Novel Name : World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent Chapter 155

Chapter 155 The Reason to Help
“So, please don’t enter the town and leave this country right away.” (Lifell)
The words spoken by Princess Lifell were because she was truly worried about us, but I couldn’t reply immediately. There was successor problem at the Sandor castle, so I understood that she was warning us not to get involved because it was highly likely to get caught. However, I felt something strange about Princess Lifell’s attitude. At the same time, I remembered the story of the information seller heard earlier.
[…By the way, even though the town seems to be peaceful, those who are in the castle are discussing about who the next king will be.] (Young Man)
[If the eldest son succeed the throne, there will be not so much concern in this country.] (Sirius)
[That’s true. Even for an instant, there is a continent nearby swarmed with monsters. No matter who is born earlier, the country will be ruined if the country isn’t reigned by an outstanding leader.] (Young Man)
[Aren’t there three candidates?] (Sirius)
[Yes. But the next king will probably be the eldest son, Sanger-sama. Anyhow, he was the one who found the three heroes of the previous Flood, and he is a prince who keeps his vassals as it is.] (Young Man)
I also heard that the track record and the number of excellent vassals were the factors that determined the next king, but when I heard the talk, I didn’t think anyone else could be the next king other than the eldest son. When I asked why there was a dispute, the young man looked around and whispered to me with a voice that could be heard only to us.
[This is just a rumor. There were many people in the castle who don’t recognize Sanger-sama.] (Young Man)
[You mean that is still going on even though he recruited the three heroes as his vessels?” (Sirius)
[Yes. The vassals have served the king for a long time… in other words, it isn’t weird if they know Sanger-sama from the time he was a child. I mean… shouldn’t they support him as the king of the country?] (Young Man)
It seemed he was an ordinary person as a king. It was also because he was brought carefully since he was an eldest son. Therefore, he became quite arrogant. The vassals, who worried that such a child would become king, desperately pushed up another successor.
[So, how about the other two people?] (Sirius)
[Do you mean the rumor that spread around regarding other successors?] (Young Man)
[If I’m not mistaken, they are the eldest daughter, Princess Julia, and the second son, Prince Ashley… correct?] (Sirius)
[Indeed… I think Julia-sama is qualified enough, you know? In addition to being excellent in wisdom and military power, she is a person with a beautiful face enough to fascinate men.] (Young Man)
Julia was slightly younger that the eldest son, Sanger, and she seemed to be superior in swordsmanship. Apparently, her techniques were skillful enough to compete against the number one and two in the country. The young man muttered in frustration that if the Heavenly Sword didn’t show up in the previous Flood and if Julia-sama wasn’t a princess, she would be given that title as a hero. From this situation, this young man might be a fan of Princess Julia. As he said so far, he put up a bitter smile and drank the sake poured into the cup.
[Well, Julia-sama is known as the Sword Princess in public, but it seems that she is more obsessed with the sword rather than the throne. It is such a waste if a beautiful woman only thinks about sword.] (Young Man)
[Heh, I feel like seeing her.] (Reus)
[Oi, oi. Do you think you can easily meet Julia-sama? If you’re thinking about beautiful person, you have the Elf-Neesan over there, right?] (Young Man)
[Don’t worry. This boy is only interested in strong swordsmen.] (Sirius)
[So, what kind of person is the last one?] (Reus)
[Ashley-sama… well, it is impossible for him. I can’t imagine that person will become a king, even for a bit.] (Young Man)
In regards of Ashley, this young man started talking with a slightly disappointed expression. He easily talked about him unlike the other two.
[That person is a person who has no motivation among all three. He is an irresponsible prince who hid his identity and goes out to town like every day. I heard that he recently started seeing a certain harlot.] (Young Man)
[In other words, he is a gutless person. But, isn’t strange that there are people who want him to be a king?] (Reus)
[That might be because it will be easier for them to control the king. There is such a talk about… how the king is a mere figurehead, but the ones who control the country are the vassals.] (Sirius)
[Nii-san is really sharp, isn’t it? That’s right. There is a rumor that he is playing around because he doesn’t want to get involved with such people. Well, in my opinion, he is playing around because he is having fun.] (Young Man)
I wasn’t sure if the reason why Ashley was playing was to run away from the castle, but I felt that this young man knew various reasons. As I was convinced in my mind, Reus noticed something while looking toward the young man.
[I know it! You are strangely familiar because you heard it from Ashley, right?] (Reus)
[…Well, yes. It is a hassle if that is known, so please say nothing about it.] (Young Man)
Since I didn’t plan to engage him any longer than this, I obediently nodded. As I had obtained necessary information, I went to pay for the food and drinks including the young man’s portion too, but then, his last words raised my concerns.
[In my opinion, that person feels that the situation in the castle right now is suspicious. It is not about the problem with the successor… it is something else.] (Young Man)
[Something else?] (Sirius)
[To be honest, I can’t explain well. But… no. Anyway, Nii-san and others should be careful. If you are an influential person who is accompanied by that wolf, there is no mistake that those people will involve you.] (Young Man)
Hokuto didn’t follow me because of my abilities, but as I expected, it was seen that way by other people. After drinking and talking were over, I was asking myself to meddle for a bit to the young man who had turned around. I was aware that it was a meddling, but I personally like that young man.
[I don’t know if you realize this, but when you talk to other people, don’t just pay attention to where they are looking, but also the blinking of the eyes. Well, the number of blinks will increase if they are lying.] (Sirius)
[Really? Damn it… Has that guy found out about my lies? Anyway, thanks.] (Young Man)
The young man nodded obediently. It might be because he accepted my advice. He put up a refreshing smile and left the place.

The young man, who was the information seller, warned us because of not only the possibility of us getting forcibly recruited, but also something unknown. From the point of Princess Lifell, who stayed in the castle, entered the town just to give us warning, it was highly likely that we will get caught with the troublesome things happening in the castle. The reason why Senia visited here was for information gathering, and she probably continued doing that while we met the information seller It made me think she was booking the inn because of the same reason. Basically, I probably should leave the town by considering the safety of the disciples, but I told Princess Lifell with a serious expression.
“Lifell-hime. What is going on in the castle?” (Sirius)
“What are you saying? Didn’t I just tell you about the strife of the next successor?” (Lifell)
“Alright. Let me change the question. How about Lifell-hime’s safety? I mean not just the next successor problem, are you getting involve in some other troublesome things?” (Sirius)
“Well… it is certainly a troublesome situation. Actually, there is a possibility that I will be engaged with the Sandor prince.” (Lifell)
“Ma-marriage!? Nee-sama!?” (Reese)
To sum up, it was a marriage for political reasons. Melt displayed a slight reaction to those words, but whether he was aware of it or not, he kept looking outside without saying anything. Reese pressed for answers about the marriage talk heard from the sister’s mouth, but Princess Lifell calmly stroked her sister’s head.
“I’m not in a hurry, and I haven’t decided yet. Since it is a talk by the bunch in castle who conspire the marriage between me and the second son of the Sandor royalties to tie the link to Elysion.” (Lifell)
“The second son, is it? Is it Ashley that Nii-chan said?” (Reus)
“That’s right. However, as long as Cardeas-sama is there, I don’t think that political marriage will proceed.” (Sirius)
“Of course! Did Tou-sama say anything!?” (Reese)
“Tou-san is not in Sandor’s castle right now. He has gone to the front line base with the kings of other countries.” (Lifell)
The front line base mentioned was said to be one of the barrier wall of Sandor that faced the Demonic Continent. It took half a day with a horse from this place. It was the largest of the wall existing in Sandor and it was sturdy built. There were many barriers that would stop the monsters marching from the Demonic Continent due to the Flood, but that place was called the front line base because it was the pivotal point of defense. Not only Cardeas was on the front base, but apparently, he went there together with the Beast King of Arbitray. By the way, Princess Lifell and others might predicted that Reese would come here soon.
“Since there are some of the kings who come to Sandor for the first time, an inspection was done to show the proficiency of the soldiers and the walls which are the symbol of the country. It will take several days for Tou-san and others to come back, and they seem trying to take the opportunity to proceed with the engagement.” (Lifell)
“Nee-sama, of course, the engagement is–…” (Reese)
“I have decided not to do it and I’m not going to get married to this country.” (Lifell)
“That’s right. Lifell-ane is the best when you’ll be the queen of Elysion.” (Reus)
“You understand well, Reus. Since you are a good boy, please come here.” (Lifell)
“Lifell-ane. I’m already not a child anymore. Other than Aniki, I won’t feel happy to have my head stroked by others, you know?” (Reus)
“I want to touch your ears. Senia’s and Emilia’s ears are also soft and I like that. Plus, I also like your subtle firm ears.” (Lifell)
“It can’t be helped then.” (Reus)
It seemed that they were getting along since their positions were like a brother and a sister. Whether Princess Lifell calmed down after touching the ears of the incoming Reus, she began to smile to make us relieved while continued the talk.
“Anyhow, I have no plan to fulfill their expectation. Hence, you should rest assured because the prince of the other side is also not interested. Actually, I had the dinner with the prince alone today, but it was funny when we only talked about the hassle of the engagement.” (Lifell)
Thanks to the vassals who set the stage, the dinner meeting was held to deepen the relationship of each other but, on the contrary, it became a strategy meeting to destroy the marriage talk. As a result, it seemed that she had decided to cooperate with the other party to the direction of messing up the talk.
Actually, I was also thinking the possibility of the second prince betraying Princess Lifell by acting to cooperate with her, but looking at her who had the conversation with him, it seemed that the second prince was a reliable person. It looked like there were some proof to believe him, including the women’s intuition, we shouldn’t need to worry about the engagement.
As we heard that Reese was letting out a breath of relief, Fia, who was sitting on the next bed, asked a question.
“That remind me. I heard that the king of Sandor fell sick, but he could still go to the front line base. I wonder if that information was a lie?” (Fia)
“That is true. It looks like the king is having difficulties to walk, so he is the only king who currently under medical care in his own room of the castle. Most of the political affairs are done by the vassals, but it looks like any inconvenient matters are not reported to the king.” (Lifell)
According to Princess Lifell, the king wasn’t involved int he political marriage at all. Apparently, it was a result of the vassals deciding things on their own. I thought that it was strange to try having connection with Elysion, a country that was a far away from here, but it looked like their aim was Rodwell, the head of the school.
“Our royal family and Rodwell-Ojiisama are like a family. If I am married to Sandor, they reach a step away from Ojii-sama.” (Lifell)
“In other words, the marriage is a mean for connecting to the Magic Master… is it?” (Sirius)
“I don’t know whether it is inexcusable for this whitewashing for the sake of preserving the country, but they are ignoring the will of the person herself and use her for political maneuvers, and I can’t forgive those who treat women that way.” (Fia)
“Ouh! If something happened to Lifell-ane, I will blow everything away!” (Reus)
“Calm down, Reus. If you are going to get into the castle, you need to have permission from Sirius-sama and a proper plan.” (Emilia)
“Melt-san, are you fine with all these!? Not as her imperial guard, but I can’t forgive you as a man if you say nothing!” (Reese)
“No, what I feel towards those people still hasn’t change. Plus, now is–…” (Melt)
“Ku–…” (Karen)
“Hehe, her sleeping face is cute too. I want this girl!” (Lifell)
“Woof.” (Hokuto)
“…Will you come down at once?” (Sirius)
As they started planning to leave for the castle and pressed on Melt, when I noticed it, the place became chaotic as Princess Lifell felt healed by the sleeping face of Karen. Since the discussion wouldn’t proceed in this circumstances, I calmed down everyone, and got back to the discussion.
“Cough… anyhow, that is my current situation. The king can’t move is a good opportunity for the vassals to act on their own, and there are people who try to use me even though I am a princess of another country. Since you will definitely get involved if the people in the castle know that you are here, I would like you to leave Sandor as soon as possible.” (Lifell)
“How should I do this? We’re happy that you are worried about us, but we become worried now when we heard what is going on.” (Sirius)
“Are you alright about this, Nee-sama? I feel that the engagement matter is somehow manageable, but are you sure that you will not get caught up in anything more terrible than that?” (Reese)
“Unlike in Elysion, Lifell-ane and others have less allies.” (Reus)
“Yes, it’s not enough, but I’ll be fine since I have an excellent and dependable guard. Especially those guards who protect me, they were trained by that Strongest Sword.” (Lifell)
The soldiers brought from Elysion were less than a thousand, but that included five imperial guards of Princess Lifell, and Melt was one of them. They were those who were directly recruited by Princess Lifell. I heard that they were loyal and superior in abilities, but I was actually more concerned about the Strongest Sword she mentioned.
“Strongest Sword… uhm, did Jii-chan came!?” (Reus)
“He showed up a while after you guys went for a journey. He seemed to have visited just to show his sword to the blacksmith.” (Lifell)
Then, Princess Lifell met Lior-Jiisan by chance, and negotiated with him. It seemed she succeeded in hiring the old man to give swordsmanship training to the soldiers of the castle. I considered that it would take some time to repair such a magnificent sword, so perhaps, he accepted with a feeling close to killing time. In a sense, that was how Melt got stronger.
“Even so, you were able to convince that old man who hates nobles and royalties, is it?” (Emilia)
“You are the one who speaks that person as an old man. I also lured him with meals, but it wasn’t difficult once I let out Emilia’s name. Aah, sorry about using your name arbitrarily.” (Lifell)
“I don’t mind, but I guess it was a momentous decision. And to let that old man trains the soldiers…” (Emilia)
“Aah. Melt-Oniichan, you were alright.” (Reus)
“…I wonder why I am still alive. In that half a year, I was prepared to die many times, but… thanks to that, I am surely got stronger. It was difficult to the point of occasional nightmare I had.” (Melt)
“It is hard to say that you are safe.” (Sirius)
That Jii-san wasn’t good at making adjustments. When he started teaching swordsmanship to Reus, I had to stay watching on the side. It was dangerous. There were many times Reus would get cut into half if I only I didn’t step in. In short, it was thanks to Reus that he… No, it seemed that Jii-san had learn to go easy on people at least. Although Reus was younger, Melt and other imperial guards probably should thank him.
“Well, I regretted asking though, but thanks to him, my imperial guards have become stronger. They may be able to turn the tide over even if surrounded by enemies. For starters, it will be bad for them to directly put us in dangers. As I expected, those people understand that well.” (Lifell)
Even though it was said to be the largest country in the world, there were several countries that had no difference in terms of national strength. If it became a situation of sending soldiers for a war between countries, Sandor would have to face not only the soldiers of other countries, but also the monsters of the Demonic Continent at the same time. Even if the Flood of monsters happened every few years, the situation where monsters fell from the Demonic Continent and came to attack Sandor still happened once in a while. They wouldn’t be able to reduce the number of soldiers who permanently stayed at the walls, and it was doubtful if they could preserve the country if they waged a war.
“In other words, the person who wants to lay hand on us is either a fool who thinks about world conquest or a crazy person. It is like a cheap trick, but I never thought that they were thinking of stupid things to that extent.” (Lifell)
Then, Princess Lifell smiled at us while asking us to wait at Elysion. Although it was a smile that reassured the surroundings, Reese remained anxious.
“…Sirius-san.” (Reese)
“Yes, I also feel the same.” (Sirius)
As I noticed Reese, who looked at me, I nodded to tell her to say what she wanted after matching her eyes with mine.
“Nee-sama. We want to go back to Elysion together with Nee-sama and Tou-sama.” (Reese)
“What a troublesome girl. Don’t you understand the feeling of an older sister who is not wanted to be swayed by the obligation of royal families or selfish adults?” (Lifell)
“…It’s different. If it’s the usual Nee-sama, you will accept it with a bitter smile. You will also think how to fulfill the purpose while protecting us. I guess you are in a pretty harsh situation, right?” (Reese)
“It’s tough because we have to be more cautious especially when in another country. You should be able to understand when it comes to royalties, a slight opportunity can become a big problem, right?” (Lifell)
“Lifell-hime. I would like to ask one more question.” (Sirius)
When I forcibly interrupted since the mood was getting sour, Princess Lifell turned a sharp look at me and looked displeased. Although it had a sense of intimidation as a royalty which differs from a close relationship, she didn’t say anything as if telling me to talk, so I continued talking.
“Is there anything that you are anxious, Lifell-sama?” (Sirius)
“I just told you. Please stop asking the same question.” (Lifell)
“No, it’s something different than that. Because of ‘that’, you are trying to keep us away, right?” (Sirius)
Actually, while returning from the bar to the inn, I tried investigating Sandor extensively by using [Search] to check the situation of the town. It was impossible to identify individuals due to a good distance to the castle, but the result of the investigation was… a lot of enormous mana reaction I noticed from the castle. It was likely the reaction of the heroes, but for some reason, I was curious about the reaction. I couldn’t confirmed yet because it was a mere intuition, but I couldn’t ignore the present situation since I felt an uncomfortable feeling from the attitude of Princess Lifell. Whether she knew that she couldn’t run away from the subject, she let out a deep sigh while nodding her head.
“Aah… goodness? Shouldn’t you understand that it’s going to be a hassle if you stay here? Why do you want to get involved so much?” (Lifell)
“I’m worry about Nee-sama. Nee-sama and Tou-sama are ours–… I mean you have to see our wedding ceremony, so it’s not good if we are not going back together!” (Reese)
“I also share similar thought with Reese. If there is anything, let us help you.” (Sirius)
“Is it not good if we want to help you, Lifell-ane?” (Reus)
“Look, we are conspicuous no matter where we go, and we are used to troublesome things.” (Emilia)
Without discussing with them, everyone agreed as well. If I had to be honest, it was a hassle to get caught up in the royal turmoil, but it was different if my acquaintances were involved. In order to be happy with Reese, the existence of Princess Lifell and Cardeas were essential. If we followed what Princess Lifell said and something happened to them, we would regret for the rest of our lives. More importantly, if Reese and I were tying the knot…
“Don’t think about the involvement, just depend on us more. That is because Lifell-sama will… no, Lifell-san will be my sister-in-law.” (Sirius)
“Uuh!?” (Reese)
After admitting that I would marry Reese, Princess Lifell would be my sister-in-law from now on. In other words, there was no reason needed to help family. Whether they were surprised my words as I tried to relieve the mood, Melt informed the dumbfounded Princess Lifell to persuade her.
“Hime-sama. Senia is not here right now, so let me say this instead. I think you should ask for their help.” (Melt)
“Melt…” (Lifell)
“I understand your feeling that you don’t want Reese-sama and everyone else to get involved, but everyone is worried about you in the same way.” (Melt)
“But…” (Lifell)
“I will protect you with all my strength, but I have my limitation. However, if they are there, I think not only me, but Hime-sama also can face the situation easier. You haven’t properly rested since we came to Sandor, right?” (Melt)
It was also because of unfamiliar place, but the state of tension had continued since arriving at Sandor, it seemed that she had accumulated mental exhaustion. It didn’t feel even a little about this situation, but it seemed that she couldn’t mislead Reese whom she took care since childhood. That was why she wouldn’t leave the ‘Three Sacred Treasures’ until she was healed. The usual Melt was always being swayed by Princess Lifell, but it was an unusual sight where he clearly expressed to this point.
“Even if we return to Elysion and meet you there, won’t Cardeas-sama get mad if Reese-sama return just like that?” (Melt)
“Don’t say that. What kind of imperial guard who go against the will of his Master?” (Lifell)
“I’m just choosing the best method protect you, Hime-sama. If we have them, it would be better.” (Melt)
He understood that it was impossible for himself alone, so he would like to ask our help according to the situation. As expected of him going through the borderline between life and death (from the dojo of the Strongest Sword), it seemed the only thing he was devastated was his own weaknesses.
Princess Lifell probably didn’t expect to be persuaded by Melt. Her expression crumbled as if she gave up, and then, she held the shoulders of Reese who was next to me.
“Dear me, you have really grown up for saying such things to me. Truthfully, I want to rejoice with your growth, but I feel somewhat complicated now.” (Lifell)
“You… you have been treating me like a child. I want you to depend on me for a bit, alright.” (Reese)
“I see, I was wrong. When I think about it, you are already a wife. With your physical and mental, you are already a splendid adult.” (Lifell)
“Nee-sama!?” (Reese)
For Princess Lifell, Reese was someone she should protect, but it seemed she realized that she shouldn’t push her thoughts on her grown sister. In this way, Princess Lifell, who had returned to her usual tone, slowly lowered her head after looking to everyone.
“Let me say this once again. Everyone, please lend me your power.” (Lifell)
“I’m not sure how far I can help you, but I will lend my hand as much as possible. By the way, the question I asked earlier…” (Sirius)
“You mean, to what am I feeling anxious right now, is it? Before I answer that, why did you ask that question? You guys haven’t been into the castle, and you haven’t entered the town yet, correct?” (Lifell)
“I felt something strange about your response, but that is mostly intuition.” (Sirius)
“I see. I don’t dare to ask what is the reason, but somehow, we seem to be monitored by the castle.” (Lifell)
“This is a different country even if there is no hostile relationship. So, I think that it is not weird to be monitored.” (Sirius)
“Surely, you got that right, but there are many cases where I can’t find the person who are watching us, which is creepy.” (Lifell)
Sometimes, they were watched by the castle’s soldiers, but most of the time, they couldn’t fine those who monitored them. Even Senia, who had sharper intuition, seemed to lose sight of it. Eventually, the identity remained unknown. Princess Lifell also concerned about the succession dispute and the engagement, but the worst one was the feeling of being constantly monitored. Of course, she complaint to the people of the castle, but they said that they didn’t know. Well, if no proof of monitoring could be found, it wasn’t amusing to think that she was just nervous.
“I am used to being seen, but I can’t connect to the mood of the castle and I can’t calm down. Even though the castle is getting worse because of the successor dispute, I would like to lessen the burden on my mind.” (Lifell)
“How about you, Melt-Niichan?” (Reus)
“I’m not up to Hime-sama’s extent, but it is a castle that I don’t want to stay long.” (Melt)
Not just because she lived as a royalty, she was intelligent and sharp intuition, so that was why she felt more uncomfortable. Apparently, our main job was to protect everyone from that mysterious presence.
“Nee-sama, why Senia was here in this village?” (Reese)
“It was for information gathering. There is an information seller who is not only familiar about the whole country, but also underground world. It seems that Senia will take some time to earn trust from the people who formed this village.” (Lifell)
Although they didn’t come out personally, she was investigating variously about the castle. She went in and out of the village many times, and when she finally got a promise to see the best information store in Sandor, she met us.
Then, as a result of thorough discussion, Princess Lifell decided to invite us to the castle. Since I was an imperial guard of Princess Lifell on paper, she would pretend that she met me by chance. It might be dangerous, but if we enter the castle, the possibility of finding the source of discomfort was also high, so I should act carefully. After the discussion ended, I stopped Princess Lifell and Melt, who put hands on the door of the room as they wanted to get back to the castle.
“Lifell-Hime, please wait a moment.” (Sirius)
“What is it? If it’s about the welcoming, I think it will be over the afternoon. You don’t have to worry because I will send someone. Aah, if we are together and there is no one else, I don’t mind if you call me sister-in-law.” (Lifell)
“It’s not that. Please put down Karen.” (Sirius)
“…Let me borrow her a bit.” (Lifell)
“It’s no good.” (Sirius)
“…You stingy.” (Lifell)
“Hime-sama, wouldn’t it look bad if you bring back a child?” (Melt)
Melt gently pointed that out to the master had scornful eyes and inflated cheeks. Although I had a feeling that I didn’t hold back since a long time ago, it seems that I didn’t need to hold back anymore from calling her sister-in-law.
“It should be fine if I tell that she is our child. Perhaps, breaking off the engagement will be easier with that.” (Lifell)
“It will get worse!” (Melt)
“Nee-sama, I will see you later, so today…” (Reese)
Princess Lifell, who gave up by Reese’s persuasion, reluctantly put Karen on the bed, and tried to leave the room…
“Please leave Reese too.” (Sirius)
“Stingy!” (Lifell)

Reese embraced Princess Lifell once again, and then, she left the room with Melt. After that, Reese looked at everyone and bowed with a big smile.
“Everyone, thank you very much.” (Reese)
“Don’t worry about it. It is as how Sirius-sama said it. Lifell-sama also will be my sister-in-law.” (Emilia)
“Yup. There is no way I can leave her alone if she is a family of Reese-ane, right?” (Reus)
“We promised to have a drink together, and we haven’t finish the match of the younger sister yet.” (Fia)
“Woof.” (Hokuto)
“Hehe… then, when we go back to Elysion once this is over, let’s make something delicious for Nee-sama.” (Reese)
The Reese in the past would have apologized for getting us involved, but she trusted and relied on everyone from the bottom of the heart and she put up a playful smile. I was proud of my wife and companions who moved for the sake of family without the need to worry about loss and gain. Karen was sleeping, but I was sure that she was willing to go to the castle. I must protect this bond and pleasant atmosphere.
Like this, we were supposed to enter the castle where the Legendia were taking place, but from Princess Lifell’s talk, there was definitely anxiety. However, too much tension was a source of failure, so I just kept it as usual. For that reason, we didn’t take a rest immediately. We started to have briefing session and planned for countermeasures to those who would be enemies.

The next day, after leaving the inn and the village, we came to the gate of the wall early in the morning. We were questioned by the gatekeeper saying that Hokuto was dangerous, but we were able to enter the castle town of Sandor because the row of waiting was short since we arrived early.
“Waahh… although it is a town, the road is really spacious! As-Jii will be able to walk as well.” (Karen)
“It is not uncommon to have such a wide road in town.” (Reus)
“The appearance is good, and that is made probably to make the traffic smooth.” (Sirius)
As Karen said, the stone paving roads were beautifully lined up and it was easy to pass with as much as five carriages. The paved road… or the main road extended straight toward the castle where we could see it in front of us. If we look at the left and right sides of the road, there were various shops we could see, and they were doing business with adventurers and people who lived in the town. The road where large and small buildings could be seen were peaceful as we had heard before, and it was a scenery that we couldn’t imagine that a dispute was occurring in the castle.
“I’ve heard it before, but I didn’t expect that the country is really big.” (Emilia)
“It seems the sun will set just by walking around. It is impossible for now, but I would like to take a closer look later.” (Fia)
“The foods of that shop look delicious. Let’s go buy later.” (Reese)
“Hey, what is that? There are a lot of books sold in that shop!” (Karen)
Since it was the first time Karen came to a town where it was different from villages and settlements, Karen, who had her wings under the robe, had glittering eyes, and moved her neck without stopping. Just to be sure, Fia also hid her ears in the town, but since Hokuto was really stood out, we went off the main road and into the shadow of buildings.
“Now… let’s wait until someone pick us up.” (Sirius)
“It’s only a bit hard to hide here. Even though it will be soon, she said that it would be afternoon or evening, so shall we find a place to rest?” (Emilia)
“Shall we check if there is a nice accommodation?” (Reese)
“No, it’s better to move as fast as possible in this town. Let’s ask people around.” (Sirius)
“…Woof!” (Hokuto)
As I decided so and tried to leave the shadow of the buildings, Hokuto suddenly made a small barked to raise caution. I couldn’t see the figure yet, but I notice a sign that came straight to us.
“It is strange to pass by here, but there is no bloodlust… huh.” (Sirius)
“…Sirius-sama. There is a smell of a person.” (Emilia)
“The Spirits didn’t say anything.” (Fia)
“Mine too.” (Reese)
“Aniki, should we be alert?” (Reus)
“That person may come to see Hokuto, so we don’t have to be too alert. Fia and Karen, please stay in the carriage for the time being.” (Sirius)
“I want to buy books!” (Karen)
“Yes, yes, we’ll go there after this.” (Fia)
We naturally gathered attention because we had an Elf and a Hundred Wolves, but there weren’t many people coming closer. It was because they were scared of Hokuto and couldn’t come closer. So, those who came to us were either someone like the curious young man yesterday, or greedy people. However, there was only one person approaching this time. I didn’t feel any reaction who seemed to be companions in the surroundings, but just to be safe, I asked Karen and Fia to hid to avoid such greedy people.
Then, a man appeared at the same time when Fia hugged Karen and hid inside the carriage. As he confirmed our figures, he deeply bowed.
“The group with a Hundred Wolves… are you Sirius-sama? I have been waiting for you.” (Man)
“Who are you?” (Reus)
“Woof!” (Hokuto)
Reus and Hokuto was glaring at him since he knew my name, but the man before me wasn’t perturbed at all. He even put up a gentle smile.
“I see… then you are Sirius-sama, correct? Welcome to Sandor.” (Man)
“Do you know about us?” (Sirius)
“Of course. Both of you are the champion and the runner up of the Fighting Festival that was held last year. I didn’t see it directly, but I heard that it was a fantastic match that anyone can recognize.” (Man)
“Don’t you think that is a sham?” (Reus)
“There is no way anyone can bring along a Hundred Wolves but you, and I also can feel that you are strong man.” (Man)
From the point that he was aware of our strength without fighting, this man must be someone influential. Although it wasn’t for a fight, ordinary people usually became unable to move because of Reus intimidation or they got scared of Hokuto. Not only at the Fighting Festival, but also other places. So, it wasn’t amusing if we are known… was it?
However, even his manner was courteous, I wouldn’t let my guard down to a man who hadn’t given out his name yet. The man might noticed about my thought as he started to introduce himself while lowering his head.
“Sorry for being late to tell you this. My name is Zilard, and I am the one who is given the title God’s Eyes by the king. I am welcoming everyone on behalf of Sanger-sama.” (Zilard) (TLN: The name in raw is ジラード)
I didn’t expect God’s Eyes, the hero of the country, to pick us up. He found us immediately even though we just entered the town… the speed of this interfering was fast. It seemed the name of God’s Eyes wasn’t just a mere show off. That didn’t made us careless, but it further raise the vigilance to this country.

Extra/Bonus Act 1 – The Perfect Disguise
“But you know, Lifell-ane was able to come out from the castle. Since it looks suspicious even if she covers her face with a hood, she is likely to be called by the soldiers in the castle, right?” (Reus)
“It was fine because the disguise was perfect.” (Lifell)
In addition to the changes in hair color and hairstyle, her shabby appearances didn’t make anybody thought that she was a royalty.
Based on the setting I heard earlier, people wouldn’t think other that Melt was hiring a harlot that looked like Princess Lifell.
“After all, Senia worked really hard. Nobody noticed that I was Lifell.” (Lifell)
When I looked closely, I noticed that her chests were getting bigger. Speaking of the previous life, it gave me a feeling that the cup size increased by three degrees, but eh… she pretty stuffed up, huh? Well, I didn’t think that she would grow that much in one year period. Since women were sensitive to stares, I quickly diverted my eyes from Princess Lifell, but…
“You are surely different than the usual, Nee-sama.” (Reese)
“Lifell-ane’s chests are unnaturally big, isn’t it?” (Reus)
“You guys, go seiza over there.” (Lifell)
““Y-yes…”” (Reus/Reese)
Reese was exposed because of delayed reaction to divert her eyes, while Reese was accurately stepping on the landmine. Then, it took a while before Princess Lifell calmed down.

Extra/Bonus Act 2 – At that time, that sister was…
[Don’t think about the involvement, just depend on us more. That is because Lifell-sama will… no, Lifell-san will be my sister-in-law.] (Sirius)
“The Onee-chan of Sirius-sama is me, of course!” (Noel)
“Wh-what’s wrong, Noel?” (Dee)
“No… I mean, I had a sudden urge to shout that for some reason.” (Noel)
“Hmm, do you think you can be Sirius-sama’s Onee-chan?” (Nokia)
“That’s rude! I am Onee-chan that Sirius-sama can rely on–… not so much, is it!?” (Noel)
“Just admit it, but Noel is already good enough.” (Dee)
“Oh dear…” (Noel)
“Noel.” (Dee)
“Arrgh, these lovebirds!” (Nokia)


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