Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 22

Allright since we got run over by the feels train, let’s go with a bit of a palate cleanser. This is the last chapter that I have for the time being. My PC’s PSU broke down yesterday and took out my HDD, so 1/3 of the next translated chapter is gone. Well, shit happens, I guess, so this will be a lesson for me to not do it in notepad :D Chapter is self edited so there’s bound to be mistakes. Also good job to the guy who referenced FMA in the comments of the last chapter, since this one’s title goes really well with that reference :D
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Sunny Happiness After The Rain

――― Emilia ―――
Erina-san, who was our mother, has passed away.
Yesterday, we came back after finishing the funeral, but the atmosphere in the house was heavy, as if all the fire had gone out. (TLN: litteral translation, needs checking)
Sirius-sama behaved like nothing was wrong, but seemed a bit languid. A personage that watched over him ever since he was born passed away, so it is not surprising. He must be feeling sadder than any of us.
Even so, Sirius-sama took the initiative to tidy up Erina-san’s room and guide us, who are mourning, by giving orders. Truly, what a strong personage.
Dee-san is expresionless as always, but blunders like charring food while cooking, do stand out. Still, he moved around, handling work as always, so ended up asking him if he is alright without thinking. He anwered “When you’re an adventurer, life and death situations are unending, so you get used to it” while smiling a bit bitterly. Certainly, perhaps because my mom and dad died before my eyes, I do have some composure to think.
This must be what is called “getting used to”, but I did not want to get used to something like that.
Reus and onee-chan are very easy to understand.
After getting back from the funeral they were crying and feeling depressed the whole time, but now that the morning came, they are running around the garden at full strength. Since they are running while franticly shouting Erina-san’s name and words of thanks, I think they are doing that to get over it.
To be able to spill out your feelings that boldly, I feel bit envious. It is about time for breakfast, so I hope they clear their heads by then.
As for me, I am standing in front of Sirius-sama’s room.
If it was the usual Sirius-sama, we would be called to run at the garden first thing in the morning, but today I have not seen him once, let alone being talked to. I think he is probably still sleeping in the room.
In the past I used to wake up in the middle of the night after dreaming of my parents, so I often lacked sleep. I am sure Sirius-sama is sleeping in after the same thing happened to him.
I knock, but there is no answer.
There is no reaction even after repeating a few times, so I opened the door after readying myself.
「Good morning, Sirius-sa….ma?」(Emilia)
Strange, Sirius-sama is not here. Clothes used instead of pyjamas are left on the bed, but there is no trace of leaving through the door. If I had to answer why I know that, it is because silver-wolf tribe have sharp noses, and especially, if it is Sirius-sama’s smell, I will know immediatly. I could not smell anything around the door, so I approached the bed and brought my face to pyjamas. They are already cold, so some time has passed from when they were taken off. (TLN: Emilia the Dog Detective :D)
Where does the smell contin――…
「……………..ha-!?」(Emilia) (TLN: it’s a sfx for snapping out of it :D)
Not good, not good, I was unconsciously hugging Sirius-sama’s pyjamas. It is Sirius-sama’s smell that is at fault for being too irresistible, yeah. (TLN: Sure it is :D)
When I try to follow Sirius-sama’s scent, it continues to the window. Did he leave trough the window today? Then he probably went to train at the mountain peak. He will be back for breakfast, so I should probably return to helping Dee-san. (TLN: it doesn’t say mountain, just peak, but I assume that’s what it is)
The fact that I smelled the pyjamas one more time before leaving is a secret.
A terrible thing happened.
It is already breakfast time, but Sirius-sama is not coming back. He would usually come back soaring from the skies, but no matter how much I wait he is not returning.
When get back to the living room and say that, Reus, who was maintaining his body, and onee-chan’s faces paled.
「That’s terrible! He’s surely gone on a ramapage, because he lost Erina-san! I am sure he’s flying around in the sky, screaming!」(Noel)
「Aniki’s being attaked by something! Damn, I’m going out to help right now!」(Reus)
「Calm down, you two」(Dee)
Sirius-sama would be fine no matter what attacked him. But, bad thoughts just keep coming up one after another. Even though that is not possible, if after Erina-san even Sirius-sama dissapears we…. we….
「What are you guys doing?」
When I looked back towards the voice, our sun, Sirius-sama, was there.
Even though I knew, even though I surely knew, unable to shake off the uneasiness I jumped to Sirius-sama’s chest. Following me, Reus and onee-chan also plunge in. Everyone is anxious because Erina-san is gone.
Sirius-sama probably understood the situation, and is embarrassedly scratching his head.
「My bad, I made you anxious, didn’t I. I was looking at kaa-san’s grave for a bit, so I was late.」(Sirius)
「No,no, please forgive us for showing something shameful」(Emilia) (TLN: a bit liberal trans.)
「If aniki’s safe, it doesn’t matter」(Reus)
「Let’s have breakfast」(Dee)
At Dee-san’s words, our breakfast began.
But, before we started eating Sirius sama clapped his hands, gathering our attention, and lowered his head.
「Since I think you’ve calmed down after a whole day passed, I believe I should start by apologizing to you all」(Sirius)
Does he mean to apologize for being late for breakfast? There is no need to apologize to a servant for something like that…. is what I would like to say, but it seems like that is not it.
「Actually, the drug Erina drank was something prepared by me. I did prepare it after explaining to Erina, but I think I should’ve explained it to everyone. I’m sorry」
And he lowered his head deeply a second time. Of course, the fact that he did not explain to us does bother me, but since it was something that Erina-san decided, it not a thing Sirius-sama has to apologize for.
「Please raise your head, Sirius-sama! Most likely, even if we knew, the result would have been the same」(Emilia)
「Yeah, aniki. Rather, we’re the ones at fault for not being able to do anything」(Reus)
「Let’s leave it at both sides sharing the blame」(Dee)
「Yes, that, Dee-san! Both sides are to blame, both sides」(Emilia) [1]
「Yeah, it helps me if you say that」 (TLN: not sure if this a properly structured in english :/)
Somehow managaning to get him to raise his head, we breathed out in relief. However it looks like Sirius-sama still has something to say. We correct our postures, getting ready to siliently hear him out.
「To everyone I shall firmly say this. Certainly, I feel sad that kaa-san, Erina is gone. However Erina died while saying she was satisfied, saying she was happy. You do remember her face back then?」(Sirius)
Everyone nods. I as well, remember Erina-san’s face that time, even now I can recall it vividly. Feeling truly satisfied, a happy smile that would not make you think she is about to die.
「I won’t feel distressed about someone who died that satisfied at all. Rather, wasn’t she happy enough to make you feel envious?」(Sirius)
Certainly, until a few moments ago, I was sad that Erina-san is gone, but remembering her face at that time made me feel a bit at ease. Un… It was an imprudent thought, but I did think I would also like to die smiling like that.
「Also, I have a lot of things, that I got from her, left. Love and days spent happily, all of them are left within me. You also have things you got from Erina, don’t you?」(Sirius)
「Indeed, I also have a lot of things that I got from Erina-san. Everything is kept inside my chest.」(Emilia) (TLN: a human chest, not a litteral one :D english doesn’t have seperate words for that like japanese does :/)
「I do as well」(Dee)
「Me too! I got patted a lot by Erina-san」(Reus)
「I also have a lot given to me by Erina-san」(Noel)
I got taught truly a lot of things. Not only techniques of a servant, but she also gave me advice when I did not know what to do, and even became my aim. Without a doubt, if Erina-san was not here, I would have been crying, not even knowing how to talk to Sirius-sama.
Everything I was taught by that person, lives inside me.
「And so I won’t be mourning anymore. I will walk with my face facing forward, and continue living in a way that doesn’t make kaa-san feel ashamed. Only that」(Sirius)
Just as he said, he is smiling without showing even a bit of sadness. He is not heartless, he is undoubtedly a strong person, that can walk ahead while carrying that sadness. Truly, a strong and great personage, that we cannot even surmise. We also must do our best.[2]
「It is still a while before we leave here, but there’s a lot of things to do. Everyone, I want you to follow me」(Sirius)
No matter what happens, I will follow you.
After that, we finished breakfast and while we were preparing the after-meal tea, Sirius-sama abruptly adressed Dee-san.
「Dee. Don’t you have something need to do already?」(Sirius)
Dee-san stands up with a stiff expression and walks up to onee-chan. While surprised by the sudden action, onee-chan also stands up.
「What is it?」(Noel)
「Please………….marry me!」(Dee)
………Haa!? [3]
I froze up, even though I am not the person involved.
Onee-chan is still frozen up. Dee-san took her hand and put a ring on it. It had a bluely shining gem, really pretty.
「Yeah, you」
「I’m…. a beastkin, you know?」(Noel)
「Doesn’t matter. I…like you. I won’t say that I’ll do it instead of Erina-san, but I’ll definitely protect you. So, please… tell me your answer」(Dee)
「……..Yes. I will… Dee-san’s wife」(Noel)
Onee-chan smiles and clings to him while spilling tears. Dee-san akwardly hugs her back.
I want to be proposed to in a way like that someday. Of course by….
Wait, wait, I am a servant. I am fine if I can be by his side. If he holds me someday, I will be satisfied. (TLN: yeah, holds as in “that” meaning.)
「Noel, Dee. Congratulations」(Sirius)
「You did it, Dee-nii!」(Reus)
「Sirius-sama, everyone…thank you」(Noel)
Erina-san passed away, but we are smiling.
If we have Sirius-sama and everyone, we can keep smiling.
Erina-san… we are all right now.
So… please watch over us.
――― Sirius ―――

Jeez, I don’t know how many years it took to come to this point, but Dee finally manned up. (TLN: lib. trans., litteraly says “made up his mind”, but manning up just sounds better in this situation IMO.)
Noel was afraid to confess, because she felt distressed over being a beastkin and an ex-slave, so them getting together rested entirely on Dee’s actions. As expected, seems like kaa-san’s last words gave him a push to make the decision. From now on Dee will protect Noel, so I feel relieved, even if we leave the house and part with them.
-tto,no, no, instead of watching the two hugging, I have to read the mood. I pat the shoulders of Emilia, who is looking with a yearning expression and Reus, who looks like he’s happy, then guide them outside using handsigns. The pair nods, and we quietly slip out of the living room. (TLN: that small particle means something along the lines of “oops”)
「I am glad. Truly glad, onee-chan」(Emilia)
「This is the first time I saw Noel-nee with a face that happy」(Reus)
「In that case, do you want to make her even happier? Actually….」(Sirius)
To the two sitting in the garden, sharing thoughts about earlier, I gave a suggestion. Hearing it, the pair stood up, fully motivated.
「I want to do it too. Let us do it, Sirius-sama」(Emilia)
「I’ll do my best too! What do I need to do?!」(Reus)
「Reus, you go procure the ingredients. Go gather some fruits, including apus, and a bring down mid-sized bird. Be back before noon at the latest」(Sirius) (TLN: Apu is a apple-like fruit, if you forgot)
Reus goes to his room through the window, and after getting ready, charges into the forest. For him, the forest around here is like a backyard, so he’ll probably come back with the desired results, even if he’s alone.
「Emilia, I want you to prepare the outfit. I’ll explain, so let’s return to the room, shall we?」(Sirius)
While carrying Emilia in my arms, I came back to my room from the outside, and on the paper I had inside, drew up the general image of the outfit.
「Like this, having frills all over is desirable. There’s utterly not enough time to make it in earnest, so I want you to get at least the shape ready by sewing on the fabric that Erina used」(Sirius)
What I requested is a wedding dress. As expected, one with ornaments, like beads or multi-layered dress is impossible in half a day, but by sewing on fabric on existing clothes, it should be possible to make something looking like one.
When explained this far, I think you understand, but what I want to do is the couple’s wedding ceremony.
There are no atendees besides us, but I want to leave this once in a lifetime experience firmly in their memories. Especially the outfit, wedding dress is essential, I think.
「Please leave it to me, will absolutely make it in time. Attaching the laces I made in practice, I shall definitely complete it flawlessly!」(Emilia)
A reliable answer is the best. (TLN: I need some suggestions on this one)
I’ll be in charge of cooking, so I feel sorry to put the biggest burden on her.
「Haa…onee-chan is going wear this, huh. How lucky…」(Emilia)
Uhh…This isn’t the time to be absentmindedly looking at the illustration I drew, is it? Not like I don’t get your feelings of admiration but… somehow I’m starting to feel worried.
Emilia went back to her room and began to make the outfit, next is my cooking.
However, the problem is the main couple. I wonder what should I have them do while we are making the preparations. It’s not like we can make them help out…no wait? If I think about it, there were some people who made their own wedding dress in my previous world, so isn’t it fine to have them assist? I thought about making this a surprise at first, but if it becomes imposible to wear it because of wrong size or it comes to some other stupid outcome, they’ll probably be saddened, so I should probably talk to them.
It would be troublesome to walk in on them while they’re feeling shy or to bump into them, so I peek into the living room in a way that wouldn’t be noticed. The couple is happily sitting on the sofa while huddling their shoulders together. From that lovey-dovey mood, that can be seen from afar, there’s no mistake they already kissed. When I lightly knock on the door, the two separate one from another in panic.
「While I do feel bad about it while you’re having your alone time, can I intrude on you for a bit?」(Sirius) (TLN: lib. trans. made to flow better in english)
「Y-Ye-Ye-Ye-Yes! uhh, not like for a bit, should I say, it’s fine whenever…」(Noel)
「S-So… what is it?」(Dee) (TLN: he sounds a bit rude in english, but I can’t do anything about it, just bear in mind he’s asking politely.)
Oh, oh, beet red, huh, how innocent. I could tease them for a bit more, but in any case, there’s no time. I quickly finished explaining the wedding ceremony to the couple.
「For us…Thank you very much」(Noel)
「Really… is it all right?」(Dee)
「It’s not a question of it being all right. We want to do it. Though I feel bad making you assist in preparations, though it’s your own wedding, but if your hands are free, I want you to help Emilia」(Sirius)
「Yes! Wedding, dress….ufufu」(Noel) (TLN: wedding as in the ceremony, not the the dress as in “wedding dress”)
Probably imagining it, she is heading to Emilia while skipping. Will she be of help in that state? I’m even more worried.
「Well then, next is Dee, but…」(Sirius)
「I’ll have myself learn from you」(Dee) (TLN: a bit of lib. trans., in raws he basically means he’ll be studying. Which doesn’t fit well here in english.)
With a notepad and a pen in hand, he’s standing by with an expectant face. He probably understood that I’ll be making a new dish. Really, his avarice towards cooking is almost scary.
「That’s fine, but you’re not allowed to help. Since it’s your wedding」(Sirius)
「While it is extremely regretful, but I understand. Just for today, I shall take up on your kind offer」(Dee)
Dress is one thing, but I won’t give up on being one to make the food. It’s only five person’s worth, and it’s not a big deal, if I first finish up “that”, which takes up the most time. And so, I headed to the kitchen with Dee in tow.
「First up is the cake」(Sirius)
A cake is a must in a wedding. I’ll prepare a few other dishes, but I still need to wait for Reus to return for the poultry dish, so let’s commence from making my first cake in this world. (TLN: epic foreshadowing: this cake shit gets seriously crazy later on)
「Cake!? That kind of…you really are going to make a thing that only upper-class nobles can get their hands on?」(Dee)
「Aa, yeah. So a cake is that much of a luxury, huh」(Sirius)
It was something ordinary in my previous world, but it seems to be quite valuable in this one, and to top it off, from the information I gathered from books, this world’s cakes seem to be, simply put, crude and unappetizing.
Kneading in sugar into some bread dough, cutting baked bread into circular cake shape, and after that putting some fruits on it. Sounds like a joke, but that’s it. Seems simple at the first glance, however from a commoner’s standpoint, not only does it use up a lot of valuable sugar, but they would also choose to mass produce bread instead of making a cake.
The nobles pile up that cut up bread one on another, and that height is a kind of a status that symbolizes their wealth, it seems. “What the…”…is what I seriously think.
Of course, I’m not going to make that kind of a stupid cake. I plan to make the base from scratch using eggs and butter, coat it with whipped cream, and give it some colour with the fruits Reus is going to bring back.
The most important is to bake it just right. There’s nothing as convenient as an oven, so I’ll have to make do with an iron box with a high heat emitting magic cirle drawn in it. The level of heat and baking time are vague, since this is my first attempt, so it uses up a lot of concentration. Although, I feel like writing down my every move without missing a single one, like Dee is doing beside me, demands even more, though.
Thirty minutes of careful attention and the cake base was safely finished. When I thought to continue on with whipped cream, Reus’ voice echoed from the outside.
「Anikiii! I gathered it」(Reus)
「Good work…wait, how much did you bring back!」(Sirius) (TLN: sigh Tsukkomi’s don’t translate to english well :/)
Aren’t you too fired up?! Bag on his back is so fully jammed with fruits, that it seems like it will burst, and in his hands, six birds that look like ducks. No matter how I look at it that’s ten people’s worth and not five. While the cause is that I didn’t specify the amount, I now understand really well that Reus can’t be left to act according to his instincts.
In the end, with the preservation treatment of ingredients we can’t use added in, I ended up with more troubles than I expected.
Evening came, and in the living room, which had a makeover into a venue, Noel and Dee’s wedding ceremony proceeded.
I’m standing on a simply made platform, wearing a robe to play a role of the priest, and Dee, who is wearing some good looking clothes, is restlessly waiting for Noel.
「Dee-nii, calm down. Noel-nee isn’t going to run away」(Reus)
「Aa….I do understand that though」(Dee)
Folding his arms, scratching his head, he’s completely lacking composure. While this also one of true charms of wedding, even though you’re usually expressionless, you’re no good at times like this, aren’t you.
While I was watching over him with warm eyes, the door opened and Noel appeared, wearing a home-made wedding dress.
「Sorry for making you wait, Sirius-sama」(Emilia)
Beside her, Emilia was holding hands with her and smiling satisfactorily.
This is also my first time seeing her in a dress, but the appearance of Noel wearing a wedding dress was really beautiful. Well, I mean it’s not gorgeous enough when I compare it to the previous world, but for a thing made in an emergency, it’s amazing. Connected laces, many ornaments that make use of the bulges in the fabric, it’s splendid worksmanship that makes use the techniques Erina taught her.
Without saying a word she takes steps towards Dee, and smiles when they face each other.
「How is it? Do I look nice?」(Noel)
「Aa….You look beautiful」(Dee)
Dee was absentminded, totally charmed by her.
The hand that Emilia was holding was given to Dee, and the two turned to me. I felt the insides of my nose loosen up while looking at the pair standing in front of me. Somehow I feel like a father giving away his daughter. [4]
-tto, this isn’t the time to be feeling sentimental. I need to do the priest part properly.
「You’re both here」(Sirius)
「Yes. Now we give our vows of marriage to god, right?」(Noel)
Wedding here seems to consist of inviting relatives and acquaitances, making oaths to god through the priest in front of everyone, and after that, partying. That is fine in it’s own way, but I’m thinking about doing it in the way of the previous world.
「I have I proposal for you two. There’s a different way of doing this in the old literature. May I do that instead?」(Sirius)
「You prepared this wedding, Sirius-sama. I shall leave it up to you」(Dee)
「Me too. Since I feel like Sirius-sama would make it into a wonderful ceremony」(Noel)
「Thank you. You two only need to answer my questions.」(Sirius)
I got the permission. I have posed as a priest in undercover operations, but I never thought I would have to be a real priest. I mostly remember priest’s words thanks to that, so I should thank my past experiences now, huh. Let’s mix in a bit of my own style, and totally become a priest.
「We have gathered here to join together Deemas and Noel. O god, look over this ceremony and accept their vows. Before we hear them, I shall ask the ones assembled」(Sirius) [5]
「What is it?」(Emilia)
「What, Aniki?」(Reus)
「Deemas and Noel are about to be wed. If any of you can show just cause why they may not be joined together, speak up now」(Sirius)
「There’s none!」(Emilia)
「No way there is!」(Reus)
Noel started tearing up to their strong words. There’s no way they would object, but well, since it’s kind of obligatory.
「Of course, I can’t as well. Well then, groom Deemas. Do you vow to love the bride, Noel, in sickness and in health, and to support her till death do you part?」(Sirius)
「I…I do!」(Dee)
「Bride, Noel. Do you vow to love the groom, Deemas, in sickness and in health, and to support him till death do you part?」(Sirius)
「…Yes, I do」(Noel)
「Do you both promise to devote yourselves to one another?」(Sirius)
「「I promise!」」(Noel/Dee)
「Well then, the groom, please put the ring on the bride」(Sirius)
I present the sapphire ring I previously recovered to Dee. He’s stiff from nervousness, but shomehow Dee manages to put the ring on Noel’s ring finger.
「…I, shall do my best. I’ll make you happy…Noel」(Dee)
「No, I’ll also do my best. I’ll support Dee-san, so please do protect me」(Noel)
「Yeah…I’ll definitely protect you」(Dee)
They exchanged words in a nice way, and venue’s atmosphere has heated up nicely. well then, let’s get to the finishing touches, shall we?
「Now then, you may kiss the bride」(Sirius)
Ara, is that not good? But you know, just like exchanging rings, the kiss is an important ritual, so I’ll be troubled if you don’t. While standing expresionlessly, I kept on pressing with my eyes. Then Dee finally grew a pair and while while holding her shoulders, took Noel’s lips.
You’re being noisy, peanut gallery. Originally this should be done siliently, but since there’s only family members, I’ll let that go.
「You are now husband and wife. O god, please give these two your eternal blessing. Now then, everyone, applause」(Sirius)
To the sibling’s applause and words of blessing, the couple answered with smiling faces.
「Sirius-sama, Emi-chan, Reu-kun. I am… really happy. Thank you, really, thank you.」(Noel)
The couple’s wedding ceremony ended on a high note.
On one needlessly prepared chair, kaa-san was applauding and sending her words of blessing….or atleast it felt that way.
And after the ceremony, it’s meal time.
Noel, though it was no different in colour, changed into her usual maid clothes and was smacking her lips at my cooking (TLN: as in not different from the dress)
「Nn?……As expected of Sirius-sama. This meat is very soft, and permeated with flavour. It’s the best.」(Noel)
This time I made something like a roast turkey. It’s not like it’s christmas, but it has the impact needed for celebrations, and since this bird is tastier than turkey, it’s even better. After prepping it, boil it with some special made sauce, lastly roast the surface, and it’s done (TLN: yeah, I’ve never heard of boiling turkey before roasting, but the fuck do I know.)
「Noel-nee, though it suited you really well, you already changed?」(Reus)
「Well, those clothes are something we made together with Emi-chan, and I got blessed by everyone in them. I’m going to cherish them, so I wouldn’t want to get them dirty, would I?」(Noel)
「That’s true. Anyway, I’m really glad for you, Noel-nee」(Reus)
「Un, thanks once again. Sirius-sama made meals and planning, Emi-chan made the clothes, Reus hunted and helped preparing, and Dee-san took me. I’m really one lucky fellow」(Noel) (TLN: yeah, took her, but not in that sense yet, so pipe down :D)
With her happiness aura completely recovered, Noel is subjugating food at tremendous speed. Did she have a disposition towards changing the amount of food depending on happiness? I hope she doesn’t put on weight from the good life. [6]
「Onee-chan even though you’re married with Dee-san, you’re not changing the way you call him?」(Emilia)
「Yeah, that true. Nn?….As I thought, I should do “that” here? Sirius-sama’s cooking is very delicious, isn’t it, D ・ e ・ a ・ r ♪」(Noel)
「Gufuu!?」(Dee) (Sfx of choking :D)
Dee, who was sitting besides her, eating siliently while looking embarrassed, started to choke.
「Here, Dear. Aa〜n…..」(Noel)
Hmmmm, space, almost sweet enough to distort the surroundings, was forming around the couple. Emilia was looking as if admiring it, Reus was a bit drawn back. I have a disposition of not caring about it, so thinking it’s fine if they’re happy, I left it as is.
「Aniki, somehow I feel it difficult to approach them, am I just imagining it?」(Reus)
「No, you’re not. They are making their own world, so just let them be」(Sirius)
「If you say so, Aniki. Although, it’s weird to see Noel-nee in pink colour」(Reus)
「Haaaa…how nice. Onee-chan, how nice….」(Emilia)
Emilia’s admiration went over the limits or something, and she started to shake her head while staring at a fork stabbed into the food.
「No, it is not right. I am a servant and not a wife, so it is not like that. But, since I’ll be taking care of him…uun, no no!」(Emilia) (sfx of saying no wordlessly)
Wait a minute, Emilia-san? You’re denying it while saying this and that, but your fork is moving towards my mouth, you know? While being astonished at the disciple lacking in self-control, I think I am too soft, since I ate it.
「Ehehe…I’m happy….」(Emilia)
「Are? Nee-chan also started giving out pink colour. What’s up with that?」(Reus)
「Just ignore her」(Sirius)
You’ll get it when you grow up….probably.
After the meal it’s time for the cake to appear.
The sponge is a bit hard, but it’s fine for a cake. Except for Dee, the three looked at the beautifully made cream ornaments, with their eyes shining.
「Th-this is a cake? This is totally different from the one I saw when I was with Aria-sama」(Noel)
「What is this. It’s a really beautiful pattern, but how do you make it like that?」(Emilia)
Ah, damn it. I should have had them cut the the cake during the ceremony. It’s not too late now, but they already changed, and since it seems difficult to stop the three with carnivorous eyes, I’ll give up.
「Fuffuffu, it’s a bit different from what I expected, but I’m confident in this one」(Sirius)
Hearing those words, the beastkin’s tension is at it’s peak. Since Noel and Dee have the main role, I cut them a bit bigger pieces, and then everyone immediatly bit into the cake.
「….Delicious. So a cake is… is this sweet and delicious…」(Emilia)
「….haa…it’s the best」(Noel)
「Iz Dilishius anikyu」(Reus)
I’m glad it gets such extremely high praise. As for Reus, he probably was saying 『It’s delicious, aniki!』, but it’s fine to not force yourself to talk. I did taste it a bit while making, but eating a finished product gives a bit of a different feel, huh. Might be a little too much cream, but that’s within tolerable limits.
「Dear! Of course this…」(Noel)
「Is written down perfectly. I’ll try making it next time」(Dee)
「You’re the best, dear!」(Noel)
That kind of exchange still unchanged even after marriage, huh. Since they have good compatibility and have been together for a long time, the two will be a good husband and wife.
And in this manner, our party continued until late at night.
Now then… the finishing touch.
After making Emilia and Reus sleep with sleeping medication, I called out to the two who were about to leave the living room.
「You two, I put Emilia and Reus to sleep with medication, and I’ll be sleeping with earplugs, so it’ll be fine even if you make some noise」(Sirius)
「Use contraception at your discretion. Well then, have a good time」(Sirius)
「Wait wh-!? Sirius-sama where did you get that knowledge…wha-, hey, Sirius-samaaー!?」(Noel)
I myself think that was meddlesome, and I’m aware I overdid it. But, they’ve been irritating me for a long time. I won’t get bad karma for doing this much. [7]
Please enjoy your first night well.
Next morning.
「Dear…I love you」(Noel)
And the two were super lovey-dovey, apparently. (TLN: this sentence is giving me headaches, since it’s full meaning just doesn’t translate to english ://)
1 Second sentence is a fricking nighmare :D It only repeats 「お互い様」(google it) twice, I tried to make it sound as good as it can in this situation :D
2The term used is 「推し量る」, which can also mean “to see the entirety of” or even guesstimate, I chose surmise as I felt it is shortest way of carrying over the meaning, but please correct me if you find something better.
3 both are sfx’s of surprise :D tell me if I need to point out what those untranlsated bits mean everytime or if you can understand without me pointing out.
4 「鼻の奥がツーンとしてきた」 – I seriously have no fucking idea what that ツーン means, and googling yielded me nothing useful, so I made an educated guess.
5 this dialogue part is changed a bit by me using some expressions of real priest words, just to add some bang and authenticity to it :D don’t worry I didn’t take out any meaning, just worded it in a different way)
6 幸せ太り go put it into or something if you care enough.
7 Litteraly says 「罰はあたらん」 which means “won’t be punished”, but I tweaked it a bit to make sense in english.


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