Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Volume 13 intermission 1

Intermission: The Requirements of Companionship

"…Aa…uuu" (Fia)
The morning of the second day after the Fighting Festival ended.
I woke up with a sound of something that rubbed against the bed sheet and mixed with charming breathing.
I didn't do any training until today in order to recover from the exhaustion, but it seemed that I woke up in the morning like the usual due to the habit.
And when I looked to the side, Fia was sleeping with a gentle look.
Since her sleeping face was in a defenseless state, most people would think that it looks cute, but in the case of Fia, even the sleeping face could be describe as beautiful.
When I saw Fia for the first time, I thought that she was a mysterious and beautiful woman like a work of art, but even nearly ten years had passed, it didn't change at all. Rather than being in love, I thought that she became more beautiful as a woman.
Having a beautiful skin that women envy, and flowing lovely hair that completely won't stuck even if you comb with fingers. It was said that this was the standard of elves, so it might be natural to be targeted.
I was liked by Fia, who was an elf, and when I realized it, we already became lovers. That's why I must protect Fia… as a man and as a lover.
Looking at her face while thinking so, Fia slowly opened her eyes. She caught my face and kissed me.
"Yeah… Good morning, Sirius." (Fia)
"Good morning. You're passionate since morning huh." (Sirius)
"That's because I am seeing your face when I wake up…" (Fia)
Fia kept watching my face with a gentle smile while narrowing her eyes.
"Hehe… you're embarrassed. I never thought that I would be losing my head so much." (Fia)
"Losing your head? You mean with a man?" (Sirius)
"Yeah. There was a story before I met you…" (Fia)
Prior to meeting me, Fia became acquainted with a child, who was an escort, in a certain town, and she became that person's drinking buddy.
"Our interest was similar since we both enjoyed drinking. It was a short time, but I heard a lot of interesting stories. Among them, it was a story of an escort who become too fond of a man." (Fia)
The escort earnestly fell in love with the man who was her customer, and it seemed that she did everything that he told such as her body and money. However, the man was low-life and the lady seemed to have been abandoned at the end. It was said that she was losing one's head over such a man.
Apparently, this story was propagated to convey the failure example so that escorts need to be careful. From the establishment side, it was a story of having the number of their employees to be decreasing. Hence, the story was proactively disseminated.
"When I heard the story, I was wondering… why she would madly fall in love until that far for that guy, but the current me is completely falling in love with you, right? It is a bit funny, huh." (Fia)
"I am happy as a man, but is that troubling you, Fia?" (Sirius)
"It's just that I feel that I would listen to everything if you ask me now. I will give you money if you ask for it, and if you tell me to embrace you, I will do it without hesitation." (Fia)
"That's quite bad. But, if I properly ask in advance, will that be alright?" (Sirius)
"Well, if it is Sirius, I can have a piece of mind and leave it to you. But, if there is something, do not hesitate to say it. It's not only me. Emilia, Reese, Reus and Hokuto also always think what we want to be for your sake, so you don't need to push yourself too much." (Fia)
Was it… for my sake? She said such a nice thing, but I already had more than enough from everyone.
Those were developed due to the knowledge of provision in my previous life, but my strength in this world was abnormal. If you know everything, from the view of a person who doesn't know anything, they must be terrified.
But for them to yearn for someone like me, I wasn't lonely because they were disciples and companions who would follow me, and I could live a fulfilling live.
"I am not forcing myself. Protecting you and our companions complete my life as a human. As I freely live in such a way, I want everyone to do the same. Especially Fia, I want you to openly walk around without hiding your ears." (Sirius)
"There will be a lot of troubles if the fact about me is an elf exposed, you know?" (Fia)
"Don't worry because I will protect you. Because you are mostly attractive when you live the way you like and with your natural smile." (Sirius)
"…Ooh, you!" (Fia)
When I thought why Fia suddenly cried, she rode my body and greedily indulged my mouth.
I gently caressed Fia's back to calm her while I was surprised with her action. She looked at me with a serious look after she released my face.
"Although I wanted you to say that you won't force yourself… such pick up lines are unfair!" (Fia)
"It's not unfair. I'm just being honest with my feelings." (Sirius)
"Eeii, shut up! There is still time until breakfast, right!?" (Fia)
"Wait a second, you mean now?" (Sirius)
"My body is burning, so it can't be helped, you know. Besides, we elves have an extremely low probability of having children, so let's practice it without a moment’s delay." (Fia)
If I wasn't mistaken, according to the information… in elf village which was said to have about hundreds people, there were many women who had a child in several decades.
Elves were not aggressive in that direction, but it seemed that the sense of crisis could be hardly felt because their sense of time was different from human and beastkin due to their longevity.
It wasn't that I didn't understand what Fia said, but…
"And the truth is…?" (Sirius)
"My feelings are not going to go away. It's just that I'm falling in love with you, more and more." (Fia)
"Honestly, it is fine. And, please fall in love as much as you like. I will accept everything." (Sirius)
"I love that open-mindedness!" (Fia)
After that, I was occupied by Fia until Emilia called.

"Good morning." (Reese)
"Good morning, Aniki!" (Reus)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
As I brought Emilia and Fia, Reese and Reus, who were sitting on the table, gave us a morning greeting in the dining room which was also the bar of the inn. Hokuto, who was sitting on the floor, greeted me as well.
"Good morning. Sorry, it seems that I made you wait." (Sirius)
"N-no… the timing is good since there is no morning training." (Reese)
"Say Aniki, what's with Nee-chan and Fia-ane?" (Reus)
When looking at Emilia who was hugging my arm, and Fia who had unusually bright expression, their puzzled faces might be natural.
"I just clear things up with Sirius. Reus, you must also become a good man to satisfy woman like Sirius." (Fia)
"Of course! I am aiming to be like Aniki, you know?" (Reus)
"Yeah. But, you have your own merit, so do your best by making use of it." (Fia)
"Ouu!" (Reus)
When I tried to take a seat while listening to the conversation between Reus and Fia, Emilia left my arm and pulled a chair. It looked like she was trying to put her smell on me because she didn't want to lose against Fia, but she didn't forget her duty as a disciple after all.
And with everyone in front of the breakfast arranged on the table, everyone's eyes gathered at me. It was because the meal won't start without my signal
"Well, itadakimasu." (Sirius)
""""Itadakimasu."""" (Emilia/Reese/Fia/Reus)
Fia, who easily adapted to our ways since the last few days, also held hands in prayers, and then, the breakfast began.
There were salads with bread and soup, and the breakfast seemed heavy since there were roasted meats, but there was no problem with that in our case.
"Another please." (Reese)
"Me too, another please!" (Reus)
"Sirius-sama, will you have salad a little bit more?" (Emilia)
"Aah, alright. Emilia also, eat it without reserve." (Sirius)
"…I wonder if the secret of getting stronger is having proper eat?" (Fia)
The amount was not enough.
As soon as the dishes that filled the whole table fits into the stomach of everyone, another helpings had been brought forward.
"Yes, I brought extra food and other helpings and services." (Cecil)
"Sorry for making you come and go many times." (Sirius)
"Since the number of customers has increased because of Onii-chans, it's fine. We have a lot of provisions, so eat it till your heart’s content." (Kachia)
Looking at the surroundings, the tables at the bar were almost filled with people. Kachia and the employees were busy and happily serving the customers.
Clearly the number of customers had increased more than when we first stayed here. And that would be the case since I advertised them when I won the Fighting Festival. The announcement was spread by mouth, and it showed a magnificent change in only two days.
From the beginning, the condition of the place wasn't even bad, and it was a fine inn with excellent services to guests. The rooms were occupied for several days and it wasn't a dream.
As the number of customers increased, I thought that I should bring my Beast Companion, Hokuto, out, but he was allowed for special reason. There were complaints from some customers, but when I told that I, as the winner of the Fighting Festival, was the owner and because to Hokuto's politeness, they were somehow accepted it.
Then, after the breakfast, I decided to discuss today's schedule while having after meal tea and dessert fruits.
"The injuries of Reus and I had considerably healed, so I think that I will go the adventurers guild today." (Sirius)
"Eh!? Perhaps you don't want to turn the price money of the Fighting Festival to food expenses, is it!? I don't want the side dishes to be reduced!" (Reese)
"We will hunt monster!" (Reus)
"Calm down, you guys. Actually, there's a latter came." (Sirius)
Calming the glutton siblings in the house, I took out the letter given by Cecil-san's husband at the reception before I came here. I put it in the center of the table and showed it to everyone.
It seemed to have kept it this morning, but I simply told them that I need to show my face at the Adventurer’s guild.
"What kind of business do the guild employees have for us?" (Emilia)
"During the award ceremony of the Fighting Festival, apparently my beginner rank of the guild rank is a problem. According to them, since the winner of the Fighting Festival is a beginner rank, the Adventurer guild seemed to make light of me, so they would like to discuss it once." (Sirius)
Currently, my guild rank was Eighth rank, and in this world standard, it was generally called a beginner adventurer.
Emilia and Reese were similar as me. Reus was at seventh rank because he defeated a monster during spare time, but… his rank was also a beginner level.
In terms of ability, I thought that we could aim for higher rank, but since we were not having trouble with money due to the income from the Galgan Company, we didn't showed our face in the Adventurer’s guild and barely did any request.
"If it is Sirius-sama, getting the first rank is easy. Certainly, let's have you attain first rank." (Emilia)
"Yo-you can't. We have to properly accept requests and rank up." (Reese)
"Reese is right. To be honest, I am not very interested in guild ranking, but they specially called for me through the letter. So, I'll show my face." (Sirius)
There were various reasons for registering in the guild, but the most important thing was to have a proof of identification.
Even as a joke, I didn't think that it would be good to be surrounded by enemies because I was the winner of the Fighting Festival, so I decided to go since it would be troublesome later.
"Since Fia-ane was traveling, are you in the guild?" (Reus)
"Yes, of course. I had… to earn travel expenses. This is my guild card." (Fia)
The guild card that Fia took out from her pocket was engraved with Fifth rank and the material was silver. So, she was an intermediate adventurer.
"If I aggressively do the requests, I might be able to go further up, but I was fine if I earned at least the minimum. Besides, since I am an elf, I don't like the rank going up and becoming conspicuous." (Fia)
If it was Fia, who could use spirit spells, she probably could rank up by defeating strong monsters alone.
When she was alone, she accepted the requests while covered with a hood, but if her rank climbed up and she became conspicuous, some fools would appear trying to find out her identity, so it was good idea to stop at Fifth rank.
"Well then, let's go to the guild when the preparation is done. We might receive a request, so don't forget to prepare." (Sirius)
"Understood. I will arrange the necessities." (Emilia)
"If it's about ranking up, it's not good if we are not working for it, you know. Aah, Kachia-chan. Can I have more of these fruits, please?" (Reese)
"Me too!" (Reus)
"Are you going to eat more!?" (Kachia)
"Hehe, they eat a lot." (Fia)
As those two were perfectly synced, Kachia and other adventurers, who were looking at us, were surprised. Emilia and I already used to it. Same goes to Fia. She happily looked at their eating habits.
While looking at Reese and Reus, who were joyfully eating the fruits, I recalculated the food expenses in my head.

We headed to the adventurers guild after finishing the preparation, but we were understandably stood out along the way there.
With the first runner up of the Fighting Festival, the Hundred Wolves, Hokuto, and the elf, Fia, it was natural to be conspicuous. By the way, Fia was walking with us while removing her hood and boldly exposing her real face.
Most of the gazes directed from the surroundings were favorable, and we received skewered meats from a person, who opened a food stall, and he told us that it was a splendid fight.
While there were evil gazes that included jealousy and schemes, they ran away when Hokuto and I stared at them. It needed a bit of practice; it was a skill of releasing bloodlust by pinpointing in order to let them noticed and understood it.
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Aah, he said take your time, he will wait." (Emilia)
We walked in the boisterous town and arrived at the Adventurer guild. If there was something, Hokuto would bark to call me. And then, he lied down in a place of Beast Companions.
Just as it was said to be the capital of adventurers, when I entered the large building, it was noisy with large number of adventurers accepting requests and having discussions.
When we entered the building, all eyes were set on us unlike when were in the town.
Most of them were looking at Fia and had lewd look, but they were sighing as if giving up when seeing her with me and Reus. Perhaps they had seen the Fighting Festival and decided that they were no match. These people were worthy to be adventurers, because if they couldn't sense danger, it won't be enough no matter how much lives they had. When thinking about that, these adventurers were probably good quality adventurers.
Since it was fine if we didn't get entangled, we were at the end of the queue where adventurers lining up before the reception of the guild, and….
"Aah!? So, you have come, Sirius-kun! Can you come here, since I am in a hurry?" (??)
When we turned our faces because of loud voice behind the reception, it was the woman who did the live coverage of the Fighting Festival.
I wonder… why she was here, but when she appeared in the state of having same attire with other receptionist, apparently she was an employee here.
When it turned out to be her, Emilia and Reese immediately stood up in front of me while Fia embraced my arm. Since Fia was smiling, she probably just wanted to embrace my arm.
Of course, the adventurers, who were watching from afar, looked envious, but I unconcernedly stroke Emilia's and Reese's heads to calm them down.
"Calm down. Come on, let's go since she is calling." (Sirius)
"Let's do this. Since I will be at the rear, two people should be on both sides." (Fia)
""Yes."" (Emilia/Reese)
"Then, I'm in the front!" (Reus)
Thus, I headed to the reception while surrounded by everyone; Emilia and Reese were on both sides of me, Fia at my back and Reus at the front.
What's with this situation? …When I thought about that, they were concerned about me, so it was difficult to stop them.
"Wha-what with this perfect arrangement!? There is no gap for me to enter with this!" (Announcer)
"The enemies of Nee-chans are my enemies! I will not let you touch Aniki!" (Reus)
"But, the lovers have become from three to four!? As expected of a person who ruled the Fighting Festival. A profound chest that accepts whether it is a man is also wonderful!" (Announcer)
"Wait a sec, Reus is just a disciple." (Sirius)
"Wait, Aniki! We are not just disciples. In the future, we will… muguhh!?" (Reus)
Since Reus began to loudly emphasized, I threw a candy that was recently made into his mouth and made him shut up. Reus, who was absorbed in the sweetness with a touch of honey, concentrated on licking it and became quiet.
Emilia and Reese on the sides turned around with a glutton look, so it went without saying that I put it into their mouth as well.
"Ehemm! More importantly, I came here because I received the letter." (Sirius)
"Oh, that's right! Sorry, please wait a minute. I will immediately contact the higher ups." (Announcer)
That woman asked another woman, who was working at the reception to contact the higher ups, and then she asked us to show our guild cards.
"For the time being, let me confirm your rank. Aah, I'm sorry, my name is Beauty. If it is strong man, I will always welcome them anytime." (Beauty) (TLN: The name in raw is ビューテ)
I clearly disregard the gaze aimed at me and Reus, and we handed the guild cards to Beauty. And when she confirmed all of ours, she deeply took a breath while covering her face with hands.
"…While having strength until that degree, you were really beginner." (Beauty)
"I'm not really interested in ranking. So, did you call us to raise the rank?" (Sirius)
"I also haven't heard it in detail, but it is probably related. By the way, when you said that you are not interested, do you know the rank classification?" (Beauty)
"Well…" (Sirius)
The guild rank started from the Tenth rank. Every time the rank was raised by doing requests, the number of the rank decreased, and the First rank was the highest.
When the rank went up, it became possible to receive requests with higher difficulties and rewards, and the way of calling changed too.
Beginner adventurer was from Tenth to Seventh rank.
Intermediate adventurer was from Sixth to Fourth rank.
Advanced adventurer was from Third to First rank.
According to rumors, it seemed that there was a special rank that was higher than the First rank, but since I wasn't interested more than that, I had no plan to look up for it.
"If that's the case, there is no need for explanation. The full detailed will be given by the Guild Master, so will you follow me?" (Beauty)
"Can my companions come too?" (Sirius)
"There's no problem." (Beauty)
Since the woman, who was asked to make contact some time ago, returned, we were taken to a room by Beauty.
We were led to a room which could be used for a conference, with a big table inside.
On the opposite side of that table, there was a big built man with muscles forged to the extent that wouldn't lost to Lior-Jiisan's and his head was completely shaved. Having a large scar on the face, this man had an air that was unlikely of an ordinary people, so he could be…
"Let me the introduction. Here is Badom-sama, the Guild Master of the Adventurer's guild of Garaff branch." (Beauty) (TLN: The name in raw is バドム)
"I am Badom. Nice to meet you, Sirius-kun, the champion of the Fighting Festival." (Badom)
I responded since he got up for a handshake, but the moment the hands got connected… Badom quietly smiled.
As I noticed that Badom wasn't an ordinary person, it seemed that the other side also noticed my ability. This Guild Master seemed to be a strong person who could measure a part of the ability even by connecting hands.
"…I see, if it's you, it's probably normal to win it. For a person to be strong until this degree was hidden… the world is really interesting." (Badom)
After that, he shook hands with Reus, and he was nodding several times with great interest.
"Are you Sirius-kun's disciple?" (Badom)
"Yes, I am. I am Aniki's first–… No, I am his second disciple!" (Reus)
"I see. You are also a wonderful raw stone. I am really looking forward to the future." (Badom)
Badom was happily laughing due to Reus who immediately corrected himself because of Emilia's silent pressure.
Whether Reus instinctively understood that he was a strong person, his tone was unusually polite.
After that, he continued with Emilia and Reese. He returned to the seat after shaking hands with the last person, Fia, and returned to his seat. He, then, signaled us to take a seat.
"Nevertheless, you guys are very interesting. When I think whether you guys are beginner adventurer, to train that youth to that extent, and to be together with rare elf and a Hundred Wolves which also regarded as a myth." (Badom)
"It is necessary to live. Plus, Fia and Hokuto are my important companions. Anyhow, why did call for us?" (Sirius)
"Hmmm. I think that you already understand. This is about raising the rank of Sirius-kun and Reus-kun. As I wrote in the letter, annoying people will appear if the one who won the Fighting Festival is a beginner." (Badom)
"Is that so? Since it is hard to rise too much, intermediate Sixth rank should be enough." (Sirius)
"…Normally, people are obsessed with raising their rank, but it seems that you are not really interested." (Badom)
Badom was smiling while drinking the tea prepared by Beauty. He was probably thinking that if it was me, I could rank up to advanced adventurer.
"I was planning to slowly raise the ranking. Leaving that matter aside, I am giving priority to train my disciples and travel around the world." (Sirius)
"Adventurer is someone who lives the way they want. Because of that, I didn't want to call Sirius-kun unless I asked you, but when you won the Fighting Festival, it is something that I can't ignore after all. As a representative of the guild, let me apologize." (Badom)
"It's fine because I also understand the situation here. So, what should I do?" (Sirius)
"We already prepared the request, so if you accomplish that, I will rank you guys up to the intermediate rank. Please ask Beauty for more information." (Badom)
"Uhmm… will that be alright for us as the disciples?" (Emilia)
"It's alright. I got the gist of your ability when I shook your hands earlier. I also feel that your mana exceeds that of an ordinary person, so you might be able to do it if it is the intermediate level." (Badom)
Personally, Badom was thinking about the advanced level, but the surroundings would make a noise if we were given a special treatment until that extent, and to rank up to the Third Rank, it would be pointless unless we received a special request while accompanied by the guild officials, so he gave up.
I disliked that above all. Hence, if we fulfilled the request, we would all rank up to the Sixth Rank except Fia.
When I was considering that it might be a subjugation request, Emilia, who was next to me, raised her hand to ask questions.
"I'm sorry. I would like to ask a question, is it true that there is a special rank that is higher than the First Rank?" (Emilia)
"There is certainly a special rank. What is it, do you want to be a special rank?" (Badom)
"No, it's not me. It's Sirius-sama. If it is Sirius-sama, it seems that he has no problem even with the special rank." (Emilia)
"Oi, don't try to recommend without my permission." (Sirius)
"Hahaha, it is true that Sirius-kun, who won the Fighting Festival, is strong, but the special rank is not all about ability. Although this person himself is not interested other than swords, the special grade is impossible even with that Strongest Sword, Lior." (Badom)
It was said that there was only a person in decades for that special rank, and it is like a specialist in everything.
Someone who lead others by teaching various skills. It seemed that it was necessary knew everything about the underworld, made callous decisions and calm judgments.
"Furthermore, if you have the ability to make the adventurer guilds from each continent to be deem acceptable, then you have enough requirements for the special rank. Aah, if you can defeat the Strongest Sword, Lior, no one will complain, maybe. Well, I guess that there is no one like that, hahaha!" (Badom)
Badom was laughing, but I felt that I had met those requirements.
However, since I thought that it would be boring to suddenly become an advanced or special rank, I would give proper answer and kept it silent.
"If that's the case, Sirius-sama… muguhh!?" (Emilia)
It was close, but the candy was in time.

And then, we parted with Badom. After listening to the details of the request from Beauty, we were led by Hokuto to a nearby forest.
By the way, it didn't take more than half a day by walking. Hence, we left the carriage at the inn and went on foot.
Getting off the highway, we kept walking in wide meadows while thinking about the details of the request.
"The detail of the request is to subjugate a group of orcs, right? I wonder how many are they?" (Reese)
"According to Beauty, she said that there were about ten, but we must assume that there are more than that." (Emilia)
"That's for sure, Nee-chan. No matter what kind is your opponent, never let your guard down. Always remember the worst case scenario, right?" (Reus)
"…I was going to give advice if there is something, but I guess it is not necessary." (Fia)
Orc was a kind of monster that looked like a giant pig walking on two legs.
Their intelligence was low, but the size and the strength of the body was twice that of a person. It was omnivores since it ate everything. The thick fat stored in the body prevented swords and blows, so it was impossible with half-hearted attacks. Roughly speaking, it was twice stronger compared to the goblins.
It was also the limit of the beginner rank, and if you could defeat a single of them alone, you had enough ability as an intermediate rank.
"By the way, why Sirius doesn't want to become a special rank? According to the Guild Master's explanation, you can become one, right?" (Fia)
"That's right. Since Sirius-sama has beaten Lior-Ojiichan, I think that it is proper to have that special rank." (Emilia)
"Yeah, I also think the same, but Sirius-san doesn't like to stand out unless it is necessary. During the Fighting Festival, it was for Fia-san's sake." (Reese)
"It is as Reese says, to attain the special rank is to be on the top." (Sirius)
If you attained the special rank, there would be many instances that you could save time and labor by having various conveniences.
However, raising ranks of one level or two was alright for this time, but it was originally difficult to rank up. Hence, if our ranks raised in one go, it would only invite animosity.
"If you stand on top, you will see a lot of things, but there are things that can only be seen at the bottom. It is alright if it becomes a necessity to rank up to advanced or special ranks, but now, we should take it easy." (Sirius)
"So you had that kind of thought, huh. I'm sorry. I was being impertinent." (Fia)
"Wasn't that for my sake? Don't worry. Besides, please don't hesitate to say if you have anything to complain about. In worst case scenario, we could hide when the situation can't be undone, or stockpile stuff." (Sirius)
"Well, recently, I haven't eaten Aniki's dishes, so I want to eat more. Later, I want to play Frisbee." (Reus)
"Cecil-san's dishes are also good, but I like Sirius-sama's dishes the best." (Emilia)
"I think so too." (Reese)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"You mean, here!? Well, that's why I prepared the bento, you know?" (Sirius)
In the beginning, I headed out to the town to buy lunches, but since the disciples told me that they wanted to eat my dishes, I came back to the inn and made bento.
Thanks to that, it was just before noon, but our walking speed is faster than others, and we had plenty of time if it was just go there and came back. Although this was a request, it completely felt like a picnic.
Other than that, they wanted to be stroked and brushed, and since I was doing it almost every day, that discontent seemed to be piling up.
As we walked with a piece of mind, Fia came beside me and put her hands on my shoulders.
"Hehe… Okaa-san had it tough." (Fia)
"I am a guy, so it's Otou-san." (Sirius)
"That is true. And the skill to please woman is something that a splendid man has." (Fia)
"There is a man over there." (Sirius)
"It's a joke." (Fia)
Fia was letting a malicious intent, she was laughing while letting her tongue out, so I decided to concentrate on walking without saying anything.

We, then, continued walking in the meadow, and we finally decided to have lunch at the point where the forest could be seen.
After that, I discussed the arrangement while eating the bento with the assistance of Emilia and Reese.
"The orcs are in the depths of the forest, right? After eating this, I'll charge into the depths of the forest!" (Reus)
"No, we are not planning to enter the forest. Right now, rather than the request, I have something to confirm." (Sirius)
"We're not going to enter? Well then, what are we going to do, Aniki?" (Reus)
"We're still considering about the orcs, but now we will give priority to this." (Sirius)
She ate these when we met for the first time. When I looked at Fia who was eating sandwiches with meat and vegetables, it seemed nostalgic, and then she tilted her head and looked at me.
"What is it? Aah, you want to eat this. Here, open your mouth." (Fia)
"That's not it. It's fine to listen while eating. Once Fia finished eating, I would like you to tell me about your ability." (Sirius)
"My ability?" (Fia)
If we were going on a trip from now on, I should understand in detail about the abilities of my companions.
I had been thinking since the day we became friends, but since there was possibility of Fia's spirit spells to be leaked out if she showed in the town, I had been holding back until now.
However, since we left town for request this time, now was the best opportunity to explain it to everyone.
"There is no one is following us, and I can't feel any reaction from the surroundings at the moment. I leave the lookout to Hokuto, so let's confirm everyone abilities now." (Sirius)
"Alright… it is necessary since we have become companion. Sorry, I didn't notice it since I had been traveling alone all the time." (Fia)
Although Fia said it while smiling, I was sad when I heard it. Since she seemed enjoying the trip, perhaps, not regretting might be the only salvation.
"The companions who I can rely on, right? Well then, I'm going to show my spirit spells." (Fia)
"Yes, as a junior in spirit spells, I will also take it as references." (Reese)
"Rather than offensive, Reese-ane is more on protection and healing. I'm looking forward to see how Fia-ane will use it." (Reus)
"Uuh… I'm nervous when I am looked with such pure eyes." (Fia)
Fia was feeling pressure by the pure eyes of the glutton siblings in the house.
In the meantime, I was concerned about Emilia who used similar wind attribute as Fia, but she poured tea from water kettle to a cup and handed it to me.
"Here you go, Sirius-sama. Umm… is there something on my face?" (Emilia)
"Aah, no. since Emilia and Fia are using same wind spells, I was thinking whether you are concerned about it or not." (Sirius)
"I do, but other than magic, there are many things that can become strength. If it I can assist Sirius-sama, it is good enough then." (Emilia)
Although she was trained by me, maybe Fia was stronger in terms of wind spells.
However, Emilia should be better in terms of physical ability and abilities as an attendant. She understood it. It warmed my heart when she smiled without even feeling a jealousy.
"Really… you have grown up, Emilia." (Sirius)
"No, it's still too early. As long as Sirius-sama watches over me, I will keep on growing up." (Emilia)
When I stroked Emilia, who has bigger heart than her body, she closed her eyes while happily wagging her tail.
"Ehehe… so happy." (Emilia)
"Yeah. Even if I win over Emilia in term of magic, I still lost in many ways. I have to work hard as your lover. By the way, Sirius…" (Fia)
"Yes?" (Sirius)
"I want you to eat this after all, so please open your mouth. Here, ahn." (Fia)
"…Ahn." (Sirius)

After the meal was over, we showed off our power.
There were also spirit magicians, and since they would cause natural disasters if they went all out, we were kept doing it while verbally explained.
My gun spells, and Reus sword techniques. The sharpness of blades due to Emilia's wind, and the wall utilized by Reese's water. Fia praised by clapping her hands while being surprised.
"You guys are stronger than I imagined. When I was traveling, I didn't see any strong man like you guys." (Fia)
"Thanks to Aniki's training." (Reus)
"That is the result of you guys continuing to work hard. I am just giving them the opportunity." (Sirius)
"Whether it was an opportunity, I believe that you can be proud since they are trusting in you. Well then, it's my turn." (Fia)
Fia came forward. She turned her hand towards the meadow with no one was there, and quietly muttered.
"Lend me your power. Oh wind…" (Fia)
Fia's mana was released at the same moment with muttering, and a big tornado occurred in a distance.
The force of tornado that its extent had been reduced was dreadful. Far from involving people, it even pulled the trees growing on the ground.
When Fia waived her hand seeming had it enough, and it disappeared as if there was no tornado at that degree existed. However, since the ground deeply gouged, it firmly told the power of the tornado.
"Fuh… I was a bit excited. I can't control it if I make it stronger than that, and it will indiscriminately mow down in wide area." (Fia)
"Still, it's amazing! Nee-chan, can you do that?" (Reus)
"If only a bit. However, if it's me, I'll be running out of mana." (Emilia)
"Emilia and Fia styles are in different directions. You don't have to do the same thing, you know." (Sirius)
Fia's spirit magic was a style that blows off everything with powerful wind, while Emilia had a style to slice by completely controlling the wind.
After that, she released several spells, and the last one was the spell of flying in the sky that I taught her.
"…How was it? Since I couldn't get out of my hometown until now, I practiced everyday to kill time." (Fia)
"It was splendid. You reproduced the spell that I taught like a joke, and the way you fly in the sky is incomparable to the old days." (Sirius)
"Thank you. But, flying in the sky is not like this. There is a time limit, but I am able to float if it's just a person." (Fia)
"In other words, I can also fly like Fia-ane?" (Reus)
"Yeah. I'll skip the explanation, so come here. Aah, because the control is difficult, don't move too much." (Fia)
When the invited Reus came forward, his body floated as the wind blew. He flew around with Fia as the center, and he slowly got down on the ground.
"That was amazing, Fia-ane! But, I can't do anything while flying." (Reus)
"Since you are floating because of my wind, it is natural that you can't step on it. You can block enemies' movement to a certain extent, but you will be dropped if you move too much." (Fia)
"If that's the case, the main function is only for movement, is it? Nevertheless, it is amazing." (Sirius)
"Thank you. As a test sample, my friend from hometown–… no, I was able to do it because I receive their cooperation. I finally able to show it to Sirius, and my hardship went well." (Fia)
"Aah, I think you can feel proud of yourself." (Sirius)
Fia was smiling, but I didn't think she reached this far because with great effort.
I smiled while praising Fia's effort.

After confirming everyone's strength, we incidentally began to the orc subjugation requests. Reus turned his face to me while looking at the inclination of the sun.
"Hei, Aniki. If we search for orcs and exterminate them now, it is going to be night when we go home, right?" (Reus)
"There is no need to search. Hokuto!" (Sirius)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
As I skipped the instructions, Hokuto charged into the forest with a momentum like a bullet.
The companions were puzzled, but I told them to prepare for battle.
I confirmed it earlier with [Search], and I sensed the reaction of the orc group in the depth of the forest. And if I could sense it, of course Hokuto could sense it too.
In other words…
"Awoooo—-!" (Hokuto)
Instead of searching, it would be better if they came here.
Hokuto disappeared in the forest and after a while, I noticed a group of orcs were running away here because they were driven away by Hokuto.
When we lived together in the back of a mountain in the previous life, we often went for hunting together. The way of the hunting was Hokuto chased the prey, and I made a surprise attack by luring it, and it was nostalgic.
"Their number is… 15. This will serve as a training of coordination. So, let's fight." (Sirius)
"First off, let me reduce the number with my wind. I can probably reduce them by half." (Fia)
"I will charge afterwards!" (Reus)
"I will aim the other enemies than Reus'." (Emilia)
"Then, I will aim for the opponent that trying to leave." (Reese)
"I'll move according to the situation." (Sirius)
Even if we fought alone with the current orcs, we should have no problem. As a practice platform for coordination this time, we decided to annihilate it in a go.
Nearly half were crushed to death by Fia's spirit spells that brought pressure of wind from the up above. The remaining orcs were cut into half by Reus' sword and Emilia's wind spell, and the orcs that tried to escape was shot with Reese's balls of water, and brought down by the forefoot of Hokuto's who caught up.
The orcs were completely annihilated, and we quickly peeled off the tusks of the orcs which would be the proof of the subjugation.
Later, when they received this, the request would be completed.
"Well then, shall we head back?" (Sirius)
"To be this easy…" (Fia)
"If Sirius-sama says it's good, then it's good." (Emilia)
In addition, they were exterminated by Hokuto's hand, and I thought that it was still too early to confirm their coordination from this fight.
We came here for the request, but since the main reason was to let them verify their companions' abilities, any resistance wasn't there since it was easily finished.

On the way back to the town after annihilating the orcs, I stopped and called Reus.
"Reus. I forgot something that I need to hand over. Accept this." (Sirius)
"Alright… what is this?" (Reus)
What I handed over was a medallion engraved with the mark of a sword.
Reus was puzzled at first, but it seemed that he noticed it from the engraved mark of sword.
"This is… Lior-Jiichan's sword? Aniki, could this be…" (Reus)
"Aah, it is as you guessed. According to Jii-san, it is a proof that mastering his techniques." (Sirius)
A few years ago, it was given just before leaving Lior-Jiisan. He requested to hand it over to Reus if Reus became a swordsman based on my opinion.
And during the Fighting Festival on the other day, Reus had shown more power than I expected. I guess that he had more than enough qualification to receive it.
"You are also splendid swordsman. Work hard from now on, alright." (Sirius)
"Aniki… leave it to me! I will absolutely beat Jii-chan, wait for me until I can catch up with you!" (Reus)
While crying a little, Reus was delightedly clenched the medallion.
…But, it was still too early to be deeply moved.
This medallion was like a license or something. That was what he said, but in reality…
"If you show this to him, perhaps Jii-san will seriously attack you. He will swing his sword while unleashing the bloodlust similar to what I did on the other day." (Sirius)
"…Eh!?" (Reus)
In other words, this was the Jii-san's limiter release device.
To be brief… you should be to fight Jii-san even if he went all out.
Reus, who understood that, held his head while overcome with surprise.
"Say… Aniki? Based on me in the past, how strong Jii-chan was when he seriously fought?" (Reus)
"A quarter of him. And since I am not sure how strong he is since the past few years, it might be useless to think about it." (Sirius)
"Oo…ooh…" (Reus)
The memories of viciously beaten up might be surfacing. And unlike me, Jii-san was bad at going easy on someone. You might unexpectedly get killed… and it wasn't strange talk.
Since Reus was noticeably trembling, I stroked his head to calm him down.
"Well… I think that it is scary, but you also have grown up. Let's keep working hard to get stronger to achieve your target earlier." (Sirius)
"Go-got it! I am not scared if I am together with Aniki!" (Reus)
Although Reus said that, it was completely understood that he was scared since his tail hanged down.
I wasn't sure how strong Jii-san would be until we met again. So, it was painful since I also couldn't easily say that it would be fine. By some chance, his strength might have dropped because of his age, but it seemed that was impossible for that Jii-san.
Whatever it was, to prepare for that time, I decided to review the training checklist so that Reus wouldn't be killed.

After that, we completed the request of orcs subjugation and our rank became Sixth rank.
We got a silver guild card which was also a proof of an intermediate adventurer. While smiling with the disciples, Beauty, who handed the card, clapped her hands to celebrate us.
"Congratulations. With this, Sirius-kun and the rest have become intermediate adventurers, and you will be able to receive request for the intermediate level." (Beauty)
"Thank you very much. By the way, what kind of request is there for the intermediate level?" (Sirius)
"Well, subjugation of monsters while are not able to be dealt with the beginners, harvesting at particular place, and the number of unique request will multiply. Although it is rare, there are also nominations requested by the clients." (Beauty)
"In regards to the nomination, does that mean that the name is well known?" (Sirius)
"Yeah. This is without delay, but there is a nomination request came for Sirius-kun. This is the written request." (Beauty)
"So sudden, huh? Let see…" (Sirius)
&123;Nomination for Sirius. It is a request to go out on date with the staff receptionist, Beauty. After that, take her back to the inn…&125;
""Eeii!"" (Emilia/Reese)
"Wha!?" (Beauty)
The written request filled with private affairs was tore by the hands of Emilia and Reese.

The conversation of the Guild Master, Badom, after the subjugation of the orcs.
"Yes. Actually, I am also managing the Fighting Festival. There was something I would like to ask from the champion, Sirius-kun." (Badom)
"What is it?" (Sirius)
"There is a statue of the Strongest Sword at the entrance of the arena, right? There, your–…" (Badom)
"I don't need it." (Sirius)
"No, listen to the talk until the end–…" (Badom)
"I don't need a stone statue. I will destroy it if you make it." (Sirius)
Would you endure to make it?
"Well then, how about Reus? As the first runner up, you have received the basic from the Strongest Sword, and I think that the arrangement is not bad." (Badom)
"If it is with Aniki, then it's fine, but I don't want it to be with the Strongest Sword, Jii-chan." (Reus)
"…" (Badom)
"It's pointless to look at me with such eyes. I refuse." (Reus)
The stone statue making was cancelled after all.
Although I got the overall victory, the stone statue of mine possessed no brand power unlike Jii-chan's, and I wonder who would benefited from it.
"With Sirius-sama's stone statue… it seems that I will unintentionally embrace when it is completed." (Emilia)
There would be a person would do it with her whole body…

Attention… Please read it while imagining the trailer of a movie. (Author)
That… was the beginning of brushing.
"Found it! I was looking for a human who can brush like you!" (??)
It was a group called Dark Fluffy Empire which suddenly appeared in front of Hokuto and friends, and his Master, Sirius, was kidnapped.
In an effort to rescue the dearly Master, Hokuto and friends… an animal and four people marched into the hideout of the Dark Fluffy Empire.
"I will not permit that there is such a feast. Hokuto, I will immediately chase after you after I eat it, so go ahead!" (Reese)
"There is also alcohol. I will follow you guys later." (Fia)
Due to a sneaky trap by the Dark Fluffy Empire, the companions fell one after another.
At that time, Hokuto's Master, who got kidnapped, was subjected to a terrible treatment by the Dark Fluffy Empire.
(??) (TLN: Different SFX but still coming from a dog)
"Yes, yes, go line up. Aah, your fur is bad. Today's dinner is with vegetables as the main ingredient." (Sirius)
In front of Hokuto and friends, who were grieving their sacrificed friends, there were four heavenly kings of the Dark Fluffy Empire stood up.
"So, you came. I am the top of the Four Heavenly Kings, Golden Retriever." (??)
"Is it already the Four Heavenly Kings? What about the other three?" (Emilia)
"The other three were in engrossed with the brushing of the man who is your master, so they won't come out from the room. Anyhow, let's fight and end this soon. Because I will also get the brushing!" (??)
"Kuhh… do you think that you can surpass the fluffiness of my tail!?" (Emilia)
"Don't make light of the fluffiness power of mine!" (Reus)
Hokuto also went forward to help them, but he was stopped by Emilia's hand.
"Please leave it to us here. We will beat this Retriever, and then, we will immediately chase after you!" (Emilia)
"Yeah, Hokuto-san! I leave Aniki to you!" (Reus)
While the siblings kept the Four Heavenly Kings busy, Hokuto went by and into the interior without stopping.
And finally… Hokuto confronted the head of the Dark Fluffy army.
"How wonderful, Hundred Wolves! But do you think that you can oppose me, the head of the Dark Fluffy Empire even if you are a Hundred Wolves?" (??)
"Woof!" (Hokuto)
"Very well then. I will correct… your haughtiness!" (??)
And then… the battle began.
The battle that could be called as a life or death struggle lasted for a few days, but… Hokuto was gradually catching up with the overwhelming fluffiness power of the Dark Fluffy Empire.
"Hahaha! Is it until that extent!? Your love for your Master was until that extent!" (??)
"Awoooo—-!" (Hokuto)
And when the devotion towards the Master exceeded the limit… the true power of Hokuto was unleashed.
That was the power of contraindication.
Hokuto was beyond dogs… beyond Hundred Wolves… and then…
"Th-that can't be!? Why are you wagging your tail at people while having the power to that extent!? Answer me… answer me! Hundred Wolves… ooooooo–!" (??)

Theater Edition.

"My name is Hokuto. I serve one and only Master, and… I am a faithful dog!" (Hokuto)
Autumn 2015; the production decision did… not receive a green light.


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