that was approaching Reese. If his opponent was an ordinary opponent, he probably could defeat them, but the opponent was a silver wolfkin with high physical abilities. The opponent that Reus threw was barely avoided, but even if that broke his balance, he was getting closer to Reese.
“Ah!? I'm sorry, Reese-ane!" (Reus)
“This human girl! Release our brethren…" (??)
“It's alright, Reus. There!" (Reese)
Reese also avoided the thrown punch in a similar manner to Emilia. She grabbed his joint and swept his feet, and used the opponent's momentum to throw him onto the ground. It appeared she was making the best use of the Aikido that I taught her. It would be good if they could do this much in an actual battle.
And then, Aery-san's husband, who came close to me, shook his fist with an angry expression.
“This is also for my family!" (Jiria)
“I sympathize with you, in regards to your family." (Sirius)
I avoided that fist by slightly tilting my body, and I jumped into his bosom while shaking his hair and cheeks with wind pressure. And then, I stepped firmly onto the ground until it started to crack. Furthermore, I pulled my left arm backwards, and drove my right palm into the pit of his stomach at the same time.
I arranged a self-taught Tongbeiquan based on Kenpo from my previous life. It was a hitting technique that simultaneously gave an impact from a step and my own strength. The man stumbled upon receiving the blow, but he landed firmly on his feet and stared at me. (ED: Tongbeiquan is a school of martial arts that's popular in Northern China)
“To endure that… aren't those considerably sturdy abs?" (Sirius)
“That much is my advantage. And now… haven't my companions turned the tables on you?" (Jiria)
Emilia clinched victory with her opponent in a joint lock and was completely unable to move, Reus' was thrown away and stunned, and Reese's opponent had been thrown onto the ground, and was bound by her water magic, unable to move.
By all odds, the progress of the battle was disadvantageous for Aery-san's husband, but he didn't seem to give up, and declared, while clenching his fist.
“I will not give up, you know?! To defeat you guys, for my family and my friends, I will absolutely make you release…" (Jiria)
“Stop it!" (Aery)
“Guhaa!?" (Jiria)
The readiness for indomitable resolve was plainly shattered by a single blow of the wife, who attacked from the side, and the man collapsed. Although he didn't crumbled from the single blow of mine, as expected, he fell down from a single hit from the flank.
“Wha-…what are you doing, Aery? For you, I am…" (Jiria)
“You didn't listen to the story and just did what you wanted! Hey, you guys too, come here!" (Aery)
Because of Aery-san's voice, the men who were suppressed by my disciples became quiet, and they were released.
Since the fight was interrupted, the silver wolfkins unwillingly gathered when they were called by Aery-san. She coldly spoke with her index finger pointing to the ground.
“Sit down." (Aery)
“W-wait a sec, Aery. We were worried about you, and we just wanted to save our tribe…" (???)
“S-I-T-D-O-W-N!" (Aery)
“”””…Yes."""" (Jiria & other silver wolfkins)
The men couldn't say anything because of Aery-san's intensity. It seemed there was nothing else to do, but sit quietly. By the way, even in a different world, the way of sitting in such a situation was seiza.
The sight of four adults sitting alongside one another and being preached by woman that was smaller than them was embarrassing to the point they wanted to divert their eyes away. Quad, who stood by his mother with folded arms, imitated her cause to further the reproduction.
“These children, you know, they are the benefactors who saved us! I understand that you misunderstood the situation, but please think a little bit more!" (Aery)
The hierarchical relationship between Emilia and Reus was good, and the women in this world were really strong.
While explaining the situation like this, Aery-san's preaching lasted an hour.
After Aery-san's preaching and explanations were over, the misunderstanding about us had been solved, and the men…
“”””Hundred Wolves-sama!"""" (Jiria & other silver wolfkins)
They made a seiza again.
Since it would become complicated, I instructed Hokuto to hide, and he waited to come out until the right time.
The men were sitting side-by-side in front of Hokuto, but the mainly important one, Hokuto, what was he going to do about them? He turned to me as if he wanted to say something.
“Woof…" (Hokuto)
“Do whatever you want." (Sirius)
Then, Hokuto barked once, and he said something to the men.
According to Reus' translation, he seemed to be saying that he is a wolf serving his master, and not the existence that the men called him.
“Ma-master!? You mean that human man? For you to be like that…" (Jiria)
“Woof!" (Hokuto)
“‘I do not mind that you worship me, but in regards to my master, I would like you to respond normally. If you put your hands on him for a trivial reason, I will make you regret living…', that's what he said." (Reus)
“He is exactly like Sirius-sama, isn't he?" (Emilia)
I have heard that owners and pets are similar, but even in a different world, that seems to be the same.
The contents were conveyed by Hokuto's groaning voice, and the men were frightened with their tails and ears drooping. Normally, I'd get close and brush him, but when I looked at this, it makes me think that he really was a messenger of God.
The other men were scared, but only Aery-san's husband, Jiria-san, was looking straight ahead and replyed to Hokuto.
“I certainly heard the words of Hundred Wolves-sama. We will never put our hands on your master!" (Jiria)
He turned his face towards me while saying that. Unlike some time ago, the hostility towards me completely disappeared and he had a gentle look.
“And the most important thing is, he is the person who saved my family and the people of our tribe. I invite you to our village, and I would like to welcome you." (Jiria)
“Woof!" (Hokuto)
The things that need to be conveyed by Hokuto seemed to be over, he was quite satisfied and came back to me.
Since the talk had progressed further, we drank the tea that Emilia brewed while waiting, and approached the silver wolfkins, who finally stood up.
“Ah… I wonder if you have been informed about the situation." (Sirius)
“Aah. We a had huge misunderstanding. Please, let me apologize first." (Jiria)
When Aery-san's husband lowered his head deeply and apologized, his companions, who had been kept behind him, bowed their heads together. Although the feeling of being scared at Hokuto hadn't disappeared, they had favorable smiles towards us.
“Thank you for helping my wife and son. Without you, I was about to lose the most important people in my life." (Jiria)
“I also said thanks to your wife. Thanks to her, these two are able to see their family." (Sirius)
“Of course, like you said, you are their master. Also, I'm fine with Jiria." (Jiria)
“Understood. My name is Sirius. Nice to meet you, Jiria." (Sirius)
I shook hands with Jiria, and then introduced my disciples. Jiria and his companions were pleased with the hand greetings, especially with Emilia and Reus, who were from the same tribe and the grandchildren of an acquaintance.
“When I heard that Aery was kidnapped, I was impatient, but by no means did I think I would meet Garve's grandchildren." (Jiria)
“There will be a feast. Let's return at once." (Aery)
“They are stronger than us, Garve-san also will be happy." (Jiria)
They seemed to be the people who were trained by the siblings' grandfather, Garve. The siblings surrounded me with high spirits. They were laughing and seemed happy again.

Then, we headed for the silver wolf tribe's settlement together with Jiria and others.
We heard various stories on our way to the settlement, and Jiria's group was a reconnaissance group going to the town. And once they confirmed Aery-san and his son were in town, they planned to attack the town if the negotiations didn't get through.
Since it was a nobleman who wanted to run off with silver wolfkin, I think the negotiations wouldn't have succeeded. If we didn't help, the town would have undoubtedly been attacked.
“Say, how do you plan to verify whether Aery-san was in the town or not? Unlike Aniki, you don't know the that town well, right?
“Hahaha, you know, Reus… Aren't we silver wolfkin? If it is Aery-san's smell, I can find her anywhere in the town!" (Jiria)
“Even I know where Aniki is in the town. And if it is Nee-chan, she would know even from one mountain away!" (Reus)
“Wha!? Even I can do that!" (Jiria)
“”Stop it!"" (Aery/Emilia)
To the men who were starting a strange mouth fight, Emilia and Aery-san, who were their guardians, used their fists to make them silent.
We exchanged information with each other while moving in the forest, and we finally arrived at the silver wolf tribe's settlement.
Looking down from a hill, the silver wolf tribe's settlement was entirely surrounded by wooden fences. There were countless houses made of wood and stone, which seemed to be bricks.
“We will return and explain everything to them, so Sirius and the rest, please wait here. Aery, please take care of them." (Jiria)
“Leave it to me. More importantly, please hurry so as not to let our benefactor wait.” (Aery)
While waiting for Jiria, I remembered something about silver wolf tribe while I was looking at the settlement.
According to the information that I read in a book, they seemed to make a living by hunting and doing small scale agriculture, and after seeing it, I think the information was correct. The male silver wolfkin plowed the fields, while the females processed the meat, which I think were obtained from the hunts. The siblings stood up and were in a daze as they looked at the scene of nothing but people with silver hair and tails, no matter where they looked.
“…They are silver wolfkin, just like us, Nee-chan." (Reus)
“Y-yeah. Although it is not the village we lived in, it feels like we have come back home." (Emilia)
“I think you may have various mixed feelings, but let me say this. Welcome to our settlement. We welcome you guys." (Aery)
Aery-san had a full smile on her face as she embraced the siblings from their shoulders.
Jiria came back after a while, and informed us that we got permission to enter the settlement. We headed to the entrance of the settlement, but Jiria was looking at the siblings with a sorry look.
“Actually, I tried to inform Garve-san that his grandchildren were alive, but he still hasn't returned. I wanted you to see him soon, but I'm sorry." (Jiria)
“It is not something Jiria-san needs to apologize for. And, where is Ojii-sama?" (Emilia)
“I think that he has probably gone outside. Although he is already quite old, Garve-san is an amazing person who hasn't weakened, even now, you know?" (Jiria)
Even if he was old, since I know a guy who is uselessly energetic and strong, I don't think that's strange.
“If you have such an amazing Jii-chan, you don't have to worry. Besides, we have also prepared ourselves, so it is going to be alright to return home." (Sirius)
“…That is true. Anyhow, there is a feast today. This is for the safety of Aery and Quad, along with the pleasure of knowing that our brethren are alive, and thanks to Sirius and Reese for making that possible. Please, enjoy to your heart's content!" (Jiria)

And the feast started that evening. All of the silver wolkin who lived in the settlement gathered at the central square and were making some noise. A big bonfire was burned, and it looked like a campfire.
There were various meals made by the settlers in front of me, but I couldn't put my hands on it, even though the party had began.
The reason was…
“Thank you so much for saving our brethren." (??)
“Even though you are a human, you are one of us." (??)
“Tell me if you are in trouble." (??)
The reason was because all of the silver wolfkin were coming before, me one by one, and gave words of gratitude. I seemed to have underestimated the tribe that was said to have strong bonds.
I didn't feel bad about being thanked, but it seemed the number of people in the settlement was roughly two hundred. Not even half were finished yet, and I could only sigh.
Moreover, some people continued to pray to Hokuto, who was sitting by my side, so the density of people around me was unusually high. ‘If I am bothered’… I was told to say it, but I was a bit bothered with the current situation. I was getting unreasonably hungry.
“Are you going to drink, Reese-chan? …Uhm, maybe it's too early for you. Well, do you want to eat this meat?" (Aery)
“Onee-chan, this is my favorite dish. Let's eat together." (Quad)
“I will have it all. Yeah… the taste is unique, but it is delicious. Do you still have that?" (Reese)
“Come, I'll give you mine. Even so, you have a very good appetite, girl. It was worth making these dishes." (??)
Reese was enjoying the meal with Quad. They were having a friendly chat with the group who attacked us earlier and the people who cooked the meal.
It seemed that her special skill was to get along well with others immediately.
And the siblings, Emilia and Reus, were having fun chatting, while being surrounded by their tribesmen slightly away from me.
They looked happy because the siblings were safe, some of them were hugging them, while shedding tears, and they were drinking the sake that was made in the village, one after another.
Both Emilia and Reus were laughing happily. I was really grateful that they came here.

The feast continued on well after the surroundings became dark, the big shots performed a dance in front of the bonfire, and they showed off the dance that's been handed down in the silver wolf tribe.
Finally, I got to eat at that time, and when I was talking about the food that I ate for the first time… a part of the crowd suddenly became noisy.
When I turned my line-of-sight, I saw Emilia and Reus… and an old man who had a similar stature and face to Reus standing before them.
Could he be…?
“Ojii…-chan?" (Emilia)
“Jii-chan?" (Reus)
“Is that so, you guys are my grandchildren…right?" (Garve)
From the situation, there seemed to be no mistake that Garve-san was their grandfather, but the impression of the reunion looked strange.
Garve-san's expression was like a Noh mask, nothing could be felt. He wasn't pleased or angry. Actually, if his grandchildren were alive and suddenly appeared, wouldn't he feel confused?
“I'm glad that you are safe." (Garve)
When you think whether he had muttered a word, he quickly looked away from the siblings, and came in front of me, after he talked to a nearby guy.
“…Are you the master of my grandchildren?" (Garve)
Garve-san was expressionless as usual, but those eyes that stood in front of me and looking down were similar to a soldier's who had served in the military for a long time. With experience piled up with age, the intensity was tremendous.
However, I did not care about such insight. In fact, I was beginning to get angry at this old man.
Isn't it that a bad attitude to have when you see your grandchildren for the first time? The siblings were at a loss of what to talk about, and, in the first place, it was impossible to finish a discussion with a word.
The staring contest between me and the old man continued for a while, and when the silver wolfkin near me ran away… I replied, after I swallowed the meat that I had eaten.
“Yes, but what is it?" (Sirius)
“Is that so? Well then, have a match with me." (Garve)
As soon as I got to the settlement… I was invited to fight.

Extra/Bonus 1
After eating the beef stew.
“With abundant knowledge… taking good care of other people… skillful at cooking. Although you are a boy that's younger than me, you are… a better mother than I am! What is this sense of defeat?" (Aery)
“Now now, I can't win against the taste of a mother, so I feel like I am losing, instead…" (Sirius)
“Okaa-san's meal is more delicious!" (Quad)
“Hauuu!?" (Aery)
“And, Emilia-Oneechan's and Reese-Oneechan's chests are so soft…" (Quad)
“Gahuu!?" (Aery)
“Aah… which one I should follow?" (Quad)
“You have to give up on this one, huh?" (Emilia)
Extra/Bonus 2 (Author: This part appears since Hokuto is popular)
Presenting Hokuto
(Author: It is like in the morning news program, so please read it like a dog's introduction corner)
Hokuto-kun serves his master, Sirius-kun. He is a very rare wolf called Hundred Wolves.
The name that carries a high level of strength and nobility, but he is quite sweet towards his master.
This time, it seems like his master is heading towards the settlement of the silver wolf tribe, so Hokuto-kun follows him.
For him, his place is next to his master. Even if it is hell, he has the determination to follow him.
And then, they proceed through the forest with the guidance of the silver wolfkin mother… oops, a high cliff appears in front of Hokuto-kun.
Hokuto-kun's master and his juniors are climbing the cliff, but Hokuto-kun is a wolf and he can't climb.
However, since Hokuto-kun is proud with his strength, he will be alright.
“Woof!" (Hokuto)
He quickly climbs all the way up in a blink of an eye by kicking the wall. For Hokuto, it is a piece of cake. There is no problem.
Next, he came to a river with a raging stream.
However, since Hokuto-kun is proud of his strength, he will be alright.
“Woof!" (Hokuto)
He jumps over the river. There is no problem. He solves everything with a single blow.
Furthermore, he comes to a log bridge on a steep cliff.
However, since Hokuto-kun is proud of his… just cut it short.
“Woof!" (Hokuto)
He crosses over both the valley and log bridge with a single jump. Even if he falls, there will be no problem with Hokuto-kun's physical ability. Except for his master, he alone can go through heaven and earth.
After he had a lunch break, his master was attacked by the silver wolfkin.
Hokuto-kun wants to drive away the enemies of his master. He wants to quickly penetrate and claw them away with his nails. However, since the situation will become complicated and the growth of the juniors will be disrupted if he goes out, he purposely steps back and watches over them.
The battle ends very quickly, and when Hokuto-kun appears with confidence… he is revered, once again.
Hokuto-kun wishes that his master is revered instead of himself, but since he knows his master dislikes it, he feels annoyed every time it happens.
Today, also, Hokuto-kun is troubled for being revered.


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