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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 64

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Do enjoy! ????The Real Feelings of a Child

Volume 11: Freeloader Arc starts.
A few days have passed since our reunion with Noel and Dee.
Since then, we became freeloaders at [Erina's Dining Room] and spent the time leisurely while helping them run the business.
Emilia and Reus were working as waiter and waitress, while Reese and I helped them prepare the meals in the kitchen every day.
And when today's business hours ended, I taught Dee new dish for the first time in a while. Of course, Alad was with me and he was curiously looking at my performance.
“After putting the beaten eggs here, cover it with a lid and it is completed when the egg solidifies." (Sirius)
“I see." (Dee)
“Yeah, it really can be done quickly. I'm learning something." (Alad)
What I was teaching this time were Donburi dishes, which can be the main dishes for a dining room, such as Katsudon and Oyakodon.
The reason I didn't teach this dish that was quick to combine, cheap and delicious was that I wasn't sure about the supply of rice.
Because of that, I made it for personal consumption; but when I heard that the Galgan Company was finally able to secure a stable amount, I taught the dish immediately. The two who were learning this dish, had serious looks as they took some notes.
The two sampled the completed food, and it looks like it wasn't bad at all, judging from their reactions.
“Katsudon is a bit troublesome, but the broth and the ingredients can be prepared in advance, and these ingredients are the same ingredients for stews." (Sirius)
“It seems possible to offer this dish soon." (Dee)
“It is so delicious with this speed and simplicity. As expected of Dee-san's master." (Alad)
“Then, you two should make these products one by one. They will be our dinner for today. Then, let's have everyone eat them and listen to their opinions." (Sirus)
“Understood." (Dee)
I gave the room back to them and they began preparing the cutlets. They would complete the Donburi dishes one after another.
When I was giving some small advice, I felt somebody watching and looked back. Everyone was attracted to the smell and was peeking into the kitchen, with Noel leading the bunch.
“…It smells delicious." (Noel)
“It's good to anticipate this, Noel-nee. Those are Aniki's deadly Donburi dishes. At last, Dee-nii has also learned them." (Reus)
“The taste will become a habit, Noel-san." (Reese)
The tension of the three gluttons started to rise, but since they were annoying, they ran away like spiders when they were driven away. You guys look really happy.
Then, the dishes were completed for a number of people after a while, and it soon became a dinner, since Noel and the rest were already preparing the plates and chopsticks. Three pots with Katsudon, Oyakodon, and Gyudon were lined up on the table, and bowls of rice were prepared in front of everybody.
“Put the ingredients and broth from the pots on top of the rice, and eat them. Since there are more helpings, I would like you to eat all three kinds and tell us your impressions." (Dee)
“Is this it? Let's see… Delicious!? This is delicious! I won't be able to handle the rest!" (Noel)
“It's a bit different from Aniki's, but Katsudon is still the best!" (Reus)
“I like Oyakodon. The subtle sweetness is good." (Reese)
“Everything is delicious, after all. I can't choose which one." (Emilia)
“I think I like Gyudon?" (Nokia)
Out of all who praised the dishes, I looked at Noir and she seemed enjoying eating it. She used the chopsticks skillfully, I guess Noel and Dee had taught her.
And when Emilia and Reese talked to Noir…
“Noir-chan, which one do you like?" (Reese)
“Oyakodon! It's really delicious!" (Noir)
“As expected, she is the child of Onee-chan who shares the similar characteristic." (Emilia)
“Of course." (Noel)
She answered straightforwardly and was laughing.
In the past few days, Emilia and Reese were sleeping together in Noel and Noir's room, it seemed that they were talking a lot before going to bed.
Furthermore, since they were often playing with her and taught her various things, from Noir's perspective, they became like sisters who were kind and could be relied on. It would probably natural for them to be attached to one another.
Although it wasn't at the level of those two, she often talked with Reus. It seems she allowed it to a certain extent. That might be because Reus' presence was similar to Noel's.
And the important part was me but…
“How about it Noir? Would you prefer for it to be sweeter?" (Sirius)
“…Yeah." (Noir)
She was turning away even when I talked to her. The attitude of having trouble towards me hadn't changed.
However, when I looked for several days, I could understand the cause. Noir was jealous of me.
When hearing stories from Noel, she seemed to be told about my splendor from the time when she understood what was going on around herself. From Noir's perspective, she seemed to think that I was given more priority than her, so it was possible that she was jealous.
Such a person finally appeared before her eyes, and her parents gladly received him. Thus, it wasn't funny to praise that person every time for something.
Besides, she probably thought that the time for taking care of her was decreasing because of me. If others saw the situation, they would see no changes on Noel's affection, but Noir herself might feel that way.
Whatever it is, I don't think I'm being disliked from the way she talks to me.
So I made a cake and asked her how she felt, but… the result was an utter defeat.
She enjoyed eating the cake that I made, but she still turned away when I talked to her. Although it was cake made from my vast experience, in Noir's case, she probably resisted because Dee made one. It might be counterproductive due to the subtle differences in taste. For a child, the mother's… uhmm, the father's taste is the best.
In the end, the cake that I made for Noir was gladly finished by Noel and the disciples. Since she is Noel's only daughter, it's not going to be easy.
After that, I talked to her many times and tried to help her in various ways, but Noir's attitude remained unchanged.
We are not settling down here, and we are not going to return here when we begin our journey. However, I would like to be friends with Noel's and Dee's only daughter. If anything, I want to go on a journey without feeling regret.
I thought that I wanted to do something about it, so I decided to discuss it with all of us on the evening of the day.
After they made Noir go to bed, we gathered in the middle of the dining room, and held a strategy meeting with Noel's declaration.
“That is why… we're holding meeting about getting along with Noir-chan for the first time. Everybody, applause!" (Noel)
It was exactly the same tension as when I decided on my family name.
Since it was troublesome to get involved for the second time around or something, rather than passing the issue at hand around while being seriously worried, Noel raised her hand first and informed us of her plan. There was no need to raise hands because this was not a system of raising hands.
“How about stroking her with that ‘god's hand’ that made Emilia lose herself? Noir-chan's favorite stroking point is on the right side on the back of her head at a diagonal position." (Noel)
“Hey Onee-chan, do you think Noir will let him stroke her so easily?" (Emilia)
“Well, I am going to stop here, so let's do it during that gap!" (Noel)
“I told you! He hasn't made friends with her yet, so won't that be counterproductive!? I know that you admire Sirius-san, but as a mother, please understand Noir's feelings!" (Nokia)
“You don't have to tell me that! It's because both Noir and Sirius-sama are important. Emi-chan, Nokia-chan is bullying me…" (Noel)
“Yes, yes, you big child." (Emilia)
The reaction between the siblings just now is a daily occurrence. And, Noel was jumping into Emilia's chest while fake-crying. But that fake-crying face immediately changed to a difficult face, and she trembled with disappointment.
“Ughh… yours are bigger than mine after all. It is regrettable that it is soft and pleasant!" (Noel)
“That is because I worked hard for Sirius-sama. I am completely prepared at anytime." (Emilia)
“Well, you don't have to be sad to that point, Noel-san. A woman is not only about their breasts." (Reese)
“Yeah! Even I married such a charming husband. Nokia's, which are smaller than mine, are absolutely…" (Noel)
“Yup, got it. Leave that matter aside!" (Nokia)
As we ignored them, the reason we gathered in the first place was to hear Noir's real feelings. When I suggested that, Dee opened his mouth after thinking for a while.
“That girl has a stubborn part similar to Noel. When thinking about this matter, should Noel and I ask her to tell us?" (Dee)
“Wouldn't Emilia or Reese be the right people for that? Well, you can decide who is going to ask later. As for now, we might as well think about another approach." (Sirius)
Noir seems to respect her father, who she can rely on cooking, but the sight where her father praises me is probably not enjoyable.
But, the amazing Dee should notice that it won't change anything, even if he praises me that much. Rather, it is me who has respects for Dee.
He made good use of what I taught him, and now he not only achieved his dream, he is also becoming a splendid father. I was seen as an irregular, based on my memory of my previous life, and a man who had nothing rose up because of my advice.
In other words, Dee was a wonderful and splendid existence. So, she doesn't need to worry which one is superior, she only needs to think that her father is amazing, but it is a difficult task to convince 4-year-old kid.
It is best for her to realize and accept me herself, but is there any good plan?
Oh yeah… how about showing her how uncool I am? There might be a reaction if she is shown such a scene.
“Dee, do you want to have a mock match with me this time? Let's show the scene where I'm losing." (Sirius)
“I am sorry, but I cannot. Even though it's on purpose, defeating master is something that I don't want to do." (Dee)
“What he says is right. For us, Sirius-sama is someone we should serve, not someone we should beat down. Noir-chan also certainly thinks that, so we don't want to show her your appearance being defeated on purpose." (Noel)
“My Aniki is the strongest! Don't talk about losing!" (Reus)
Emilia who sat nearby also nodded many times and seemed to agree heartily.
Like they said, I am confident that I can win against most people, but I am a being that absolutely won't lose. The world is big, so there must be many people and demons that are stronger than me. I must be careful not to let my disciples' hearts break if I lose.
When I was thinking about something else, Noel raised her hand again and put forward another plan.
“Well, let's have a cleaning match with me! I won't have any problems winning because I have skills as an attendant, so Noir-chan will see her mother's splendor!" (Noel)
“No, I don't want to lose to Noel, so I reject it." (Sirius)
“Why!?" (Noel)
Somehow I can't say the reason. I don't feel like losing to Noel.
Noel made a racket while pressing down with her hands, and then Emilia clapped her hands for a better idea.
“If that's the case, shall we go on a picnic with everyone? If she plays happily and feels refreshed, she might tell us her real feelings, so she may be able to get along with Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
Hmm… it's not bad but there's a little problem. As evidence, it was shown on Dee's difficult face.
“I think it's a good idea, but if the store is closed… I'll feel sorry for those who come to eat."
“…No, Dee-san should take a day off, anyway. You hardly took any days off since the opening of this shop, so please leave the dining room on that day to me and Noki-ane, and enjoy the holiday to the fullest." (Alad)
“That makes me happy, but isn't it impossible to manage the store with only two people?" (Dee)
“I will ask my other brothers and sisters for help. And I will mainly prepare the dishes in advance, in order to save some labor." (Alad)
Alad was probably worried about Dee. I heard that the store only takes a day off whenever Dee was mildly sick, even Noel and Nokia nodded in agreement.
Since I also felt the same, wanting Dee to take a break, I should give him a push.
“How about making a campaign or something on that day? Today, make an announcement about new dishes, or narrow down the menu to something that is easy to make and they can only order that. This is not a story for today or tomorrow, so it would be better to explain to the customers by putting a poster up in advance." (Sirius)
“Then, I will do it. He is constantly working in the shop, and the regulars know me." (Nokia)
It is also a good opportunity to introduce the Donburi dishes, which were taught some time ago.
The menu of this store is plenty, and it takes time to prepare the various dishes. If it is narrowed down to a certain extent, I told them that a single dish might be able to do it alone.
“Ooh! If that's the case, I may be able to manage this by myself. Dee-san, is this no good?" (Alad)
“Since our family has been taken care by Dee-san, my brothers and sisters are also willing to help." (Nokia)
Pressed by Alad and Nokia, Dee smiled while letting out a sigh. I am also happy when he is deeply appreciated by his disciple and family.
By the way, Noel held Dee's arms while laughing, just to give him another push.
“I will also ask from you, my dear. You're not only working every day, but also accompanying Noir-chan, so please take a break more often. Everyone in our family will be sad if you collapse." (Noel)
“…Thank you. I'll accept the offer." (Dee)
“Yes! I’ll show you that I can handle it alone." (Alad)
“Aah, in the end, it was Onee-chan after all. You're stealing the good parts." (Nokia)
“Huhummm, I cannot give my husband to anyone. Right, D-E-A-R." (Noel)
“Aah… I also cannot give Noel up for anyone. And now, Noir too." (Dee)
“Dear…" (Noel)
“Noel…" (Dee)
…This pink air hasn't changed at all.
I guess they got used to it. Alad and Nokia shook their heads, making 'Dear me' looks. They tore their gazes away from the two and started to prepare new tea.
By the way, Emilia and Reese were viewing the sight enviously, and Reus pretty much began shadowing Hokuto's tail, who slept in the corner of the room. That's interesting, I'll try that later as well.
After that, we joined the two who regained themselves, and decided the date of the picnic.
It seemed alright to a certain extent when we decided it several days later, after confirming with the rest of the families who worked in other places, they seemed to readily agree to the request.
Meanwhile, Alad repeatedly made Gyudon and other Donburi dishes, and saved himself from the redundant labor in cooking.
On a side story, Reus' face was beaten by Hokuto's tail. It was a big mistake if you think you can win against Hokuto's tail alone.

A few days later, the day of the picnic came.
The weather was spectacular sunny, perhaps it was great picnic weather.
We would be going with these three: Noel, Dee and Noir. Since I got up earlier than usual, I started to prepare and reserved a large amount of food for pre-made meals, so we can avoid the worst situation where there's no food supply.
While we prepared a lot of lunch boxes, the preparation of a leisure kit was completed by Reus.
“I'm counting on you for today. But do not push yourself." (Dee)
“Please leave it to me. I have been preparing so far, and I won't fail you." (Alad)
“Please don't worry because I'm watching too. Onee-chan and Dee-san, please take your time." (Nokia)
The other brothers and sisters seemed to be coming just before noon, so there won't be any problems since they worked here before. We were sent off by Alad and Nokia, and we went outside the town.
Our destination was somewhere at a nearby forest. According to Noel, there was a very good place over there. Although it was not far, Noir was worried about her endurance as a child, but was relieved since she was riding on Hokuto's back.
Noir was in a good mood from this morning, and she was having fun on Hokuto's back. Noel was also humming while following by her side, it was a very peaceful sight.
“Onee-chan and Noir-chan also look like they are having fun, Sirius-sama. If it's like this, it's possible to make friends with her." (Emilia)
“Hopefully, it will go well. It's good to have fun, but don't forget to be on guard." (Sirius)
“Leave it to me, Aniki!" (Reus)
“I will definitely protect Noir-chan." (Emilia)
The attires of Noel and the rest were easy to move in and were comfortable to wear. On the other hand, we were carrying weapons and wearing the mantles we got from school. In other words, these were the equipment we were using when we are traveling.
According to Noel, there were no monsters near the town, but we must be armed if we go beyond that. We are going together to have fun, but we look more like escorts.
Of course, they were withheld from being told that this was an escort, but we were going to be traveling from now on, so they were convinced that it would be training in case we received an escort quest from the guild. Of course, we planned to have fun, so we would enjoy this.
In the beginning, this was about getting along with Noir, but today was the first time for Dee and the others to have a break. In that case, let's be careful not to think too much.

By Noel's guidance, we entered the nearby forest, and after walking for a while, we reached the place where the trees were opened.
There was a small river flowing nearby, and there were nearby places with blooming flowers; it looked like a cozy place. The river was a beautiful clear stream and the bottom of it was shallow. Plus, there was no appearance of monsters lurking around. Since this was a place where trees were opened, we can see the monsters as soon as they appear. Noel said this was the only good place.
Noir, who had been shoulder-carried by Dee from the back of Hokuto, was looking at the scenery that was spread before her with glittering eyes.
“Uwaah…amazing. I didn't know there was such a place." (Noir)
“This is also Otou-san's first time here, and it is a nice place." (Dee)
“It's the perfect place to take it easy. Was there always such a good place nearby?" (Sirius)
“Actually, this place is known to the people in the town to some extent. But, since this is still outside of the town, there is the possibility that a monster might come out, so they don't want to get too close." (Noel)
In short, the reason why the people in the town hardly go to this place is that they have no combat capability. On the contrary, we have trained accordingly, our sensing abilities are high, and there was also Hokuto, who was more sensitive than anyone else. It's the ideal place for us.
“Hey, let's take a rest and be impressed later. First is the blanket for seats…" (Noel)
“Sirius-sama, the blanket is ready." (Emilia)
Emilia had already finished preparing the blanket before Noel took it from Reus, who was holding it.
“Since it is still early for lunch, let's make some tea and rest…" (Noel)
“Here you go, Sirius-sama. I have prepared for everyone else as well." (Emilia)
Again, before Noel made a move, Emilia had prepared cups for a several number of people, and poured the tea, which had been put in the thermos flask made by the Galgan Company, for everyone.
“As I expected, to play Frisbee in a place like this is…" (Noel)
“I'm going to take it easy on everyone, so please!" (Emilia)
And then, Emilia was wagging her tail while presenting the Frisbee before Noel even moved. Of course, it goes without saying that Reus and Hokuto were lined up next to each other.
“Uwaaa! Emi-chan, please take it easy on me! I also want to take care of Sirius-sama!" (Noel)
“I cannot handed over the care of Sirius-sama to anyone. Besides, today is a holiday for Onee-chan, so I want you to enjoy it and don't mind about this." (Emilia)
“I understand that, but can you give me a little bit it to do. Aahh… so soft." (Noel)
Leaving the married woman, who felt at ease on Emilia's chest, we sat on the blanket and took a break. When I told Hokuto and the siblings that this place was too small to play Frisbee, the shoulder-carried Noir made a noise while pointing at the river.
“Otou-san, river! I want to go the river!" (Noir)
“Noir is so excited. Alright, shall we go?" (Dee)
“Although this is the long awaited break, will that be alright?" (Noel)
“There's no problem since I had enough rest." (Dee)
Dee understood while smiling at his daughter's urging. He stood up after drinking some tea. Noir was engrossed with the river and she didn't seem troubled being with me, so I decided to stay near Dee to get a little bit familiar with her.
Dee and Noir took off their shoes, they entered the river that only immersed up to their ankles and started to play.
After a while, Dee and Reese changed places, and he came next to me, who was sitting near the river. Dee muttered while narrowing his eyes at the sight where Reese and Noir enjoyed playing with the water.
“I haven't play too much with Noir because I always worked. But that child is still emotionally attached to a person like me. She is a strange one." (Dee)
“Well, that is because you are a parent and his daughter, and Noir completely understands your kindness. Isn't she a clever and good girl?" (Sirius)
“Yes, she is our priceless treasure, our proud daughter. But it is regrettable that she doesn't think well about Sirius-sama. Without Sirius-sama, we couldn't do this leisurely…" (Dee)
“I only helped a bit. Well, don't worry about it. Aren't you guys longing for me because of the many years you guys have been associated with me? She doesn't know a thing about me and we just met, so there's no point in forcing her." (Sirius)
“I understand that, but I still… think about this. For me, as an attendant, and as a parent… Raising a child is really difficult, isn't it?" (Dee)
There was a matter of raising up my disciples, but I never raised a child since I have never had one. I had picked up a disciple as young as Noir, but it was different in its own way when raising someone since they were born. Because of that, I can't give any good advice. However…
“If there is one thing I can say, the way you and Noel have raised her is not wrong. Look, smiling happily like that is proof that she has grown up wonderfully. Not only that girl, you guys have also grown up together through parenting, which is a good thing. Leaving that matter aside, isn't today your day off? You're not only resting your mind, you also need to rest your body more." (Sirius)
“Yeah… you're right. Thank you very much." (Dee)
Dee was worried while smiling bitterly, but he probably calmed down by looking at his smiling daughter. With a satisfying expression, he lied down and rested on the spot.

After that, they played awhile, and then we gathered on the blanket because it was already lunch time.
Everyone was sitting in a circle, three of them were waiting with glittering eyes as Emilia finished distributing the lunchboxes. No, today Noir was joining too, so there are four of them. If it goes around like that, I will also be hungry.
“Sirius-sama, the preparation is over." (Emilia)
“Thank you for your hard work. Shall we, then?" (Sirius)
With my words as a signal, everyone reached for the lunchboxes all at once. They were picnic-like lunchboxes with colorful sandwiches and rice balls with various side dishes, such as Karaage and Tamagoyaki.
I was having trouble about what to take. Since I was getting it a bit late, Emilia presented a plate with a sandwich, and I accepted it. When I tried it at once, I remembered the memory of the past in spite of the nostalgic taste. The ingredients for this sandwich was similar to when we went for a picnic with mother.
“…I miss this. Emilia offered me like this at that time." (Sirius)
“Did you remember!?" (Emilia)
“Of course. It's the dish that you made for the first time." (Sirius)
“Aah… I am happy…" (Emilia)
At that time, the taste was a bit deep, but now it is a perfect taste that matches my tongue. Although Noel also can do it because she has a child, Emilia was growing up too.
I looked at Emilia who had an ecstatic expression while wagging her tail, and when I suddenly turned to the side, I saw Noir enjoying her sandwich.
Next to her, Noel was caring diligently, and wiping the bread crumbs and sauce on her mouth with a handkerchief.
“Is it delicious, Noir-chan?" (Noel)
“Yes! It is very delicious!" (Noir)
“Is that so? Try this too. This is your father's proud dish." (Dee)
Dee took a sandwich out of a lunchbox and handed it to Noir. That sandwich is the latest production they planned to sell in store next time.
I had sampled it, and I thought Noir will surely like it, but… she felt a little uncomfortable with the sandwich she was given.
“This is also delicious! Otou-san is the best, after all." (Noir)
“Yup, your dishes is the best… wait a minute, Noir-chan. Could that be the one that Sirius-sama made?" (Noel)
“Eh?" (Noir)
“Mu… no, it's not. I made this one." (Dee)
Yeah, I think I know why she felt uncomfortable, Dee gave Noir the one that I made.
Since it was Dee's completely new production, I also learned and tried making it this morning… it seemed the seasoning was similar enough to fool Noir.
Because of that, I might have felt somewhat satisfied, until it was too late to notice the 'bomb' that was catching fire before me.
“Huhu, oh Noir-chan. Sirius-sama's meal was delicious enough to make you mistake it for Otou-san's meal." (Noel)
“W-why…?" (Noir)
“You always eat it anyways, but in reality, Sirius-san's meal is also delicious, right? How about becoming more honest?" (Reese)
It was too late when I tried to stop them. Noel looked at Noir, who was trembling with a face that was almost crying, and her mouth closed up when she noticed her clumsy words, but… it was too late.
“Th-this person's meal is not delicious!" (Noir)
“N-noir-chan!?” (Noel)
“Rather than his, Otou-san's meal is… is far better! Don't say such a thing, Okaa-san!" (Noir)
“Hey, Noir. You must not say such a thing. Because of Sirius-sama, we…" (Dee)
“Otou-san and Okaa-san too, why do you praise this person so much!? Otou-san and Okaa-san are better than this person… so why!?" (Noir)
“”…"" (Dee/Noel)
Noel and Dee were unable to retort Noir's outcry. It would have been better if they clearly said that they were better here, but those two attendants couldn't say anything back.
Whether Noir was shocked with their reactions, she stood up while shedding tears.
“Why aren't you saying anything!? Say that Otou-san is amazing, Okaa-san too!" (Noir)
“…Sorry." (Dee)
“…I'm sorry." (Noel)
“!? O-otou-san and Okaa-san… stupiddd!" (Noir)
As soon as Noir threw out her real feelings, which had been accumulated from the bottom of the heart, she ran away while crying.
“Noir-chan! Wait, don't go over there!" (Noel)
“Wait a sec, Noir!" (Dee)
There were few monsters here because it was a shallow point in the forest, but there was a high possibility that dangerous monsters were lurking deep in the forest.
Her parents were shouting for that reason, but Noir did not stop running towards the depths of the forest.
If I say it frankly… it is easy to stop Noir right now. That was because Hokuto and I can run and forcibly catch her.
But, it's probably futile to say anything to Noir in her present condition.
I think it was necessary to settle this at once and I should cushion it through someone.
I had been activating [Search] since a while ago, but since I couldn't feel any signs getting close to Noir, I just let her run away.
“Aniki!" (Reus)
“Sirius-sama! Let's chase her immediately!" (Emilia)
“Yeah! It will be dangerous for that child alone!" (Reese)
“Calm down. There is no reaction of monsters approaching that girl, so she is going to be alright for a while. However… you two." (Sirius)
I calmed down Emilia and Reese, who were panicking, and I put my hands on the shoulders of the parents who were rejected by their own daughter.
They looked like they wanted to give a chase at once, but because they didn't know whether they should chase her or not after being told what was said earlier.
I talked gently to calm down the two who had despair expressions altogether.
“Can you leave this to us? We will surely bring Noir back, so you guys should consider what to say to that girl when she comes back." (Sirius)
Looking at those two who nodded quietly with a look that would cry at any moment, we commenced our operation.

Extra/Bonus 1
[Erina's Dining Room]… at that time.
“Gyudon, five servings! Oyakodon, four servings! Katsudon, ten servings coming!" (Nokia)
“Wait a moment! We don't have enough rice!" (Alad)
“Nii-san, it seems the cutlet for Katsudon has been sliced! I'm going to fry it!" (??)
“Nokia-neesan! The rice is cooked!" (??)
“Oyakodon, add five more!" (Nokia)
“Not enough! Cook more!" (??)
…It was a considerable 'scene of carnage'.
Extra/Bonus 2
Author: (It's just a joke)
What if Noel was the one who ran away?
“Dear and Noir-chan, stupiddd!" (Noel)
“Noel!?" (Dee)
“Okaa-san!" (Noir)
Sirius prepares a pudding quietly.
She stops… turns back… and eats the pudding.
“Dear and Noir-chan, stupiddd!" (Noel)
“Is it no use!?" (Sirius)


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Youth, is meant to be used to shed sweat under the sun!Youth, is to continuously engage in battles, and secure the win!

I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Halfway Breeze

Chu Xuan transmigrated to a fantasy world and became the young master of a powerful family. He was rebuked for misbehavi

I'm the King Of Technology


Chu Yi dies in a car crash and becomes Landon Barn, the illegitimate son of king Barn, ruler of Arcadina. Because his mo

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me


A god of a different world had abruptly appeared in my classroom and semi-forcibly summoned the entire class to his worl

A Man Like None Other


Read A Man Like None Other by . Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here.Jared Chance seethes wit

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

I Love Mermaid

He’s the Wolf King on the battlefield, one that mastered peerless martial arts and the sophisticated art of medic

The Legendary Master’s Wife

Yin Ya

After an explosion, You XiaoMo finds that he is now a probationary disciple of the TianXin sect. However, he is one with

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