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World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 44

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Edit 1: Change the dateline for chapter 45 from August 6 to August 5, 2016.The Will of Mother

Cardeas Bardfeld
He was born as the eldest son of the previous King, he was a suitable man to be the next King with rich talents in various fields.
But he longed for adventures rather than being a king.
He had confidence and sharp intuition, and since he liked to move his body around, he worked out and sometimes went out for adventures. Naturally, as an eldest son, he was not allowed to do that but there was someone who supported that aspiration.
That person was Cardeas' younger brother, Arious.
Arious had calm and gentle personality. He was a man that loved to read books. He was the complete opposite to his brother but the relationship between these two seemed favorable.
And then, the chosen next successor of the king was… the second son, Arious.
The previous King judged that the unmotivated eldest son was not suited to be the king even if he's capable. Luckily, Arious' capability as a King was good enough, and he was recognized by the surrounding people. Since Cardeas was uninterested since the beginning, he trained his body while supporting his younger brother in his shadow.
Coupled with Arious' virtuous personality, the calm political climate continued. And then, he (Arious) was married to a noble and the eldest child was finally born. Cardeas, who judged not to worry about a successor, after the second child was born several years after, decided to go out for an adventure that he had been longing for.
It was objected by his surroundings but Arious permitted and supported him.
"I want you to look at the world in my place." (Arious)
He made up his mind for the sake of his younger brother who gave his support.
"Ten years. I'll come back after ten years and I will support you for the rest of my life." (Cardeas)
So he promised and Cardeas finally went out on a journey of adventure.
It was fun, and had hardships but he enjoyed the adventures he longed for. Visiting around the world, he gathered various experiences and grew stronger.
Several years passed in no time, the day when Cardeas received request from the guild to earn income was when he met Reese's mother, Laura.
In the same ventures, they got along well miraculously and formed a pair. They protected each other's backs, it was probably inevitable for them to be attracted to each other by going on same adventure and they became lovers.
They slept together many times and when they thought about marriage… the ten year period already drew near.
Cardeas was troubled. Although it's better to return with Laura, it wasn't certain that people won't think of her as nothing but an adventurer or commoner. Above all, he knew Laura hated it.
There were two choices.
To separate from Laura, go back to castle and support his younger brother. Or pretend to forget about it and go on journey with Laura.
The one who decided for him, who was troubled, was none other than Laura. She taught him everything and furthermore, she was the one who supported him.
"It's a promise right? Cardeas who doesn't protect (the promise) is not the Cardeas that I love."
Cardeas decided to return back to the castle because of her words, he separated from Laura and returned to Elysion.
And then, the one who was waiting for him in the castle was… the figure of the younger brother who was weakened and lied down in bed.
Arious got sick one year ago, and when Cardeas returned, he (Arious) had no remaining life. It was too late to treat him, the weakened younger brother welcomed him back while laughing desperately.
A few days later… Arious passed away.
Arious' child was still too young, it's too early to succeed him. While the country was grieving, Cardeas decided to look over the country that his younger brother protected.
"I (Ore)… No, I (Watashi) will become the king and protect the country!" (Cardeas)
Cardeas adopted Arious' three children and he became Elysion's king. By the way, one of the children was Princess Lifell.
Of course there was dissenting opinion but if he, who had the capability of being a king since the beginning, would have stood out at the top. The political measures (taken) based on intuition and experienced gained from his adventures were doing well so the opposition faction gradually remained silent. He married a certain famous noble and the eldest son was born, he spent every day handling the official businesses… and when he noticed, ten years had passed by.
On one day, one letter arrived for him. The paper was dirty and worn out but it seemed it came by hand because there was his own seal stamped. And the only one who has the seal is none other than that person. There was no mistake, it's coming from the ring that he handed over to Laura during his farewell.
There was single paper enclosed in the letter that arrived. There was a single sentence written that shook him on that paper.
[Take care of my daughter.]
Cardeas searched the origin of the letter and sent his subordinate to investigate.
According to the report, Laura had already died because of an illness and it was known that she had a daughter, Faeris.
Before they were separated ten years ago, she already conceived Cardeas' child. When the case was investigated, there was no other man's image found so he thought, without a doubt, that the child that was conceived at that time was his daughter.
Laura thought that a commoner child might become a hindrance to Cardeas. Thus, she raised her without telling him.
He returned to Elysion without any concern, and he couldn't forgive himself to leave her alone for nearly ten years. Cardeas immediately sent a letter to take custody of Reese.
And when they met face to face, he could see Laura's face in Reese.
He was thinking… what kind of face he should show to his daughter that he neglected until now.

After finishing the monologue, he walked close to the window and sighed.
"I don't intend to show a side of a father at this late hour but I won't neglect you." (Cardeas)
"Tou-sama…" (Reese)
"But you were involved this time. Just for the sake of you not being rolled up with foolish nobles, I acted cold as if I'm not interested but… that was an act. You know, I, who chose to be a king rather than a father, am the worst kind of father." (Cardeas)
He wants to protect his own child, Reese, but he can't do it as a king of the country. And he chooses the country. As a king, he is not wrong which is why he can't forgive himself because his sense of responsibility is strong. Moreover, the reason he avoids Reese is probably because of his feelings of guilt towards Laura.
"Laura enjoyed adventures from the bottom of her heart in the same way as me. However, it (going for adventures) was taken away because of me, and even if the responsibility (of bearing a child) removed afterwards, Laura already passed away, and that's why… I was too ashamed to face you." (Cardeas)
When she conceived a child, she should not be able to continue going for adventures. To live in a town that barely got enough income, how hard was it to raise a baby alone? Because she was a woman with strong body and mind.
"Well, Faeris. I left you and your mother so don't you want to say something by being rolled up with this good-for-nothing father? If you like, I don't mind being hit. I'll accept everything." (Cardeas)
While laughing dejectedly, Cardeas called for Reese. Reese stood up in response to the call, walked slowly in front of Cardeas, and took a deep breath.
"Please don't decide it on your own!" (Reese)
She slapped him with outcry but she didn't put strength because it didn't make a sound.
"Why did you decide it yourself? Please don't say that when you don't know about mother's and my feelings!" (Reese)
"Got it. If you hate me, it's alright to hate me as much as you like." (Cardeas)
"That's wrong! Tou-sama is mistaken in the first place! Kaa-sama… didn't hate Tou-sama." (Reese)
"But I… to you guys…" (Cardeas)
"Kaa-sama said this before she died. Do not hate Tou-sama…" (Reese)
"W-what!?" (Cardeas)
As soon as Reese said she didn't hate him, Cardeas opened his eyes wide because he was surprised. From the standpoint of a king, he felt unrest to the extent of the matter regarding Laura and Reese was stabbing his heart until now.
"Kaa-sama talked how many times about Tou-sama's splendor, she talked proudly as if that was she herself. At that time, I didn't really understand and I was under that Tou-sama already died but I clearly understand it now. Kaa-sama was proud of Tou-sama. Tou-sama as a King…" (Reese)
"Laura… you…" (Cardeas)
"Therefore, I also can't blame Tou-sama who lives as a King and I just can't. But, there is one thing I want to hear. Was it… a good thing for me to be born as Tou-sama's daughter?" (Reese)
"Of course! When I found out that Laura died, I felt hopeless as if there wasn't able to leave you as a momento!" (Cardeas)
"I'm glad. It's enough for me to know that you feel glad about me being your daughter." (Reese)
"Faeris… are you going to forgive me?" (Cardeas)
"I forgive you and I'm not angry. Besides, Tou-sama, please call me Reese." (Reese)
When Reese smiled, Cardeas who was stiff broke into smile. The heavy burden he felt about Laura is solved and he felt refreshed.
"Huhu… That's right. Reese, thank you for telling me about Laura's words." (Cardeas)
"Yes!" (Reese)
The mutual misunderstanding is cleared, it was a very good mood but there's one unsatisfactory matter. Since he was seen as father for a period of time, I understood what was the thing Reese would ask for now.
"Please excuse me, your Majesty. May I say something? As a parent, won't it be good to pat the head if you praise a child?" (Sirius)
"Well, it is surely true. Thank you, Reese" (Cardeas)
"Aah…" (Reese)
Her hair became disordered by a bit of a rough caress, Reese was pleased from the bottom of her heart when she was patted by her true father.
The gap between Reese and her father was finally closed. It's probably still awkward but at least it isn't a bad thing.
When the tension in the air disappeared and Senia prepared new tea, Cardeas' servant was about to talk to the King.
"Your Majesty. Won't you affect government affairs if you don't return soon?" (??)
"Is that so… should I return?" (Cardeas)
When Cardeas looked at Reese by accident, he met disappointing eyes of his daughter. Looking at such eyes like a puppy being thrown away, he closed his eyes while thinking and then he asked his servant.
"Well, Jin. What happened to my cheek right now?" (Cardeas) (TLN: The name in raw is ジン)
"A trace of Princess Lifell's slap has clearly remained." (Jin)
"With that kind of face, it's not possible to go out as a king in front of his retainers." (Cardeas)
"That's true. Fortunately, this is a sanatorium. If you get into the hot spring, the swell will probably go down after a day." (Jin)
"Hmm, should I do that? I'll be troubling you." (Cardeas)
"There will be no problem. Well then, I will return to the castle." (Jin)
"I leave it to you." (Cardeas)
The attendant called Jin left the room without making sound, and then Cardeas who remained sat on the sofa and invited Reese to sit beside him.
"Reese, if it's alright, will you tell me more about Laura? Besides, I want to know how you have been doing in school."
"Y-yes!" (Reese)
Princess Lifell and others felt relieved looking at the scene where parent and child peacefully sat down on a sofa, Emilia and Reus too nodded in satisfaction. Somehow this matter has been solved amicably so Reese won't see me as a substitute as a father in the future.
"Oh yeah, do you know this, Tou-san? Reese has someone she likes." (Lifell)
"Ane-sama!? Do you have to talk about it now!?" (Reese)
"Hou? So, which of these two is…" (Cardeas)
It's already too late to run away… err rather, exit from the room. From now on, I think it should be the talk between families and I was planning to borrow the kitchen to make some kind of sweets.
By no means, since it seemed it was going to be troublesome, I didn't run away.
"Aniki, Reese-ane's Tou-chan was glaring awfully when I was about to go out from the room, you know?" (Reus)
"It's just your imagination. Well, I'm going into the kitchen so what should I make? The talk will be livelier if we eat cake." (Sirius)
"That's right." (Emilia)
We went into the kitchen and we got permission to borrow a part of the kitchen to make a cake. I was shown what ingredients are available here by the chef and since there are various kinds (of ingredients), it seems I can make Reese's favorite cake, cheesecake.
Although there was no oven, I decided to make oven-ish equipment while having Emilia go gather the ingredients. The power is coming from magic formations and I can make it since I am able to draw a magic formation for heating. The oven-ish equipment is completed when I draw the magic formations on an airtight container that is made from heat resistant material. Since it is easy to make, it is a one time disposable (equipment).
I mix the ingredients that Emilia prepared, placed it into the oven and after several minutes… a cheesecake was completed. I had a hard time because of the simple oven but there shouldn't be a problem with the taste.
The cook was looking eagerly at such a flow of events while taking notes. I think there is no meaning if there isn't an oven-ish equipment but it will be mass produced and advertised by Galgan Company soon.
I left that place for about two hours, Reese and others were having pleasant chat in the guest room.
The ill feeling between those two is almost gone, Cardeas had the perfect father figure as he laughed and enjoyed talks from Reese.
"Reese had become stronger. Although she was a child who could say nothing when we met for the first time." (Lifell)
"First, thanks to Ane-sama. And also everyone. Especially to Sirius-san… Aah, Sirius-san, where have you gone?" (Reese)
"I was making this." (Sirius)
Reese noticed when we returned and she was excited when she saw the cake that I held. Princess Lifell and others were having loose lips and they seemed happy too. The only person who didn't know about this, Cardeas, was looking at cheesecake with question mark on the face.
"Hmm, it was said that you are Sirius. What is this?" (Cardeas)
"This is the cake that I made. Although it's almost time for lunch, would everyone want to have this freshly made cake?" (Sirius)
"Of course. Otou-san too, please eat it because it is absolutely delicious. Senia." (Lifell)
"Yes. Sirius-sama, please sit on the sofa since I'm going to cut the cake." (Senia)
"Please." (Sirius)
Since Senia volunteered, I decided to leave the distribution of the cake to her. I was given a slice of cake by Senia and I sat on the same spot where is was a while ago but Cardeas' stare was dreadful. Perhaps, I was observed because I am Reese's master (Shishou). Although there was only a King at present, his stare was intensely strong and I can only imagine that he was staring here.
'You (Temee), did you put your hands on my daughter?'… with a Yakuza-like voice that can be heard, which doesn't feel out of place at all.
When I looked at Senia while eluding that gaze, as one would expect from an exclusive attendant for a princess, she equally cut the cake according to the number of people present just by looking physically. She ended it with slight food testing, and while she arranged the sliced cake in front of each person…
"… Oi. Is my portion the only one that is small?" (Cardeas)
Only the portion for Cardeas was clearly different in size.
I usually cut it in the size for ten slices but there will be only six slices if the cake is cut by Cardeas' portion's size. Alternately, there will twelve slices if the cake is cut as same portion for Reese and Princess Lifell.
It was natural for him to bring this up but Senia who was asked acted indifferently.
"No, isn't equal?" (Senia)
"Which part of mine is equal? No matter how you look at it, my portion is the smallest." (Cardeas)
"It's equal, you know." (Senia)
"But this is…" (Cardeas)
"It's equal." (Senia)
"No, that's why…" (Cardeas)
"It's equal." (Senia)
"…Hmm." (Cardeas)
Oi, he was defeated.
When I think again, Senia loves Reese like a younger sister and she should be angry when Reese was made as a decoy. Since she as a servant cannot slap him like Princess Lifell, anything is good as long as she can get revenge. Compared to slap, this is adorable…
"Muu!? This wonderful rich taste! Is there more?" (Cardeas)
"There is no more. Reese, cheesecake is delicious, right?" (Lifell)
"Yes! It is more delicious when I eat it together with everyone!" (Reese)
"Well daughters, will you share a bit (of your cake) with me?" (Cardeas)
""No!"" (Reese/Lifell)
"Muoooh!" (Cardeas)
The effect was outstanding.
Despite being in agony, the daughters were laughing happily to their frustrated father. Reese probably longed for days like this all the time.
"Yeah, Reese. There is one thing that I want to hear." (Lifell)
"What is it Ane-sama?" (Reese)
"I heard from Sirius-kun that you were given a cheesecake several times when you came to visit my place but… I wonder why this is my first time eating this?" (Lifell)
"… Eh?" (Reese)
"That hanky-panky laughed is very cute. But, I must be firm." (Lifell)
"Ane-sama… forgive me." (Reese)
"… Nope." (Lifell)
… Yeah, it's everyday skinship between sisters.
I purposely didn't ask what happened to Reese after that. If we can say one thing, we, the guys, just quietly left the room.

After that, we had lunch and when we entered the hot spring one more time, Cardeas barged into the bathroom.
Although he is a king, he has lean strong muscles because he was a former adventurer. When I praised his muscles, for some reason Reus tried to oppose by showing off his muscles.
"I'm not going to lose! How is it, Aniki!" (Reus)
"Hoho, this much is like youth. It's very splendid muscles!" (Cardeas)
Cardeas seems that he doesn't mind about Reus' language at all. They showed their muscle to each other and while praising it, they both laughed loudly and looked more like a parent and a child more than with Reese. Are they feathers of the same bird?
By the way, the uproar became calm after a short while. Cardeas suddenly talked to me as soon as he sat down next to me.
"I heard about you from my daughters. It seems that they asked you for various help." (Cardeas)
"I only did it because I wanted to do it." (Sirius)
"Hmm, you're just being sincere, huh? Nevertheless, that merit of yours by training those muscles to the limit by carrying Reese from castle. I agree that Lifell is trying to scout you. How about this, instead of Lifell, how about working for me?" (Cardeas)
"Thank you for your offer but I have to decline." (Sirius)
"I thought you'd say so." (Cardeas)
Was that no use because he didn't show his disappointment for being rejected? Cardeas leaned against the wall and sighed, muttering while staring at the ceiling.
"… By the way, what do you think about Reese?" (Cardeas)
"She's very sweet and gentle child, and she works hard at everything. However… she is not suited as a royal." (Sirius)
I saw Cardeas laugh with a smile. He was astonished with such straight answer, he pat my back while laughing loudly.
"Hahaha! You're surely right. It's true that she doesn't suit to be a noble, let alone a royal. If she enters a brothel, she will be eaten in no time.
"I like Reese-ane the best when she enjoys eating meals." (Reus)
"That's right. She lived as a commoner, together with Laura, which was the best. I was thinking of bringing her back to the castle and give her royal education but going to school is probably the best conclusion." (Cardeas)
"Will that be alright? Because Reese has a lot of acquaintances among her classmates and she enjoys going to school every day." (Sirius)
"Hmm, please take care of Reese from now on. But…" (Cardeas)
And then, he put his hand on my shoulder with strength. Err… I can hear creaking sounds from my shoulder, and it's painful.
"I won't allow you to go out with Reese." (Cardeas)
'I am not going out with her'… that is something that I couldn't say because there was an unspeakable strength at present. It seems I can't win against the strength of a father who thinks about his daughter.

We stayed in the sanatorium until evening, and because it was bad to leave the school dorms empty for two days, we returned at once.
On the following day, we except Reese went to school and since we were asking Magna-sensei for alibi work, he was slightly angry because we skipped out of class for two days.
After that situation, I intended to conclude it myself.
First is Reese. Her secrets remained as secrets after all. I appeared during the premarital ceremony but all nobles aware about it were all captured and it was announced that she was employed as a decoy. Besides, given that many parties were involved from the castle side, she can come to school again when the lingering excitement cools down.
Reese is living together with her sister till then in the sanatorium, and since we come occasionally too, she passes the time happily.
There are more than fifty nobles that participated in the following ceremony.
It seemed that 80 to 90 percent of nobles lost their titles, were driven out from Elysion, or they were being dealt with in secret. In the beginning, the intuition is paralyzed by small bad conducts, so when it grew bigger, it became difficult to stop them. Despite the repulsion from the said person who got purged, they couldn't do anything but stay silent when the collected evidence of their injustice was submitted to the King.
And then, there's Reese's marriage partner, Kura. He was sad when his father was lumped with the group of bad nobles but he seemed to look cheerfully bright for a short while as if he was liberated.
His crime was not serious, he was transferred to remote territory away from Elysion with several attendants and… he left Elysion with that weak constituted girl. Though they may have a hard time from hereafter, they will probably be alright because there was a report saying that he was happily snuggled with that girl.
Lastly, it's about us.
It was said that the disturbance of the ceremony was fully instructed by the king, and the one who kidnapped Reese was a private soldier for him. Since we were in disguise and no evidence of our figure or even trace was found, we had no problem to walk around in town from now on.
We got to know the King and that the meeting in that bathroom wasn't the last meeting. The King didn't roll us up with politics and of course because we also don’t want to get involved. I met Princess Lifell through Reese at best and it's only to give cakes.
If Reese is able to go to school, this will become a thing of the past.
When speaking about changing aspect, it comes to the matter of Emilia and Reus finally residing in the Diamond Cottage.
When I allowed them to stay in Diamond Cottage, Emilia immediately brought her luggage into the room and she finished moving in less than an hour. I knew I prepared about this beforehand but I didn't think she was this eager to be here.
Although the room is smaller than before, that is because two beds are set up in Emilia's room. That is the space for Reese, it is decided for her to stay here when she returns back to school.
Despite trying to be stopped frantically by his roommate, Reus finished moving in, the Diamond Cottage where I used to live alone suddenly became lively.

Then, several days later… the harvest festival began in Elysion.
The whole town was filled with liveliness, everybody enjoyed the festival and there were carts lined up in place. The whole town of Elysion was excited because of the festival and it went on for several days.
"Although there are usually many people, today there is an unexpected number of people, Aniki." (Reus)
"Don't get lost, you know." (Sirius)
"It's alright. There is no way we will lose sight of Sirius-sama." (Emilia)
While we pushed through waves of people, we were caught with same festival mood and we walked towards downtown. We enjoyed the festival by looking at various stalls on the way, window shopping, and buying meat skewers.
"Although a meat skewer is also good in festival, I want Takoyaki (Octopus dumpling)." (Sirius)
"What is Takoyaki, Aniki!? Is it delicious!?" (Reus)
"Aah, it's delicious. Since I'm going to make it next time, first of all, stop swinging around the meat skewer with both hands." (Sirius)
"Understood!" (Reus)
Reus ate a big volume of meat skewers with undividing focus and then we arrived at the meeting place. This is where we plan to join with Reese but it seems she hasn't arrived yet.
"Sirius-sama, please open your mouth." (Emilia)
"Aah… hmm, it is somewhat lightly seasoned but it's not bad. Where did you buy it from?" (Sirius)
"Yes, the classmates open a stall over there. They seem to properly make the best use of the seasonings that I thought of." (Emilia)
I waited for few minutes while eating foods that I received from Emilia, and then Reus who finished eating meat skewers seemed to find a person in the crowd.
"Aniki, isn't that Lifell-ane over there?" (Reus)
When I looked to where Reus pointed, the ponytail styled hair was dyed with blue color from (original) a red color, Princess Lifell who wore brilliant one piece type dress came while folding arms with Melt. By the way, I gave her hair dye product as a present.
Senia and Melt wore a dress clothes one rank lower (from Lifell) as usual and their hair was dyed, they attracted a bit of attention but they skilfully melted in the downtown area.
"Why are you separating from me? You're going to get lost if you don't stick any closer." (Lifell)
"B-but I…" (Melt)
"Getting unrest just by folding arms…" (Senia)
"Right. Since we are engaged, face it firmly." (Lifell)
From the story that I heard, they were coming to the festival as engaged noble couples with a servant. For the sake of getting along with that setting, Melt passed in front of us peacefully while feeling troubled.
"Aren't you going to talk with them, Aniki?" (Reus)
"I'll leave them alone for now. It's best to leave those three alone, you know." (Sirius)
Seeing the disguised happy couple off, there was the figure of Reese when I incidentally turned my sight towards the inner part of shopfront. However she was not alone, there was a large builded man on her side.
"Tou-sama, shall we eat that this time?" (Reese)
"Meat skewer? Hey store owner, I want you to grill them all." (Cardeas)
The man besides her had his hair dyed black and wore commoner-like clothing was Cardeas.
It seemed he sneaked away from the castle, maybe he wanted to enjoy the festival with his daughter. Maybe the ministers and the subordinates are doing their best with teary eyes about it this time.
Those two ate up the meat skewers which they ordered in no time. Next, they were eating the grilled food with both their hands. Their peaceful appearance when eating is really heartwarming but… they were eating vigorously with no sense of stopping even when they already on their tenth order.
It is a scene where you can be convinced that those two gluttons are unmistakably parent and child.
"Aah, Sirius-san!" (Reese)
When Reese vaguely looked around, she noticed our presence, she waved her hand and ran here.
Cardeas walked here from the rear with sharp gaze while eating meat skewer but he didn't say anything about her daughter being excited.
"Tou-sama bought me a lot of things!" (Reese)
I could see her smiling bright without any feeling of anxiety and the (relationship) gap with her father was also buried.


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