Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 133

Chapter 133 I Won’t Budge Even a Step
“Let me ask one question… do you understand what you have done to us?” (Sirius)
“Of course, I do. That’s why I decided to apologize to everyone.” (??)
Even though I only saw a bit of his appearance, I remembered his face and his mana reaction. There was no mistake that this man who appeared in front of me was the one who shouted at the coachman at that time.
He seemed to be considerably older than I was, but since I felt something out of place from this guy, I decided to deal with him with a bit caution.
I’d like to ask a lot of questions, but first off, it would be better to change the arrangement of the seating because Karen was scared.
By the way, after getting the man’s understanding, I only brought along Emilia, and we moved to another table at the edge of the restaurant.
The surroundings were focusing on the Elf, Fia. So even if we were making noises, we weren’t going to attract attention.
“Please excuse me. My name is Aseed. I’m am a humble merchant who serve a certain country.” (Aseed) (TLN: the name in raw is アシット)
“I am Sirius, an adventurer.” (Sirius)
“My name is Emilia.” (Emilia)
“Anyhow, would you like to have order something, Sirius-sama? I am here, so please don’t hesitate to ask.” (Aseed)
“It’s fine. We just finished our meal. More importantly, I will ask you this again. Are you going to admit that you came to me to apologize for pressing monsters to us?” (Sirius)
“You’re right. We were in confusion because of the unexpected situation. So, I’m really sorry about that time. I didn’t come here only to apologize, but I…” (Aseed)
As he sat in front of me, Aseed lowered his head in regret. He took out a small pouch from pocket and put in on the table.
“…What is this?” (Sirius)
“Let me apologize with this. Please don’t hesitate to accept it.” (Aseed)
The content was probably money.
He might be unwilling, but pushing monsters was also an act of killing others. If people did such a thing and it was known, that would be fatal as a merchant.
For that reason, although this money could be considered as an apology, it was possibly considered as hush money. By the way, prior to gathering information on winged people, I hadn’t reported the matter of yesterday to the guild yet.
Well, I wasn’t sure about his motive of that situation, and we went through it without suffering any injuries. It was fine to accept because Aseed came all the way here to apologize.
However, there was one thing I couldn’t forgive.
“Alright. I will accept your apology. But, I have something I want to ask you for a bit. I think that I have already heard from those men, but why did you use that little girl who was in your custody as a decoy? If you want to attract monsters, it would have been better if you just used the fruit that can attract monsters only.” (Sirius)
“As for that one, I am also having trouble with it. Everything happened when those men behave recklessly.” (Aseed)
That would be the three men who led Aseed to us and the ones who got involved with the ladies earlier.
Aseed started talking the matter of yesterday with somewhat dismayed expression.
“I have an exclusive escort, but he doesn’t have much detail about this area. Because of that, I hired those men who are familiar with the surroundings, but I didn’t expect that they were useless…” (Aseed)
He explained the details of the surroundings, but apparently, he was lying about those who he hired since that part wasn’t too detailed.
Moreover, they were arrogant even though their abilities weren’t good. They were chased by bees and wolves because they were doing it on purpose and stimulating the monsters.
After that, while escaping from the monsters, the men, who got confused due to fear, threw the crying Karen into an iron box filled with fruits that attracted monsters, and threw the box away without getting consent from Aseed.
“Those men were cruel because they didn’t listen to me as a client. To begin with, my business was to bring that girl to a certain person who has high position, but I never have the intention to use her as a decoy.” (Aseed)
“As a matter of fact, it seems that you have given remuneration to those men, right?” (Sirius)
“It seems they would be persistent if I don’t pay, so I had to pay without looking too much. Since the circumstances have already been reported to the guild, those men would be dealt with sooner or later.” (Aseed)
He didn’t have enough conversations with them, but they were a bunch that loyal to desire.
If this case was reported, they would definitely receive warning from the guild. If they still hadn’t changed, their bad reputation as adventurers would spread.
“That’s why I didn’t throw away that girl. I hope this help you understand.” (Aseed)
“Yes, I understand a lot of things. We’re not the only ones who have business.” (Sirius)
“Yes. As you can imagine, I came to this town wasn’t only to apologize to everyone, but also to find that girl.” (Aseed)
Aseed and his group seemed to have returned to the spot where Karen was dropped after confirming that the monsters didn’t follow them. Apparently, they noticed that they couldn’t see any blood stains even though they were many monster corpses.
Taking this into consideration, Aseed believed that there was a possibility that Karen was still alive away from the scene. So, he visited this town to chase us and he ordered those men to take responsibility. That was why those men were trying to take Karen away.
Then, Aseed knew about us from the men who ran away.
Anyhow, after explaining this far, he started to lower his voice so that it couldn’t be heard by the surroundings.
“I thought I had heard wrong when I heard from the men that collar has been taken off.” (Aseed)
“Yes, it is. It was already off when we took care of her, but weren’t you using a defective product?” (Sirius)
“That shouldn’t be… No, I’m not sure what the reason is, but there is no mistake that the girl is my slave. Would you mind returning her to me?” (Aseed)
“Whatever it is, she has no collar and she is no longer a slave. And since she is in our custody, we don’t have the obligation to return it to you, right?” (Sirius)
“Is that so? Well then, would you please sell the girl to me?” (Aseed)
Aseed, who made a serious expression, placed a pouch that was one size bigger than the previous one in front of me.
When the pouch was opened, it was filled with gold coins as expected. From the size of the bag, there should be more than one hundred gold coins.
“I am aware that this is an insolent request. However, my life will be in danger if the girl is not returned to me. Could you please accept this?” (Aseed)
“…” (Sirius)
“Is it not enough? Then, how about this?” (Aseed)
As I didn’t say anything, he took a same size pouch and brought it before me, but I threw the two pouches back to him while sighing.
“…As expected, are you still angry about the matter of monsters? Or because of the men were rude?” (Aseed)
“It doesn’t matter. I simply don’t want to return her to you.” (Sirius)
He refused to back down while displaying sorrow as if he were trying to appeal, but I clearly declined.
It was alright if Karen said that she wanted to go with him, but it was obvious that she didn’t want it to the point of being scared.
Although he didn’t admit to make her as a decoy, or rather than being angry at him for not dismissing those men who did such a thing, I just couldn’t forgive him for not giving her enough food to eat.
When I looked at Emilia who stayed by my side, she was secretly wagging her tail enough not to be seen by that man while having a serious look. She was glad that I refused that man outright, I guessed.
“…Though I say this, no one can buy her as expensive as I am, right? No matter how rare the winged people are, she is just a winged person with failure wings…” (Aseed)
“Even if the child is different from others, what’s wrong with it? No matter how much money you have, my answer remains the same.” (Sirius)
I took her into custody because I planned to bring her to her parents, and as the ladies in the house said, Karen was like a younger sister.
“But–…” (Aseed)
“You have heard him. We will properly take care of the girl, so leave us.” (Emilia)
Emilia interrupted and silenced Aseed at superb timing.
Aseed became loss of words because of the splendid bow fostered by the attendant upbringing, but after a while, he started to scratch his head with a bitter expression.
“Tsk…seriously, aren’t you interested in money? What a troublesome guy.” (Aseed)
It was small muttering that could only be heard be the person himself, but I was able to hear it because I strengthen my ear with mana.
Apparently, that was his true nature.
Anyhow, unlike the bitter expression he showed until now, he was grinding his teeth in anger.
“I heard you. From the smile that you showed until a while ago, your look now suits you more.” (Sirius)
“…You are really a difficult guy. This would be easy if you obediently receive the money.” (Aseed)
Showing a sociable and having polite attitude were his methods to throw people off guard.
It seemed that he was trying to induce sympathy and concluded the situation with a desired result, but this wasn’t how it went.
I had seen hypocrites and smooth talkers many times in the previous life.
This was the feeling out of place that I had since the beginning of the meeting, and the reason I was being difficult and didn’t behave modestly was this.
Knowing that I wouldn’t move with money, Aseed glared at me while furiously smacking the table with fingers.
“I didn’t say bad things. I suggest you to return that failure immediately.” (Aseed)
“I’ve told you that I refuse. You may use that money to find a suitable slave.” (Sirius)
“I will not have any difficulties if I can do that. You guys probably have reasonable abilities, but I suggest you to stop this time. If you get in my way, you will make a country to be your enemy, got it?” (Aseed)
“…Which country?” (Sirius)
“You seem to understand. Then, let me tell you this. The one who wants the winged people is the lord of Obelisk.” (Aseed)
Obelisk… I had never been there yet, but was it one of the countries involved in the intercontinental meeting mentioned by the Beast King?
There was a possibility that Aseed was lying, but in addition to having full confidence, he seemed to have financial capabilities since he easily offered me money… it seemed that he had a backer from how laidback he was. There was no way I could ignore this.
“He is a weird fellow with a hobby of collecting rare tribes, and he is a regular customer with lots of money. This money is also part of the upfront payment.” (Aseed)
“I see. That much is only part of it, right? Does he really want winged people that much?” (Sirius)
“That guy’s obsession is to a great extent, you know? If I report this matter, he probably put you in a wanted list. Look, if you understand this, return that failure immediately. Because of those trashes, my schedule is getting out of order–…” (Aseed)
“I refuse.” (Sirius)
“…Are you insane? I told you, you will be targeted by that country, you know?” (Aseed)
“I understand well. So, what about it?” (Sirius)
I clearly said that while looking straight at Aseed.
Obelisk was a major country that was comparable to Arbitray, so if we opposed them, it would be certain that we would be in trouble. However, there was no need to weigh the options if we could send Karen to her parent. I probably didn’t have to ask, but I was sure that my companions would agree.
“It is true that if it may be a treat if we turn the country into enemy, but this place is far away from Obelisk.” (Sirius)
“Stop pretending to be tough. Just so you know, that country is famous for its unforgiveness to enemies. There is a rumor that they are raising elite purging troops. Let alone putting you in a wanted list, they will calmly assassinate you guys–…” (Aseed)
“That will be the story if you could safely return to Obelisk… right?” (Sirius)
If the other side threatened, I would also threaten back.
No matter how big the country was, we wouldn’t be targeted if he didn’t inform the matter.
When I glared at him with the will of complete resistance, a trembling expression could be seen from his face.
However, it seemed that he was used to trade with big countries like Obelisk. That expression dissipated soon. Aseed and I continued the glaring for a while.
“…Are you really planning to do that?” (Aseed)
“I will not say such a thing as a joke. If it is a rare tribe, you probably be deceived since you haven’t seen it, and if you search more, you may be able to meet other winged people. Everything depends on you.” (Sirius)
In other words, if he didn’t plan to forget the matter of us and Karen, I didn’t mind killing him here.
When I unleashed bloodlust at the degree that didn’t create disturbance, Aseed looked up while letting out a sigh.
“Tsk… Life is regrettable, but you are missing something that you can barely find. If it so… will you have match with me?” (Aseed)
“…What is the content and conditions then?” (Sirius)
“It will be a match outside the town in the early morning of tomorrow. Each side will put up one representative. If I win, you will return that failure.” (Aseed)
“I don’t mind fighting, but it will be troublesome if you still begrudge even if we win.” (Sirius)
“Heh, don’t underestimate me. Although I am doing this, trust is very important as a merchant. I will give up on that failure if I lost, and of course, I will not say anything to Obelisk. I just can’t allow myself to let go the ‘goods’ that I have obtained.” (Aseed)
One of their characteristics was persistent… and he was talking even while receiving the bloodlust.
Although he ran away from monsters yesterday, he had confidence. From the conversation onwards, I confirmed that his exclusive escort was a senior adventurer.
Since it was unsparing to fight while protecting the escort subject and hiding in the crowd, they ran away at the discretion of the escort.
To sum up, he thought that he could win if it was a match.
I didn’t really trust him, but if I didn’t accept the challenge, he would report it to Obelisk, and the surrounding eyes would start to look at us because of strange mood.
This time, it was a point of compromise.
“…Got it. Let’s have a match.” (Sirius)
“It never gets wrong to do it this way! Well, tomorrow–…” (Aseed)
After deciding simple rules and to gather at a place slightly away from the town in the early morning of tomorrow, Aseed got up after collecting the pouches that he put on the table.
“Well then, please excuse me. You can prepare the parting with the child until tomorrow, alright.” (Aseed)
“Wait. Did you forget this pouch?” (Sirius)
“I had caused you inconveniences, so I will give it to you.” (Aseed)
Since his condition went back to the time when I first met him, it looked like our talk ended here.
In terms of money that I had at this moment, I still had much room. But, there were many uses for this money, so I would accept it as an apology.
By the way, when I saw Aseed went out of dining room without turning around, I noticed that Emilia was frowning in anger.
“That man only sees Karen-chan as goods, doesn’t he? Besides, even if the wings are slightly unusual, he doesn’t have to call her that…” (Emilia)
“He is a completely practical man. I also understand why Karen is scared.” (Sirius)
“…I definitely won’t allow Karen to return to that man.” (Emilia)
“Yeah. However, it is going to be troublesome if this involves the country, so from now on, we have to respond with caution. If there is anything, I will leave it to you.” (Sirius)
“Please leave it to me. No matter who the opponent is, I don’t plan to lose.” (Emilia)
“Those very encouraging words, isn’t it?” (Sirius)
“I am Sirius-sama’s attendant, after all.” (Emilia)
I was already familiar with Emilia’s smiles and words, but I was still satisfied when I looked at that smile.
“Yeah. Well, I am also happy that Emilia is my attendant. Of course, as a lover too.” (Sirius)
“Sirius-sama… ehehe…” (Emilia)
This was likely to involve everyone in danger because of my decision and in this situation, those who weren’t involved would probably get angry.
Whether there was a tribal or blood ties, even if we were teacher and disciples, we were families.
Although it was merely a day of encounter, Karen was also the same especially when everyone said that she was like a sister.
Far from talking to me, she barely spoke to anyone. Personally, there were also things we couldn’t do even though Karen’s future seemed promising.
There were many considerations, but for now, we would do our utmost to protect Karen.
I stroke Emilia’s head and after that, we returned to everyone.

When I returned, I thought that Karen supposed to be calm since Aseed had gone, but… the situation was strange.
Rather than grabbing Fia’s sleeve due to fear, she looked anxious while watching me returned.
When I unintentionally tilted my head, the person who still couldn’t get close to her, Reus, explained what happened.
“Karen is scared because she probably thinks that she would be handed over to the man earlier.” (Reus)
“Let me tell you all. I will not do that, but she was enslaved by him. That’s why she is worried.” (Sirius)
“Even though we couldn’t hear anything from here, the mood of that man was clearly changing along the way, right? Can you please tell us what happened?” (Fia)
I informed the result because everyone looked interested, and now since Karen was here, I left the part about Obelisk and the match tomorrow.
I didn’t know if she would understand it or not, but I didn’t want her to worry anymore. ‘Let’s inform that to everyone later using [Call]’
“By the way, don’t worry about it because I clearly refused to return Karen.” (Sirius)
“See, I told you, right? If it’s Sirius-san, it’s going to be alright.” (Reese)
“…Yeah.” (Karen)
“Alright, that guy is also no longer here, so we shall go, Aniki.” (Reus)
Since the dishes that had been eaten up were beautifully arranged on the table, it seemed that they had finished eating the extra orders while I was talking with Aseed.
Although it had become a lunch longer than expected, we returned so that we could go for shopping for tomorrow onward as planned.
However, I had something to do before that. After getting off from the chair, I knelt before Karen and looked straight into her eyes.
Karen was wary of me, but since she didn’t run away, I had to ask this.
“Karen. We still haven’t heard what you want to do.” (Sirius)
“…What I want to do?” (Karen)
“That’s right. We will protect Karen, and we plan to bring you to your mother. But, we haven’t heard anything that you want to do from your mouth yet.” (Sirius)
Protecting Karen and bringing her to her mother were something that we arbitrarily wanted to do, and Karen merely nodded for now. Depending on whose viewpoint, she was being together with us because we were doing things that led to it.
It was probably meaningless to ask if she shouldn’t go home, but I thought that it was very important to communicate with own mouth.
Although this might be a short term relationship, I would like her to grow up so that she could express more about herself.
“You are free the moment the collar is taken off. That’s why I want you to tell me by using your own mouth. Do you want to go home?” (Sirius)
“… I… want to go home. I… want to see Okaa-san.” (Karen)
“Yes, I got it. We will take you there, but do you want to come with us?” (Sirius)
“Yes. I will go together with Onee-chans… I want to go!” (Karen)
Even though she looked embarrassed, she clearly replied while looking at us.
I nodded in satisfaction since she was alright with this, and I noticed that the ladies were hardened as if their chests were shot.
“Aah… she’s so cute.” (Emilia)
“I-I also want to go together with Karen-chan!” (Reese)
“You can leave it to Onee-chans. We will definitely bring you home.” (Fia)
It was this kind of thing that grabbed the heart.
Coincidentally, Karen showed an exquisite expression toward maternal instinct and protection desire.
‘Nevertheless, only Onee-chans, huh?’
It seemed that it would take more time to get used to men like me and Reus.
“Aniki. This morning, Nee-chans had a strategy meeting. Shouldn’t we also do that?” (Reus)
“…I guess so.” (Sirius)
It would be a meeting… together with Hokuto.

Then, we went shopping for the necessary items. After finished eating dinner, we returned to the inn.
While Karen’s eyes was busy with the shopping, I explained about the match and the possibility of making Obelisk as our enemy, but all of them chose Karen without hesitation even if it was dangerous.
They were indeed reliable because they had decided, but it would be the best to avoid confrontation.
After entrusting matters to the siblings, I finished my preparation and headed to the room of the ladies.
“Has Karen already gone to bed?” (Sirius)
“Yes. It seems she fell asleep while I was away for a bit.” (Fia)
Somehow I felt that there was something similar this morning, but she probably was tired from walking around shopping. When I entered the room, Karen was sleeping in bed, while lying face down.
As I closely looked, she slept with the face on an open book. It was a spectacle that made one loosened his mouth naturally.
“Even if the book is interesting, it looks like she couldn’t win over sleepiness.” (Fia)
That book was found while shopping in town.
It was an illustrative book in which ecology of plants native to this continent was written, and since Karen looked interested, I bought it and gave it as a gift.
Unfortunately, she didn’t show a smile even when I gave a present, but since she loosened up her mouth and said thanks, I thought that was good enough.
With the exception of dinner time, Karen was absorbed in reading the book until she fell asleep.
“At first, I tried to read it while putting on my lap, but she didn’t allow me.” (Reese)
“I’m concerned about the posture. I would like her to sit down and read it.” (Sirius)
It was probably hard to face up because of the wings, but I would be at least relieved if she lied sideways.
While smiling wryly, Reese, who had a gentle smile, slowly approaching.
“You’ll have a mark on your face if it’s like this, so I’ll put the book to the side, alright.” (Reese)
“…Unyaa…” (Karen)
“Hauu!?” (Reese)
Karen, who supposed to be sleeping, clung to Reese’s arm when she tried to put away the book.
While looking at Reese who was puzzled but happily smiled, Fia, who stood next to me, nodded to give consent.
“As expected, Karen seems to have an unconscious habit of clinging when she is asleep. She also clung to my arm yesterday.” (Fia)
“Well, it’s probably fine to be a body pillow.” (Sirius)
“That’s cute, but I am a bit concern because she is too defenseless.” (Fia)
“Well, it is unconscious. Once you confirm it, why don’t you ask her what she wants?” (Sirius)
If it was a pillow made with Hokuto’s fur, she probably got used to him since she would unconsciously remember the smell and the feel.
However, the drawback was that took long time to make. The fur rarely fell even when I brushed Hokuto. Cutting his fur was indeed sad.
It couldn’t be helped since Karen was still a child, but I also understand what Fia said. Since Karen was similar to her in a way that they were from tribes which easily targeted, Fia wanted her to have a sense of crisis even a bit.
As she was troubled while watching the innocent sleeping face of Karen, she gently got close to her while narrowing her eyes and smiling.
“Hehe… we are like a couple who feel trouble on how to raise children, isn’t it?” (Fia)
“I wonder what kind of feeling when I have children.” (Sirius)
“When are we going to have children? I don’t mind because I can do it anytime.” (Fia)
“I’m weak when you say that, but…” (Sirius)
Actually, Fia was taking the opportunity to have baby because she longed for it, but it was impossible for me to say this.
I heard that the birth rate of Elves was extremely low, but I didn’t expect it to be that much.
Since there were precedents of them giving birth even with human partner, I thought that there was some kind of regularity, but…
“I’m sorry. When I look at Karen, I feel like wanting a child. You don’t have to feel bad because I am an Elf…” (Fia)
“Don’t worry about it. I will also try hard as well, so let’s do it without holding back. Aren’t we enjoying life?” (Sirius)
“…You’re right. Not only as a mother, I should also enjoy every day as a lover. By the way, are you planning to leave already?” (Fia)
“Yes. I will come back before everyone sleeps.” (Sirius)
“I don’t think Sirius would be careless, but please be careful.” (Fia)
“Please leave Karen-chan to us.” (Reese)
Even though they understood what I was trying to do, Reese and Fia sent me off with smiles.
While thanking those two, I returned to my room.

When I returned to the room, the siblings, who were working in the front of a desk, noticed me and raised their faces.
They were also carrying weapons like me. We were certainly going to fight from now.
“Sirius-sama. We are done with the preparation.” (Emilia)
“Me too. Hokuto-san also asked me earlier but there is no problem.” (Reus)
The thing that I looked at while the siblings were preparing was a rough sketch of this town’s layout.
In the rough sketch, the inn where we stayed was at the center of it. The raid route and the passages that were likely to be blind spots were circled.
The preparation I asked the siblings to do was to make the rough sketch by walking around the inn.
“Well done. As planned, the defense of this position is up to Emilia. Reus will be in charge of decoy and intimidation from the front. If there is anything, you can adapt flexibly.” (Sirius)
“Understood.” (Emilia)
“Leave it to us, Aniki!” (Reus)
“I will try to collect information while moving around. Depending on the circumstances, I will leave things to you since I’ll be away from now on.” (Sirius)
Although we would have a match against Aseed in the early morning of tomorrow, why were we preparing to go for battle?
That was because Karen was aimed and there was also a possibility that Aseed’s assassin would come to attack us.
“But Aniki, are they really going to come?” (Reus)
“That sort of greedy type will not easily give up, so it is a sure thing to do.” (Sirius)
At that time… Aseed said that trust was very important for merchants, but it was suspicious when he calmly threatened. On top of that, he had a powerful backer.
Such a guy was asking for a match because let alone threatening me, he was instead got threatened. Judging that he couldn’t win even if they fought us in that place, that match was an excuse to retreat.
If Aseed managed to secure Karen by sending assassins in the night, there was no need to deal with us by having that match.
Doing the match in the early morning was also his trick to make us went to bed early.
Of course, there might be no raid, but we would deal with them when the time came.
We could beat them without holding back in the match tomorrow, so this was just a matter of planting fears so that they would never get involved with us again.
“That guy understands that we have to ability to defeat groups of monsters. It is fine if they attack in group, but it is also highly likely that he hires people behind the scenes to infiltrate. Keep the present sharp.” (Sirius)
“Ouh! If they are coming and sneaking it, we will match them.” (Reus)
“Yes. No matter what kinds of enemies are coming, they are easier than finding the hidden Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)
It would be a very difficult technique to hide from Hokuto and the Silver Wolfkin who had excellent olfaction and sharp intuition.
Recently, if I didn’t seriously hide, I would be found out soon.
“Don’t push yourself since we don’t know what kind of things the people who don’t really show up in public would do. Remember, our utmost priority is to protect Karen.” (Sirius)
Everyone knew that I was moving behind the scenes, but they purposely didn’t say anything since they were considering my feelings.
But didn’t they say that they didn’t like to be protected about half a year ago?
Since then, when I explained everyone that there would be an attack from the enemies who were involved with the underworld, they wanted to help. They weren’t children anymore, so I allowed them to acquire various experiences.
However, I had no plan to allow them to do this kind of assassination.
This kind of dirty work was good for me alone.

When the midnight came and people were supposed to sleep… I was sitting on the roof of the inn, and I noticed unusual presences from the downwind.
After that, I intuitively used [Search], and I caught several reactions approaching here.
There were obviously a lot of drunkards, but there was no mistake that they were heading straight to our direction with systematic movements.
I leaped from the roof while invoking [Call] to the siblings who were waiting at another place.
&123;It seems they came. Move according to the plan.&125; (Sirius)
&123;&123;Yes.&125;&125; (Emilia/Reus)
‘Well then, shall I sweep the sparks?’
I landed without sound and I hid myself by blending into the dark night.

Next chapter… The big strategy of sweeping
Extra/Bonus – Faithful to desire
“You are free the moment the collar is taken off. That’s why I want you to tell me what you want to do by using your own mouth.
“…I want to eat honey.” (Karen)
“…Here you go.” (Sirius)
“Oh… it’s the first time to see Aniki with complicated look!” (Reus)


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The Legendary Master’s Wife

Yin Ya

After an explosion, You XiaoMo finds that he is now a probationary disciple of the TianXin sect. However, he is one with

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